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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  October 29, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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the big story on "action news" is now the massive rocket explosion. >> nobody was hurt when the unmanned rocket blew up moments after liftoff last night, its drawing scrutiny over private companies. it was used by nasa to take materials to the international space station. and people living near the explosion site are urged not to touch anything they might find because it could be hazardous, the rocket was also carrying the work of high school students from the jersey shore. "action news" reporter, john rawlins live in ocean city with their story. >> reporter: hey rick, well a team of six students here and their teachers worked for the better part of a year to work on experiment to be taken to the international space station. they were at the launch last night and they say there were
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terrifying moments. the team met the press outside of ocean city high school. still trying to process the ill fated launch they watched and caught on video, and disbelief in seconds. >> we were counting down! >> whoa! >> oh my god, but moments later a brilliant flash sounded by a sound wave that rocked the students and their teachers more than a mile and a half from the launch site. >> everybody sat there with their jaws dropped. >> i was so scared, i thought i didn't know what i thought. i was in shock. >> the students said that they were concerned it would turn deadly. >> we were crying we thought we saw people died before our eyes. >> nobody was injured but the rocket and their 5,000 pound pay
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load was incinerated. including these student's experiment. their questd to find out how bacteria behaves in zero gravity. >> so that nasa can develop antibiotics with those with the changed conditions in space. >> so what now? we are told that there are other supply ships scheduled to go up to the international space station in the near future and if the folks here can reproduce their experiment, it will likely have a priority position on one of those next flights. live in ocean city, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. moments after the rocket exploded last night the "action news" facebook page posted the incredible pictures and video, to make sure you get the video in your feed, you have to like the facebook page.
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a month long investigation to catch suspected drug dealers results in 40 arrests including a camden police officer, ashley bailey is looking at 30 years in prison for her roles in the drug ring, she is the wife of one of the alleged members of the organization. police say that she shared information with the drug dealers. coming up tonight at 6:00, "action news" reporter vernon odom will tell us what was seized in that raid. and turning now to the forecast, a cloudy night over philadelphia, and rain is starting to fall, the rain is expected to make a mess of the commute and adam joseph has the latest from stormtracker 6 live double scan. >> reporter: rick and monica, behind you sky 6 shows you a glow in the horizon, the clouds are breaking up and a thin line
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of showers are moving east and west of philadelphia, so double scan live radar, from pennington to writestowns and it's about to end in center city and drying up to the west and the showers are beginning to break apart in southern areas of new jersey and delaware with some communities there not seeing a drop of rain, what to expect over the n few hours, brief showers passing through and off the coast by 8:00 and the bigger story with this front that passed through is not the rain, it's the crashing temperatures and eventually some late clearing. temperatures are falling fast this afternoon, 1:00 we hit the high of 70 degrees and an hour later 66 and 60 at 4:00 and right now we have dropped to 54 degrees in philadelphia and 53 in buffalo and even a bigger drop in temperature is brewing in the northwestern part of canada, cambridge bay, 2 below
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zero and baker lake above fairbanks, alaska, just 7 degrees and this cold air is diving in our direction. i'll let you know what that means for the upcoming weekend, the first weekend of november and the halloween forecast as well. >> adam thank you, stay on top of the changing weather situation with stay with for the radar both the hourly and seven-day forecast and the latest video from our "action news" meteorologist, and the collection of weather related photos and videos. >> it's been more than a day since authorities started to investigate a possible sighting of eric frein and investigators are focused on that one area. chad pradelli is live in barrett township with the details. >> reporter: monica we are here outside of the old buck hill lane then is where law enforcement is focusing on their
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search, there is the abandoned hotel and police tell me they searched this building and cleared it, we saw a state police and helicopter flying overhead and we are more than six weeks removed from when eric farina allegedly shot two state troopers and the search continues. they continue to search the area surrounding the abandoned buck hill inn, they contacted authorities after seeing a dark dressed man in the woods. troopers canvassed the woods looking for eric frein, the man wanted for killing one trooper and injuring another. police hope that this unmanned surveillance balloon will help in the search but has since been returned to the ohio department of transportation. the rough terrain and weather has made it useless. >> i think we are very
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frustrated. we just need this to be over with. >> i think that the amount of money they are spending, and the police presence here is very disturbing to most of the people, i mean you don't feel any safer because they are here. >> one law enforcement source connected to the search tells "action news" his instincts are that frein is no longer here in the area, still state troopers press on and search for the alleged killer of one of their own. >> he is comfort here and this is his comfort zone because he grew up here. i think he is here. >> i think it's time for them to actually step in and make a decision about how much longer they are going to continue looking for somebody that may not be here. >> there have been a half dozen reported sightings of frein, state police have not been able
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to confirm any of them. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police in trenton, new jersey, is looking for the gunman that kill aid man this morning, it happened after okay a.m. on market street over the route 1 overpass, police are continuing to investigate this deadly shooting. a marriage of sorts today on the health front, a big announcement of a merger between two leading hospitals, abington health with jefferson university. leaders representing both health care systems signed a letter of intent this afternoon taking the next step of the merger, they ex changed shirts and caps donning the logos of their new partners over the last 30 days, the two studied each other to see if it
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was a good fit. last year those health centers handled more than 84,000 visits and abington and jefferson said today they were aligned on wellness, education and patient care. >> coming together this is historical, we brick our collective strengths and abilities to allow each organization to deliver the right care at the right time at the right location. and keep the costs down. >> it was announce that dr. steven classco, will be the ceo of the new organization, combined the two health systems have 30,000 employees and there is no word yet on how the merger will affect jobs, it's expected to be complete sometime in 2015. from our delaware newsroom,
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smokers in wilmington are no longer allowed to light up in public outdoor spaces, the ban included all city parks, playgrounds and bus stops, it takes affect immediately but the mayor's office tell us that warnings will be issued until actual signs are posted. >> time for a check of the "action news" traffic report midweek. lets go live with matt pellman in the traffic center. >> it's a wet and wild wednesday on the way home monica and rick. and leading to some slow conditions, on 95 by girard after few, clogged in both directions and northbound the normal afternoon volume giving us over a half hour ride from the vine to wood haven, that should ideally be 14 minutes. if are you trying to get to 95 southbound from market street, you can't do it because the ramp is shut down because of a
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disabled tractor trailer. tonight they are -- a crash in bala cynwyd along belmont by lord and taylor. headed toward the tacony palmyra bridge, that is lifted. and an accident closing delsy drive at west avenue. >> thank you. >> much more to come on "action news" wednesday night, president obama praises the health care workers in fighting ebola in america, health check tonight why he says their work is important for the safety of all americans. cecily tynan is at the zoo. >> am holding the log that ruby the rose haired tarantula to get
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on but she wouldn't do it. their hair can detect temperatures and smells and airborne vibrations. i will be feeding a slow animal, the sloth live from the philadelphia zoo. back to you. >> can't get rick to do what i want him to do either. there you go. >> i think i have a wife. maybe.
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add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. health check tonight. how to monitor health care workers who come home after fighting ebola in america. president obama assured them personally of their importance in that fight. ali gorman has nor for us at the big board tonight. >> reporter: president obama says that health care workers here fighting the ebola outbreak in west africa should be treated
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with dignity. dr. kent brantly met with the president with care givers that were in west africa and those about to go. the president was frustrated with the irrational fears that people have about the disease and until the disease is eradicated cases will pop up regardless of restrictions or quarantines. he says that health care workers from america are vital to stop the outbreak. >> if we done deal with this problem there, it will come here, the world needs you more than ever. the health care workers serving in africa, are a shining example of what america means to the world. >> also today, secretary chuck hagel says that military troops returning from west africa will be in a supervised isolation, they are not having direct contact with ebola patients and
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this goes above what is being done for civilians. chuck hagel says that he wants a plan on how this can happen and wants to review this in 45 days. >> thank you ali. quick break and more news when we come right back.
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some chipotle workers are suing the company more making them work extra hours and not paying them. they make them work off the clock to save money on payroll. if they complained they were terminated or had their hours cut. they are suing for lost time and wages among other things. a spokesperson for chipotle declined to comment. >> it was a discussion about the media and kenneth moton was the featured speaker this afternoon talking about media coverage of
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politics. they are currently working at city hall and kenneth talked about his own career path to inspire these people that are specializing in media, law and policy. a big happy birthday to a new centenarian in ardmore county, kathleen celebrated 100 years of living today. and she is active and fun loving for being in her tenth decade of life. there was a beautiful cake and everybody sang happy birthday and we want to add our good hiiiii.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board, adam joseph is here. >> a quick line of showers passing through with the cold front, on stormtracker 6 live double scan they have pushed east of philadelphia at that point. it's a pencil thin line in southern new jersey, if you see the sprinkles as they really are at this point, falling apart in the north and east. trenton and 206 and route 1 and the pennsylvania turnpike where it meets the new jersey turnpike, it's wet but no heavy rain, to the south it's clearing
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in philadelphia and medford lakes a couple of quick showers in berlin, maybe it rained for 10 minutes and that is it. temperatures today were warm before the front, 70 in philadelphia and 70 in allentown and 73 in millville and 70 in wildwood but the numbers have crashed, and it's now down to 54 in philadelphia, we hit 70 at 1:00 and 53 in allentown and wilmington and holding on to the low 60s at the shore and temperatures fall to the 50s, satellite and radar, the front is to the east and we have the batch of showers, the clearing line in western pennsylvania, the clearing line pushes to the east than helps the temperatures to drop after midnight to the 40s and 50s, after midnight we hoeld on to the clouds at the shore especially to the north and west and with a clearing
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sky, we'll see the chill really kind of hit home here by tomorrow morning. 38 in allentown and 40 in reading and 47 in philadelphia and millville dropping to the lower 40s. pretty nice thursday on tap and sunshine and a few clouds and 51 at 10:00, and 1:00, 57 and we are stopping at 60 in philadelphia tomorrow afternoon and below average for your thursday and maybe even the north western suburbs not getting out of the 50s tomorrow. partly sunny for your five-day at 5:00. nothing scary and 60 for the high but for the trick or treaters expect the temperatures to drop to the lower 50s and on saturday persistent on and off showers throughout the day and 52 feeling colder with the wind and we turn the clocks back and gain an hour of sleep over the weekend it's sunny and a high of just 49 and windchills sunday morning in the 30s and not as
5:27 pm
cool on monday and a quick rebound to 55 and it turns warmer into the middle of next week. this week it's a little scary, at the philadelphia zoo. we have scary animals, wait that is a scary mask you are wearing. no that is her every day mask. >> reporter: adam i promise it was not a snake, this is a legless lizard, this is boris, he has eyelids and this is known as a glass lizard, all lizards can drop their tail, when they drop their tail, it shatters into like a million pieces like glass, if that doesn't give you nightmares, i don't know what will. i am feeding
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breaking news now from northeast philadelphia, a shocking attack at the ramada inn at the 1100 block of roosevelt boulevard a stabbing in the lobby. police were called there as well as fire crews, no one has been
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take and to the hospital at this time so we don't know the extent of the injuries to the victim but police are looking for a man in connection with the victim. again a stabbing here at a northeast philadelphia hotel. at the roosevelt hotel. in other news tonight, a contracting crew digging a hole for a backyard pool never thought they would unearth a mystery. they found bones belonging to a human among the dirt and rocks, but the big question is who is the person buried in the backyard and how did he or she get there. david ryis live now on bank avenue, you spoke with the man that made the chilling discovery. >> reporter: eric todd was down in the hole shaping the