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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  October 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the capital. police are searching for two possible gunmen in and around the city. the gun fire erupted first at the national war memorial where a member of the canada forces was shot and later died. officials say at least one or as many as three gunmen moved inside of the parliament building. at this hour, authorities say that one gunman was killed and the search goes on for the possibility of two more, both the ottawa police and the royal canadian mounted police have established a perimeter of a lock down and people are told to stay in their homes. for people there it has been a drying day. >> we fine out about the soldier
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and it's the kind of day that changes everything. >> "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live on independence mall in philadelphia. kenneth, has the canadian situation had any security impact in philadelphia? >> well the national park service says that the security is always strin -- sparked concern for locals and tourists. the independence mall had a steady stream of tourists taking in our landmarks, they were caught off guard. >> it's a sad world we live in, with shootings going on. >> canadian tourists on the mall wanting to know more. was it isis or home grown terrorists. >> is it a mads man or some group. >> like our capital, there is
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plenty of security. >> if are you somewhere you are not suppose to be? >> if are you walking on the grass they will come out and tell you to leave. >> i see security when i come down here, this has been on lockdown before when there are concerns. >> it worries me because you think where will it go next. but the focus is on the neighbors to the north. >> have you to live life and still have to do things, we have to keep it in perspective. >> we also checked in with philadelphia police and the canadian consulate located here on market street, no visible security increases but we learned that local authorities have been told to remain vigilant, reporting live kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." >> kenneth thank you. >> our coverage of the attack in
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ottawa continues on there we have full details of the shooting spree and you can see full video of the scene from parliament as gun fire erupted and world news with david muir will have more next on channel 6. the state of new jersey is taking action against the fight against ebola. governor chris christie signed a statewide preparedness plan, he hopes that everyone is protected if a case of ebola surfaces but he warned residents not to panic over ebola. >> the people of new jersey should feel a sense of calm, lets not be hysterical and we'll share as much information as we possibly can on a real time basis, that helps to lower the level of anxiety across the
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state. >> a passenger from west africa was taken off the plane in newark airport yesterday and rushed to the hospital but authorities say that that person is not infected with ebola. anxiety over the ebola virus has hit the workers at the philadelphia international airport, they say they are not protected from the potential exposure of ebola. something we have heard from workers across the country. lets go live now to sara bloomquist. >> reporter: it's important to note that travelers coming from ebola impacted nations are not coming through philadelphia. this is not one of the five airports that those travellers are directed to, still the directors that cleaned the planes called a news conference to discuss the situation. >> a handful of airport workers spoke with union representatives
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out sides of philadelphia international airport this noon. they work for sub-contractors hired by the airlines it clean the plane, they say they often come in contact with bodily fluid and fear diseases like ebola. >> we were facing bad conditions before ebola hit and we'll continue to face them after ebola is eradicated. >> they want the companies they work for to supply them with the same protective gear for health care workers that are dealing with ebola. >> we have no goggles or masks and gloves or gowns. >> we want to be equip them with the tools that can keep them safe. >> the workers are trying to unionize and they also talked about inadequate pay. >> they are trying to organize,
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to get the training they need to do their job safely. >> an airline spokesperson says these are not their employees. american airlines says they are strictly adhering to all cdc guidelines. many that spoke are employed by a company called airline services. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. this woman chastity lynch said she had ebola but she doesn't. but newcastle county was forced to mobilize a task force in response to this. she was taken to the hop where health care workers ruled out any threat, lynch is charged with falsely reporting an
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indents. >> authorities say there are no new sightings in their search for eric frein, search teams scoured the area of swift water after frein was allegedly spotted near a high school and the post office over the past few days. students in the pocono mountain school district went back to school today after classes were canceled yesterday and the manhunt is now in its sixth week, frein allegedly shot and killed a state trooper and wuned another. police say that a male driver of a cadillac lost control and crossed into the northbound lane and hit three trees and a light pole, the driver was ejected and the impact split the car in half, the man was taken to the hospital at the university of pennsylvania but he did not
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survive. police in bucks county have a new tool in their arsenal. it's an armored vehicle designed to repel ied's. it will be used in central buck county. from the delaware newsroom, a wilmington composting facility is ordered shut down and the environmental secretary signed an order this week after repeated complaints about odors from neighbors, after repeated complaints and existing material on site. it is required to immediately stop accepting material. from our new jersey newsroom, the final beam is ready to be put in place on
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atlantic city's new conference certa certa center. she signed the final beam for a ceremonial topping of. the project is a $125 million expansion of the waterfront meetings facility. coming up on "action news" tonight, i satd down with malala yousafzai before she was awarded the liberty medal in philadelphia last night. we'll hear how she found the strength to stand up to terrorists in a preview of our one and one conversation. and the eagles play this weekend and we'll talk to jeff skversky about that story. >> and i'll let you know when we dry out and the sunshine returns. when we return.
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tonight on "action news" at 11:00 i'm looking forward to presenting a one-on-one interview with malala yousafzai. she is an extraordinary young woman that was in philadelphia last flight to accept the liberty medal. >> [ applause ] she is just 17, but she has become a phenomenon advocating for the rights of girls to go to school in her native pakistan and around the world. she says 57 million girls are forbidden to get an education, that was her situation when the taliban moved into her home of swat valley. >> i had the right to speak up. >> so at 11 years old malala
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began to speak out against the taliban, and she responded by shooting her on a school bus. >> but most children don't go publically to take on terrorism, and win the nobel peace prize like malala did 12 days ago. >> every night you hear bomb blasts, it's not a normal life. every morning you hear the music and people have been slaughterered and killed and the situation i was living in was not normal and my reaction was not normal. i said i will stand up, i cannot tolerate this. i had really two options, one was to remain silent and not to speak and wait to be killed and the second was to speak up and then be killed. so i chose the second one, because i did not want to live where i could not go to school. >> malala goes to school in
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england but she plans to return to pakistan even though the taliban will go after her. and she plans to be the prime minister of pakistan one day. >> more tonight at 11:00, my one-on-one interview with this young woman. now a food collection challenge, the charity is trying to collect 60 tons of food for the upcoming holiday season, they are in need of frozen turkeys and meat products, you can take your donation to the sunday mission on north popular street in wilmington or any wfs bank branch. ♪ ♪ patients at william hospital, were treated to bedside performances by local music john flynn today. they have teamed up with wxpn
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for a new program musicians on call. they will perform fo
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better for the eagles going into this game. evans returns from his knee sprain but is not eligible for two weeks. as far as who is eligible against the cardinals, jaime apody is here. >> the time off for some was much needed. >> just to be able to get away and get your mind off football for a little bit and kind of refresh your mind and refresh your legs and body. and just spend some time away. >> and now they have to fly away, way out west to take on a cardinals team that is also 5-1, it's a big time game, an nfc opponent. if you look forward, it could mean something down the road, just like any other game we want to go out and take care of business. >> in the headlines is chip
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kelly's headline, taking care of it every day. shady mccoy spoke today, he agrees with him. >> people say this and say that, they have to respect the record, they have to respect a winning team. no matter how ugly the game is there is a big chance we'll win. that is the kind of coach we have here. we play hard. >> not only playing football but representing this football team on and off the football field, have you that and a group of guys that care about each other and a group of guys that want to see each other be successful. >> they hope to win another one on sunday. jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> game two of the world series tonight in kansas city, the winner of game one went on to win the last 10 of 11 world series, the lone expepgs when the phillies beat the yankees in
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game one that year. hunter pence, the big blow in the first, the two-run homer, the giants take a 1-0 series lead but there is still a lot of baseball to be played. >> these guys have a way of putting the tough losses behind them and also the wins, you celebrate and enjoy them for a little bit. you know you have to come out and go the next day, we haven't done anything. sure we won one game. >> sixers get a rare win off the court, the nba is upset with the sixers for their so-called tanking philosophy. he have a 25% chance of landing the top pick. the flyers back in action tonight, they would love to put last night's brutal loss in chicago behind them. they allowed two goals in the first and coach berube says they
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looked like deer in the headlights, sydney crosby and the pen wing wins -- we didn't win one battle, we have to do a better job in front of mason. we are playing good and doing too many mistakes out there and that costs us. >> before tonight's game in pittsburgh they will sing the canadian national anthem out of respect for those shot at the canadian parliament today. and mo'ne davis in a world series commercial for chevrolet. this will not affect her ability if they chooses to pay college sports.
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>> cecily tynan has the accuw
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parted of the tri-state area are waiting for the rain to move out. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it's not widespread heavy rain but you can see it moving over the atlantic right now and it's all drifting down to the south and west. malvern and norristown, moving south of the new jersey turnpike and another wave in ocean city and surf city dealing with heavy
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rain and seaside heights and this again will be with us on and off through the overnight hours. the ac warm highlights show you that it's a cool and wet day, the high only 58 degrees, and how much rain depends on your location. allentown barely anything at all. atlantic city airport, the jackpot, 4.67 inches of rain so far. fortunately tomorrow we'll be drier however it's not going to be a bright and sunny day. it's cloudy and dreary and cool and at 10:00, 53 degrees, we dry out at 4:00, 57 degrees and plenty of clouds and it will feel cooler than that because we'll have wind gusts of 30 miles per hour. we have to wait until friday to see the sunshine return. currently in philadelphia, 55 and allentown 55 and wilmington 55 and sea isle city 55 and trenton 53 degrees.
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satellite 6 along with action radar showing the reason why we seeing the rain. spotty showers at 11:00. 7:00 in the morning, the best chance is along the coast, and then through the afternoon lots of clouds and not a lot of sunshine but we'll begin to dry things out and then on friday, high pressure takes control, 57 degrees and morning showers and wind gusts of 30 miles per hour. feeling close toward 50 degrees, you'll want a jacket tomorrow and the low pressure finally begins to move out and winds out of the northwest and sun mixing with clouds and breezy and 65 degrees and this high pressure will bring us dry weather through the weekend with a good
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deal of sunshine for the weekend. it's looking better tomorrow. keep the umbrellas on hand, chilly with a raw wind, 49 for center city and the exclusive accuweather forecast, a few lingering showers and cloudy and windy and the high is only 57 degrees, friday is breezy and it's sunshine is back and 65 degrees and saturday get outside, it's looking nice, a mild day, 67 degrees and on sunday it's still sunny and windy and cooler and 53 and then back up to 65 degrees on monday and 71 degrees on tuesday, we bump it up to 70 with the possibility of evening showers. i'll have more details on the warn coming up at 11:00. >> finally hundreds of high school students competed in a contest to build a vehicle
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powered only by a mouse trap. it was sponsored by widener's school university on the widener campus in chester, the students used the power a mouse trap to power their vehicle, they were graded on creativity and functionality and how far their vehicles could go. abc world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues on 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rogers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, and ducis rogers i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking now. what we've just learned about the gunman behind the terror right across our border. the deadly shooting rampage. gun fire inside parliament. the canadian prime minister rushed away from the chaos. the u.s. embassy on lockdown. and the threat here in the u.s. tonight. what the fbi is now saying. exploding air bags. the stunning new advice tonight for hundreds of thousands of american drivers. what authorities are now telling some drivers. keep passengers out of the front seat? disable your air bag? is your vehicle on the list? the autopsy, what it reveals about the unarmed teen shot by police outside st. louis. what the report now suggests about a moment before he was shot. and, liftoff. our exclusive with matthew mcconaughey and the cas