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tv   Action News  ABC  October 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning. here's what's happening on this wednesday, october 29th. an unmanned rocket blasting off the from a nasa base in virginia explodes seconds after liftoff. another rocket launched overnight as well. we've got a live report ahead. >> "action news" exclusive. the tipster who helped put a woman convicted of heinous crimes behind bars is still waiting for her big payday. >> speaking out about the hazing scandal that wiped out their football season. >> and it's going to rain later on today. good morning everyone. it's 4:30. let's go right to david and karen.
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good morning. >> we're starting out with a lot more cloud cover today than yesterday. you can see it as it has marched in. out to the west of us we have this cold front. ahead of it some sprinkles and showers and as we go through the day there's the possibility we get a little damp for at least part of the day. doesn't necessarily look like a big downpour for most of you. temperatures this morning not too bad. little milder than yesterday. 65 degrees in philadelphia. just 50 in allentown but even that is maybe five, 6 degrees better than we were this time yesterday morning. 65 in wilmington, 57 in trenton and mid 60's down the shore. as we take a look at winds, they're still coursing out of the southwest ahead of that approaching front although the winds will turn out of the northwest later this afternoon. they'll not be all that strong initially. single digits most spots, couple spots in the low teens particularly down south. as we head out this morning a fair amount of cloud cover, maybe some sunny breaks. 62 by 6 o'clock and 61 by 8 o'clock. so, low 60's. not as cool as it was yesterday and as we roll through the day it's still going to be mild but cloudier
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overall with mostly cloudy skies expected. by noon we're up to 66 and then 67 by 3:00. it's one of those weird days where i think that high of 69 will slide in early, maybe 2 o'clock before the front goes through. then we see temperatures drop. we're down to 59 degrees by 6 o'clock tonight. we're much cooler then as we head through the rest of the work week karen. details coming up in the accuweather 7-day. >> all right day. looking live in delaware county, i-95 southbound at 322 we can see construction crews out here at the moment. it should be clearing pretty soon but still out here right now blocking a lane yet no delays as you're coming down from the airport or the blue route here on i-95 southbound at 322. in northeast philadelphia we've got southampton road which is reopened between boulevard and mcnulty road here. just reopened from the water main break from yesterday that they were able to patch so that was causing some concerns and they were able to rehope to road. outside live we go, i know it's dark out there but this is the tacony palmyra bridge. traffic stopped for a bridge
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opening. head to the betsy ross bridge instead of the tacony if you're headed out the door right now matt and tam. >> thank you karen. overnight a russian supply rocket was launched successfully to the international space station but this happened hours after an unmanned nasa contracted rocket explode in there midair. >> the launch attempt from the virginia coastline last night ended in a catastrophic failure and is sure to bring criticism over nasa's reliance on private companies to shuttle space cargo. >> "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is in the satellite center with the latest details. good morning. >> good morning. disturbing images and this was an unmanned rocket which blasted off a nasa base in virginia carrying supplies to the international space station but just seconds after liftoff, the rocket erupts into an enormous fire ball. take a look at this cell phone video poster on instagram. it shows the moments when it exploded as terrified families look on.
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now, the the antares was carrying a science experiment designed by teens from ocean city high school in new jersey. their project was one of only 19 selected to be on board and was intended to test the weight of bacteria growth on food in the absence of gravity. now, fortunately no one was hurt but clearly a group of students from ocean city watching the launch in virginia were traumatized. the cause of the explosion is unknown at this time but an executive at the private firm that contracted the launch said things started going wrong immediately and it was likely the staff center a message to destruct the rocket. the focus is on the cleanup which nasa says is no light task. >> this is an accident site and it is a rocket and it has a lot of hazardous equipment or hazardous materials on board that people should not be looking for. >> reporter: matt, as you mentioned this accident is like to draw criticism over
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the space agency's growing reliance on private companies in this post shuttle era and nasa is paying billions of dollars top orbital sign activities and space-x to make deliveries and is countering on the companies to start flying u.s. astronauts in 2017 but obviously a devastating moment there for those students and the nasa staff that worked so hard on this project i'm erin o'hearn live in the sat center. matt, back to you. >> thank goodness no one was on it. an "action news" exclusive. the woman who gave philadelphia police crucial information that led to the arrest and conviction of a sex offender says she's only received a fraction of the reward money. a jury convicted christina registers back in september of kidnapping and raping a five year old girl. more than $100,000 had been offered including pledges of $30,000 from state senator hardy williams, 10,000 from jerry mondesire former head of the local chapter of the naacp
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and another $5,000 from the fraternal order of police. the confidential informant says she has not really received much of a dime. >> hardy williams office was like arrogant. >> reporter: really? >> very arrogant, very nasty. unbelievable. >> the spokesman for senator williams says that the senator plans to honor his pledge. john mcnesby said no one made a claim for their reward but the organization will pay p mondesire has yet to respond to our calls. >> parents of football players at central bucks west virginia lot of questions about a hazing investigation and the decision to cancel the rest of the football season. they got a chance to talk to school board members about all of it last night. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in doylestown. she's got the latest. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. in last night's meeting there was outrage from parents who felt that the situation was miss handled by the school district but district officials stood by their decision calling the actions tough but necessary. last friday here at war
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memorial field at central bucks west in doylestown, the homecoming game was supposed to be played this coming friday. there was the last game of the season and scheduled. both were canceled amid the hazing allegations and all of the football coaches were suspended. at last night's meeting, head coach brian hensel was shown a tremendous amount of support from some who say the district overreacted. the superintendent says players had participate in there preseason hazing that included rookies grabbing another player's genitals while fully clothed. another activity referred to by the players as waterboarding involved placing a towel over a rookie's heads and pouring water over them in the shower while they were fully clothed. football players and supporter whose were there last night disagreed as district officials gave the accounts. board members said hazing of any kind won't be tolerated. >> the misconduct including inappropriate physical contact in an intimidating and humiliating nature that led to the suspension was not trivial as some have suggested and was
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certainly not harmless. >> you hear the administrators saying they're developing a plan now. well, it's too late now. this happened. it shouldn't have happened and it happened but the punishment far outweighed the crime. >> reporter: and district officials say they will turn over the findings of their investigation to the bucks county district attorney's office to see if anything criminal took place. we're live in doylestown, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you. the cheltenham school district in montgomery county has its own hazing case on its hands involving the soccer team. players on the boys soccer team forcefully pulled someone's underwear until it ripped. the incident happened on september 23rd at the high school. the district reported it to police is that retraining students and coaches on all school teams about the school's zero tolerance policy. >> happening today, the mayor of wilmington, delaware is expected to sign an executive order. it will ban smoking in all city parks, playgrounds and bus stops. earlier this month city council reject they had
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proposal in a narrow six to five vote. critics said the ban would infringe too much on smoker's personal freedom. the mayor argues all residents deserve a healthier cleaner outdoor space. >> the citizens crime commission will present one of its highest honors totten dragons the little league world series team will receive the thomas jefferson award for conducting themselves with the utmost character and class on a world stage. the taney dragons were the third runner up in this year's little league world series. >> new developments on a man who vanished during last week's denver broncos game. >> jose canseco accidentally shot himself and the damage could be permanent. david. >> we've still got jackets on the kids this morning but as you step outside you'll notice it's milder than it was yesterday. this afternoon might still abday for shorts and t's although there's a slight chance of a spotty sprinkle or shower. i'm not going overboard with the rain gears.
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>> today marks two years since superstorm sandy devastated the jersey shore on its way up the east coast. officials in toms river township plan to update the restoration at or thely beach. so far the township has received more than $3 million for businesss to rebuild and for homeowners to et cetera 58
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their beach front property. we'll get a full recovery report on mystic island in our next half hour. >> on this two year anniversary we're expecting some light rain i guess at times. >> yeah, just a spotty sprinkle or shower, hardly anything at all. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you right now we have a little bit of rain well out to the north and west of philadelphia but looks like it's kind of falling apart before it heads farther to the east and as we take a look outside, fair amount of cloud cover to start out. clear as a bell down at ground level at the shore but we are looking at fairly cloudy conditions today with some sunny breaks. your temperature isn't bad stepping out the door though. 65 degrees in philadelphia. your winds south i've southwest at 7 miles per hour. we still have that front out to our west. winds still out of the south. you're always on day planner on the left-hand portion of your screen for those of you watching in hd by 11:30 or noon looks like most that of stuff we see on radar is mainly out to the west of us. there could be some sunny breaks during the morning hours and then during the afternoon we see it clouding
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up a little bit by 3 o'clock there's the chance of a light sprinkle or shower. future tracker only showing this in those lighter shades of green which indicates pretty light rain. by 6 o'clock there's a possibility that some of this precipitation is still trailing through but as you can see it's certainly not a washout today and by the time we get up to about 8:00 or 8:30 tonight it's pretty much moving toward and off the coast. future tracker 6 with temperatures, let me just show you real quick what happens. little bit of a different profile today. we get up to 2 o'clock and we're already very close to our high temperatures for the day. up in allentown we're probably still going to add a little bit but the highs up in the lehigh valley and reading are probably around noon or maybe early afternoon and at 2 o'clock philadelphia's probably close to the high. then that cooler air with that passing front is going the ride in and by 6 o'clock we're well past the high. point being that we are going to get our high temperatures today a little earlier than usual, maybe 1:00 or 2 o'clock in most spots. 61 degrees by 8 o'clock in philadelphia. up to 65 by 11:00 and then by 2 o'clock that's your high,
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69 degrees and we'll be all the way back down to 61 as soon as 5 o'clock. so, those numbers are dipping a little faster this afternoon than they would normally. 65 is your high in allentown, 66 in reading. again, these could be about lunchtime or a little after and then cool air is going to start to knock you down from there and down the shore about 66 in cape may and 68 in atlantic city. for tomorrow, high pressure builds in. the front is off the coast but cooler air starts to march in behind it. we get a high of just 60 in philadelphia tomorrow on thursday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high 69. still fairly mild for this time of year. mostly cloudy skies and there's the chance of a spotty sprinkle or shower but most of you don't have to worry too much about that. tomorrow more sun returns but a high of only 60 and we're still looking at a mix of sun and clouds on friday, halloween, a high of 58 degrees. we'll probably be falling gently through the mid-50's during trick or treating hours in the evening but it looks like if we see any showers, they're going to be late at night after trick or treating is done. and then on saturday, windy, a
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couple of showers possible in fact, it could be kind of damp and dreary the way things are looking now. that 54-degree high a little misleading 'cause that's early in the day. we'll be in the 40's in the afternoon. >> david thanks. following a developing story. there are conflicting reports on the status of ferguson police chief tom jackson. cnn reported late last night jackson is expected to resign as soon as next week but the ferguson police department tweeted overnight that chief jackson has not resigned, has not been fired and has not been asked to stepdown. ferguson police officer darren wilson shot and killed unarmed teen michael brownback in august. chief jackson has endured huge criticism over his handling of the case and of the public's sometimes violent response. the man who vanished during half time at last week's denver broncos game has been located but lots of questions remain here. 53-year-old paul kitterman was found safe in february blow about 100 miles south of denver. police are not saying much beyond their decision to not
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file any criminal charges. that's his stepson there. kitterman's family has not commented, either. he disappeared when he left his seat at half time back on thursday to meet some friends. this is new. former major league baseball star jose canseco accidentally shot himself in the hand. the incident happened while he was cleaning a gun in his kitchen in las vegas valley nevada. canseco underwent surgery and doctors say he will never regain full use of his hand. canseco was a six time all-star and two time world series champion. he also wrote a tell-all book in which he admitted steroid use. >> time now to take your first look at business. the federal government is suing at&t. they say the joan ninety misled millions of customers with unlimited data plans. the ftc says once customers used a certain amount of data at&t would slow the internet speed down to a crawl. at&t says it told customers about this. the ftc says it wasn't
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specific enough. tesla announce adds new guarantee on its popular model s sedan. the electric car company now says if you're not happy with the car, that's okay. you can return it within the first three months. taking a look at wall street stocks soared on tuesday with the dow closing back above the 17,000 mark. futures seem to be pointing to a hire open. taco bell has a new app. it lets customers place their orders using the phone. once the customer gets near the restaurant the app let's employees know start making that order. and all app orders also mean that you're able to skip the line. not a bad app. matt, back to you. >> thank you, tam. 4:48 now. coming up, yet another story you didn't see last night. new video of a midwest father who is charged with encouraging his son to beat up another child. and people who graduate from a local ivy league school make a lot of coin. details of a very affluent list next. and you can take with you wherever you go. you don't even need a leash.
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you just need some kind of smartphone or a tablet. it fits the device when you open it up. ♪ music
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♪ it's so important to make someone happy ♪ ♪ make just one heart to heart you ♪ ♪ music ♪ you sing to one smile that cheers you ♪ ♪ one face that lights when it nears you ♪ [ male announcer ] play the monopoly millionaires' club lottery game. making more and more millionaires. >> ♪ >> time to your traffic treasure report. looking live in west chester area, 202 at paoli pike.
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the i don't ever night construction is cleared. we see the arrow board. you've got ongoing construction blocking the right lane but other than that you're looking pretty good there on 202 in west chester. on the big picture we've got some paving work going on on the boulevard, it's northbound near levick blocking the inner drive and southbound near devereaux so in two spots you've got paving out there working in the inner drive. you might just want to stick to the outer drive to avoid problems. tacony palmyra bridge last time we talked i showed you that it was up for a bridge opening. it is down right now and traffic is moving again with no problem and fleetwood mac concert at 8 o'clock tonight so some extra congestion there in south philadelphia. burlington bristol bridge scheduled to go up at 5:20. might want to stick to the turnpike connector instead, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. a four alarm fire in berks county more than a week ago has now been ruled an arson. authorities are offering a $10,000 reward to find the person who did it. the fire broke out in the morning of october 18th at the old reading outlets complex. it erupted on the lower floors and flames shot up an elevator
4:53 am
shaft. it took hours for firefighters to get it under control. no one was hurt. >> a research company says the university of pennsylvania has produced more billionaires than any other school in the world. the report from wealth x says 25 current billionaires received a bachelors degree at penn. harvard was second with 22, yale with 20. researchers also noted the variety of fields in which penn billionaires found their success. for instance, tori birch made her money in fashion, musk in technology and steven cohen also a penn grad in finance. >> nice list. it's 4:53. all new in the next half hour we'll break down a new study explaining why it's wise to gamble first and eat later. >> a new psa putting the spotlight on cat calling. it will give you a whole new perspective on its effects. that is after the
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>> prosecutors say an ohio father is responsible for this disturbing boyhood brawl. father is responsible for this driving his 13 year old son to a fight and encouraging him to beat up a smaller 12-year-old. he faces several charges including child endangerment and inciting violencely the 12-year-old suffered a broken ankle. >> the family of joan rivers wants answers. her daughter melissa hired a lawyer to look into the circumstances of her mother's death. comedian stopped breathing last month during a medical procedure at a new york city medical center.
4:57 am
her death was ruled a therapeutic complication. a day later the clinic that treated rivers was found deficient by the new york state health department its accreditation will be terminate in there january unless they make changes. >> 10 hours walking around new york city and 100 cat calls. this new public service announcement has sent the interwebs into a frenzy. >> what's up girl. how you doing? >> and that is just a sampling of what one woman in jeans an t-shirt experienced walking through the streets of nyc. responses ranged from beautiful, sexy, god bless you to sometimes even angry remarks. the anti-street harassment group holla' back filmed and edited this into a psa. creator rob bliss hopes the video will raise awareness about cat calling and how it's wrong. >> it really opens your eyes. the one i can't stand is smile and i always say mac amuse me. >> ask me to smile and i'll
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smile whenever it want. >> smile. all right, it's 4:57. parents students and administrators meet for the first time after the football season at a local high school was abruptly canceled due to hazing allegations. >> the came may llewes ferry warning customers about a data breach that went on for almost "action news" will ♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. edwards, karen rogers and >> good morning, everyone. it is 5 o'clock on this wednesday october 29th and here's what's happening. >> a bucks county community comes together to talk about the hazing scandal that wiped out their football season. >> today marks two years since superstorm sandy devastated parts of the jersey coastline. >> local students experiments went up in flames. >> also weather and traffic right now with david and karen. good morning. >> if you were watching "action news" last night the dinner hour jim gardner had that video on about six minutes after it happened. it was pretty impressive. i was telling all you guys to go out and look for