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tv   Action News  ABC  October 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning everyone, 6:00 a.m. on this friday, october 24. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us and we're following breaking news. >> the coroner has arrived on the scene of a police-involved shooting in lehigh valley. >> officials are urging calm after an american doctor tests positive for ebola. >> a hazing incident brings football season at a bucks county high school to an unexpected end. >> we have breaking news. >> reporter: that's right, chopper 6 over the scene, this is i-95 northbound between street road and 413. the box truck was on its side. they have uprighted. it chopper if you pan back, you can get a sense of the backup in bucks county. northbound traffic is jammed
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from street road to past street road because of this accident scene even though 0 they have uprighted this truck. i don't know if you're going to move or not. maybe not. let's go back to the traffic cameras, here you can see how jammed we are on i-95 northbound from street road to past street road. we have an accident scene up ahead. because people are hitting this jamup they are trying to backup going on the wrong direction. we saw people cut over and go the wrong way trying to avoid the backup. have a a little patience, that's an accident waiting to happen. you don't know what people will do. that's a scary situation, what to do instead, stick to route 13 which is along i-95 or use route 1 instead. no problems there. that's a better idea than taking i-95 northbound if you're heading up in bucks county.
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one other issue you can seen the map. le boulevard at home avenue we've got the traffic lights out, you have to treat it as a four way stop. the big problem this accident scene and the backup, looks like another accident about to happen with people going the wrong way. police are arriving now. >> reporter: taking a look at satellite we have winds dropping down from the north. the cloud cover is out there, the clouds are thin enough we'll see sunny breaks. we're expecting a sun and clouds mix. it's 56 in philadelphia. 54 in allentown, 57 in wilmington, 52 in sea isle city. as we head out the door to catch the school bus, 54 by 7:00. partly cloudy and cool and breezy. it will get better today, though, 53 by 8:00. 60 degrees by 3:00 p.m.
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high of 67 this afternoon probably around 4:00. breezy, but no rain and a mix of clouds and sun. we'll have the weekend call coming up, matt. >> see you in a little bit, david. thank you. "action news" has confirmed that a police-involved shooting took place in the lehigh valley. the coroner has been called to the scene. no confirm of any death. it started with a police pursuit of a pick up truck at 2:00 a.m. that weerveld we've had -- weaved through several communities and ended in a violent crash. a storied football season has come to an end at one of the most storyied teams in bucks county. . hazing allegations were first
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reported back on october 14 to the district. now the last two games of the season have been canceled. including a game that was scheduled for tonight to be played here it was a homecoming matchup against central bucks east. the head football coach for central bucks west in doylestown had no comment for "action news" after their last two football games of the season has been advanceled over a hazing scandal. the entire varsity and junior varsity coaching staff was affected immediately. >> i'm frustrated as a parent. my son is a senior, for the three years he was here he never had an issue with hazing. >> reporter: the parent said her son wasn't involved. a school investigation concluding that freshmen were subjected to humiliating and inappropriate initiation rights.
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one student was forced to grab a player's private parts while clothed. it is said that coaches let the team spiral out of control. >> you should have someone inside. there's tight security here today, why couldn't they they have security here that day. >> reporter: now the homecoming game against central bucks east is canalsled. >> i think it's -- canceled. >> i think it's unfortunate this situation had to occur. >> reporter: the superintendent said i recognize this news is disappointing and possibly upsetting to many. i believe the swift and firm action is absolutely necessary. we're live in doylestown, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> new york health officials say there is little chance of a city doctor who tested positive for ebola has infected anybody
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else. dr. craig spencer is being treated for the disease in a new york hospital. two friends and fiance have been quarantined, but are symptom free. spencer worked for doctors without borders. the. malli became the 6th nation in africa to reports an ebola case, a 2-year-old girl tested positive yesterday. maribel aber has more on how this is rattling the markets. >> reporter: the market remain sensitive to any indication that ebola could spread to the u.s. this new case in new york sent futures tumbling. there may be help for businesses affected by the manhunt for eric frein.
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monroe county officials are asking local businesses to report any losses due to the manhunt. contact the monroe county office fore additional details. back over to you. >> thank so much, maribel. something we'll keep following the ebola in new york city. david is here. >> reporter: as we look outside, we're rain free, the winds are starting to can pick up across the region. with no rain around it feels more comfortable. 56 degrees in philadelphia. 57 in wilmington, winds running over ten miles per hour up in the teens. definitely a morning for a jacket. 52- down the shore. satellite and radar showing pinwheeling precipitation way up in new york state, looks like the clouds will thinout a little
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bit and we'll get a mixture of sun and clouds. in allentown, in the low 50s, better today, breezy. down the shore, getting up to 66 with an afternoon in the are 50s a lot of rain yesterday, clouds and sun, breezy along the shore. in philadelphia we're going for a high of 67. a mix of sun and clouds, breezy. winds north northwest. 67 degrees. 64 by 2:00. 66 by 5:00 p.m., the high of 67 around 4:00. if you're heading out on the town, dinner and movie perhaps, 66 degrees by 5:00 in case you're going to an early bird show. 7:00 p.m., 61 degrees in philadelphia and windower down to 59 by 9:00. 11:00, 53 it will be on the breezy side tonight, plan to
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bundle up. no rain if you have plans to be out and about. saturday sunny and nice, maybe a little bit breezy, lots of sun getting up into the 60s another frontal boundry comes through for sunday and knocks us down a few degrees and picks up the winds. it is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 67 today, breezy and milder out there, a mixture of clouds and sun. saturday, sunny and nice, 68 degrees is the high, sunday behind a weak front we'll see a lower high of 65. breezy and cooler on sunday. really either of these days, though look good for going out and watching fall foliage turn or whatever else you want to do outdoors. monday, 64. tuesday, warmer, a beautiful day a high of 74. we'll get up to 72 on wednesday, although is a few clouds build in and there might be a late-day or evening shower. back to the 60s on thursday, and probably dry on halloween the way things are looking now,
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but cool. >> good for the kids. 6:09. we continue to follow the first case of ebola news in texas. we'll go live to new york city. >> we have video of the sheer strength of the hurricane that hit mexico last month. >> a billionaire taking a gambling on the taj mahal in atlantic city has troubling words bts future of the casino. that's later on "action news."
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>> this just in brand new video of the moments hurricane odeil hit mexico. the fierce blast of wind and debris sent people running for cover. >> and regardless of what's going on right now it is friday. so we should all breathe a sigh of relief. >> reporter: it's friday, we have a dry commute, sunshine returning, not too bad. we have a backup on i-95. not in bucks county, that has cleared. this is i-95 at cottman, traffic is getting heavy at cottman and
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allegheny. this is normal morning volume. we have an issue with the traffic light that are out at the boulevard at home avenue. treat it as a four way stop. in upper merion we have an overturned vehicle at south gulph road at upper gulph road. stick to old gulph road as the alternate to avoid the problem there. we have an accident at astin mill road. 56 degrees in philadelphia. not feeling too bad. 54 in allentown, 45, cooler in millville on the boardwalk in ac. 52 degrees, we'll see sunshine returning it will be breezy sun and clouds, nice high of 67, erin. >> investigators say the terrorist who killed a canadian soldier was a trouble loner who had frequent run-ins with the
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police. surveillance video outside parliament shows people running away from michael zehaf-bibeau. this is video sergeant at arms kevin vicors who shot and killed michael zehaf-bibeau. they had a moment of silence for corporal nathan cirillo. tragedy and mystery a montgomery county high school is in mourning and in confusion over a murder suicide that claimed the life of a school employee. >> thousands of taj mahal workers will picket today as their hope of survival becomes less. >> reporter: we're in the 60s, and on the breezy side. we'll have hi, i'm henry winkler
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and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! ♪ >> we continue our coverage. ebola case in new york city. a hospital has quarantined a doctor who is the 4th ebola patient in the u.s. and the first outside of texas. we go to our sister station wabc live outside the patient's apartment with what's happening there right now. >> reporter: good morning, matt this apartment building is on broadway and west 120th street. this is in man hat. this apartment has 36 units. only the apartment of craig
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spencer has been sealed out off. doctor spencer noticed he had a fever yesterday and was transferred by ambulance in pretty quicktive gear to bell view hospital. the block where he lives was cordoned off for a short time. department of health was on hand to distribute flyers with ebola facts and how the disease is transmitted and what symptoms to watch for. people who live in the buildings are concerned, but trying to remain calm. >> too close for comfort. >> a lot of people are panicking since it's coming closer to home. >> it's a safe neighborhood, safe building, love my buildings, love the people who taking care of buildings. love my neighbors, we're all calm and collected. no, i don't see a problem. >> reporter: and the new york city health commissioner has declared that residents here should not be concerned. you can only catch ebola if you're in direct contact with
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bodily fluids. there's no cause for alarm. live in manhattan. back to you. >> go to our website to find out more information how it spreads. >> reporter: taking a live look schuylkill expressway at conshohocken buildings eastbound volume between conshohocken curve and schuylkill expressway. we'll have paving causing restrictions and delays on the ben franklin bridge, but not just yet. >> reporter: we're in the mid 50s, if you're heading to the bus or the el bundle up. it's breezy out there. 60 degrees by noon, 66 by 3:00 p.m. despite the fact it will be windy today we'll get a better high of 67 by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. that's when the high will hit. down the airport so far so good. no major delays in the
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frequently traveled destinations. that rain in boston has cleared off, so good news for you. may be windy. >> 200 high schools are scrambling after they learned that the act test went missing. the college entrance exams were taken on september 13 in upper darby high school. the tests were mailed incorrectly and lost. they have scheduled a new test for next saturday. >> two nfl power houses face each other. 35-1 eagles and the 5-1 cardinal's. this is one of three road games the eagles have to face over the next three weeks. >> we're 5-1. that doesn't guarantee us anything. so we have to act like we have nothing and go play next week
6:22 am
and try to be 1-o. >> eagles versus cardinals, sunday 45:00 p.m. eagles game -- 4:05 p.m. allegation game day sunday is live from phoenix at 11:30. >> there's a new death investigation. >> katherine scott is at the scene of
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>> 6:00 is it a, people are moving on the highway. that's i-95 at penns landing. it is friday morning we'll check traffic and a little bit of accuweather in a few minutes. >> a montgomery county school is mourning the loss of a beloved football manager. police say the 27-year-old was killed in a murder suicide in berks county last week. his body was in the car with the apparent gunman joseph mccullough iii. he volunteered with the pots grove high school football team. there's a memorial at the stadium tomorrow afternoon. >> sentencing is scheduled today for the man who admitted his part in the death of a police officer. timothy sidell slammed into the
6:26 am
patrol car of christopher reeves in 2012. reeves died and another officer was injured in the crash. he faces a sentence of 20 years behind bars. unionized workers at the taj mahal will protest the court ordered termination of their health and pension plans. a federal judge granted their request to terminate the contract. the court order will allow them to keep the casino open until the end of november. it comes a day after billionaire carl icon said the taj will certainly close. the current owners are trying to complete a complicated transfer of ownership to icon. >> new reason to raise the glass on "healthcheck." a study finds light to moderate drinking after age 60 is associated with better memory. alcohol stimulates cells in the
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brain to better remember specific events. two drinks for men and one for women. >> we're following breaking news in the lehigh valley involving a confrontation with police. >> a hazing scandal rocks a to her idea football program -- this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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>> breaking now on "action news," gunfire erupted during a wild police pursuit in then lehigh valley. we're gathering new information. >> developing now, the fourth u.s. case of the ebola virus thun -- owe this one in new york city. >> good morning, everyone, 6:30, friday, october 24 tam is
6:30 am
off, erin o'hern is here. david and karen have weather and traffic. >> reporter: we are dry and we'll see clouds and holes break through the clouds and we'll get sun up over the horizon. 56 degrees in philadelphia. currently. 57 in wilmington. 54 in allentown. and there is a bit of a breeze blowing. 12 miles per hour in philadelphia. 13 in wilmington. some spots in the single digits. if you're heading to class, tgif kids. noon, 60 degrees, #-- 3:00 p.m., 60 degrees. for the evening commute, 6:00 p.m., 53 degrees. it's a little breezy today, but overall better than yesterday. we've got your weekend call coming up, karen rogers. >> reporter: all right, david murphy, we're checking the bus bankup on i-95.
6:31 am
this is -- backup on i-95. this is southbound traffic heavy at cottman and betsy ross bridge to girard. on i-95 northbound the accident involving the overturned box truck is gone. 55 miles per hour. that's good. we have trouble with the traffic lights at home avenue. the traffic lights are out, originally they were treating it as a four way stop. now no cross traffic allowed. an accident at greeneville road and hoffman road. south gulph road is closed between upper gulph road and madson ford road. stick to county line road. roads are dry, but still nonetheless it's been busy out there. >> it has been. breaking right now, "action news" has confirmed that a police-involved shooting took
6:32 am
place in the lehigh valley and the coroner has been called to the scene because one person has died. it began at 2:00 a.m. in a police pursuit of a pick up truck that ended with a violent crash in easton. that scene at north 13th at spring garden. police from palmer township were involved in the chase. there are no reports of any officers getting hurt. >> we turn to the ebola scare in america as the doctor in new york city is being treated for the virus. >> the first confirmed u.s. case outside of texas and the fourth overall. carolyn costello is live outside bellview hospital with the latest. >> reporter: matt, erin, that doctor in from west africa is being treated here at the hospital. new york health officials say they have been preparing for the city's first case of ebola for months and they insist they are ready. he was rushed by specialized
6:33 am
crews to new york city's bellview hospital. dr. craig allen spencer diagnosed with ebola. new york officials with a swift and strong message to the millions. >> we've been preparing for months for the threat posedded by ebola. we have clear and strong protocols that are being for followed. >> reporter: part of the protocol a team of disease detectives tracking his moves since his return from west africa. he flew home last week flue brussels landing at jfk on october 17. he took his temperature twice a day and had contact with people. despite feeling fatigued the night before his diagnosis he went bowling in brooklyn and rode the subway and stopped in
6:34 am
the restaurant. >> the thing to make clear the first time the patient had fever was today and that's the typical sign of a person developing contagious ebola. >> reporter: while health officials say how difficult ebb to catch, his apartment was sealed off. and neighbors are on edge. >> i'm surprised he was allowed to come to the apartment buildings from where he was and what his exposure was. >> reporter: his fiance is showing no symptoms of ebola, but is being held in quarantine at the hospital as a precaution. two of his friends are in quarantine at their homes. we're live in new york, car lynn cost tell low. channel 6 "action news." >> thanks for the report. here at home south jersey will host another ebola training session for first responders. the forum will be held this morning at the gloucester county
6:35 am
government services building. the training is open to all county police, fire and ems workers. of course, you can head to for more on the ebola situation. we have a special section on the web page with resources for facts on how the virus really spreads. >> a huge high school football grudge match will not happen today. school officials have shut down one of the areas most respected football programs because of a hazing investigation. katherine scott is live outside cb west in bucks county which was supposed to battle cb east tonight. >> reporter: that's right, matt, the football was supposed to battle one of their big rivals on this field, but that's not going to happen. the bleachers won't be packed for the game. the last two football games are canceled and the entire varsity and junior varsity coaching staff has been suspended.
6:36 am
some freshmen were subjected to humiliating and inappropriate initiation rights. one student was forced to grab a player's private parts while clothed. the coaching staff is said to let the team activities spiral out of control during a preseason gathering. the homecoming game is canceled, as was the final game set for halloween. >> it's sad, the rest of the of the season is canceled. i'm partly of the marching band, my last two football games were taken. it kind of stinks. >> reporter: as for the football team, central bucks west is 2-6 but competed for many a championship. dominant since the late 70s over head coach mike patten senior. the school produced nfl coach
6:37 am
mike patton junior who is head coach for the cleveland browns. patton junior said he is saddened by the news and said he knows some of the staff and knows he they probably didn't condone this in anyway way. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> there's new fallout for the first team that came under scrutiny for hazing. the sayerville team coaching staff has been fired. criminal charges are pending against seven players. >> make your weekend plans outdoors. >> reporter: no kidding it's going to be dry as we look at storm tracker 6 live double scan so is friday morning dry with a little bit of rain working out of new york north of long island, but staying up there.
6:38 am
as we look outside, we have clouds and breaks we're expecting sun to mix with clouds quickly. we'll kind of stay with a partly sunny feel as we go through the day. roads are dry through penns landing. today is a transition day toward better conditions we'll get clouds and sun mix. and then we're in for a long dry stretch. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we're looking at 56 degrees currently. dewpoint, 44. winds out of the north/northwest at 12 miles per hour. a little bit breezy and cool out this this morning. a jacket, maybe a couple of layers. satellite shows you cloud cover, it's a little misleading, the sun will get through at times. even though there's more cloud cover working in later onful we'll stay dry, breezy not as chilly as yesterday, and some sun breaking through. 53 by 8:00le 58 by 1:11. we spend the afternoon in the 60s and high of 67 degrees
6:39 am
which is ten degrees better than yesterday. you'll get 10 to 20-mile an hour wind rolling through the region. breezy, but nice. 65 is the high in allentown. trenton. 66 in reading. 67 in philadelphia and wilmington. 64 in cape may, new jersey. tonight friday night football out there, it will be cool, maybe a little bit breezy. our 6abc game of the week is great valley versus unionville. high school huddle friday night is wrapping up all the high school action. 56 at 10:00. a little breezy tonight, sweatshirt weather, okay? for the weekend, 68 tomorrow, there's a front coming in, ahead of it we get sunny nice conditions. behind the front on sunday, cooler and the winds picking up a bit. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 67 today, breezy and milder. and then tomorrow, sunny and nice, 68. sunday breezy and cooler partly sunny skies high of 65.
6:40 am
but as matt said a good weekend to make your plans and get on out there. monday, mostly sunny, 64. tuesday, yeah, 74 degrees we'll go for a mix of sun and maybe a few clouds. that looks like a winner. wednesday, 72 clouds building and late day or nighttime shower on wednesday. between now and wednesday, dry with a capital d. >> thank you, david, with a capital d. an axe attack sparks terrorism fares in new york. >> a mobster fights a parol violation that could send him back to prison. >> reporter: chester 30 bypass heavy to 113. we'll take you to the schuylkill expressway for a jamup. >> a local entrapreneur is going
6:41 am
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ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
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>> 6:43, and it is friday, and, well, it's the busiest day of the week for flights. that's a live look at philadelphia international airport. >> and things are getting busy on the roads let's head over to karen rogers. she'll get you through it. >> reporter: monday through friday, this is the schuylkill expressway eastbound traffic heading toward center city. it's heavy past the boulevard to girard and westbound jammed from the boulevard to past belmont. no accidents on the schuylkill expressway, but slow go,
6:44 am
nonetheless. slow speeds on i-95, 19 miles per hour from the betsy ross bridge to girard. only 14 miles per hour we saw that jam up on the schuylkill expressway. we have a problem on the boulevard. the traffic lights are out they are not allowing any cross traffic on the boulevard at home avenue. this accident in upper merion has south gulph road closed between upper gulph road and madson ford road. in the meantime stick to old gulph road as the alternate. we have an accident at douglass township greeneville road at hoffman mill road. the roads are dry, and clear, 66 degrees, heading up to 67 with sunshine returning we're staying dry, breezy at times. matt and erin. >> a new york city police officer suffered critical head injuries when an hatchet wielding man attacked without
6:45 am
warning. three officers had minor injuries but able to get the shot off and kill the man with the machete. police say he had a criminal record in california and disarnldz from -- discharged fre navy for misconduct. >> happening today a philadelphia mobster could learn if he will be sent back to prison. joey m. he rlino -- merlino met with mobsters in florida. his lawyer said it was a chance encounter. he spent more than ten years behind bars. >> tonight's mega million jackpot jumped to $224 million. the lottery has rolled over 17 straight times. you can see the drawing right here on "action news" at 11:00. >> "good morning america" is
6:46 am
coming up with live updates on the ebola case in new york. >> meet the dogs involved taking down the latest fence jumper at the would you also. a live preview is next. -- jumper at the white house. a live preview is next. david. >> reporter: we have the kids dressed in jackets because it's in the 50s and it will be a little breezy. we'll be in the 60s. when i come back we'll have the day-park
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>> bullets blasted through two homes at a philadelphia neighborhood. police arrested the suspected shooter and recovered a assault rifle in bustleton last night. man unloaded 28 shots. two hit a 57-year-old man. he is in critical condition. one house has 20 bullet holes, another has more. nobody inside the homes were hurt. >> time for "good morning america." >> dan abrams joins us with what we'll see at 7:00 a.m. >> good morning matt and erin. an american doctor tests positive for ebola after returning from west africa. he is in quarantine at a new york city hospital. how health officials are handling this latest diagnosis.
6:50 am
new details on the deadly rampage in canada's capitol. dan harris is live in ottawa with all new developments this morning. >> the two heros that took down the fence jumpers. the secret service dogs we'll have them, why they are called the from president's fiercest protecters. we have a homeless woman turning her life around and how he spent the night out out sleeping on the streets. that's coming up on "g.m.a." >> all right, dan see you in a bit. >> reporter: we have no accidents here, but it's slow, we have traffic heavy on 422 approaching trooper. long view road at main street in montgomery county, a downed tree that's blocking the roadway there. new jersey, 42, that's northbound traffic we have
6:51 am
building volume not too bad between 55 and 295. >> reporter: on the big board we're off to a cool start with temperatures in the 50s in most of the northern and western suburbs. 52 in slatington and fleetwood. 56 in pilots. south jersey, 56 in glass borough, 55 in cinnaminson. central south jersey, places like buena and hammonton and woodbine in the 40s. mid 150s in the state of delaware. we're in the 50s by 9:00. noon, 60. 66 by 3:00 p.m. high of 67 at 4:00. sun and clouds, a bit on the breezy side, but better than yesterday. >> a local intra[knew entered the -- entrapreneur entered the shark tank. fill riledder found -- ryder
6:52 am
found emergensee. shark tank receives 135,000 applications and 35,000 pitches air. watch to see if he reels in a deal at 9:00. here comes honey boo boo. online sources say june shannon is dating a convicted child molester. she is the mother of the child star. the molester, according to tmz served time for an inappropriate rip with a relative of shannon. her daughter has come to her defense she said the allegations are not true. we'll be right back.
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>> top stories at 65:55 police-involved shooting in the lehigh valley left a person dead. it began with a police pursuit of a pick up that wound through several communities and ended in a violent crash in easton. one of the biggest high school traditions in our area the game between cb west and cb east was supposed to happen tonight. instead, the football season was
6:56 am
canceled because of a hazing investigation. casino no workers will picket in front of the taj mahal the owner of the taj said it could close by the end of this year. >> shall we check i-95. whient, that's southbound -- why not, that's southbound traffic jamming approaching cottman from bridge to girard. no big accidents on i-95. we have an overturned vehicle in upper merion it just cleared, so south gulph road reopened. >> reporter: sun will be coming up over the horizon and generally speaking we're going for a mix of sun and clouds as we roll through the day. in the 50s by 9:00. 60 by noon, if you can hole off doing your outlet door shopping and errands and walking. it will be nice. 66 by 3:00. 67 by 4:00. a little bit on the breezy side. 10 to 20 miles per hour. bundle up.
6:57 am
better than yesterday. >> relatively we're looking at a nice day. >> reporter: the weekend looks good, sunny saturday, and fairly sunny on sunday. >> why do you keep saying that erin is running. >> reporter: running errands. there's a d in there matt. >> sorry about that.
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning, america. breaking overnight, ebola in new york city. a doctor just back from africa diagnosed with the deadly disease raced to the hospital. health officials tracking his every movie right now. four people being monitored. was the doctor contagious when he went bowling, took a taxi and rode one of the biggest subway systems in the world? new video of the terror attack in canada's capital. the lone wolf attacker into the parliament, people running, new details about the suspect. and this terrifying attack at home. a man with a hatchet attacking police officers. it was tied to terror? halve orc on the highway, pulling wheelies on the road, standing on their seats, taunting a police officer. the search for the bikers.