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tv   Action News  ABC  October 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪rds, karen rogers and >> hello and good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday october 22nd. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us. >> accuweather is tracking a rainy start across the region. >> brand new. we are hearing from a rescuer who saved a baby from a burning porch overnight. >> breaking point, a petition gets a tv show toy line pulled from the shelves. >> and we have some weather and traffic, some rain issues out there. let's go to david and karen. good morning. >> light rain falling on the terrace right now, matt and erin. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan as currently philadelphia is kind of dodging the heaviest of this with just someline coming through highlight in there lighter shades of green. that yellow in new castle
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county is trying to push up towards newark and maybe towards wilmington. we've also seen an occasional flash of lightning there. it's possible that heavy stuff sort of spins back into maryland and misses wilmington. a lot of thunderstorms off the coast of north jersey and trenton has heavier rain highlight in there yellow just to your east pushing in your direction so trenton might also get a little steadier rain before too much longer. the northern and western suburbs dry for now and probably staying dry or at least drier for much of the day. there's the wide view on satellite and radar. at least it will stay cloudy today. there are more bands of rain down to the south that may try to wiggle their way into the region as we go later into the morning. 56 degrees in philadelphia, 55 in allentown. obviously it's a cool start across the region even down at the shore 56 in sea isle city. and as we head out the door over the next couple hours to catch that school bus or get the car started looks like we're stuck in the mid 50, rain in spots, cloudy skies ann little bit on the breezy side and the rest of your day looks cool. a high of 59 at 3 o'clock.
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again, off and on periods of rain through the morning. this afternoon probably tapering off to just a showery precipitation although at times there could be a steady shower popping through some neighborhoods. when i step inside, karen, we'll take a look at storm tracker 6 a little bit closer, also future tracker 6 showing us the prospect for rain the rest of the day anton night. >> dave we have a terrible accident scene in wynnefield shutting down city avenue and the action cam was on the scene. the driver of a car lost control, hit a pole and then that car flew into the sidewalk, brought down a tree. the car split in two. there you see it on its roof. the driver was ejected out of the car. a horrible scene closing city avenue between 59th street and 54th street. you see emergency workers there. you can see the debris, pieces of the car, the tree all over the roadway. that's the engine that flew out as well. you can stick to mer ron road and montgomery avenue or belmont avenue. avoid city avenue. route 1 shut down between 59th and 54th street. outside in malvern chester
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county you see the flashing lights here. southbound the remnants of an accident scene. we see it mostly off to the shoulder with police and emergency workers and penndot with their arrow board on the scene right here so this is 202 at 29 southbound is that accident scene. northbound no delays just yet. a lot of your roads are wet and you want to give it extra time. in lower salford this accident on main street is blocking a lane at old sumneytown pike. good news, though. we could use it on a wet day like this. on the ben franklin bridge you've got four lanes of traffic opened westbound coming into the city. the construction that had been going on that has been causing problems every morning but today is different, the construction is clear, four lanes opened and also patco trains running with new schedules running on both tracks as well. one more accident to talk about in ocean county. route 72 is shut down at brighton road. this is an accident with an overturned vehicle, a downed pole, another messy accident scene. 554 is your best alternate. not that far off we have flooding. we've been talking about the rain that's been pushing in from off the coastline producing some heavy rain.
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72 westbound flooding past mermaid drive, matt and erin. >> thanks so much, karen. dirt bikers in philadelphia gave one of their own a wild and dangerous sendoff after his funeral. yesterday chopper 6 hd captured the chaos on the streets as about 100 bikers raced through the city. they sped up broad street from south to north philadelphia. the bikers repeatedly weaved in and out of traffic cutting off school buses. several times. it was all in memory of 23-year-old kyrell tyler also known as dirt bike rell. last week he was shot to death while sitting in a car in a southwest street. >> the whole city love him. we brought people from everywhere. everybody loved rell all over the world you know what i'm saying. >> police kept an eye on the dirt bikes which are not allowed to be driven on the city streets. they did not make any arrests, though and there are no reports of accidents or injuries. the bikers' wild ride has been a popular story on
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there you can see more video from the scene as well as photos from the view of chopper 6. >> happening today, two news conferences in our area, both on the ebola virus. local members of congress will talk about how well area hospitals are prepared for a possible outbreak. and union workers at philadelphia international airport will talk about the need to ensure that airport workers are properly protected. ashoka mukpo the american news photographer who was infected with ebola while working in liberia will be released from the hospital today. doctors say mukpo is now free of the virus. >> new at 6:00 a lehigh valley family torn apart during summer vacation is now seeking justice for their dead daughter. tanya rivera's three-year-old was killed while they were in puerto rico following a three month investigation police there have charged rivera's boyfriend with the child's murder. jose perez santos is accused of causing deadly injuries against the girl while the baby's mother was away.
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rivera and her family are staying in puerto rico until they can testify against him in court. >> and developing this morning, fire erupts at a house in philadelphia quickly spreads leaving more than a dozen people without a place to stay. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live near the scene in hunting park with the new story of a brave rescue. katherine. >> reporter: matt a lot of people stopped by to help in whatever way they could overnight when this fire was going on. some people helped catch those who were jumping out of windows, others ran in to get children and you'll hear from one of them in just a moment but let me take you here to what's happening right now on the scene. you can see officials from l and i are here, fire investigators are on scene as well. five homes have some sort of damage after last night's fire. fire officials saying the construction of the porch really facilitated the spread here. just before 11:30 last night firefighters were called to the 3800 block of north park avenue in hunting park and when firefighters arrived they saw heavy fire on the first
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and second floors of one of the homes and flames had already spread next door. some residents jumped out of windows to escape the flames. bystanders helped catch them. firefighters rescued two people when they got here. "action news" spoke to man who just had been passing by. he ran to help to get a baby to safety. >> it was a baby. everybody else pretty much was moving out by they self. it was a baby left on the steps so so i just wanted to hep out. what anybody else would do pretty much. just trying to help kids get out. >> reporter: back here live on the scene where you can see there's debris in front of these homes. five homes with some sort of damage, 18 people affected by this fire. around 60 firefighters were here battling the blaze. the fire was placed under control in just under an hour. again, l and i on the scene right now. we also have seen fire investors here who are trying to determine cause of this blaze. we're live in hundreding park, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thank you katherine.
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walter white may have been running a drug operation that was so big it could be listed on the nasdaq but a fight with a florida mom over breaking bad toys he could not win. maribel abaser live at the nasdaq in times square with more on this story. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. toys are us is pulling the breaking bad action figure toys from its shelves. the move comes after a florida woman launched an online petition against the selling of the toys and the action figures depicted breaking bad characters but also included a sack of cash and a bag of meth. the petition gathered more than 8,000 signatures since being launched earlier this month. apple is beefing up security following a china icloud hackings. the company issued instructions on how to avoid attacks similar to those that took place in china recently. reports say chinese authorities were targeting customer data on apple icloud storage system. chinese officials denied the allegations. stocks surged thank to a technology buying binge. nasdaq was a winner posting a
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gain. right now futures pointing to a lower open. target offering free shipping forline shoppers during the holidays. the retailer will drop slipping fees for online orders beginning today and running through december 20th. the move raises the stakes for target in its battle with amazon and wal-mart and it's also an effort to bounce back after last year's data breach during the holidays. matt and erin, 62 days to go and by the way, 38, my birthday, i know you're counting. >> ooh, you have a birthday near christmas which means you got more gifts than everyone else. >> doesn't work out that way. >> not the breaking bad doll,. >> how about that. >> storm tracker 6 shows us we're a bit wet in parts of the region. we expected this and as we take a closer look, we've got, well, a little bit of a break in the rain in philadelphia. you are seeing it but it's fairly light. you see some heavier stuff down in southern new castle county delaware and that is now spinning over toward the west as really all of this is
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coming in around an area of low pressure that's down to our south and you can kind of sense that this is coming in off the ocean but then kind of turning and spinning down in this direction. so, there's a bit of a question as to how far inland this heavy stuff here will make make it. i do think philadelphia has a shot at picking up some of this heavier stuff. if you're in places like reading and allentown i don't know that you get a whole lot of this. it's probably going to be on the lighter side out there in those spots. a lot of thunderstorm activity off the coast but most of that is falling apart pretty quickly as it gets over land. as we take a look outside, we have cloudy skies and in philadelphia it is a bit damp with that light rain falling so your roads are getting a bit wet and that's liable to slow you down a tad this morning. 56 degrees, it is fairly cool as you head outside especially with that damp chilly condition so definitely bundle up a bit as you head outdoors. 55 degrees in allentown, 56 in sea isle city and we're looking at a fair amount of wind blowing around especially
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as we get later into the morning. future tracker 6 from now up until 7:30 or 8:00 shows there's still the chance of some of that heavier rain to try and push in toward philadelphia. but as you can see as we go up to noon, the heavier stuff as a tendency to fall apart and wrap down off the coast again so that by 12 o'clock, yeah, there could still be some showers around but it doesn't look all that intense away from the shore. shore could still get steadier stuff. by 5 o'clock it's beginning to wrap to the south. after that we're looking at a passing shower. some could be steady as we head toward the later nighttime period and it's possible that adam and cecily will have more to show you tonight on storm tracker. allentown 58 degrees cloudy and windy when it is not raining. down the shore that's where you'll see the steadier rain especially this morning but maybe even into the afternoon. 62 degrees is your forecast high there with periods of rain at the shore, steady at times. and in philadelphia, we're going for a high of 59 degrees. that's all we'll see today.
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with periods of rain and some of that rain extending overnight, at least some spotty shower activity and then we wind up with some drying tomorrow afternoon. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today cloudy and rainy at times. most of your steady rain the best chance of it, anyway, is in the morning. if you're down the shore, some of that may linger in through the afternoon. the rest of us probably looking at some spotty shower activity through the afternoon. then morning rain on thursday, just spotty showers but some afternoon drying and maybe some clearing with a high of 57 degrees. on friday things get better. breezy and nice, 62 with a mix of sun and clouds and saturday looking pretty good, too, with a high of 67, sun and clouds and lots of sun and breezy conditions on sunday getting up to 66 degrees. so, a great weekend ahead but for now we've got to deal with cloudy and dampness. >> okay. we will. >> thanks, david. >> thank you, david. 6:12. up next more stories you didn't see last night including the stamp collection fight that set off this high speed police pursuit in the
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midwest. >> and later former philly helps san francisco jump out to a giant lead in game one of the world series. karen. >> we're looking live at 422. this is past oaks and that eastbound traffic just showing some building volume. no major jam-ups yet. we'll take you to the accident "
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>> the action cam just arrived breaking stories. this is just a horrible crash that took place on city avenue
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in the wynnefield section of the city. there's a cadillac that the driver lost control of. it ran into a pole. then was driving on the sidewalk, rammed into a tree, then it split into pieces, flipped over. the tree fell down and then the driver was tossed out of the vehicle. the driver is seriously hurt. we don't have an exact condition right now. but also a you see live there police are still on the scene. >> yeah, we're going to head over to karen rogers because she's going to help you navigate around this as you head out this morning. >> as the action cam looks life, you can see the car on its roof, debris all over. you've got to before you open city avenue at this point, what you're going to have to do is clear out the debris, upright the car. i'm sure there will be an accident investigation. there's a downed pole, downed tree. this is a messy accident. we see police on the scene right here and there's part of the engine that flew off into the side of the road right here. this is wynnefield. city avenue shut down between 59th and 54th street and this is all a single vehicle
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accident where the car just lost control out here. you can stick to merion road and montgomery avenue or belmont avenue as your alternates but avoid city avenue between 59th and 54th street. and let's go over here because we also have a new accident on montgomery avenue blocked at church road. so, watch for that accident causing a problem. stick to cherry lane as your alternate there. let's go back outside live and look at i-95. this is approaching cottman and we can see that southbound traffic headed towards center city jamming approaching academy to cottman and from past the betsy ross bridge to girard. roads are wet. we anticipate problems and we're seeing them already. in lower salford township we have an accident blocking a lane on main street at old sumneytown pike. route 72 is shut down in ocean county with this accident involving an overturned vehicle and a downed pole. stick to 5554 as your alternate. and of course there along the coast that's one of the spots that's been getting the heaviest rain. storm tracker 6 live double scan, this is your best view of the rain that's happening right there. not five minuting a like with
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some other radars. you can see heavy rain pulling in off the coastline. this is the garden state parkway. this is 70 you're very wet. i-95 in from end ton getting some of that heavier rain along 95. look at the see it's pretty light at this point. in chadds ford, wilmington down to the south route 40 and in southern delaware you're getting some of the heavier rain. the roads are wet. take it easy out there, matt. >> gotcha'. new on "action news" a man behind the wheel of a stolen suv dodged traffic during a high speed police chase in wisconsin. police eventually caught up with the driver identified as michael wrench. when he pulled into a hotel parking lot. now, witnesses say wrench stole the suv from the dealership where he used to work saying he was angry because the sales manager would not allow him to trade in his stamp collection for a car. >> 6:18. the philadelphia district attorney's office says it's reviewing a judge's decision to dismiss cited napping and robbery charges against a west philadelphia couple.
6:19 am
the couple's lawyer says the incident is a clear case of mistaken identity. vickson and lorpu are trying to piece back together their lives. >> we spent three weeks in jail and that was just like hell for us. >> lorpu looked like this man, the suspect captured on surveillance pictures who kidnapped an 80 year old woman and forced her to empty her bank account. the couple moved from liberia to the u.s. 30 years ago and have no criminal record. >> 6:19. up next the local restaurant now serving a hamburger with a split personality. david. >> all right, guys, take a look at the kids. we are dressing them with umbrellas this morning. maybe this afternoon as well and it is going to be cooling, too, so jackets on there. i'll be back with the daypart forecast coming up hi, i'm henry winkler
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>> there is going to be the chance of occasional rain wrapping in off the ocean and pushing up past philadelphia. really up until about noon. i would allow for that at times through the morning. it's going to be cool, too, by noon, still in the up are 50's. your high today in factor is 59 degrees at 3 o'clock. still a chance of some sprinkles and showers in through the afternoon but the steady stuff best chance of that is probably in the morning. i want to quickly go to the airport. we have been looking at mainly green aircraft on the big board indicating no major delays but we have some showers obviously up in newark, new jersey and j.f.k.
6:24 am
there is some of that here in philadelphia as well. looks like fog early in orlando is starting to break up. matt and erin. >> thanks, david. philadelphia's pyt burger has done it again. they are known for their -- for making mouth watering food coma inducing burgers. one of their latest creations is called the doh nut burger in honor of homer simpson. it's a cheeseburger stuffed inside a glazed doughnut topped with bacon bits. >> with a side of hardening of the arteries. >> 6:24 and for all you despondent phillies fans don't worry. a many toker philly is knocking them out of the park in the world series. >> katherine scott is on the scene of a fast moving fire in hunting park. katherine. >> erin, five homes damaged, 18 people affected after an park. we are live with all the latest details coming up at
6:25 am
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>> former philly hunter pens helped the giants win game one of the world series. pence hit a homer. it was kansas city's first lost in the post season. giants have won seven straight world series games. the two teams play again tonight. >> time now is 6:27. we're following several developing stories including a fire rescue in philadelphia. >> and a vehicle parked beneath i-95 mysteriously goes the developing details are next. hiiiii.
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for when you run late. >> breaking now on "action news" a-serious crash tosses a man to his car and sends the engine onto the sidewalk. the latest on the crash investigation and what it means for the morning commute. >> developing overnight firefighters rescue two men who were burned in an early morning blaze. they are speaking out about the ordeal. >> and sky 6 hd is taking a live look at i-95 looking out for a rainy commute and accuweather is calling for those showers to stick around. good morning, 6:30 on this wednesday. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us. we have david and karen. good morning to you all. >> good morning, everybody. we have light rain falling on the terrace here for about 45 minutes now. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan. some thunderstorms pushing past us to the east and kind of wrapping in toward new york city.
6:31 am
trenton as expected is picking up some steadier rain highlighted in yellow. that's on your way but that stuff down south of wilmington is now pushing to the west into maryland as all of this rolls in off the ocean and then kind of pinwheels counter clockwise down towards baltimore. looks like light stuff for the northern and western suburbs this morning, maybe a little drizzle but most of the action is in those other places highlighted in yellow. there's the wide view on satellite and radar, lots of clouds today, occasionally we'll get some of this rain spinning up and in over the region. it looks like the best chance of steady rain is probably in the morning hours with spottier steadier precipitation here and there during the afternoon and evening. it's cool as you step outside this morning, too. we're at 56 degrees in philadelphia and in fact, just about everybody on or about that temperature. if you're headed out to school, well, grab the books and grab the umbrella this morning. 55 degrees by 8 o'clock. by noon, you're up to 58 degrees. and then by 3 o'clock on the way home, 59 degrees. that is your high. it will be cool all the way, kind of windy today and at times damp with some periods of rain in the morning and some showers still off and on
6:32 am
through the afternoon and into the evening. karen i'll have more on future tracker 6 tracking not only today's rain but also a little more that might pop through tomorrow morning. >> all right, dave, let's get more on this horrible accident scene in wynnefield. city avenue is still shut down between 59th street and 54th street and take a look at this. the action cam was on the scene right here and you can see the police on the scene with this debris everywhere. the car lost control hit a pole, flew into a tree on the sidewalk, the engine came out the driver was ejected. brought down a pole an tree. we're looking live right now as you can see the action cam on the scene in wynnefield. they've got a mess to clean up at this point and likely an accident investigation. you can stick to merion road and montgomery avenue or belmont avenue as your alternates. this accident montgomery avenue at church road has since cleared but we had two accidents near each other and one horrible one on city avenue keeping that shut down. let's check things out in malvern chester county. 202 at 29, this is southbound. we've got this accident a you have to the shoulder. a couple vehicles involved. police and penndot on the
6:33 am
scene with the arrow board mostly off to the shoulder. northbound no delays just yet coming in from west chester or exton but you see this accident still off to the side. on the ben franklin bridge, this is your westbound traffic coming into the city. four lanes opened today. we've had that right lane blocked for construction each morning it's been causing problems. not today. today is the first day we've got four lanes back opened and it's expected to stay that way for your morning commutes and evening commutes now that that construction is completed and the patco trains are running on both tracks here with the new schedule going into effect today. in barnegat ocean county we had this accident involving an overturned vehicle that is cleared but still some flooding could cause restrictions here 72 westbound past mermaid drive, matt. >> thank you karen. developing right now new video just into the news room from the scene of a suspicious severe in south philadelphia. police responded to the reports of a explosion at 4:00 a.m. this location is right below i-95. firefighters quickly put the fire out. not much left of the vehicle.
6:34 am
no one seems to know how that fire started. and also developing a fast moving fire injured at least two people and forced several families from their homes. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live on the scene in the city's hunting park section with a story of a brave rescue. katherine. >> reporter: matt, 18 people have been displaced. the houses here gutted. five homes damaged one way or the o if you take a look on the sidewalk in front of the home where the fire started you can see a charred bike. there's burned sneakers, a broken tv. two men were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation and we spoke to them as they returned to see what was left. >> i don't have no roof: >> reporter: sinclair page and leroy irv regular tenants. as soon as they were released they returned to see what was left of their homes. it was before 11:30 last night they were in their second floor unit on north pack avenue.
6:35 am
page smelled smoke and alerted the others. >> he said the house is on fire. i run downstairs and the whole front pomp was orange. i tried to open the door and everything was orange so i bust out windows and i jumped out the window. >> reporter: irv vin says someone helped catch him when he jumpd from a second floor window. firefighters helped page. >> by the time i got there the smoke was all over the place. they brought me down on the ladder. >> reporter: firefighters placed the fire under control in just under an hour. when they had arrived the fire was already heavy and it had spread. >> because of the porch construction, the fire extended to the right of the original fire dwelling involving four more other homes on the exterior as well as some damage in the interior >> reporter: and people who live here describe the porch as just a wall of fire. some people needed assistance getting out. as you heard. one woman tells me she watched at witnesses ran in to help
6:36 am
children or they helped catch some of the people as they were jumping from their building so obviously a lot of people pitching in to help here overnight. the cause of this fire remains under investigation. the fire marshal remains on the scene. l and i is investigating as well. live in hunting park, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> philadelphia police are investigating a home invasion robbery in the logan section. it happened on the 1400 block of west somerville avenue around 3:00 a.m. police say two men, one armed with a gun, broke into the house. it is not clear what exactly was taken. no one was physically hurt. >> this just in. a passenger who just arrived at a north jersey airport is being evaluated for possible ebola symptoms. the passenger arrived at newark liberty international airport on a flight from brussells and was taken by answer to the hospital. the person was flagged during the enhanced screening process at newark for individuals arriving from west african
6:37 am
countries that are the source of the ebola outbreak. the passenger was identified as reporting symptoms or having had a potential exposure to the ebola virus. >> three american girls are back at home in denver after hopping on plane to germany. federal investigators are trying to determine if they were trying to join isis terrorists. sources tell abc news jihadist propaganda videos like these lured three american high school girls on a mission to join terrorists in syria. the girls are ages 15, 16 and 17 and are of sudanese and somali descent. authorities are not identifying them because of their young age. the girls had plane tickets that would have taken them to syria. after they disappeared last weekend their families contacted the fbi and now the fbi is trying to determine if their flights were funded by radicals overseas. >> let's turn now to dave murphy. some heavy rain falling in some spots. >> yeah, some spots, matt. as we take a look at storm
6:38 am
tracker 6 live double scan right now you can see that there are a couple areas of yellow indicating the heavier rain and as we go in over top of this rain and look straight down on it you can see that some of it is over by wilmington. however that is spinning away. that yellow in northern new jersey is spinning toward trenton and let's go ahead and put in it motion. this is a big band of rain that's circulating in off the ocean kind of wrapping down to the southwest around an area of low pressure south of cape may and the heavy stuff popping in toward trenton is certainly steady enough to show you down on the roads. looks like most of this right now is tracking toward the north of the center of the city but now pretty close to trenton center you're getting some of that yellow so that's significant rain popping in there. philadelphia has just been in and out of the lighter rain and if we go down to the south that heavier stuff pushing away from wilmington and just to the south of newark and now sort of pinwheel down to the south and west of you. so, it's damp out there this morning but we're kind of dodging the bullet in most areas with that heavy rain kind of splitting the
6:39 am
difference between areas to the south of wilmington and then up by trenton you're getting some of the steadier stuff. as we take a look outside we got cloudy skies out there. obviously it is damp. a lot of your road conditions are less than perfect because of the rain. atlantic city hasn't seen a whole lot lately, though, so that's one of the spots where it might be a little bit drier on the road surfaces. temperature right now is 57 degrees. your winds out of the north at 14 and we're expecting it to be a somewhat windy day. in terms of where the rain is going between now up until 8 o'clock it's possible we have some steadier stuff trying to wrap down into philadelphia. northern and western suburbs not so much. still looks like south jersey and southern delaware are dry. but then later in the day up to about noon some of this is going to start to pinwheel through and just about everybody could see at least some light rain at times up until noon. later this afternoon it looks like most of this wants to push back down by the shore. if you're down along the coast, are you probably looking at a fairly wet one all day. the farther you go north and west the better chance you have of some periods where
6:40 am
it's just kind of drying out. and by 10:30 tonight we're probably down to to some lighter sprinkles and showers. adam and cecily will be on the air later tonight to get you through. that allentown is going to be cool but in philadelphia we'll probably be maybe a couple degrees milder. everybody, however, is going to wind up in the 50's today. philadelphia's high only 59. you can see how temperatures really aren't going that far today. high temperatures across the region, 58 allentown, line in philadelphia, up are 60's down the shore today. windy and at times wet. tomorrow morning a couple of sprinkles and showers around. afternoon we're looking to see drying and tomorrow afternoon should be on the whole dry. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, cloudy and rainy today, 59 degrees is your forecast high. periods of rain steady at times in the morning. during the afternoon a better chance of it being kind of lighter precipitation but still out there. morning rain on thursday as you just saw, it's light sprinkles and showers. possible afternoon clearing with maybe some sun coming back, 57 is the high. after that high pressure begins to get closer to us and
6:41 am
we wind up with a nice stretch of weather. friday breezy, a mix of clouds and sun but dry, 62 degrees is your high. saturday we're up to 67 with sun and clouds. and 66, sunny and breezy on sunday. so, getting better this weekend. >> yeah, looks like it. thank you david. time right now is 6:41. more brand new stories are next including the side line football brawl that sacked the rest of the season for a group of players, even though they didn't have anything to do with the fight. karen. >> the accidents just keep coming in. a new one, this is westbound vine at broad street. watch for an accident involving this truck and yet avenue. details when "action news"
6:42 am
6:44 am
>> ♪ >> good morning everyone. 6:44 on this wednesday morning and we're taking a live look at this really nasty crash involving a driver of a cadillac in the wynnefield section of the city. unclear how badly the driver was injured but oh what a story it was smashing into a pole on a tree driving on the sidewalk. the driver was ejected along with the engine of the vehicle and it still is leading to traffic delays on city avenue. >> yeah and karen has been monitoring this all morning so she hiation the latest information on how you can avoid. >> brought down a pole, brought down a tree. the engine flew out of the car onto the sidewalk and so 59th street is closed city avenue closed between 59th street and
6:45 am
54th street. as we pan over you can kind of see the police tape setting un, closure points in that area and the debris. here's another thing that we look live you can see the wet leaves over the roadway as well. you need to be careful as you're traveling out today but right near here we had an accident city avenue at 59th street involving a septa bus and a car and that is in the process of moving on out right now. so, you have one accident that just happened here on city avenue and 59th street. as we couldn't to pan over you see police on the scene with this. unclear exactly how that accident happened but right at that closure point at 59th street where it was closed anyway and people were maybe detouring off an accident involving a septa bus and a car in the process of clearing out right now. we see police directing traffic around the scene. what you can do is stick to merion road or belmont avenue. we have not one but two accidents on city avenue in wynnefield and of course one horrible one that brought down a pole and tree and everyone is still out there at the scene with that one and that second one in process of
6:46 am
clearing out. action cam live on the scene giving us the latest. we want to get some speeds on what's going on on the roads. i-95, 21 miles an hour. i-95 cottman 16 miles at girard past bridge street to girard. on the vine street expressway westbound near broad street we talked about this accident involving a box truck that's been out there causing problems blocking the left lane and the center lane. construction on the ben franklin bridge is clear and there are those accidents on city avenue. lots of other issues out there. another one an accident on the shoulder 202 at 29. watch for that southbound with that accident and vehicles off to the shoulder and a new one in gloucester township on the atlantic city expressway eastbound at berlin cross keys road. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing that heavy rain that has been pushing in from off the coastline. while it's just damp in philadelphia, very wet along the coast. garden state parkway route nine as well as route 70, i-195 and some of that rain pushing into trenton now on i-95, erin. >> thanks so much karen.
6:47 am
two youth football teams in washington state have been suspended because a fight broke out between two parents. cell phone video captured the slugfest in the stands. it happened after one of the players broke his arm during the game. witnesses say some shouted racial slurs during the fight. the counsel that manages the league has suspended the two teams of nine and 10-year-olds the parents in the fight could face assault charges. parents who were not fileting say it's unfair to punish the children for something the adults were responsible for. >> pocono mountain schools reopen today while the search for a cop killer continues in the district's backyard. state police and the fbi executed a series of week in the community of swift water to ensure eric fourteen was not hiding on school grounds. it followed a credible spotting. the search for frein is focused on more heavily trafficked areas rather than the deep woods. in this high profile mission it is making life especially difficult on james tullly. the monroe county man says
6:48 am
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maxx what matters most to you. >> time for a preview of "good morning america." >> let's turn to amy robach to see what's coming up in about nine and a half minutes. hey, amy. >> reporter: very precise
6:51 am
matt. nice to be with you this morning. erin great to be with you as well. coming up next on good morning america breaking overnight travelers from the three countries at the center of the west african ebola outbreak must enter the country from one of five major airports amid two new virus scares in new jersey and chicago. we're live with the very latest. and the new concerns about home grown terrorists. three american teens allegedly lured over the internet to leave the country and join muslim radicals in syria. our pierre thomas has details from washington. and then terrifying moments caught on camera. a young woman attacked at an atm in broad daylight. what you need to know to stay safe at the cash machine. and then we have tv's funniest dad, there he is modern family 's ty burrell joins us this morning and then we have annie lennox performing live coming up next on "gma." matt and erin back to you. >> thanks amy. >> good one. >> yeah, sounds like a good
6:52 am
one. let's give you an update on this accident in center city as we go outside live, this is the vine street expressway at eighth street. westbound traffic near broad street, an accident was involving a truck there blocking two lanes. it is clear but we're still heavy from past i-95 to the schuylkill on the westbound vine. 42 northbound heavy at well well all the way from the a.c. expressway to 295. so it's a slow go there and in stratford camden county white horse pike an accident involving a pedestrian. another one in gloucester township, dave. >> all right, karen, storm tracker 6 live double scan on the big board shows that you we've got two clusters of heavy rain. the first is now pushing out of new castle county delaware good riddance. the other one though is coming through ocean county northern burlington county still pushing in toward trenton. it's a little damp out there. as you're dressing the kids some of you may want an umbrella on the way in depending on where you are beneath that rain or out from under it and this afternoon might be a good idea to keep an umbrella handy just because there's still a chance of at least some spotty showers. as you're headed through the day, i might hold off running
6:53 am
errands until later maybe around lunchtime or the early afternoon because there is a chance of steady pockets of rain through the morning but once we get into the afternoon, probably more lighter showery activity most 59 degrees is your forecast high today. we'll be back with your top stories. >> ♪ >> "action news" is sponsored by west chester university. distinguished and affordable. learn more. there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us.
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>> top stories at 6:56. firefighters rescued two people from an early morning blaze that ripped through five homes in the hundreding park section. the people are being treater for burns at the hospital. the red cross is finding temporary shelter for 12 adults and six children. a driver crashed into a pole along city avenue, ran along the sidewalk, crashed into a tree leading to that driver being ejected and the engine being thrown onto the sidewalk. it is unclear how badly the driver was injured. >> a horrible accident scene that the still out there as the action cam is now live in that area. city avenue closed between 59th and 54th street. it was just a single vehicle accident that caused the problem but a downed tree, downed pole they've got to clean up. city avenue at 59th street near here we had an accident involving a septa bus and a car that's clearing. >> the road is wet in that picture,, too karen and storm tracker 6 live double scan
6:57 am
still shows some rain popping through and kind of pushing off toward the northwest. 59. off and on rain today, matt and erin. >> "gma" next. we got to go. see ya'. >> ♪ >> "action news" is response in order part by the jeff d'ambrosio auto group. minutes from king of prussia and the delaware state line featuring chrysler dodge
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. good morning, america. breaking right now, a powerful storm. heavy rain and fierce winds slamming the northeast right now. lightning over manhattan. a waterspout forming off the coast, and torrential rains in florida as a new tropical storm is brewing in the gulf. three teenager girls caught trying to join muslim militants in syria. they were lured by videos. were they going to marry radi l radicals? this young woman behind bars for that. and renée zellweger, the online buzz this week, what's behind her dramatic transformation. and check this