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tv   Action News  ABC  October 21, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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shades of green coming out of delaware pushing into cape may county and catching some of atlantic county and southern cumberland county as well. we also have that cell in the central portion of chester county that's slowly pushing up towards montgomery county. montco and bucks with a little bit more. allentown looks like you'll split the difference between this stuff coming to your south and another batch going to the north but in everybody's case there's a chance of slightly damp roads out there. this is not un91 dating rain. be careful even with slight dampness on the roads especially with those leaves in play now. as we take a wide view you see there's a little bit of clearing out to the west and so there is a chance that a little later this morning and into early afternoon we'll see skies brighten a bit but at the same time there's additional precipitation spoking around an area of low pressure and we will be on the lookout for some scattered spotty showers as we go through the dame i'm going have future tracker 6 giving you a better idea of that in a couple minutes. 54 right now philadelphia, 52 allentown, 53 reading, 54 wilmington, 60 along the boardwalks and as we head outside to catch that school bus this morning, dress warmly
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because we are going to be looking at numbers in the low 50's between six and 8 o'clock. a light shower is possible but most of you probably avoid that. if you're headed to school or work grab the smartphone on the way out make sure you got that storm tracker 6 app to track the showers. 54 degrees right now probably dropping the 52 by 8 o'clock. then we're back up into the mid to upper 60's later with a high of 68 probably hitting at around 4 o'clock this afternoon. so, it does get milder and the showers are pretty spotty. future tracker 6 coming up, okay, karen. >> all right, dave. we've got two problems that just cleared. i want to warn you about this one in wilmington new castle county. a vehicle ran into a guardrail on 13 northbound and i think with the roads being a little damp you need to be careful that you're not doing something similar to that so watch for that. could be a little sliding especially when you get all those wet leaves on the roads as well. this was a tractor-trailer fire on 322 eastbound here in chester delaware county. that just cleared a second ago, too. let's see what the roads looks like. here on the schuylkill at montgomery drive that's eastbound traffic coming into center city. just a little bit damp in
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spots at this point. the schuylkill here looking pretty dry at montgomery drive none delays just yet coming from king of prussia or conshohocken. we've got police activity in northeast norriton. dekalb pike shut down between germantown pike and colonial drive. >> a judge in south africa just ordered oscar pistorius to spend five years in prison for the killing of his girlfriend. "action news" reporter katherine scott has been following details for us and joins us live in the studio with the latest. katherine. >> oscar pistorius has been taken to the cell. the judge sentenced him to five years for the shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. this morning in pretoria south africa, pistorius stood to hear the sentence in front of a packed courtroom. under south african law pistorius will have to serve at least 10 months before being considered for house arrest. the prosecution had called for a minimum 10 year sentence behind bars. the defense had argued for community service and house arrest for the 27-year-old
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olympic and paralympic track star. pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide which means a person was killed unintentionally but unlawfully. he was cleared of murder. the sentence handed down from the judge today five years in jail for culpable homicide charge. pistorius was also given a three year sentence on a firearms champ but it was suspended for five years on condition he's not found guilty of another crime where there's negligence involving a firearm during that period. the judge said the sentencing decision was hers alone. the pistorius has said he shot his girlfriend by accident on valentine's day last year fearing she was an intruder in his house. the judge told the packed courtroom this morning there was a lot of criteria to keep in mind. >> it would be a sad day for this country if an impression were to be created that there was one law for the poor and disadvantaged and another for the rich and famous. >> both the prosecutors and defense will have the
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opportunity to appeal but whether they will they don't know yet. the steenkamp family is expected to hold a press conference with their reaction next hour. an attorney for her family says justice is served. nydia. >> thanks for the updates. japan agreed to join the u.s. military effort to fight ebola in west africa. the european union has set a fundraising goal of $1 billion for patient relief overseas. in the u.s. there are now about 120 people in texas being monitored for symptoms of ebola. their wait period ends november 7. another 141 people under observation in ohio. they may have come in contact with aaron vincent one of the two nurses who tested positive for the virus in the united states. good morning america will continue our coverage of the pistorius sentencing and the ebola emergency coming unat 7:00 a.m. right after "action news." >> developing overnight fire damaged a residential structure in the frankford section of philadelphia. the action cam was along the 2000 block of granite street. at 12:30 a.m., it took about
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15 minutes for firefighters to put out the flames. officials say the structure has apartments on the second floor. no one was hurt. >> a disagreement between several students at camden high school led to a brawl off school property. and as is often the case these days, the whole thing was caught on cell phone cameras. what makes this violence even more of a concern is nobody recording the fight tried to stop it. nine students pummeled two girls. >> i was feared. like i didn't know what to think. i didn't know what was going on. i just knew i was hitting someone and i felt like five different people hitting me at once. >> i was trying to see if i was going to survive or not for real. 'cause i couldn't see out of my eye. i'm surprised i can see now today that i'm talking to you. when i first got done fighting my eye was closed. i couldn't see anything. >> for now nine students are suspended for four days. police are investigating the incident. no arrests so far. new this morning, bullying claims have scrapped another high school football team's season in northern new jersey.
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administrators at monroe woodbury high are now investigating possible verbal abuse between players on the junior varsity team. meanwhile five suspended football coaches at sayreville go before the school board tonight. the panel will decide whether or not to continue to ban the men from teaching and coaching during an internal investigation into team hazing. seven players face sex abuse charges for crimes against younger teammates. >> the six week long manhunt for an accused cop killer in the poconos has taken a new turn. a law enforcement official reports seeger rick frein near the post office in swift water monroe county. following lead, police canines moved in and tracked a man center city scent to the back door of a nearby home. matt capriola lives there and spoke to "action news." >> there was probably like five or six cop cars in front here. pulled up and they all came out of the woods over here. and, yeah, they just all came up to me. they told me what's going on, they had to get in my house i
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let them in my house and they searched. >> police have not confirmed if they truly believe frein was actually in that area. pocono mountain schools canceled evening activities because of the search. police believe a highly credible sighting of frein took place in that same area on friday. >> the youngest nobel peace prize winner in history is in philadelphia to receive another prestigious honor tonight. malala yousafzai will receive the liberty medal at the national constitution center. the 17 year old was shot by the taliban in pakistan for speaking out in support of women's rights and education for girls. she continues to champion those causes. 6abc's coverage of the liberty medal presentation can be seen on sunday november 5th at 5:00 p.m. >> all right, david so we're dealing with a little bit of rain here or there. >> yes, we are. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows that to you. most of it is light and fairly scattered. if we go in closer to areas around philadelphia you can see most of this is breaking up and continuing to move off
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towards the northeast but i have that one cell pushing up through coatesville and malvern and that does include isolated bits and pieces of yellow and that's slightly more pronounced precipitation. so, if you're up in phoenixville or norristown looks like you might catch a little bit of this. might only take about 15, 20's minutes for it to pass over you but it is potentially going to make roads a little bit wet. down the shore we also have a little bit of what is mainly real light rain pushing into cape may county and now moving up into atlantic county out of milford delaware llewes delaware also p picking up a little bit of that. millville looks like it's missing it up up to the north not a whole lot of stuff happening. as we look outside we have mainly cloudy skies out there along the shore and elsewhere across the region and as we head into the latter portion of the morning, things will probably brighten up a little bit with some sun mixing in. temperature 54 degrees right now. winds are calm so there's not much wind to worry about. future tracker 6 showing that you in all likelihood once we get rid of this morning stuff
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we do get into a period of the morning into perhaps about midday where it's a little brighter with clouds mixing with some sunny breaks and probably dry. later in the afternoon, though, after about 4 or 5 o'clock, starting out west and maybe some pop-up stuff elsewhere. we have the chance of some additional showers beginning to build in. some of them could be briefly steady. but it doesn't look like there's a whole lot of that. again the northern and western suburbs appear to be the best chance of that and then later tonight between 10 and 11 o'clock when cecily and adam are on air on channel 17 and channel 6 they might have a little more to show you on double scan. temperatures today much better than yesterday. we started in the 30's yesterday and today in the 50's and by 8 o'clock 52 but cool and better. 61 degrees by 11 o'clock. a high of 68 around 3:30 or 4 o'clock this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies and as you just saw on future tracker some spotty showers here or there. certainly not a washout today. today's high temperatures not much of a range. 65 in allentown, 67 in cape may. and upper 60's in the i-95
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corridor and most points between. tomorrow, well, looks like there's a little better chance of rain tomorrow particularly early in the morning is the latest run on future tracker 6 shows isolated but steadier cells building in and then by 8 o'clock during parts of the rush hour it's possible that some of are you looking at some really good steady rain at least for a time. later in the afternoon, this is the 3 o'clock view most of this stuff starts to pin wheel away from us. by the evening we're topping dry out it will be wet at times over the next three days. tomorrow is where you'll pick up most of it. total rainfall over the next several days models differing on how much we're going to get. some say a little over an inch. this one actually says quite a bit over and then maybe a little under an inch on some of the other models but most of it's going to fall on wednesday and because it's so spread out i don't think this is going to be a rain event that you really remember as being particularly bad. your exclusive accuweather seven days, mostly cloudy today, 68. a couple of sprinkles and
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showers around at times but mainly dry. periods of rain and drizzle tomorrow, particularly from the morning into the early to midafternoon hours, 61 is the high there and then damp early on thursday with a couple of lingering showers, although there is the chance of some improvement in the afternoon. we'll go for a high of 57 and hopefully see some sunshine. then friday breezy and nice, the storm's gone we get partly sunny skies. 64 the high. saturday looks great, partly sunny, maybe a little breezy, 67 and lots of sun on sunday with highs in the mid 60's. >> the weekends have been nice. >> yeah, they have. >> thanks, david. it is now 5:51. next a stinging surprise. wait until you see how a store clerk got the upper hand on a would be robber. >> and a horse goes on the run in the middle of new york city with police in hot pursuit. karen. >> we're looking pretty good right here in delaware county, the blue route at i-95, nice and clear with light traffic. we'll take you to north wales coming up next. >> and cyber voters pick a pennsylvania city as home to the worst accent in america.
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the roads a little damp and we had those 38 miles an hour winds over the weekend so you know the leaves all over the place as well so just be careful with that. let's check the suburban traffic report and go live and go to stump road here at county line road. this is a good shot of roads. we can see maybe a little damp here but no problems. people are moving all right taking their time and easy does it so looking pretty good out there on the roadways. let's check some of the other areas around the region and we've got this issue here in dekalb pike shut down between germantown pike and colonial drive. they have police activity that's causing the problem out there so if you're in this area stick to swede road or new hope street both good alternates to deal with the closure of dekalb pike. 202. we have construction blocking two lanes on the turnpike eastbound near willow grove. the westbound construction has since cleared so things looking a little bit better right there. let's go to your commuter traffic report which you get to be a part of when you download the free waze app. we found someone talking about the roads that are met. bethlehem pike in hatfield and they're saying it's wet out
5:46 am
there so you got to slow it down and that's certainly the case as we look at storm tracker 6 live double scan with this live radar, you look at this and just glancing you can see the rain's pretty light at this point. between route 100 and pottstown and allentown 309 near quakertown you're getting wet right now as well as pottsville. the 30 bypass almost a little bit of yellow there indicating in that spot it might be coming down a little bit good near coatesville and malvern and 202 and as david has been saying we look down to the south and we're seeing that there as well so look for in it southern delaware and right along the garden state parkway you could see how those showers are traveling almost right along it towards atlantic city. so, be careful of that. i just want to show you these temperatures 'cause 54 degrees is feeling pretty good when you compare that to yesterday morning, it's about 13 degrees milder than it was at this point yesterday. we had such a cold start, matt. >> sure was. thank you karen. here's one for the good folks, it's new. a pittsburgh area clerk found a creative way to scare off a would be crook.
5:47 am
the convenience store worker spraying a robber with bug spray s it napped berlin, pennsylvania, on sunday night. the bug spray scared the female robber away. the clerk was not physically hurt. >> happening today, opening statements are scheduled in the sentencing retrial for jodi arias. last year jurors found her guilty of murder but they deadlocked on whether she should be executed. arias stabbed her boyfriend 29 times, slit his throat and shot him in the face back in 2008. the widow of slain philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner will be on hand for the signing of a victims rights bill today mumia abu jamal mal murdered the officer in 1988. the bill helps victims get court action to stop such speeches. >> police in new york city needed a lot of horsepower to track down a speedy suspect. this is new viewer video of a carriage horse trotting along the manhattan street with the nypd in hot pursuit. the animal got loose on zinn
5:48 am
morning. vets gave the horse a clean bill of health once it was captured and put it back to work. some say this proves city council needs to consider a ban on horse drawn carriages in new york city. >> 5:58. still to come, we'll reveal which pennsylvania city won the contest for america's ugliest accent. >> another celebrity banished from the ballroom despite rave reviews for his routine. what is up, dave? >> i don't know, matt, but i'm so upset. all right, we've got jackets on the kids especially this morning. this afternoon they might be able to take it off. i'm not going overboard on rain gear, although there are a couple of sprinkles around this morning and there can be a more more this aft it's on?
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donald norcross. a congressman for us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> "dancing with the stars" has said goodbye to jonathan bennett. the judges gave the actor rave bennett. on latin night but he didn't come up with enough viewer votes to save him from elimination. the mean girls star told the crowd he's had the time of his life. >> it's no justice. >> this is the new jersey turnpike northbound between exit 5 and exit six. construction blocks the right lane and center lane until 9
5:52 am
o'clock this morning so watch for that construction out there. hey, we've got another vehicle fire, second one this morning. robbinsville mercer county, new jersey turnpike northbound just past exit 7a and it's out there david blocking the right lane. >> couple of light sprinkles and showers on the big board on storm tracker 6 live double scan this morning and double scan radar giving us an accurate live view, the best you're going to see anywhere of this stuff and the big one we're seeing is along the pennsylvania turnpike in chester county pushing up towards montgomery county i say big only because that's the biggest. it's a little steadier than others but it's not going to last more than about 20 minutes in most spots. allentown and bucks county just a little bit. down the shore this is falling apart and getting trod move off the coast. temperatures right now are cool but nothing like yesterday when we started down around the freezing mark in some places. 51 in pats town, 50 in sane day. low 50 along the delaware river and chester and other areas like that. 50 in glassboro, 59 buena and 51 in smyrna. if you are doing your errands
5:53 am
55 degrees by nine. might want to wait until this afternoon because it is going to get milder. 67 degrees by 3 o'clock and a high of 68 at 4 o'clock. matt. >> david. thank you. suspected kidnapper john mccain gem faces new charges for -- jesse matthew faces new charges. an attack on a woman near washington, d.c. in 2005. matthew you should faces charges in connection with last month's disappearance of hannah graham a student at the university of virginia. remains have been found and forensic tests are being conducted to determine if they belong to graham. swedish naval forces suspect a russian sub entered the country's waters illegally. the navy and ground troops are searching that area of the baltic sea. russian forces have been accused of several border violations along the baltic in recent months. russia's defense ministry denies any irregular situation involving its ships. >> it is now 5:53. and we're following several brand new stories.
5:54 am
find out why a local home inspector was arrested much that's next at 6:00. >> a snowplow collides with a plane overseas killing the ceo of a major oil company. plow driver. the
5:56 am
>> red cross helping 54 people who were forced to flee their center city high-rise. fryer broke out to the building at 13th and spruce
5:57 am
street. an evacuation order affected more than 100 residents. those who couldn't find a place to stay spent the night at kappa high school on south broad street. >> the pennsylvania supreme court has suspended a judge linked to the state government porn scandal. justice seamus mccafferty apologized. he's admitted to sending or receiving hundreds of e-mails containing sexually explicit contender or pornography. the judicial conduct board is now reviewing the matter. >> pittsburgh named the city with the nation's ugliest accent in an internet poll. the steel city beat out scranton by a 54 percent margin in the survey conducted by the informal poll pointed to pronunciations like warsh instead of wash as proof of the problem. the philadelphia accent had been in the running but pittsburgh beat it out in an earlier round. >> 5:57. next and new at 6:00 a consumer alert for shoppers at staples. your private information could be at risk. >> we continue to follow breaking news in south africa
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock. it is tuesday, october 21st. tam is off. nydia han joins us and breaking right now. >> olympic runner oscar breaking right now. sentence for killing his girlfriend. >> the government issues an urgent warning about drivers and exploding air bags. what you need to know coming up. >> keep your umbrellas handy. accuweather is tracking unsettled weather for the next several days. >> let's turn to dave murphy and karen rogers for weather and traffic. good morning. >> it's a little bit of a sprinkle and shower in a couple spots right now. take a lookt