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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  October 24, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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another in serious condition. the shooting happened this morning inside of marysville-pilchuck high school in marysville, north of seattle. it happened inside of the cafeteria. eyewitnesses say blood was everywhere. the gunman reportedly walked up to a cafeteria table and opened fire. he then fled the school. fired more shots outside and then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. choppers hovered above as students fled the school. police secured the perimeter and worked to clear the school. >> i have two children, a son and a daughter. my son had actually called me right after it happened. he's like dad, please come get me, please come get me. >> we are confident there was only one shooter and the shooter is deceased. but we do need to clear each building and make sure that's the case. >> the federal authorities will assist in the investigation. so far the investigators say it's too early to establish motive. after students left the school they were bussed to another location to be reunited with their parents.
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>> their's was so emotional, breaking down. they are relieved to be ok but horrified about what happened to their friends, what happened to their school. >> at this point the police have not released the shooter's name nor any details about him. live in the satellite center, chad pradelli channel 6 news." >> thank you. to the latest on the ebola situation now. and an amazing scene in texas as a nurse who was declared free of the virus surprised the media by sharing her ordeal. it comes as officials in new york city try to reassure residents they are safe after a doctor was diagnosed with the virus. abc news's marcy gonzalez joins us live from new york city tonight with more. >> rick, this latest ebola patient's fiancee and two friends in quarantine while he is in isolation listed in stable condition. today the new york officials are trying to calm fears as the city's first ebola patient battles the virus in this manhattan hospital. >> there is no cause for alarm.
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new yorkers need to understand the situation's being handled and handled well. >> dr. craig spencer put in isolation before coming down with a fever yesterday, nearly a week after he returned from working with doctors without borders treating patients in new guinea. before he was diagnosed he went to the bowling alley in brooklyn. road the subway and ate in a restaurant. he reportedly was tired he showed no ebola symptoms which experts stress he was not contagious. the mayor demonstrating that confidence riding the subway today. health officials checking each place as a precaution. >> there is no risk of ebola here. >> spencer's apartment now being decontaminated by hazmat crews, the same process in dallas where two nurses had ebola. both free of it. and nina pham hugging president obama in the oval office. >> i join you in prayer now for
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the recovery of others, including my colleague and friend, amber vincent and dr. craig spencer. >> and in response to this latest case, now any health care worker returning to new york or new jersey from west africa will be under mandatory quarantine for 21 days. some are pushing for this to be extended to the rest of the country. live in new york for channel 6 ha "action news." >> we have a special section on our website on ebola. fact versus fiction and answers to how the virus really spreads. it is available to you now on your tablet or computer at we are following breaking news for you out of virginia, bringing a sad end to a six-week search. police confirmed the remains found last saturday do belong to hannah graham. she is the university of virginia sophomore who disappeared september 13.
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32 year old jesse matthews is charged in graham's abduction. no words if the charges are upgraded following the confirmation. a catholic priest serving a dozen different assignments across the philadelphia diocese facing charges of child pornography. mark haynes using instagram to send at least two lewd pictures for a young girl. using the name katie as his account. and he posed as an 16-year-old girl to exchange lewd messages with another young girl. >> horrified. i would never expect it. >> hayes is behind bars tonight on $200,000 bail. investigators are now looking for any more potential victims. in our coverage of the priest's arrest continues online at there you'll find a full list of the parishes where haynes worked, as well as the affidavit
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of probable cause filed by the chester county district attorney and today's complete statement by the philadelphia archdiocese on the case. it's all right there, right now at chaos at a delaware high school after a bomb threat and fight. about 7:30 this morning, somebody called 911 saying there was a bomb at newark high school. students evacuated here to the football field where a fight broke out. it spun out of control and the police used pepper spray on the crowd. >> several students affected by the residual effects of the pepper spray and treated onscene for minor eye irritation. one student suffered from an asthma attack and transported to christiana hospital. >> two students charged in connection with the fight. the miss then used k9s to sweep the school. no bomb found. tonight supposed to be one of central buck west's biggest night. the annual homecoming game
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against the long-time rival. instead the friday night lights are dark thanks to allegations of hazing. walter perez joins us live outside the school in doylestown. walter? >> rick, central bucks west high school has one of the most storied football programs in the delaware valley, winning a string of state titles including three in the row in the 90s. in the wake of the hazing scandal over in new jersey, they find themselves embroiled in a similar scandal. tonight to be one of the biggest nights the grudge match between c.b. east and west coupled with a homecoming celebration. the district officials abruptly canceled the game yesterday after announcing allegations of hazing involving members of the c.b. west football team, a development that a lot of students are having a hard time accepting. >> it is not fair all the other hundred students have to suffer because of four or five kids.
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>> it is in the wake of a school district investigation finding several freshman team were forced to perform acts including another player's private parts. and they have to forfeit the last two games including the big homecoming game. and every member of the coaching staff has been suspended for allegedly allowing the situation to get out of control. speaking with the c.b. west students after class today, some of whom say the facts of the story are being distorted. >> there is a lot of over exaggerated. not everything was like -- that was said and done on the news was brought up to being is it that's not. >> many others say it is never ok to purposely humiliate anyone. >> i think the action they took was necessary because it was very serious and i'm glad they ended up doing that. that way i though will stop. >> to go to the game, the biggest game of the year, to find out it is canceled it is
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disappointing. i am angry at the people who decided to do that stuff. some people are just immature. >> the homecoming game last week, and the pep rally will go inside with a home basketball game, the date not yet chosen. walter perez channel 6 news." >> thank you. philadelphia police trying to fin the person who shot a teenager in the tacony section this morning. chopper 6 hd over the scene about 8:00 a.m. in the 6700 block of torresdale. the 18 year old shot in the leg and gunman got away. and wanted for robbery of screens stores. the video from monday night at the s&p grocery store. and the woman walked in and pulled out a gun, demanded money. the clerk complied and then the woman took off right there. shortly after this robbery the police say she robbed another store a few blocks away. if you have any information,
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please call police. it has been five years in the making, now construction just about over on the new jersey turnpike. governor christie helped to cut the ribbon at the molly pitcher service area near 8a. since 2009 widening the turnpike between exit 6 and 9. it cost more than $2 billion. adding 170 lane miles to this often-congested seconds of roadway. the northbound lanes reopened this weekend. the southbound lanes reopen next weekend. time now, speaking of highways, for the "action news" traffic report. >> someone who never widens, is matt pellman. >> there is a slight fluctuations. >> never. >> you might be right. good afternoon to you, rick and monica. checking 95. wide delays taking a long time to get through this afternoon on the northbound stied approaching this point at penns landing up to cottman avenue where we had an earlier broken down vehicle
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that got us off to a bad start. still 40 minutes whether if should be 14 on the northbound travel time. delays, of course, spilling back on to the vine street expressway a parking lot eastbound from the schuylkill out 295. ment delays spilling on to the schuylkill itself. and west brandywine watching a crash along 82. manor road at germany hollow road and b one in burlington county and new castle a wreck along 13 southbound at cyanide boulevard and restrictions there. and while we're in this neck of the woods this weekend, closing route 13 between 295 and 141 starting at 8:00 tonight for construction, and expecting the construction to last through about noon time monday. highway 1 may be a better bet for you. more in the next half-hour. >> thank you, sir. mega millions lottery jackpot $224 mill. folks buying up tickets on north street in wilmington.
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no ticket matched all six numbers in tuesday night's drawing and the jackpot rolled over to tonight. the cash value $137 million. and watch the megamillions drawing on "action news at 11:00." >> good luck. still to coming on "action news" friday, queen elizabeth on social meet what. what the first tweet had to say. milder temperatures. what does it mean for the weekend? the accuweather answer. first, millions of cars recalled because of faulty air bags. why lawmakers say the number is still actually not high enough. all right, those stories and much more when "action news at 5:00" comes right back. ♪ music
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i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. >> a new call for more recalls on defective air bags. congressional officials now say the air bags are in up to 30 million vehicles, far more than the 8 million recalled so far. the air bags as you have seen this week can explode with too much force, sending medal sharing flying into a car like shrapnel. they are urged to bring the cars back to the dealer, but there
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are not enough replacement air bags on the market. the industry that manufactured them, they are threatening to launch an investigation into whether they gave the regulators misinformation. evenflo calling many car seats because the buckles are difficult to latch. 35/999 models with certain buckles there is the information. if they do not release easily it can be difficult to get your child out of the car seat in an emergency. they were made from december 2011-may 2013. and log on to for more information. still ahead, a royal tweet. what queen elizabeth said on her first tweet on social media. and the housing recovery
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>> time for accuweather at the big board. meteorologist cecily tynan looking forward to the weekend, as am i. >> we are always looking forward to the weekend, and especially since the weather is going to be gorgeous. and this was sent in by john on my facebook page. i made this my cover shot. this is from the park in wecht che -- westchester and the fall foliage peaking in our region. and the bright blue skies, a gorgeous shot. keep sending in the photos, i really appreciate it. today nicer than yesterday. and the few high things clouds rolling in. temperature mild 68 degrees, philadelphia 64, the normal high. 68 in wilmington. and allentown and reading 67 degrees. millville 66, sea isle city 64,
5:24 pm
and trenton 67 degrees. compare this to this time yesterday, temperatures from 9 to 14 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. we finally got the low pressure that was spinning offshore to move away. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing this low pressure right now is near halifax. so that is history. we have high pressure building in. but if you look to the west of cincinnati, you see that little thin band of clouds? that's a cold front that will be moving through tomorrow night. it will come through dry. but what it will do, behind the system kick up the winds sunday. tonight it is friday night. friday night football. high school huddle will be watching the great valley unionville game. if you are going to any of the games tonight, take a jacket. partly cloudy. breezy, somewhat cool. 7:00, 63. 10:00, 59. this time of the year once the sunset the temperatures really drop out. a nice night for football. future track her showing tomorrow morning where are the
5:25 pm
clouds? 7:00 in the morning, no clouds and satellite futuretracker looking like a base map. no clouds in the afternoon. and temperatures tomorrow afternoon, if you like today you'll like tomorrow. 5:00, around 68, 67 degrees in philadelphia. a little cooler on sunday with the gusty winds, but all in all a really nice weekend. tonight, mostly clear. the winds will be relaxing. the overnight low chilly in allentown, 39 degrees. philadelphia 46. millville 41. and wilmington 44 degrees. so seasonably cool tonight. the 5day at five shows the weekend will be spectacular. mostly sunny and mild tomorrow, 68 degrees. not a cloud in the sky. on sunday behind the cold front the winds will pick up, gusting up to about 25 miles per hour. a little cooler, but still a nice day. 65 degrees. monday we drop to 64 degrees. then a warm up starts, 72 degrees on tuesday. on wednesday, bump it up to 74 degrees. bringing a few showers and then behind the system cooler air and
5:26 pm
we talk about how cool and have the early halloween forecast coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you, thank to you again soon. one high school in montgomery county giving back to an alumnus in need. justin brown and his mom surprised with a check for $1,000. a 2000 graduate of the high school battling a devastating disease nine years. they had a charity walk and raised the money for justin to help with medical expenses. today's check presentation is part of the school's spirit week. >> how nice. much more ahead on "action news." making sure every first responder is prepared to handle the ebola virus should it show up on its doorstep. we show you how. and a reunion 50shgs -- 50 years in the making. >> and a construction project may disrupt your plans in wilmington. we have details. >> and those stories and more whe
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♪ "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jamie apody, rick williams and monica malpass.
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hello again.iams and monica here's what is happening on "action news" friday night. she risked her life to treat ebola patient, thomas duncan and in doing so contracted the virus herself. tonight, nurse nina pham shedding home. a fast-moving fire sends dozens heading into the street. we plain what happened. the two men battling to be pennsylvania's next governor. hearing from corbet and wolfe. and nina pham the nurse contracting ebola while treating thomas duncan treating her first night out of isolation. >> the doctors declared her ebola-free and released from the national institutes of health in maryland. and walked out with a big smile on her face. thanking the doctors and family for support. adding she is happy to be alive but ready to go home. >> i ask for my privacy and my
5:30 pm
family's privacy to be respected. returning to texas and trying to get back to a normal life and reunite with my dog and family. and pham also met with president obama at the white house. the new york city doctor battling the virus continues to be treated at belleview hospital in new york city. >> and health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman with the latest on that. >> from a medical standpoint the protocols were followed. dr. spencer returned on the 17 and was self-monitoring. he reported an elevated temperature on the 23rd and called doctors without borders. there are some concerns about him being out in the community before his symptoms started. and just in the past hour officials in new york and new jersey have changed their rules saying if someone is high-risk they will be quarantined even if they don't have symptoms.