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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  October 25, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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7:00 saturday october 25. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." philadelphia police are searching for a man who allegedly used a wheelchair as a decoy before stealing a donation jar. a bucks county teen said she is the victim of bullying and assault at a bucks county school. she talks to "action news." >> the mega millions drawing took place last night we'll let you know if there are any big winners. let's head outside to chris sowers i see you're not jumping around, but you have a jacket on this morning. >> reporter: i'm not jumping around, right now it's pretty nice, temperatures are in the 40s, there's a bit of a chill, 49 in philadelphia. millville, 37. dover, 45. wilmington, 45 and the poconos 42. him most of the these numbers are close to where they should to be this time of year.
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a couple of locations are cooler. compared to yesterday at this time it's cooler. allentown, 14 degrees cooler in fact. 8 in philadelphia. 13 in reading. 16 degrees cooler in millville. it's going to be a chilly start to your saturday. we're checking sunshine later this afternoon and accuweather thinks that will help to get the temperatures up there. mostly sunny skies that's the call for today. temperatures close to 70 degrees when all is said and done, here's the day planner. 9:00 a.m., chilly, 55 degrees, sunny, lunchtime, 65. we're up ten and 3:00 p.m. there's the high of 70 degrees, mostly sunny skies, a few high, thin clouds starting to move in overhead. what's ahead? it turns breezy today and down right windy tomorrow. we're going into the 70s next week. as a matter of fact there's a day in there, i believe it's tuesday or wednesday where we could see temperatures as high as 75 to 77 degrees, an unusually warm stretch of
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weather is heading this way, i'll have the numbers for you, eva, when i step back inside in just a bit. >> we have an update on a robbery at a south philadelphia wawa for a man who it was pretending to be handy cap. police say they have taken a person of interest into custody. a suspect entered the store in a wheelchair and snatched the donation jar off the counter. he jumped out of the wheelchair and ran out of the store. lots of confess after a man was found -- questions after a man was found with several gunshot wounds in burlington county. the action cam was on the 200 block of green street in burlington city. someone found the man around 11:30 and called 981. the 37-year-old victim was flown to had a -- helen fold medical
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center. it looks like he was shot in the field and stumbled into the backyard and collapsed. one man is dead and another questioned by police after an apparent shootout on a north philadelphia street. police found a man lying on north 4th street with a gunshot wound to the chest. he died at the hospital. another man walked into the hospital with bullet wounds to the leg and groin. witnesses say he was the person who shot the other man. so far police have not filed any charges. police in bucks county have become involved in the alleged assault of a middle school student at south junior high school. the victim's mother said more needs to be done. chad perdelli talked exclusively with the family. >> reporter: val rocket said her
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daughter has been bull-year-old for months. >> we were at the dentist i started digging, she broke down crying saying she was bullied at school and being picked on. >> reporter: it was an alleged assault on tuesday that got police involved. her daughter was in music class. >> this child came up to her and took the headphone cord and went like that around her neck. >> after investigating we felt charges were appropriates in this matter for simple assault and harassment. >> reporter: the family said the school is not responsive and more startling the boy has been allowed to remain in class. >> she came home from school and the boy was in her class, she has to walk past him. well that to me is not acceptable. >> reporter: rocket's daughter is a fan of pink written several
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songs aimed at those who are bullied. the message stay strong and be yourself. >> i won't let them bring you down, just be yourself and don't let any people mess with you. >> reporter: and the pennridge school district said they are cooperating with the investigation and has zero tolerance for bullying and harassment. chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> pennsylvania health officials say they will rely on federal travelers who arrive in the state after spending time in the ebola stricken west african nations. pennsylvania is one of 6 states in the prerchg proafng -- prevention for disease control program. chris christie joined governor
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cuomo for quarantine restrictions. anyone who had contact with ebola patient will be quawren teendz. a nurse was quarantined yesterday at newark international airport. while she would no symptoms upon arrival she has developed a fever. meantime in new york city, the doctor whose ebola diagnosis sparked those changes continues treatment at hospital in manhattan. craig certain is relatively stable condition. decontamination teams arrived at his apartment yesterday to collect items while inspectors visited the restaurants where he ate. an expansion project on the new jersey turnpike is complete. governor chris christie joined
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others for the ribbon cutting in cranberry township yesterday. the project expanded lanes from 3 to 6. officials say the five year project came in $200 million under budget. drivers in wilmington, delaware who use route 13 will have to make alternate plans this weekend because deldot has scheduled construction to remove the bridge deck and finish other projects. it involves a section between route 141 and interstate 295. the southbound lanes will close at 8:00 p.m. tonight and remain closed until monday at noon. there are posted detour signs in the area to help folks get around. there's no big winner in last night 224 million-dollar mega million jack jackpot. there were two match five those
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tickets were bought in georgia and michigan. the next drawing is tuesday night, that jackpot will be worth $252 million. a montgomery high school stepped up for a special young boy who had one dream to play football for one night, that boy was the star of the high school gridiron. "action news" reporter, dann cuellar has this dutching -- touching story. meet kevin smith of lansdale has a lifetime dream. tell us about your dream. >> reporter: playing football. >> but a rare seizure disorder kept him from playing. students at lansdale catholic high not only raised $11,000 to make a wish, they were making his dream come true.
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he would be allowed to run a play at the end of the first quarter. >> it was a great experience for everybody. >> reporter: it's not every night kids get their lifetime dream come true, but tonight kevin smith gets his. are you ready? >> ah-huh. >> reporter: here we go and then the big play. [ cheers and applause ] honestly folks was priceless to be on hand for kevin's triumphant moment! how do you feel now, kev? you did it. >> it was the proudest moment. it was a moment -- that image will never be out of my mind. >> it's unbelievable. we see the comparison is
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contagious. our hearts are overwhelmed it means so much. >> reporter: dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> congratulations to him. still ahead, the eagles gear up four action against the cardinal also they give ann update on their injured flock. storms wreak havoc on southern europe turning streets into raging rivers. >> reporter: we don't have that kind of weather on the east coast. in fact the entire county is enjoying nice weather and wait until you see these
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>> new this morning from athens, heavy rain made the streets look like a flood gate was opened. it swept away cars and flooded and underground supermarket parking lot ruining dozens of
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cars. when the water receded there were dozens of overturned cars in the streets. no reports of any injuries at this point. it's 7:13. we have beautiful weather in our forecast. >> reporter: nice and quiet, we like that, though. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's chilly out there this morning, you'll need something with sleeves, maybe your son has soccer game this morning, you'll need to bundle up. temperatures in the 30s and 40s in most locations. 49 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint in the 30s. it's a nice, dry morning. winds out of the west at 6 miles per hour. pressure reading 29.91 inches. 41 in allentown. millville, 37. pine barrens in southern new jersey. they are in the 30s, as well. reading and dover 45. nothing going, other than a few high, thin clouds out to the
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west. you'll wake up to sunshine up and down the i-95 corridor. high plains, heartland of the nation, everybody enjoying a quiet weather pattern. this will last through the new up coming week. we'll see temperatures rebound always the jet stream climb all the way up into canada. we don't see any storm systems in the foreseeable future. there's the surface maps skirting by the u.s./canadian border. it will a trailing cold front into the area in the afternoon and evening. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s, winds out of the southwest. once we get into tomorrow, the winds shift off the northwest. this is pacific air not arctic air. it will be cooler, but not cold. with the wind howling it will feel cooler than the actual temperature. you factor in 30 to 35 miles per hour gust it will feel like the
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50s. monday 65 degrees, we lose the breeze as the high settles in. lots of sunshine, monday is a nice looking day. beautiful in the lehigh valley we're getting toward peak the fall foliage, 689 degrees, pleasant afternoon. atlantic city, sea isle, avalon, cape may looks beautiful. mostly sunny, we'll call it pleasant. 67 degrees, philadelphia, 70 right on the dot, mostly sunny skies, comfortable, winds out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. the norm at is 63. we'll reach that market -- we'll reach the mark of 70 degrees this afternoon. overnight tonight temperatures drop back down into the 40s, 45 in quakertown and allentown and reading. 53 in center city partly cloudy, seasonable numbers, winds out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. the eagles take on arizona in
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arizona tomorrow. if you're traveling out there, even though it's a retractible roof. temperatures will be hot, 90 to 92 degrees. pack the summer gear if you're heading west. 65 degrees is the number for sunday. windy anne -- and 65 for monday, but no wind. tuesday, 75 degrees, well above average. wednesday, sunshine in the morning, late in the day a cold front pulls through, highs in the 70s. thursday turning cooler, 62. we'll see breeze kicking in during the afternoon, a breeze, excuse me. a combination of sun and clouds. halloween, cloudy and cool, high of 60 degrees, doesn't look like there's any precipitation, at least at this point, but for trick or treaters temperatures
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in the 50s. today looks good, tomorrow hold on to your hat. >> don't forget you can take the new with you wherever you go, the smart design will fit any device including your tablet or smart phone no no matter how large or small your screen anytime anywhere. stay active, lisa thomas-laurey introduce us us to a woman who is 90. >> reporter: jane opened her first dress shop 70 years ago. it was after she retired that she began pursuing her true passion. jane's three daughters grew up in their mother's shop. and now each has a store of her own. >> not easy. you get some cookie customers.
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, but what jean loves is music. i'm as happy as can be. she began singing for friends and family a few decades ago. after she retired she started writing and recording cds in her south philadelphia home. >> i think she wanted to pick up a hobby. him she liked to sing and loved music and loved to dance. >> reporter: it's a passion her daughters say that makes her look and feel younger than her 90 years. >> her music has brought her back to her youth. >> you need to have something to hold on to and embrace i think that's what she she has done. for more for aspiring seniors to stay active as you
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>> here's a look at what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. the german tradition of oktoberfest will be happening today from noon until 6:00 a.m. p.m. at dill worth park. artwork will be on the display at new castle county community center in newport. that's happening today 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. head to the atlantic city convention center for car sales. check out a car owned by john bone -- john bone jeerve vee.
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that's what's happening in and around our area. sports is coming up
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 7:24le saturday morning, time for the travel forecast once again we'll start out with the water vapor imagery. this is wednesday and thursday's coastal storm. this is near halifax and saint johns, it's pulling away. we have a west wind down sloping off the mountains. because of that it's nice and dry. this is what's happening this morning. that's the view in cape may. you can see not a cloud in the
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sky all those wonderful oranges and yellows, beautiful morning around the delaware valley. this will change at least as far as the winds. as we look across the condition. we have low pressure here and high pressure building into the west. the two will create what's called a wind tunnel effect. we'll see the winds roar out of the west tomorrow. today is a nice, quiet, comfortable day. tomorrow, it will be breezy out there. philadelphia, 49. boston, 48. no reported delays anywhere. chicago, midway o'hare, temperatures in the 50s, orlando 64. turning to sports an update on the injured eagles, jamie apody has the latest on that, plus all your saturday morning sports. >> reporter: eagles get healthier as they take on the
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cardinals tomorrow. darren sproles listed as questionable, he thinks he'll place which is good news because the cardinal's are tops against the run. jay -- jason kelsey may be out. lesean mccoy talked about what concerns him most facing another 5-1 team. >> the record speaks for itself. they are tough and play well. >> we're two of the top teams in the nfc as of right now. we have a playoff mentality for us. >> reporter: mccoy herremans were in upper darby to raise
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money for breast cancer. stay with us for game day final after the game at 11:00 p.m. flyers coach called up the defenseman from lehigh valley for the game against detroit. captain claude giroux trying to stay positive despite the fact the team seems snake bit this season. >> everybody has to step up, i think he will. jones is one of us, looks like this team has its challenges. finally the phillies were represented at the world series, jimmy rollins jim named as best player the roberto clemente
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award. have a great day. in florida, a couple made a who whopper of a catch. keith kelly and his girlfriend were scouring for this alligator they caught him in st. john's river in florida. they caught him with a rope. he measured 13 feet and 4 inches and wade 765 pounds. nfnght he was so heavy, he actually broke the scale.
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>> a man is beaten and shot on a south philadelphia street, but he may not be the victim, what police say may have happened. we're learning more about an allied gunman who opened fire inside a washington state high school killing one classmate. plus is a strike by septa workers on the horizon? we have details on what you need to know before monday. but first, let's head outside to meteorologist chris sowers, who is out there not shivering too bad this morning. >> reporter: no it feels good, temperatures are chill in in some locations. right here on city avenue there's not much of a breeze and temperatures are close to 50. here's the numbers elsewhere. millville, 37.
7:31 am
it's much cooler out there in the suburbs and pine barrens in southern new jersey than what we are seeing in the city. trenton, 40. allentown, 41. of 45 in wilmington and dover is showing 45 degrees. here's the satellite and radar. you can see how quiet we are. there's a few clouds up to the north with the advancing frontal system that will sweep through here late in the day into tomorrow morning. that will bring winds into the region. looks like that front will swing through precipitation free. we're not expecting any rain today or tomorrow. next chance of moisture won't be until wednesday. mostly sunny that's the call from accuweather, real nice one. 70 degrees that's the forecasted high. certainly wouldn't surprise me, south and east you get into interior sections of south jersey and delaware maybe you're a degree or two warmer than that. here we go, jet stream is up into canada once again, we'll see lies well up in the 70s --
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we'll see highs well up in the 70s. that will be the theme so far this month. halloween, the pattern will change and that will take us into the beginning of november. for now it's looking nice and we'll enjoy it. eva i'll have a look at the seven day in just a bit. >> a man is recovering from hospital after being hit with baseball bat and being shot. now police are trying to determine if the couple who attacked him did so because the man was breaking into their car. investigator say the 36-year-old kensington man was hit so hard with the bat, the bat broke. when he tried to run away from the couple, the woman shot him once in the left leg. police say it looks like someone broke into the car on that street. the couple ran off. officers are trying to find them. we are learning more this
7:33 am
morning built teenager police say shot and killed one student at a washington state high school yesterday and critically injured four others before killing himself. the shooter was recently crowned a home coming prince. students say jaylen fryburg staired at his victims before he shot them inside the cafeteria at mariesville high school. two of the victims were his cousins. >> when i fell over, i got up and there was someone lying on the ground. i heard gun shots it must have ricocheted something and hit me. >> i thought was firecrackers, we started ducking under the table and everyone started screaming it's a gun! >> a recent comments fryburg made on social media, suggests he was struggling with something. he recently got into fight with
7:34 am
another boy over a girl. in sacramento california three sheriff's deputy in what police say was a one-man crime scene. two officers died. police say the man inside, 34-year-old martinez opened fire. in the next 6 hours he is accused of carjacking two vehicles and shooting one more person. he was arrested hiding behind a home. in new jersey, police are investigating a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. chopper 6 was above the scene in trenton. police say a pedestrian was hit by a car at 9:30. no word if the driver faces any charges in the accident. chopper 6 was back and 3w0e the scene of a shooting of a
7:35 am
16-year-old boy on fairmount avenue. no word on his condition. police are looking for two men leaving the scene on foot. as the manhunt for accused cop killer eric frein continues, a pennsylvania man is charged for providing police false information. police say he said frein asked him in in august for false identity so he could enter into canada. he told police that twice before he told them the truth. democratic candidate for governor, tom wolf will get star power in the final days before election day. president obama is planning to make a campaign stop for wolf in philadelphia next weekend. the white house said it's part of a multistate campaign swing ahead of the november 4th
7:36 am
election. wolf is challenging tom corbett for his seat in harrisburg. matt o'donnell spoke with both candidates for a special inside story. >> exputd -- and you told me. >> reporter: both candidates sat down for an exclusive one on one interviews on inside story. tom corbett is behind in the polls and in a fight to keep his job. >> a federal style income tax. i don't think that's going to happen. >> what about you in the fees that have gone up, uncapping the franchise. >> you're all over the place here. >> reporter: i want to talk about what your record is. the. >> when i came into office i did not run on transportation you remember that. >> reporter: democratic businessman is seeking a new day in harrisburg. the former revenue secretary under governor rendell wants to raise state income taxes, but we want to know how much.
7:37 am
>> you haven't told anyone how much more the increase would be for people seeing higher taxes, could you right now state, all right i'm going to cap it at 10%, 15%, 20%, can you do that. >> it will be less than that. no, i can't. >> reporter: it will be less than 10%? >> yes. >> reporter: we'll talk about taxers and the potential for gridlock in harrisburg marijuana laws and porn gate. both gubernatorial candidates and their responses on inside story sunday at 10:00 a.m. on 6abc. matt o'donnell channel 6 "action news." >> septa union workers in the city may soon hit the picket line september 234 which represents septa bus and subway and trolley drivers will meet tomorrow to take a strike authorization vote. if approved a press conference will be held monday afternoon to
7:38 am
discuss why the union is unhappy with its current offer. the drivers have been working under a an expired contract since march. septa union and the management say they will work toward an agreement. new jersey struggling casino industry has lost its bid for sports betting in the state. a federal judge ruled against it. the idea was a gamble even though the new jersey legislature passed sports betting with the support of governor christie, the courts decided it was in conflict with federal law. one of america's oldest schools marked an major milestone. current students joined alumnae and dignitaries to celebrate the 323 anniversary of penn charter. it was founded back in 1689 and is the oldest quaker school.
7:39 am
govenor rendell was there to mark the big occasion and shortly after we see governor rendell, you'll see the children, there they are, they were excited about the occasion, as well. still ahead on "action news" saturday morning, we'll take you to a fitness class that not only gets your body in shape, but your mind. plus, eye-catching costume, the jewels that make this halloween get up the most costly of the season. and chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. get ready for a little bit of a rollercoaster, "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment.
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>> three passengers had to be treated in a hospital after their jet had to make an emergency landing in springfield, missouri. an airport spokesman said the plane was flying to denver from alabama when the pressure dropped sharply. the people are being treated for nose and sinus problems. a plane leaving newark international had to turn around for an emergency landing at the same paper. it made a landings after circling to burn off fuel. there were no injuries. 7:42 this is is a very, very important week because we have halloween.
7:43 am
>> reporter: an important forecast, right now it doesn't look like there's a blemish in it. it looks nice, this is the action cam looking at city avenue. if you're looking for something to do, you can pick out your pumpkin, you can derived around and take a look at this, this is the fall foliage which is peaking over a large portion of the area. so we're seeing a lot of bright reds and across and oranges, that view on city avenue that was a look at the sugar maples, a canopy of red. that's what we'll see from this point on. the leaves are peaking and give it another week or two, they will fall off. past peak in the scranton area, poconos, peaking in the lehigh valley and the philadelphia area, moderate across south jersey, another week or so, all the leaves say goodbye. storm tracker 6 live double
7:44 am
scan, we have hardly a cloud in the sky. it looks nice. 49 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 36. we have a pressure reading of 29.91 inches. millville, 37. allentown, 41. poconos, 42. trenton, 40. funny thing it's colder in millville than it is in the poconos later this afternoon this will be the warm is to spo. right around 70, 71. we have comfortable temperatures on the way. this system right here that will pass on by to the north. you won't see any weather out of that. other than the fact that the winds pick up for tomorrow. maybe a few high, thin clouds move in late in the day as the front gets closer, that's about it. there goes the low passing on by to the north. here comes the winds tomorrow, combination of sun and clouds, all the pretty color you'll see on the trees today will be laying on the lawn as you get into sunday. the winds howling gusting to
7:45 am
30 miles per hour. 20s 30s everywhere. we'll see gusts throughout the day that will range from 30 to 35 miles per hour. in the meantime, today is breezy, 70 degrees in philadelphia. millville, 68 and 70. trenton, 68. allentown, 69. cape may, 66. atlantic city, 67. we'll reach that 70 by 3:00 p.m. lots of sunshine out there, by 6:00 we're back down to 66. overnight tonight we'll say partly cloudy, are 45 degrees outlying suburbs, 53 center city. sunday, the eagles are out west, they are in arizona taking on the arizona cardnals. not much humidity, 89 to 90 degrees. 70 degrees for today, here's the exclusive accuweather forecast. windy and mild for sunday,
7:46 am
65 degrees, with the winds it will feel like the 50s. this 65 for monday will feel better we lose the wind. tuesday, 75 degrees, wednesday, sunshine early and showers pulling in late, 72. thursday, cooling off we'll see temperatures in the low 60s and we get into halloween, at this point it doesn't look bad, cloudy and cool, 60 degrees, that's probably around 3:00 p.m. evening hours, let's say between 6:00 and 8:00, temperatures pull back into the mid 50s. >> check this out in china, you can get your dinner with quite a view, a unique dining experience, the dining room is hoisted 66 feet in the air by a crane. it held up by four ropes that can hold up to 4 tons each. this is part of a marketing scheme you actually get a free meal if you view a new apartment
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complex. anncr: the great thing many breakfast options... you did a great job. it looks good! anncr: they're right next to our many other breakfast options. just another good reason to book now. feel the hamptonality
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>> "healthcheck" this morning now a doctor in new york has been diagnosed with the ebola virus, many people are on edge. health officials say there is a simple thing you can do to protect yourself. wash your hands frequently. according to the center for disease control bacteria can live on surfaces for days. 20 seconds of scrubbing with
7:50 am
soap and water can knock germs out. if you can't wash use a hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol. pregnant women who were exposed to higher benzine were likely to have children with lung problems. some say it's like tony robins and jolly -- joel osteen
7:51 am
rolled into a workout. it's a high-energy aerobics class. your working to improve your mood and boost your confident and change your outlook with pose continue affirmation. the trainer says in order to make it lasting a changes in your health, your career or relationships, you have to change the way your mind thinks. >> we have to train our minds as hard as we are training our bodies and try to link those things together and connect the mind to body. >> reporter: an boosting that mind body connection is what makes this class different from other fitness classes. as a niewby, i can say the -- newby i could say the class are easy. him. >> i find myself repeating them
7:52 am
in my head when i'm having a good time. >> if you're looking for a calorie burn you cotten be disappointed. you can burn 300 to 800 calories in about an hour and fellow instructor amy fox said talking boosts the burn. if you're talking at the same time your you're working out you're burning out. >> reporter: all leaves are welcome, as long as your moving and talking you'll see the results on the outside and feel them on the inside. we have more information on the class at ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> next meteorologist chris sowers will take a final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, stay with us we'll be come right back.
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>> need a costume for halloween, how about this, it is the million dollar morph suit dripping with diamonds. it's covers the entire body with jewels. the designers admit it's heavy, and assures anyone who byes this will be able to see inspite of the diamond coating. the cost 1.$6 million. who buys that for halloween. >> reporter: if you got that kind of money you're on a yacht you're not going trick or treating. looks like entirely too much bling. here's the forecast for the weekend. 70 degrees mostly sunny and pleasant. sunday, sun and clouds, 65 degrees, it will turn a little windy, though, we'll see gusts 35 miles per hour.
7:56 am
comfortable today and tomorrow. we get another warm surge later this week. 64 degrees monday, sunny and nice, tuesday, 75 degrees, halloween, cloudy and cool, 60. it has temperatures in the mid to upper 50s for highs. turning cooler. >> more layers. 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." here's dan harris with a preview. >> reporter: coming up on "g.m.a." we're learning about the young man who opened fire in a high school cafeteria in washington state. what was his relationship to the victims and what set him off. we may have another new patient an ebola patient in the new york area a healthcare worker, who just got back from west africa. she developed symptoms after being quarantine as part of the new tighter rules being put in place by officials. you make the call, alter --
7:57 am
art, or defacing passion across america. "action news" continues at 9:00. the families with kids with food allergies have started a movement this halloween, we'll explain. shoppers no longer have to shop to manhattan to get these deals. we'll have more on the new department store opening up in center city, philadelphia. lots of people talking about that one. now for chris sowers and the "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. who wants to pay full price?
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about fluzone high-dose vaccine. fluzone high-dose vaccine. good morning, america. new details emerging overnight on the horror at the high school. what provoked a popular homecoming prince to open fire. >> we have information of a possible shooting at the high school in the cafeteria. >> killing at least one of his classmates, wounding four more before killing himself. >> it was like there, and then everyone just dropped to the floor and ran out. >> students shaken as they describe what happened. quarantine catch, did brand new guidelines do the job? a health care worker just back from the ebola hot zone now hospitalized overnight with a fever. as hazmat crews move into new york city to sterilize another apartment. bonnie and clyde, deadly ride. two sheriff's deputies killed and another wounded in one couple's day-long rampage.