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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  October 28, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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this person was and how they died. it looks like whoever it was has been there for a long time. david henry is live now with more on the find. >> reporter: neighbors were alarmed to find that a body was found on the property back there. now as they learn more it's something of a growing halloween legend and it appears that the remains are quite old. >> a long, long time ago, even the police went on the website and said this is not an active crime scene. >> reporter: police treated it like a crime scene draping crime scene tape across the neighborhood. keeping the curious away. they were discovered at noon excavating in the yard for a new swimming pool. the house was built around 1895 and there is no telling when the body may have been buried maybe
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even before the house was here. it will take some scientific detective work to determine if the remains are male or female or if the person suffered some kind of trauma. neighbors are curious more than anything else. a woman was shot and killed in a wooded area a year ago. >> riverton is a sleepy little town and nothing goes on here, all of a sudden we are on the news again. >> julie scott lives next door and is having fun with a spooky skeleton being unearthed right before halloween. >> i hope it's nothing crazy, maybe ancient old pirate bones or something. >> you know your neighborhood is haunted? >> no, i didn't. now i do. >> things are getting spooky in riverton, this area was all
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farmland before it was corporate rated in 1850. there is no telling how the remains got back there and it may forever remain a mystery. >> a halloween history thank you. a possible dog fighting and breeding operation was uncovered today in south philadelphia. eight puppies and five dogs were discovered on the 1800 block of mifflin street. the spca removed treadmills used for training and syringes probably used for steroids. the police called by a neighbor for suspicious activity. >> they were in cages and tied to radiatored and they were consubstantially hitting their
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tails into the walls and that is where the blood splatter came from. >> charges against the owner are pending. the nurse from dallas that caught ebola while treating a patient is home from the hospital. today we heard from amber vinson, who is cleared of ebola. we also heard from president obama. marcy gonzales has all the details. >> reporter: the second nurse has been given the all clear and talking to president obama on the phone before traveling back to texas. >> i am so grateful to be well. with no trace of ebola amber vinson is heading home. she was discharged from emory hospital in atlanta. >> while this is a day for gratitude, i ask that we focus on the families that are burdened with this disease in west africa. >> at least 5,000 health care
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workers are needed into west africa to battle the ebola outbreak. as the discussion continues here about how health care workers should be treated when they come home. >> nurse tracy hickox came home from sierra leone and was forced to stay in a ten for three days. >> her civil rights were violated she is now in isolation in maine. going behind the cdc's updated guidelines, that only calls for high risk people to monitor for symptoms and restrict their travel. >> dr. spencer is hospitalized here listed in serious but stable condition.
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>> we have a special section of our website with complete coverage of the ongoing ebola story, at, there is a list of myths versus facts to stay clear of misinformation. the central bucks school board will meet for the first time tonight since canceling cb west's allegations of hazing. it comes after a smaller gathering last night that was only for the school board members and parents of players. sara bloomquist is live now and she will have more on that meeting coming up at 5:00. the lewes ferry, is warning people about a hacking scheme. the breach started in august of
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this year and affects people who used debit or credit cards, and buying anything on the boats. they are offering free credit monitoring to anybody affected. >> people came to hear the dalai lama today, the tibetan's spiritual leader's speech talked about an academic environment and then the dalai lama held a private session with a small group of students and faculty and that was invite only. a lucky couple of kids there. >> very cool. it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. melissa magee is in for adam joseph, outside where no long sleeves are required today. >> i wish we could take this day and botdle it up and do it all again tomorrow. we have changes on the way for
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the middle half of the work week. temperatures climbed well above average, philadelphia 76 degrees, and 77 in washington disease, richmond, virginia in the middle 80s, 78 in charleston, west virginia, here is satellite 6 along with action radar you can see we have a large amount of clouds in the delaware and lee lie sally and we are tracking the cold front in the great lakes. that is our warn maker as we get into mid-day and afternoon hours. here is what to expect. it stays mild with temperatures above average, and we are tracking scattered showers tomorrow, a .10 to .25 inch of rainfall. we have more details coming up with the full and accuweather forecast. hopefully you had a chance to enjoy the mild stretch today.
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still to coming a recall that parents should know about, baby products tied to a company here in philadelphia. and a new video from isis and it has implications, the western hostage shown standing in one of the biggest battlegrounds in the world. and doctors from the rothman institute are talking about hip replacement, go to and ask your questi
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the terror group isis releasing what is called a brazen new video that appears to show a british hostage in the border town. this is john cantlie, standing on a building claiming to be right in the middle of a town that is under heavy aerial assault from the u.s. military. the u.s. military said that air
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strikes near that town destroyed isis targets and a small isis unit. is there were 170 air strikes in that area alone as the u.s. tries to keep the border town from falling under isis control. this is part of the isis new propaganda video looking to assert their control. >> hello, this is john cantlie, we are on the border of syria. they have pushed deep into the heart of the city. >> so far the video has not been authenticated, but it shows aerial footage of where cantlie was video taped and some landmarks do match up, he makes reference to air drops and references to officials. despite the clues though it's unlikely that cantlie has been kept in the same spot as people continue to search for him.
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>> all right alicia. a canadian soldier killed by a home grown radical was laid to rest today. people lined the streets as corporal cirillo was brought through his home town. they said his death was not in vein he was gunned down at canada's national war memorial last week. they say that his killer was a cadral follower of islam. people in hawaii will be able to watch as the massive flow of lava destroys their homes. they made the arrangement to give people closure about the disaster. people have had to leave everything behind as the fiery flow moves into their neighborhood. that lava is just yards from their homes and once it gets there, they are not quite sure if it will stop or change directions or keep moving forwa
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forward. now a big rally on wall street, the dow picked up 187 points to get up over 17,000 and the s&p rose 23. >> a pennsylvania company, is recalling several brands of baby wipes, that could be contaminated with bacteria. they make baby wipes under several different brand names. the company says that they have gotten complaints of rashes and irritations and tests show that some products contain bacteria. and they have not found the source of that contamination. it could be dangerous for those people with weak immune systems. chiquita agreed to a buyout deal with a brazilian company and its partners. it's worth $170 billion. they voted down a competing
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offer on friday. it's one of the large of the orange juice suppliers, chiquita will still be inincorporated in new jersey. well, we know it's a windows open kind of commute or a brake lights on too kind of day. >> it's less than appealing in a few spots this afternoon, like on the schuylkill expressway, not surprisingly it's crowded on a busy tuesday afternoon, all the headlights are stacked up through king of prussia and then you hit the breaks again closer to the city. you see the travel time of a few minutes to get to the blue route that, should be 5 or 6 minutes. one accident in dublin, buck county, the main street portion near manor drive. and a water main break, blocking
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southhampton road by the roosevelt boulevard, comely road is a possible alternate. northbound on ryan avenue a wreck to avoid on the inner drive, speeds just in the teens and in point breeze, a building collapse to avoid along garret street along 24th and 23rd. and wires to avoid in brook haven, along edgemont avenue, with normal slow speeds on the northbound blue route when you come off of 95. lets grab the commuter report on this tuesday afternoon, problems on 42, southbound side on college drive, a debris spill at this point, speeds don't look too bad but we see lane restrictions in that area. >> thank you matt. it's been closed for nearly three years, officials broke ground on a new link for cities
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and suburbs. chaka fattah was on hand as they expand lower merion and manayunk, this is one of several projects looking to link the region through walking and biking trails. a wildcat is roaming the streets of wilmington but there is no reason to panic according to officials. rick williams is here with more. >> no catastrophe here, the cat's name is boo, but despite the spooky name, the owner says that boo is a hybrid between an african cat and an egyptian cat. he may look intimidating but he is harmless according to his owner. we'll have more on the search for the animal. plus, the federal government is suing a cell phone carrier
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because of its limited data plan, why they say the company was misleading customers. that and more when we see you here at 5:00. until then back to the studio. >> we'll see you soon. thank you rick. still ahead a brawl in an airport. and was that a celebrity coming to the rescue, an actor answers if he played hero in texas. >> plus, a controversy surrounding a high school football team. they were banned from praying together and the solution they came up with instead. >> and take the new with you anywhere you go, it changes its size to fit any device no matter how small or lafrnl your screen, visit any time any
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more than 37,000 local kids will have the warmth of a brand new winter coat this year, hundreds of them got the jackets today free of charge at main street elementary in upland, it warz part of the caring for kids foundation and the partnership with 200 local auto dealers, each dealer pledged a new coat every time a car was sold in september. >> but no coats needed today. >> lets get over to melissa magee with the details on when the colder temperatures may be coming. >> reporter: those coats are coming in the nick of time, we are tracking changes into the ends of this work week and weekend. we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, it's dry in the mid-atlantic but we are tracking a cold front into wednesday, ahead of that however, these temperatures are climbing, check out the numbers.
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philadelphia 76 degrees, that is already 13 degrees above our formal time for this time of year. and 71 in trenton and wilmington 73, along the coast in beach haven, and sea isle city, 67 degrees. it's a good 9 degrees warmer in the city than it was 24 hours ago and 24 degrees warmer in allentown. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see a lot of high, thin clouds in new england and these temperatures still climbed above average, part of the reason why is because of this cold front moving over the great lakes down through the ohio valley and this works its way eastward into wednesday. showing you as you wake up tomorrow morning at 7:30, it's mostly cloudy but dry for the commute tomorrow. as i advance this into noon on
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wednesday, you can see a pencil thin line of showers moving across areas in allentown eastward into the delaware and lehigh valley, wednesday 5:00 in the evening and mostly cloudy with a spot shower around and most of the activity is mid-day, and not a lot of precipitation calling anywhere from a .10 to .25 inch of rainfall, it's partly cloudy tonight a mild night. 55 in allentown and 61 in philadelphia and here is the accuweather forecast four day at 4:00. tomorrow 69 and thursday 60 degrees but brighter and friday breaks of sunshine and 58 and saturday is halloween, and maybe showers late friday night after 8:00, 9:00, look at this temperature on saturday, cold and showers, and a high of 48, definitely the coldest air so
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far, that is a cold rain into saturday. more details on the second half of the weekend in just a bid. >> thank you melissa. the campus crowd was trending younger today at la salle university. dozens were unleashed to trick or treat, their mission for candy took them all over from the president's office to the book store, la salle students offered to escort the kids for the early halloween celebration. >> does your little one have the halloween costume? >> i have seen it. >> she is ready to go. >> does a popular actor have a doppel ganger
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there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us.
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house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. it is time for the buzz and it's this video that had many
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people calling actor, paul rudd, a hero, the video went viral of a man getting attacked at the airport for wearing a pink shirt. they quickly tackled the guy making the homophobic slurs, one of the men here in the video, i'll show you here close up, looks just like paul rudd, twitter was on fire, paul rudd saves lives was trending. his publicist confirms it's just a good looking look alike. >> he was not there he was actually at the world series. jennifer lawrence and chris martin, have broken up, they have only been an item for about a month and a half. ton on 6 abc, more drama on a
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brand new "forever" on tonight's episode a successful doctor is found dead after receiving a prestigious award. watch tonight at 10:00, and tweet with us, using #~ forever and 6 abc. that is tonight at 10:00 and then "action news" at 11:00, before that "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." at 9:00 lots to watch. >> thank you alicia. still ahead, long limbed and lovely, you won't want to miss the wobbliest edition to the park. and details on the prayer ban be enforced in one delaware school district. sick of haggling the dealers on the best price on a car, then you'll like a
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot, and brian taff. >> hello again, 4:30 and "action news" continues with big bragging rights for a university. which school produced more billionaires than any other institution in the world. >> plus, from what they wear, to what they say, we are talking about halloween etiquette. do you think kids woutd costumes
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should be rewarded or kids that don't say trtd. we get into the candy code coming up. a father at his first game vanishes, no cell phones, no credit cards, no trace. the mysterious disappearance in denver. we begin with an update from the poconos, state police are searching for a suspected cop killer, officers swarming the area after someone reported seeing eric frein, he has been eluding capture for the last 46 days, now we turn to walter perez, live where frein may have been spotted. >> reporter: just a short time ago, a state trooper walked up to our news van and told me and my photographer to stay close to the news van because right here, it's been swept with dozens of rifle toting officers and k-9
4:31 pm
units after a possible sighting of this most wanted fugitive. it seems the search has come full circle. it started in the area, and then just a few hours ago, a local resident in barrett township reported a possible sighting that investigators deemed credible enough to search. then it was teeming here with officers and comfortable nine units while helicopters circled the area above the tree line. eric frein is accused of killing one trooper and wounding another on september 12th. melissa who lives in this search zone was ordered to stay inside for the duration. >> people only knew how much woodland we have up here.
4:32 pm
i think unless he makes a major mistake, it's going to go on for a long time. >> quite a while. yes, i wish it wouldn't. >> back out live, a couple of reported sightings resulted in school closures in the area. we'll keep an eye on the situation and give you an update at 5:30. reporting live, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we are following the continuing developments in the search for eric frein on we'll alert you to any updates as this massive manhunt continues, the man accused of going on a deadly rampage has waived his right for a hearing. 49-year-old richard plots walked in and killed his case worker
4:33 pm
teresa hunt. authorities say that plots -- he told a judge that he was very aware of what was happening. authorities say that a $12 million blaze in berks county was no accident, they say that someone intentionally set the fire on october 18th, it took firefighters hours to get this under control and no one was hurt but the complex was heavily damaged, a $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. philadelphia police are looking for to men that lifted the entire cash register from a 7-eleven this is newly released surveillance video in wissinoming, it's masked suspects walked in on october 16th when the clerk was taking out the trash and one went behind the counter and removed
4:34 pm
the register before leaving, no one was hurt. a big truck made a mess, chopper 6 hd was over the area, where a truck down several power lines at 12:30 this afternoon much of the area lost power but nobody was hurt. authorities are still trying to figure out how the accident happened and no word if the driver will face charges. the post game ritual will be different at one delaware high school. they have been orderered to step away from the huddle when their players pray. someone sent a video of the head coach praying with the players. attorneys for that organization sent a letter to the district say that public school staff cannot endorse religion. >> the coach says he was stunned by the criticism but will respect the decision.
4:35 pm
player says they will continue to pray after games. according to a new report, the university of pennsylvania has produced more billionaire undergraduate alumni than any other school in the world. the report from wealth x says that 25 current billionaires got their bachelor degrees at penn followed by harvard and then yale. xem pels are tory birth and eon musk in technology and steven cohen in finance. a place to find fashion with bargain price as arrived to great fan tear in center city. >> three, two, one! >> mayor michael nutter joined the owners of century 21 to open the new department store on market street. can you get steep discounts up to 60% off. the line stretched down the
4:36 pm
block this morning, the store brings almost 300 jobs to the city. >> no doubt some folks lining up for warm weather gear. >> shopping for scarves and gloves, you'll need them this weekend, in the meantime, it's nice outside. sky 6 hd showing you a nice shot the center city skyline, plenty of sun to get our temperatures to 76 degrees, the dew point 52 and wins south-southwest at 7 miles per hour. the pressure 29.96. sky 6 hd is over cape may, wins out of the south at 8 miles per hour. we had to scrap the launch yesterday but you can watch it today. there were security concerns yesterday and the launch is scheduled for 6:22 from southeast virginia, it's visible once it gets going two to four
4:37 pm
minutes after the launch, have you to look to the southern horizon. nonetheless we have changes on the way, we talked about that chill coming in for the weekend and we'll let you know how long that is sticking around and how low the temperatures go by then. >> thanks melissa. today marked the four-legged milestone at the penn vet k-9 center, four graduated including the first one to detect diabetes. he will alert his owner wayne when his blood sugar gets low. labradors morgan and thunder also graduated today then will help sniff out drugs and help with rescues in the state of new jersey. there is a new resident at six flags great adventure, this one has stems, meet mika, she was born two weeks ago and is
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already standing at 6 feet tall, although wobbly, the beauty is on her way to owning the safari cat walk. she is the first calf to mother, noel, she kept a close eye on the paparazzi as they strolled outside of the barn. still ahead, if you are looking for a new car, but dread the process of negotiating, there is an app for that, with saving with 6 abc. >> and it's hard to believe, the invention of the board game operation, what is behind that twist the fate. >> do all kids deserve a trite? inside the code of candy conduct. and melissa magee has the full accuweather forecast including halloween night.
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a group of politically active young texans are apologizing for how they became active. that is cell phone video of the young republicans in galveston texas holding a dart throwing contest outside of a polling place, their targets were president obama and two local democrats, they invited people on facebook to try their hand at hitting, if they did, they won a free hot dog. >> i thought of one word, classless, you don't do that to people. like they are in junior high or elementary. the group has posted an apology on their facebook page and promised nomalis. we are learning more about the denver broncos fan that
4:42 pm
disappeared from is the stadium. they wonder how a man with no health or personal problems could vanish from the stadium. he disappeared from sports authority field, his stepson said he left his seat to meet friends and never came back, he only had about $50 cash and had no cell phone or credit cards because he rushed to the game after getting tickets. denver police say there is no sign of any crime so far. on health check at 4:00, would you be more motivated to work out if your boss was paying you to hit the gym. the owner of cliff bar offers workers two and a half hours of company time to work out in the on site gym that, is 30 minutes a day of workout time. they are offered to switch
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outpletely after working and they won't get a response from their ceo after leaving for the evening. they say its key for healthy, happy workers. here at the big board with the big talkers, pope francis has entered into the big bang and creation theorys. the pontiff says they don't contradict the role of a divine creator rather they require it. that god is not a magician with a magic wand. he says the beginning of the world was not a work of chaos but a principle of love and that they could co-exist. this has a lot of people talking today because the catholic church has long had a reputation for being anti-science. now to a story, we are talking about, remember the game operation, where you are the doctor, wish bone and spare ribs
4:44 pm
and funny bone and bzzz if you touch the sides. 77-year-old john spinelo created the game and sold the rights for $500, and now the man needs $20,000 worth of oral surgery and doesn't have the money, now a couple of toy design friends are helping him by raising money. he is offering to auction off his original prototype to get some cash. and is there a code of etiquette to treat trick or treaters. people want to know, do you give candy to anyone that knocks on your door or will they have to be in costume. on one side people say that older kids that show up covered in shaving cream don't qualify
4:45 pm
for candy, some kids face difficulties or phobias and they don't dress up. and kids must say trick or treat to get treated some don't care, they only hope they have the courtesy to say thank you once the candy is doled out. what do you guys think, have you to wear one? >> the spirit of the night, wear the costume but most important is please and thank you. >> most important. lets get a check of the roads now, matt pellman in the traffic center. >> i'm just going to cover myful some shaving cream. here on the northbound side we are backed upcoming out of the city from allegheny to the work zone at cotman avenue, the work time of 28 minutes is double what it will be.
4:46 pm
in point breeze, a building collapse at garret street at 24th and 23rd. but the crash at ryan avenue is now gone but off the boulevard in the northeast, we have the water main break closing southhampton road. in upper southhampton, look for a crash at county line road at stevenson way and one in dublin by the town diner by mill street. and in durham township, a wreck to avoid at 611 and 212, you haven't been able to get by on the burlington bristol bridge, the bridge should be on the way back down now. and the debris spill southbound college drive thark is cleaned up and if you are hopping on the a.c. expressway, no tolls until midnight tonight. >> thank you matt.
4:47 pm
we have all seen athletes go over the top with celebrating but it doesn't usually look like this. china's tabletop tennis championship when over the top by kicking and throwing his shirt to the crowd. he just took the title by winning the germany world cup. but after his excessive celebration, he was stripped of his winnings, he apologized saying in part, i am under a great deal of press
4:49 pm
all right meteorologist, melissa magee is in for adam joseph, i'll say that adam picked a fine day to be out of here. >> i think he had a clue what the weather would be today.
4:50 pm
>> we are tracking changes on the way and then it gets much colder at the end of week. here is the picture outside, everybody was buzzing about the weather today, it's gorgeous and we have flowers there on this tuesday afternoon. and plenty of sun for all to enjoy. as we look at the accuweather live lineup, we'll pop out the weather window and can you see on the stormtracker 6 live double scan it's dry and quiet in much of the delaware and lehigh valleys, no precipitation until the middle of the work week tomorrow. 76 in philadelphia, a good 13 degrees where we normally be for this afternoon, poconos 70 and reading 78 and sea isle city, with a southeasterly wind, 67 in beach haven 64. satellite 6 along with action radar showing clouds in new
4:51 pm
england. radar showing clouds in new england. we are tracking a cold front across the areeat lakes down through the ohio valley and not a lot of energy with this, this will make its way east ward into wednesday. we have you covered. future trradaer 6 showing you it's cloudy through much of the day and you can see the precipitation from the northwest suburbs to lancaster, you can see the activity moving into the i-95 corridor, we are calling for a .10 to .25 inch of rainfall. here is the overhaul pattern tomorrow, lots of clsdas trradaing a shower, still a mil day, with a high temperature of 65 degrees, then wednenoty night . front it turns cooler wednesday night into thursday, a high telotrature of 60 ill arees. and then after that, get ready for these telotit ures to drop, the call from accuweather for
4:52 pm
tonight, partly cloudy and mild, 61 in philadelphia, to 55 in the s and yyou cs north and west of here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, scattered showers tomorrow and high of 69, thursday brighter and cooler with a high of tu degrns, breaks of sun on friday with a high of 58 degrees, mostly cloudy for halloween and there is the possibilt light showers late friday night than sets us up for a cold start for our weekend, saturday cold and showers, high temperature 48 degrees, we are tracking a cold 5 n in fact, look at this weekend chill, a dip in the jet stream allowing this to work its . . you can see the circular pattern, a low that can give ugs chilly rain into the wepannd and possibly wet flakes as we get into the poconos on saturday. on sunday it stays cold, a high of ts and then the sun returns as we get into next weekend. get ready for the cold air coming guys.
4:53 pm
>> we are not ready. >> we haven't even changed the clocks back yet. >> that is cots g too. >> and we go saving. >> if you are someone that shies away from negotiating espects y when buying a new car,
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time to save with 6 abc, if you are looking for a new car, and you drrsd the prminess of negotiatbcing for a new price, don't worry there is an app for that. here is nydia han. >> i'm talking about something called lot buddy, auto new app offered by it lets you read c1are ls and consumer reports. now the lot buddy lets you do no
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haggle pricing, it's called a price promise, you can get this locked in pricing without the ciroviding your personal ethnformatio!b and the app will search inventory for you, it can fine cars in the dealers stmink and tell you what is on sale nearby. and an easy calculator plus incenrthwes and rebates. . on i'm nydia $ channel 6 " norion news." yi>idig,lly at 4:00, it's a whoe new world for the internet phenom."nown infectionlyrn cat, eths backrn c1incess jasmine, this time is he not riding a vacuum he is riding a magic carp& > ethf you wonder where a house c
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can get an aladdin outfit, build a bear has pec yi> that will do it for puctio news" at 4:00. we are back tonight for a full hour oncaaction newf y at ng i:a
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valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cgh mly tynan,pphidigwilliams a monica malpass. fright anded puppies were if ried out of a south philadnd thhia homeassst night. police say there was about a dozen dogs held up withidilthy chaidne. k oow it's dogidighting investigation that focuses on a singlecgme. the ci,pce believe these doesd have been trained to fight. "action news" reporter, john rawlidne joinshal from hunting
5:00 pm
the ciark. >> reporter: hi monica, well the dogs are here being medically end.aluated and they have identy aid suspect in this case that has a connection to that partiam aarcguse and he has a lawys.r at this point in time ad as for the neighbors down on ley'ifflin strationt. ci never heard akry ev >> on the 2200 block of mifflin, the spca rescued a do >> doesd one of them mieaksng an eye. >> these dogs were scarred up and it appear they werehaled for fightinev yi> also removed were two treadmills used to condition dogs and syringes c1opcaculhale for steroids. >> they are kept lean non-good shape, just like a