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tv   Action News  ABC  October 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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edwards, karen rogers and >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday october 28th and we're following some breaking news. >> overnight takedown. "action news" is first on the scene as investigators raid a suspected dog fighting ring complete with syringes and a treadmill. >> seeking answers. a bucks county community comes together over hazing allegations involving a high school fob team. >> and the search for a suspected cop killer in the poconos takes to the skies. >> but first up a look at your great accuweather with david and karen has your traffic. good morning. >> off to a little bit avenue cool start but we are looking at some stars mixing with clouds. take a look. satellite almost makes it look like a blanket of clouds but most of this cloud cover is thin enough where it is allowing some viewing of stars through at this hour and eventually we will see some sun mixing with those clouds. 52 degrees right now philadelphia, still in the 40's in wilmington. the mid 40's in trenton and 43 degrees in allentown right
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now. 61 down by the shore. so, jackets this morning. as we head out to the school bus over the next couple hours it probably stays cool between 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock with temperatures around 50. there's not much wind and overall this is not too bad of a start. and the finish is really good. 8 o'clock we'll be at 51 but by noon, 66 degrees and then by 3:00, 74 with a high of 75 around 3:30 or 4 o'clock this afternoon. by 6:00 we may be back into the upper 60's but, hey, who cares, it's going to be a really nice afternoon ahead. looks like tomorrow is also mild, although there could be a brief spotty shower around and then cooler air comes back in that seven-day. karen i'll have all the details coming up. >> all right, dave. starting to get heavy on i-95 southbound looking live here at cottman and you can see all this traffic heading towards center city so heavy at cottman and and girard. we have an accident in north coventry township, it's on the shoulder on route 100 southbound at 422 and we still have problems with this over in upper merion, dehaven street closed between balligomingo road and overlook
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lane because of this road collapse from late last week. if you're in this area stick to matsonford road or 320 as your alternate. also the ramps from the roosevelt boulevard northbound to roberts avenue are closed for construction. you've got to stick to the ramp onto abbottsford avenue instead as you're headed out. other than that we've got light volume and the roads are dry, matt and tam. >> okay, thank you. and we're beginning with breaking news. the pennsylvania spca raided a home in south philadelphia overnight and what they found there was awful. they found a number of dogs. they had eight puppies, five adult dogs and you're taking a look at what seem to be homemade equipment. that was actually a treadmill that seemed to be prepared for the dogs to work out. syringes that seemed to be used to inject the dogs with steroids. and there you see some of the beautiful puppies subjected to this. let's go to katherine scott. she is live along the 2200 block of mifflin street and she's got more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam and you said it, it looks
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like there was dog fighting here. some of the dogs showed signs of scarring. one was missing an eye and authorities from philadelphia police and the pspca remain on the scene here. they're inside house. they've been gathering evidence taking stuff out. this might have been going on for a couple years, dogs bread and trained here and they remain on the scene here on the 2200 block of mifflin in south philadelphia. five adult dogs and eight puppies rescued from this house. officers from the pspca also carried out treadmills typically used to train dogs for fighting. you can see the treadmills on the back of the vehicle here. police were called for suspicious activity in the house around 11 o'clock last night and the pspca arrived afterward. when they got here no one was here but they did find the dogs and many were chained throughout the home, short heavy chains attached to radiators and other places. they found training equipment and paraphernalia authorities believe were used in this case. treadmills for the dogs like i mentioned, syringes authorities say were likely to
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give the dogs steroids. >> these treadmills and we find tip pick in fighting locations a lot of steroids. these dogs are trained like body builders. they're -- you know, they're kept lean, they're kept in good shape just like a boxer and so this is very typical where you would see inside of a training operation. >> reporter: and we're told the conditions inside were unsanitary. there's quite a bit of blood here. so far there have been no arrests in this case but police say they do have a suspect. this all remains under investigation. we're live in south philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks so much katherine. a community meeting is scheduled today to talk about the hazing investigation that shut down the football program at central bucks west high school. erin o'hearn is live in the satellite center with more on this. good morningism good morning, matt. this will be a very public school board meeting after news broke last week that the district was canceling the remainder of its varsity and
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junior varsity football seasons in wake of this hazing scandal. tonight's meeting at 7:30 comes after a meeting last night that took place just for the parents of football players. apparently monday night's meeting was an effort to inform parents of the agenda for tonight's meeting and address questions and concerns. now all of this again stems from a hazing investigation that concluded some freshmen members of the team were forced to perform humiliating acts. in a letter to parents the district said one student was forced to grab a player's private parts while fully clothed. the head coach and the entire varsity and junior varsity coaching staff were suspended after that investigation. again, the cb west high school will have a meeting at 7:30 tonight. we'll post that information on our web site at this is to discuss the hazing investigation that went on at the high school. i'm live in the satellite center, erin o'hearn channel6 "action news. back to you tam. >> thank you for that.
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happening today preliminary hearing scheduled for the man accused of opening fire inside a delaware county wellness center. 49 year old richard plots faces murder and related charges in the july shooting that killed theresa hunter. she was his caseworker at the mercy fitzgerald wellness center in darby. psychiatrists lee silverman was also wounded. plots is being held in prison. >> mayor michael nutter blasting city council for rejecting the proposed sale of the philadelphia gas works. council killed the $1.86 billion deal without even holding a public hearing. the mayor says the deal would have frozen rates for low income families for the next three years and would have guaranteed current jobs and pensions during that time. >> i think what we heard and what we saw today is quite possibly the biggest copout that we've seen in recent legislative history in philadelphia. >> he clearly did not have the support for this. i can't really say that anybody supports this is proposal as submitted. so, that's the mayor's responsibility.
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>> the union for pgw workers says council did the right thing. >> it is 6:06 and one major retailer is feeling the backlash this morning after an online halloween costume campaign that was no treat if not a mean trick. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. maribel it's hard to imagine a company this big let's this get by it. >> reporter: good morning, tam. absolutely. a lot of people saying boo to this one. wal-mart has apologized for advertising some halloween costumes under a category titled fat girl costumes. the category showed up on the retail's web site yesterday and then triggered a wave of complaints. wal-mart quickly took down the section and apologized. costumes were similar to those usually found in the chain's plus sized women's collection. beyoncé is teaming up with british retailer top shop. the two will launch an active street wear brand next fall. the line will include clothing accessories and footwear for sports fans and fitness. no word on a knew name for the
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brand. investors paused ahead of tomorrow's announcement from the federal reserve. futures point to a a higher open. doughnut will be selling the combination croissant doughnut next month. it will have about 300 calories. the price tag is $2.49. matt and tam still less calories than my favorite glazed chocolate cream. yum. >> i like the powdered with the chocolate cream inside as well. >> i'm a traditionalist. i like the regular glaze. >> i used to like the cream filled. if you try to eat it at work the white stuff gets all over your suit. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry. as we take a look outside, we have some clouds overhead. some stars showing through as well. and it looks like overall we'll see sun mixing with high to mid level clouds today. temperatures are starting out cool as you would expect in late october, 52 degrees currently in philadelphia. 48 in wilmington. 43 in allentown.
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low 60's up and down the jersey coastline so a little bit milder there. i'll go ahead and bring in that really nice always-on daypart forecast for you for those watching in hd on the left hand portion of your screenly all good news there. we have that cloud cover i mentioned but you can see where there's darker shades of the gray. that's where the clouds are thinner and we'll wind up with some sun breaking through at advertisements as we take a look at allentown, a nice afternoon ahead. 74 is your high after a chilly start. sun mixing with clouds, warm later on today. and down the shore great day to go for a stroll on the boardwalk, 70 to 72 along your shore communities, a mix of sun and clouds and warm conditions there with not a whole lot of wind. about the same amount of wind today as what you saw yesterday, just a gentle breeze. 75 is your high in philadelphia. sun mixing with clouds. warm with seven to 14 miles per hour and winds. as we roll through the day we'll start out chilly at 8 o'clock. 11 o'clock a much more comfortable 62. 72 at 2:00 p.m., 73 at 5:00
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p.m. 75 at 3 or 4 o'clock this afternoon not too shabby. assuming the clouds stay thin enough this evening at 6:22 they'll be launching a rocket that was supposed to launch last night but a boater got too close to the coastline and they had to scrub it for security reasons. 6:22 tonight it's one of those rockets that go up bringing cargo to the international space station. look to the southern horizon and it usually takes about two to four minutes after the launch for you to be able to see that up above the trees and climbing into the heavens. it is sort of cool. i watched one of those once about a year ago. wednesday clouds, some sun, a brief shower is possible as a front comes through but ahead of that front we still get to 71 and tomorrow overall is going to be dry. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, very warm day. 75 degrees. beautiful afternoon to go out there and enjoy yourself. then on wednesday, clouds mixing with some sun, a spotty shower is possible but dry most of the time and we still got that low 70's high in philadelphia. but after that front gets out of here, behind it, it's sunny but cooler on thursday with a high of just 61.
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it will probably abbit blustery as well and then friday halloween we're going for a mix of clouds and sun a-cool high of 58. and in the evening we're taking out that mention of a shower. it will be cool. you'll want jackets over the costumes or maybe a couple layers underneath whatever the kids are wearing but dry conditions and good enough i think for halloween to get your trick or treating in. on saturday windy conditions return, cooler air with a high of 48. and there could be a shower on saturday and maybe even a wet snowflake or two in the northern and western suburbs. and you might have noticed the clock on saturday night, daylight saving time is over this weekend. so, we fall back. we get an extra hour of sleep. >> all right. means a lot for people like us, right. >> yeah. >> thank you, david. 6:11. up next more stories you didn't see last night including new video of a hostage being held captive by members of the islam particular state. >> apple ceo tim kirk gets candid with customers during anline chat. karen. >> live in for the washington we're clear and dry.
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>> it will. let's give people an easy ride to work and school, karen. >> wouldn't that be nice. we need everybody to cooperate. no accidents out there. so far so good on the schuylkill expressway. we're looking live at conshohocken. that's your eastbound traffic right there. moving nicely. a little building volume i'd say coming in from paoli or king of prussia but no big deal just yet. let's go to the maps. north coventry township we have an accident but it's on the shoulder on 100 southbound at 422. we have construction blocking the right lane on the northeast extension northbound between lansdale. there we go and quakertown. and should be clearing soon but in the meantime it's still out there. also here in burlington county, new jersey turnpike southbound between exit six and exit 5 construction blocking two lanes, left lane and center lane. construction blocking the left lane on the turnpike connector eastbound past 130 so lots of construction going on out there but no big problems, not a lot of accidents today. temperatures a little bit better than yesterday morning. it's 45 in quakertown, 47 in saint davids.
6:16 am
47 in center city. remember some of the suburbs were just in the 30's yesterday like millville but now we're at 55 in buena, 45 in glassboro, 56 already in dover, delaware. we've got a day with sunshine and clouds and a mild high of 75, more than 10 degrees above average. no weather related problems today, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. isis has released video of a british hostage from what it claims is the outskirts of the town of kaboni. captured journalist john cantlie. independent satellite video appears to confirm this location. isis is that close to the city despite about 170 u.s. led airstrikes at a cost of about a half a billion dollars. >> apple ceo delivered an overnight update on the company's new smart watch. abc's t.j. holmes tells us more in tech bites. in today's tech bites new details about apple's new products. speaking at the wall street
6:17 am
journal global tech the apple watch will be charged once a day. apple pay is a huge hit with 1 million credit cards activated in the first three days. this lowes new robot veils assistant. ly the wall street journal says it will help customers find products and will lacers to help it move around the store in san jose. microsoft slashing the price of xbox one. the gaming console will sell for $50 below the retail price. and if you're always losing your umbrella you may want the new smart umbrella from blunt. it contains a tile bluetooth tracker which connects with the user's gps to pinpoint its location. the blunt smart umbrellas start at about $69. those are your tech basements i'm t.j. holmes. >> i could use that. >> me, too. >> 6:17. a manhunt gets even more high tech, new state of the art surveillance device is flying over the pocono region where police are still looking for suspected cop killer eric
6:18 am
frein. >> a symbol of hate rears its ugly head at lehigh university. david. >> all right, guys, we've got jackets on the kids this morning because temperatures are in the 40's in some suburbs, low 50's elsewhere but this afternoon it is t-shirts and shorts. that daypart forecas hi, i'm henry winkler
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6:21 am
matchup last night. got so rough that romo had to head to the locker room for an x-ray on his surgically repaired back. he returned in the fourth quarter but that was not enough. washington won it in overtime, 20 to 17. the loss puts the eagles a half game behind dallas in the nfc east. >> surprising. >> yeah, rough game. let's take you outside right now and check out chester county. we're looking pretty good here. some building volume eastbound on the 30 bypass at 322. but no big delay just yet. the atlantic city expressway eastbound no tolls collected at the egg harbor and pleasantville toll plaza. a free ride from noon until midnight so go ahead and head to the shore. mass transit all on time so far, david. >> all right, temperatures on or about 50 across the region right now, karen. 55 degrees by 9:00 so we're going to be a little cool to start out but no worries, sun mixes with clouds today, a southwesterly flow really warms us up and if you're planning errands any time after about noon, you know what, you might almost need the ac on in the car. 66 degrees by noon but by 3
6:22 am
o'clock, 74 and your high today is going to be a balmy 75 degrees at about 4 o'clock this afternoon before we dip back to 69 by 6 o'clock. we've been checking the airport. no major delays showing up. there has been some fog in orlando and we're still seeing it reported. nothing major yet but if you're headed to central florida you might want to check online make sure everything is okay with the flight. tam. >> thank you david. a small study shows physically active people have a higher risk of dental erosion. researchers say when you work out you sweat and you breathe out of your mouth. both can dehydrate you and dry upsal life v saliva prevents bacterial buildup. researchers suggest drink plenty of water and after you work out clue a piece of sugar free gum and brush and floss your teeth regularly. who knew. >> brushing teeth is important? >> no, that running, dental erosion. >> i'm just kidding. next and new at 6:00 vandals with a message of hate near a
6:23 am
lehigh valley campus. >> katherine scott was first on the scene of braking news in south philadelphia. katherine. >> reporter: no one asks to have diabetes or heart disease. at gateway health, we see you , not your condition. gateway health medicare advantage plans offer complete care that fits you better, gives you more, and may cost you less. like ten-dollar copays on the medications you need, and zero copays on everything from diabetic monitoring supplies
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to hearing and eye exams. call 1-877-gateway today. for a better plan. and a better you.
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>> crime investigators are taking their search for suspected cop killer eric frein to the air. the ohio state department of transportation is lending a mylar balloon equipped with cameras and sensors. officials think that the falling leaves are now down and they'll be able to get a
6:26 am
much better view of the terrain using that balloon and helicopters. >> this is new on "action news." a student at lehigh university claims to be the victim of a hate crime near campus. the college alerted the student body to the incident through an e-mail yesterday. that's when police are looking for the person who scratched a swastika into the side of the student's car. vandals lit the campus during the same time last year spray painting and egging amulet thee cultural house. lehigh says they're commitd to creating a more respective campus. >> copy of the bill of rights has found a new home in philadelphia. the national constitution center unveiled the 225-year-old document last night. it will be house in there a new gallery named in honor of president george h.w. bush who is a former chairman of the national constitution center. the current chairman is president bush's son, jeb. pennsylvania governor tom corbett was also on hand for the event. and tom corbett's democratic rival is roping in
6:27 am
political support from not one but two presidents. bill clinton campaigned for tom wolf yesterday at an electrician's union hall in pittsburgh and president barack obama is scheduled to come to philadelphia on sunday two days before those polls open for a last minute push for tom wolf. >> 6:27 and coming up brand new a person who parents trusted with their child is murder. >> and we continue to follow some breaking news out of south philadelphia where the spca is pulling out equipment that they say was used for a dog
6:29 am
>> ♪ >> breaking now on "action news," we were first on the scene as police took down a dog fighting ring. and we are live with updates. >> angry parents demand answers when a philadelphia charter school suddenly shuts down. find out what's next for students and the staff.
6:30 am
>> nfl fan disappears without a trace during a denver broncos game and his family is desperate to find him. >> we'll get to that in a moment. >> we'll get to that in a you can expect with weather and traffic with dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. a little bit cool this morning but not too bad with winds on the light side. take a look at satellite. lots of clouds sweeping in from the west overnight but they're high and thin enough where we think a fair amount of sunshine is going to be able to dig through and in fact sunrise should look pretty good today with just a few clouds around. 52 degrees right now in philadelphia. 48 degrees in wilmington. 43 in allentown. 45 in trenton. so, cool inlands. down the shore we're on or about 60 on the boardwalks. and winds are very light this morning, only 3 miles per hour in philadelphia, a lot of spots reporting calm winds. that's what those zeros stands for. the motion of the wind coming out of the mild southwest and that is going to be a nice region to tap into today bringing warm air in. 62 is what -- 52 in philadelphi.
6:31 am
by noon back up to 66 and here we go 3 o'clock, 74 degrees a-high today of 75 and we'll hit that around 4 o'clock before dipping back to 69 degrees by 6 o'clock. a very, very nice mild afternoon on tap. got another nice mild day tomorrow with a slight chance of a spotty shower. then it's back to reality. i'll have all the details coming up, karen. >> all right, dave, we've got an accident on i-95 at allegheny blocking the left lane and center lane as penndot tries to find it -- there you go, you can turn it around and see that accident scene. watch for that. it has been blocking two lanes up ahead and causing issues as we kind of zoom in a little bit you see there's the jam-up blocking the left lane and center lane. you're yaming on i-95 southbound approaching cottman and again from bridge street to allegheny. a 32 minute ride and if that continues to block lanes you'll see that delay grow pretty quickly. as we look live on 95 approaching allegheny that new accident there. i got off the phone with police in bucks county. they say they have an accident here.
6:32 am
they shouldn't be out here too long. in the meantime watch for it in falls township on plaza boulevard. that one just in. one in upper pottsgrove on north state street between chestnut grove road and route 100. the accident on route 100 southbound at 422 has cleared and of course the big story is that new accident on i-95 southbound blocking two lanes, causing a delay there, matt. >> got you karen. thanks. breaking right now the spca has rescued more than a dozen animals from a home suspected of being a dog fighting ring. they're even finding syringes and a treadmill. "action news" reporter katherine scott was first on the scene and joins us live from the home in south philadelphia. katherine. >> reporter: five adult dogs and eight puppies were found inside this home overnight. they were in varying conditions but some showed signs of scarring. one was missing an eye. this is where it all happened here in south philadelphia at this moment on the 2200 block of mifflin street. police and the spca have wrapped up here after a long
6:33 am
night. officers from the pspca carried out dogs, they carried out tread mills typically used to train the dogs for fighting. police were called for suspicious activity at the house 11:00 p.m. the pspca arrived afterwards. when they got here no one was here, they found dogs, training equipment and paraphernalia authorities believe were used. there are zip syringes authorities say were likely used to give the dogs steroids. this may have gone on for a credible years. we're looking for evidence to see if there was fighting going own. we're told there was quite a bit of blood inside. >> the way the animals were chained, some were chained to radiators on short heavy chains. these dogs couldn't get away so they were constantly whacking their tails into the walls and into the radiators and that was causing a lot of the blood splatter that we saw >> reporter: and back here live which is quiet now after a long night here the pspca and philadelphia police on scene carrying out dogs and
6:34 am
other evidence. quite a bit of blood inside. the dogs are being taken to be checked out by vets. so far no arrests in this case but authorities say they do have a suspect. this all remains under investigation. we're live in south philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> such disturbing details. thank you for that katherine. new this morning a fast moving fire injured one person in the somerton section of philadelphia. crews quickly knocked down the flames on the 100 block of mandina street after 1:00 a.m. this morning. investigators believe the fire might have started in the garage before spreading through that three-story duplex. >> new here on "action news" a babysitter in berks county is accused of trying to kill a 14 month old child who was in her care. 32-year-old lisa while ler had told police the infant suffered head injuries during a fall at the home in bethel township but investigators believe there was some sort of physical abuse. the child remains in critical condition at hershey medical center.
6:35 am
this story is also new. a father from lebanon county faces aggravated assault charges for abusing his own son. police say andrew haas caused his five week old baby to have a fractured skull and several broken ribs because the newborn wouldn't stop crying. the child had to go to the hospital on sunday after suffering seizures. police say haas' wife was at work at the time of the assault. >> parents are scrambling this morning trying to place their children into new schools now that a charter high school in philadelphia has suddenly closed down. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the big board. she's got reaction. good morning. >> reporter: tam, good morning. you can imagine how difficult this is for these ninth through 12th graders who are almost two full months into the school year. a robo call went out over the weekend notifying families that the walter d. palmer charter high school would o be shutting down. now, this left nearly 300 students, 80 of them seniors scrambling to find new classrooms in the city. at a at a meeting last night
6:36 am
in frankford parents were outraged. it was well known the charter school had been struggling if thisly for months and according to the founder parents were put on notice that closing the school was a very real possibility. the parents were still outraged at the way this process was handled. for months the low performing school has been battling with the philadelphia school district which is in the process of revoking its charter. the school which also has k through eight in other locations has twice the number of students legally allowed. last night parents were confused angry and pointed the finger at ceo dr. walter palmer. >> my niece and nephew still home from the elementary school. how you going to place a high school student you haven't even placed elementary kids let. >> i let you guys in knowing what some of the reaction would be. i wanted you to see it. i want people to recognize these are the at risk children, at risk families that people don't care about. >> reporter: the district says west philadelphia high
6:37 am
has offered to take all the displaced seniors and the charter school will be opened all week to help with transfers. but the school can't say what's next for its teachers and staff. matt, back to you. >> thank you erin. 6:37 is the time. the nurse who was forcibly kept in quarantine in new jersey is considering suing the state. casey hickox had returned from treating ebola victims in west africa. her attorney says she is angry over how she was treated due to governor christie's 21 day confinement order. hickox spent three days in an unheated tent but was allowed to leave yesterday and head back to her home in maine where she will continue her quarantine. the centers for disease control just issued new ebola recommendations. it says those who had contact with bodily fluids of someone infected with ebola but is not showing symptoms should just stay away from public gatherings and commercial transportation. quarantines are still determined state by state. we have create add special section of our web site for all of our ebola coverage. go to
6:38 am
we add the latest details as they come in, plus separate fact from fiction. >> time to turn to accuweather. if you thought yesterday was nice you ain't seen nothing yet. >> today is going to be beautiful. storm tracker 6 double scan slows you we're without precipitation and as we take a look outside we have the promise of some sunshine coming up over the horizon. you can see a few clouds out there but the skies are starting to get brighter. winds are very light and despite the fact that it's a little bit cool out there, hey, easy to take without the wind and knowing what's coming next. couple of highlights to your forecast today. we are in for a couple of mild days before the next cool change, so it's not just good news now but good news tomorrow, too, for the most part. your temperature currently in philadelphia is 52. winds are light out of the southeast at just 3 miles per hour. and as we check out satellite, well, you can see those clouds coming in from the west in the overnight hours butter they are thin enough to where they will allow some sunshine in. in fact we're getting a nice break just to the south of philadelphia over to the
6:39 am
shore. and look for a fairly bright day with sun mixing with clouds. as we take a look at temperatures, that's the big story. 51 degrees still cool by 8 o'clock but by 11 o'clock feeling better, 62 and then we're going to spend the afternoon in the 70's with a high of 75, probably around 3:30 or 4:00 this afternoon. if you look on the left hand portion of your screen those of you watching in hd i've got that always-on day planner for you so you can see how the numbers are going to climb. high temperatures this afternoon 74 in allentown, similar to philadelphia. the only slightly cooler spot is down the shore where we're liable to get low 70's for a high in most cases. take a look at the southern sky tonight after dinner at 6:22. we are going to see a rocket launch from wallops island. the nasa installation. they were supposed to do this last night but somebody pulled a boat in too close to the sure and it was a security risk. they had to scrub the launch. you'll be able to see it tonight assuming the clouds stay thin enough. rocket launch to the south
6:40 am
6:22 tonight. still mild then on wednesday as we still have a cold front coming in from the west. it will be kind of inching through during the latter portion of the day. there might be a spotty shower around. generally speaking it looks basically dry out there. future tracker 6 showing you very little rain in the model right now it wants to put something in through the region a little after dinnertime but doesn't look like it will amount to all that much. your as much day from accuweather shows a nice one today with a high of 75. get out there and enjoy it. winds will be light. really nice afternoon to be outside and then clouds and sun on wednesday, 71, mainly dry, just a spotty shower. then we change. the front leaves. behind it a high of just 61. sunny, cooler, probably a little windy on thursday. and for halloween going for a cool high of 58 with a mix of clouds and sun. low to mid-50's during your trick or treating hours across most of the region. but we're now taking out possibility of a shower. i think it will be dry for halloween night. saturday a high of 48, windy conditions, a shower, maybe even a wet snowflake or two in
6:41 am
the northern and western suburbs during the day on saturday. how about that? and then you see the clock on saturday night. we are falling back and gaining an hour of sleep on saturday night which matt lovers that. >> he loves that. >> his favorite part of the day hasn't even happened yet. >> it is 6:41. and a real game changer. a trip to a football game takes a terrifying turn when one of the men goes missing. >> terminal takedown. passengers help police subdue an airport bully. karen. >> we still have construction blocking the ramp from the boulevard northbound to roberts avenue so watch for that right now if you're headed on the boulevard. we've got problems on i-95 and involving a school bus. details next. >> and king james and his wife are building you should say their very own basketball team. why they'll need a new pink jersey a little later on "action news." this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
6:42 am
6:43 am
in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest.
6:44 am
for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. >> ♪ >> 6:44. and as you see live there at sky 6, getting a little busy on the platt memorial bridge. >> let's go to karen rogers. >> getting busy on i-95. you can look at this traffic right here, southbound traffic headed towards center city. this is a live look approaching allegheny. what had looked like an accident blocking two lanes now a disabled vehicle that's causing the problem. it's kind of in the other direction there but causing the problem. so, we see some extra slow traffic now from bridge street to girard on i-95 southbound about a 34 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine so those delays really kicking in with that disabled vehicle causing the problem. another new issue coming in to us in northeast philadelphia,
6:45 am
chopper 6 headed to the scene right now. it's an accident involving a school bus and an suv. hearing the suv on its side. no reports yet of if there are any children on the bus but it's something we're looking into. chopper 6 headed to the scene right now. we'll be on top of this story in northeast philadelphia and get you the latest details. lincoln drive northbound between gypsy lane and wissahickon avenue report of a couch that's on the road. you don't get that every day. someone lost their couch and people might be swerving around it so watch for that on lincoln drive. couple of other accidents out there. in falls township bucks county we have one near plaza boulevard near department loro drive that one in the process of clearing. upper pittsgrove an accident on north state street between chestnut grove and route 100 and one in medford here route one hung southbound at 422 that is just cleared so watch for that. one in medford on 70 westbound at eayrestown road. an accident here. also a bunch of accidents coming in even though the roads are clear and dry, 52 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's pretty comfortable not as
6:46 am
chilly as yesterday. in millville you were in the 30's. now it's 55. not bad. 43 in allentown. no weather related problems today. sunshine and clouds and a mild high of 75, matt. >> sounds fantastic. thank you, karen. new this morning a colorado family stepping up its search for an nfl fan who vanished from the stands. they say paul kitterman went to go to the bathroom during half time of the denver broncos game back on thursday and hasn't been seen since. he didn't have a cell phone and a credit card or a vehicle with him. loved ones are hoping the stadium will review its security footage. police are not actively searching for kitterman right now because there's no indication that he was a victim of foul play. >> a man was attacked because of the color of his shirt and this was all caught on camera. this is newly released video from dallas fort worth international airport. it starts with an angry man taunting another man because he was wearing a pink shirt. that's when the first man kicks and slaps the man in the pink shirt because the irate man believes the other man is gay. other passengers immediately jump in and tackle the irate
6:47 am
man until police arrive. and as you might imagine he was arrested. >> happening today penn state's board of trustees will gather for a special meeting on the freeh report. the 2012 findings by former fbi director louie freeh concluded former college officials showed total disregard for the victims of jerry sandusky. the ncaa used the report for the basis of its sanctions against the penn state football team which has since been lifted. one trustee called the freeh report incomplete and inaccurate and is demanding the board to revisit the investigation. >> 6:47 now. a river of fire is headed straight for homes in hawaii. "good morning america" has a live update coming up next. david. >> cool enough in most neighborhoods for a jacket for the kids this morning but it is shorts and t's this afternoonly we'll have another look at your daypart fork, get you set from start to finish coming up next. >> "action news" is sponsored by west chester university.
6:50 am
it may seem strange, but people really can love their laxative. especially when it's miralax. it hydrates, eases, and softens, to unblock your system naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. >> less than 10 minutes away from "good morning america." >> i bet they have a big show. let's find out what's coming up with amy robach. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and matt. great to be with you on this tuesday morning. coming up next on "good morning america," families in hawaii are on high alert as a river of lava threat tones wipe out a town on the big island. lava closing in on homes and key roads forcing evacuations there. we are live from hawaii with the latest on that. and then we have new details on the quarantined nurse just
6:51 am
back from the hot zone. she's now back at home in maine this morning. we're live from maine with the latest as well as more on the cdc's new guidelines that were just issued overnight. and then we have all the drama from the ballroom. the latest booted couple antonio and cheryl are here live. we don't know yet if antonio has put a shirt on but we will let you know, guys. all next on "good morning america." matt and tam. >> this is a family program, amy, so i hope that you would encourage. >> reporter: his pants are staying up. >> y-i think that's enough. that's enough. he cannot have his shirt on. >> we always wear shirts, jackets and ties. >> that's right. >> and please keep them on. [laughter] >> let's take a look right now at the latest with this accident scene here. in northeast philadelphia bustleton avenue and princeton avenue and there you see the school bus involved with this accident scene. there's also an suv. you can see it completely flipped over right here with this intersection here and we see emergency workers on the scene. hard to tell at this point
6:52 am
what else is involved and if there were any children on the bus. we see a number of emergency workers coming to the scene to assist with this as chopper 6 looks live in northeast philadelphia. this accident involving a school bus and an suv has this area blocked off with emergency workers working on the scene and you can see that that vehicle that's just completely flipped over, look like it hit into the school bus so a nasty accident with chopper 6 looking live right now. let's go to the maps and talk about a couple other things. there's the school bus accident. also the ramp from the broad street to the boulevard southbound, an accident out there. you see the flashing lights blocking the acceleration lanes so watch for that one, dave. >> we have temperatures in the 40's in some suburbs, about 50 in philadelphia. 60's down by the shore, okay. in the city up to 55 by 9:00. still kind of cool. we're look tag mix of sun and clouds today, though, and the temperatures go up. 66 by noon, 74 by 3 o'clock. your high today is going to be 75 degrees at about 3:30 or 4:00 this afternoon and then down closer to 70 degrees by 6 o'clock. this is still a very nice day on tap, though.
6:53 am
winds are light. get out there and enjoy it, guys. >> will do. thank you, david. lebron james' family just got a little bigger. online sources say james' wife savannah gave birth to the couple's third child last week. the baby girl named zuri was born in ohio. regular season home game since returning to the cleveland cavaliers on thursday. the couple already has two cavaliers on thursday. the couple already has two sons 10 year old lebron jr. ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi
6:54 am
will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
6:56 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. here's our top story on "action news." police and the spca have raided a suspected dog fighting operation in south philadelphia. officers say they removed eight puppies and five adult dogs from the house. they found syringes in the home that may have been used to inject steroids into the animals. let's go back out to our breaking news with chopper 6 live on the scene. this is northeast philadelphia. we can see this accident involving a school bus and an suv that's completely turned over. a third vehicle involved as you see kind of in the top of your screen right there. there are reports that there were two children on the bus at the time of the accident but they were not injured. the driver of the suv was injured here on the scene and again this is bustleton avenue and princeton avenue in northeast philadelphia. stick to castor avenue and cottman instead. there you see the problems on the boulevard southbound, dave. >> all right, karen.
6:57 am
nice day today. we're going to get a mix of sun and clouds, cool by 9 o'clock, 55. we're already at about 50. but by noon 66 and how about the afternoon? spending it in the 70's. let's go for a high of 75, what do you say. >> let's go. >> let's all go golfing or shuffle board or something. >> whatever you like. >> "gma" is next. see you later. have a great day. >> ♪ >> "action news" is sponsored in part by the jeff d'ambrosio auto group. destination downingtown. minutes from king of prussia and the main line. featuring chr
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. good morning, america. and breaking right now -- volcano emergency. red hot lava threatening to wipe out an entire town in hawaii. families evacuating. the river of fire in danger of cutting off access for thousands of everything in its path at risk. >> we have to get out of here. >> abc's rob marciano is there. and the nurse forced into quarantine after treating ebola patients back in maine. leaving the hospital in an suv. and the army isolating a general and soldiers just back from fighting the deadly disease. mystery at a denver broncos game. a father vanishes at halftime without a trace. missing for dates, no cell