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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 17, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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. good morning, america. breaking news. the hero nurse with ebola speaks out for the first time. >> i love you guys. >> incredible video from inside nina pham's hospital room before her evacuation from dallas overnight for emergency treatment. and new questions this morning booth the other nurse, amber vinson. how sick was she when boarding the flight to cleveland? we hear from her family only right here this morning. and another abc exclusive, the man who runs the dallas hospital, accused of putting the nurses and an entire city at risk. >> people want to know how two nurses wearing protective gear got ebola. how did that happen? breaking overnight, vice president joe biden's son kicked out of the navy accused of using
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cocaine. what he said happened to his father this morning. and the same drug that killed michael jackson being linked to joan rivers' death. and an american tourist trapped in a london bookstore with the lights out. locked inside for three hours. taping the entire experience. how he used twitter to book out of there. and good morning, america. so many new developments overnight with this ebola scare. those two nurses fighting for their lives now at two specialized hospitals. nina pham transferred overnight to maryland, treated at the national institutes of health. see it there. and amber vinson is in atlanta right now. >> and we're going to talk to
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her uncle. so much fear about ebola. another example spreading this morning. a health care worker from the hospital in dallas is in isolation on a cruise ship even showing no signs of the disease. >> we have full team coverage, starting with tom llamas in dallas. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for the first time in three weeks, this dallas hospital is not treating someone with ebola. but they are dealing with the crisis of how they handled the patients. and showing a more compassionate side with videos like this one. >> you are taking care of our first patient. >> reporter: this morning, nina pham inside the hospital room, her doctor behind the camera, speaking with his colleague-turned patient. bedside manner in the time of ebola. >> don't cry. >> yeah, we're really proud of you. >> reporter: and another, head
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to toe in full protective gear. taken just hours before pham was transferred out of texas health presbyterian to a national institutes of health institutional center in maryland. the 26-year-old nurse in good spirits. >>.com to maryland. >> party. party in maryland. okay. do you need anything? >> but also emotional -- >> i'm going to cry. >> reporter: and walking off a plane in a hazmat suit. and and the second nurse are being treated with experimental drugs. >> they are seeing some products that may help with the infection. >> reporter: vinson, at emory university hospital is in stable condition. but this morning, fresh concerns after the cdc revealed she may have had symptoms before she made the trip from dallas to cleveland to plan her wedding. >> we can't rule out she might have had the start of her
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illness or friday. >> reporter: now frontier airlines not only reaching out to the passengers on the return flight, but the initial flight to cleveland as well, flight 1142. and the bridal shop where she helped the seven bridesmaids on seven, shut down. >> it's spreading fear. >> reporter: and a texas health care worker who may have handled some specimens from duncan left galveston, texas, sunday, on a 19-day cruise. the unidentified person is on magic, which is being kept offshore with no passengers allowed to enter the country. that health care worker and a traveling partner are isolated aboard that vessel. carnival said the health care worker is showing no symptoms. >> thank you. joining us from los angeles is amber vinson's uncle, lawrence vinson. thank you so much for spending time with us.
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and please know that our thoughts from prayers are with your niece and the family. have you had an opportunity to speak with your niece? >> yes, i have had an opportunity to speak with her several times. she's doing well. >> there are complicating reports when she began to feel ill. could be earlier than first thought. her mother contacted abc news and said in part much criticism has been offered because she chose to travel home. let me be clear, amber wasn't sick when she came home and wasn't symptomatic when she departed for dallas. what did the family members tell you about when she was feeling ill and has she spoken to you about that? >> amber has spoken to me directly and told me that she didn't feel ill until tuesday morning. >> she traveled back from cleveland on monday. and she contacted the cdc
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because she had an elevated -- >> no, no -- >> sir. >> amber never contacted the cdc. amber wasn't in -- under any kind of reporting requirement. they were told, as a precaution, to measure their temperature twice a day. and they were given a threshold over which they should go in to the hospital. >> i want to make it abundantly clear that you're saying that your niece would not have gotten on that plane had she felt that she was ill or at risk or putting anyone else at risk. >> absolutely not. you know, amber is one of the most conscientious individuals i know. and she's certainly not -- would not have done anything to put the other passengers on that plane or her family at risk. >> did your niece express to you or any other family members whether she felt she had the proper equipment there at her hospital to handle this case?
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>> at the time treatment was being rendered, they were given, you know, the protective gear. and information on how to put it on and remove it. and it's multiple players and they -- i believe had some assurance from the -- the people providing direction that they were protected and isolated. it's -- given that a mistake in protocol can put you at risk, they would be very difficult for any person to go and put on this equipment and treat a -- a patient with a deadly disease if you're -- i don't know if this is going to protect you or not, but go in there. >> that is something that is being discussed, sir.
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>> right. >> thank you very much. all the best to your niece, amber, to the entire family. hopefully you all will be reunited very soon and wish you all a speedy recovery. thank you, sir. >> thun >> thank you. the family going to dallas, but she had gone to emory. she did what she was supposed to, she called the texas health officials with an elevated temperature. they called the cdc and relayed the information back to her that it was okay. >> that was the chain of calls. and turn now to the executive at the center of the outbreak, dr. daniel vargo. the head of the hospital being criticized. and dr. richard besser spoke with him. >> reporter: your hospital is the first one where a patient walked in off the street and you missed it, how did that happen? >> we were well-prepared to take care of a patient who walked in
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holding a sign that says i have ebola. and a couple weeks ago, it was a gentleman walking in off the street with non-specific symptoms who hadn't had ebola. it's a different concept than diagnosing ebola than being able to treat ebola and being prepared to diagnose it. and we were short on that. i think we've all in the health care community underestimated the challenge of diagnose. >> reporter: when mr. duncan came in the second time, he was quite sick. if he hadn't been sent home the first time, would he be lei today? >> the second visit comes with a neon sign. we're proud of how we managed that. really wished we picked that up on the 26th. >> reporter: people want to know how two nurses wearing protective gear got ebola. how did that happen? >> we know that nina was the first care giver to accept mr.
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duncan as he came up from the emergency department. it was at a time prior to mr. duncan's diagnosis, or confirmed diagnosis of ebola. nina's personal protective equipment was absolutely in compliance with the cdc recommendations at the time. and as soon as we had the confirmation of the ebola diagnose, all of the personal protective equipment in the mic uconn ve-- converted them. we had no break in protocol. we were working with the best information we had. in retrospect, would we have liked to hermetically sealed them so this didn't happen? absolutely. >> some people have raised questions that mr. duncan did not get the same kind of care that the initial patients got at emory. the two missionaries who were
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treated. how do you respond to that? >> our care givers treat everybody the same. single standard of care. i'm absolutely comfortable that our care givers treated mr. duncan like anyone else. >> reporter: should future patients be sent to specialized units? >> yeah. i would consider us a specialized unit. >> he said the nurses followed the guidance to the letter. >> i expected him to throw a little blame in the cdc's direction. but he said that the cdc was learning along with them. they were following the guidance as it was. but following that guidance, two of their nurses got sick. >> what are the universe of people who were exposed to mr. duncan? how close are they to being in the clear at this point? >> reporter: the good news for those exposed to him before he came into the hospital, sunday is the 21st day.
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it would be unusual for anyone who had the exposure to get sick. in the hospital, this is the critical period. day nine, and someone is exposed and sick, they're going to show symptoms right around now. >> rich and i will be holding a facebook town hall meeting on ebola this afternoon. you can post on "gma's" facebook page. on a live stream at on yahoo! and the latest on sunday on "this week." >> a lot of families are talking utah abo about this with their children. rich will help you discuss this with your children. now to a major -- well, it's involving vice president joe biden. his son, hunter biden, was discharged from the navy earlier this year. we are learning why. he tested positive for cocaine. jim avila has that story for us. >> reporter: he is the second son, hunter biden, who his father, the vice president,
7:13 am
completed the biden military family. joining the reserves at 43 years old. joking about the late decision. >> we have a lot of bad decisions, my son who's over 40 joined the navy. >> reporter: but now pride is shame. the 44-year-old hunter failed a drug test, testing positive for cocaine and was discharged in january of 2014. this was his second public run in with drugs. he had to get a waiver in the first place due to a prior incident as a young man. he became an officer as part of a direct commission program designed to recruit professionals into the navy. and he was assigned to a public affairs support unit in virginia. he's now a managing partner at an investment company. he released the statement
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overnight. it was the honor of my life to serve in the navy. and i'm embarrassed that they led to the administrative discharge. i respect the decision. with the love and support of my family. i'm moving forward. now to the monster storm in the atlantic. hurricane gonzalo, expected to make land this afternoon. ginger is tracking it all. >> we're just hours away from this thing impacting bermuda. on the satellite, the high clouds making it in, obscuring the first and last sunrise today. and clouds in quickly by this afternoon and evening, hurricane-type force. major hurricane, 115 miles per hour possible. and the path, clips newfoundl d newfoundland. to what's going to happen. the impacts here for bermuda. winds over 100 miles per hour. storm surge, 10 plus feet and waves, 20 feet. a lot of people asking will it
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impact the northeast? not directly at all. but you could see rough surf and certainly rip currents. and i will look at ana which will impact hawaii in a few minutes. > now to amy with the top stories. we begin with breaking news overassess. isis fighters are retreesing from the town in syria near the border with turkey. u.s. and coalition forces have launched more than a dozen air strikes in kobani. but they are advancing closer to baghdad. the new high-tech battle on privacy. the director of the fbi is accusing apple and google of protecting criminals by protecting their personal information. and he is hinting at possible legal action. pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: after celebrities like jennifer lawrence and kate upton had personal photographs stolen off their smartphones,
7:16 am
there was an outcry for more privacy laws on mobile devices. but now according to the fbi director, google and apple may have gone too far. introducing encryption so sophisticated, it could put lives at risk. >> we can't crack the password, and it's on the phone. >> reporter: it will block authorities from accessing the devices even with a court order to obtain critical evidence. >> it's the closet that can't be opened, a safe deposit box that can't be opened. >> reporter: tech companies say they need to protect their customers, who are under con strant threat of hacking. and google was blunt. we are providing the added security to our users while giving law enforcement appropriate access when presented with a warrant. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. well, a nightmare for tourists in arkansas were
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injured when a sight-seeing train collided with a freight train. they were on a fall foliage four, injuring more than a dozen people. five critically. and scientists say this giant fire ball that lit up the sky was a meteor. the flash lasting for about five seconds over northeastern brazil. experts say the meteor came from debris trailing from haley's comet. the san francisco giants are headed to another world series. thanks to a three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth. third world series? five years. game one is tuesday night. >> bring it on. >> bring ton, robin says. and finally, you have to wonder who was in charge when prince harry was the guest of honor at a dinner for a charity called 100 women in hedge funds. that's an important title. you'd think it would be the perfect event for one of the world's most eligible bachelors. but you would be wrong. because despite all of the
7:18 am
women, 100 women in attendance, harry says he was dissed at the dinner table. >> i'm not sure, but i'm sitting between two men. which you might consider that tonight would just be 100 women and myself. >> yes, poor, poor harry had to sit with the two men. he wasn't expecting to be there. later he posed for pictures. and take a look, not a man in sight. all was remedied in the end. harry and his 100 women. >> who made that decision? >> yeah, that's a reality show. >> exactly. >> the bachelor. >> it does. you have your eye on the tropical storm again. >> quick look at ana. how it's impacting hawaii. it's south and southwest. that would be great news, especially through the weekend. you could see gusty winds, dangerous surf. the outer bands could drop heavy rain. your local weather forecast in 30 seconds, first the weekend getaways brought to you by walgreens.
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>> reporter: hello, everybody, david murphy here with an update from accuweather, no precipitation on storm tracker 6 live double scan this morning. as we look outside we're looking at sun buildings over the horizon, some of you dealing with clouds, especially off to the north. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, partly sunny this afternoon, high of 71. breezy, but nice. breezy and cooler saturday, 68. wind anne chilly sunday, high of 56. back to "g.m.a."! >> warning for everybody on the
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east coast. you're about to get robbed this weekend. >> why? >> by 20 degrees. >> all right, bundle up. thanks, ginger. >> thanks, ginger. is this man the real life dekser ter? the utah man accused of killing his wife to cash in on her insurance policy. what happened to joan rivers? the new report linking her death to the same drug that killed michael jackson. and the dangers of selling your home, opening your home to criminals. and the american tourist locked in a big london bookstore overnight.
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>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 7:26 friday, october 17. let's head over to karen rogers she's starting off in the city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're looking live at the vine street expressway. we have an accident you can see the flashing lights up ahead
7:27 am
moved off to the right shoulder. southbound we're watching slowing on the vine street expressway from past broad to the schuylkill expressway with the accident off to the side. two accidents one in hatfield one at clemens road at 40-foot road. one at ranldzville road -- randalville road at sumneytown pike. lower macungie township, route 100 is shut down between spring creek and quarry road. it brought down poles and wires. >> let's go to sky6 live hd and take a look out across the center city that's gorgeous to look at this morning, david murphy. sounds like we have weather to match. >> reporter: it is, it's cool this morning, the wind not that strong just yet. the sun is nice and bright. you'll want a jacket stepping outside. 59 in philadelphia. some suburbs in the low a 50s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a nice
7:28 am
afternoon partly sunny, breezy, 71. tomorrow, breezy and a bit cooler 6. a few clouds around, maybe a sprinkle or shower, particularly late in the day or at night. behind the front on sunday, windy and chilly, 56 degrees, monday morning the suburbs will be in the 0s, tam. so a chilly start monday. >> coming up on "g.m.a.," things to be aware of while you try to sell your house. we'll see you back here in 30.
7:30 am
♪ ♪ it's bigger ♪ that's right it's bigger ♪ i'm walking down the aisle he wasn't just walking, he was running all over the place. neil patrick harris with the opening number at the 2013 tony awards. a lot of excitement now that he's named the host of the oscars. how to top it? we will hear from him life this morning. >> he can do it. >> and we have d.j. prostyle spinning us into the weekend. a lot going on this morning on "gma." >> we certainly do. and switchi ining gears to real life dexter, a dramatic day in the trial of the utah man accused of killing his wife. and what happened to joan rivers. the powerful drug that killed
7:31 am
michael jackson linked to her death. and the dangers of putting your home up for sale. prospective buyers and even realtors stealing from homeowners. >> a lot of good information. but first, the utah man accused ever killing his wife to cash in a $1 million insurance policy. conrad truman is expected back on the stand this morning. neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: he is at center of this murder case, and conrad truman faced the jury to defend himself. >> did you shoot your wife? >> no. >> did you kill your wife? >> no. >> truman is accused of murdering his wife, heidi truman, in 2012. it was rafr a night of drinking and watching "dexter," about a serial killer. much of the trial is focused on
7:32 am
his demeanor. his frantic 911 call. >> i really don't know what happened. >> reporter: reports that he threat tonight kill them if they didn't save his wife. and his at times erratic police interrogati interrogation. >> you are a jerk, man, you are a jerk. i was just confused. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: even his behavior around her body, scrutinized. >> i was touching her feet. and i felt her leagring h leg. and i thought why would she shoot her legs to commit suicide. >> reporter: but what about police allegations that he changed story, she may have shot herself by accident or a gunshot from outside the house. >> can you explain why you have given different versions as to what may have occurred? >> i know i didn't have a gun, didn't shoot a gun. >> reporter: his lawyer asked to have the case dismissed thursday, saying there's no evidence that he fired a shot. the judge refused, and conrad
7:33 am
truman is expected to be back on the stand later today for a grillingly prosecutors. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, seattle. >> dan abrams is here. the defendant on the stand, it's crucial. >> once they take the stand. i always say it's an important moment in the case. in this case, it's even more important. why? because the most compelling evidence against him are the conflicting statements. one point, it's an intruder. shot through the window, no bullet holes in the window. it was a mistake. i think she fell and accidently killed herself. he's completely changed his story. and now he's taking the stand. and whether the jurors believe him becomes the entirety of the case. >> cuts both ways. it could be an argument for staying off -- >> his lawyers did a mock cross examination. he must have been able to survive a mock cross examination
7:34 am
to put him on the stand. there's not a ton of evidence against him. it's one of these cases, you look at it, wow, his story's fishy. but there may not be enough evidence to convict. so for him to testify, suddenly provides the prosecution with the opportunity, if they effectively cross examine him, to have some new evidence. >> that's the question, no physical evidence he shot the gun. what do prosecutors do? >> they have to focus on the inconsistent statements. they have the medical examiner's testimony, suggesting she was killed at very close range. seems to rule out the possibility she was shot at from far away and rules out the possibility of an accident, which are the two possible defense theories. if you believe the medical examiner, the defense is in trouble. but they have to focus on the inconsistent statements. this is where being a good lawyer matters. it tests your chops in the way you cross-examine this defendant. if this prosecutor is effective, could be problems for the
7:35 am
defendant. if the defendant survives the cross examination, could be a different story. >> thanks very much. and now to the late comedian joan rivers. the medical examiner releasing the report on the cause of her death. concluding it was a cliks from the procedure. and mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: good morning. at the family's request, an autopsy was not performed, but officials did examine rivers and go through medical rorldecords, piecing together what happened in those final moments. cause confirmed. this morning, the long-awaited results of the medical examiner's report on joan rivers revealing the comedian died of brain damage due to a lack of sufficient oxygen in her blood while sedated for a procedure to work on acid reflux and changes in her voice. >> the brain can only survive for so long, and the heart for
7:36 am
so long before a cardiac arrest course. >> reporter: though it doesn't explain what exactly caused the lack of oxygen, it is a quote therapeutic complication, and suggests there were no obvious medical errors. also revealing she was sedated with propofol, the same powerful anesthetic that conrad murray prescribed michael jackson, leading to the pop star's death. >> what makes propofol good for anesthesia, it works quickly. but in putting someone to sleep, it can and does slow the breathing rate, that can result in a low oxygen level. >> reporter: her daughter, melissa, responding to the report. we continue to be saddened for our tragic loss and grateful for the enormous outpouring of love and support from around the world. the 81-year-old comic legend died in september. one week after going into cardiac arrest during this
7:37 am
throat procedure at the yorkville endoscopy clinic. the clinic's medical director has since stepped down. sources telling abc news dr. lawrence cohen allegedly allowed an unauthorized physician to perform a secondary million procedure on rivers while she was sedated. they have completed the investigation into the clinic and will release those results soon. robin, george. >> thank you very much. time for the weather. and george stephanopoulo and ginger zee, looking ahead. >> everybody wants to know what winter is going to be like. >> i have a question. >> what's your question? >> who actually does want to know. >> i'm telling you, a lot of people to want know. and i can't give you a seasonal outlook. we're far in that. but the climate prediction center puts out the winter forecast. this is a probability of the chances of us being wetter, low average, you can see dry and warm continues out west.
7:38 am
cooler and wet. remember, cooler could mean a half a degree below average. not going to feel that way. and more mild, especially for places like the great lakes. that's what they have put out. those are the percentages. leave you there. and now the next three day forecast, which we're good at. very yet in the pacific northwest. a lot less as we get lower. and leave a. >> reporter: hey, ginger, thank you, david murphy on the tear internal revenue service. we have sunshine coming up partly sunny and breezy this afternoon, 71. 68 on saturday, mid 50s on >> all that weather brought to you by dove beauty bar. i'm so happy lara's not going to ask me. >> you said milder. >> now i would -- i did want to know. because it was good news. >> the answer was good. >> thank you. >> i see. fickle, are we? >> a wee bit.
7:39 am
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now, that's a burger. and now you can pay and go when you're ready. now, isn't that convenient? the new lunch double burger from chili's lunch combo menu, starting at 6 bucks. fresh is happening now. we are back now at 7:thi42, with the dangers of putting your home up for sale. you have to open it up to
7:43 am
strangers, buyers or realtors. that can spell trouble. linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: watch this man browsing an open house in los angeles. and walking out with this. the front of what was a locked drawer. police say he ripped it off before also taking the expensive jewelry inside. open houses, the perfect opportunity, law enforcement say, for thieves to strike. while realtors are busy showing around potential buyers. >> what they're stealing from open houses is typically three items. one, jewelry, two, handguns or other type of firearms, and three, now, the new wave, is prescription medication. >> reporter: realtor linda johnson was hosting an open house in pennsylvania when she says a pair of prospective buyers pulled a fast one. >> she was telling me a story, the wife says, shehe's going to
7:44 am
talk forever. how about i take a peek? >> reporter: and later that evening. >> i received a phone call from the owner. she was robbed. >> i went upstairs to get medicine and it was gone. >> reporter: criminals targeting houses to steal prescription meds so prominent, the district attorney now having a realtor on the drug task force to get insider tips. >> we suggest it's maybe good to have at least two realtors present. >> reporter: but those just buyers you have to worry about. >> realtor accused of a despicab despicable crime. >> reporter: jewelry in arizona, pilferi pilfering, we are yep, prescription drugs in florida. and check the realtor's qualifications. and the open house, don't be too open. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> yeah, put the good stuff away. >> scary. >> yeah, it is scary. and it can happen.
7:45 am
all right, thanks. and coming up, our interview with brad pitt and the cast of "fury." what brad is saying about his wedding to angelina. >> walking through the forest. >> just taking a stroll. and the american tourist locked in a london bookstore. how he turned to twitter to break free. come on back.
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♪ , you know, it's friday. >> yeah. >> we're all.
7:49 am
>> happy friday, everybody. now to the strange story of an american tourist locked inside one of london's largest bookstores. his attempts to get out going viral. t.j. holmes has the social square. >> and anyone reluctant to sign up and use twitter, see this story. it's proof that twitter literally shall set you free. >> hey! help me! >> reporter: it wasn't an american wereful in london, but an american tourist. >> it looks like i'm locked in, but it didn't happen. >> reporter: it did. 30-year-old daifvid was on vacation from dallas. he went inside to use the wi-fi. went upstiers browse, downstairs to leaf -- >> all the doors were locked. >> reporter: when he tries to get out, trapped.
7:50 am
>> people walking by on the street. >> reporter: captured in the cell phone video. >> that's the front door. can't get out. >> reporter: one last resort. >> i started tweeting. >> reporter: his message, hi, waterstones, i've been locked inside your tra fall gar square bookstore for two hours. and users retweeted 9,000 times. some offering assistance, others, book recommendations. >> i was too scared to touch anything. i didn't want them to think i hid in the story. >> reporter: twitter did the trick. police and the store manager arrived, freeing willis after two and a half hours. >> it was a mistake. i'll come back, but not close to closing time. >> reporter: what did he do after he finally got out? sent another tweet. and it was a simple one with two little words, it said, i'm free. a lot of people re-tweeted that. and got me and you to thinking, maybe the viewers as well.
7:51 am
what store would you want to be trapped? >> a cupcake store. >> the cupcake emporium. >> popeyes. >> how about you, t.j.? >> oh,the liquor store, no doubt. >> we knew we liked you. >> coming up, "shark tank your life." mark cuban is here. >> clean up pet hair. use a window squeegee. for more, go to "good morning america" on yahoo!. gosh. try four, buddy. hmm, i'll take a dark roast. chai tea, please. honey, text the man what you want. french vanilla, make it strong! the all new keurig 2.0 is here.
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7:56 am
>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 7:56 friday, october 17. let's head over to karen rogers she's got a new problem on the schuylkill expressway, good morning. >> reporter: that's right, the schuylkill expressway, slow go, eastbound traffic heavy from 202 to city avenue, university avenue where we have an accident. on the big picture we see speeds at 8 miles per hour. a new accident on the schuylkill expressway this is eastbound on the schuylkill expressway past university avenue. they have the right lane blocked. that's all it takes to see the delays go down to the single digits. once again big problems on the schuylkill expressway. as you look back by the curve
7:57 am
we're looking at 14 miles per hour. we have an accident southbound city avenue just at 47th street. it's slow in that area, as well. i-95 36 miles per hour at cottman and 16 at girard. in the teens on i-95. wilmington, we have a new accident to watch at marsh road. >> let's go live on sky6 hd what a beautiful picture down the shore, atlantic city. it's shaping up to be a nice afternoon, david. >> reporter: it is especially when you have the sunshine on your shoulder. 59 in philadelphia. 56 in wilmington, 54 in allentown. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. 71 is the high today partly sunny skies. it's going to be a little breezy, but pretty nice. tomorrow, breezy and cool, 68, a little bit more cloud cover around, sunday, lots of sun,
7:58 am
windy and chilly, high of 56 on sunday. it gets cooler as the weekend goes on, but it's dry. descroo back now for the more fun for the second hour of "g.m.a." we'll see you back in 30.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and how worried should you be about ebola? dr. besser is here answering questions every parent is asking about the threat and how it could affect your children. and cyber stalking nightmare. the terrifying case of a woman scorned. how she got her ex arrested and ruined his reputation. and neil patrick harris has everyone buzzing out the oscars. now he's here for his first interview since it was revealed he was the academy awards host. and "shark tank your life." mark cuban butting two entrepreneurs to the test on "gma." the ideas he's dishing out how to turn your idea into a
8:01 am
business. as we say -- >> good morning, america. and a big good morning. we have shark, mark cuban. right by the shark tank. he doesn't know how they're going to do. they're going head-to-head in just a little bit to see if they have what it takes. and mark will give them tips to turn it into cash. >> and tips for you at home as well. support that. and we're doing it outside and here. we're dancing into the weekend. d.j. prostyle is here with us this morning. >> absolutely and we want to show you video that we -- we can't get enough of. hope you like it. it's brad pitt just taking a stroll through the woods with a watching shirt. we have an interview with him and the cast of "fury," which is getting terrific buzz this morning. and he's talking about his wedding to angelina. >> we're going to hear from him, not just watching him walk. >> eventually. yes.
8:02 am
i may not hear it, but i'll be listening and watching. >> let's get the news. good morning. the latest on ebola. first look inside the ebola treatment center in dallas. this video shows nurse nina pham, the first nurse to contract the disease as she prepares to be transferred. she seems well, but she's emotional as she thanks staff member who is cared for her. a short time later in full protective gear, flew to marylanding with treated at the national institutes of help. and the uncle of amber vinson told robin that she did not call the cdc directly when her temperature was rising last weekend. instead she called the team in texas and they relayed her symptoms to the cdc which then approved her flight. we learned she was feeling sick before she flew to cleveland. two major storms bearing down on two popular tourist
8:03 am
destinations right now. bermu bermuda, hurricane gonzalo, packing winds up to 130 miles per hour. expecting major flooding and a 10-foot storm surge. and tropical storm ana, gaining strength. inching closer to hawaii. ginger's forecast is coming up shortly. a terrifying road rage incident in seattle. a man opening fire on police stations. the shooter was injured and so were two officers. the motive is unclear. prosecutors in south africa demanded a minimum of ten years in prison for olympian oscar pistorius. he is expected to learn his sentence tuesday for the killing of his girlfriend. his lawyers have argued for house arrest. in southern california, wildlife officers were called in with this bear cub got trap nad dumpster. officers brought in the ladder.
8:04 am
they eventually got the cub to climb out and mama and the little one wandered around the neighborhood, even getting a drink from a swimming pool. later, a long rest in a yard. sticking around for hours before moving on. they look really cute. finally, anyone who lives on the upper floor of a building knows how challenging it is to move and get all the oversized furniture down the stairs. one woman challenged her husband to move the sofa. she believe what he came up with. >> i can't believe it. >> you hear her, she can't believe it. she didn't think it was going to work. but it did. flawlessly. and she got it -- >> start a new business. >> see? she's already making -- trying to monetize it. her husband could move into the moving business. look at that, couch comes down perfectly, guys. >> nicely done. >> a lot cheaper than the last time i moved a couch. thanks, amy. okay. turn back to ebola.
8:05 am
so many questions about the threat here in america and fears of whether that threat is real. check this out. parents at one school in mississippi pulled the kids out of class because the principal visited africa, even though he was far from the hot zone. is the fear outpacing the reality. dr. rich besser with a reality check. one of the questions from kathy. she wanted to know, should anyone be flying if it can be avoided? i'm concerned about my young grandchildren. should we wear a mask to protect ourselves and our family? >> george, we talk about flying and the risk of getting colds and flus. but the thing about ebola is, it doesn't -- it's not spread that way. you have to have direct contact with body fluids. the people getting ebola are those taking care of patients in the hospital or at home. and no one in america has flown with symptoms of ebola that would allow them to spread. the nurse from dallas, she was flying, she didn't have any of those symptoms. so there's no risk there.
8:06 am
i always think it's a good idea, hand washing or alcohol sanitizer on a plane to cut down on colds or flus. but don't worry about ebola. >> and we just heard from george. he was talking about the school in mississippi. a lot of people are really concerned when it comes to their children. in fact one we got via twitter, from julie, how serious is the disease going to get, and how can i assure my teens they are safe. they are afraid to go to cool and to the store right now. >> yeah. you don't want to ignore the conversation. you have to have it. with a teenager, you want to share the facts. get them information at their level that they can read. let them understand the problem is in africa. in america, people are not getting this outside of the hospital setting. and they're safe. younger kids, as a parent, just let them know you're going to keep them safe. that's what you need to do. >> and taking it to the next level, a lot of people are asking about this, and we got this question from jaime warner. a lot of people wondering what's the likelihood of a vaccination
8:07 am
or a drug to help prevent ebola? >> yeah. a lot of work going on there. two vaccines under trial, many drugs being tried. but it's a long time before pe know that they work. and if they work, made at large levels. the control efforts are around preventing infection, presenting people from spreading it. that's the effort right now. vaccines in the future. >> rich, you have been working overtime. glad you were on the case. and rich and i will be having a facebook town hall. starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern on a live stream at on yahoo!. "pop news" and weather coming up. you're going to take a walk now. >> i am. we talk about social media, and there are other ways of really getting information across. we're going to strool, let people know in the social square. what's coming up this morning. it's mark cubben, but before i get to that, we have taylor swift. she can do more than sing.
8:08 am
behind the scenes footage of her house parties and her biggest fans. you see her right there. and this guy right here, how about those masks. >> going to go. >> we're going to talk "shark tank." he's answering questions at the tweet tank. are you getting good up withes? >> ready to go. great ones. and the new star of the oscars, neil patrick harris is here live. we're going to talk to him and everybody here live in times square. come back for that. over. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now, i can do more of what i love. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
8:09 am
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8:12 am
ready for the weekend here. great crowd outside. and we have inside with us, d.j. p prostyle to get us all set for the weekend. ♪ you have been -- i have to say, "pop news" this week, spectacular. >> oh, thank you. >> no pressure. bring it on home. bring it on home. bring it home. >> bring it on home, everybody. let's do it. begin with the a-list play date. imagine going to a faylor twift. taylor swift.
8:13 am
taylor swift. going to a fan event and scurried to a top secret location, happens to be her house for a secret concert. you have been hearing about this. that's what she did at her new york apartment, her l.a. apartment, her ocean front house in rhode island, her mom's house in nashville, and in london. 89 people because of the album, 1989. and now the behind the scenes video on i canyoohube. i just called it yoohube. it's the friday curse. fans going nuts when they realize who they are. taylor playing the new album in the entirety. fed them homemade chocolate chip cookies. she can sing and a great hostess. >> and a way to promote. >> and give back.
8:14 am
>> comes from the heart. she has been consistently like this and generous with her fans. >> down to earth and loves her fans. >> talking about open houses -- >> i think she's safe with her fans. >> bring cookies when she comes here. >> she's coming soon. end of the month. >> taylor, could you bring us some cookies, please? i know you have nothing else going on. also in "pop news," and if you're slightly challenged in the skill of pumpkin cashing. i have done a dramatic reenactment of mine for the kids. >> that's nice. >> is it? >> that's scary. >> it's a classic. >> kate said, not so much, mom. but a farmer in california has created an amazing solution. move over jack-o'-lantern and say hello to pumpkinstein. that was a pirate. what does frankenstein say again? >> he doesn't say anything. he just goes errr. >> there you go, amy.
8:15 am
i got you to do it. north of los angeles. he grows pumpkins in plastic molds. tony spent four years experimenting with 27 varieties of pumpkins to perfect the process. >> it's a great idea. >> it is. >> it is formed inside the mold. after he figured out how to do it with watermelons. he made them in the shape of hearts. and customers fell in love. he's harvested 5,000 pumpk pumpkinsteins at $100 a head. and remember "home alone," macauley culkin does the surprise face? they cut just in time. thank you. if there's a female version of the film, i believe they should do. and there's your star. this is an 11-year-old british short hair who's patch of dark
8:16 am
fur act like feline botox. it's per ma shock grumpy cat is not going to be happy that that is the new cat of the moment. and that is a very sloppy version of "pop news." >> way over the bar. okay, morning stir and neil patrick harris coming up. got to get to ginger first. >> that will for sure be on yoohube. i'll go with it. look at the bright and smiling faces. but we have some not to bright weather to talk about. and we have an update. hurricane gonzalo. bermuda in just hours will be impacted and could be directly. look at the winds over 100 miles per hour storm surge. waves could grow to 20 plus feet. and on the east coast, the impacts are minimal, but still rough surf.
8:17 am
>> reporter: thanks a lot, ginger, david murphy on the terrace with sun up over the horizon. not a lot of wind so far today. we have cool temperatures in the 50s, but getting better. this afternoon, partly sunny, breezy. 71 is the mild high. for the weekend, clouds and sun on saturday, 68 is the high there. windy and chillier on sunday, 56 degrees and only up to 60 on monday, morning will start out real chilly. >> so she was just telling me, sun city is sometimes called -- >> sin city. >> we don't have time for asking why. but senior sin city. let's get inside. >> saucy there. >> i like the style. >> that's the way to retire. >> sure is. and moving on to the morning stir. a terrifying case of cyber stalker how one woman ruined her
8:18 am
ex. >> reporter: she loved tony. >> she's passionate and enthusia enthusiastic. >> she loved him nearly to death. when he broke up with her zblsh. >> is this what you want? my yahoo! password was changed. and my e-mail had been removed from the account. >> reporter: tony has hacked joe's personal e-mail account, and an epic cyber stalking campaign began. first up, tony fires off a barrage of e-mails to company execs. saying what? >> pornographic pictures. >> reporter: and not just any. one of them features joe in, well, happier times. >> the night of october 19th, things changed. >> reporter: a cop shows up at his door. >> you have an altercation tonight? >> reporter: these pictures show what tony told the cops.
8:19 am
do you think she had it in her to whack herself in the face? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: joe is arrested, and there's a protection order against him. and promptly joe is arrested again. by now, tony is an expert in spoofing. it's a cyber stalking trick to maybe joe's number appear on her phone. and seems to have the voice mails to prove it. >> i know where you are and i'm coming for you. i should have killed you. >> reporter: joe is fired from his job. now from porn to pedophilia. calling a florida abuse hot line. >> there was allegations of him having sex with his daughter and provided his children with alcohol. >> reporter: not only him, but his colleague, jenny. who she's never met. >> the things i cannot repeat. their horrible. >> reporter: expanding the net to get this, joe's new landlord. >> i'll burn down that house and your house. >> reporter: even making death
8:20 am
threats against his girlfriend's daughter. that's when st. john's county sheriff's officers pounced politely. knocked on the door, she was home. >> yes. >> reporter: what did she look like? >> like a mother at home with her kids. >> reporter: do we havous, but good, not so much. what did you think? >> i can't believe it's all here. seven spiral notebooks that close the book on her criminality. she refused to talk to us or apologize to the victims. tony, matt gutman, abc news, maybe say something to your victims. do you feel any remorse? do you have anything to say to them? now she was expected to get four to six years, but the judge was so disgusted, he slapped her with nine years in prison and house arrest and probation. joe is looking for a job. he's mowing lawns for a living. it's hard to expunge three
8:21 am
wrongful arrests. >> hard to wrap where are head around it. how to avoid this. >> >> don't give e-mail accounts, passwords, social security. he made big mistakes. be smart about who you're with. >> a lot more tonight on 20/20. and now to robin. now for the heat index. and there is no one hotter than this man right here. neil patrick harris, ladies and gentlemen. he's adding oscar host and author to the incredible list of accomplishments. his new gig, new book. choose your own auto biography. >> so true. >> it's a fun week. get the lottery next? >> lose that for sure. it's been fun. on the book tour, just starting it. the book comes out, those days are set. and the end of last week, you get a call, the oscar people want to talk to you, maybe.
8:22 am
and you do it and have to announce it. turns into another level. >> did you have any idea? >> no idea at all. i thought weirdly because i hosted other shows that was a strike against me a little bit. because they had gone with people before, seth mcfar lane who were new, and ellen did well last year. i know the producers of it very well. they asked me to do it. maybe because i'm in go"gone girl." it helps. >> you're so creepy in that movie. it's great. >> yeah, it's weird because i'm in a few pivotal moments of the movie, but i'm not allowed to talk about them. they keep showing that clip of me and ben affleck. weirdly there. and -- >> it gets so much darker than that. >> great movie. >> "gone girl," "hedwig," the terrific run, the tony.
8:23 am
it was on your bucket list. was it something that you dared to dream? >> i suppose so. i've hosted a lot of different random awards show. that's the biggest one. it's sort of the ultimate one. but awards shows, you can't decide to host them. they call you. even if you pitch yourself for it, it feels desperate. you have to hope they call you. >> you have hosted the tonys, and the emmys twice. you won an emmy were hosting the tonys. if the grammys come calling, can you be mc? >> i was on cbs when i was doing the tonys. and the tonys were on cbs. it was helpful on the same channel. i assume that had something to do with it. i assume i need a hip-hop album. >> that's next. >> don't you have a song in the book? >> the bookends with a big song
8:24 am
and dance number in literary form. there's a little hoop with fire that i jump through. so you'll read it. >> i love the idea of choosing your own adventure. dream of that. what if it went that way? >> it's second person. you are me. you can choose what me to be. >> i want to be you. love it. >> we're going to have a lot of fun with you between now and the oscars. it's on abc. >> yes. >> we're going to be calling. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> so deserving. neil patrick harris, choose your own autobuying i fi is in bookstores. and the academy awards, february 22nd. we are ready. and "dancing with the stars" derek hough is a winner in the ballroom and out of it as well and tonight he's receiving a very special honor for the inspirational honor he has done sharing his story about overcoming bullying as a child. and abbie boudreau has our story. ♪ >> reporter: he's "dancing with
8:25 am
the stars" five-time champ. but this morning, derek hough reveals painful memories about his battle with bull yis growing up. >> torture and abuse as a kid. tie him up in a tree. >> reporter: some people did that to you? >> tie up with a rope and hung in a tree. >> reporter: in his memoimemoir taking a lead -- he talked about leading a secret life and being a target for bullies. it motivated him to do the one u one thing that made him happy, dancing. >> this was great. >> reporter: do you ever feel like the little boy that was bullied. >> i get emotional thinking about it. i didn't realize i was running away from something. i was sort of afraid, you know, that i was in -- bad. that i was a bad kid. you know, as i got older. someone told me, go back and pick up that boy and look at him and say that everything's going
8:26 am
to be okay. i was sort of embracing, you know, my younger self. >> reporter: tonight derek will be honored with julia roberts and husband danny moeder by the gay and lesbian and straight network. >> it's the ins prayingal award. a huge honor. >> reporter: walk on rolls in "modern family," and tickets to the "dancing with the stars," "the view," and the "magic mike' sequel, featuring michael strahan. but it comes back to the message. >> be more conscious. and conscious about things we say and what we do. it's important to forgive. >> reporter: it you forgive your bullies? >> absolutely. >> reporter: abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles.
8:27 am
>> good morning arc head-on collision in newark, delaware left two men dead. the audi ran into an suv and flipped over. the 18-year-old driver and his passenger were pronounced at the scene. the man at the wheel in the suv is in serious condition. police are trying to determine what caused the audi to go out of control. good morning, 8:27, i'm tamala edwards. it's a nice day out there, nice day to drive across the ben. >> reporter: now it's crowded as we travel westbound from 8th and vine. it's the construction that's blocking the right lane. on the boulevard jamming up southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway particularly slow in part because of the accident we have
8:28 am
on the schuylkill expressway eastbound near university. it's pushed off to the side at this point. not blocking any lanes. we had speeds in the single digits at montgomery, now 19, 15 westbound as you head toward the curve, delays there. i-95 southbound jammed 17 miles per hour at girard, tam. >> thank you, karen. let's head outside to david murphy and find out what to expect with accuweather, good morning. >> reporter: right now we have sun over the horizon, a little bit of a breeze beginning to build, temperatures are cool, 60 in philadelphia, along the boardwalks. mids everywhere else. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a nice afternoon ahead. 671, breezy. of breezy and cooler on saturday, 68 is the high. sunday, look out a front comes through and behind it we get into the mid 50s on sunday with wind blowing. >> coming up on "g.m.a.," a
8:29 am
little shark tank. we'll see you back here in 30.
8:30 am
taylor swift shaking up "gma" in an epic live concert event. but first, taylor wants to see how you shake it. so shoot a video of you and up to four friends shaking it off. if your video gets picked, get this. you're going to win a trap it new york to see taylor perform on -- >> "good morning america." >> it was the ultimate shake it off contest. we will shake it off. it's "gma's" ultimate shake it off with taylor swift contest. a video of you and up to four of your friends singing along, dancing to the hit song. head to our website, for complete rules and a chance to win tickets to see taylor live
8:31 am
on "gma." >> i hope it's as beautiful that day as it is today. we have d.j. prostyle inside, keeping the party going. here for iheart radio, spinning us into the weekend. >> it is almost time for "shark tank your life." two aspiring entrepreneurs about to face off or dance off in the competition. mark cuban is in the social square right now answering viewer questions from the tank. look at the moves. go, mark, go. >> go, mark, go, mark. let's talk about brad pitt now. his new movie, "fury," hitting theaters toyota today. it's a dangerous mission at the end of world war ii. david muir got behind the scenes and the stories with the stars. >> reporter: one of the things that resonate with the american people, you wanted to hear from real tankers who survived this. and i'm curious, brad, the impact you had on you when you heard from the world war ii
8:32 am
veteran. >> we have an amazing opportunity to sit down with them, and they shared stories. i'm not sure -- i wouldn't think they would share with too many people. and we walked away with a great respect, but also feeling a great responsibility to, you know, to give it everything we got, to portray a tank crew as the real people who lived through it. and under incredible conditions. harsh conditions. no sleep. exhaustion, hunger, cold. and with people shooting you, trying to kill you. >> so many of them never share their stories. nobody asks them. they have lived through life carrying these tales. >> and suffered alone. the most amazing thing happened at the premier. where one of our second armored vets from world war ii said the movie was incredibly accurate. that's what he lived. that our movie takes place in a day. and he said we did that for three years. >> reporter: yeah.
8:33 am
>> rain's coming. >> reporter: it was all very real. i'm curious, what was your thought process behind that? >> i just wanted to paint as accurate a picture not just of uniforms, weapons and vehicles, but the accurate picture of the hearts of the men. and to show how truly difficult their task was. >> got it today. you hear me, boys? >> reporter: let me ask you about the respect that you gained. a lot of these vets, and you hear this over and over again, they went in as kids and came out as men. i'm just curious how you came out of this project. >> yes. the -- it's been the most rewarding job i've ever had in my life. the most intrinsic value of anything i have worked on. >> reporter: how much time did you spend in the tankers? >> months before we started filming. >> reporter: but you got help from your son on the tanks.
8:34 am
>> you look at the vehicles. i brought my 6-year-old who was 5 then. he has no concept of war and the tank. fell in love with it immediately. i don't know how to define that love man has with machine. but my son, it was -- he -- he could tell you -- my oldest son could tell you, any tank, any bomber, tell you about artillery. so, yes, i got a brief tutorial from him when we started. i ain't running now. >> reporter: you said being on the set, five guys dating one woman trying to get the attention of brad here. >> we wanted love. he was parenting everybody. but at the same time -- >> yeah, he's the father of the family. >> reporter: they're looking at you as the father figure on the set. >> i took it very seriously. of course, i had a responsibility -- the responsibility of the family as a father. and the real life father of six opening up about his wedding with angelina jolie in august and why they waited so long. sending a marriage of marriage
8:35 am
equality for all. >> well, it was an amazing day. and i think it's -- there's an added security that comes with it. >> reporter: what do you say to the folk who is thank you for the issue you stood up for a long time before you tied the knot yourself? >> that's just a no-brainer to me. that's the basis of our country. you know, equality for everyone. >> and "fury" is in theaters today. you can see more of david's interview on world news tonight. let's get inside to robin. it's time to "shark tank your life." and joined by "shark tank" host and expert, entrepreneur mark cuban. love you, man. he is going to tell us how things are really getting heated up. our shark stadium, and two aspiring entrepreneurs are about to burst through the social square to sell you on high-tech ideas. apps for your phone or tablet.
8:36 am
and medicaryou're going to pick winning pitch. >> i'm ready. >> a lot of people have an idea for an app. not tech savvy. what's your suggestion? >> if you're not tech savvy, find somebody who is and can help you. you're not going to understand the language and the lingo. >> they're a little nervous. warn you right now, they're nervous and rightfully so. what are your suggestions when you're making a pitch? >> don't talk about yourself. talk about the idea and the future and what you can accomplish. >> they have 30 seconds each. two great people are going to come out. 30 seconds. you're going to pick -- hit's hard, pick the winner. and then one-on-one consultation. >> absolutely. >> the first contender. >> it's fashion editor turned app zwiern, veronica from kansas city. what does "shark tank" host mark
8:37 am
cuban think. >> welcome into the stadium, veroni veronica. >> excited to be here. >> you have 30 seconds, on the clock. pitch away. >> have you tried putting on your makeup and realize you run out of mascara? that doesn't happen with stash. it's an iphone app that help use keep track of everything -- all of your makeup bag ask your medicine cabinet and everything from your toothpaste to your designer lipstick. when you're running out of them or when you're -- when they go on sale. >> okay. >> best of all, you can order straight from the app. we have over 100 products with low prices because we do the work of comparison shopping for you. >> that's cool. >> and offer free shipping. >> free shipping. >> we don't stop there, the social feed let's you tap on any beauty instagram to see the products you use in the picture and -- >> oh okay. >> sorry.
8:38 am
>> just breathe. you did great. >> yeah. >> you were wonderful. >> it's hard. it's hard to stand up there. it really is hard. >> it's really hard to do that. proud of you. your initial thoughts? >> i use a lot of makeup, so i understand. >> you do? good. >> but, you know -- you use makeup, right? >> yes, i do. >> i see what my wife has. keeping track is good. being alerted when the products and a sale, that's great. i love the slider. and that's awesome too. i think it's a great idea and has potential. right now you have to get it out there and get feedback from users. >> all right. >> yeah. >> you feel good? >> yeah, we feel good about that. >> strong out of the box. good job. and now the next contender coming into the stadium. >> now entering the shark stadium and samuel from boston, massachusetts. a tech-savvy dad who thinks his app is the ticket to making sure your child is growing up happy and healthy.
8:39 am
but will mark cuban think it's a slam dunk. >> i like the trot. a little swagger. >> i'm samuel, and i started knew beafter my daughter was born to make it easier for skparnts babies. keeping track of eating, sleeping, diaper changes and more. and use the data to figure out the patterns and development. and indicating potential problems. a it's quick and easy for sleep-deprived parents and helps keep parents. it will not help you read their mind. please check us out on kickstarter. >> boom, boom, boom. >> initial thoughts. >> sounds like a great idea. three young kids, tracking everything they do is always good. the question is competition. right? because the hard part in getting people to use an app is getting them to download and change their behavior. i need to know how much competition there is, how the
8:40 am
downloads are going, and taking feedback from the users to see where you can take it. >> veronica, come back out here. you have to decide. who's going to be the winner? [ drum roll ] >> what do you think? i can't lose. if i had to invest right off the bat, there's veronica. i think there's a lot of competition in sam's area. congratulations. >> thank you. >> wow. i have to say, i was leaning towards that. 100,000 products? >> yeah. we happen to be in the inventory of adam amazon, sephora, north strom. we have the best -- >> is it available? >> it's out there. it's been in the itunes store for four months. >> android? >> we're working on that. >> i will be able to give you a lot of help. i like what sam did so much.
8:41 am
sam, i'll help you all i can. give you my address. my pleasure. >> it was a win-win. don't miss "shark tank." final check of the weather outside with heather -- ginger. >> it's such an international crowd today, berlin, canada, china in there. i wanted to show you what's going to happen for all of you visiting here in new york city. much colder weather by the end of the weekend. temperatures drop for high temperatures into the 50s. it's going to be really chilly starting next week. there's a beautiful look. >> reporter: thanks a million, ginger, lots of sun on the terrace. we have temperatures in the 60s in the spots. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a breezy sunny high of 71. >> all that weather brought to
8:42 am
you by macy's. >> thank you. the all-star cast of "birdman" coming up. have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax.
8:43 am
but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest.
8:44 am
for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. birdman opened to a wave of stellar reviews, oscar buzz, and chris connelly had a chance to speak with the all-star cast together. >> reporter: you're a washed out comic strip character. >> that's why 20 years ago i said no to bird man 4.
8:45 am
>> reporter: it's michaelkey ton, a down on his luck actor who was a costumed avenger. he is beset by personal and professional crisis. in what way has this movie been different for you? >> there's nothing like it. there's no movie that i've seen that's like it. let alone been a part of. >> reporter: what was the significance of the character birdman. >> everybody has a voice in their head. you should have more, you should have focus on this more. we should be doing this. it felt special just seeing it on white paper. >> reporter: even just reading it? >> yep. >> reporter: it's kicked up oscar buzz for keaton. who has spent time out of the spotlight since batman. part of his career he enjoys joking about with the birdman cast. >> who are you? >> i'm batman. >> how many batmans did i do?
8:46 am
>> seven. >> you did 16 mr. moms. >> beetlejuice one and two. >> we watched it 16 times. >> you were a movie star, remember? >> who was the guy that used to be birdman. >> reporter: it gets the direction from the director's decision to shoot it without almost any visible cuts. stressful for the crew and cast. needing to be picture of had perfect for lengthy scenes. >> it's a continuous shot. all human lives are like that. >> it felt like if you messed up the one line at the end of a seven minute sequence, you were letting the whole team down. >> i was always very worried that naomi was going to mess up. >> our perfect dream actor is not going to knock on the door and say, hey, fellas, when do i start? >> can i talk to you for a second. >> i think you told me i was ruining the movie. you have to slow down or speed
8:47 am
up. >> shut up and listen to me for once. >> what's great about alejandro, there's art in his heart. you don't get that all the time there directors. that's what made it easy for me. is that you have an artist that's your director. so it ultimately is going to be a great project. >> beetlejuice. >> just say it once more. >> reporter: what had you seen of michael's before you began? >> lots of films. i have seen beetlejuice about 600 times. >> zach's seen it how many times? >> mr. mom. >> with him. >> i got a text on the way here, and it said we're going to the cinema tonight to see beetlejuice, do you want to come? >> look, you're beautiful and you're talented. and i'm lucky to have you. >> this is 100% original. because they're talking about it. you don't get more original than what tim did in beetlejuice, and
8:48 am
arguably the first batman too. and this, i'm lucky to get two shots at that. and then this, this is a whole other thing. come on, somebody's looking out for me in a large way. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, new york. >> and michael keaton certainly made the most of it. "birdman" opens up nationwide
8:49 am
to the people of the coffee-drinking world. the time has come to put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. dunkin' donuts dark roast is here. bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger.
8:50 am
no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make. comedian dane cook has a new kod comedy special "troublema r "troublemaker." he's sold out madison square grden multiple times. he keeps them rolling in the aisles. no pressure. let's take a look at a clip in this, you, dane, give your candid opinionon twitter. >> you know, girls. you write that little description of yourself. please go home tonight and delete it. because it's not good.
8:51 am
i think you think you're clever. it's cringe worthy. try to read any girl's little about me section out loud without -- hmm. you can't. pick a random girl's page. just a smalltown girl living in the snow globe of life. let's shake things up. >> i'm curious. because as a comedian, you know, you're on twitter. do you have extra added pressure to be really funny on your tweets? >> no. actually it's pretty much the opposite. most of the time you post things knowing that people are going to be like, what is this? this is nothing to do with the live performance that i -- that i saw. you just realize you have to kind of like on twitter roll with whatever, you know -- whatever is going on in the world. throw out a quick pop and get the hell out of there. don't read the reflyplyreplies. >> the comments are never good. talk about the show. we saw a little bit on the clip. what else are we going to get? >> this is the first special i
8:52 am
have directed. which is exciting. >> you directed yourself? >> yes. >> how was that? >> i fired myself several times. not happy with the performance. he was late. it was great, different. as a comedian, looking at it from the stage perspective, what's funny and works. but get ant technical side, tell the story through the camera. and i was fortunate enough to grab it on the last tour and show it as "troublemaker." >> they say life immates art, or vice versa, do you take life experiences and use that? >> yes. every ex-girlfriend is in there in some shade or another. and in this spshecial, if you dated me in the past, don't tune in. it will earn the name just by that alone. >> this is something from the l.a. area. if anyone has a baby due october
8:53 am
16th or 17th and want me to deliver it, contact me. with the doc. >> identi >> i've wanted to deliver a baby. >> any takers? >> somebody from louisiana on -- >> they need to be in l.a. p. >> no, you need to be in my circumference for me to help with the baby situation. >> what else is on your bucket li list, dare i ask? >> cam ka swree sky diving. do you know this? >> no. >> throw the parachute out first and get it. >> you want to do that? >> i think that would be wonderfully terrifying. exhilara exhilarate. it's stand up comedy. that's what it is. >> and
8:56 am
♪ our thanks to d.j. prostyle. monday, julia roberts here on "gma." have a fabulous weekend, everybody. >> good morning, philadelphia's fire commissioner said paramedics will be equipped and trained to handle ebola patients by the end of the day.
8:57 am
mayor nutter will give an update on how the city is preparing for the ebola cases. we'll have a live update on "action news" at noon. 8:57, october 17. karen has word of a disabled vehicle. >> reporter: we have a disabled vehicle southbound on the boulevard near woodward. the accident near university is clear, the delays are slow 9 miles per hour. heavy westbound from the boulevard to belmont 11 miles per hour. and i-95 is about 17 miles per hour near girard looking live on i-95 near the betsy ross bridge, the camera is shaking, but the southbound traffic is jammed from bridge to girard, tam. >> let's get a last look at accuweather and go over to david murphy. good morning. >> reporter: beautiful start we have sunshine on the terrace. it feels good in the sun despite
8:58 am
the fact the breezes are blowing up a little bit. 60 in philadelphia, 57 in allentown. partly sunny today, breezy, 71. i think we can take that. cooler on saturday, 68, clouds and sun. sunday front gets past us, we wind up windy and chillier high of 56. tam monday morning some spots will be in the 30s at sunrise. >> i'll get that winter coat out. coming up at noon, police gunfire in norristown stops a truck driver where a suspect tried to run down an officer. bullets were flying through the tractor-trailer windshield. "live" with kelly and michael is
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the hit series "blue bloods," bridget moynahan. and star of "listen up phillip," jason schwartzman. plus a crash course in pizza acrobatics. plus, world news tonight anchor david muir is kelly's co-host for the day. all next on "live!" [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now near are kelly ripa and david muir! [cheers and applause]