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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  October 15, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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now, the heavy round of rain about to puncture middletown and newark, this is moving north and east at 45 miles per hour, no lightning strikes so this is not a line of thunderstorms just general heavy rain expected to hit middletown at 4:53, and summer bridge at 4:58 and newark coming in closer to the 6:00 hour. and it will push in to southern parts of chester county during the second half of the evening commute. rainfall totals over 2.5 in lancaster and pottstown to wilmington a .25 to .5 inch of rain. i'll let you know ben all the heavy rain pushes out in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. be sure to download the 6 abc storm tracker app, to watch the storms as they move in, access to live radar in your
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neighborhood, it's free to download to your smart phone. now the latest on eastbound object, a second health care worker who helped to treat thomas duncan in dallas is diagnosed. she was put in isolation, vincent is being transferred to atlanta that has specialized isolation units designed for ebola patients. back in dallas they are working to identify people that had direct can't with her. investigators dressed in protective clothing went to her apartment and spoke to her neighbors. and the large of the nurses union in the country says the hospital made mistakes, they say that it left part of their skin
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exposed. >> no one wants to get this right more than our hospital, the first to diagnose and treat this insidious disease that is now attacked two of our own. >> officials say that vincent traveled on a commercial flight, the day before she showed symptoms of the virus. >> the nurse was on frontier airlines from cleveland, ohio to dallas but because she was not showing symptoms the risk to other passengers were very low, but the news is not sitting well with passengers tonight, dann cuellar has more from philadelphia international airport. >> the director of the cdc says that the 29-year-old nurse that contracted ebola should not have been on a plane for 21 days, because she was one of 77 workers that came in contact with thomas duncan who later died of it. >> we'll make sure no other
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individual being monitored for exposure undergoes travel other thank controlled movement. >> the cdc is reaching out to all the passengers that were on board frontier flight 1143 and it has passengers here concerns. >> i am very concerned and i hope they did what they need to do. >> i had read about it, and i was a little nervous. i think that the airlines are trying to do the best they can to take care of everyone's fears. >> well, of course it's a concern but you can't stop living life, have you to travel for business or whatever. it would be nice if people stayed home if they think they are sick versus getting on the airplane. >> the feds have set up a quarantine room at the international terminal to question any passenger suspected of having ebola and airline workers are taking precautions.
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>> you come to work every day to do your job and come home to your family, you want to be safe and you rely on your employer to protect you and be informed and use good common sense. >> the 132 passengers that were on the flight the risk is very low and the plane has been thoroughly cleaned and put back in service. i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." it is a question many people are asking in our region, are our hospitals equipped to handle ebola should it show up here. dr. harold says that all the states hospitals are ready and one piece of information is critical when dealing with someone that may be sick. >> get a travel history, you need to know if someone was in western africa in the past 21 days, and if that is the case, then put them in isolation immediately and then call us.
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>> the doctor says that following containment protocol when treating ebola is of the utmost importance. >> members of delaware county's ebola and task force is meeting with philadelphia international airport officials to discuss the ebola response plans, representatives from police, fire and delaware county school districts and the d.a. office met for a safe conference in drexel hill and one of the main topics ebola and the danger it proposes to school children and faculty. they still want to be prepared. we have to be concerned and take precautions and it's important now to take certain precautions because i don't know what tomorrow will bring. >> officials stress the importance of an all county wide being on the same page, the conk of the ebola outbreak continues on we have the latest on the ebola
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health care workers and how ebola can affect pets. a delaware county politician who plead guilty to forgery and theft today. james brian was sentenced to 32 to 42 months in state prison and was ordered probation and to pay restitution, he was accused of stealing millions from west election to feed a gambling addiction. police have charged a delaware man for making terroristic threats, shawn cornwell was kicked out a house on delaware half you in harrington avenue. he threatened to burn it down with five people inside. cornwell allegedly choked a man during an argument at the same house in july. tonight he is facing a lot of charges. >> actress diane keaton and
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robin rob ertds is on their way to pennsylvania tomorrow night. dozens of experts in many fields will be speaking to 7,000 attendees tomorrow and two of the hottest tickets are experts here in the digal and social media. tina wells is with one of the top markets and kate o'neil is a strategist and they say that you must learn to ride the digital wave. >> say that digital is the language that millennials speak, it doesn't mean that tv or print or other forms of media aren't important, but we are really talking about a generation of digital natives. >> we say to clients smiling, this is the way you are talking about your brand but this is what other people are saying about your brand on social. >> can you hear more about the international conference for women by going to time for an update on the
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highways and by ways on a challenging night for commuters out there. >> matt pellman is in the traffic senter. if you take the car out you'll get stuck in this stuff. a big old traffic jam by the ben franklin bridge in camden, we are crawling the length through the work zone and it doesn't help that it's soggy and wet and conditions are slippery leading to accidents. one on the eastbound side of vine approaching broad street knocking out the left lane and you can see the heavy eastbound delays as you come off the schuylkill expressway and a bunch of flooding this afternoon some on the roosevelt boulevard and the water has receded and still clogged in both directions, to broad street southbound from fox street to 76, delays out there every single afternoon, like here in chester, on the 30 bypass to 282, and a couple of issues,
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downed trees and wires on route 82 and fleetwood street in coatesville. plenty of issues as you steer home. >> thank you matt. more to come, battling cancer is emotionally and physically taxing for the patient and also the partner. the tool they use to cope. >> a philadelphia eagle uses his day off to show his love of reading with youngsters at west oak lane. lisa thomas-laury shows us that story. another batch of rain pushing into newcastle county and chester county and we'll track that in the accuweather forecast. >> plus jaime apody with flyers news in sports.
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well, there are very affective treatments for cancer but some turn to their faith in the battle. ali gorman says that a local hospital is training clergy in
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its role in battling breast cancer. >> religious faith is vital to nicole sirott. she doesn't know if she could have gotten through her three year battle with stage three breast cancer without it. >> i had to rely on my faith to push me past the times when i thought i just can't do another chemo treatment. >> but counseling cancer patients doesn't come instinctively for most clergy. >> he knew he needed more than vipt tour. >> not having the answers to give her was a challenge for me. >> cancer treatment center of america is trying to fill the gap with the journey of hope program. it aims to give ministers the tools they need to understand the disease and support patients battling it, they learn about cancer itself and treatment and
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physical side affects and other seekers like minister and prostate cancer survivor phil olson talks about the emotional and social needs for the patients and the people closest to them. >> we consider them to be secondary patients, people don't realize the amount of stress that care givers undergo. now the training enables him to instill hope to church members. >> think good about yourself and keep a positive add toot and the results will more likely be positive. >> there will be positive energy this saturday in fairmount park for the making strides for breast cancer walking the walk begins at 8:30. ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." turning to sports now, flyers are struggling to get things going and get the first win of the season. jaime apody is live now in the
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sports center. >> hi there, flyers are winless to start the season again. back on the ice today, the flyers are trying to figure out to turn this thing around, last season they finally got a win in their fourth game after firing coach peter laviolette, last night they fell in a shootout, now an 0-2-2 record, things get tougher here. and coach berube says the main obstacle now is in their heads. >> this hurt mentally but they have to deal with it, it's part of it, its adversity and it's more i think you know the start of the season, it's magnified more, if it was in the middle of the season it wouldn't be magnified as much. coburn was back at perfect and he is targeting saturday for a return date. and the eagles are oven
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joying their by week and what is chip kelly going to do without football this week maybe he'll hang out with his buddy matt rule in temple. they are pretty chummy, not only has chip been to a couple of practices, he watched some games from the tunnel at the linc. rule number one is his rule for his cohort in green. >> loves philadelphia and everything it is about. and that helps us coming to our games and their assistant coaches come to our games when they can and the players too. it's nice to make the football in this area from pop warner on up the best we can. >> off to a 4-1 start, getting set to play in houston friday night and maybe his buddy chip will tag along. if you love college football stay leer for a big time
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showdown, fifth ranked notre dame at florida state. the kickoff is right here saturday night on channel 6. >> cardinals look to tie the game at 2-2, they play in san francisco tonight and the royals are just a few minutes from punching a ticket to the world series, they are up against the orioles now. did you see this catch, 1-1 in the sixth, reaching over the railing and making a grab of an adam jones foul and afterwards they held him up to make sure he didn't fall. he said it felt like he was crowd surfing and those fans are riding the wave of success, the royals have yet to lose this post season. how about that, that would be something else. back to you rick. >> yes, thank you jaime. a philadelphia eagle is a
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leading voice for childhood literacy. brandon boykin was there. >> is it applies to every single part of your life. >> the eagles youth partnership joined the campaign to support efforts to boost the amount of children in philadelphia reading at grade level by third grade. if you can't pivot from learning to read to reading to learn. if not its hard to graduate. >> half the students beginning fourth grade in philadelphia could not read in 2012. >> tell me what you learned today? >> that reading is important. >> it's important that we read
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in book. >> what is the name of that book? >> no davis. >> he reflected on how his parents suped him being a good student and reader. >> i made sure education came above everything else and sports were like a privilege, if my grades were good i was able to play. this is also a message to parents, because parents need to take time, to read to their kids, number 22 challenged the boys and girls, to do the 22. read for 22 minutes. >> every day. are you going to do it? >> every day. are you going to do it? >>
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another round of rain and more and more coming our way and adam is here to tell us about it. >> we finally catch a break tomorrow afternoon, that is when the sunshine will be back. >> i have a golf game so we have to -- >> rain or shine, it ain't good -- as you look at double scan live radar, showers are lifting north of the lehigh valley, those are some of the
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downpours that passed through philadelphia at 3:00 and 4:00 and another batch passing through southern chester, and some showers and lightning strikes lifting away from green lane and light showers, the ground is damp and the showers are adding to somewhat of a miserable evening rush hour. all points south in new jersey a couple of south in hammonton and southern lancaster and the southern part of newcastle, no lightning strike there's but just adding more rain to what is already a very wet afternoon in lancaster county, could be close to 3 inches of rain. >> 72 in philadelphia and 72 in millville as well as dover, it is warm and tropically humid out there like july and august, with that tropical humidity, it's allowing for the downpours to
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really kind of intensify as we have the pipeline of moisture off the atlantic. there you can clearly see the front that can pass through tomorrow morning. behind it the upper level low, that spins through tomorrow afternoon. the sun tries to return on thursday and the clouds fill back in, future tracker at 7:00, the batch in southern chester county lifts north and east, and buck county in and around trenton, once that lifts away, we could get a break in the early overnight hours with light showers and it reignites before the morning rush and for the beginning of the morning rush through 5:00, especially north and east of philadelphia, we start to break sun by 7:00 and 10:00 across the region, but as quickly as the sun returns the clouds could recenter from the west for your thursday afternoon. >> periods of heavy rain today, and a gusty thunderstorm, but
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very minimal. and ponding 1 to 2 inches on average and some could get close to 3 like lancaster and berks county. morning shower gives way to peeks of sun at 72 tomorrow, and breezy and pleasant friday and 73 with lower humidity and the weekend starts off pretty nice, 70 on saturday, and a front comes through saturday night and drops the temperature into the upper 50s not only for one day but for four days straight, sunday through wednesday, way below average with overnight lows in the 30s and 40s and generally dry, and we go from summer like to more november-like in the seven day. >>
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. i'm rick williams and in the news $15 million is released to philadelphia schools and michelle obama stumps for tom wolf in philadelphia. but the big story in "action news" is the round of heavy rain soaking the delaware and lehigh valleys tonight. more downpours are heading our way as well. meteorologi meteorologist, cecily tynan is tracking the big board for us. >> we have another batch of heavy rain moving into maryland
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and chester county and parts of delaware, these are the focus of the heaviest rain moving to the north at 40 miles per hour, quickly so bear, delaware it hits at 6:05, and chadds ford 6:120 and westchester by 6:21 and it could cause localized flooding and ponding of water. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing the tropical moisture is ahead of the cold front, and it's moisture is moving up from the south and the actually cold front is moving slowly to the coast, this will be with us on and off through the overnight hours, before the front clears the coast by tomorrow morning, timing out the rain between now and 8:00 tonight, heavy rain with a few embedded gusty thunderstorms possible, not completely dry and the system reloads tonight and midnigh