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tv   Action News  ABC  October 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> hello, everyone, it is 6:00 a.m. be thursday, october 23. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us and breaking right now. >> potentially impacting the morning commute a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike leaves one person dead and four others injured. >> we're learning about the gunman who killed a soldier in canada's capitol city. >> smoke ban reaches an all new level when a cigarette maker snuffed out tobacco. >> reporter: light rain has moved into the terrace area and
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much of philadelphia. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan. this is light, nuisance rain in most areas. you can see it highlighted in lighter shades of green. every now and then there's a blip in ocean county currently. this is dropping out of the north. another light sprinkle moving into northern chester county. roads beginning to get wet all over again. there's a counter clockwise rotation around an area of low pressure that's causing us the showers and clouds and significant winds rolling through the region. it's chilly this morning, 53 in philadelphia. 351 in allentown and trenton. 52 in millville. 51 in sea isle city. philadelphia and baltimore no longer seeing gusts of winds in the 20s, but sustained winds in the teens and you can see the winds wrapping around the low. as we take a look at the bus stop forecast well over the next couple of hours it stays cool and in some cases it will be damp and breezy and temperatures in the mid to low 50s, as we
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roll through the rest of the day, it stays cool. most of the rain is in the morning hours up until midday, this afternoon cloudy and windy high of 59 degrees, karen things get better in the accuweather seven-day forecast, i'll have that and another closer look on radar at the rain. >> reporter: come in and dry out, this is a look at the roads, the schuylkill expressway no delays just yet coming in from conshohocken, gladwynen or manayunk. the action cam is on the scene at remington road. the accidents brought down pole and wires. we're looking live, traffic is moving on remington road. we have a lane blocked waiting for peco to arrive on the scene. one lane blocked at remington road. use morris road or wynnewood. we have an handful of accidents. like this one in upper moreland taylor road and greenwood drive. one in lower gwynedd sumneytown
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pike. we had a fatal accident approaching mid county the accident investigation is cleared, all lanes back open, matt. >> that's good news, at the scene of the deadly crash on the turnpike has been cleared, but the investigation is on going as to what happened. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live at aning ton hospital where the injured are being treated this morning. katherine. >> reporter: math we know that this accident claimed one person's life and four others were injured and taken to abington memorial hospital for treatment. this investigation is in the early stages. we know that state police were on the scene throughout the night investigating. there were not any problems with backups in the area given the time of day. police were letting traffic get by. we know it happened at 12:30 in the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike in white marsh. the accident involved a tractor-trailer and the passenger vehicle.
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the fatality was in the passenger vehicle. the nature of the injuries are not known, and the ages and names have not been released. we are told all the injuries are young adults. stay with "action news" the investigation is in early stages, information is still coming in. we'll brisk you the details always we get them. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you so much, katherine. canada's parliament is in session today in an effort to show that the government is not intimidated by the suspected terrorist who stormed the buildings an gunning down a soldier outside. this video was taken inside the builds in ottawa. investigators say the suspect, michael zehaf-bibeau was inspierpd -- inspired by isis and shot dead by the sergeant at arms after he entered the building. he entered parliament after gunning down a soldier standing guard at the parliament war
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memorial. at the time of the shooting, the prime minister was in the buildings discussing the terrorist threat in the county. >> let there be no misunderstanding, well not be intimidated. canada will never be intimidated. >> reporter: on monday a soldier was killed and another man injured when a man described as an isis inspired terrorist ran them over with a car. for more go to as we have video from inside the parliament as gunfire erupted. overnight a man jumped the fence at the white house. he was restrained by two k-9s. it was a month ago when a jumper got inside the white house setting off a scandal that cost the secret head her job. >> a new poll offers atlantic city an unsurprisingly
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pessimistic future. 63% said the best days are hind it. 63% said the resort is known only for gambling and 63% said gambling has benefited only the city hotel/casinos. speaking of which the owners of the atlantic city casino that threatened to close it in less than a month are being more cryptic about its future. maribel aber has the saga that is the taj mahal. >> reporter: trump entertainment resort is dropping its threat to close the casino on november 13. of it will remain open through november. the taj is struggling to emerge from bankruptcy and battle with the union. on average, the middle
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class adult has $20,000 saved for life after work. that's less than a 10th of what they will need from wells fargo. the survey found a third of middle class adults are not contributing anything to a 401k or any other retirement plan. the maker of american cigarettes, reynolds told the employees no cigarettes or pipes or cigars at work. they banned smoking on factor tree floor and cafeteria. they will build indoor smoking areas for the workers. the dow snapped a three session winning streak, futures pointing to what looks like a higher open. that's the latest from business news at the nasdaq business height site back over to you. >> david, rain coming in? >> reporter: rain pushing into philadelphia, now, matt. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the green we showed you up in new york is getting close
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to and into philadelphia. as we take a closer look it's mostly light stuff, but on the scattered side. we're seeing the roads in the region getting wet all over again as the system off the coast is dishing rains into philadelphia. every now and then there's a yellow batch a bit more of that in southern bucks county and trenton is seeing steady rain at this point and bit of pieces pushing into medford lakes and northern camden county and gloucester county. the western suburbs places like coatsville is seeing this. as we go wider in allentown there's a little bit of stuff to the west. you'll see this dive through as we go through the morning hours. as we look outside we have cloudy skies and leaves on the roads, damp from yesterday's rain, but getting damp again with the new round of precipitation moving in.
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52 in wilmington, 351 in allentown. 51 in trenton. there's winds dropping down out of the north along with the rain, so cloudy, cool and damp. there's the current wind, 17 miles per hour in. we're seeing them pop up to 020 and the low numbers are 10 and you're back and forth in the 12 to 20 miles per hour range as we go through the day. in terms of precipitation we're looking at the cluster pushing down and probably popping through by 9:00, maybe 10:00, 11:00 kind of wet. by noon most of that is down off the coast, there might be more on the way to the north, but most of the afternoon looks dry with lighter sprinkles and less placement than what we've got out there right now. up in allentown we're going for a high today, a cool high of 56 degrees. cloudy, windy, showers are possible especially during the morning, down the shore, looks like morning showers probably
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tapering off as we get into the afternoon for the most part, cloudy and cool otherwise, cool high of 57. in philadelphia, we'll go for a high of 59. it will be windy out there with winds running 515 to 25 miles per hour. there will be showers in the afternoon, yeah there might be a sprinkle, but not inasmuch as what we're seeing in the morning and most of you remain dry. no relief from any kind of warm air we'll stay in the upper 50s. tomorrow we'll get better as the showers and winds start to push away. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds, breezy and dry and improving. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast cloudy and damp today, high of 59. occasional sprinkles and showers, especially in the morning. breezy and milder tomorrow, clouds and sun, 66. improvement for the weekend. sunny and nice on saturday, 68. bright and windy behind a feature on sunday, high of 63. but still a nice day. next week, 64 on monday, how
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about 70s on wednesday and thursday. that's looking good. >> you're my favorite meteorologist, david. thanks, david. still ahead more stories you didn't see last night including the crash in the lehigh valley that claimed the life of a long time advocate for aids awareness. >> local police are on the hunt for a a mantua machete -- a man with a machete before he strikes again. >> reporter: there's the blue route, we'll look at i-95 next. >> bear cub goes shopping which is cute because he doesn't have four inch long claws, that story is next.
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>> welcome back, 6:14 you're taking live look through sky6 live hd at the platt bridge. the good news it is thursday, the bad news, it's a little damp and windy out there this morning, so be careful when you hit the roads. >> evidence right here about your camera, karen. >> reporter: shaking in the winds, you can see that right here. you can see the roads are wet, too. this is i-95 as we approach allegheny, that's southbound traffic as you head toward center city and heavy at cottman and girard. looking at the big picture we have speeds at 28 miles per hour
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now you're looking at double scan. this is i-95 28 miles per hour southbound near girard, silk is in good shape showing speeds is in the 50s. don't forget in wynnewood we have one lane blocked at remington road that brought down a pole and wires. we had a bunch of accidents one in lower gwynedd that cleared a minute ago. but we have one at white hall road at skippack pike. this accident on julius town road involved an overturned vehicle has cleared. it's an example of what can happen with the roads are wet. storm tracker 6 live double scan this is the best view of the rain in the area. as david has been saying it's coming in off the northeast. it's circling around the area of low pressure. that's why you get the rain pulling back into part of the region. route 70 is getting wet near browns mill. i-95 near trenton. norristown looking welt.
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malvern on the 30 bypass, route 100. as well as new jersey along the white horse pike and glassboro on 55. the roads are wet, slow it down a bunch of accidents, erin. >> thank you, karen. newly released video shows the frightening moment a machete wielding robber walks into a 7-eleven in east oak lane section sunday morning. the robber forced the clerk to open the register, but fortunately did not hurt anyone. detectives are asking tore tips. >> google wants to make the g-mail service stickier. tj holmes tells us about it in tech bytes. >> reporter: google launches an e-mail service that helps you get organized. it displaced all the users message and packages and it's available to g mail users. verizon has maintained it's
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spot as the number one carrier. they have boosted sales of smart phones and tablets by 4.3%. barns and nobody noble, has unveiled their nook tablet, 16 gigabytes of storage and retails for 300 bucks. and this computer is the first apple model believed to be built in 1976 it sold for a record $900,000. it was bought by the henry ford foundation and it will be displayed in a museum. >> time of 17:00 police in berks county say a thief with a fondness for the homes of seniors is on the prowl again. >> we'll tell you why dozens of parents with toddlers showed up for a school fair in
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philadelphia. >> reporter: showers are coming down from the northeast, so you may need an umbrella. keep the jackets handy it's cool and windy this morning and staying that way this afternoon. i'll have the day park forecas
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for rehabilitation. they hope to release the bear back in the wild in the spring. looking for a mother's day card. >> reporter: on a re connance mission for -- reconnance mission for future eating. >> reporter: this is 30 bypass, ben franklin bridge no lane restrictions and not looking bad at least. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows the showers we've been watching in new york state have pushed into the central portion of the region. the light stuff is out in chester county cruel get a break enter too much longer. philadelphia in the rain, every now and then heavier stuff highlighted in yellow most of us
6:22 am
it is light, nuisance rain, but enough to slow you down. the the high temperature, 58 degrees. 54 by 9:00. 57. 59 is high, we're wiend and cool and -- windy and cool and cloudy. the big board, we have all green, there's rain falling in new jersey and jfk and boston, check online and make sure the flights going in and out of those destinations are on time. >> taking a live look at atlantic city, it was raining a little bit, right now it's not. but i know david is heading back to storm tracker 6 live and have the full accuweather forecast coming up at the top of 6:30 a.m. >> new on "action news," a bucks county crash victim is being remembered for his efforts to fight aids. 52-year-old robert burton died
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an interstate 78 in lehigh county. the hiv positive patient was an advocate for aids awareness and preference. he was an emt and firefighters and served in the army. fellow advocates in the area say burton will be missed. >> the world series moves to san francisco and the giants and royals are tied at one game apiece. kansas hammered the giants in last night's game scoring 5 runs in the 6th inning. game one set a record for the smallest tv audience for the first game of the world series. smaller markets is basically what you have there. >> 6:23, burglar breaks out of the confinement to commit another crime. >> katherine scott is covering another breaking story in montgomery county. >> reporter: matt a fatal crash on the turnpike, we've the latest
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>> newly on "action news," berks county seniors are under to be on alert for a convicted burglar who is back on the prowl. carlos rajos signed himself out of a criminal center.
6:27 am
dozens of parents of preschool children crowded into the franklin institute to get a look at what schools in their area will offer them. they were takeing part in the third annual school fair. >> i'm looking forward to getting him into school i'm investigating charter schools and area public schools and private schools. >> a lot of schools at the fair are alternatives to philadelphia's public schools such as friends central and the baldwin school in bryn mawr. city officials were on hand to point out many city schools are doing a fine job educating students. >> 6:27. david and karen have the call from accuweather and traffic next. >> sky6 live hd taking a live look at i-95 you can see shininess on the roads, some
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>> >> breaking now on "action news," one person is dead, several others injured in a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> more rain is tbawlg -- falling in philadelphia right now. the accuweather team is tracking the weather patterns for your morning commute. this nasty weather is causing a problem in new england where the gas main fire is raging in the dark sky. we have brand new video just in. >> good morning, it's 6:30, thursday, erin o'hern is filling in for tam. we have david on the terrace. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan is showing showers popping down through new york state. they are pushing into gloucester county, camden county. new castle county is on the verge of picking up light rain. light rain in chester will start to breakdown quickly. a lot of in bucks and montgomery county and delaware county see this. the roads are getting wet all
6:31 am
over again. it's all because of the low pressure center off the coast spinning with the counter clockwise motion dealing the winds and showers and cloud cover in our direction this morning. 53 degrees and damp in philadelphia. 51 in allentown, 52 in wilmington. everybody in the low 50s and we also have winds. the gusts in the 20s have subsided, but our sustained winds are 10 to 20 miles per hour in philadelphia. and baltimore, maybe a little bit less in baltimore, you can see the center of the low with the winds wrapping around it. it's going to stay cloudy and wind. if you're heading off to class, here's what it looks like on the smart phone. storm tracker 6 live app, 53. still sitting at 53 at 8:00. the rest of the day, cloudy and damp through the morning hours up until noon. 57 degrees at rumbling time. inch the he -- 57 degrees at lunchtime, cloudy and cool and
6:32 am
getting into the up err -- upper 50s. we'll have much better weather tomorrow. >> reporter: in the meantime it's wet and slow on the schuylkill expressway. looking live toward the conshohocken curve that's eastbound traffic heavy from the blue route to the curve. westbound is slower at 24 minute ride from the vine to the blue route. the action cam on the scene in wynnewood. le you see police are traffic is getting by, this accident brought down pole and wires, it's blocking one lane, we're seeing police restricting traffic on remington road. at least it's open it was closed earlier. we have a few other accidents, terwood road and greenwood drive be. an accident in upper moreland. one at sumneytown pike. on the pennsylvania turnpike we had a fatal accident westbound approaching mid county. the accident investigation is cleared, so all lanes back open.
6:33 am
>> let's get more on the deadly crash on the pennsylvania turnpike. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live outside abington hospital where the injured are being treated, katherine. >> reporter: it's early in the investigation, so we're waiting for more details is to what exactly happened overnight, we know that one person has died, four people were taken to abington memorial hospital for treatment their names and ages have not been released, but we are hearing from police that the injured are all young adults. state police are on the scene investigating. police were letting traffic get by, they weren't having any major backups, but all lanes were open now, this happened in the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike, in white marsh there's no word on the exact circumstances of the crash or what led up to it, we know the accident involved a tractor-trailer and the passenger vehicle and the fatality was in the passenger vehicle. we don't know the nature of the injuries at this point we're told the injuries are young adults stay with "action news"
6:34 am
as we learn more details about what happened, so far there's no word on if any charges will be filed. live in in abington, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> developing overnight, three philadelphia police officers were hurt during a take-down in center city. police used a taser on a man outside the 7-eleven on chestnut street. the man tried to get into a woman's car, when police approached he attacked. police say he has a record for disturbing the peace. >> we're at the big board now with the latest on the deadly attack in canada's capitol. the house of commons is back in session as makeshift memorial grew overnight in hamilton, on ontario. there's where the soldier was stationed where the rampage began before the suspect stormed parliament which put the building on lockdown. [shots fired]
6:35 am
>> that was the boom of gunfire that went off inside the building. officials confirm the suspect, 32-year-old michael zehaf-bibeau was killed in the fire fight, they believe the recent muslim convert acted alone. he has a criminal record dating back ten years. the attack comings days after -- comes days after canada led support to the united states. >> this will strengthen our resolve and take all necessary steps to identify and encounter threats. >> reporter: canada was on heightened alert following an attack two days ago by another suspected extremist. the royal canadian mounted police commissioner plans a news conference later today. >> the storm system impacting our region is causing problems in new england.
6:36 am
this is new video just in from rhode island where police had a hard time keeping drivers off flooded roads. several vehicles stalled in the middle of water-soaked streets. in massachusetts, coastal advisories are in place. winds next out power along the state's bay line. check this out, it is said the same storm is the blame for this blazing gas fed fire in connecticut. crews had to dig to find the shut off involve. no one was hurt, and streets were closed. >> reporter: can you imagine if that was your house? >> crazy. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you don't have to imagine rain, because it's here. a batch has come down from new york state. if we go in closer, we're looking at fairly steady, but i want to call it moderate rain.
6:37 am
in burlington county, there's that batch of reprecipitation signatures -- that's batch of precipitation that's coming up with the steadier rain. there's a shower east of medicine folder -- medford lakes and speed well. hammonton on the ac express way it's getting wetter over the next 15 minutes. we see yellow around woodbury. philadelphia, steady rain, not the heaviest you'll see, but heavy enough to slow you down on the roads and in the suburbs, chester county and berks and more in the poconos that might die down later this morning. generally speaking i think most of the rain is during the morning hours. the afternoon cloudy and breezy, but not as wet. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies in atlantic city, one of the spots that hadn't picked up rain just yet. temperatures 53 degrees in
6:38 am
philadelphia. inldz within -- it's windy, north/northwest at 17 miles per hour. as we look at the winds, 17 miles per hour sustained winds in philadelphia. 18 in reading. the same numbers around the region because of the area of low pressure off the coast and the winds wrapping around it. looks like we'll remain windy through the rest of the day. winds will die down later this evening. future tracker 6 showing us by 9:00 we're dealing with some of the rain, it does look like by noon most of it is falling apart and rest of the afternoon is basically cloudy with a few sunny breaks and perhaps a sprinkle or shower, but not as much rain in the afternoon as what we're seeing right now. temperatures are cool, 53 degrees by 8:00. which is essentially where we are right now. 11:56. a few sprinkles or showers possible. mostly cloudy between 2:00 and 5:00 with temperatures in the upper 50s. 56 in allentown, 60 in dover.
6:39 am
57 in cape may and atlantic city. tomorrow, that area of low pressure is still off the coast but it is slowly inching away from us, it will be make tomorrow breezy, but we'll see sun and clouds and better high of 66 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 59 cloudy and damp in the morning and cloudy and windy not particularly comfortable with the 59-degree high. tomorrow, breezy and milder, 66 is the high. sun and clouds. saturday, looking good, sunny and nice, 68. a system comes through overnight on saturday night, sunday behind it it will be bright with partly sunny skies, windy and cooler, 63. bundle up if you're heading to look at fall foliage or heading to the orchard on sunday. sunday monday, 64. tuesday and wednesday, shorts
6:40 am
after school. 74 degrees and the beach. >> 6:40 brand new stories are up next including the update on the man who is causing the police in the poconos to do a double take in the search for a suspected killer. >> game over for the little boy who wanted a toy. find out how he got free. karen. >> reporter: looking live city avenue at conshohocken avenue. no problems right now, city avenue is open, like yesterday you can see how wet the roads are. we have a jam on i-95. they say coming up live. >> where there's smoke there's fire, or is there, a celebrity power couple puts rumors about a rocky relationship to rest later
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> 6:43, things are happening at philadelphia sprrm international airport,s cars going this way and that way. >> things are happening on the roads. let's head over to karen rogers. the volume is building, karen. >> reporter: this is i-95 approaching cottman southbound traffic. we can check the time, 37 minute ride southbound from woodhaven to the vine. you can see the delay starting to kick in on i-95 southbound. looking at the birth, the slowest time -- the big picture, the slowest time, 14 miles per hour. now 7 miles per hour crawling along westbound from the
6:44 am
boulevard to past belmont. wynnewood we're talking about remington road one lane is blocked one lane getting by because of an accident that brought down poles and wires. horsham road at norristown road and terwood road at greenwood drive. let's head into new jersey, 42 that's northbound traffic heavy from lower landing road to 295 currently a 19 minute road from the ac expressway to the walt whitman bridge. we can see what roads are getting wet. the rain is coming off off the northeast as it pin wheels around this area of low pressure. going in closer, you can see this area of yellow you're getting it good, just crossed route 70. medford lakes it's heavy on 206. and it's about to hit the white horse pike. be careful if you're heading there. wet on 55, 295, 70, 38.
6:45 am
in the city i felt it's wet. we go is to the -- in the city itself, it's wet. it's route in pottstown, route 100, roads are wet, we've had a few accidents, erin. >> thanks, karen. this is new tragic story in from los angeles, an ice cream truck struck and killed a boy on a bike last night. police are calling the incident an accident. the community in the poconos is coming together to help the man who keeps getting mistaken for accused cop killer. james tell youy said he has been confronted two dozen times as he makes his way to work in canadensis. he said he walks because he cannot afford a car. friends have set up an online
6:46 am
fundraiser to get him a car an insurance. after one day, the fundraiser collected $3,400. an associated press pole finds 9 out of ten americans favor screening ebola procedures. president obama met with the new ebola coordinator and left saying he is cautiously optimistic about the containment in the u.s. the first nurse ebola amber vinson is now ebola free. go to we have a guide posted on our website to help you separate fact from fiction. >> a game of chance turned out to be anything but child play for a toddler down south. collin lambert got stuck in a crane machine in tennessee. his grandmother said she looked down for a second to check a text message and that's all it
6:47 am
took for collin to get caught. >> she showed me the picture, my husband and i started laughing. it was a matter of time before he did something like this. >> reporter: the vending machine is held together by duct tape. firefighters let him take a toy home, but parents say he learned his lesson. >> it did happen in toy story. remember that? >> you have more chance if you go in then using the crane. >> more rain pushing into philadelphia, sky6 live hd taking live at i-95 david murphy is be traing it for us. >> reporter: we'll have that in two minutes. if you're dressing the kids you'll wants umbrellas and jackets because it's winds out their. i'll have a look at the day-park forecast and look at the radar.
6:50 am
>> time now for a preview of "good morning america." >> amy robach our good friend joining us live from "g.m.a." studios telling us what's coming up. >> reporter: i will indeed, matt and erin great to be with you on this thursday morning. we have new developments on the deadly gun fight in the heart of canada's capitol. the big question who was the shooter and did he work alone. our team joins us live from the scene with all the latest
6:51 am
details. breaking overnight only hours after the terror attack in canada, a man was caught jumping the white house fence once again. we'll have more from washington on the latest security breach. plus hitech help to prevent injuries on the gridiron. "g.m.a." looking at the latest football helmet testing that could keep players safe on the field. and then we have jenny gargt join us with her favorite dci secrets. and we have more coming up on "good morning america." back to you. >> ghoulish goods. >> reporter: it's a slow go on 422 heavy eastbound traffic from oaks to 23. already a 14 minute ride double what it should be. in montgomery i was showing you how wet it was on 309 now we have an accident on the walnut and broad at the railroad
6:52 am
crossing. watch for that. as we look at the delaware overview it's wet, but no major issues on i-95 or 495 looking good, dave. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan as promised showing you rain out of the north. looks like we have that heavy cell pushing through atlantic county starting to clip the ac expressway in atlantic county. if you give it another 10 or 15 minutes that will pass. it's lighter, but failure steady rain in -- but fairly steady rain in south jersey, and i-95 corridor. there's more trickling down through the rush hour and the rest of the morning. there's a chance of rain on and off until later this morning maybe midday. this afternoon i think it's drier, but cloudy, windy and cool high temperatures topping out in the upper 50s today, erin. >> all right, david. thank you. beyounce and jay-z have
6:53 am
silenced their skeptics they are renewing their wedding vowels they are doing well after rumors of a possible split. they are seen house hunting in paris. the couple has one collaboration in the work, a new album will
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> top stories at 6:56 a car and a tractor-trailer crashed on the pennsylvania turnpike killing one person and injuring four others. the crash scene has cleared, the injured are being treated at aning ton hospital. cooper university healthcare is spear heading ebola training session for first responders in south jersey. meanwhile, new jersey and pennsylvania are among 6 states had a monitor the health of travelers from west africa beginning on monday. >> reporter: let's check the schuylkill expressway, westbound traffic jammed past montgomery and eastbound heavy from curve. we had an accident 663 near the northeast extension. >> reporter: i'll bet the rain is not helping that accident situation. we have a lot of it coming out of north a big chunk is heading
6:57 am
through the center portion of the region. that means most of the heavily traveled roads are wet. wet in the morning, dry in the afternoon, cloudy and cool today. >> "g.m.a." is next, for tamala edwards, karen rogers, david murphy, erin o'hern i'm matt o'donnell. by. bye, see you later! there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress.
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good morning, america. breaking news. terror in the canadian capital. >> a single came in with a shot gun. >> a terrifying rampage tykes the life of a young soldier. politicians barricade themselves in parliament. unlikely hero. and the muslim convert behind the attack. was he trying to join isis before going on the rampage at home and was he alone? and another fence jumper at the white house, battling the secret service and their dogs. how the embattled agency responded to the latest security breach. breaking right now. the company with the exploding air bags under criminal investigation. an