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tv   Action News  ABC  October 19, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> how about this one, seattle and st. louis rams fake ought seattle on punt. everyone thought punt was to the right instead to the left. stayedman bailey all by him saevrl. 09 yard return. even pete carroll is not sure what happens. with the game on the line. st. louis, two point lead, final minutes. fake punt play and punter completes the pass allowing the run -- them to run out the clock. rams stun seahawks 28-26, seattle defending super bowl champs, eagles are tied. no more as the cowboys leading way 6-1. eagles and arizona tied. they go head to head. defending champs way down there 3-3.
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>> nass tar dramatic finish in talladega ease into the championship and needed that one to stay alive. jimmie johnson, dale earnhardt junior and kasey kahne eliminated this is coming this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless. >> a police chase in delaware
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county ends in a police crash. >> and inside look in how the bravest men and women keep citizens safe and what lessones spectators took away. >> and thousands show up for important annual event 20th annual aids race took place in fairmont park. and new developments in the fight against ebola. the family of thomas eric dunkin will be free to leave quarantine for the first time in three weeks. health officials have many reasons to remain vigilant. this is why this is a critical week. >> tonight the quarantine lifted for the people who lived with ebola victim thomas dunkin. among them his fiancee luiz troe
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who released a statement saying she's thankful. >> after 21 days of being on the watch list there's zero chance they carry the ebola virus. >> twhil marks all-clear foypt for them and more than 40 others that had contact with dunkin before hospitalized this is a critical time for the 75 healthcare workers that treated dunkin at the dallas hospital. it's been 11 days since dunkin died and if virus was spread this is when symptoms would be most likely to surface. so far no one other than nurses nina pham and amber vincent were infected both hospitalized as concerns porch to be unfounded about one of the colleagues that handled some of dunkin's specimens. despite the lab supervisor showing no symptoms she was quarantined on this cruise ship and helicopters were sent to pickp a blood sample and still
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the carnival magic was sent back to texas early arriving there this morning. >> we were frustrated we wish she had stayed. >> and more than 100 people monitored in ohio after nurse vincent traveled there and back. her family releasing a statement tonight stressing she was not careless. and that she got permission from the cdc before taking both of those flights. in dallas, marcy gonzales, "channel 6 action news." >> you can find updated information on and we'll continue to follow this story and bring you any new developments and on-line we also have resources to learn more about the ebola virus, its symptoms and how it spreads. >> a 17 mile police chase in delaware county ended when suspect's car over nurpd chadds ford. troopers began pursuing vehicle for unknown reasons on route 352 media and followed car route 1 south and back to route 352 when the driver lost control and flipped overch the driver was
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taken into custody and now faces a long list of charges. one man was seriously hurt during a shooting this afternoon in wilmington. the suspect fired shots into a car hitting the 23-year-old victim several times open the 2100 block of west fifth street. the wounded man drove to a nearby intersection where paramedics found him and took him to the hospital in critical condition. police recovered the gun nearby. they believe the suspect tossed it as he ran away. two family who's lost their homes in a tragic fire were surprised today with money for a vacation. lillian rodriguez and rosheda stewart were presented with 3,000 dollar check first baptist church. both women were among 40 people displaced by deadly fire on getner street in south philadelphia back in july. the donation from their church will pay for a trip of their choice to get their mind off their loss. >> it was a chance for kids in north east philadelphia to find out why they're called philadelphia's bravest. this was no emergency.
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it was a chance for city firefighters to teach everyone how to avoid one. katherine scott reports from today's fire safety expo. >> sounding of air horns marked traditional start of fireman's hall museum fire safety expo significance in muster and dozens of fire departments from all over the region rolled into the philadelphia fire academy in northeast philadelphia to show off their wares and their abilities from bucket bri guide speed contest firefighters arrived ready to impress and show on lookser skills they need to use every day. >> i thought it was cool how fast they got dressed. >> crowds garaged to watch them open the water and check out equipment old and new. admission was free. proceeds from concessions and raffles goes to maintaining fire museum and providing free smoke
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alarms to those in need one of the most popular showcases was live burn of two structures this did not have sprinklers and escalated and this did not you can see the difference. >> it gives you early warning if you have a fire you get warned and get out of the house quicker. >> the underlying message here today is fire safety awareness and education and some tell me tun and contest help that message sink in. >> i like the fire trucks and seeing the activities. >> i think they remember it more it was fun. >> katherine scott, "channel 6 action news" still to come tonight the raise for atlantic city congressional seat how changing times are forcing can days to answer new questions. >> temperatures are already starting to drop. i'll have the latest on the frost advisories and freeze warnings coming up next.
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at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again.
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>> 10,000 people did their narcotic philadelphia to raise money for the fight against aids. >> this huge crowd over fairmont october this yeers's event raised more than 325,000 for local organizations that provide aids and hiv care across the region. neighbors came out in south philadelphia today to support the people sworp top protect them. these folks got fill at blue party fundraiser and as you can see there was plenty of food and drinks from local eateries and tee sthoyrts help everybody wear their support with pride.
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they support much needed repairs for south street mini station. >> karen with accuweather and details on pretty chilly night ahead temperatures dropping in some spots in 30s and going dproun there. let's look at stormtracker 6 double scan around the area sdwri now we're tracking a few wet days coming up in the week ahead. let's go outside and show what you it looks like. sky6 looking live patchy clouds as we look live in sky6 and hd at center city sky line for the most part high, thin, cirrus clouds. a look ahead, frost and freeze warnings in effect over the overnight hours and unsettled week ahead. cloudy and damp for significant time during 7 day and all clears up by the weekend. at least something to look forward to tonight i've been talking to people on facebook and this is pete whor sent in a sunset in williamstown. clouds have started to roll in
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since that time and colleen and rock lidge sent out a picture of all the leaves all over the ground. that's more the case now because of the gusty winds that we had today and some of those leaves could be a little frostee as you drive on them. tomorrow you need to be careful. let's look at wind gusts. nearly tropical storm force winds in the area. mount pocono clocked gusts at 38 miles an hour and wilmington 38 and reading 36 and in atlantic city 35 and chest chester 33 and 32 wind gusts in philadelphia. and look what's happening now. camp in most of the region. winds died down and that's helping the chance for frost through the area. because if we did have winds we would have mixing of atmosphere and temperatures would not drop to the dew point as we expect. frost advisories the area you see in purple throughout much of the region not in philadelphia and city itself and well above freezing you might expect that in allentown and mount pocono
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and short period of time from 8 a.m. to 3 a.m. and also pine barrens in millville, hammonton, lakehurst, temperatures drop below the freezing mark. you have to protect the sensitive plants. it's a concern for the overnight hours. look at the temperatures already, 35 quakertown and 38 pottstown and st. daivdz and 42 in the city and in the 30s in hammonton and vineland and 37 glassboro and dover. we're watching temperatures drop with each hour. at slight 6 and action radar showing sunshine and you see the clouds erected into the region. at this point they're mostly sigh, cirrus clouds patchy clouds tonight frost advisories and freeze warning in the city. down to the freezing mark in a lot of suburbs. something to watch as you drive tomorrow morning. you need to watch leaves blowing all over the place. surprise sheen and clouds, chilly, in the city, 6 a.m., 61
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by 7, 40 by 8 a.m., 41. colder still in suburbs where you will be around the freezing mark in some spots. tomorrow is not a bad day. transition, high of 61. better than today, only hit 56. dry during the day. we get those chance for showers later on at night and clouds, showers, they really stick with us. that's something we'll be watching in that 7-day forecast coming up right now today, tomorrow, clouds thickening for the high. after the morning chill not bad in the afternoon and on tuesday clouds, showers around, not a washout. just one or two showers. 66 degrees. enough to feel damp and frost in the overnight hours and some rain around high of 59 are cool. sun returns. not a bad day at all. 6 4.
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in time for the weekend, saturday sunny and nice, sunny, partly sunny, 62. i'll be at jdrf walk to cure diabetesyes and 7 day forecast will be dreary for significant period. and things improve for the weekend. >> thank you. the candidates in new jersey second congress at district made history this week. they took part in a forum made in spanish. details for "action news." >> they were not submitted in advance. >> i am ready to answer any question that maya rise. >> both republican and frank and challenger democrat phil hughes competing to represent the second congress at district in new jersey faced a crowd of 300 in atlantic city wednesday night the majority of them latino. >> we do not want this to be a blame game. we need solutions to the
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problems. >> and the organizer of the event made it clear this was not debate but educational forum and for first time ever held complete any spanish with interpreters on hand. >> so that the candidates understand that language did not divide us. >> in a county where economic clay matt is bloomy most questions were about jobs, immigration and education. >> in interest for me is -- >> one response was to move away from gaming and reach out to international community. >> no international forum. >> nancy a teacher in the district sparked controversy considering lavinano's in 2010
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hughes wept on attack mode. >> it is now for immigration reform and he changed -- >> that spark was immediately put out. >> our purpose is to educate the community and involve them in political process. >> in atlantic city univision 65 for "channel 6 action news." >> the city of philadelphia is mourning loss of true local pioneer tonight. flooria casarez is city first director of ledz bee an, bisexual and trandz gender issues lost her battle against cancer. she was known as powerful voice in the lgbt community nationwide. michael nutter called here a nationwide. michael nutter called here a kind person that always wanted
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♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. >> eagles are out of place
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tonight at least for now. dallas is 6-1. they have best record in nfl for first time in 20 years. cowboys are in the eagles way. well, a rod in their way the cowboys come out of the tunnel tonight. alex rodriguez run over by tony romo. nobody stopping demarco murry. 100 yards rushing which could end lesean mccoy's shot at another rushing title. speaking of mccoy one-on-one with the eagles running back and mccoy tells "action news" he's not worried about dallas at least now. >> as an eagle we want to qulool we can control. that's one game.
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and until then we'll sglait you have been able to get away from football. >> yeah, yeah, hung out with my family, relaxed, you know, stayed home. relaxed. >> you like creeping up the numbers in the rushing yards and getting back up there and going forward, ten games to go. you want to be rushing leader we know sglat what am i now? four? >> four going into the week. >> we'll figure it out. the best thing is we're 5-1. if i had to trade being number one to being 5-1 i would be 5-1. >> top nf scxt important right? >> for sure. we win these games and get a bye in the playoffs we can make things happen. we just got to get there. >> well, we caught one mccoy as well as quarterback nick foles and other eagles players today in oaks at the greater philadelphia expo center for fap attic authentic sports show where they were signing autographs. eagles we talked to are well rested and ready to roll against arizona next sunday on the road.
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>> do you femor well rested ready to go for arizona. >> yeah, definitely. we had a significant chung of time off this week. and i'm completely recovered. looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. >> coach kelly did a great job of giving us time off and getting a way from football. i know it looks like lime working now it's the easy part giving back and being able i to meet with fans has been a good experience. >> and well, payton manning breaks pretty favres nfl record throwing 109th career touchdown most all time and quarterbacks around the league reacting including nick foles who congrats him wow what a record. manning and broncos hosting san fran here it is end of second manning to top thomas for touchdown 509 for his career and most in history of nfl. four in the night. that's more than joe montana and steve young combined.
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denver beat san fran 4-17. finally, check this out. green bay. packers receiver randall receives a touchdown and goes in and comes out with ketchup on the jersey now. what happened in the stands during that lambo leap. that's why you need a good dry clean to get that out. ketchup. i'm not the only one getting ketchup on my clothes. >> have to be more careful. that's all. thank you. >> finally local athletes doubling as fill an throw piingts at a meeting took on horsham river cats in villanova university. they participate each fall. in order to take part each player is required to raise money for families facing a financial crisis after a recent tragedy. >> it was an evening to wine and dine for a good cause. more than 500 people turn out to raise money for the american cancer society. former philadelphia district
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attorney and current mayoral candidate abraham lynn is on hand tonight. money goes to race ago wareness and funds to help support people who were diagnosed with cancer. >> that will do it for us on a sunday night. >> "action news" returns at 4:30 tomorrow morning with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, and david murphy. now for walter perez, melissa magee, karen rogers, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team this is a lot of names, i'm sarah bloomquist, news" team this is a lot of names, i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great sunday
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