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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  October 28, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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was digging for a pool. "action news" reporter, david henry is live at the scene. what do authorities know about what was found there today? >> well, jim so far not a whole lot. this is going to take a lot of scientific detective work before they get to the bottom of what they are dealing with here t in the meantime it was quite a halloween surprise, the skeletal remains buried in the backyard of a house on the delaware river. >> i hope it's like 100-year-old bones, nothing new. >> worried neighbors are speculating ever since crime scene tape went up around the house yesterday. the crews were working to excavate for a new pool and they came up with a skeleton. they just finished the deep end when the side gave way revealing a human skull, it was six feet down but not in a coffin, and
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appeared to be there for a long time this, is viewer photo of police retrieving the skull. many had been farm lan before that. a police forensic anthropologist will study the remains to see if it was a man or woman but at the time it's not treated as a crime scene. >> a year ago a 22-year-old woman was shot to death on carriage house lane, just a few doors down from sheila jones. >> we thought riverton, such a sleepy little town and nothing goes on here and all of a sudden we are on the news again. >> some neighbors say it's no surprise what has been buried here over the decades. >> they found a potter field, what did they do with those people back then. >> julie scott lives next door
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and takes a lighter view as halloween approaches. >> it's a fun story for the week, i hope it's not anything crazy, maybe ancient old pirate bones or something. >> investigators may never be able to determine how this person died and if it was a man or woman and if it was foul play of some kind the person that likely did it is in their grave for sometime. >> thank you david. lawmen refocused their search today for eric frein on barrett township, monroe county. police were dispatched to the area of route 390, after a resident told officials he thought he saw frein this afternoon. the search for frein is now in its seventh week, frein allegedly shot two state
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troopers, killing one of them. the police and spca rescued eight puppies and five full grown dogs on mifflin street. they say the dogs were chained to radiators, one's eye was missing and they found treadmills that may have been used for training dogs and syringes that could have been used to give them steroids. >> these dogs are trained like body builders, they are kept lean and in good shape like a boxer. >> it's unclear if any dog fighting actually happened at the house and the spca is investigating several persons of interest. a big truck rolled through delaware county leaving a mess in its wake taking down power lines, homes and businesses in the area lost power at 12:30 and
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investigators are looking into how this happen. for the first time since the school district canceled the consider. b west football season, the school board will meet. live in doylestown tonight is "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist. >> reporter: jim, that school board meeting gets underway at 7:30 tonight, it should be a full house in that auditorium. parents, students and community leaders, they wants answers for that hazing incident that caused them to abruptly end the football season. >> students and parents declined to be interviewed about the football scandal. instead they want to hear first from the school board tonight. they hope that the board sorts out the facts about the alleged
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hazing incident that brought the football program to an end. >> the important thing is to get to the bottom of it and punish those responsible and not punish those who aren't. >> last season they announced the cancellation of the end of the season including it's homecoming game and the coaching staff. they found freshman members of the team were forced to perform preseason rituals, including grabbing other player's genitals fully clothes and putting towels over their heads and leading them to the shower. >> the head coach says that the possibility that my coaching staff fostered hazing, is false, the football players are all enher entally good young men and if they participated they did it without thinking it was harmful
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to their teammates. the board will get an earful, many are disappointed that the season game to an end. >> my sister is in 11th grade and a cheerleader. >> it's a disappointment to everyone, scholarships get affected and kids are upset they didn't get their homecoming. >> last night the superintendant met with 75 to 100 of the player's parents in a closed door session and the district attorney was at the meeting and told those there that they want to hear from potential witnesses and victims. but right now there is no investigation. kenneth moton will be in the school board meeting tonight and have full coverage tonight at 11:00. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news.." >> all right sara. former traffic court judge
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thomasina tynes was in court for allegedly taking a bracelet from a lobbyist that was an informant. she will be formerly arraigned on the charges november 18th. it will be two years ago tomorrow that hurricane sandy savaged major portions of the jersey shore. mystic island near little egg harbor was at the top of the list and they are still trying to come back from the destruction. nora muchanic was there today. >> on any street in mystic island, you can hear workmen hammering, it's the sound of progress. this bay front section of little egg harbor was seven feet under water and there were 400 homes damages. >> we are doing pretty well. >> people are looking how good
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things look, because homes are going up but the reality is if you look around there are more homes that aren't done. >> residents like bill moody lives in campers on their property while their homes are raised and rebuilt. >> very cooking and heat, its ideal. >> it's a struggle, i had to be out of my house for a year. >> how does it feel to be back? >> good. >> we lost everything and the program helped us and the insurance settlement and all. >> like many residents, valerie, the single mother of eddie is exhausted an after months of fighting with fema and insurance companies has taken its toll. >> i had to get three jobs to support him and my mom's house is destroyed too. the emotional distress is on the whole family.
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>> we are working on it daily and get tlg but it will take more time. and while abandoned lots like this make it clear there is plenty of work to do, the recovery at the shore continues slowly. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." and our coverage of the hurricane sandy anniversary continues on, we have a feature showing you the areas hit by sandy both before and after the storm. we have also a collection of photographs of destruction left in the storm's path, you can fine it at coming up on "action news" tonight, a product pitched on abc shark tank is being put to use by local realtors, lisa thomas-laury shows us how the happen puts safety on its side and three dogs earned their degrees from a special program from pennsylvania veterinary school of medicine.
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the weather is not too rough, we made it up into the 70s but don't get used to it, by the weekend we'll be close to 30 degrees cooler. >> that is unacceptable. and the eagles get to work preparing for the texans and ducis rogers has that story when "action news" continues tonight. just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's.
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ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines.
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trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. party on people! blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues celebrating with 20% off the entire store. you heard right, 20% off the entire store. we're talking employee pricing baby! hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em. blinds to go. blinds for life. a local entrepreneur that pitch his new inconvenience on abc's shark tank last week is seeing his product get put to good use. he armed his agents with the personal security apps seen on the show. lisa thomas-laury has the story.
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>> real estate agents like pam sisle is the first locally to use the emergency c app. >> i finished up and have one more house. >> seen here on shark tank, they created the app that streams live video and gps locations from his cell phone. >> the murder of a real street agent in arkansas and the rape of a philadelphia real estate agent has them looking to prevent these dangerous situations. >> mike mccann, is the first to provide all of his agents with emergency apps. >> it's a big concern in our agency now, there are attacks on realtors. >> beverly carter was kidnapped and then killed after showing a home in little rock, she was the victim of the dangers of a
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solitary profession that often involves meeting strangers in sometimes vacant properties at a moment's notice. >> they are walking from one location to the next, nighttime or an area they are not that familiar with. if they feel nervous they tap the app and it starts to stream live video and audio and gps. >> i don't always know where everybody is. and it contacts the police. >> emergency c has levels of its app. for more information go to lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news." huge crowds came out to princeton university to listen to the dalai lama, he develop aid speech called develop the heart. they spoke about kindness and
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compassion, protesters gathered outside. buddhists rallied against the dalai lama because they say he doesn't recognize their faith. >> we have been requesting dialog for 20 years, he goes around preaching dialog but refuses to speak to us. a few dogs marked their dog's entrance into the workforce in grays ferry in philadelphia, penn veterinary school held a graduation for three students at the working dog center. thunder the search and rescue expert showed off how he received his training and the center recognized the foster families that provided these
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have to deal with another bad injury. >> it looks that way, todd herremans practiced today despite the rumor of a bad injury. he has a torn biceps muscle. jaime apody is with the birds. >> the birds were back on the field preparing to fly southwest for the weekend, but before they flock to houston they have to get back on the horse and get over a loss that is hard to let go. >> i am probably like everyone else thinking about it about what we could have done differently. it's good to get back in here. >> nick foles has 12 of the 16 turnovers for the season. but he has the quarterback's back. >> we are 5-2, a yard away from being 6-1 and two or three inches away from being 7-0, he
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is leading us in the right direction. maclin was named by his teammates for the courage award. a fitting honor for all that he has overcome. >> everything i have gone through in my life from my up bringing to tearing my acl before and kind of my cancer scare to tearing it again. i don't take it for granted. i learned have you to appreciate everything and understand that what i'm doing is not a guarantee. it's a privilege. >> it's not a stretch to say maclin is having the best year of his career and if he continues, he should get a guaranteed long-term deal. jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." to the ice, an early season test for the flyers, they host the kings taken the reigning champion, l.a. kings. emory will be in net. and the flyers are straight
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ening things out and they won three of their last four. tonight they get an idea how good they really are. >> they are the champs and until they knock them off, they are still champs, we have to manage the game the right way and try to play our game and not their game. >> tonight's game marks the return of a pair of notable flyers that left years ago, but it brings back memories when they hit the wells fargo center ice. >> you can't help it, it's a natural reaction to come in here and think about where you got your first start and scored your first goal, i have a lot of memories here and you can't help but think of it a little bit. >> i enjoy coming back and i have friends here and i spend part of the summers here and
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it's nice to get back. >> he is back to look for his teeth. san francisco is looking to close out the world series tonight. la salle university's campus was overrun with goblins and ghosts. the building blocks for child care center when in search for candy today. a special treat for the kids that got to wear their costumes a few days early and score some sweets and a welcome sight for the professors and students that took a break from their studies to greet the there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable.
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some tough weather coming up on the weekend, here is cecily tynan. >> a big change from today. today it was mild and warm and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have dry conditions out there tonight.
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it did cloud up but we are coming off a stretch of some really beautiful fall weather. and then heading into the weekend, it will be the opposite, we are talking about bitter cold. but the past five days, temperatures have been on the mild side, it's 63 degrees, above normal, the past five days 5 degrees above normal. 76 degrees today, don't get used to it. we get this dip in the jet stream and that brings in cold air and an upper level low will form and bring us the possibility of showers and kick up the winds and even some wet snowflakes mixed in in the northern and western suburbs. right now though, it feels like summer, philadelphia and allentown 71 degrees, reading 72, and millville 69 and sea
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isle city 64 and wilmington 68 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing not nearly as bright and sunny as yesterday, plenty of clouds streaming in ahead of a cold front but in the ohio valley you see scattered showers but this doesn't have a lot of moisture, we'll get some showers on and off through the day tomorrow. 10:00 at morning lots of clouds and a few showers in the north and west suburbs, you see the narrow band south of philadelphia and the cooler air will be streaming in behind that on thursday. tomorrow still mild despite the cloud cover, and scattered showers with that front and behind the system on thursday, the sunshine returns, partly sunny and much cooler with a high of 60 degrees, the real cool air will arrive with a stronger cold front for the beginning of the weekend. for the weekend you'll want the winter coats, for the next 12 hours it's mild and 55 to 61
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degrees, planning your day increasing clouds and some showers and temperatures in the 60s, 61 at 7:00 and by 4:00, 67. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast relatively mild tomorrow and plenty of clouds with xatded showers, 69 degrees, on thursday partly sunny and brighter but cooler with a high of 60 degrees and temperatures drop a little more on friday for halloween, breaks of sunshine and 58 degrees, it looks like the trick or treat forecast around 50 degrees, any rain should hold off. and then the weekend 48 is the high on saturday, and winds gust to 40 miles per hour with showers and perhaps some wet snowflakes mixed in in north and west suburbs. 55 on tuesday and temperatures back to normal with a high of 60 for tuesday. so one more mild day and then
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temperatures really dive off the cliff for the weekend. >> cecily nasa has experienced a major set back we talked about the unmanned rocket that was to supply the international space station with replacement cargo, this was the scene six or seven minutes ago, it took off from wallops island virginia and exploded into a ball of fire, just 16 seconds into his journey again. and we can't emphasize this too much, this was an unmanned space rocket that exploded 16 seconds into flight, just five or six minutes ago in wallops island, virginia. abc world news tonight next with david muir. for "action news" i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us at 11:00 tonight.
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welcome to "world news tonight." and the breaking news. the unstoppable lava. the structure on fire, the evacuations. and abc meteorologist rob marciano right in the middle of it. the lava, 2,000 degrees. also developing right now, just days after that attack in canada, the gunman running through parliament, homeland security here and the new movement and hundreds of federal buildings across america. the breaking development in the joan rivers case. her daughter taking action tonight, after what the medical examiner revealed. vanishing without a trace. the american dad with his son at an nfl game, the dad suddenly missing. our team asking about the cameras. what they're saying now. and breaking tonight, millimeters affected. has your cell phone company done something to your cell phone service? have you been asking, what's