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tv   Action News  ABC  October 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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rampage in a >> this is a scream too often repeated students running from
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the school from a hallway, classroom and cafeteria. two people were dead including student gunman. it's friday knight and big story on "abc news" tonight is high school tragedy in the state of washington. tonight, students gathered at a church in marysville to give each other support and honor the students gunned down today and others wounded by the gunfirech the gunman was fresh than jaylynn fiber when homecoming prince described by other students as a quiet, good guy. today, students said fryburg stared at his victims as she shot them. fryburg then shot and killed himself. three of the four wounded students are in very critical condition. one sfunt student was released from the hospital and this is he. >> when i fell over i got up and there was just someone laying on the ground. i heard gun shots it must have
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ricocheted off something and hit me. >> four shots went off. >> i thought it was firecrackers and then everyone started ducking under table and three more went off and everybody started screaming run it's a gun. >> pet fewed parents rushed to the school trying to survive the tension. and a pedestrian was killed in trenton. the victim was hit by a car green wood and hamilton avenue and police have not said whether any charges will be filed against the driver. philadelphia police arrested 2, 13-year-old boys today in student sex tape scandal. detectives say the young suspects were in southwest philadelphia till done school mrakd mailed a girl into a sex act earlier this month and the video was posted on describe police were involved in the alleged assault of middle school student at south junior nice perkasie, bucks county.
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live outside the school tonight "action news" reporter chad pradelli with the exclusive details. chad, what's the story? jim the victim tells "action news" she was afraid to come to school. her alleged tourmentor is now facing charges and her mother wants more action. >> valerie rocket says her daughter has been bullied for months going to south junior high school has been a living nightmare. earlier this week the 12-year-old broke down. >> we were at the dentist and i noticed she was upset. she started digging. turned to her breaking down crying saying she's being bullied at school and picked on people calling her nasty names. >> but it was alleged assault on tuesday that got police involved. rocket's daughter was in music class. >> this child came up to her and took the head phone cord and went like that around her neck. >> after investigating we felt that charges were appropriate in this matter for simple salt and
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harassment. >> the rockets say the school has not been responsive and even more startling they say is the boy has been allowed to remain in class. >> yesterday she came home from school and the boy was in her class like she has to walk past him. i guess their idea is he will be at one end of the class and she will be at the other. that to me is not acceptable. >> rockets daughter is a big fan of musician pink who has written several songs aimed at those bullied and the message stay strong and be yourself. something alleged victim plans to do. >> so don't let them bring you down and like just be yourself and don't let any people mess with you. >> and pennridge school district they released a statement that says they're cooperating with the investigation and it makes clear to students that bullying and harassment has no place in the district. i'm live in perkasie, chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you, chad a delaware
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valley priest was arrested on charges of child pornography. 55-year-old reverend mark haines proposed as a young girl on instagram account where he posted and exchanged pornographic images of children. haines has been vicker of st. simon and jude parish in west town township chester county since september of last year. he worked in eight parishes in the archdioceses since 1985. >> to limit the chance of ebola outbreak in the united states new jersey governor chris christie joined new york governor andrew quum owe tonight in ordering mandatory quarantine restrictions travelers that have had contact with ebola patients in west africa will be isolated 2 days. >> we're no longer relying on cdc standards there's new york, new jersey standards for this and we need new york, new jersey health officials to work with cd
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droxt make sure our standards are met before there's admission to either of our states. >> under the new policy a nurse returning from a medical trip to west africa was quarantined today newark lubty international airport. new jersey health officials say tonight while she had no symptoms when she arrived she has now developed a fever. meanwhile in new york city the doctor who's ebola virus sparked these changes continues with treatment in manhattan. craig spencer is in "relatively stable condition" condition" decontamination teams arrived at his apartment today to cart everything away while health inspectors visited a restaurant where he recently ate. >> a texas nurse has been released from a washington area hospital and she is ebola-free. nina pham caught the disease when she was helping to treat liberian stomach dunk anyone dallas hospital. dunkin died of the disease and
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pham later came down with ebola. she explained today how she got through her ordeal. >> i believe in the power of prayer because i know so many people all over the world have been praying for me. i do not know how i can ever thank you everyone enough for their prayers and expressions of concerns, hope and love. >> pham was invited to visit president barack obama in the whitehouse where it was quite clear the president was not afraid of close contact with this now former ebola patient. >> we are compiling all the latest ebola information in a special section on our web site. just visit from your mobile device or computer any time to stay informed. there has been some bad news recently about high school football and not tonight, not at lansdale catholic. tonight it was all good. and really special for a special young boy.
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and "action news" reporter dann cuellar has that story. >> meet kevin smith of lansdale that has lifetime dream. >> tell us about your dream. >> playing football. >> really? how long have you had this dream. >> since forever. >> a rare seizure disorder kept the 11-year-old from being able to play. >> we told him his whole life even though he couldn't maybe some day and it's today. >> for a make a fish foundation students at lansdale catholic high not only raised 11,000 for make a wish but making concern's dream come through this week he practiced with the team and tonight he was going to be allowed to run a play at the end ever the 1st quarter. >> it's been a great experience for everybody and touched everyone in the student pody. >> it's not every night a kid gets a lifetime dream come true. tonight kevin smith gets his. are you ready. is your heart bounding yet. >> yeah. >> here we go. >> number 1, kevin. >> and then the beg play. >> ball snapped, goes over, 55,
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50, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, touchdown. >> good job buddy. >> it was priceless to be on hand for kevin's triumphant moment. >> how do you feel now, kev? did you it. >> it was the proudest moment. >> yes. >> it was. it was. >> that image will never be burned from my mind. is that the cool. >> it's unbelievable we keep saying the compassion is contagious and it's just heart are overflowing it means so much. >> dann cuellar, chapel 6abc news. >> still to come on "action news" tonight the health benefits of talking about other people behind their backs. >> the nypd releases new details about the
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hatchet-wielding lone wolf who wept after new york city police and local entrepreneur whose smart phone app for emergency landed him on shark tank today. >> high of 70. i'm tracking cooler air and gustsy wind for the weekend. i'll have details in the accuweather forecast. >> "high school huddle" coming up and jamie apody tells us which eagles are on the bubble for the first game after the bye week and quarter million is up for grabs in the mega millions drawing when "action news" for grabs in the mega millions drawing when "action news" continues tonight ♪
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>> an act of terrorism that's how new york city police are describing yesterday's brazen daytime hatch eight tack on nypd officers it happened without warping. authorities say 3-year-old zale
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thompson ran up to group of four rookie cops swinging an axe hitting one in arm and another in the had head. that officer is in critical condition. the other officers shot thompson dead. police officials said thompson was recluseive and anti-government and likely radicalizeed by jihadist propaganda and appeared to be a loan wolff without any ties to islamic screamists. >> sack meant owe california three sheriff deputies were shot in a one man crime spree. two officers died tonight. it all started this morning when deputies responded to a call for suspicious vehicle. the man inside 34-year-old marcelo martinez opened fires in the next six hours he's acaused of carjacking two vehicles and shooting at least one more person. he was arrested hiding behind a home. >> and meanwhile, new jersey struggling casino industry has lost its bid to legal lies sports betting in the state. a federal judge put a halt to it
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for now ruling in favor of the professional sports leagues and ncaa. the idea was always a gamble. even though the new jersey legislature passed sports betting with support of governor christie and courts have decide today is in conflict with federal law. >> the wheels on the bus might not go round and round next week. septa union workers in the city will vote sunday whether or not to go on strike. tw local 234 represents 4700 bus drivers subway operators and maintenance workers and working under expired contract since march. septa management and union both say they will continue attorney negotiating towards a new agreement. >> you have heard the news. gossip could be good for you. on "healthcheck" tonight researchers tell us what college students told them when they overheard chitchat about people they knew. positive gossip became a motivating factor such as realizing you need to work
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hardner comparison to co-worker when there's gossip about promotion, for instance,. on the other happened, well, here we go, when gossiping about someone else's shortcomings it gave listeners a personal ego boost which doesn't say much about their character but that's the scientific evidence sgle most gossip tend to be on the negative side. >> i would think so. >> you never hear that around here however. >> not at all not in the newsroom. >> not that i'm aware of. >> i'll gossip about the weather now. >> it will be nice this weekend. >> hopefully. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing dry conditions out there on the friday night and the action cam taking a tour of the halloween houses and this is deangelo home on furgeson avenue in broomall and looking pretty spooky out there in the graveyard. whether waerk, though, not sdairy. philadelphia, 59 down from mild high of 70. allentown and reading 5 5. millville dropped down to 49.
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ale sea isle city 60. wilmington 54. temperatures will be seasonably cool tonight and then they'll be cooling off a little as we head through the weekends. satellite 6 and action radar showing we're in between systems and that low pressure and coastal low is finally moving along way over the canadian maritime and cloud cover is left here an there. you can see across the ohio valley a dry slot before more clouds roll in tomorrow night. during the day tomorrow it's looking really nice. good amount of sunshine. 68 degrees. temperatures couple degrees cooler than today and bit on breezy side and winds up to 10, 15 miles an hour and this cold front will come flew on saturday night and it moves through dry with clouds and behind this we'll get a bit of wind tunnel effect open sunday. temperatures down a notch to 65 degrees and we're looking at wind really gusty throughout the day. future tracker showing on sunday morning you wake up in the morning and step outside. leaves will be blow around at 9:00 in the morning up wind gusts 19 to 5 miles an hour and
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even as we head towards the evening wind gusts still 25 to 31 miles an hour on surprised. but still it will be nice sunny day. all in all a nice fall weekend. the next twelve hours for friday night mostly clear. wind relaxing. temperatures dropping 59 cooler suburbs and 46 for center city and the exclusive accuweather 7 day forecast beautiful tomorrow. mostly sunny. 68 degrees. on sunday, still good amount of sunshine and gusty winds and high of 65 degrees. we drop one more degree on monday. 64. before temperatures begin to warm. we pump it up to 7 degrees on tuesday. 74 degrees open wednesday before a cold front brings us a few showers wednesday night and temperatures down to more seasonable range thursday. 64. advanced word for halloween spooktacular. partly sunny, high of 65. and bootiful for halloween i
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think that's all i have i used them all on the first night. >> chester county entrepreneur was in the national spotlight tonight with appearance on abc's shark tank. phil wright pitched his product in front of some of the toughest critics. he found aid company called emergency it offers a personal safety app that streams live video, audio and gps location when a person is in potentially dangerous situation. well the sharks declined to invest in wrightgnawer's invention but the tile on the show was well worth it. >> just being open the show gives exposure to all the numerous millions of americans that can use this app to benefit of their own personal receivety. that's ultimate goal. >> rightnower who had a successful career in banking and energy and real estate plans to successful career in banking and energy and real estate plans to keep his company growing .
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>> i'll tell you. okay. eagles getting healthier as they get set to take opt cardinals michael keep drikz could return sunday listed as questionable and darren sproles said she thinks he'll play and cardinals are tops in nfl. center jason kelce listed as questionable you think he would be out saying he pegged next week's possible run date from double hernia surgery. you can bet lesean mccoy would like to have one or both back. what concerns him most about another 5-1 team. >> is the record speaks for itself. tough fighter, plays well. you know, i don't think there are concerns we have to play our game. >> tease are two stop teams in the nfl now and there's ten weeks of the season left but you know playoff mentality for us. mccoy and herremans said the visit to grand opening emerge salon and boutique in upper arby
11:25 pm
helped raise awareness to breast cancer. >> coburn and andrew mc donald will be out a month for lower bodzy injuries. coach greg brewedy called up shane from lehigh valley tomorrow against detroit and captain claude giroux trying to stay positive despite the team seeming snake bit this season. >> it's bad news but people need to step up and will little challenge in front of us and looks like this team loves challenges. >> sixers traded casper ware to brooklyn in exchange for another and second around pick in 20109. >> phillies were represented at the world series. jimmy rollings game one of two winners of baseball rab ert owe clementi award given to a player that best transport presents the came in community and royals. we shall say just won the game final in world series 3-2 over giants and they take 2-1 series
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lead. >> thank you, jamie. a favorite fashion destination is now open in septemberer city, philadelphia, nordstrom rack welcomed shoppers today to new store at 17 and chestnut. there are fly floors of designer kloming
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>> to reiterate what cecily said it was spooktacular evening for halloween parade in elsmere, delaware the annual event where the kids got to trick or treat all sorts of young gouls and young boys took part from fanciful animal costumes to mini superheros. high school huddle is next on channel 6 followed by "jimmy kimmel live" and "nightline" after 5:30. for jamie apody, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner have a good and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner have a good night and great weekend
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>> cecily has quite the arm open her, hu? welcome to "high school huddle" presented by gmc. teams from delaware and chester county trying to stay perfect tonight plus game of the week. great valley and unionville and we'll discuss central bucks west their season being cancelled in the wake of hazing allegations. all next on "high school huddl " huddle". >> you're watching "high school huddle" on 6abc. go ! >> 6abc "high school musical" huddle is brought you to by your philadelphia super nets work