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tv   Action News  ABC  October 17, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> we're following several breaking stories on this friday october 17 here's one of them. a cargoing up in flames -- a car going up in flames on a interstate. >> a tractor-trailer is riddled with bullets holes. >> two nurses who contracted ebola in texas are getting treatment in different parts of the country. >> good morning, let's head over to david murphy in just a second to take a look at what to expect in accuweather and karen
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is looking at roads, good morning. >> reporter: we had a couple of sprinkles and showers that tried to work their way into the northern suburbs and fell apart quickly. now we have cloud cover that should give way to sunny skies in the morning and afternoon. 5 in allentown. 59 in wilmington, these numbers dipping another a couple of degrees before they start to turn around. as we head outside to catch the school bus. 57 by 6:00. 8:00 a.m., probably hovering in the upper 50s, partly cloudy skies overall. as we head outside and spend the rest of the day outdoors, 58 by 8:00. 66 by noon, 71 by 3:00. generally we'll call it partly sunny and there will be clouds and sun. a little bit of a cool down
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coming for the weekend, karen i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: penndot zooming around to shows us breaking news in norristown, 202 is shut down between main and dekalb due to a police investigation and overnight chase and accident involving that tractor-trailer. it has 202 shut down in both directions between main and dekalb. as we switch to the maps take 422. take dekalb or the blue route instead all to avoid the croar of 202 in norristown shut down in both directions. you have to watch for this right now creating a problem. if this stays out here it will be an impact on your morning commute. stick to the alternates. a look right now at the big picture, we can see otherwise blue route, schuylkill expressway and i-95 in good shape right now, tam. >> thank you, karen.
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and we've got incredible new video into "action news" an explosive fire that destroyed an suv on i-95 in ridley township overnight. fierce flames devoured the vehicle near stewart avenue in the southbound lanes. there are no reports of injuries, but look out for closures on the stewart avenue ramp to i-95. >> police opened fire in montgomery following a mitt hit-and-run crash and a police chase. katherine scott is live in norristown with the breaking details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, we're waiting to hear more from investigators about what exactly happened here, but we know this is a police-involved shooting. no officers were injured, we know that one man is in the hospital. some tow trucks are being hooked up to the tractor-trailer which was involved. if you look in closely, you can
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see there are bullet holes in the drivers side window. this is all happening at markley and west main street in norristown. the tractor-trailer involving hooked up to the tow was driving erratically, according to police. this happened around 11:15, the tractor-trailer was driving erratically, the chase ensued, shots were fired and one person was hit and taken to the hospital. investigators from norristown police and the county have been here for hours. this investigation is on going, the bridge is closed, so you want to avoid this area for the time being. they are hooking up the tractor-trailer, and hopefully this will be cleared sooner rather than later. we see bullet holes in the drivers side of the tractor-trailer, there are shell
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casings in the street, no officers injured we're live in norristown, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine we're following the latest developments in the ebola emergency. philadelphia mayor michael nutter will discuss the preparation to deal with ebola at noontime. children's hospital in philadelphia is one of several pediatric hospital that may treat children who contract the virus. as you know at this point there are zero ebola cases in the region. president obama said is considering apointing an ebola czar. he said he is not philosophically opposed to a travel ban. >> the biggest thing we have to
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do is make sure health workers have more confidence, because they are are on the front line and with us entering flu season some may be coming in with symptoms and there may be false alarms and concerns. >> president obama said he may call in the national guard if needed to fight the ebola outbreak in west of africa. overnight nina pham the first nurse diagnosed with ebola in america is at the institute of health in washington, d.c. taman bradley has more. >> reporter: the first nurse who tested positive for ebola arrived here in maryland. we are told she is in good condition. she'll get all the care she needs. she left texas presbyterian
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hospital in dallas, because they are overwhelmed by ebola they don't have enough healthcare professionals to take care of her any more. she arrived and walked off the plane into a ambulance and brought to the nih before she left dallas. her colleagues gave her a big send off. >> we heard from her. >> we're very proud of you. inaudible. >> pham contracted ebola from thomas eric duncan who died last week from the disease. there are 75 people who may have contact with him who are being
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observed by health officials. i mention a second nurse is being treated in atlanta, similar facility like this. that is the latest from maryland, taman bradley. >> we have more at that keeps track of all the coverage, it has information on how the virus spreads. >> a charter school in philadelphia has kicked out 250 children because it has not been able to pay its bills. the school held a lottery drawing. enrollment had to be cut because the school district does not have to pay palmer a charter fee of $1.5 million. the court said the school broke its charter by enrolling twice as many students as it was
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contracted to have. >> this school i supported from pre-k on. my child won't go to school until november. >> the district said palmer students under-performed on tests. the district is working with parents to find new schools for their children. >> an australian man has a spider removed from his stomach. the way it got is there is truly bizarre. >> the hunt is on for four women accused of attacking a school bus in philadelphia. >> reporter: we're cool this morning, but we're dry. this afternoon, shorts and ts. but as we head through the weekend, things do cool down. i'll have the
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[ maniacal laughter ] pumpkin's back! pumpkin is back at dunkin' donuts. enjoy all your pumpkin-y favorites like the new pumpkin creme brulee latte. >> a pare of bears had a mishap at a southern california neighborhood, a cub got stuck in a dumpster looking for lunch while the mother had to be scared away so they could get the guy out. >> today is going to be perfect. >> reporter: not bad, it looks like a nice one, things will change as we head into next week. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we have a dry start to our commute. as we look outside, sky 6 down the shore. in the distance we see our f.
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he rris -- ferris wheel. as we look at temperatures, 60 degrees in philadelphia. with winds at 5 miles per hour. it doesn't feel too bad out there. satellite shows you how there's clouds in play, a couple of sprinkles out west. controversial we'll call it partly sunny, a pretty good looking day overall today. as we look where temperatures are going by 8:00, 58 degrees, 11:00, 64. and 69 at 2:00 p.m., we'll get our high of 71 at 3:00 p.m. before slipping back into the upper 60s by 5:00. everybody getting up to 70 degrees, very even numbers across the region. allentown and lancaster have a shot of holding in the upper 50s.
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if you're heading out to friday football tonight as i may be thinking about it. you will need a sweatshirt or jacket. 4:00, -- 7:00 p.m., 64 degrees, 10:00 p.m., 60 degrees, there's a frontal boundary that will pop through, we'll get up to 68 degrees, winds will pick up over the weekend, behind this system it will get cooler up in the 50s, we'll talk about that in a moment. hurricane gonzalo 140 category winds. it's taking aim on bermuda today. they are battening down the hatches in bermuda. things get better saturday morning with the winds dieing down a bit and the storm system moving away. partly sunny, 71 this afternoon. comfortable, i don't know if it is perfect, but close to it, i
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guess. breezy and cool on saturday, 68 degrees, might be a sprinkle or shower as that front comes through. monday, sunshine returns it's windy and chilly 56 degrees, those of you on twitter and facebook saying hey dave when is it going to feel like fall again? sunday cuts the mustard on that. looks like we get damp as we move through tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> we expect perfection on "action news." philadelphia police are looking for four women who were part of a violent road rage attack on a school bus. chopper 6 was on the scene. a green chevy tahoe pulled in front of the bus, two women jumped out. one hit the bus with a baseball bat. one sprayed something on the front of the bus, a 15-year-old
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student on the bus was treated for cuts. a pro life group is taking its message to independence mall in a controversial way. they will show abortions on a continuous loop until 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. content does not play a factor when considering applications. the group has promised to post warning signs so parents can shield their children from the disturbing pictures. >> are a time to take a look at morning business. a federal bankruptcy judge will decide whether to terminate the union contract of the taj mahal atlantic city resort. taj says either it gets relief from costly pension arena healthcare obligations or it's going to shutter the casino. laid off casino workers will get
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help with their healthcare and insurance, atlantaic -- atlantic care will help those who lost their insurance earlier this year. stocks took are a plunge, futures are pointing to a higher open. investors will be happy to put this week behind them. >> all new on "action news," more on the manhunt for the accused trooper killer eric frein. >> we have details on the disappearance of a hollywood actress. take the website with you, so you can go on your desktop and look at it. when you open up it up on your desktop and look at it. when you open up it up on your ipad or iphone, it changes shape party on people! blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues
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look for that. a vehicle hit a deer here, westbound pennsylvania turnpike past valley forge. you would expect row instructions there. franconia township montgomery county we have an accident at telford pike and bergey. watch for that. >> we'll have more details come up in just a minute. >> let's do the travel forecast. i stand next to karen. >> i know you love that. sometimes you want to reach out and touch somebody. >> it's friday, look how many planes are over the lower 48. it's not to scale. they are not this big up in the air. what i want to start with, is this fact that we have storms on either side of the lower 48. bermuda is getting hit by had
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hurricane gonzalo. 9 cancellations at the airport in bermuda. which is a lot. most flights not getting into bermuda right now. ana is heading toward hawaii it's landing there today. paradise on either side could see problems today. especially bermuda, because most of the flights are cancerled. in the mid west, we have windy conditions, we'll have rain, minneapolis and detroit and chicago could see delays. in seattle a little bit be of rain could delay a flight or two going to seattle. everywhere else including philadelphia a-okay. >> a south african judge could hand down her sentence as early as today. yesterday the relative of the slain girlfriend receive have a steenkamp's cousin said he must pay for what he had done.
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while the hunt continues in the poconos for suspected cop killer eric frein we have information on the condition of the trooper who survived the ambush. trooper alex douglass has been released from the hospital and is in rehab. he was shot five weeks ago after bryon dickson was killed in the ambush. investigators believe frein is hiding in the woods in the area, hundreds of troopers are searching for him. >> all new in the next half-hour of "action news," a head-on collision in delaware that left two people dead. >> an australian man is taking the name, .
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>> joan rivers died saturday of a predictable complication of surgery. the comedian went into cardiac arrest after suffering from low-blood oxygen from a routine medical procedure. she suffered brain damage. the new york state health department is investigating. police in seattle washington believe they have found the body of missing actress missing upham. the 32-year-old native american was reported missing by her family over a week ago. the body was turned over to an medical examiner to confirm the identical and determine the cause of death. >> new on "action news," a
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australian man has been dubbed "spiderman" after a trip to indonesia. a spider was living in his body it burrowed through a scar in his belly button. the doctor told him it was a small insect by the, but the scar kept growing and growing, so doctors took a closer look and determined that a spider was in there. they were able to get it out. >> wow! no itsy bitsy spider there. the head of the cdc answer questions over the ebola virus. >> another thing in favor of drinking wine, especially for milled aged
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>> hey, everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. on this friday, october 17 we're following breaking news. >> police are forced to open fire during a wild chase with a tractor-trailer in montgomery county. >> a cargoes out of the control on a delaware roadway ending in a head on crash. >> residents in bermuda get ready for hurricane gonzalo. >> let's go over to david murphy. >> reporter: we have cloud cover and clearing to the west, generally speaking we think the sun will win out most of the day and we'll get partly sunny skies and bright an comfortable conditions building in the afternoon. 60 degrees in philadelphia. in the allentown we're in the mid 50s. 57 in reading, low 60s down the shore. as we head out the door to start up the car or catch the bus, 57 degrees by 6:00. 58