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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 27, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, quarantine controversy. an skroefr reaction or safeguarding their state? an american nurse being held in a tent for days, sparking a debate over health care workers back from the zone. tragic turn. a school shooting's death toll rises overnight as the community comes together to remember the victims. the emotional gathering are parents and students. dramatic rescue. a close call for man pulled from a fiery wreck. how good samaritans, a hammer, and some courage saved his life. a sweet surprise for
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millions of taylor swift fans as the pop star causes a social media stir. good morning to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. >> and i'm tai hernandez. a new debate over health care workers back from africa. >> in a tent no heat, she's saying her personal rights are being violated. >> reporter: inside this hospital tent, casey hickox remains under mandatory quarantine, despite testing negative for ebola. the 33-year-old nurse is the first traveler automatically detained under new rules imposed by four states.
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she told cnn her treatment is inhumane. >> i feel like my human rights have been vie a littled. >> reporter: she's hired an attorney. >> there's no reason for the state the keep her quarantined. >> reporter: but gocher chris christie is defending this decision. >> my job is to protect the people of new jersey, and that's what i'm going to do. >> reporter: many health experts saying the quarantine is unnecessary. >> as a scientist and a health person, if i were asked, i would not have recommended that. >> reporter: dr. craig spencer, the new york patient remains in serious but stable condition. he's now entering a more serious phase of ebola, involving gastro intestinal problems. the white house continues to work on new guidelines for
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handling health care workers returning from west africa. >> and new york's governor has clarified his state's regulations. andrew cuomo said medical workers can serve the quarantine at home with twice a day monitoring. >> reporter: abc's dr. richard besser opposes quarantine. he says health care workers don't pose a risk. >> the reason is, you can't share the infection until you're sick and sharing body fluids. we need to celebrate these people as heros so more people will go over. >> the obama administration says the policies in new york and new jersey not grounded in science. and the heartbreaking development this morning. after friday's deadly school student, a second victim, 14-year-old gia soriano has died. three other teenagers remain in
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intensive care this morning. the shooter has been identified as 14-year-old jaylen freyberg. students and teachers turned out for a community meeting. >> we're grieving really hard right now. keep them in prayer, please. we can never understand why this may have happened. >> freyberg died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. a teacher who confronted him being called a he roar. officials say the video is persuasive evidence that michael
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zahaf-biboe's attack was motivated. british troops turn over control in the country's deadliest taliban strong hold. afghan forces are holding on to the bases. some american and british troops will remain in noncombat roles as advisers. could the 2016 election be a rematch. it just might happen. george 36789 bush, the son of former president jeb bush wants to run for office. he wants to be elected the next texas land commissioner. jon karl asked him about another campaign. >> is your dad going the run for president? >> i think he's still assessing it. >> reporter: more than 50% less than? >> i think it's more than likely that he's giving it serious thought. >> reporter: that he'll run? >> that rooel run. >> if he does, it could be bush
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versus clinton begun. jeb versus hillary. >> we'll stick with politics. the new poll showing approval of members of congress is the lowestst ever been. 77% disapprove of the job they're doing. a quarter of the people polled like the job republicans are doing. two-thirds of those polled gave a thumbs down to congressional democrats. at part of the government under scrutiny this morning. fallout from the exploding air bags. a review of the national highway traffic safety administration has been ordered over the handling of the recall. nhtsa first got the numbers wrong. the next day, the number of bags needing replaced was 8 million. safety officials say 20 million should be replaced. at least three people have been killed by the air bags under
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recall. nearly three years ago, robert champion died after being hit repeatedly after a hazing ritual. dante martin faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted. we're seeing new pictures this morning of the lava flow in hawaii threatening dozens of homes in the rushl area of the big island. the flow is moving 10 to 15 yards an hour. those in the direct path, about 50 familiefamilies, must be rea flee as early as tomorrow. heavy rain swept in over the weekend, bringing 50-mile-an-hour winds and knocked out power to people in western washington. trees came down in the portland, oregon, area. today, the northwest continues to get pummeled with heavy rain and wind.
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showers move across the plains up the great lakes. clear skies across the east. >> warm in the northeast. near record highs from texas across the south. mild in the southwest. seasonable along the coast. still ahead, how to get the best deals when booking your holiday flights. parties, booze, and women, the raunchy allegations surrounding the west point football program. a kayaker needing help. moments from drowning. this dramatic rescue all caught on camera.
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drivers across the country are continuing to enjoy a price break at the pump. the average in average is now $3.05, a plunge driven by a decrease in the price of crude oil. air travelers looking for deals for the holidays should already be shopping around. the best prices can be found eight weeks in advance. tickets bought on sundays tend to be cheaper. mondays are the most expensive days. cvs and rite-aid are not taking payments from apple pay. that's because of a conflict between apple pay and another system in development. the spirits ruled the weekend box office. the board game adaptation "ouija" took in $20 million.
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"john wick" came in second. and "fury" came in third. the national retail federation estimates $350 million will be spent on pet costumes. four years oorks it was $220 million. a pumpkin is the most popular, followed by a hot dog. >> that's one hot dog. coming up, a sweet solution. the connection between chocolate and reversing memory loss. also, to catch a criminal, the easy way. how a pocket dial made for a quick arrest following a burglary. and running amok. a prancing deer causes quite the seen in the most unlikely of places. [ children yelling ] [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones. this is shirley speaking. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors...
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even on those hard-to-reach spots. it's amazing. you can see it and feel it. my new must-have for soft, beautiful feet. amopé pedi perfect. available in the foot care aisle of the following retailers: an extraordinary sight along florida's east coast. it's the annual mullet migration. massive schools of fish swam close to shore, attracting all kinds of predators. it's a favorite season for anglers, the fish practically jumping into their boats. morning road conditions. most of us won't have the blame for work. and it's a great day to fly. no major airport delays are expected. the u.s. military academy
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says it takes reported recruiting violations by members of its football program very seriously. >> they came to light over the weekend. 20 cadets, and two coaches have been disciplined. they were involved in an alcohol-fueled bus trip during which 14 recruits that were underaged were allowed to drink. sad phews to pass along, a young, promising member of the st. louis cardinals has died in a car accident. oscar taveras and his girlfriend were killed yesterday when he apparently lost control of his vehicle and went off the road in his native dominican republic. he was 22 years old. dramatic rescue caught on camera. man's car flipped over, burst into flames and he was stuck
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inside. one rescuer found a hammer. >> are you by yourself? >> is there anybody else in there? anybody else in there? >> watch his feet! >> the rescuers say there was not a second to spare. just after they got the man out, there was a small explosion. the flames grew bigger. the driver was hospitalized. he's expected to be okay. some burglary suspects are being held in jail after one of them unknowingly dialed 911. the last call lasted 45 minutes. during that time, he disclosed where the robbery took place and along with how he and his accomplices got away. he basically confessed to the crime. >> 911, state your emergency. >> we basically robbed him, tuesday. we should have gotten a lot more. look at it this way, we got away scot-free and clean. >> they allegedly broke into the
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home of one of their mothers. we got more reasons for you to indulge in a bit of chocolate. a chemical in some chocolates, teas, and coffees can reverse memory loss that happens with age. it is only found in minuscule amounts in a chocolate bar. don't go crazy in the name of health. a wild deer entered the days inn lobby near penn state. the deer sprinted past the check-in counter and a clerk apparently too stunned to react. the deer was tranquilized in a bathroom hallway. a close call for a kayaker in north carolina. he topple over in a river. his head was lodged between rox with the water directly flowing over his face. other kayakers sprang into action.
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they dislodged the man's head and pulled him to safe pi. we turn to some sports newspaper the buffalo bills blew out the new york jets. one of them is lucky. this could have gone bad. >> sammy what kins caught what loo ed to be a definite touchdown. he started held brating too early. >> he was taken down at the 5 yard line. the bills were able to score a few daplays later. don't celebrate before you cross the line. the countdown is on ahead of tomorrow night's start to the nba season. and another baseball season could end tomorrow night. the reason why from our guys at espn. welcome inside "sportscenter," i'm john buccigross. bruce bochy decided to wait until game five for madison bum garner so he could get a full four days off.
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look that pitch to billy butler in the top of the eighth to keep it 2-0. eight strikeouts, no walks for bum garner. going for the complete game. all nine innings. what a horse. not only did he go the distance, he gets the shutout. and the the giants are one win away from winning the world series. game six, tuesday night, back in kansas city. sunday night football in new orleans indoors. saints up by seven, drew brees up to jimmy graham. plucks that out of the air. his first score since injuring his shoulder in week five. saints win, 44-23. one more football game to go this week. and it's a good one. washington, dallas, on espn. "monday night football." for more news and highlights, check out a live "sportscenter" at 9:00 a.m.
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before the world series game in san francisco, a special moment. zach williams, the son of late comedian robin williams threw out the first pitch. >> robin williams a long-time fan of the giants. >> we have "the pulse" coming your way again. it's 1989 all over again. and a surprising move we got overnight from taylor swift. and a stumble on massive stage. what aaron lewis is saying about botching the national anthem at the world series. that's the way i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging, could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin.
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time for us now to check "the pulse" starting with taylor swift. fans ecstatic over an early treat. her album dropped just ahead of schedule. >> she created a social media frenzy when she tweeted that her album was out 47 minutes early. one fan said, i was totally unprepared for this early release, my shock might throw me into a seizure. >> one said taylor swift released her new album early so this is one of the greatest moments of my life. one other favorite saying, oh, my god, it downloaded early.
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that last one was mine. you have to be brave to sing in public, especially the national anthem on the big stage. well, the star spangled banner, the lyrics have gotten the best of many performers. country singer aaron lewis is the latest. >> last night, before game five. he started off okay with the first two lines. o say can you see by the dawn's early light. and then this. ♪ what so proudly we hailed were so gallantly streaming ♪ >> oh, did you get it at home. he was supposed the swing at the twilight's last gleaming. >> he has the words don't tread on me on his neck. he issued an apology last night asking for forgiveness saying he's completely torn up about
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it. a new spa therapy says to treat your body inside and out. >> okay. this is a beer spa? >> a beer spa. it's open in the capital of the czech republic, prague. >> you get in a bath filled with water, barley, hops, and yeast. it's kept at 98 degrees. >> during your 30-minute session, you can have all the beer you want from the tub-side tap. when you dry off and leave, they give you a bottle of it for a souvenir. >> why is it beneficial to dip yourself in beer? >> maybe after a few beers it makes sense. >> everything does after a few beers. >> it's all models at this place. for some of you, your local news is next. for everyone else, we're back with the ticket to true happiness. hey, how you doin'?
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>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it is monday, october 27. we have tragic new developments coming on a deadly shooting at a washington state high school. what we've learned overnight about one of the victims. we've learned about a his or heroic rescue at the jersey shore. septa commuters deal with a strike. we have a chilly morning all south. showers developing in the plains. helping yourself by doing something so simple. helping others. that's the main idea behind a new book. >> it says people who give of
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themselves could leave a happier, healthier, longer life. >> reporter: check out what happens to your brain when you give to charity. studies show people who give or volunteer are less depressed, have lower blood pressure, and live longer. >> for a majority of people, they get more pleasure in these pleasure centers of the brain when they give than when they get. >> those are the same pleasure centers that are lit up when you have sex, fall in love, and eat candy. >> reporter: new york times columnist nick kristoh and his wife, sheryl wudunn. they issue a challenge. if we want a full life, we must give back. a lot of people feel, there's not much i can do. >> any one individual can't solve a problem in its entirety. one individual can have a
4:29 am
transformative impact. >> reporter: for 50 cents, you can deworm a child, preventing a lifetime of health problems. for $50, you can buy 20 books for a child. you're just saying just do a little bit more? >> absolutely. we really do think if you fold into your life, it becomes a part of your life. >> reporter: make giving a habit, they say. because we now know that it not only helps others, but it also helps you. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> simple. >> and one important point they make. it's not just writing a check. getting out there, volunteering, meeting the people you're helping is better for you. >> and it's help to find a cause you believe in. not just doing it for the sake of doing what everybody else is doing. so simple. >> that's what's making new this is morning. .
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>> good morning we're working on several breaking news stories on this monday october 27. tragic new developments in the washington school shooting another student has died from her injuries. >> we have details built mother and child who were rescued from the ocean at the jersey shore. >> is one state taking the fight against ebola a little too far. one nurse said she was mistreated by the state of new jersey and is suing. >> good morning, look whose


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