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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  October 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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able to get their first glimpses of the damage today, they were warning people in the area don't touch anything if you happen to come across any debris. and now they are defending the and begins they use in their rockets. investigators get their first look at the damage caused by the fiery rocket explosion. we knew it was over. >> it was over quickly, just 6 seconds after the launch, the rocket exploded over the base, the self-destruct button was pushed and then a series of explosions. nobody on the ground was injured. it was headed to the international space station with 5,000 pounds of equipment. and also on board is high school science experiments from 18
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schools across the nation. >> nobody got hurt so that is great. >> the space station crew is well stocked, and in fact a russian ship arrived today carrying supplies. nasa pays these companies for making these trips to the international space station. >> they are criticized for using older soviet engines for the rockets. >> there is not many engines in that class to put into rockets like this. >> reporter: but the ceo or orbital sciences says that if it's implicated in the disaster, that will speed up their move to different engines for the rockets. >> that rocket was carrying projects from a school at the
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jersey shore and john rawlins will have more on that coming up. meanwhile, coverage continues on this at you can see the entire video of that incident. investigators in camden say they broke up a drug ring that was supplying towns all over south jersey and now dozens of people are facing charges including a police officer. >> in camden a local investigator came together to make the announcement today. >> hi shirleen, don't forget about the new jersey state police, that are involved in the investigation as well. they say this operation was selling 5,000 bags of heroin and cocaine each week with the help of a crooked cop. ashley bailey, is behind bars tonight charged with being a key member of a drug operation in
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her city that pushed drugs in south jersey down to the shore. >> getting this officer out of our officer and off the streets and stand in account at a court of law at some point in time was one of our high of the priorities. state police and the fbi made arrests today including her husband, and his brother nathan, who is the head of the drug syndicate. >> this network is believed to have supplied heroin and crack cocaine in camden and atlantic county and also in burlington, gloucester and ocean county. >> prosecutors say that the drug trafficking network on streets like mown ephraim, sales estimated at $1.2 million a year, police say they seized 8,000 bags of heroin and 5,000
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bags of crack and that bailey was getting key information and tipping off key members of the organization. >> officer bailey is a new officer and there was no indication she was involved in wrong doing. the prulter says that officer bailey could be looking at 20 years in prison. her alleged higher ups, only 20 years, they want the courts to come down harder on crooked cops. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." police in trenton are looking for the man behind a deadly shooting now. police swarmed the area underneath the route 1 overpass today. the man was shot and killed at 10:00 this morning and the shooter, ran off and police shut the road down before they looked for him.
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market street is shut down and so far they haven't caught anyone, they have not said what led up to the murder. a pizza shop was damaged by massive fire today. chopper 6 hd through over pizza joe's in nazareth. everybody got out but the business is destroyed. they are worried now in a the building could collapse. two people had to be rescued from an early morning fire, over fillmore street and riverside, where the flames broke out at 5:45, the flames were so intense we saw flames shooting from the roof when we arrived. both people trapped inside went to the hospital but they are expected to be okay. no word on the cause of this one either. it's time for the accuweather forecast, as those
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clouds roll in. and those clouds bring rain in the not so distant future, adam joseph is standing by tracking the system. the rain is falling, and lighting up everywhere west of the trenton and wilmington and drying out lancaster and berks county, a thin line of showers after warm temperatures the last couple of days. there you can see wet roadways where there is a pop of yellow and south of there. chester county and delaware county and now much of western philadelphia county getting wet. they should start to evaporate some and we'll see a .10 inch of rain from the city of philadelphia westward. a quick round of showers passes through over the next few hours and will be off the coast by 9:00 tonight and clearing comes in behind the clouds and showers and that allows the temperatures to drop to the 40s overnight and
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some 30s in the northwestern suburbs. we hit near 70 degrees, already dropping to 60 in philadelphia, and 60s in buffalo and binghamton. this is a shot of cooler air behind a front and a secondary front over the weekend bringing in this extremely winter like air you see in the northern part of canada. we'll talk about how low the temperatures will drop and if it will stay dry for the weekend and halloween in just a little bit. >> thank you. >> two major hospital systems are closer to joining forces, abington health and jefferson health signed a letter of inat any time to move towards a merger after a focused intensive study of the possible affect of med students and patients. >> we bring our collective strengths to bring each organization to deliver the right care at the right time at the right location and the most efficient cost for our all of
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our patients. >> if the deal goes through it includes five hospitals in philadelphia and montgomery county. the two hospital systems hope to complete the merger sometime next year. we are less than a week away from election day, the race for governor in pennsylvania is still pretty lopsided but the gap is narrowing, the it shows democratic challenger, tom wolf leading incumbent tom corbett, with 50% of the vote and 32% for tom corbett. education and taxes are the most important issues and 25% say that schools are their top concern and 16% say taxes overall the numbers continue to look dismal for corbett, only 30% of pennsylvanians think he is doing an excellent or good job and only 30% think he
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deserves a second term. just 32% of registered voters think that president obama is doing an excellent or good job. >> all right alicia. one of the other big races we are following in delaware, senator chris couns is running for a second term, he debated alan wade, the candidates faced off at brandywine high school, couns is still holding a double digit lead in this case and election day is tuesday november 4th. still ahead, a recall affects hundreds of thousands of cars, the company that says some of their vehicles can catch fire. of their vehicles can catch fire. and more on the there are 211 lawyers in congress. of their vehicles can catch fire. and more on the but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea.
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donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region,
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american trooped returning from ebola response missions have to stay in isolation for 21 daze. meanwhile a nurse quarantined against her will in new jersey is now in maine, says she has no intense of staying in isolation. tracy hickox says she has followed voluntarily quarantine so far but if she is not freed she will file a lawsuit tomorrow. federal buildings across the united states are stepping up security in response to terror threats. officials say that the move comes in response by calls by isis to attack the u.s. homeland, but they also want to be ready for the lone wolf attack like the one last week on the canadian parliament in
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ottawa. an entire town is at risk of being cut off by the lava flow on hawaii's big island. the molten rock is within 170 yards of homes in pahoa here. many people have fled for the safety of other nearby towns, others have decided to stay put despite the fact that the lava could block roads. the dow was down 19 points and the nasdaq lost 15 and the s&p dropped about 3 points. investors are not happy with facebook's plan to start spending its money, company executives told investors that they seize opportunities for growth in the next year and plan to invest heavily, but they expect revenue to slow down in
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the fourth quarter and this sent the stock dropping quickly, they would rather see facebook keep its cash. fiat chrysler announced recalls for several vehicles, including dodge ram diesel trucks, a total of 382,000 vehicles, the fuel heater could overheat and cause a fuel leak and potentially a fire, there are no reports of injuries and chrysler is also recalling dodge durangos and jeep grand cherokees from this year because of a stability control problem. now a check of the traffic report on a wednesday. >> hi there matt. >> we are dodging traffic troubles out there. it's turning into a very wet hump day afternoon. the rain showers move through king of prussia here, the roadway is wet and the traffic well it's not moving so well
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here on the ramp from 222 to 422, on the schuylkill already stacked up to get on eastbound 76. if are you headed west of 422 and bailing out on oaks for egypt road, it's closed, near the ale house because of police activity. stick with pine road. from the westbound lanes of 422, there is a crash traffic can squeeze by but look for a wreck. a crash in glenolden, chester pike at ashland avenue, a disabled vehicle in the northbound lanes of 295, by the 42 freeway. speeds are in the 20s. and the tacony palmyra bridge, you can't use this either, stick wtd betsy ross there.
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>> lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. we have a crash near exit 4 for route 73 and that crash is cleared out and the delay is thinning out as well. some improvement in that neck of the woods. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. today for the first time we hear from local students that had a connection to the rocket that exploded over the coast of virginia. monica malpass is live in the newsroom gathering details you'll see next at 5:00. >> luckily nobody was injured in the explosion, however some ocean city students saw some of their hard work go up in flames. that is disappointing for sure. six students were there for the launch that went terribly wrong, we'll hear from them about the experiment and how their work was chosen for the experiment in the first place. and details of a pay dispute
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at chipotle. we'll see you then. >> thank you, up next adam is back with a full look at the accuweather forecast. >> and communities in new jersey are marking two years since hurricane sandy made landfall, we have a live report in the communities staying strong and the ones that a
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today care givers that do so much for others arrive at an event that does so much for them. senior services hosted a lunch enin their honor, 120 care givers that take care of their loved ones were invited. the program offers them support, assistance and education. >> time now for an in depth look at the forecast as the line of clouds inches closer. adam joseph with the accuweather forecast. >> this is a cold front passing
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through also squeezing out a couple of light showers especially in philadelphia, off to the north on double scan radar, as we look in closer with double scan live we start north of philadelphia, allentown, doylestown, new hope, you see yellow popping in here with a quick heavy burst of rain and then it quickly moves on and we are already drying out west of the northeast extension, as we go to the south it's more fragmented breaking apart in malvern and media, just light scattered showers still dampening the roadways for the evening rush hour, but once the rain moves in give it 30 minutes and then it moves to the east, we hit warm, 73 in philadelphia, equally warm temperature in wilmington and 73 in millville and 63 in allentown, pick out your favorite town, that was the high stxt we have dropped a good
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10 degrees in all locations, down to 57 in philadelphia, and 53 in allentown and 47 in the poconos and 60s at the shore and that is because the cold front already pushed through and the winds have shifted and more out of the west northwest and along with the rain that is what is dropping the temperatures. you can see the pencil thin line, as it pushes to the east, some parts of delaware and southern new jersey may not see a drop this evening and then the skies clear at 8:30, 9:00 and the far north western suburbs after the midnight hour, the stars reappear and burst at 5:00 a.m. the sun is still not up that early but it will be clear sailing for the morning rush on thursday. tonight early showers on the light variety and it's clearing and 38 in allentown and 39 for philadelphia and your day planner for tomorrow, a decent amount of sun and 47 at 7:00 and we are only getting into the
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upper 50s to near 6 degrees with a wind out of the northwest, cooler tomorrow compared to yesterday and today. your four day at 4:00, partly sunny and 60 is your high, halloween and a mixture of sun and clouds, not bad, 58 degrees and coolish, not ghoulish in the evening. bad pun. windy with showers around and 52 degrees and a brighter second half of the weekend, we cool to 49 with strong winds from the northwest, sunday could feel like the 30s at times, especially early on in the day and later. big changes coming in weekend but at least halloween is looking pretty good. and the clock -- turning it back. >> thank you. big changes are finally in the works at bensalem high school, a $37 million renovation began today, it calls for new class r5078s and improvements in
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the library and cafeteria and gymnasi gymnasium. all of this work is expected to last a whole three years. alicia is here now with what is buzzing next. the goldbergs set right here in jenkintown, and there is a cast of actors playing the real life family. i'll talk to the actress playing the mom. very funny.
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the time for the buzz, extra extra read all about it. newsies is here in philadelphia right now, the first stop on the show's national tour. students from the performing arts school got a workshop from the stars learning the newsies shuffle.
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it's currently playing at the academy of music until november 2nd. tonight on 6 abc an all new goldbergs, created by jenkintown native adam goldberg, the actors saying the real life goldbergs says that the family weighs in after every episode. i weighs in with the mom beverly, they gets a tweet from the real mrs. goldberg, she did not get a chance to meet her before she created the role. >> all i had to go by was adam's story and the video tapes and i didn't meet her until halfway through the first season and i was scared because she is quitd a formidable woman and she is sweet and happy with what i am doing so that is good. >> wendy is funny and bev sends
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her copious notes after every show. the gold ergs on tonight after modern family and blackish at 9:00 and nashville at 10:00 and "action news" at 11:00. we tweet during nashville. and next week i go to nashville for the country music awards. and hurricane sandy a live update from one of the hard of the hit areas and the road to recovery, a brave little girl that lost her arm in a dog attack. shares her story with "action news." flawless skin cost a pretty pe
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4:30 and "action news" continues with the colorado dad that walked away from a broncos dad who disappeared from the world series. he tells why. and an eye opening experiment, from the streets of new york city to the sidewalks of philadelphia, two young women expose what it's like to walk around as a woman in a big city. the difference what they wanted their cat callers to learn. and a love story for the ables, the heart melting way that one widower keeps his memory alive.
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and the milestone for the tri-state area, exactly two years ago today, many of us were huskered down waiting for a super storm to arrive. when hurricane sandy roared ashore she destroyed hearts and lives. nora muchanic is live in toms river with a look at life after sandy. >> reporter: hi there shirleen, ortely beach where we are now, was considered ground zero in this storm. thousands of homes in this area were destroyed, some of them are still standing but two years after, the storm that devastated the shore there are signs and hope and today governor christie's wife was in ocean county to celebrate that. mary pat christie arrived in toms river's shelter cove section to tour a house that is almost completely renovated.
4:31 pm
it was done by 3800 volunteers from 38 states through a men difficult church group called hope. >> we help installing cabinets and sheetrock so they can offset the costs of labor. >> the house will soon be turned over to the lorenzo family who have been displaced since the storm destroyed their first floor. >> our kids can get back to their normal lives and back to the normal bus route and getting back to playing with their friends in the neighborhood. >> it's exciting because of the old memories coming back. >> how does it feel to be home? >> very nice. >> this is what it looked like in the ortely beach section, after the storm, utter devastation. most of the damaged homes have been torn down and recovery is underway, but leaders say don't be deceived.
4:32 pm
you would see a lot of sheetrock and 2 by 4's and a lot of sub flooring and nobody living there because they had to move on to someplace else. >> it's another three to four years for the recovery in new jersey, we still have thousands of people out of their homes. >> the contrast of what we are seeing at the shore, new homes and construction over there, and houses like this that remind us of what it was like two years ago today. coming up at 6:00 i'll have a report where governor christie stopped by a marina that was swamped under several feet of water when the storm hit. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you nora. our coverage of the hurricane sandy anniversary continues at, we have a feature showing areas hit by sandy both before and after the storm. we also have collections of photos of the destruction left
4:33 pm
in the storm's wake. we turn now to the story of an incredibly brave little girl who is learning how to navigate life after a horrific injury this, is emily ruckle. a bright, smiling child that has a love for animals even after she was attacked by the family pit bull, the attack that nearly cost her one of her arms. eva pilgram is live with the story. >> reporter: that 8-year-old newark, delaware, girl is out of the hospital, today she is here at the university of delaware, emily ruckle was just released from chop yesterday and now she is here at ud for the mobility challenge, an event to raise awareness for people with mobility disabilities and learning about the programs offered by the university of delaware, she has her vest and
4:34 pm
her sling is in the vest. a month ago she was attacked by the family's pit bull inside of their home. after a month in the hospital and numerous surgeries, the doctors say it will be more surgeries before they will know if she will regain the use of her arms. >> maybe some people should know that i am happy to be at home. >> she was adamant to be home for trick or treating. we are happy she is home for that. >> a uniform shop and specialties and a tailer here on main street, she have donated uniforms and modified the sling so she can go back to school and look like everybody else. >> just in time because emily's family tells us she is planning to back to school on friday for a half day just in time for halloween.
4:35 pm
this little girl has tons of personal, we wish her all the best. we are live in newark, delaware, channel 6 "action news." >> the man who discovered human remains while digging a pool in burlington county, new jersey, is talking about the eerie find. eric todd was down in a hole shaping the pool sides when a section of earth and rock gave way, the worker says seconds later he saw a bone. >> saw a skull bone first, the skull was crushed but the rest of it wasn't. i had the jawbone intact with the teeth and you could see the shoulder blade and the spine and spinal cord. you could see how he was laying. >> he called his boss right away and they called police. a police anthropologist is analyzing the skeleton, they
4:36 pm
plan to give it a proper burial. the video show a man and woman approach a victim at second and carpenter saturday morning and then the victim was beaten with a baseball bat and then chased and shot in the leg. the attackers yelled you know what you do before they pounced. police are still looking for the attackers and they are seen attacking the man here and finding out if this could be linked to a series of recent car break-ins. a north philadelphia man accused of killing his daughter's boyfriend is charged with voluntary manslaughter. he shot john carrion in the head after jordan found the 32-year-old in his daughter's bedroom at the 2200 block of axe factory road. he originally said he thought he was an intruder but the evidence
4:37 pm
shows he provoked him before the shooting. police in delaware came close to catching the exotic cat that ran away from home. boo's owner was spotted at faulk and silver side road this morning. officers responded and then lost sight of him. the 8-year-old feline is on the run for two weeks, he looks like a leopard but is a cross between a domestic cat and is friendly if you see boo call newcastle police. adam joseph is here now with a look at the weather. >> showers are moving in as we take a live look at sky 6 of the platt bridge, traffic is moving nicely here, 54 degrees and dew point 46 and winds oubtd of the
4:38 pm
northwest at 5 miles per hour. this after a high of 70 just a few hours ago. double scan live radar shows showers along i-95 starting to puncture into southern new jersey, wilmington it's a little more put together north of trenton and new york city. behind the showers, the cooler air is moving in, toronto 52 and international falls 38 degrees, temperatures head south the rest of the week. we'll talk about the temperature in time for halloween. and the first week of november, it's a little interesting. >> thank you adam. a flash mob took over rodney square in wilmington today with one of the most famous voices in all of music provided the sound track. ♪ ♪ adam is singing this right now, a medley of beyonce songs played
4:39 pm
in the background as university of delaware students showed off their moves it was coryo graphed by the group you dance. >> we were all singing for the record. >> the designer behind a local police dog mascot was honored this morning. this is sid, the newest member of the delaware county office of the district attorney. you'll see him out and about at community days and parades. james may made and donated sid edwards costume. they honored and thanks may for his contribution to public safety. still ahead, treat yourselfy, details on the new skin care app that rivals a trip to the dermatologist. >> and 78 cat calls in just 10 hours. one woman shows what it's like to walk down the street in new
4:40 pm
york city. why the results were so different. >> and it's a quiet moment that speaks volumes. the heart melting way one widower guarantees he is never alone. and meteorologist, adam joseph, has the full accuweather forecast.
4:42 pm
the colorado father that disappeared from the bronco's stadium explains his absence. paul kidderman says he had his fill of football, without his cell phone he provided to walk and hitchhike to a city 3100 miles away and had no idea anybody was looking for him because he had not watched tv in days. police acted on a tip and fourn the 53-year-old in a parking
4:43 pm
lot. >> he has some explaining to do. >> many of you have felt the urge to hug a beer deliveryman from time to time. a convenience store clerk in oklahoma has pronounced her love for one. >> you are my leer oh for life, i love you. >> all right, that is christie shyman seen in this surveillance video trying to fend off a robber. the hooded thief walked into her store and then demanded cash. christie knew they weren't alone, the beer deliveryman was in the freezer at the time and she called for help and came running and tackled that robber. >> he had a stick rapped up looking like a gun. it looks like a kid when i yanked everything off and he said he was 14 years old. the kid was not lying, the boy was not in school because he had been suspended. now he faces a list of drug and
4:44 pm
weapons charges. now cat calling is not new, women getting called to and whistled at on the streets but this video from new york city is going viral, it follows one woman around the city for ten hours, p m call it shocking and appalling, because she is cat called more than 100 times. >> hey baby. >> that is shashana roberts, she says she is exposed to this every day, her firsthand view say psa for the nonprofit group hola back. it doesn't just happen in new york city, photographer hannah price was living in philadelphia a few years ago when she snapped these port rates of men quality calling her. the goal was to flip the script and turned the camera on them. all the people that approached
4:45 pm
her on the streets here in philly, the series she called the city of brotherly love. >> it's reversing the power, from the male gads and bringing on a gaze on them and their actions and giving me all the power. >> because she is the one with the camera, her exhibit was featured at richard stockton college in galloway township. it was not shame them but to engage them. finally, to an absolutely beautiful moment captured by a woman at a diner. martina postd this picture she took of an older gentlemen dining alone, well not really, if you look closely he has a picture right here he propped up on his table and an old photo of himself and his wife, when he eats he looks at it lovingly. when asked he tells his wife
4:46 pm
passed away five years ago, he spent ten years after world war ii searching for here and was telling the barber the story and he calls in his daughter and it turns out it was her. they were married for 55 years and he carries this picture everywhere he goes so he never has to eat alone. >> bringing him so form of comfort. >> great love story alicia. like a selfie. >> thanks alicia. lets get another check of the roadways here. >> a nice story there, this is not so nice brian and shirleen, nobody is feeling alone on the roadways, they are very crowded and very wet, as we look live in chadds ford and delco, behind the poll is the crash, in the southbound lanes of route 1
4:47 pm
baltimore pike at creek road, right lane is out of commission, you find slowing as you head southbound on baltimore pike towards kennett square. not far off there is a wreck near newport way by the airport. in east goshen chester county, a crash at chester pike close to the -- meanwhile in buck county northbound construction at route 1, the super highway, also a crash but everything is gone now but the road is wet. a crash involving a bus in the overbrook section of the city, and we still have the broken down bus stuck on the ramp at market street, that ramp remains closed and the motorcycle wreck to avoid in vineland, there by the days inn.
4:48 pm
west avenue a possible alternate there. lots to check today in the 5:00 hour. >> thanks my friend, meteorologist, adam joseph with the exclusive accuweather forecast. kind of a mixed
4:50 pm
all right meteorologist, adam joseph, we are talking about dressing up the kids for halloween and everybody is wondering what halloween will bring, you may want to put long johns underneath and keep them warm and smiling. give them a few pieces of candy. double scan live we are getting wet but lets get it over with, double scan live showing showers passing through philadelphia and beginning to break apart to the west and a few left over showers
4:51 pm
in chester and delaware county, and pushing to the east along 70 near medford lakes and glassboro and it extends to the north in new hope. temperatures have plummeted since earlier, we have 70 for a high in philadelphia and now down to 54, and 40s in the poconos, still holding on to the 60s in eastern new jersey and it drops to the 40s as well. the northwesterly winds are bringing some of these showers. but a very thin line of showers and the cloud line is breaking apart near state college and it marches to the east and by midnight most of us clear out. high pressure tomorrow and a cooler day of 60 degrees and brighter than today with a light breeze coming in from the north, a mixture of clouds and sun and we call it a cool treat because it stays dry behind some energy
4:52 pm
to the west at 58 degrees, but that energy that dives in from canada late on friday means business for the beginning of the weekend, but again dry for trick or treaters, mostly cloudy and 57 at 5:00 and quickly dropping to 50 degrees by 9:00 and you don't want the jackets to cover up the costumes but something warm underneath, for saturday a damp dreary start for your first weekend feeling like december, with the temperatures, some powerful energy comes in from the north and that develops a monster storm off the coast, and halifax, nova scotia, we'll miss out on this storm but see showers with the energy transferring to the coast so again some rain showers irk no snow showers for the weekend. we brighten it up on sunday. 38 in the suburbs tonight and 48 for center city, and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, partly sunny tomorrow and 60 degrees, and 58 for
4:53 pm
halloween, a dry day and it turns windy and cooler and 52 on sunday and rain showers throughout the day and turn the clocks back an hour and we dry out sunday, we are talking about some really strong winds, 49 on sunday feeling more like closer to 40 throughout the day. and not as cool on monday 55 and we bring it up on tuesday at 60. thanks adam.
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its tult toe sapperer of of of of of of hth
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what if we told you when you take your next selfie you can save on skin care, it's called the skin better app. it's a free personalized evaluation, all you have to do is snap the selfie and the app then suggests different creams and serums that fit your needs within this system. the folks at alore agree that the app is not a doctor or a substitute for a dermatologist but a great way to become more educated about your own skin. the app gets compensation for the products they recommend so some can be pricey and it's a good way to get an assessment of what is it going on on your face. >> thank you shirleen. now for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. shirleen and i are back tonight we hope you'll join us for a
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full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here is monica malpass and rick williams. coming up cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo. >> reporter: i am here with calvin, a dagu, a close relative of the a chinchill a, a close relative of a rat. >> those stories, boo at the zoo and
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ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq.
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costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a rocket launch turns into a kostdly disaster, less than 24 hours after the explosion in virginia, people are asked to watch for dangerous debris. we are hearing from students that watched it all unfold.
5:00 pm
the big story on "action news" is now the massive rocket explosion. >> nobody was hurt when the unmanned rocket blew up moments after liftoff last night, its drawing scrutiny over private companies. it was used by nasa to take materials to the international space station. and people living near the explosion site are urged not to touch anything they might find because it could be hazardous, the rocket was also carrying the work of high school students from the jersey shore. "action news" reporter, john rawlins live in ocean city with their story. >> reporter: hey rick, well a team of six students here and their teachers worked for the better part of a year to work on experiment to be taken to the international space station. they were at the launch last night and they say there were