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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 22, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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. good morning, america. breaking right now, a powerful storm. heavy rain and fierce winds slamming the northeast right now. lightning over manhattan. a waterspout forming off the coast, and torrential rains in florida as a new tropical storm is brewing in the gulf. three teenager girls caught trying to join muslim militants in syria. they were lured by videos. were they going to marry radi l radicals? this young woman behind bars for that. and renée zellweger, the online buzz this week, what's behind her dramatic transformation. and check this out, the
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first hoverboard since marty mcfly and "back to the future ii"? it was at the top of every kid's kish list 25 years ago. you see the rain drops there on the camera. can you believe it's been 25 years since "back to the future ii"? >> no, but hearing the music sends me back. >> science fiction may be turning into reality. >> comes back. >> thank you. we are remembering a legends in our business. ben bradlee, led the "washington post" for so many years. the driving force behind some of the biggest stories of the century. the stories that quicken your pulse. we're going to have much more ahead. >> he did have an impact.
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he certainly did. but begin with the severe weather up and down the east coast. torrential rain, flooding, wind and right now. >> it's happening this morning. we have crossed the line from uncomfortable and annoying to potentially dangerous. flood advisories from boston and earlier new york city. under a low pressure system, and thunderstorms rolling over each other. from new jersey to d.c. that's going to move to the north and east. the hardest is in the next 48 hours, especially from coastal new england, up with through maine. but plenty of rain here. see some road closures and ponding. and hopefully nothing like this. this is west palm beach, florida. picking up more than 9 inches falling in just one day. and that tropical depression over mexico adds more moisture. and the start of the weekend for florida, having all of that information coming up in the
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next nation's weather. >> whole lot coming this way. turn now to ebola in america. and a new scare, one passenger rushed to a hospital after landing in newark, showing some signs of the deadly disease. two in chicago as strict new rules take effect this morning. gio benitez is at newark international with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the concern is the passenger got off the plane at this terminal showing at least one symptom. now starting today, a major crackdown at u.s. airports. this morning, new ebola scares echoing from the tristate area to the heartland. a passenger believed to be liberian arriving on a united airlines plane in newark with fever symptoms. immediately rushed by ambulance to university medical center in newark. workers in masks surround the ambulance, later sealed as a possible biohazard. they are in quarantine. and in chicago, two passengers, one adult and one child were ill
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on separate flights into o'hare. this as the united states government implements strict restrictions on travelers from seeiary ya lyonne, liberia and new guinea. they must enter the u.s. from one of just five major airports. 150 passengers a day travel to the u.s. from one of the three hot spots. 6% arrive at an airport other than the five designated. homeland security said they should contact the airlines for rebooking as needed. if health officials determine there is any risk at all, then the cdc will contact every passenger on that plane. >> thank you very much. now to the new concerns about home grown terrorists. the fbi investigating three teenage girls caught trying to make their way to syria to join muslim radicals. allegedly lured over the
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internet. pierre thomas has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this is another disturbing sign that radicals in syria have become quite effective at recruiting american young people, even teens. this morning in a denver muslim community where these three girls are from, shock and concern. >> my blood ran cold. if these young girls did make connections with someone, i'm very confident it was through the internet. >> reporter: the girls of sudanese and somali decent, only 15, 16 and 17 are not being identified because of their young age. sources tell abc news they were seduced by videos like this. >> advice that i have for the sisters is very important that they come. >> reporter: videos that call for violent jihad and hatred of the west. the girls were convinced to fly from doerch germany with plans to take them to turkey and syria to the middle of a bloody civil war. last friday the father of two of
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the teens filed an urgent missing persons report. he later found their passports are were missing along with $2,000 in cash. they were stopped by authorities in germany and sent home. sources tell abz the fbi is now investigating whether they were recruited by a shadowy network of radicals overseas who may have funded the trip. >> another example of someone who's created a very slick, sophisticated package. coupled with money and adventure. >> reporter: this is the second case out of denver in recent months. a 19-year-old woman who was going to syria to marry a radical recently pleaded guilty to helping terrorists. she now knows it was a terrible mistake. >> she was led astray and now paying the price for those choices. >> reporter: now prosecutors face the difficult decision whether to prosecute. they must decide if they were
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misguided children or potential radicals. >> thank you. and now to amy with the other top stories. good morning. another possible scandal for the secret service. some agents were pulled from white house duty to respond to a private dispute between a secret service employee and her neighbor nearly an hour away from the white house. president obama was home at least twice when agents were pulled which the report called problematic. the man armed with the knife who ran into the white house has been deem incompetent to stand trial following a mental health assessment. the official autopsy on ferguson, missouri, teenager appears to support the account by the police officer who shot him. the autopsy obtained by the st. louis post dispatch found brown was shot nine times, including once in the hand at close range.
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which could indicate that he did not have his hands up and may have been reaching for officer darren wilson's gun. the autopsy also found brown had marijuana in his system. the government is expanding that massive recall of defective air bags that could explode and send pieces of metal flying through your car. more than 6 million vehicles are affected, up from 4.5 million. in warmer climates they are being urged to get them replaced immediately. it's honda, toyota, gm and ford among others. on yahoo has a complete list of the vehicles affected. and look at this scary scene on a pennsylvania highway, a woman caught on camera swerving between lines. two men behind her recording every move until she slams into that oncoming car. she is okay. one witness claims the driver had a phone in her hand. no word if charges will be filed. and just in time for the
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upcoming holiday season, major airlines are raising ticket prices. rebecca jarvis has a key tip for travelers this morning. >> just as you're getting ready to book that trip over the river and through the woods, the airlines are now hiking fares. united, delta, u.s. airways, jett bleu and southwest all upping round trip tickets by $4. >> it may not sound like a lot, but on top of the fees, just another blow to customers. >> reporter: it's the fifth fare hike so far this year. but what makes this one infuriating for some travelers, it comes just as the airlines are reporting record earnings and falling fuel costs. if oil prices stay here, the airlines will save $8 billion over the next year. but those tickets to grandmother's house over thanksgiving, they're still getting more expensive. from chicago to dallas will now
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cost you about $400. that's 4% more than last year. >> the key is to book now. after today, tickets will go up 5%. >> reporter: or for the cheapest seats, book those tickets for thanksgiving day. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> great advice, thank you. and there was no contest during last night's world series opener. the giants took an early lead and never looked back. stunning the royals 7-1. but something off the field got our attention. and this could be a record. look at that. this royals fan walking to his seats sporting a pair of 47-inch moose antlers. that's because his favorite player is third baseman mike moosetakas. it helped, he had one of the four hits last night. the problem was that the royals only had four hits last night. >> i was wondering how you were
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going to play that one. >> those are real? >> apparently so. >> wow. that's something. thanks. and breaking news in the mysterious disappearance of a pregnant ohio woman. police discovered her body and arrested her boyfriend. alex perez has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. so much unfolding the last few hours. authorities were saying -- the situation in this case, looking for her remains and they discovered them in the early overnight hours. a community in mourning as 22-year-old samantha greenlee's body found in a wooded area just a few hours ago, 15 miles from her home in columbus, ohio. three months pregnant when she disappeared. and now the father, her boyfriend, jacob fer rare row, seen here, arrested and charged with aggravated arson. he gave a full confession, leading them to her body.
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she was last seen two weeks ago, heading to the home she shared with him after a waitressing shift. two days later, she missed a doctors appointment. then investigators discovered a raging fire in the apartment, destroying everything inside. he originally told police a dog kicked over a candle. but said he set the fire to cover up evidence. at a vigil last night, her mother and father were hopeful she would be found. >> she was a caring person. she would do stuff for others before she would think about herself. and it's not samantha. >> samantha would have contacted us by now. there's a reason why she's not contacting us. >> reporter: she was looking forward to thanksgiving and was so excited to become a mother. investigators still working to piece together many details here. family members, of course, still searching for answers, including a motive.
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he is due in court tomorrow. >> so sad when we learned that. thank you. and now with the flu season fast approaching, a new report revealing that the nasal spray is more effective than a shot in protecting young children. dr. richard besser is here with more. so the spray, not the shot for young kids. >> yes. as a parent and pediatrician, i love this story. it means you can protect kids without the needle. kids 2 to 8, it turns out that the nasal spray, this is it, no needle, it is more effective. prevents 50% more than the shot. it's that much better. >> any child gebetween that agef 2 and 8 that should not get the spray? >> allergic to eggs, asthma, a history of wheezing. everyone above 6 months should get a flu vaccine, and you can
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give this 2 to 49. >> some adults don't like the shot either. >> here's a choice for you. >> but to the age of 49. and even above that, seniors are really susceptible during flu season. and there's a higher dose for them? >> yes. and really good news. they're the group at highest risk of severe flu. there's now a high-dose flu vaccine that gives them higher protection. and many doctors, including myself, say that's the way to go. >> many of us were talking about, with the concerns about ebola, how would that affect the flu season? there's so many symptoms that are similar. >> body ache, headache, fever. they look the same. you want to stay out of the emergency room this winter. and getting a flu shot will help ensure -- or reduce the chances you're going to get an illness in that mess. you don't want to be there. protect yourself. >> thank you so much. and now we celebrate the life of ben bradlee.
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the ground breaking editor of the "washington post" died tuesday. he wanted to get the story, get it right, and give no ground to the powerful. in news rooms, he's a legend. for reporting on history, and making it. >> in my naive way when i first came to this town, i didn't think presidents lied. >> reporter: veteran of world war ii, buddy of jfk. in 1968, ben bradley became the executive editor of the "washington post." for 29 years, the fearless, dashing and loved leader. fighting to publish the pentagon papers in 1981. >> we were going to publish material in which in our mind had the public had the right to know and did no damage to the united states. >> reporter: and year later with the story of a lifetime. bradlee backed and guided
7:16 am
woodward and bernstein, then unknown, with the water gate scandal. >> they have done an extraordinary job. on a roll, nobody else was touching them. >> reporter: in the movie version, he was channelled by jason robars. >> i can't do the reporting for the reporters. i have to trust them. >> reporter: in real life, it helped dismantel the nixen administration. >> i will resign the presidency tomorrow. >> reporter: remembering bradlee the night wildfire his death. here . >> here's an editor without politics. that guided him in his career, guided him in his life. >> we need more ben bradlees. >> reporter: he and his wife, quinn, were at the center of washington social life. she stayed by his side.
7:17 am
>> i don't think we have ever been as loving as we are now. >> reporter: when he received the medal of freedom last year, he was called a titan of journalism. a newsman forever. >> i miss the times when the story just plain consumes the readers. when people seem to talk about nothing else. but i miss the excitement of the stories that quicken your pulse. that's when a newspaper man can get on with the job he was born to do. not many of us were lucky enough to get that exhilarating opportunity again and again and again. he's a man so full of life and vital. and sally quinn cared for him so well in the final years. great love story. >> we are thinking of sally. and so ginger, more on the tropical disturbance. >> it's 9 in the gulf, could become hannah. and could add a lot of moisture
7:18 am
to south florida. haven't we seen rain out of western palm beach and miami? yes, we have. but we put on the water vapor imagery, the satellite to see how much moisture is in the air. why it's going to be dry for the southeast and why it's not going to make it up. that cold front and the stationary going to act like a fence to block the moisture. you have that. and washington state into oregon. right along the coast, pick up to 7 inches of rain. and comes along with 65 mile per hour gusts. pacific northwest, tonight, it's the worth. first, the rainy cities brought to you by walgreens.
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>> hi, dave murphy with an update from accuweather. you have a couple showers pushing in offer ocean and kind of circulating through the region. looks like the central portion of the i-95 corridor getting most of this right now. stepping outside we have cloudy skies be and some roads are wet so plan on a little bit slow going this morning. temperature in the 50 right now and staying there today. cloudy at times rainy today. 59 degrees is the high. tomorrow morning rain giving way to afternoon drying, 57 is your high tomorrow. >> so i have been using that word raw for the northeast today. it's going to work today. chicago warm up considerably at the end of the week. that's coming up next. >> good for them. thanks, ginger. coming up, dramatic first day in the retrial of jodi arias. the strategy her lawyers are
7:20 am
using to try to prevent the death penalty. a young woman attacked at an atm during the day. how to stay safe when getting cash. and renée zellweger is speaking out about questions concerning her new look. and the first hoverboard since "back to the future ii"? could you be going through the air like marty mcfly? >> so cool. and how missing sleep could make you a big danger on the road. what you need to know before that commute this morning. come on back. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging, could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" is brought to >> ♪ patient first. >> good morning everyone, it's 7:26 on this wednesday october 22nd. i'm matt o'donnell and it's a bit rainy in some spots. let's check the roads with karen rogers. hi, karen. >> hi, matt. we have a big problem in wynnefield. city avenue closed and the action cam was on the scene with this one and you can see this car just lost control and
7:27 am
as we're looking live right there you can see the wreckage of this accident still out there. the car hit a pole flipped into a tree landed on its roof there. you can see the engine flew out and there's debris over. the driver was ejected. city avenue closed between 59th and 54th street. stick to merion road and montgomery out of or belmont avenue. i-95 at academy. accident par shahly block the on-ramp so watch for that. we see police on the scene. not causing a major delay but a slow go there and your southbound traffic slow. look at the westbound ben franklin bridge. coming into the city you're jammed from the mid span to eighth and vine and this is with no construction. the first day we've got four lanes opened but it is jammed, matt. >> we have another look at the ben franklin bridge right here. can't see the traffic but you can see how cloudy and sort of gloomy it is out there right now. let's go to dave murphy for the accuweather forecast. david. >> all right, matt we have some light rain and drizzle on the terrace. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows that you in places
7:28 am
like mercer county and lower bucks county the rain is steady. the rest of us just seeing that light stuff pop up from the ocean. 57 degrees right now in philadelphia. everybody in the 50's in fact and as i mentioned a little windy and cool. today's lie is 59. look for periods of rain or at least some showers into the evening. 57 degrees tomorrow with morning dampness, afternoon drying. matt. >> thank you david. scenes from the presentation of the liberty medal to a nobel peace prize winner poster on >> ♪
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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♪ this is the part when i break free ♪ remember her? glowee zoe. it went so viral, this year her father decided to do it again. stepped up his game. that's so cute. and we're going to share this morning how he pulled it off again. >> you know how i can tell it's halloween around here? when the green screen is upstairs. the green screen is up, so we know something is brewing for halloween with us. also this morning, a dramatic first day in the retrial of jodi arias. how her lawyer is trying a new strategy to keep her from the death penalty. and we have some dangers to tell you about this morning at the atm. a terrifying scene caught on camera, a woman attacked
7:31 am
withdrawing money. what you need to know to stay safe. and you remember the hoverboard from "back to the future ii"? it's 25 years since the movie hit thee terse. we are going to tell you how and when and where that is. we are going to get back with jodi arias back in court. the death or life in prison. ryan owens is in phoenix, on the case from the start. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning to you. this new jury hearing about the same old jodi arias. how she murdered her boyfriend and then lied all about it. but if you think her defense team can't come up with something new, think again. convicted killer jodi arias has a new look. her demur dark hair is shorter. and also new, the strategy to save her life. at least twice in opening
7:32 am
statements tuesday, her attorney kaurled her a troubled, mentally ill young woman. that's quite a change from she told the first jury, she was a battered woman forced to kill travis alexander after a fight in 2008. >> he attacked me and i defended myself. >> reporter: but the first jury didn't buy it and convicted her of first-degree murder. this retrial is only about whether the 34-year-old should die or spend the rest of her life in prison. fiery prosecutor juan martinez wants her on death row. and he started the argument documenting what he called a slaughter. a successful mormon businessman shot and repeatedly stabbed as he showers at the hands of his ex-girlfriend. 18 jurors, 12 plus 6 alternates. overwhelmingly female, many are young. close to the same age as the woman they now must decide lives
7:33 am
or dies. a decision her first jury deadlocked on last year. if you were on that jury and you had heard what they have heard, would you kill you? >> i don't believe in capital punishment. so the answer would be no. >> reporter: so later today the medical examiner will be on the stand. and more from the lead detective. george, you almost have to feel sorry for this brand new jury. it's only day two, and they have gruesome crime seen photos, autopsy photos and sexually explicit photos. so much for easing into the case. >> that's true. and a clear strategy, putting the evidence out there right away. >> it's clear. the prosecution saying this was an incredibly cruel and heinous crime. that's the most important thing. the defense saying she's mentally ill, remorseful, never
7:34 am
committed a crime before. they have to balance the aggravating circumstances with the mitigating circumstances. what does that mean? they have to make a gut call on do they want to give jodi arias the death penalty? that's not an easy place for prosecutors to be. because they have to get all 12 of them to agree to sentence her to death. something that last jury did not do. >> i have never heard of a retrial on sentencing. >> only in two states where you can retry the death penalty phase much a case. arizona is one of those states. this is an unusual thing to do this. they didn't have to. i've said this publicly before. i think they should have and cut a deal to give her life in prison and end it. but the family of travis alexander wants that, and the prosecutor wants the new trial. in the end, it's up to the prosecutor to move forward. >> and this jury deciding one thing only, does she get the death penalty? >> that's it. and if they can't agree on
7:35 am
death, it's over. life with parole or life without parole, but no retrial if this jury hangs. >> and that's up to the judge, parole or no parole. >> very odd. now to dangers at the atm. a scary scene, an attempt eed robbery of a young woman in broad daylight. how can you stay safe? gio benitez has that story. >> reporter: bank brutality. look at these images as a man allegedly attacks a 20-year-old woman at a florida atm monday night. wrapping his arm around her throat, demanding money. he takes off when she hits the car alarm panic button. shaking the community, and catching the attention of the alleged crooks boyfriend. >> he's my boyfriend, he's in the room sleeping. >> does he know you're calling? >> reporter: police arrest him.
7:36 am
but it turns out most atm robberies happen between midnight and 4:00 a.m. and more likely to occur at walkup atms than drive throughs. watch what happens one night in virginia. a man runs up to a woman's window, pointing a gun. she gives him cash and speeds off. it can happen in broad daylight too. even behind the secure bank doors. in new york, a man stole 300 bucks from this woman at an atm. we turn to bank what's the first thing you have to do? >> go to a well-lit area, or an atm in a retail outlet. that's going to have a lot of traffic. >> reporter: experts say don't use any atms on corners. that's an easy hiding spot for a thief. don't wear flashy jewelry. that could tempt a crook. don't count your cash at the atm, wait until you're in private. and one you didn't think of --
7:37 am
>> plan ahead, keep deposit slips at the house, fill them out, pop in front of the machine, get the deposit in and get out. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news. new york. i never thought about it at the corner. so many times you see the atm there. and time now for the weather. that's a beautiful sunrise. >> sometimes i have nice things to say too. and this is one, winfield, kansas. and that shot, associated with the warm weather coming in. oklahoma city today, 80, kansas city, 71. and even sioux falls are will make it to 70. it's not ending there. places like chicago that have been slightly below average, a little bitticy. look at the numbers, well into the 60s bit weekend. minneapolis, making it to 70 bit end of the week. kansas city, 81 in the peak. and indianapolis will get to the big 7-0 into the weekend. then it's going to change.
7:38 am
but let's just fwd ago ahead an marinade on this. and back here, talking about the heavy rain >> thanks, ginger, dave murphy on the otter it's cloudy windy and drizzlely with showers in parts of region. 59 is today's high, cloudy and at times damp with periods of rain and showers. morning rain >> all that weather brought to you by carmax. jus marinading in the picture a little bit too. >> nothing raw about that picture. >> that is beautiful. thanks. coming up, how missing just a few hours of sleep can make you a big danger on the road. what you need to know before your commute this morning. and renée zellweger, taking on the questions about her new look. take your time. built-in nav, heated seats for mom, dvd with wireless headphones for the kids! and tons of room for the golf clubs!
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we're back now at 7:42 with actress renée zellweger. she is generating a lot of buzz right now. looking quite different on the red carpet and speaki ining out. she's noticing that people are noticing she's happier and healthier than ever. paula faris has the story. >> reporter: this morning, reéee zellweger is speaking out after these photos went viral. the oscar winner making a rare appearance at el's women in hollywood awards and sparking buzz on her new and decidedly
7:43 am
different appearance. but in an exclusive interview with "people" magazine, saying i'm glad folks think i look different. i'm living a more happy and fulfilling life. and i'm thrilled it shows. while the 45-year-old has often transformed onscreen, from her gritty bare faced turn in "cold mountain," to her dramatic weight gain for her portrayal of bridget jones. >> you had me at hello. >> reporter: this off-screen transformation had many wondering if they were saying hello to an entirely different person. from headlines to twitter users asking what has renee swée zell done to her face and speculating it's cosmetic surgery. but she says it's a lifestyle. for a long time, i wasn't doing well. i took on a schedule that's not
7:44 am
sustainable and didn't allow for taking care of myself. i was aware of the chaos and finally chose different things. ♪ and that's good the "chicago" star saying that nowadays she's comfortable in her own skin. transformed inside and out. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> fun to see the old movies. she's great. >> i love how she's happy and healthy. that's what matters. way to turn negative into a positive. looking good. and coming up, three secrets to becoming stress-proof starting right now. the changes you can make to be more relaxed. >> take a breath. and big news for "back to the future" fans. is the hoverboard really about to become reality 25 years after the big hit the big screen? ♪ when change is in the air you see things in a whole new way.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
♪ back now with "back to the future." we have been loving here this morning. a trip down memory lane this morning. it's been 25 years, can you believe it? since the sequel hit the big screen. one of the biggest stars of the movie, okay, michael j. >> he was. >> hoverboard. and soon you may be able to buy one. t.j. holmes is in the social square with much more on that. hey, there, t.j. >> i get this right, robin, delivery guys on bikes, people
7:49 am
walking and texting, and people on scooters. but you want to add to the way that people can run me over while walking down the streets of new york. i got it. let's give them hoverboards. >> i need to borrow your -- hoverboard. >> reporter: admit it. you wanted one of these. the gravity-defying hoverboard in "back to the future part ii" well, today, the future is here. just in time for the 25th anniversary of the time-travel classic, a california inventor is launching a kickstarter campaign to bring the hendo hoverboard to the world. >> it was the perfect example of a steppingstone. can't go over hedges or normal sidewalks, but getting closer. >> reporter: ever since it was october 21st, 2015, "back to the future" fans have been trying to get their hands on the real
7:50 am
deal. thanks to robert swre me kis of stunt men testing the boards in behind the scenes special. >> it's been around for years. we got our hands on some and put them in the movie. >> reporter: there have been close calls, the water one, and this one in 2012, with the heartbreaking print, hoverboard will not hover. hendo hover is pulling in more than 200,000 of the $250,000 goal. >> great scot. >> reporter: all right, you excited ? calm down, kids. let me explain, here. this is not about hoverboards. they want to showcase the technology, the hover technology could be used in architecture with buildings and better withstand earthquakes. >> all right. >> but we still want the board. >> thanks, t.j.
7:51 am
can we have the board still? we're not kids, but we want it. >> and coming up, gisele is speaking up on motherhood. why she puts herself before her kids. that's the model for being a good mom. and, you know, the connection between annie lenox and rich besser? there's a connection, coming up. come on back. is a lifeline forast cancer so many people. it is more than a community. it is a family. there's always a hug. you're friends for life. when i needed guidance, and i needed support, living beyond breast cancer was there. last year, 5-hour energy raised over $340,000 for living beyond breast cancer purchase a specially marked bottle now through december 31st... and a portion of the proceeds will help breast cancer survivors live beyond their diagnosis.
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7:56 am
>> ♪ >> breaking here at 7:56 police confirmed a driver is dead from this horrible crash along city avenue in philadelphia. the cadillac smashed into a pole then traveled along the sidewalk hit tree and split into two pieces. the male driver and the car's engine were both tossed from the wreckage. karen rogers has more on this continue backup more than four hours after this crash. >> yeah, matt, we can see it's still closed at this point. you've got the cleanup of the debris. you can see the car, the debris everywhere but it also brought down the pole and trees. they have to clean that up including an accident investigation so city avenue is closed between 59th and 54th street. you could stick to merion road
7:57 am
and montgomery avenue or belmont avenue instead. now we're looking live on the schuylkill expressway. no accidents but some heavier than normal traffic. i think the wet weather causing a little bit of a slow go, 38 minutes westbound from the vine to the blue route and that accident that was on the ramp from the blue route northbound, that has since cleared. eastbound traffic heavy as well. a couple of new accidents. one on the northeast extension northbound approaching lansdale. it's out on the right lane. another in west chester here on strasburg road and marshalton thorndale road. one in williams town, fire department on the scene, ems on the scene. this sounds like a nasty one 12th street and jackson road matt. >> thank you karen. dave murphy has an umbrella up where he is. let's see if you need one where you are. good morning david. >> fine, light rain falling on the terrace. storm tracker 6 live double scan most of the rain falling across the region highlight in there lighter shades of green. it's nuisance rain but has filtered in through much of the northern and western suburbs. steadier stuff up by trenton high lighted in yellow. temperatures in the 50's
7:58 am
everywhere so grab are coat on the way out. it's also windy. your seven day shows a high of 59 today with periods of rain and showers into the evening and then rain tomorrow morning. matt. much. we'll be back in about 25 minutes. ♪ ♪ only one place helps you maximize everything in your life, everyday. the place where you always get more than you pay for... t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. this fall, shop smarter. maxx first! doesn't everyone deserve a maxx life? t.j.maxx. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion
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8:00 am
♪ hear me roar good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and jennifer garner blasting hollywood. >> how do you balance work and family? >> why she is passionately speaking out now. a big alert before your morning commute. how missing just a few hours of sleep could be deadly on the road. ♪ and the face factor. the new research revealing the way people perceive you could be the key to success. and gisele bünchen hoünchen up about being a mother of three, why why it's the most important job, but puts herself first. and the breakout costume of last halloween. now glowy zoe is back.
8:01 am
as we say -- >> good morning, america -- well, out in times square this morning. that's not stopping anybody from coming out and saying hello to tomberg ron. we brought him inside. >> it's always good to be here to break out the old mime routine. a mime is a terrible thing to waste. >> you really were a mime. >> i was. i was the guy annoying you in public parks. >> i thought that was you. >> that was me. we have a lot going on. dancing and america's funniest videos. >> 25th season. >> congratulations. and a great cause you're a part of. >> toys fors to the. >> always a pleasure to have you here, tom. >> thank you. also this morning, superstar trainer shaun t is here. the best selling insanity workout. many of the stars use it.
8:02 am
now a free personal training session live on our website, on yahoo!. and three secrets to becomibecome ing stress-proof starting right now. i wonder if this one works for you. >> yes, vodka. >> videos of pandas. >> oh, yes, that too. >> watched while on vodka. >> look. they're drunken pandas. >> always. >> what are they doing? look at that. >> believe it or not, that video is one of the keys. >> how could you be stressed seeing this video? >> i feel better already. >> they look like cuter skunks, don't they? >> big ones. tom will be back in a little bit. news from amy now. good morning, everyone. and we begin with the first video this morning of an ohio man returning on board a military jet after spending nearly six months in north korea. jeffrey fowle getting a big hug.
8:03 am
he was arrested in north korea for allegedly leaving a bible at a nightclub. two other americans are still detained in that country. new ebola scares at two u.s. airports overnight. one from west africa was rushed to the hospital after landing in newark, nng. two others in chicago. strict new rule this is morning. travelers from liberia, sierra leone and new guinea must enter through jfk, newark, dallas, atlanta or o'hare. and ashoka mukpo is going home. he's clear of ebola. and nina pham has been upgraded to good condition. prosecutors in california are deciding whether or not to bring charges against three teenage girls trying to join isis fighters in the middle east. the girls, as young as 15, had plans to go to turkey and syria. sources say they were seduced by
8:04 am
a growing number of recruitment videos online targeting american girls. the autopsy on ferguson, missouri, teenager, michael brown, is out this morning. it sparked national outrage, his shooting. the report said brown had nine bullet wounds and was shot in the hand at close range. indicating that he could have been reaching for officer darren wilson's gun. a car crash in fresno, california. a man backing out of a garage. lost control. i think you know what's going to happen next. crashed through a fence and ended up at the bottom of the neighbor's pool. a crane had to be brought to lift the man out of the water. the man facing charges for driving without a license. and finally how do you top one of last year's most adorable halloween costumes? just upgrade the original. the glowing baby stick figure is back. but this time it was designed to
8:05 am
look like mini mousse. they change color every time zoe talks or sings. she showed off in disney land with mom and dad. a little scarier than her. last year, it got 22 million views on youtube. prompting dad to market the suit. i love when you're out trick or treating, you don't need a flash light. >> multi-tasking. >> we had her on the show. >> so cute. >> and we had the lights off. >> might be back. thanks, amy. and turn to an alert about drowsy driving. missing a couple hours sleep can be deadly on the road. 40% of us admit to falling asleep behind the wheel at least once. kur k kurl ku david has the story.
8:06 am
>> reporter: he's nodding off. unsuccessfully fighting fatigue. as serious as drunk driving, and much worse than we think. officially, 100,000 crashes a year. but aaa is reporting it may be a million, and only getting worse in our sleep-deprived society. >> you have to sleep like your life depends on it. you think you're okay, you're not. >> reporter: a recent example? the accident that seriously injured tracy morgan and killed another passenger. police say the driver of the walmart truck that hit the limo bus was asleep at the wheel. now the safety board is calling on transport companies to abide by the maximum driving regulations and set driver's schedules to match their sleep patterns. but there are no such rules for regular drivers. researchers are looking for technology that notice if we're nodding off. and some suggest that you stop, the question, will you react.
8:07 am
>> the car is telling you, yeah, you're drowsy. you're not driving up to speed. but it's not going to, at this point in time, anyway, not going to turn the car off, not making you an espresso. >> reporter: one startling statistic to remember, two hours of sleep missing in one night can cut your reaction time, decision-making by 20 to 50%. david kerly, abc news, washington. >> that new technology works. we have it on the chevy thahoe. it vibrates under you. "pop news" and weather coming up. but lara in the social square. and the "gma morning menu." tina fey, modelling secrets. how from comedy to cover girl. very funny. and jennifer garner's powerful speech blasting sexism in hollywood. and the superstar trainer behind the best-selling insanity work
8:08 am
out. here to tell his secrets to a rock hard body. and tomberg ron from "dancing with the stars." he's coming up on "gma." what? what? oh, no, i think you have the wrong address. no. all right. we'll let him in. get in here, tommy. that's coming up on "gma." hi, everybody! ♪ honey bunches of oats! it's got grains, which i like. i like the little bunches of oats. what i like is actually the flakes. it's got crunch, which i love.
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8:12 am
brew for one, brew for all. ♪ ♪ without a ♪ and if you stand for nothing ♪ you got all we need we remember this. it was so fun to be a part of this. you're looking at the world premier of you're never fully dressed without a smile. featuring the young stars of the upcoming motion picture "annie." they're spreading random acts of kindness throughout new york city. and we can't wait to have the cast here in test. >> whenever you see her, she makes you smile. >> she does. puts that big smile on your face. >> she does. >> as does "pop news," lara. >> i thought you were going to say me. but i love "pop news."
8:13 am
and start with modeling tips from one of the hollywood's funniest and finest. he is the cover girl for "elle" magazine. she loved the beyoncé treatment if just for one day. she has advice for a cover girl moment. the best way to handle the situation is turn off your brain and pretend it makes sense to be there. >> that's funny. she looks great. >> good advice. don't think too much. she also says it was back to reality when she got home and her daughter said, oh, mom, why do you have so much makeup on? i can totally relate. the issue is on news stands now. looking good. >> thank you for the advice. now to a mansion that will make you go gaga. i'm talking about the malibu compound just purchased by one lady gaga. inside a giant home theater, an
8:14 am
arcade, don keykong, anyone. look at the bowling alley. and a bat cave. there's the wine cellar. oh, my gosh. i'm having chardonnay dreams. beautiful views. the home was owned by a guy who created the bat cave for the movies and it was a lot of the props and the things -- that's a technical term -- from the "batman" movies. he loved it so much he built himself one. now it's lady gaga's monster cave. i renamed it. holy price tag, she paid $23 million for the new digs. i guess that music career is going okay. and sometimes you just need a hug, george. >> yeah, it's true. see, it takes two people to make it happen. but not anymore. who needs you, george?
8:15 am
because i can just go to this japanese company that sell this is chair. the upper half is a doll that wraps its arms around the sitter in a warm embrace. the spokesperson for the company called unicare says the ready to cuddle furniture is comforting to people who are alone or rejected by their co-anchors. >> it is creepy, lara. >> i'll take what i can get. and that's "pop news." >> we are going to check in for a chair? >> obviously she needs a hug. she needs a hug. heat index coming up. to ginger for the weather. >> not the nicest of mornings in new york city. but a hearty crowd. and a happy birthday for -- >> cindy stevenson. >> she wakes up every morning with us, and having your birthday here. and rain in new jersey, we begin there. gusts into the 20s. it's an indoor, maybe see a
8:16 am
movie for your birthday. heavy rain to the north and east. flood watches boston to maine. and now put on the system in the center. that's not as big of a deal. but right in the pacific northwest, today through tonight. the heaviest rain. some places could pick up 5 to 7 inches. and the gusts up to 65 miles per hour. but it's not pr >> thanks, ginger, dave murphy standing on the terrace beneath the clouds. there's light rain on the terrace and much of the region looking at some showers this morning. 59 is today's high and we will have cloudy skies, windy and cool conditions all the way and at times it will be rainy with some passing showers. morning rain tomorrow. mostly just some light showers giving way to some afternoon drying the way things look, a high of 57, maybe some late sun and then after that things get better, 62, breezy and nice on friday. and 67 saturday. >> it's never a cold day when you have these lovely ladies
8:17 am
from dallas, texas, right next to you. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. go inside. >> that's right. way to go ginger. first up had the heat index. jennifer garner gave an impassioned city at the women in hollywood event this week. it's going viral. they are both actors, they are treated differently by reporters in the media. take a look. >> every single one. and this is true of the red carpet tonight, "elle." how you balance work and family. but as for work/life balance, he said that no one asked him about it that day. as a matter of fact no one had ever asked them about it. not once. and we do share the same family. isn't it kind of time to change that conversation? >> it is one of the double standards. >> yep, it is. it really is. >> no question. >> really true. >> have you ever been asked that? >> i actually have, but not as much. >> really? >> but people -- you know, but the difference is, guys, they
8:18 am
say anything about being a dad and working out the balance. we get all this praise. and everybody just expects it. >> right. >> and not criticizing if you don't have the balance right. you're always trying to find it. it's a struggle. we don't talk about it with men. >> yeah. make a deal. that question is off the list. >> agreed. so we solved that. and one of the stars on the cover of "elle's" women in hollywood. os on news stands. >> if your efforts to stay calm and in control, not working out, there might be a reason. crunching the data. eating does not lead to stress relief. it does not. even though a lot of people tend to head to the fridge when they feel anxious. exercising or doing something creative can be more effective. but a favorite for us, watching a video, remember, this is what you were showing earlier, the cute animal. pandas on a slide reduces your heart rate and blood pressure in
8:19 am
under a minute. >> that fast? >> in under a minute. >> see what happens with robin watches the walrus doing situp. >> that's true. and i have pictures of any 17-year-old little k.j. it really does. like this one right here. how can you help but just be -- >> you're right. it's very soothing. all right. also in the heat index. new research breaking down so-called facism. when choosing a mate, a leader or a criminal from a lineup, people possibly make judgments based on facial features. experts say we judge people's personalities based on the way they look. these computerized images show how successful ceos have faces that appear more competent, more feminine are more trust worthy. facism can lead to misconceptions. and they are not valid indicateers of someone's
8:20 am
personality. the strong jaw. >> yeah. but. be careful of the cover. >> yes. can't always judge a book. >> that is true. >> great advice. we move on to the morning stir. supermodel gisele bünchen making waves, moms again. telling them being a good parent means putting themselves first. >> reporter: gisele is the highest paid model eight years running. forbes estimating she makes $128,000 a day. her physique didn't budge with two pregnancies. that's why moms react to her advice with clenched teeth. gisele bünchen has women buzzing yet again after dispensing her latest dose of controversial mommy advice. telling the london sunday times, being a mom is the most important job.
8:21 am
saying it's important to take care of yourself. you know how they say on the plane, you have to put the oxygen mask on first and then on your child. i think it's the same. it's a sentiment experts don't quibble with. >> it's really important for every mother to nourish ourselves in order to give the most to our children. >> reporter: bünchen does admit putting the me in mommy can make you feel guilty. but if i'm feeling fulfilled, then i'm a much more patient, loving, understanding mother and wife. many readers agree. one writing, it's the same with a lot of things in life, you'll do better if you're happy and satisfied. but others say bünchen is out of touch. one mom commenting, i'd like to see her put herself first without the nannies, chefs, housekeepers. after all, we can't all be the world's highest paid supermodel and be married to tom brady. >> taking time for yourself is something totally different for gisele than to me or the average mom out there.
8:22 am
>> reporter: bünchen, who plays a glamorous mom in her latest chanel ad made waves in the past. she instagramed this picture of herself nursing her then 12-month-old daughter. what would i do without this beauty squad with the 15 hours flying and 3 hours of sleep. she told harper's bizarre, there should be a worldwide law that mothers should breast-feed for six months. but the bombshell's latest bombshell is getting a pass. >> in the past, she has been controversial. but this time, she's saying something moms relate to. >> reporter: they don't disagree, but it's like a grade a student telling the struggling kids i didn't have to study. it's hard for us to hear it. >> but the experts, they agree with what gisele said. >> reporter: absolutely. and moms sacrifice everything.
8:23 am
put the kids before themselves, parts of their careers, carry around baby weight. but i digress. and the truth is, she's got that body and career and husband. and people around here say she's totally nice and down to earth. >> she was here not too long ago. and she was kind to everyone. she loves her children. >> a pimple, anything. >> make us feel better. upstairs to lara now. we are counting down to our workout while you watch segment. we are loving this. we want you guys to learn great tips. and we have shaun t. he is the celebrity trainer who's best-selling insanity work out and also hip-hop abs. >> that's right. >> used by so many celebrities. ken mathison got a sneak preview. he's looking good. take a look. >> reporter: here's the makeup, the hair, the clothes. but a key to getting red carpet
8:24 am
spectacular is what's underneath is all. the body. just ask j.lo, usher. the man mind the insane workouts that gets them in shape, shaun t. we are at his home gym to get the scoop. how do you come up with the workouts? you keep on upping yourself. jennifer
8:25 am
lopez. his secret to getting a dare wear like j.lo. i don't look at cool as you. >> you look cool. you look cool. ♪ ♪ love what you do >> reporter: what about the king of abs? usher? his go-to to usher-fy your midriff. >> it's the rope climb. one, two, three, four, and slow, slide back down the rope. >> reporter: and what if you want legs like apolo ohno? >> don't let that head move. you looked like him. >> reporter: i am dizzy right now. for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, mesa, arizona. >> great job, looking good. and shaun t is going to give us a signature move right now. >> i am. >> we can try this at home. put your coffee down. >> it's the get busy. half of it, take your arm back, tobac
8:26 am
front, front. >> i do the top half. >> back, back, front, front. squeezing your score. working your abs. come on, girl. >> you have to do the face too. >> but it uses your core, it's tilt, tuck and tight. >> oh, honey. me too. you can get more tilting, tucking and tightening with shaun t. 8:30, a live streaming workout. go to on yahoo!. ty burrell and tom bergeron coming up. tucking and tightening with
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> "action news" is brought to you by conicelli. >> firefighters rescued two people from an early morning blaze that ripped through five home in the hundreding park section of the city. they are being treated for burns at the hospital. the red cross is finding temporary shelter for 12 adults and six children. 8:27 on this wednesday. let's turn to karen rogers see what's going on on the roads. karen. >> matt, this fatal accident if wynnefield still causing traffic problems. city avenue shut down all morning. the action cam was on the scene. this car lost control. it was a single vehicle accident it hit a pole, brought that down smashed into a tree. the driver was ejected from the scene. this deadly accident closing down city avenue between 59th street and 54th street. they've got a lot of debris to clean up. an accident investigation and they have to fix the downed pole so a messy situation. stick to merion road and
8:28 am
montgomery avenue or belmont avenue. we have a accident blocking a lane in oaks. this is egypt road at cider mill road. watch for that. on the ben franklin bridge that westbound traffic pretty heavy jammed the upside to eighth and vine even though this is the first time that we have four lanes back opened. the constant construction has cleared and also the patco trains are running on both tracks with the new schedule starting today matt. >> karen thanks. let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy. >> take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan. the rain moving north of philadelphia, at least the main body but in the city you're still getting some of that light drizzle. looks like there could be more heavy stuff highlighted in yellow pushing to the areas east of trenton. everybody is on the cool side and of course it is damp and not particularly comfortable. this afternoon's high 59. some intermittent rain and drizzle throughout the day. morning rain tomorrow. afternoon drying. >> thank you david. strong wind gusts after philadelphia international airport are leading to the delaying of some flights by as
8:29 am
much as an hour and 47 minutes. again, that's philadelphia international airport.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ georgia ♪ georgia ♪ the whole day through ♪ it's just an old sweet song ♪ yeah ♪ keeps georgia on my mind ♪ whoa yeah >> annie. >> annie lennox right there. a little "georgia on my mind." fantastic. so great. love hearing that classic. a whole album of classics. it's called "nostalgia" can't wait to hear that. >> i got the vapors.
8:31 am
can't wait. and ty burrell is in social square with a sneak peek of "modern family." looking forward to catching up. >> twitter there -- >> he's staring himself down. >> that's going to be a great pic. and time to pick off the final workout while you watch event. sara haines sup for the challenge. doing our free personal training session. you can do it too. and shaun t is offering his services. go to "good morning america" dieamerica".com on i can't hoyahoo! for a live workout. >> insanity. >> doing the charlie chaplin. working it. you are hearing from none other than host extraordinaire, the mc of "dancing with the stars," america's funniest home videos, author. he does it all. >> yeah, really. >> but we want to say he's part
8:32 am
of toys fors to the with disney. you're going to be telling us a little bit about that connection. but first, the ballroom. alfonso, how are they doing? >> they're doing great. alfonso, you mentioned, who had a carlton-related injury to his groin when he did the carlton. there he is limping -- yes. i offered medicinal support as part of my hosting duties. i'm trained in that. >> it was too, witney hurt her back. >> she did. that was actually with all respect to alfonso, scarier to us. because in the dress rehearsal, she landed on her back and knocked the wind out of herself. but for a few long minutes we didn't know what happened. >> you couldn't tell in the routine. >> that's amazing.
8:33 am
the pros themselves are athletes. and their ability to recuperate from an injury or the party the night before is remarkable. >> they play with pain. >> they do. >> and twitter questions for you. lorraine johnson wants to know, will you ever dance just once? >> i did. in season two, sadly, still available on youtube. i did -- i did a quick step. sort of a comedic quick step because i wanted to know what they went through. training and doing it. and it was -- i'd like to think i could do it a lot better now. but it served its purpose then. >> there's always -- this season. >> there's always tomorrow. not this season. i think i'll wait until i summon the courage. >> i want to ask about the show, leah re mini filled in. she was hilarious. >> she did. erin is off covering the world series for an upstart network. and leah came in, she was a contestant in season 17.
8:34 am
she and i get along famously. she knocked it out of the park. >> speaking of knocking, we saw her hitting -- >> she brought up a point no one brought up. derek is so used to, he should be, he's brilliant, the 9s and the 10s, that the idea of him getting a 5 or 6, that broke me up. took me out of the show i was enjoying it so much. >> keeps you on your toes. >> exactly right. yeah. >> so "america's funniest home videos," the last season? >> it's my last season as host. >> that's what i meant, for you. you have been so great with that. >> thank you. i'll have done it for 15 years when we finish this season. since my hair was chestnut brown. but it felt like the right time. that's all it is. felt like the right time. yeah. >> less work, more living. >> there we go. >> do we have time to mention the toys fors to the? >> plenty of time.
8:35 am
>> 25 days, if you upload a tickling video -- of you being tickled, don't attack anybody else. to "afv".com, they will donate $25 up to $25,000. ya da ya da ya da. there's a video of nothing. >> i'm getting tickled. >> that was the perfect tickling video because that animal was talking, george. >> there you go. >> you are the absolute best. there is nobody better on television than tomberg ron. i'm telling you. and great what you're doing with toys fors to the. >> thank you. >> for more, go to "gma" on yahoo!. and tune into "dancing with the stars" at 8:00/7:00 eastern on abc. >> you bet. >> and we'll have the next booted couple. and fly all night long to be with us. >> and booted. >> good to have footwear. >> thanks for the plug at the end of the show.
8:36 am
appreciate that. a final check of the weather for ginger. >> introduce america toelly here. so sweet. she's from tulsa, oklahoma. is this your first time? >> no. >> she's done this before. what's your favorite part of new york city? >> the buildings and seeing all the lights. >> slightly different than tulsa. the waterspout yesterday in new jersey, and a really nice look at the fall colors in michigan. we have that storm in the pacific northwest and the gulf. >> thanks, ginger, a couple showers around. dave murphy here >> all that weather brought to you by jcpenny. >> ooek, trying to figure out which camera to look into.
8:37 am
tv's funniest dad with a sneak peek at tonight's episode. let's take a look. >> i'm taking off. >> why are you going? i thought we were going to give a chicken the best day of its life. >> being a realtor man means working on sundays like priests and leslie stahl. >> good electrluck to you. >> got to make it through this commute. i'll call when i get there. i'm there. >> have a great day. >> that was a long one. >> make a lesley stahl reference in a joke, you're good. >> it's incredible. season after season the writing is still holding up so well. >> we are -- we are constantly waiting for the moment which they give out, you know what i mean? it's so exhausting. they write basically three episodes a week. because each family gets a full episode. and they just haven't. you know, it's just been another -- >> it's smart and funny as it's
8:38 am
been. >> it's a marvel. >> you guys always blow out halloween. but a little bit of twist. usually it's claire's holiday. >> yeah, phil doesn't understand why halloween needs to be so scary. so -- which is pretty typical of phil. >> there's the costume. >> yeah. he decides to create awesome land. a collection of his favorite things on earth that he puts out for halloween. my favorite thing is that -- is that every episode i get abused in some way. usually falling over, getting hit in the head with a basketball. and this time it was with a costume. >> okay. we did see the costume right there. but gets to the question coming in, wanting to know what's the strangest thing that ever happen dwroud ed to you on set. >> i once -- sophia -- it's in the first gag reel. sophia knocked over a fake column on the outside of our --
8:39 am
the house where we were shooting a scene. and i thought it was an earthquake. >> for real? >> basically. there's a gag reel of me basically kind of running around, scrambling, looking for, like, a place to hide. >> and you were not acting. >> no. >> uh-oh. now, i just found out today, i was reading up on you, that you don't live in los angeles. a very short commute in the show, but you live in salt lake city. >> yeah, my wife is from salt lake. and a few years ago my brother and i bought a bar there and subsequently built a beer garden. >> opening bars in salt lake city, it's a funny idea. >> we are lucky, we have a lot of extended family who are there and co owners. it's an unusual place. but there's a large secular population in salt lake too. about 70%. sorchlts business is good. >> yeah, business is good. >> and you're playing a whale
8:40 am
soon, "finding nemo." >> i'm playing a beluga wheale. it's fun. it's a blast. >> thank you for coming in. and, of course, you can catch the new episode tonight at 9:00/8:00 central on abc. fabio viviani is next. a classic
8:42 am
8:43 am
it is so good to see our friend fabio viviani here in the studio. he has a brand new cookbook, "fabio's american home kitchen," filled with his favorite american dishes. but infused a little italian flare. >> just a touch. one thing that not many people know is that these -- i'll be my tenth year in the united states. it's been a decade. >> that's awesome. >> it's been a decade. >> congratulations. and we have loved having you here. >> i love it. >> you bring us beautiful food and we have a lot of fun. what we're going to do here is try classic american dishes and guess how you have enfused them. >> put your palette to the test. >> palate to the test. >> this is a chicken pot pie. it's comfort food. but i want you to guess what twist i have added to it to make it more italian.
8:44 am
>> i have some help down the way from the girls. so -- >> there's a cheeseness to it. >> yes. >> you guys got it. we have some good cheese in it. very, very good italian cheese. great flavor. it's a perfect addition. doesn't alter the dish too much, and makes it a tad italian. >> really does. it is a classic, but there is a little, i don't know, how do you say it? >> so now, here's what we do. you have to get a little dirty here. >> a little dirty? >> you have come to the right place. >> a little dirty. so -- don't start with me. don't start. >> i can't help it. >> i know. me neither. here's the good news. classic kansas city-style barbecue ribs, but i made them italian. can you sense what ingredient is inside -- >> it's sweet. >> yes. you got it. good. >> i ate a lot. just so you know. >> what we did, we have
8:45 am
marinaded the ribs for a few hours in balsamic vinegar. >> oh. >> yep. >> bueno. >> that's spanish. the acidity of -- the acidity of the balsamic start to break down the meat and makes it more tender. >> very, very fast. >> one last touch. one last touch. ricotta fritters. >> wait, did you just give us the secret ingredient? >> no, this is ricotta fritters in the cream. there's something. >> i taste -- i taste heaven. >> that is correct. because heaven is the second best word for prosecco wine. a little bit of heaven in our cream. that's the wine. >> and we cheer you, and cheer your ten years in our country.
8:46 am
we love fabio viviani. and his book, "fabio's america home kitchen." go to "good morning america" on yahoo! to get the recipes. they're delicious. and so is annie lennox performing live coming up on "gma." ♪
8:48 am
prosec . it has been four long years since we've had new music and annie lennox. now she's bringing us a littles no nostalgia. that's the name of her album. we are thrilled. it's a privilege and honor to have you back with us for the falcl concert series. these are covers from songs 1930s and beyond. and it doesn't matter -- they're timeless, aren't they? >> absolutely. that's the thing about the
8:49 am
classic american song. that the songs last for the pace of time and they're still as relevant today, i think, as they were back in the day, you know? >> what i really love is you put it out on vinyl like you would back in the day. it actually came out in vinyl. >> well, there's a big revival of vinyl. and everyone is getting the new stereo systems. we wanted to put it out in that format because that's how the original songs would have come out. and it was a nod and a wink and honorary thing for vinyl. it's great. >> yes, they are standards, but it has the annie lennox touch with your band and everything and it's brilliant. and someone has the best seat in the house. rich besser. that is your brother-in-law. you're married to his brother, mitch. he has never heard you sing live and he is so excited. no pressure, right? >> okay, no pressure. >> no pressure. thank you for this, annie.
8:50 am
we heard the sound check. you are about to hear annie lennox, i put a spe"i put a spe" ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ because you're mine ♪ you better stop the things you do ♪ ♪ tell you i ain't lying ♪ i ain't lying ♪ you know i can't stand it, you're running around ♪ ♪ you know better than that ♪ i can't stand it 'cause you put me down ♪
8:51 am
♪ oh oh ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ because you're mine ♪ oh my mine ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ na na ♪ yeah yeah uh-huh ♪ uh-huh oh yeah ♪ you know can't stand it you're running around you don't have it ♪ ♪ i can't stand it 'cause you put me down ♪ ♪ put a spell on you
8:52 am
♪ because you're mine ♪ yeah ♪ here we do, yeah huh. >> go for it. ha. ♪ you know i love you ♪ i love you ♪ i love you ♪ i love you anyhow ♪ and yak if you don't want me i'm yours right now ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ because you're mine ♪ because you're mine ♪ mi-i-i-ne
8:53 am
♪ because -- people ♪ you're mine ♪ yeah ♪ whoa ♪ yeah ♪ oh ♪ put a spell on you right -- right now ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, oh, oh ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
quote tv-commercial
8:54 am
ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself
8:55 am
by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
8:56 am
what did you think? >> that was absolutely amazing. absolutely amazing. >> ♪ in our area today. union workers at philadelphia international airport will talk about the need to ensure that airport workers are
8:57 am
properly protected. and members of congress will discuss how well prepared area hospitals are for a possible outbreak. we'll have a live report on all of this on "action news" at noon. 8:57 wednesday morning a little rain out there. let's turn to karen rogers for a look at traffic. >> a bunch of problems matt. this is or latest accident live in delaware county blue route northbound approaching villanova. you see the flashing lights. we have a number of emergency workers, a couple a ambulance, fire crews on the scene police as well all blocking the right lane. normally an 18 minute ride on the blue route northbound a 47 minute ride from i-95 to the schuylkill so a big accident there. in newtown square we've got an accident here goshen road blocked at aromine nick drive. stick to bryn mawr as your alternate. the big accident all morning we've been talking about is this fatal accident on city avenue. the action cam was on the scene, city avenue is still shut down between 59th street and 54th street and you can see the damage from that vehicle in this area. stick to merion road and montgomery avenue or belmont avenue instead matt.
8:58 am
>> thanks karen. let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy and the accuweather forecast. >> windy cloudy damp. there's a little light rain here on the terrace right now matt. as we take a look at storm tracker 6 you can it looks like a cloudy damp day with occasional rain. 58 degrees in philadelphia with a bit of a breeze blowing it is cool you'll want a jacket. your exclusive accuweather 7-day today's high just 59, cloudy at times rainy. that continues into tonight and then tomorrow morning there could be some additional showers around with some afternoon drying. things get better starting friday, matt. >> thank you, david. and as you know, you will return at noon for an updated forecast on the winds, the rain plus a live look at storm hugh jackman next on live with
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, film and broadway star, hugh jackman. and she plays on the "walking dead," danai gurira. ll next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ michael: i got it.