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tv   Action News  ABC  October 22, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday, october 22nd. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us and here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking a rainy start across the region. >> a philadelphia row home catches fire and it quickly
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spreads to others. >> bikers and atv riders tear through the streets of philadelphia shaking up drivers. they say there was a reason for the raucous ride. >> you have some rain out there, heavy in some spots. let's go to david and karen. good morning. >> storm trackerstorm trackerste scan giving you great image. thunderstorms along the coast diminishing into showers as they get past the garden state parkway. be careful of that from surf city up to bellmawr. the rest of us dealing with showers that are heavy at times beginning to push into philadelphia. you can see some of that green now crossing i-95 and pushing into northeast philadelphia, new castle county also in and out of some heavier showers as is much of south jersey. as you take a look at the wide view, you can see what's happening with there counterclockwise spin going around an area of low pressure which has formed now and is heading off the coast and eventually will slowly creep past us over the next 24 hours or so. as we go through the morning, bands of heavier rain coming in and then kind of settling and pulling back out to sea.
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the northern and western suburbs will see less rain than we'll see in and around philadelphia especially over by the shore but at times it's going to be damp. i think the heaviest stuff is probably during the morning and during the afternoon we're looking at spottier shower type precipitation. 57 degrees right now philadelphia as you head out the door, 54 allentown, 54 in wilmington, 55 in millville. so, everybody in the 50's. and as we catch the bus or start the car, look for temperatures to stay in the mid-50's between six and 8 o'clock, some areas will be wet. everybody else is looking at clouds. and later today it doesn't improve all that much. 59 is your high. again, periods of rain in through the morning and some showers possible through the afternoon and perhaps into this evening. karen, as this rain moves in it can't be good for roads. >> that's right david. not causing a problem yet. as we look live on the ben franklin bridge not an issue and certainly very light volume. at this point we've just got two westbound lanes opened coming into the city. the around the clock restrictions we've had that caused so many problems for your morning commute should end today so we're expecting
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to see all these lanes opened very shortly and also the patco trains will be running on both tracks with the new schedule starting today. so, some good news there. outside i-95 at cottman the construction is cleared. you see some of the crews leaving right there and here we see that southbound traffic heading towards center city, so crews will return at 8 o'clock tonight. little bit wet as you can see in some of these spots so be careful about that. we've got this accident in wynnefield closing city avenue between cardinal avenue and rain hem road. it brought down a tree and a pole so could be out there a little while. merion road and montgomery avenue or belmont avenue all good options to avoid that. >> thanks karen. fire erupts at a house in philadelphia, quickly spreads leaving more than a dozen people without a place to stay. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the scene in the hunting park neighborhood with more on this. katherine. >> reporter: matt, the red cross is here on scene providing emergency assistance. 16 people have been affected by this fire. five homes have damage in some capacity. you can see there's a lot of
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debris on the sidewalk out here. a lot of the fire crews have left. the fire marshal remains on the scene. just before 11:30 last night firefighters were called to the 3800 block of north park avenue in hunting park and when firefighters arrived, they saw heavy fire on the first and second floor of one of the homes and the flames had already spread next door. apparently the porch construction really facilitates the spread here. some residents jumped out of windows to escape the flames. bystanders helped catch them. firefighters rescued two people when they got here. the fire was placed under control in just under an hour. we spoke to two tenants in the building where the fire began. one of them moved here in september, another had just moved in this past sunday and as soon as they were released from the hospital this morning for smoke inhalation they returned to their homes to see if anything was left. >> nothing is salvageable. i just got there and i'm shocked now. >> everything i got is gone,
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everything. >> reporter: and back here live on scene you can see that again fire crews have left. the fire marshal still on here investigating the cause and origin of the fire. around 60 firefighters were here battling the blaze. the cause remains under investigation. of course we'll keep you updated if we hear anything. we're live from hunting park katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> dirt bikers in philadelphia gave one of their own a wild and dangerous sendoff after his funeral. yesterday chopper 6 hd captured the chaos on the streets as about 100 bikers raced through the city. they sped up broad street from south to north philadelphia. the bikers repeatedly weaved in and out of traffic cutting off school buses several times. it was all in memory of 23-year-old kyrell tyler also known as dirt bike rel. last week he was shot to death while sitting in a car on a southwest philadelphia street.
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>> whole city love him. we brought people from everywhere. everybody loved rell all over the world. >> police kept an eye on the dirt bikes which are not allowed to be driven on the city streets. they did not make any arrests and there are no reports of accidents or injuries. and the bikers wild ride has been a popular story on there you can see more video from the scene as well as photos from the view of chopper 6. >> happening today, two news conferences in our area, both on the ebola virus. local members of congress will talk about how well area hospitals are prepared for a possible outbreak and union workers at philadelphia philadelphia international airport will talk about the need to ensure that airport workers are properly protected. ashoka, muck po will be released from the hospital.
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doctors say he's free from the virus. >> five coaches at sayreville war memorial high in new jersey will remain suspended from the field and the classroom. the school board voted to keep the coaches on paid leave while prosecutors investigate hazing allegations that shut down the school's football program. seven players have been charged with sexual abuse for crimes against younger teammates. the coaches are also tenured teachers. no adults have been charged. rocky the bobcat has done it again. the 38-pound hybrid escaped from his owner's stafford township home yesterday and remains on the loose in ocean county. last month a judge ruled that rocky's frequent escapes had become a dangerous nuisance. police say if rocky is found this time, he will need to be turned over to a local zoo. >> certainly cute and furry but i'm sure -- >> not if you met him face to face i would think. >> yeah, no. >> if they catch him. >> storm crack six live double
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scan shows us we're catching rain in parts of the region this morning. this is pretty much expected as we thought this was going to be the wettest day of the week and the morning the west evident portion of the day. thunderstorms towards seaside heights. those tend to diminish as they push into ocean county and in towards burlington county but we've got a lot of steadier rain highlighted in yellow, a little bit of a line of it coming through glassboro and elmer and it now looks like out over the delaware bay or close to the delaware bayshore north of middletown and across the bay from salem, new jersey, there is a thunderstorm that is beginning to develop there, too. just one lightning bolt in the last 15 minutes out of that one. i'll go ahead and start this up and you can see how this is pushing up from the ocean and in toward philadelphia, so philadelphia itself beginning to pick up some of the lighter rain. now, the question all day really is going to be how much of this heavy stuff can advance all the way past philadelphia. if we go out wider i do think the northern and western suburbs are going to get a lot
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less rain today than we will in south jersey delaware and right around i-95. it also looks like this is going to diminish and be less widespread and intense as we get into the afternoon. as we go outside, we've got cloudy skies over the ben franklin bridge and the rain beginning to push across areas close to the ben franklin and parts of northeast philadelphia now picking up the first of the raindrops. 57 degrees currently in philadelphia. that's the other part of the story. you step outside and it is going to be cool this morning. 54 in allentown, 54 in reading, 55 in sea isle city. very even temperatures. i brought in that always on day planner on the left hand portion of your screen for those of you watching in hd. future tracker 6 shows you how there is heavy rain moving between now up until 8 o'clock. some of it is going the try and probably get past philadelphia into the lower northwestern suburbs. notice how places like allentown and reading are in and out of some lighter rain and then by noon it's possible that that band is beginning to diminish a little bit as it wraps around and pulls back down to the south and later this afternoon it's looking like most of our significant
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rain will be closer to the shore and not so much in the northern and western suburbs. later tonight, adam and cecily will probably have a little bit of additional shower activity to show you on storm tracker 6. as we take a look at allentown's forecast cloudy and windy, periods of rain, not heavy rain up in the lehigh valley, a high of 58. down the shore periods of rain and you got a better chance of the heavy store for a time today. 62 degrees, cloudy and windy even when it isn't raining. in philadelphia a high of 59 degrees, cloudy skies with periods of rain and it looks like that is going to continue into the evening with a little less intense precipitation as we get later into the afternoon and nighttime. 59 degrees is today's high, cloudy and rainy at times. the steadiest stuff in the morning. tomorrow will will probably be showers around during the morning hours up until midday but as we get into the afternoon we should see that diminish a bit. 57 is your high and then we are better. breezy and nice on friday, 62. 67 with sun mixing with clouds on saturday. and sunny and breezy on sunday
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with a high of 66 degrees. okay? >> okay. all right. >> thanks, david. >> 5:11 now. next wrongly accused. a couple arrested for a crime they didn't commit talk to "action news" about how they are working to rebuild their reputation. >> malfunctioning elevator leaves a group of people stuck in front of a brick wall. but that didn't stop them from squeezing their way to safety. karen. >> the overnight construction is clear in malvern chester county on 202 at 29 but we've got a new problem involving a disabled tractor-trailer. we've got a vehicle fire and a pole and wires all coming up
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of just $100. td bank. america's most convenient bank. of just $100. >> welcome back. it is 5:13 on this wednesday
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morning. you're taking a live look through sky 6 hd at the platt bridge. looks like traffic is moving okay there. a little chilly out there this morning. hope you enjoyed that weather yesterday 'cause it was a beauty. >> you know what i like? i like roadway that's smooth and dry. >> well, you have a couple of dry roadways to the northwest but a lot of really wet roadways. suburban traffic report time. we want to start with a couple of issues right now. we have a few incidents that just came up. this one on the walt whitman bridge eastbound a disabled tractor-trailer so watch for that eastbound a disabled tractor-trailer blocking a lane. also this vehicle fire in southwest philadelphia, swanson street and ritner street. so a few things going on. in wynnefield we've got this accident where a vehicle hit a pole and wires and all came down and oftentimes when it's a case like that takes longer to clear it. in the meantime city avenue route 1 closed between cardinal avenue and raynham road so watch for this one. you can stick to merion road
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in montgomery or use belmont as your alternate to avoid the problems on city avenue. now with your suburban traffic report we'll go outside live and look in conshohocken. this is the blue route past the schuylkill and we can see in this area it's really not looking bad, just maybe a tiny bit damp and that's it so truck offer to the shoulder that was there a minute ago but since cleared. things are looking okay right now on the blue route. we do have a new issue here and it's in barnegat ocean city. 72 closed between 532 and 539 with the accident involving an overturned vehicle and a downed pole and i was scanning the commuter traffic report with the waze app and we have people talking about that accident and causing a problem there on 72 in barnegat shut down. stick to 554 as your alternate. storm tracker 6 live double scan the best way to show you the rain right now and where it's hitting, as we go in closer look at these heavy cells, even the lightning, you see the flashes of lightning and it's heavy by the areas of red and yellow pushing in from the ocean in seaside heights surf city and the area we just talked about the accident in
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barnegat, 72 and 70 wet roads as well as 38, medford lakes and berlin right now near cross keys road looking at a cell there that's kind of heavy as well. some of your roads very wet right now, erin. >> thanks so much karen. the philadelphia district attorney's office says it's reviewing a judge's decision to dismiss kidnapping and robbery charges against a west philadelphia couple. the couple's lawyer says the incident is a clear case of mistaken identity. dixon and laura a back in their hair salon where they are trying to piece back together their lives. >> we spent three weeks in jail and that was just like hell for us. >> police say he looks like this man, the suspect captured on surveillance pictures who kidnapped an 80-year-old woman and forced her to empty her bank account. the couple moved from liberia to the u.s. 30 years ago and have no criminal record.
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>> the flyers have hardly been impressive to start the season and are working their way to last place. the black hawks shut them out in chicago last night. the hawks peppered steve mason throughout the game scoring four times. the flyers are one-three-two and visit pittsburgh tonight. >> 5:17 now. buyer beware. a new study finds dietary supplements under recall may still be for sale. >> technical difficulties leave a group of people stuck in an elevator but luckily someone has a hammer. david. >> some neighborhoods are wet this morning and some may still be wet this afternoon so we're giving umbrellas to the kids. i'll be back with storm tracker 6 live double scan and
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♪ ♪ discover all the naturally moisturizing flavors of burt's bees lip balm. >> group of teal got stuck in an elevator in china and decided to take matters in their own hands. the elevator took the 11 people to the basement. the door went up, there's the brick wall. someone in the elevator had a hammer and started chiseling an opening and a man was able
5:20 am
to squeeze through the space to get help. maintenance workers brought the elevator up to the ground floor and let everyone out. >> i have to add hammer to list of things i put in my purse. >> i'm claustrophobic and that freaks me out. >> buy a hammer. >> i need to. a big one. fort washington, no problems right here, the turnpike is fine both ways near willow grove. construction blocking the left lane and center lane. mass transit on time. patco's new schedule this morning with trains running on both tracks over the ben franklin bridge, dave. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan on the big board, karen and we have a bands of rain coming in from the ocean. thunderstorms mainly over by south jersey, occasionally we've seen some of that in and around the upper delaware bay. right now looks like those are diminishing and some of this rain is beginning to push across philadelphia. it's a little bit of a question as to how far the heavy stuff is going to make it to the northern and western suburbs but for the morning anyway it does look like periods of rain. this afternoon a couple of lingering showers around.
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55 degrees by 9 o'clock, 58 by noon, 59 by 3 o'clock. damp at times in through here and 58 by 6 o'clock. if you are headed to the airport it's all green aircraft on the big board but we have been picking up some rain both at j.f.k. and now newark international. looks like orlando has some fog so in those destinations check ahead. erin. >> okay, thanks, so much, david. a worrisome report finds nearly two-thirds of recalled supplements were still being sold months or years later. harvard researchers looked at 27 supplements the fda ordered pulled from store shelves between 2009 and 2012 but the majority of them have not been removed. some contain steroids. researchers hope this knowledge will encourage the fda to regulator supplements more closely. >> maybe the down turn on wall street is over. maybe it's not. abc's reena ninan has america's money. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's money stocks roaring back. all three averages posting strong gains in tuesday's
5:22 am
trading. the dow adding 215 points yesterday. nasdaq up 103, s & p 500 surged 37 points its best day of the year. travel safety officials expanded a warning about faulty air bags to 6.1 million vehicles from years 2000 to 2008. the air bags can explode sending shrapnel into drivers' faces. target taking a major step in the battle for holiday shopping dollars offering free shipping with no minimal purchase from now until december 20th. last holiday season was a disaster for target after more than 100 million customers had data stolen. mcdonald's going to simplify its menu allowing restaurants touch screen ordering meant to reverse a sharp decline in sales. that's america's money. i'm reena ninan. >> 5:22 now. we continue to follow a developing story. fire leaves more than a dozen people homeless overnight. a live update is on the way. >> more news you didn't see last night also coming up. this man says police keep
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mistaking him for an accused cop killer in the poconos. we will hear from him coming up at it interesting,
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distracted by using their cell phones and it's making them easier targets. police are asking citizens to be more alert to their surroundings. >> all right. morning buzz. a cheeseburger stuffed inside a glazed doughnut topped with bacon bits. >> oh. >> they're selling it now at philadelphia's pyt burger in northern liberties and here's the name for it. it's the d-oh nut burger in homage to homer simpson. they make some mouth watering stuff over there. not really worried all about. >> the caloric value. >> yes. so, there it is, now available at pyt burger in northern liberties. >> what do you think? >> i'd try anything. >> i would run a marathon after eating one of those. >> you'd have to. >> 5:26 now. parts of the poconos on high alert as the search continues for accused cop killer eric frein but find out why one man in particular is drawing some
5:27 am
unwanted attention from police. >> plus, boo at the zoo. tiny ghosts and goblins ready to join the lions, tigers and bears. "action news" will be right back. >> "action news"
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>> developing now on "action news," firefighters rescue two men and were burned in an overnight blaze. they're speaking out about the ordeal. >> manhunt mixup. the search for a cop killer complicates life for someone who looks like the suspect. >> storm tracker 6 double scan tracking a rainy start and >> storm tracker 6 double scan those showers to stick around. good morning everyone, it's just before 5:30 on this wednesday. we have erin o'hearn filling in for tamala edwards and we have david and karen. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. right in you we're looking at storm tracker 6 live double scan and there's a line of shower activity pushing into philadelphia. had some earlier thunderstorms down in southern new castle county, they appear to be gone. there are still thunderstorms in ocean county and burlington county right along the coast, most of this actually pushing away from coast cal burlington county right now. so, we're going to get a
5:30 am
little wet during the morning and then during the afternoon we'll probably still be looking at some showers spinning through. as you take a look at satellite we have a lot of cloud cover out there. again, showers will be running through at times today. and staying cool and cloudy, too, with temperatures in the 50's all the way. today's high 59. karen, when i come back we'll have more on radar taking a closer look at where those showers are and what they are doing to your roads. >> all right, dave, we've got a horrible accident scene right now in wynnefield. city avenue is closed route 1 between 59th street and 54th street and we're hearing that a driver lost control, hit a pole. the car split in half. the driver was ejected. this could be closed awhile. terrible scene right now. there's a downed pole, downed wires and a mess of a situation. stick to marion road and montgomery avenue or belmont avenue but you definitely want to avoid city avenue, route 1 closed between 59th street and 54th street with that terrible accident scene. on the big picture right now we've got other issues on the boulevard southbound between cottman and whitaker paving bloc


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