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tv   Action News  ABC  October 21, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon, we begin with breaking news from south philadelphia. chopper 6 hd is over the scene of an accident here, where according to the philadelphia fire department a car, as you can see, crashed into the police and fire credit union, you can see the damage here. it happened after 11:00 this morning and no word of injuries, but you can see the wreckage and a car crashing into the building, this is the 30th block of south broad street, and part of a brick pillar has fallen on to the front of the car. again, nobody was injured in this mishap. >> the 3300 block of south broad street, a vehicle crashing into the building and it fell on the car, amazingly nobody hurt at this point. watch for updates at as well. this noon, it's prison time
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for former olympic runner, oscar pistorius. >> the man known as the blade runner, learned his fate for killing his girlfriend on valentine's day last year, karen travers joins us live with more. >> reporter: it was a quiet scene in the south african courtroom. oscar pistorius learned his sentence, five years in prison but it's unlikely he will stay in prison for that long. >> this police officer took pistorius away from court -- >> this is just for society and the accused. >> the south african judge sentenced the runner to the maximum of five years in prison, for the shooting of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp,
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pistorius was stoic. >> a huge win for oscar pistorius and it's frustrating to a lot of people. >> outside of the courthouse, the families weighed in. >> do you think justice was served? >> yes. >> they have no plans to appeal the sentence. >> we accept the jumts. oscar will embrace this opportunity to pay back to society. >> pistorius may be housed in the medical wing of this prison. the judge made it clear that she thought that the facility was well equipped to handle his medical need but he may not be there long, maybe 10 months. >> by the law, after a sixth of the sentence you can request a different type of sentence, like house arrest, whether he gets it is another question.
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>> the prosecution can now appeal that five year sentence and the 10 months when he can get house arrest, they have to do that within the next two weeks. karen travers, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now, to breaking news in delaware county, the owner of chickie and petes is offering a $5,000 reward to help find two armed robbers that terrorized employees at the restaurant in drexel hill. the surveillance video shows them entering sunday morning, they made the employees go into the freezer, one robber was wearing a chickie and petes shirt. police chief, michael chitwood believe its was an inside job. >> these are true urban terrorists and these people are lucky that nobody got hurt. >> a third man was waiting in a silver or white get away vehicle
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outside of the restaurant. >> they got away with $1600 and the manager's wedding rings and her purse. a woman was hit by a car while crossing the tracks in buck county. this is the 800 block of woodborn road in levittown, the woman was struck as she crossed the tracks. the west septa line was suspended while the police conducted their investigation. no word on the woman's condition or charges being filed. chopper 6 was above the scene of an accident, and a gravel truck at route 10 in honeys brook. it caused the truck to land on its side and lose its gravel. one person is in police custody in montgomery county, police were called to the dekalb
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apartments at midnight. there were reports of six to ten shots fired. several apartments were evacuated during the investigation, the suspect is a 37-year-old plan that lives on the third floor and he was taken to the hospital for observation. a teenager accused of being a ring leader in a drug ring, appeared in court today. them think brooks appeared in court this morning with a not guilty plea. >> timothy brooks pleaded guilty to five of the 30 counts against him. he could face jail time but his sentencing date will be at a later date. >> he left after entering a guilty plea, brooks is one of the ring leaders of the main line drug project. they were trying to take over the drug trade at several local high schools and colleges.
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>> he was number two, he was part of the drug trafficking ring, distributing marijuana to young people. >> he has accepted responsibility for selling marijuana, he truly regrets the poor decisions that he has made. >> prosecutors say that the pair recruited sub dealers that allegedly sold the drugs in school. 11 people were arrested in april when deputies busted up the operation. they both played lacrosse at the haverford school and then dropped out of college. the sentence calls between 9 and 16 months behind bar, how much time if any will be at the judge's discretion. >> i hope the consequences they take away, from their school and peers is that every decision has consequences. the pennsylvania supreme court has suspended a judge
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linked to the state's government porn scandal. shamous mcafterry call it's a lapse in judgment. the judicial conduct board is now reviewing the matter. schools in the poconos mountain district are closed after suspected cop killer, eric frein, was spotted twice, once at the post office in swift water, that led to an intense search by police, it's less than a half mile from three scores and a woman believes she saw frein on friday night. he is wanted tore killing one treerp and wounded another. a school board meeting could decide the fate of coaches at sayerville memorial high school.
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the state board can decide tonight whether to ban the coaches from teaching and coaching during the ongoing hazing investigation. all right, turning to the weather, a milder day, you may want to keep the umbrella nearby, from sky 6 hd from the jersey shore, a pretty picture from atlantic city, bright sunshine now, but things could change as showers move in from parts of the delaware and lehigh valley, the david murphy joins us now with a look ahead. >> you see the sunshine along the coast in atlantic city, there have been a couple of showers to the west of that shot, that have opened up in parts of south jersey, they are getting ready to push through atlantic county and into southern burlington county and in 30 minutes or less i expect that to be out of the way. it's possible that despite the facts that we are getting a fair
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amount of sunshine, some thicker clouds poked through along with some of these showers, it's not looking real impressive and most of you stay dry. but keep your eye on the radar into the late afternoon and early hours. temperatures right now, are not bad. we have numbers in the 60s, 64 in philadelphia and 65 in millville and down the shore, 6124 allentown. we are expecting a high of 68 several degrees above average. rick and sara when i come back in a little bit we'll talk about the possibility of these showers with future tracker 6, there is a better chance of more of the west stuff tomorrow and we'll have more with the mode els in a couple of minutes. stay on top of the changing weather sitdation with the new, visit, for storm tracker 6 radar, both the hourly and seven-day forecast and the latest video from our "action
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news" meteorologist, and our collection of weather related photos and videos. the pakistani teenager awarded the nobel peace prize will be in philadelphia today. malala will be awarded the liberty medal. a taliban gunman shot the 17-year-old in the head two years ago for trying to get an education, since then she is an international face for getting quality education for young girls. can you see the liberty medal presentation on sunday at 5:00 p.m. now college bound students are celebrating a huge anniversary. the 25th anniversary by unveiling an online and digital edition, i helped to monitor the program and it was created by the nonprofit organization philadelphia futures that
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mentors and supports kids who want to go to college and can't afford it. some other local colleges received special recognition during this special program. other nations are now joining the fight to contain ebola in west africa, and a medical miracle, how scientists used cells from his nose to help him regain the ability to walk. and david murphy has the
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there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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now, to the latest on the ebola outbreak in west africa, they say that cases are soaring in sierra leone. china is joining the team to stop the virus. they will go to the u.s. military forum in africa to help. and the cdc announced new health care standards for people treating patients with ebola. we'll have more on that the next half hour. there is more on the human remains found in virginia. they were found during the
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search for hannah graham, who is missing for three weeks. and now the man charged with her disappearance, jesse matthew is indicted for abduction, rape and murder. opening statements are starting today for the sentencing phase of jodi airis. she was found guilty of killing travis alexander in 2008 but could not agree on whether to give her life in prison or death. a new sentencing trial begins today with 12 jurors. a berks county bails bondsman was raided today. they would only say they were searching for items related to the arrest of dean gurney in
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an important recall to tell you about this noon second quarter federal safety regularliers are spreading the word about recalled airbags in millions of cars. they could possibly explode. the national highway safety administration say there are six
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incidents involving airbags, they affect gm, toyota, mazda, ford, mitsubishi, honda, and bmw. staples has announced they are the latest company that may have suffered a potential data breach. this involves credit card data, in pennsylvania, new jersey and new york, this follows similar attacks on target, home depot and the neiman marcus group. medical experts in poland and london transplanted cells from his nose into his spinal cord and it allowed them to connect and grow and now the man is walking with the help of a frame.
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now the "action news" team is working on news stories for tonight at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> time is running out to find a halloween costume for this year, we are here to help, coming up at 4:00, we'll tell you where to find the best deals on the trendiest outfits, and she is a nun taking home the top prize on a talent show. now she is covering a pretty unexpected song. if gets started at 4:00 and if you have not downloaded the abc news app, can you watch us on your tablet or smart phone. >> my daughter wants to be a dinosaur, i have some work to do. accuweather is coming up.
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meteorologist, david murphy is back now, it wasn't as chilly this morning as yesterday. >> no, it wasn't, had a little predawn rain, looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan now, we are virtually dry although areas east of philadelphia, north of atlantic city now are still experiencing a couple of showers and some of these have gotten fairly heavy and most of the heavy stuff, including a little bolt of lightning popping up north of seaside heights, getting ready to go to belmar and off the coast. this popped up in the last half hour or so, but it looks like it is scooting quickly off the coast. are you looking at a thunderstorm and some heavier downpours up the coast, going out wider again, this is what we are looking at, earlier in fa
12:25 pm
fairmount park we had cloudy skies and the dew point is 49 and the winds are light at 6 miles per hour. probably not going much higher than that today. 62 in trenton and 64 in wilmington and mid-60s down the shore and that rain is getting up towards beach haven and atlantic city. future track er 6 showing that e are on the lookout for additional showers to pop up as a spoke of energy comes through the region, however the latest model runs suggests that they are mainly to the north and west and we maintain nice conditions along the i-95 corridor and the northern and western suburbs i will allow some of this to break free because areas close to i-95
12:26 pm
are breaking free. and action is still to the north and west of philadelphia tonight, adam joseph on phl at 10:00 and cecily tynan's forecast on channel 6, at 11:00 will show you anything that it popping. the sunshine is digging through and a spotty shower cannot be ruled out with the high of 65, at the shore i should say, mostly cloudy and a spotty shower, a fair amount of sunshine inland but the coast with the showers departing are you looking at a fair amount of sunshine, and 63 is not a bad high for this time of year. most of this will stay to the north for the day and a high of 68 and we drop to 53 tonight ain spotty shower is possible tonight and the overnight hours, for the evening commute, clouds
12:27 pm
mixing with sun and temperatures falling from the upper 60s to 61 degrees by 7:00 and we are looking at the spotty shower chance especially north and west of philadelphia, rain and drizzle for yesterday and we are looking at an area of low pressure developing off the coast as this low recedes and a better chance for showers tomorrow and maybe lingering into the afternoon tomorrow. clouds and sun today and 68 is your high season a spotty shower in a couple of neighborhoods but most of you stay dry. tomorrow a better chance of rain and drizzle, 61 is your high, and on thursday, we may still be looking at showers early and some drying in the afternoon, after that it's all gravy, 64 and breezy on friday and the weekend is looking dry and a lot of sun on saturday. >> nice. >> thank you david. >> still more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at noon, researchers are looking at
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>> here are stories we are following now on "action news" at noon. the carjacking that killed a mother and three of her children are in court today. and the cdc issued new protocol for treating ebola patients. and new details that sent bullets flying into a woman's bedroom. and now the wheels of justice are turning in the case of a carjacker that killed a woman and three of her children. >> reporter: it was a very difficult hearing for the families of victims and the carjacking victim herself who told her story in public for the first time today. cornelius crawford is one of two men charged in the case, he was in court for his hearing, his co-defendant, jonathan rosa waived his right to a hearing.
12:31 pm
they are accused of killing a young mother and her children on july 25th, they were selling fruit and water on the intersection of allegheny, when the carjack plowed into them and the children were killed instantly and the mother a week later. he kidnapped the woman that owned the suv and sexually assaulted her. >> she told her story from the witness stand in a voice barely above a whisper. the case against them is overwhelming and the prosecution calls it a slam dunk. >> crawford sat quietly in court, the victim's relatives dissolved in tears overcome by the graphic testimony. >> crawford was held on all the charges against him and rosa is held on all the counts against him.
12:32 pm
chief among them are four counts of second degree murder. and if convicted they will spend the rest of their lives behind bars without patrol. the poconos mountain school district is officially closed after a second sighting of suspected cop killer, eric frein, law enforcement reportedly spotted frein yesterday near the post office, less than a half mile of three schools there, three days after a woman says she saw frein near poconos mountain east high school. he is wanted for killing a trooper and wounded another outside of the barracks. now the cdc is issuing new protocol for treating the ebola virus. this after two nurses contracted the virus after treating thomas
12:33 pm
duncan, it's first person to die here in the united states of the virus. marcy gonzales joins us live. >> with 53 people off the watch list, the cdc is now taking more action to make sure what happened here in dallas is not repeated anywhere else. >> after weeks of concerns and calls for children, the cdc now updating its protocols for health care workers treating ebola patients, it calls for protective gear to leave no skin exposed and hospital staff to get training of putting the gear on and taking it off. while some at this dallas hospital, they claim that under the original guidelines, nurses had their neck's exposed. the head of the cdc says we may never know how nina pham and
12:34 pm
amb amb amber vin sen. >> so no one has to endure what they went through she is one of the many being monitored. and she says vin senis doing okay getting treatment in atlanta and as pham continued her bat until maryland, a first look at what is left of the two nurse's homes after decontamination crews took almost every out, putting their belongings in barrels all removed and incinerated. >> we learn that the department of homeland security is changing its policy and will only let travelers into the u.s. through one of the five airports where
12:35 pm
there is advanced ebola screening. back to you. >> thank you. abc news confirmed that the spanish nurse that is being treated for ebola has tested negative for a second time for the virus. she contracted the disease after treating a priest and she is now declared ebola free but remains in the hospital. her dog was euthanized by authorities that feared it could be carrying the disease. the youngest nobel prize winner history will receive an award tonight. malala will receive the liberty award tonight at the constitution center. she was shot in the head by the taliban two years ago for trying to get an education. since then she is the face for equality for education for young girls. can you see abc's coverage of the liberty medal presentation on sunday november 9th at 5:00
12:36 pm
p.m. here on channel 6. we have new information this noon on the shots fired overnight into a woman's home, a 28-year-old woman was watching television when she heard shooting outside and bullets started to fly into her living room, it happened on the 4300 block of north darien street in the hunting park section. the woman ran upstairs and saw a man outside shooting, officers later caught up to the man and took him into custody. it's not yet clear what sparked a fire that damaged several homes in frankford overnight. this is the 200 block of granite street, damage was done to apartments on the second floor and nobody was injured. a pennsylvania property inspector is accused of trying to sell items left behind in foreclosed homes. that jeffrey archer tried to
12:37 pm
sell appliances on craigslist, someone showed up to buy an appliance, and a real estate agent was there trying to sell the home instead. any victims are asked to call police. the black clernly of the fltd region came together this morning for discussions on justice, their goal is to create an action plan to address the disparities how races are treated within the justice system. nadal served as the guest speaker and is active in the case against the police officer who shot michael brown, in ferguson, missouri. this is a look from sky 6 hd, at cape may, new jersey, the clouds are rolling in and rain is on the way. here is david murphy with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> it's turning into a nice
12:38 pm
early afternoon following some sprinkles and showers in the predawn hours, take a look at a tweet picture i got from my twitter follower. jim from rio grande, new jersey. this is satellite, and what are the chances of getting another nice look at that, this is eroding a bit and it looks like for a majority of afternoon we will see out partly sunny skies and that is creeping up the new jersey coast, and it will be past places like berlin before too much longer, we are keeping an eye on precipitation in pittsburgh, 64 in philadelphia and 63 in washington and cooler out to the west. if are you headed to the play grown, it looks like a mix of clouds and sun and cloudy skies the farther north and west you go, but mainly dry, 55 by 1:00
12:39 pm
and 63 by 3:00 and 66 by 6:00, but it will be cool, bring along a coat. 61 by 7:00 and down to 57 by 9:00 and a slight chance of a shower the farther north and west you go in the region. we'll have more on the opportunity for rain on future tracker 6 coming up. >> thank you david. a south jersey woman is the winner of the contest to pick the new lays potato chip flavor, she created the flavor, wasabi ginger, it beat out bacon mac and cheese, they all sound good. pepsico says a million votes
12:40 pm
were cast online. >> sounds good to me. >> i'm a plain potato girl. more to come on "action news" at noon, including a consumer alert on exploding airbags, we have a full report on the defects. >> david murphy has the full accuweather forecast when "action news" continues in just a moment.
12:42 pm
one of the suspected leaders plead guilty in montgomery county. timothy brooks admitted to five of the 13 counts against him. authorities say that brooks and 25-year-old neil scott tried to take control of the drug trade at several high schools and colleges. and then recruited sub dealers to sell the product. he met scott while playing
12:43 pm
lacrosse. >> he was number two and part of the drug trafficking ring, on it's main line, distributing marijuana. >> he admits to selling marijuana and regrets the poor decisions he made. we have an urgent consumer alert. vehicles with a potentially deadly defect that could cause airbags to disclose. >> pretty scary stuff here. it affects nearly a dozen car manufacturing. regulators are trying to spread the word about these dangerous airbags in the vehicles. some have already caused injuries and even deaths. it was only a minor accident but this is how it left 26-year-old
12:44 pm
cor corey burdoc blind in one eye. not from the crash but the airbag that sent metal shards flying into his face. airbags have to deploy in seconds in the blink of an eye with something called an inflater. >> it's so quick and violent, it expands this metal portion, but the inflater, a metal canister, explodes like an ied. sending deadly shrapnel. >> when this is designed to explode and could kill you this is a dangerous situation. >> one comes from a japanese company, called the tackata corpse.
12:45 pm
toyota, nissan, mazda, ford, honda and mitsubishi. customers are getting warned to repair them immediately, especially those that live in warm weather states with high humidity. >> those that own vehicles have not received the notification they were to receive. >> we have a full list of vehicles and everything you need to know about this recall at again, some owners say they never received the recall notifications, it's best to do some double-checking on your own. still ahead, researchers were studying a new ♪ music
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there on storm tracker 6 now. >> yes, stormtracker 6 live double scan is showing some of the region is bone dry, but now we are tracking a thunderstorm creeping up the coast, and springing to action in ocean county and now spans the coastline from belmar to seaside heights, this is moving to the north and won't be here for much longer. down by atlantic city and surf city there is not much precipitation, you may have to give it another 15 to 30 minutes like in seaside and especially belmar before you are out of the threat and rain and lightning. speaking of which, take a look at the pictures we got just in on the action cam from our new jersey bureau chief, driving through mantoloking, new jersey, ocean county, saying not only did you get rain but also hail.
12:50 pm
a big thunderstorm opening up in mantoloking, ocean county, but it's moving out in the next 15 to 30 minutes. couple of highlights, we are looking at a decent day today, especially at the shore once the thunderstorm gets out of here and a good stretch of weather in the forecast. 64 in philadelphia and winds are out of the west at 6 miles per hour, not all that strong in most areas, as we look at future tracker 6, it looks like the next round of rain is off to the north and west, but not until 4:00 or 5:00, the latest model runs are parking this to the other side of our viewing area. berks county picking up a little bit and i'll allow for this to push down to bucks and montgomery county but just spotty stuff and more of that in the later evening hours. high temperatures today, 65
12:51 pm
degrees and sun and clouds and 67 in trenton and 67 in wilmington, and millville and cape may. as we take a look at how things progress into the evening, 67 by 3:00 and then still holding a decent 66 by 5:00 with a mix of sun and clouds, and down to 61 and we are back into the 60s after that, the low overnight is 53, a little bid chillier as we go past sun down, that is what you expect in mid-october. at 6:00 in the morning, future tracker indicating the possibility of damp conditions, with a secondary low forming off the coast we could see precipitation pinwheeling around the low. and the future run on stormtracker 6 live double scan, shows some of this coming around philadelphia, or getting close to i-95 in the morning or afternoon. just light sprinkles, we allow for that to wrap in off the
12:52 pm
coast and the best chance to see that is in the morning. a mix of clouds and sun today, 68 is your high, the thunderstorm escaping ocean county in the next 15 minutes or so and another thunderstorm coming into the western areas later tonight. rain and drizzle but not a washout but a chance of rain in the morning and afternoon. 61 is the high there. we may be somewhat damp thursday morning and it looks like we improve during the day, a cool high of 67 and then a nice stretch of weather with no worse of partly sunny skies friday and saturday and sunshine on sunday temperatures in the 60s all the way. >> glad to hear that. thank you david. stay on top of the changing weather situation by going to, there you'll find our storm tracker 6 radar
12:53 pm
and our hourly forecast, you can view our collection of weather related images. the fashion world is mourning an icon. oscar de la renta has passed away, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, he was born in the dominican republic and became famous for dressing jackie kennedy in the 60s and recently he created the wedding dress for amalie -- george clooney's wife. the sportscaster on espn for 15 years and roberts became
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krx. if you are looking for a bit of a distraction, check out these stories at this turtle can't stop shaking his shell. you need a laugh how about this, a baby dressing up in a different costume every day of the month and a creative woman uses a holiday themed t-shirt to tell him baby news, his reaction is priceless. see more now on >> david and i are going as two charming men. >> i'm going as a sleeping guy. stormtracker 6 live double scan, we have a line of thunderstorms cruising up the ocean county coastline then are producing hail in spots, give this another 30 to 45 minutes before you head out and it should get better. temperatures today topping in the mid-50s in the north and
12:57 pm
western serbs, to a mix of sun and clouds. although for fow we have sunshine, and an isolate the shower in the west, and milder down by the shore. >> david thank you. >> that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> now for the sleeping david murphy, and sara bloomquist -- not yet -- i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon.
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>> announcer: today on "the chew" -- in celebration of football season, we're crowning our super-easy homecoming classics, and our fellows are ready to party with hot-sauced, bacon-filled potato skins and a cheesy pepperoni winner. then, always a fan favorite, what are the saucy, flavorful ribs that has fabio viviani scoring big? and our countdown to halloween rolls on, but mum's the word on clinton's latest door decor idea, and it all kicks off right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> good afternoon, and welcome to "the chew." if you like food and football, then this is the show for you. today we're cooking up