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tv   Action News  ABC  October 22, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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and then during the afternoon we'll probably still be looking at some showers spinning through. as you take a look at satellite we have a lot of cloud cover out there. again, showers will be running through at times today. and staying cool and cloudy, too, with temperatures in the 50's all the way. today's high 59. karen, when i come back we'll have more on radar taking a closer look at where those showers are and what they are doing to your roads. >> all right, dave, we've got a horrible accident scene right now in wynnefield. city avenue is closed route 1 between 59th street and 54th street and we're hearing that a driver lost control, hit a pole. the car split in half. the driver was ejected. this could be closed awhile. terrible scene right now. there's a downed pole, downed wires and a mess of a situation. stick to marion road and montgomery avenue or belmont avenue but you definitely want to avoid city avenue, route 1 closed between 59th street and 54th street with that terrible accident scene. on the big picture right now we've got other issues on the boulevard southbound between cottman and whitaker paving blocking the inner drive right
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now. in south philadelphia we've got this vehicle fire that's been here a little while. might still want to avoid swanson and ritner street so watch for that one. on the walt whitman bridge a disabled tractor-trailer blocking a lane eastbound so look for that coming into the city. westbound right now traffic on the ben franklin bridge, you see this as you head towards city avenue for the first time in forever we've got four lanes opened because that construction is cleared here. also patco trains are running on both tracks with the new schedule starting today, matt. >> all right, thank you, karen. and developing right now, what karen just mentioned, we have video from it, just in from the news room from the scene of a suspicious fire in philadelphia. police say they were responding to reports of an suv explosion on south swanson street and west ritner street in south philadelphia 4:00 a.m. now, this is right below i-95. firefighters quickly put the fire out. they don't know why it started or if someone deliberately started it. as you heard karen, you might want to avoid this area but i-95, it's not impacting the
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highway right now. also developing a home invasion robbery took place in the city's logan section. it happened on somerville avenue at 3:00 a.m. two men one armed with a gun broke into the house and terrorized the people inside it's not clear what, if anything, was taken and no one was physically hurt. another story that's developing. a fast moving fire injured at least two people and forced several families from their homes. "action news" reporter katherine scott is lie on the scene in the city's hunting pack neighborhood. katherine. >> reporter: matt we did just get an update from the red cross. 18 people were affected by this fire including six children. they're providing assistance to 13 people. five homes are are were damaged in one way or another and you can see some of them were completely gutted. you can actually see the sky through the roof if you peer through the building. we spoke to them.
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>> i don't have no roof. >> reporter: sinclair and hero are tenants in this building. as soon as they were released from there hospital this morning, they returned to their hunting park block to see what was left of their homes. it was just before 11:30 last night. they were in their second floor unit on the 3800 block of north park avenue. page smelled smoke and alerted the others. >> he said house is on fire. i run downstairs and the whole front porch was orange. i tried to open the door and everything was orange. so, i bust out windows and i jumped out the window. >> reporter: irving says someone helped catch him when he jumped from the second floor window. firefighters helped page. >> by the time i got there, the smoke was all over the place. they brought me down on the ladder. >> reporter: firefighters placed the fire under control in just under an hour. when they had arrived the fire was already heavy and it had spread. >> because of the porch construction, the fire extended to the right of the
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original fire dwelling involving four more other homes on the exterior as well as some damage in the interior >> reporter: neighbors just describe the flames as being so thick. one neighbor said she had to run through a wall of fire in order to get out but she said that was her only option. the fire marshal had been called to the scene. they are on scene and trying to investigate the cause of this fire. we're live in hunting park, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> okay, thanks so much for the update, katherine. new jersey state police have released new surveillance video of two burglary suspects. you can see a man and a woman sneaking away from a parking lot in upper pittsgrove township. they're accused of stealing power tools and wiring from that location on october 11th and back on august 25th. anyone who recognizes the couple should contact detectives at woodstown station. three american girls are back at home in denver after hopping on a plane to germany. federal investigators are trying to determine if they were trying to join isis
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terrorists. abc news jihadist propaganda videos like these lured three american high school girls on a mission to join terrorists in syria. the girls are ages 15, 16 and 17 and they are of sudanese and somali discents. authorities are not identifying them because of their young age. the girls had plane tickets that would have taken them to syria. after they disappeared last weekend, their families contacted the fbi. and the fbi is trying to determine if their flights were funded by radicals overseas. >> one of the hooks is that we'll pay your way here besides creating this false utopia, we'll also pay you to come and we'll pay you once you get here. >> unfortunately this is not an isolated issue. abc news has learned that syrian radicals are specifically targeting women and girls to become their wives or fighters. >> pocono mountain schools
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reopened today while the search for a cop killer continues in the district's backyard. state police and the fbi executed a series of sweeps in the community of swiftwater to ensure eric frein was not hiding on school grounds. it followed a credible spotting. the search for frein is now focused on more heavily trafficked areas rather than the deep woods. the high profile mission is making life especially difficult on james tullly. the monroe county man says he has been mistaken for eric frein dozens of times. he can't afford a car so he walks 5 miles to and from work each day near frein's hometown of canadensis. listen to what happened back on friday night. >> driver jumps out yelling to get down on the ground has his rifle pointed at my head. now, i'm doing my best to comply with him. he kept screaming at me, wanted to know what my name is. >> that confrontation ended with tullly getting treated at the hospital for bruised ribs and he wears a yellow
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reflective vest now hoping that police would realize a suspected killer would not be walking around with that on. >> in anticipation of this soggy cold wet day i did make chicken soup. >> we did apple dumplings last night. >> i made toast. >> good for you, matt. storm tracker 6 live double scan right now shows that you parts of the region are wet currently and if we go in a bit closer it does look like philadelphia is being overtaken by at least some light rain and enough to make the roadways wet in and around philadelphia looks like we're starting to see some more lightning pop up in salem and middletown from that cluster of yellow that you see down there, a bit of a thunderstorm and over toward the east, we're also looking at thunderstorms pushing in to seaside heights and areas north of surf city but they tend to fall apart before they push too much farther inland. i'll go ahead and start this up for you so you get the idea. this rain is circulating in off of the ocean because of a
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wave of low pressure pushing off over the water to our south. this is what we'll be in for today, periods of rain wrapping in off the ocean. could be steady at times, especially in the morning. if you're out in the northern and western suburbs, that heavy stuff probably never reaches you because it's going to at one point stop and kind of back down toward the ocean again. as we take a look outside, we have cloudy skies this morning of course and and in some cases roads are beginning to get a little bit wet so that's going to show you down where that's happening. your temperatures also cool stepping outside. we're at 57 degrees in philadelphia. and most areas are in the mid to upper 50's currently. winds are out of the north at 13 miles per hour and today overall will be rather windy as that low gets off the coast to our south and starts to intensify a bit. between now up until 8 o'clock, future tracker 6 is suggesting that there will be some periods of rain, some of it could be heavy and then we get into noon and it looks like most of the heavy stuff is down by the shore with just some lingering sprinkles and showers. notice how up in the northern and western suburbs it's not as intense as it is farther to the south. then we get later into the afternoon and early evening and most of this is wrapping
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away from us, although there could be another chunk of rain coming in later on tonight and adam and cecily will be along starting at 10 o'clock on 17, 11 o'clock here on 6abc to show you what's happening on storm tracker. 55 degrees right now -- well, 57 right now but 55 we're going to dip a little bit until 8 o'clock and then probably just hold in the upper 50's throughout the afternoon. that high of 59 probably hitting around 3 o'clock but really it isn't going to be much different than it is right now. high temperatures across the region upper 50's just about everywhere. closer to the shore low 60's. periods of rain and cloudy skies today. also windy. and then tomorrow, looks like it could be a little bit damp during the morning hours. every now and then you see that popping through but as we get into the afternoon, even though it stays cloudy we are expecting generally some driving your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 59, cloudy and at times rainy today. and then tomorrow, morning showers around but some afternoon drying, maybe even some clearing and a high of 57. it will be cool tomorrow but we are starting to transition to better weather. on friday, breezy and nice, partly sunny, 62.
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67 on saturday with a mix of sun and some clouds. and then lots of sun on sunday, breezy, a high of 66 degrees. all of this junk we're dealing with today gets out of here for the weekend. >> junk. >> a lot to look forward to. thanks, david. 5:40 now. next an american is on his way home following months of captivity in north korea. >> tiny trick or treaters invited to a howling good time at the philadelphia zoo. karen. >> live in south philadelphia. this is i-95 at broad street. it's wet here but no big problems. problems everywhere else. of that terrible accident scene in wynnefield. details coming u ♪
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>> breaking right now brand new video in just from the scene of a violent crash on city avenue in the city's wynnefield section. the driver of a cadillac lost control, slammed into a pole, drove onto the sidewalk, rammed into a tree. looks like he went upside down, right? it happened near cardinal avenue. the force of the crash split the car in pieces, knocked the tree down and tossed the driver out of the car. the driver was seriously hurt. driver out of the car. to karen rogers 'cause you're definitely going to want to avoid that area, karen. >> what a horrible scene. you know there's probably going to be an accident investigation. they've got to clean up all of the mess. they've got the car upside down, debris everywhere. we've got the downed tree, downed pole, pieces of the car as the car split in two. it's a horrible scene and we
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can see emergency workers on the scene right now. this is wynnefield, city avenue is closed and that's between 59th and 54th street and this is all just a single vehicle accident. so a mess of a situation right there. the engine flew off as the car was on the sidewalk. marion road and montgomery avenue or you can use belmont avenue all to avoid city avenue in wynnefield closed between 59th and 54th and could be closed awhile. the action cam is on the scene there. let's check your suburban traffic report and go over to a couple of other problems here. we've got one in lower salford township. main street at old sumneytown pike an accident just coming in to us right now. we have a handful of accidents. the roads are wet. you want to slow it down out there on the roads. we're looking live in morrisville bucks county. no problem here only a little damp and traffic is moving nice at route 1 at pennsylvania avenue but as we go to our commuter report we have people talking about other issues out there, like this accident in barnegat i've been telling you about in ocean county. route 72 is still shut down at brighten.
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watch for that. use 554 as your alternate. just another spot where we're seeing accidents out there. also in manahawkin flooding on 72 westbound past mermaid drive right there and it could cause restrictions in that area. as you look at storm tracker 6 live double scan you can kind of see why. oftentimes our systems come from the west to the east you can see the rain that's pushing in off the coastline and not just rain as david has been saying but look at all those flashes. those are lightning strikes just within the past few minutes as it's coming into seaside heights, this is the garden state parkway, route 72, route 70 and browns mills you're getting hit with areas of yellow, some pretty good rain. route 38 as well and in philadelphia it's wet but near wilmington and in salem, new jersey, we're seeing some heavier rain as well so watch for that as you're headed out. roads are wet and we already have problems out there, erin. >> thanks so much karen. new this morning a threat against penn state has surfaced on a social media site for the second time in two weeks. the latest message targeted the berks county campus in spring township.
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on monday, a yik yak user threatened to blow up a building which is currently under construction. police did not find anything suspicious while searching the site. the culprit has not been caught. a student at penn state's main campus has been charged for the first security threat made in state college last week. >> an american who was arrested in north korea six months ago is on his way home. jeffrey foul was taken into custody for leaving a bible if the a north koreaian nightclub. the ohio man was awaiting trial but the swedish government was able to help negotiate his release. two other americans are still being held in north korea. the state department says it is actively working on those cases. >> it's almost halloween and karen rogers has an fyi for you on a frightfully good time with some creepy crawly critters. >> reporter: it is time we've been waiting all year. boo at the zoo. >> happy halloween. >> reporter: a weekend long halloween celebration with your favorite animals.
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>> the whole place transforms into a trick or treat environment. it's a safe environment. it's so much fun. >> happy halloween. >> reporter: there's live music scare crow scavenger hunter and the zoo's new palm oil zone. >> addressing its impact of palm oil. >> reporter: there's also the penguin pumpkin patch and a big parade. kids can dress up in costumes and join the parade which steps off saturday and sunday at noon and march past the not so scary extinction graveyard. >> say cheese. >> when you talk about the animals that have gone extinct and the animals that may in the next 15 years if we don't do something about it and it's free with zoo admission. >> do you know what that is. >> we can be a kid again for boo at the zoo. >> looks like fun. 5:47. doctors say they know why a ohio teenage are died suddenly while going through a haunted house.
5:48 am
>> plus, president obama casts a ballot in chicago and a man in the same polling place says something that, well, made an say david. >> umbrellas on the kids in some neighborhoods. this afternoon it's possible a couple of them get caught with a shower particularly closer to the shore. we'll be back with storm tracker 6 live double scan and i'll get you through
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>> we have a lot going on with traffic. things keep coming in. traffic. the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound past willow grove. we've got a disabled vehicle. this is new. restrictions and delays possible here. so watch for that on the turnpike eastbound. also a disabled tractor-trailer that was on the walt whitman bridge eastbound just cleared and also that south philadelphia problem on swanson street and ritner that vehicle fire accident is clear as well, dave. >> cluster of thunderstorms coming in on storm tracker 6 live double scan in northern jersey. most of this is falling apart as it heads towards the east. philadelphia right now only seeing some light precipitation and occasional lightning showing up from this little cluster of steadier rain in new castle county delaware all of this pushing off to the north so damp in some spots this morning. as were he go through the day, 57 right now in philadelphia,
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55 degrees by 8 o'clock and then hovering in the up are 50's this afternoon with a high of 59 by 3 o'clock. i think your best chance of steadier rain in spots is probably during the morning hours. in the afternoon it's more spotty showers. matt and erin. >> okay, thanks so much david. new on "action news" doctors believe a teen's heart defect is to blame for her sudden death at a haunted house in the midwest and not because she was "scared to death." 16-year-old christian benge collapsed during a family trip in ohio last week. she was born with a congenital defect and was told to avoid stressful situations. her parents believe their daughter's heart could have given out anywhere and that happened to be at a haunted house. >> a fellow voter decided to have a little fun at president obama's expense when they took part in early voting in chicago this week. >> that's an example of a man just embarrassing for no reason whatsoever. >> you see the man passed by the president at the voting booth and said don't touch my
5:53 am
girlfriend. that made the woman flex to the president very embarrassed and she apologized but president obama didn't seem to mind, joked about it and even gave the woman, anna cooper, a hug and a kiss directly disobeying the order. mike jones, the man behind the joke says he simply took advantage of an opportunity to break the silence in the room. >> it is 5:53 right now. a local family's trip to the caribbean ends in tragedy. details on who police say murdered a little girl. that's all new at 6:00. >> fire rips through five homes overnight leaving 18 people homeless. we will hear from the brave [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. it is 5:56 now on this wednesday morning. and as you head out this morning you're going to want to be a little bit careful. some wet roads out there and some leaves. take your time as you're heading in but some drier weather ahead and right now it is 57 degrees out. one of the most storied newspaper editors of the last century has died. ben bradley was the executive editor of the washington post in 1972 when several men broke into the watergate with bradley's blessing and guidance reporters bob woodward and carl bernstein traced the burglars back to richard nixon's reelection campaign leading to his resignation. bradley is credited with turning the post into a world class newspaper. he was 93 years old. >> philadelphia presented its prestigious liberty medal to malala yousafzai before a crowd at the national
5:57 am
constitution center last night. the inspiring education rights activist granted jim gardner a special one-on-one interview. the pakistani teen describes the moment in chemistry class when her teacher told her she had just won the nobel peace prize. >> my teacher came in she told me that you have won the nobel peace prize and i said thank you. >> i thought you were going to say your teacher said malala can i speak to you for a manipulate and you thought oh, what did i do now. >> yes, yes, exactly. when the teacher came i just thought i have done something really bad but it was not really bad. >> you can watch jim gardner's entire interview tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> 5:57 now. toying with trouble. a retailer responds to outrage over the dolls based on the breaking bad series. >> brand new at 6:00 a three-year-old from the lehigh valley goes on a family get away and never returns. now police have filed charges
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪rds, karen rogers and >> hello and good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday october 22nd. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us. >> accuweather is tracking a rainy start across the region. >> brand new. we are hearing from a rescuer who saved a baby from a burning porch overnight. >> breaking point, a petition gets a tv show toy line pulled from the shelves. >> and we have some weather and traffic, some rain issues out there. let's go to david and karen. good morning. >> light rain falling on the terrace right now, matt and erin. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan as currently philadelphia is kind of dodging the heaviest of this with just someline coming through highlight in there lighter shades of green.