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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  October 27, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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people who live in the south philadelphia neighborhood take great pride me decorating the front of their homes for all the holidays and that's a case for the woman living here in 1100 block of fitzgerald. she has had her deck traitions stolen not once but twice and both caught on camera. >> when i woke up in the morning my monster was gone. >> as always the front of josephine's south philadelphia row home is decked out for the holiday inn this case halloween. her decoration spooky monster butler is missing stolen right off her front step. >> it was a butler. a big bird on the shoulder that talked. and you walked by and it would talk. >> joseph even's son lives across the street and they caught the thief in action. october 23, 4 a.m. the woman got out of a car and walked up to the front of her row home. took her time carefully
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unscrewing the wire that attached the goolish guy. >> the legs were wired and neck wired she actually sat on the steps 3:30 in the morning and took her time. >> it was not the first time josephine's home was targeted in serve of seasonal decore. not the first time caught on camera i'mer. on november 26 of last a man ane off with two isn'ts from her sidewalk. >> i felt like taking everything down. second time this happened to me. >> her neighbors feel for her. first grinchs steal christmas and now the witch makes off with her monster. >> that's the way the world is and there will be a lot more of that. >> it's a horrible thing. this is a nice neighborhood. quiet, peaceful neighborhood and it's really a sad thing to happen around the holidays for sglem now the two suspect who made off with the two santas earlier this we're they were caught not long after that when the two detectives open the case
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spotted the stolen santas in front window of row home just a few problems away. and if you can help police capture the woman who stole the halloween decorations, contact south detectives. live in south philadelphia, i'm sarah bloomquist, "channel 6 action news." >> okay. sarah. thank you. now at the big board the latest on ebola concerns in the u.s.. health officials are awaiting test results ever a 5-year-old in new york rushed to the hospital after showing signs of a fever. we're told the boy visited west africa. mean time he's being tested at the new york bellevue hospital. from new york to new jersey where a nurse quarantined after returning from west africa is being allowed to go home. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live in trenton for us tonight covering this story, nora. >> hi there. officials at the health department auns noed this morning the nurse would be going home and she left for her home 1:20 this afternoon. had she was basically being
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healed here against her will. forced into isolation by a controversial new policy announced by governor christie on friday. federal health officials said it was not necessary but the governor in not making aaapologys. >> after living in an isolation test at university hospital in newark since friday she was released this afternoon. >> new jersey providing transportation for her back home to maine where maine health officials will takeover her care and monitor her from there. >> hickcox said her right were violated keeping her nay box with no bathroom and shower was inhumane. the decision to release her before state imposed 21 day quarantine is over and not 'verseal in policy and no reason to talk to her because he represents the people of new jersey not the nurse. >> she needs to understand the obligation of elected officials is to protect the public health
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of all the people and if that inconvenienced her for a period of time that is what we need to do to protect the public. >> we asked people in trenton how they feel about isolating ebola healthcare workers as they return from west africa each if they don't have symptoms. >> they don't show up how many weeks later, she should understand that part. >> i think she should have been in isolation. american public is in up roar of booel virus. >> i think they may react a little yeah quarantine her but let her go. >> these types of matters is probably a good idea to precautious at first. but i know it was heavy handed. >> now that nurse is expected to garn teen at -- herself at home when she gets there and monitored by official in maip
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maip. nora muchanic, "channel 6 action news". >> nora, thank you, coming up "healthcheck" reporter ali gorman will explain guide loins on cdc of how to handle workers coming home from west africa we have a special section open our web site with ongoing he'll bowl assure have a. there we have a list of myths versus facts about the disease to help you steer clear of any misinformation. you can see the signs and symptoms of ebola along with a look at how he bowl owe threads. >> thank you. in other news tonight a philadelphia charter school khubld with overcrowding and if many concerns shut down today. high schoolers at the learning partner's school found doors locked and light off. the school's charter was threatened to be canceled because of too many students.
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and school officials will meet with parents about transferring those students. >> a wilmington man is charged with impersonating aa police officer. 46-year-old edward lindenhoffman went to a home yesterday saying he was there to investigate a domestic dispute. when someone at the home confronted him he they had in a war. >> ev ta workers still on the job tonight but looming threat of walk out at a moment's notice. possible tlanzit psych. >> live from northern liberties tonight with the latest. davidcontract rick, the union largest union septa has here is saying talks are going backwards for the last 7 moise months since the contract expiredch the clock is now ticking towards a
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strike. >> there will be no striking in the immediate future. and i can't promise anything beyond this week. >> buses, trolleys and subways continue to roll this week. union boss willie brown will mack a decision on a strike later this week and promises to give the riding public 24 hours in the. up like the last strike he called by surprise five years ago. the two sides will be back in formal talks tomorrow and been talking for months. the union says septa becameen trenches in battle of eagles and committed to union bussing. septa will continue to barring than good faith and not agree to fiscally damaging contract. the union says it boils down to pension, payment, party. >> we believe we have a pension plan that our members put three times as much into the pension as management. manage m gets three times as much out. >> commuters facing varying degrees of hardship if there is
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a strike and they were able to cope. >> i think the city will cope to. you won't get to work on time and most jobs excuse lateness and stuff like that because of it. >> if there is a strike regional rail would be running. septa contingency plan include increasing number of trains like last time. commuters say regional rail became crowded. >> you have to wait in line to get on the train. septa seems to have it pretty organized. but it's take ago i toll on everybody. >> well begun the clock is ticking. and if the two sides fail to break the logjam this week we could be looking at regional commuter strike. transit strike next monday morning. live in northern liberties, david henery, "channel 6 action news," monica. >> thank you, david, president obama will be in philadelphia this weekend cam paining for tom
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wolff. white house says the president will travel to an event first in connecticut for democrats on sunday and then he'll make his way to philadelphia for campaign he for golf and tonight governor corbett will attendp and former governor jeb bush. they're celebrating completion of george h.w. bush gallery. >> time for a check of the "action news" report for a monday night. >> hi, matt. >> hi, guys, nice afternoon for a cruise up the delaware river. we've seen ships go through here and wrappedp a judge opening at the tack own owey palmyra bridge. the bridge is now back down. traffic moving again. i would expect another opening at the bur burlington bristol bridge. byberry at surrey road they have not fixed the road collapse.
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haven street still closed since late last week. stick to 320 or madson ford road instead. chester county crawl is on this afternoon around 202 southbound side approaching 29 on down to 40 for the work zone. septa is running but with delays on trolleyes. delays of 34 because of medical emergency 57 and baltimore and delays on 36 because of police activity 78 and elmwood. we'll check it again rick and monica coming up in the next half hour. >> see you then. thanks, matt, still more to come "action news" monday evening. tragedy in washington as we learn of another death from last week's school shooting and we'll hear from loved ones of the victims coming up. cecily. >> a beautiful fall day today lots of sunshine and mild temperatures. i'm tracking a near summerlike warmth tomorrow. but don't get used to. it i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. monica. >> all right, cecily. why retailers are blocking apple's new mobile payment service. >> those stories and more when "action news" at 5 continues in >> those stories and more when "action news" at 5 continues in a moment
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i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. >> a third student has died fol the school shooting that has devastated a washington state
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community. 14-year-old gia soriano died two days after shot at her high school in mary'sville north of seattle. three other students are in the hospital after 14-year-old jaylen fryburg brought a better et cetera ahand gun school and opened fire on sox his kloe closest friends and relatives. >> first year social studies teacher megan silver burger is hailed a hero in this tragedy. according it a witness she grabbed fryburg's arm as attempting to relet the begun. fryburg turns the gun on himself. the high school will be closed for the rest of the week and they're trying to give the students some time to grieve and there will be counseling this week. >> "healthcheck" tonight centers for disease control and prevention today laid out new guidelines to control the ebola virus. as we've seen in new york and new jersey those don't always settle questions over garn teen.
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>> health reporter and registers nurse ali gorman joins us more. >> these guide linlz were released just in the past few hours and the states don't have to follow the protocols. but public health experts say they are based on science and best way to protect protect the public while helping to stop the outbreak if west africa cdc laid out four risk categories. high risk to could be healthcare worker returning to u.s. with known exposure such as needle stick. and this should be met with a voluntary home quarantine and active monitoring by health officials. some risk includes healthcare worker that treated ebola patients but were properly protects the such as nurse casey you hickcox and travel would be restricted and low risk anyone that traveled to west africa and has no known exposure. or could include healthcare workers in u.s. treating ebola
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patients. they, too, should be monitored but can be self reporting and last category is no identified risk. for someone who has not traveled to west africa or who is out of the 21 day incubation period.. protocols issued friday in new york and new jersey exceed federal guidelines and they led to hickcox held in this tent over the weekend after returning from see air owe he own despite no symptoms of the virus she was released today and guide lips were amended in these two states and called for healthcare workers and aid workers running from south africa garn teen at home 21 days. white house criticized these protocols. >> these policies should be driven by science and best scientific advice as possible. >> and concern is mandatory 21 day guarantee making healthcare
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workers more likely to travel to west africa to help stop the outbreak which is what we need. meanwhile results are expected soon to determine if a 5-year-old child at bellevue hospital in new york city has xwoel. dr. craig spencer is in isolation at that same hospital. he is said to be in serious but stable condition. monica. >> all right. ali gormany thank you so much. peco treatmented grants to the hero fund of bucks, checker and delaware and montgomery county this morning and that money supports families of police and firefighters fallen on disabled in the line of duty. and the check presentations also a celebration of national fire prevention month. and local fire departments also demonstrated how to safely take down fires impacting electrical and natural gas equipment. >> philadelphia police athletic league is mourning loss of crew stayeder for children. sally berlin's profession was
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>> apple new mobile payment system is not being accepted by everyone. several retailers are blocking technology at allows it it work. cvs and rite aid disabled their mobile payment system. stores did not provide an explanation. apple pay allows iphone 6 users to make purchases using only their phone. "forbes" magazine reports drug stores may be part of a group working on technology that would compete with apple's system. >> am zone is launching competition for google chrome and roko streaming stick. they introduced fire stick today. it plugs directly to acmi pot of tv and allows user to stream video and music that way. costs $39 compared to $99 for the set top box amazon introduced earlier this year.
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adults who can got read are getting free help in camden. sponsoring free grownup reading classes at the perez branch. more than 40% of camden 77,000 residents do live in poverty and much of that is attributed to their language of education. officials say the class can help raise the standard of living and
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>> meteorologist cecily tynan wheer weather ups and downs. >> exactly a weather whiplash this week. we're warming up and cooling down dramatically. but tonight a georgous evening. we're live tag a look on sky6 northwestern chester county near honey brook lots of sunshine and you notice fall foliage leaves are peaking right now and this was sent in on my facebook page by sherri ocean city financial nnl. blue skies. lots of sunshine. beautiful. normal high this time of year is 63. philadelphia currently 66. allentown 62. wilmington 68. millville 64. dover 65 degrees. temperatures will really be rising up. next two days into the 70s. reason why satellite 6 and
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action radar showing high pressure sitting off the eastern sea board getting clockwise flow around the high and winds south west. clear skies now. you can see a lot of clouds across the ohio valley and they will not move in until tomorrow night this is really perfect tweerj see a rocket launch at 6:457 tonight from wallace island, launching a rocket and visible here 2 to 4 minutes after slight a after 6:45 look to southern horizon. should be spectacular. take photos and post them on facebook page and i'll be airing them 11:00 tonight. it will be perfect weather for viewing. tonight lots of stars. slight chill in the air. 43 degrees allentown and 47 wilmington and 51 philadelphia and 53 cape may. tomorrow, though, no chill in the afternoon. future tracker showing by 2:00 in the afternoon we're looking at 75 degrees in philadelphia. could be even a little bit warmer areas to the south.
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and to the west. and that warm air will be stick around on wednesday. so the five-day at five shows you like summerlike weather we have it tomorrow. 75 degrees. wednesday, clouds up, still mild, 7 degrees. could have a few showers wednesday night ahead of cold front and this drops temperatures to 60 on thursday. lots of sunshine. friday, much stronger cold front will begin to move n that means clouds will thickening for aloe wean. 58, trick or treat temperatures around 506789 chill in the air. some showers friday night and then look that on saturday. saturday, feeling more like early december than november first. 48 degrees. it will be windy, showers and believe it or not showers in the poconos could be snow showers. first time this season i said that four-letter word. adam will talk about how long the cool air lasts. >> i didn't want to say it. >> first day of november there
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happening on "action news" tonight. police say he's a one-man crime spree. local authorities say this suspect in scale on one charge confessed to serious other crimes including murder. we'll have details. and also, "action news" has new information about a young mother who allegedly threw her infant in the at laptic ocean. plus, a missing large rare cat named boo is causing worry in one delaware neighborhood. we'll explain why folks should not be scared. >> now the details. dion jordan was arrested last week following chase from philadelphia to delaware county. little did police know jordan was about to drop a bomb shell while behind bars. they say he claims to it be behind bank robbyes and murder. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at philadelphia headquarters tonight with the full story. chad. >> rick, philadelphia police say they captured dion