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tv   Action News  ABC  October 17, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara is off,
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in the news a car up in 234r5fl. and it's judgement day for another atlantic city cas even, it's the taj mahal. >> but the big story is the fight against ebola. any moment now mayor michael nutter will talk about the measures getting ready for a worst case scenario. >> and the government has named an ebola saturday. this of course is after to affected nurses continue their treatment. nina pham was moved to a maryland hospital overnight and she is in stable condition. we are live at the dallas hospital where the first virus was spread. >> reporter: this story still centers around the two nurses that contracted ebola.
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plans for dallas to the national institute of health clinic in money. following developments on
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the local front as well. a second philadelphia hospital is tapped to treat ebola patients and david henry is live now in center city with the details. >> mayor nutter and the city's emergency response team is holding a briefing here in just a few minutes to bring the public up to speed on how the
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city plans to handle ebola should a case pop up here. much of what they have to say is aired at a city council hearing today. they told city council that all the hospitals in the city have been preparing for ebola. he says they will all be able to diagnosing and treating ebola patients. however, "action news" learned that the hospital of the university of pennsylvania will be designated as a regional treatment center, we learned that the hospital is now in the process of building an air tight isolation unit. childrens hospital is designated as a regional center for pediatric patients and david sawyer will be at the briefing, he testified that the city's first responders are given the necessary safety gear and they are trained to handle ebola patients by the end of the day today and they have heard from first responders and nurses who say they don't feel like they
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have the proper training and proper equipment. we'll talk to officials at the briefing here today and we'll keep you updated on what they have to say. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. governor corbett announced this morning that three pennsylvanians were among the frontier passengers that were exposed to the nurse that tested positive to ebola. the three on the flight from cleveland to dallas are not identified and have not developed symptoms, they are being monitored in texas and are not quarantined. dann cuellar is in dallas and ali gorman is in atlanta where the cdc is based and where several patients are treated. look for their live reports later today on "action news" beginning at 4:00. we'll hold another facebook chat from 4:00 until 5:00 to answer the many questions that you have. dr. judith o'donnell is the
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director of infectious diseases at philadelphia hospital, go to the facebook page from 4:00 until 5:00 today to ask her about facts and questions about the disease. we have more information, it includes information on the disease and how it spreads and a list of myths versus facts. visit to learn more. in other news this noon, in montgomery county police opened fire on a truck driver, suspected of driving to rundown an officer this morning. bullets went through the windshield following the chase in norristown. katherine scott has new information about the suspect. >> the 46-year-old driver is from paterson, new jersey, and police say he had contact with police in the past. this is the intersection where
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the pursuit ended and the shots were fired. this driver was driving radically for many blocks. >> i heard sirens and they were flying down here. >> a tractor trailer driver led norristown police on a wild chase that ended with shots fired through the windshield of this big rig. a call came in at 11:30 and it hit several cars along this stretch of swede street. >> why on this street? that is the main street. >> the officer spotted a speeding tractor trailer on the sixth block of swede and didn't stop. >> it goes through a couple of red lights without stopping and ended up on lafayette street and turns left, which actually dead ends. >> from there the driver plowed through the guardrail and northp markly, they got in front of the tractor trailer and the vehicle finally stopped.
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officers drew their guns, the operator raised his hands as if he was going to surrender and then puts his hands back on the steering wheel and drives the vehicle forward. >> that is when one officer filed three shots and he was air-lifted to hahnemann hospital, no officers were injured and county detectives are assisting in this investigation. >> listening to the stories from the witnesses unrelated to the police out there, that happened to be in the area, it was an absolutely appropriate use of force by the police officer. >> the officer that fired his weapon was a 17-year veteran, is he placed on administrative leave as this investigation gets underway. two young men are dead after an early morning crash in delaware. shane colby and eknock lee, were
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killed when they are audi crossed into on coming traffic, the vehicle flipped over after colliding head-on with a chevy suburban. the driver of the suv was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. pennsylvania state police are back on the scene for a deadly accident in ben franklin, near woodhaven road, they reconstructed the crash that killed lisa de maio, she died when her jeep liberty was cut off by another vehicle on monday. a black sedan cut in front of her vehicle and slammed on its brakes, police are still looking for the black sedan that fled the scene. >> and a driver narrowly escaped when flamed engulfed this vehicle, near the ramp from stewart avenue, crews could be seen dousing the burning vehicle on the side of the highway just
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before 3:00 a.m., we are told that no one was hurt. the fate of atlantic city's taj mahal's casino will be announced this afternoon. they will decide whether to terminate the union contract of the taj mahal. it either gets relief from costly pension and health care operations or it will close for good on september 18th. meanwhile, philadelphia's gambling scene entered new territory. the first poker tables arrived at the sugarhouse casino. the interim poker room opens to the public early next month. time to talk temperatures, what a great way to end the work week, sky 6 is looking live at the jersey shore and a nice way to spend it here in atlantic city, we started off with fog and it's turning off to be a sunny afternoon with
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temperatures in the 70s, karen rogers is at the big board with a closer look at the forecast and a weekend free view. hey karen. >> that is right, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have nothing but sunshine in philadelphia. the clouds will break apart and we can keep the sunshine, and these clouds kind of break apart in our direction. staying dry and staying lots of sunshine, how about the temperatures, 64 degrees in martins creek and 67 in pottstown and saint david 67 and center city the temperatures are well above average, as they have been the past few days. new jersey 66 in browns mills and rowan university 70 and 67 in dover, delaware, as you are heading out right now looking at the day ahead, 71 for the high, normally we are at 66 degrees
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think temperatures are well above average and the overnight low is 66 tonight. we have a good looking day as far as temperatures are concerned but we are changing things in time for the weekend, go ahead and take the kids to the playground, it's a great day for it. mild by 1:00 p.m. 69 and 6:00 p.m. parking lot 61 degrees, we go from the 70s to the 60s to the 50s all during the weekend. we'll have that coming up. you hitting the playground rick? >> thank you. stay on top of the changing weather situation with the new, visit for storm tracker 6 radar and the hourly and seven-day forecast, and the latest video from our "action news" meteorologists. there is more to come on "action news" at noon, the final arguments before oscar pistorius learns his punishment. the steep sentence that the judge is considering today.
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with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. ♪ with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years? breaking news from center
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city philadelphia, mayor michael nutter is outlining steps taken if needed in the fight against ebola. >> we are with many partners to discuss about our own plan and specific threat that ebola could potentially -- >> we seem to be having some technical problems with the mayor speaking so we'll update you on his comments regarding the fight against ebola a little later in this newscast. >> prosecutors in the oscar pistorius trial wants the star sent to prison for 10 years, he made the request as pistorius cried nearby. he was found guilty of culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend. the judge in the case is expected to announce her
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decision on tuesday. hurricane gonzalo is rolling towards bermuda this noon. this is an image from nasa showing the size of the storm that is expected to cause significant damage, people are boarding up windows and stocking up groceries and moving to higher ground. it could trigger a storm surge of 10 feet, officials in bermuda have shut down schools and the airport. a sightseeing passenger train crashed and killed more than a dozen people. five people including a conductor suffered critical injuries but are in stable condition. it was going through a tour of the ozark mountains within the accident occurred. the national transportation safety board is now headed to the scene. joe biden's son hunter says
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is he embarrassed about actions that led him to be discharged from the military. he was let go from the navy reverr reserves. >> an american tourist took to twitter after he got locked in a london book store, david willis said he went into the store to use their wifi, when he was finished he went down the stairs to realize he was trapped. he sent a post to twitter and it was retweeted 9,000 times, some replied with book recommendations. >> i was afraid to touch anything, i didn't want them to think i hit in the store. >> but the tweet did the trick and they came to free him after two and a half hours.
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we are giving our viewers access to crucial to the disease. representatives from abington hospital will be here today for a web chat to answer your questions. can you submit them to and ceremonies begin at 7:30 and the walk kicks off at 8:30. the "action news" team is out working on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. like this one, a terrifying case of cyber stalking and what one woman did to get her boyfriend fired. and a woman serves up a smile every day to seniors in south jersey. lisa thomas-laury will share his story coming up on "action news"
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meteorologist, karen rogers is back here now, i'm surprised you are not outside enjoying this weather but i know you want to sit next to me. >> that is right rick. we are dry and staying dry today. lets go outside and show you what it looks like, sky 6 looking live in penn's landing. look at the sunshine basking down at our beautiful city. looking good with mostly sunny skies, 69 degrees already off to a good start, this afternoon the dew point is 51 and the winds pick up out of the southwest at 13. satellite 6 and action radar, we have clouds out to the west and they are falling apart. feeling pretty good, we'll be cooler in the lehigh valley to the north and west upper 60s or
12:26 pm
maybe 70, and the coastline 70, 71, pretty good looking afternoon, by 3:00 p.m. 71 and by 5:00 p.m. mostly sunny skies and by 7:00 p.m. 64 and dropping to 61 degrees, with an overnight low of 57 degrees, if you are headed out for high school football, grab the sweatshirt and nothing wrong with tonight. a sweatshirt needed. by 10:00 p.m. holding at 60 degrees and it's a little bit breezy too. the winds pick up as the frontal boundary slips through, we keep partly sunny skies and the high goes from 71 to 68 tomorrow and the wins pick up and feel cooler than that. we continue to follow hurricane gonzalo, a hurrica category 3 hurricane, the winds extend three miles from the center and as it approaches bermuda, still
12:27 pm
expected to be a dangerous hurricane, look at the eye getting closer to bermuda at this point and after it crosses later on this evening, it will decrease as it hits the cooler water. here is our area, we are looking at mostly sunny skies today ain nice afternoon, a high of 71 degrees, tomorrow is breezy and cool and no problems for the union game and 68 is your high. not only chilly tomorrow but windy, from the 60s to the 50s all in one week. 56 for your high and monday sunshine and clouds, and 60 degrees, not a bad day and that ends the nice spell for us. we get the storm system off the coastline and clouds and showers and 65 and damp and dreary on wednesday and 59 degrees for your high, and 59 it looks like we'll have a few early showers, try to get out there and enjoy the sunshine with temperatures dropping over the weekend, because things change in a big way starting next week. >> thank you karen.
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quick break and more news after this.
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is a lifeline forast cancer so many people. it is more than a community. it is a family. there's always a hug. you're friends for life. when i needed guidance, and i needed support, living beyond breast cancer was there. last year, 5-hour energy raised over $340,000 for living beyond breast cancer purchase a specially marked bottle now through december 31st... and a portion of the proceeds will help breast cancer survivors live beyond their diagnosis. "action news" continues with sara bloomquist and rick williams and david murphy. >> here is news we are following, brand new developments in philadelphia's role in fighting ebola and
12:30 pm
hunter biden is responding to reports that he was discharged from the navy because he tested positive for cocaine and we have more on a center city robber that pretended to have a weapon. and more information is emerging about ebola. now a philadelphia hospital is ready to handle the treatment of the virus. david henry is live with the details. >> reporter: the mayor and his emergency response team are holding a briefing right now in the municipal services building assuring the public that they are ready to handle any ebola cases that might emerge in this area. the player said they know what they are doing and they have experience along these lines and they dealt with other outbreaks like sars and h1n1.
12:31 pm
we hear from firefighters and nurses that they don't have enough personal protection equipment and the mayor says we can always use more and he is working on that as well. because this outbreak is concentrates to the west african nations, he doesn't want anybody in this area to start stigmatizing people that are descended from these regions or have relatives there right now. here is what he had to say. >> i'm asking all philadelphian and people in the region, please never treat someone differently because they me or their family may be from a particular area that is experiencing this challenge. lets not have any prejudice or predisposition in our minds or hearts about what a person's statd us may be just because they may emanate from, or come
12:32 pm
from a particular country or have family members -- >> we are hearing today from the city health commissioner the director of emergency services and from the fire commission under, they say they are following all federal guidelines and protocols and getting it to local hospitals and posting useful information on the city's website, the health department's website and the mayor and others are emphasizing again that this is a scary disease but it's very, very difficult to catch. that have you to be indirect contact with bodily fluids, not just a patient that has ebola but a patient showing symptoms of the disease, they know it's hard to get but on the other hand, they want to be prepared in case a case of ebola should crop up here in philadelphia. so far no reports of any. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you david. meantime dispatchers in berks county are said to be the first
12:33 pm
line of defense, 911 operators will ask patients questions about ebola in case an infected person shows up in berks county. today president obama named an ebola czar, the job goes to rob clain, a trusted adviser at the white house. the white house says that clain would report to the national security adviser and the counter terrorism adviser: and there are actions to help stem the outbreak in west africa. >> governor tom corbett revealed that three pennsylvanians are being monitored in texas this noon, they were on a flight from cleveland to dallas with amber vincent, the second nurse that tested positive for ebola, they are not showing symptoms and not
12:34 pm
being quarantined. we learned that as dallas health care worker that handled specimens is currently on a cruise ship in the caribbean, that worker is sex quarantined and they are looking to remove her from the cruise ship "action news" is sfreding out to get the reports for you dann cuellar is in dallas and ali gorman is in atlanta georgia. and a special section of our website with complete coverage of the ebola story, at, there we have a list of myths versus facts about the disease to help you stay clear of missed information. can you see the signs and symptoms of ebola and the look at how it spreads. find those stories and much more at we'll also be hosting another facebook chat to answer your questions and supply you with facts about ebola, dr.
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judein o'donnell is the director of infectious diseases at pennsylvania hospital. go to to ask her your questions. in other news, hunter biden the second son of the vice president tested positive from cocaine last year and was discharged from the navy in february. biden says he deeply regrets his actions and is embarrassed. karen travers has the story from washington. >> an embarrassing headline today for vice president, biden, his second son hunter was discharged in february from the navy for testing positive for cocaine. a person familiar with the case said he failed a test. he joined at age 43 and got a special waiver because of his age. >> we have a lot of bad judgment in my family, my son over 40
12:36 pm
just joined the united states navy. >> he to get a second waiver for the navy due to a prior drug incident as a young man. >> he became a naval officer designed to recruit professionals in the navy and was assigned to a support unit in norfolk, virginia, hunter is a lawyer at an investment company. he said it was the honor of my life to serve in the u.s. navy and i deeply regret that my actions led to my administrative discharge. i respect the navy's decision and with the love and support of my family i'm moving forward. >> the vice president's office has not yet commented on his discharge from the navy. >> philadelphia police are asking for your help this noon in finding a robbery suspect that pretended to have a gun. surveillance cameras saw the man
12:37 pm
on market street last week and the suspect approached her from behind and put two fingers behind her back and claimed it was a gun. if you recognize him you are urged to call the number on your screen, 215-686-tips. jack wheel yen announces that the county will begin allegedly assessment training program. to calculate a risk of being killed or abused when responding to domestic violence calls and then they will provide follow-up assistance and support. even women that are afraid to press charges will get help. >> even if she doesn't want to prosecute, we'll do the analysis and hopefully get that woman the help she needs, we have a duty to protect women and children in the domestic context. >> the program was first
12:38 pm
introduced in maryland and authorities there saw a 34% drop in domestic homicides. time to talk weather wren off to a cool start this morning, it's shaping up to be a nice day outside, here is a live look from penn's landing. the sun is out and people are beginning to wrap up the work week, for a look at the accuweather forecast, and a peek at the weekend, lets go to karen rogers and the "action news" big board. >> we started off at 57 degrees and now we are at 69, normally this time of year it should be a high of 66 and we already surpassed that in allentown and reading 65 and 68 in millville and trenton and along the boards in a.c., 67 degrees, comfortable and gorgeous out there. satellite 6 along with action radar showing sunshine over much of the city right now, we can see to the north a few clouds trying to creep in, and the cloud cover is to the west than
12:39 pm
is breaking apart. we see mostly sunny skies ain few high clouds mixing in later on this afternoon. so no weather related problems today, we'll have some big changes over the next couple of days, go on outside and enjoy it, by 3:00 p.m., 71 degrees is the high today and by 5:00 p.m. 69, and mostly sunny skies and clear skies in the overnight hours, by 7:00 p.m. 64, feeling comfortable if are you headed out for high school football. it's a great night for it. by 7:00 p.m., 64 degrees, and breezy at times as well. the breeze is picking up at 30 miles per hour. we continue to follow hurricane gonzalo, and look at this now, a category 3 hurricane with 125 miles per hour winds, it was a cat 4, and hurricane force winds extended several miles from the center, it's getting close to
12:40 pm
bermuda and we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast and weekend changes in our area coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. sports this noon, the world series teams are now set. the san francisco giants are in thanks to a ninth inning walk-off home runs they were tied at 3-3 against the cardinals in front of their home crowd and then a three-run homer to end the game and the giants head to the fall classic for the third time in five years, they face the royals in kansas city for game one on tuesday. there is more to come on "action news" at 2:30, home sellers beware, thieves could be lurking at your house. also, officers open fire at a trick or treat driver and karen rogers is back with the exclusive accuweather forecast. when "action news" at noon continues in just a moment.
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norristown police opened fire against a truck driver that they say opened fire against one of their officers, a tractor trailer was driving erratically and hit several car as long swede street, and then the driver led police on a wild police chase and came to an end on markly and main. >> the operator initially raises his hands as if he was going to surrender and then puts his hands back on the steering wheel and drives the vehicle forward. >> that is when one officer fired three shots hitting the driver in the arm, the 46-year-old was flown to hahnemann university hospital, the officer that fired his weapon is now on administrative live while this investigation is underway. an open house could be one of dane dangers of putting your
12:44 pm
house up for sale. you open it up to strangers whether potential buyers or sellers. >> this man has an open house and he managed to leave way locked drawer, he ripped it off along with the jewelry inside. this so be a perfect opportunity for thiefs to strike while realtors are showing the house. >> they rip off typically three items, jewelry, handguns or firearms and three is now prescription medication. >> linda johnson, a real estate agtd was hosting an open house and a pair of what she thought was prospective buyers, he was telling me the story, and the wife says he is going to talk forever, how about i go upstairs and take a peek. >> received a phone call from
12:45 pm
the owner of the property and she says i have been robbed. >> i when upstairs to get some medicine and it was gone. >> sometimes criminals target open houses to steal prescription drugs and the district attorney says it's common enough to appoint someone for tips. >> it's a good idea to have two realtors present and it's not always just prospective buyers have you to worry about. one real ter stole from a home in florida. and when you hold an open house make sure are you not being too open. >> and also this note, police say remove valuable jewelry and cash from a house and a full
12:46 pm
look at the accuweather forecast for the weekend and a designer shoe company has their initial public offering in london and are sales as high as its heels, "action news"
12:48 pm
shoe label jimmy choo is not walking tall among visitors, shares debuted in london today they were slightly above the offering price a share and then they fell. the luxury shoe maker priced it at the bottom of its prospective range, it has a value of slightly under $900 million. there may have been some jimmy choos at this event, these men are happy to prance in pums for a good cause. these student athletes raised more than $2,000. all money will be donated to a
12:49 pm
battered woman's shelter, making the blisters well worth it. >> i don't understand how you girls walk in them. >> did i see you in that shot were you in those heels? >> how about that weather karen? >> we have some beautiful weather don't we, lets take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan around the region right now, we are looking good and dry, lets go outside and show you what it looks like, sky 6 hd looking at camden and a sun soaked day out there. once again this afternoon a few clouds mixing in and it's a pretty afternoon and the temperature is 69 degrees, right now in philadelphia, feeling pretty good and the dew point is down 58 degrees, the wind is out of the southwest picking up at 13 miles per hour, the pressure is 29.78 inches, looking at temperatures in and around the area, 66 degrees, 69 currently in philadelphia, and a tad
12:50 pm
cooler in millville, and 69 in atlantic city. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have mostly sunny skies and a few clouds trying to keep in especially in the northwest suburbs for the most part we see sunshine and partly sunny skies in allentown and a bit breezy and a high of 69 degrees, the temperature is just a couple more degrees to go, in atlantic city we see partly to mostly sunny skies, and again a bit breezy and the temperature along the coastline 71 degrees, mostly sunny this afternoon and a breeze up to 20 miles per hour from the southwest and a high of 71. normally this time of year we are at 66, we have clear skies tonight and 67 for the overnight low, feeling pretty good with winds diminishing to 14 miles per hour. if you are heading out for the commute, we'll have a tough commute and no weather problems, mostly sunny skies and mild for this time of year.
12:51 pm
at 4:00 p.m. 70 and by 7:00 p.m. temperatures dropping a little bit. i want to show you future tracker 6 and the change the next couple of days at 4:00 we have 70 degrees, at 4:00 on saturday we are looking at the 60s, we advance this to sunday, we drop to the 40s and 50s. we see a huge change just over the weekend, the temperatures really drop in a big way that, is something we are tracking for you in the seven-day forecast, and also tracking hurricane gonzalo, a cat 3, winds sustained at 120 miles per hour as it approaches bermuda, this continues with winds of 125, 150 miles south-southwest of bermuda and tonight at 8:00 still a cat 3, and by tomorrow it gets into the cooler waters and diminishes a bit from a category 3 to a
12:52 pm
category 1. we only see an impact here of rip currents. 71 degrees and a beautiful afternoon and tomorrow breezy and cool and 68 and sunday it's windy and cool, and this is the big change, the highs of the 50s. mid-50s at that. on tuesday we see clouds and showers and a storm system develops off the coastline tonight make its dreary around here, and wednesday cloudy and dreary and 59 degrees and thursday mostly cloudy skies and can't quite kick the showers out at 59. and joy the sunshine and nice temperatures while you can, they don't stick around. >> they plummet. >> they sure do. >> stay on top of the weather situation at, you'll find the radar and hourly and seven-day forecast and watch the latest videos from our "action news" meteorologist, and watch the collection of our weather related images. you can educate yourself on breast cancer later here on 6
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abc, representatives from abington hospital will be here from 4:00 until 6:00 answering your questions, can you submit them now the at lace up your sneakers for the breaking stride breast cancer walk, the walk kicks off at 8:30. two of the most popular super heroes of all time, will square off for a fight for the ages in new mexico. crews are building sets for the movie, batman versus super man, ben affleck and henry cavill will be starring. jude law will be a father for the fifth time, the actor and his ex-girlfriend will have a baby. but according to online sources the pair is no longer together. law has three children with his ex-wife sade frost
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well, if you are looking for distraction this afternoon, check out these stories at when a blind man sees his wife for the first time in 40 years and this youtube prankster dressed as a goofy scarecrow and he unveils the makeup under the mask. it's just a picture karen, don't be frightened. go to >> clouds and sunshine and breezy up to the northwest, about 70 degrees in reading and
12:57 pm
69 in downingtown for your high along the i-95 corridor, and partly to mostly sunny skies, the winds pick up at times to 20 miles per hour. along the coastline and breezy and 70 for today's high. >> have a nice weekend, thank you karen. that does it for "action news" at noon. join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:006789, have a nice afternoon get out and enjoy it. we'll see you later. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars )
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