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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  October 27, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> hello again here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. police say he's a one-man crime spree. local authorities say this suspect in scale on one charge confessed to serious other crimes including murder. we'll have details. and also, "action news" has new information about a young mother who allegedly threw her infant in the at laptic ocean. plus, a missing large rare cat named boo is causing worry in one delaware neighborhood. we'll explain why folks should not be scared. >> now the details. dion jordan was arrested last week following chase from philadelphia to delaware county. little did police know jordan was about to drop a bomb shell while behind bars. they say he claims to it be behind bank robbyes and murder. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at philadelphia headquarters tonight with the full story. chad. >> rick, philadelphia police say they captured dion jordan while committing a kidnapping
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and robbery. when he was nine custody they say he con feesed to series of robberies where he donned old man mask and murder to which he's now charmed. dion jordan confessed to a series of bank robbyes during which he donned a 1500 dollar mask and wig and made himself appear to be an old man. the robbyes happened over the past several months in new britain an philadelphia a apparently his crimes did not end there. police say he also confessed to killing dallas long and dumping his body 82 and lions long's body was found 10 days ago and motive for the killing is unclear. >> this young man you know if convicted will be going away for a very long time. >> jordan was captured last week after he allegedly kidnapped a man and held for ran some. police say the victim met jordan to possibly buy his dodge charger. >> test drive and few blocks away there was a second individual that popped up out of
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the backseat took the victim's money and forced the victim to call a family member to meet them at another location with additional cash. >> when jordan tried to get additional cash police were waiting. they found an opportunity. saw an opportunity to converge on the vehicle and at that point the vehicle takes off. ultimately leading officers to upper darby where other departments engage finally this all comes to end in lansdowne where this smael apprehended. >> jordan was not charmed in the robbyes. fb. a setting investigating. i'm live outside police headquarters, chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." >> chad, change you. philadelphia police are also hoping this surveillance video will help them find a man who burglarized a port richmond business last week. cameras captured the suspect inside of the coating development group incorporated on the 800 block of east schiller street last wednesday morning. police say the burglar got in through a window and took a laptop and video camera.
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if you recognize the suspect, you're asked to call philadelphia police. >> and the family of gloucester county murder victim autumn pass equal is suing several law enforcement agencies saying they didn't do enough to save their young girl. they should have implemented child abduction response team instead of waiting an extra day. the 12-year-old clayton girl was killed october 2012 after going to justin robinson's house to trade bike parts. her body was found in garbage can. she was strpingled. robinson pled guilty to aggravated manslaughter and is serving a 17 year sentence. >> former philadelphia police officer richard coats worth appeared in center city philadelphia courtroom today. a judge determined he will stand trial for allegedly beating his girlfriend. that trial starts a week from today. and 23-year-old patricia sureg facing second degree aggravated assault charges after throwing her 1-month-old baby into the
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ocean off atlantic city. they jumped off a jetty at pacific avenue. two nearby fibbermen jumped into save them and others rushed in once everybody was safe opt rocks. she is held on $100,000 bail. >> pennsylvania's child predators unit made another round after receipt and two suspect are from our area. 21-year-old edward bacon from doylestown bucks county. thor takes say they found 25 files of child pornography on his laptop and found evidence he tried to district solve it he's feld on $250,000 bail and whitpain township 2-year-old christopher pack was arrested following an undercover operation he shared multiple images and videos of child porn. pack is held behind bars also tonight. in berks county authorities identified the man whose body was found floating under a bridge in reading yesterday. he is 35-year-old julio ramos
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vargas a group of okay archers spotted his body beneath the binghamton street bridge yesterday. they tried to reviv him. it was too late. autopsy is now underway to determine how he died and how he ended up in the river. >> and a cat named boo is startling residents in wilmington glenside farms area because of his unusual look. this is alaa known as boo hybrid of wild and domesticated cat spots and pointy ears. neighbors have seen him this morning. that's good news for worried owner. boo took off after a rabbit on october 17 and has not returned home. richard todd says the rare cat is priceless to his family. >> he's worth everything to my family and there's you know they were crying last night the twins worried about him never coming home. >> todd's twins will turn 13 today they think boo coming home would be the best birthday presents ever. boo is declawed but if you spot him call new castle county
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police so he can be properly captured. >> let's hope they find him. meanwhile a group of high school students is getting a taste of the real working world at this point as their classroom has been turned into a business for them to open up and learn how to run. and students at william tennent high warminster bucks county can stay on campus and do grocery shopping if they like. school launched mini shoprite today as working career lab for students all part of a program designed to prepare the teens for real world through life skills they can gain by working in the store and learning what it takes to operate a business. the program is a partnership between the school and the shoprite corporation and students learn harpdz on about accounting, marketing and planning. >> it is definitely life skills. i have never realized how hard it is to open a store until i started here. it's great though. great experience. >> our goal is for all our students to be college and career ready when they leave william ten apt high school
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which means something different for every kid. >> and the program started in 1988 and it is now in 16 different schools throughout new jersey and pennsylvania. so far shoprite says it has helped prepare,000 students. >> all right. sharee, thank you. amtrak is riding high tonight. the company posted record ticking revenues for the 2014 fiscal year. that's up 4% from last year and northeast corridor had best ever with 11.6 million riders and amtrak says without new investments in u.s. rail infrastructure golden days won't last. >> speaking of commutes let's check it out there on monday night. >> matt pellman standing by -- ut, oh, bad news matt. >> lots of people on 95. that's for sure. this is your way home, rick. >> i'm taking amtrak actually. >> at least we're not setting records at this point. it's really slow. in each direction especially southbound this afternoon. 38 minutes rights now to get
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from wood haevrp to the vine. that's sun glare out. there as you can see over the center city sky line not helping us out at this point. no accident, just heavy delays. by the way tonight ramp armingo to 95 southbound starting 9:00 and ramp to betsy ross instead. speaking of bridges this is burlington pristine bristol which will be closed tonight starting at 9. sting with the turnpike connector instead and we're expecting opening at the triple b coming up in 7 or 8 minutes. meanwhile 295 southbound side of black horse pike crash gone but still slow speeds from 73 and in delaware tonight closed ramp 95 southbound to 202 concord pike that project tonight at 10:00. rick and monica see you back at home -- have a good ride home. >> under age drinking and wild parties one of the nation's most prestigious military schools is under the microscope tonight because of football program and allegations.
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>> new fallout if a chemistry experiment that went wrong at nevada children's museum. what state authorities announced today. adam. >> rick summerlike temperatures building ohio and tennessee valley highs in the 70s and 80s. we'll warm it up and then a winter blast will move in in that 7 damon ka we'll have the timing in accuweather. >> all right. jamie apody with sports and eagles look ago head following yesterday's loss against the cardinals. those story and more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> these ka drets members of the military and paid and adpred to live under the military code ofe justice. under age drinking is a crime in the military.
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>> the incident was reported to the ncaa and did not make it public. they deny accusations there was a second incident where lieutenant colonel tried to set updates for with attractive female aka sglets an explosion during a science dem sdraition inside a reno nevada museum. state officials issued two citations for the museum for failing to protect workers and failing to provide proper train are to handle hazardous chemicals. an employee poured alcohol on cotton ball that was dustsed with foric as sid. it was a fireball that sent children and parents diving for cover. >> turning to sports tonight. eagles already look ago head after yesterday's tough loss against arizona. >> jamie apody live in the "action news" sports center with more. high, jamie. >> hey there, guys. it's a loss that maybe should not have happened. plenty to second guess after yesterday's 24-20 mess in
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arizona ar. what they talked about the most is whether or not chip kelly could have spotted the ball to inside the one in 4th quarter and marked short of 1st down and short of touchdown and in end birds settle for 20 yard field goal instead of touchdown which ended up being difference in the game. kelly said the video was not clear enough to overturn and he did not challenge. eagles then had to hope for a miracle on the last play to win the game. nick foles and jordan matthews failed to make that happen despite 400 yards and eagles record 36 completions foles taking the plame for the loss mostly two interceptions in the red zone. here's what he said about his quarterback. >> what's record 5-in my opinion. you rate your quarterback how you're winning and losing and in both games we lost we had a chance to whip the game on offensive side of the ball we
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didn't execute in those situations. >> that's what happens in nfl margin offer railroad so sight on the road. we fought. that's one thing we hang our hat on always being in the game and fighting to the end. >> and eagles didn't let this loss linger too long. they dress ud up for a halloween party. bennie logan surprise bat pan manch the kids go got a kick out of it. mario mark sanchez and buddies posed for picture and had a blast. halloween a few days early at chop today. sixers open the season wednesday today. today they traded arnett to the knicks. they're stocking up on 20 19 draft second pick as in as many days it seems. already we know it will be another tough season for sixers on the bright side we'll get to see what we have inner linz noel. this is a guy 0 years old and
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played one year of college basketball and will try not to do too much. >> i think my body moves at times where my mind is not at the same pace i need to -- it will be a work in progress. >> i want to continue to work open things i need to work open. >> college basketball season upon us. villanova picked to win the being east among coaches. jay wright returns most players. and of course they got bounced in tourpmentp third round by uconn and have higher hopes once again. >> i like this team. it's a new season we have to prove ourselves all over again. it will be touch to match last year's record. but the goal will try to be a better team. >> and nova holy war for st. joes plans to honor hall of fame coach ramsey this season. he pass away in april. hawks wear a jr patch on their
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uniform this year defending atlantic 10 champs hosted season on november 14. college hoops how about that? we can't wait, rick. >> great time of the year, thank you, jamie. it's monday night what better way to kickoff the workweek than weapon dancing and drama. way to kickoff the tonight's prime time kicks off with two solid hours of all new dancing with the stars. then at 10:00, it's all new episode of "cassill" when a web sell he ebbty is murdereled they explore internet fame and the game changes when the killer posts pictures from the crime scene on a photo sharing site. >> next murder. >> just posted to net slayer's account. >> what's this? >> wrong suspect nypd i'm still here what will do i next? >> so eitherer he was framed. >> or pulled it off to make it
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look like he was framed. >> the suspension is kill on " "cassill" at 10. be sure to tweet along with us during castle. >> you like castle not white castle. castle. >> we'll be back we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speeds of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job of posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half-fast. totally half-fast. stop living with half-fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads.
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so his homework won't be so half-fast. that is up to him.
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i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. >> almost summerlike tomorrow.
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>> and winter for the weekend. >> she's excited for winter this weekend. >> no, no, >> as we look at double scan radar a lot of ups and downs in the next five days and not finding anything out. there a few high clouds this evening moving in from the west and overall a pretty beautiful day. as we look at the accuweather live lineup temperatures out there with satellite and radar high pressure to the south and a little show in the sky here a little later on this evening. and right now temperature-wise, 64 in trenton. 62 allentown. 68 wilmington, 64 poconos and right along the shore 62, to 64
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equally worm inland because of westerly warm m today not much in the way of a seabreeze. high to south pumping southwesterly wind in not only this evening but throughout the next 24 to 36 hours ahead of a cold front that arrives wednesday. again you see high clouds streaming in north and west and is that the not going to block the view of a rocket launch near virginia by nasa. you want to look in southern sky6:45 in a few minutes after. the launch is at quart to 7. but about 2 to 4 minutes after a launch you may see the rock wet trail low on horizon. check it out ft. sky is clear and temperatures comfortable enough to see that before sunset. as we look at temperatures across the region tomorrow we're going into the mid 7 0s. some upper 70s with that southwesterly wind. and ahead of the next cold front. that's 12 degrees above normal
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with full sunshine and front will push through here during wednesday afternoon bringing a lot of clouds for during the middle of the week. maybe a brief shower kind of moisture-starved and temperatures stay above normal on wednesday of 71 degrees. forecast for tonight, 43 suburbs. 51 center city and slight chill and little above normal with plenty of stars upstairs. light west wind turning more southerly and throughout the day on tuesday pretty flawless here. lot of sun. maybe a few clouds in afternoon developing and we're going from the 60s around 10:00 and jumpinging into the mid to upper 7 0s between 1 45e7b in the afternoon. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast that front throws temps down wednesday with a brief shower and color thursday 60 dropping into 50s in the afternoon with breeze out of the northwest. and then for halloween it's dry. clouds thickening up and chill in the air only 5 degrees and then it's windy and cold on
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saturday. a couple of showers. 48, feel like upper 30s on saturday. and also this weekend we fall back meaning we gain an hour sleep which is good. we lose an hour daylight in the evening and it's still chilly sunday, only 49 and recovery come on monday. so winter chill coming on saturday. >> fun, hat and gloves. >> definitely. >> thank you, adam. stay on top of the changing weather situation with and you can visit for stormtracker 6 radar both hourly and 7 day forecast and latest video free "action news" meteorologist and our collection of weather related photos and videos. >> on our "people scene" tonight how about making a date with taylor swift to this new year's eve. super star in berks county native stopped by gma this morning to drop her new album 1989 and she'll be back in time's square this december she says. swift has been announced ahead liner for dick clark new york rocking eave. a star studded liner will
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>> the parents are meeting with school officials right now and strot strike. step workers are poised to walk the picket line. hear why that may not necessarily be imexcellent serve by air investigators get a new tool as manhunt for eric frein continues in the poke mows tonight. those stories coming up next. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, jamie apody, sharee william, rick williams and the entire "action news"
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>> monday night philadelphia city council drops proposed sale of phw and they've swipes halloween deck raiings on a porch in philadelphia. >> a shocking development for students and parents of a philadelphia charter school. while some families got robo calls last night others did not. and they arrived at school this morning to find the high school portion of the school locked up. and the walter d. palmer leadership learning partners charter school closed.
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more than 250 students need to find another school. "action news" reporter john recalls is live on the 55 0 0 block of harvestton avenue not a good day for that school community. >> not at all, jim, a lot of bitterness here. parents we talked to say they understood the operator here was running short of cash and he owes the school district more than a million dollars and they say they had been assured that the high school doors would not close. but they did. >> missing from today's afternoon dismissal here. 9th through twelfth graders entire 286 student charter high school of abruptly closed for good apparently. >> hopefully there's another school to go to. there's no cool today. >> some parents here feel betrayed when outside authorities advised them to transfer kids from palmer they say the charter operator promised that the high school would remain open for the academic year. >> and whether the school district was sending papers home telling us to transfer children, the school was sending us