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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  October 29, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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take and to the hospital at this time so we don't know the extent of the injuries to the victim but police are looking for a man in connection with the victim. again a stabbing here at a northeast philadelphia hotel. at the roosevelt hotel. in other news tonight, a contracting crew digging a hole for a backyard pool never thought they would unearth a mystery. they found bones belonging to a human among the dirt and rocks, but the big question is who is the person buried in the backyard and how did he or she get there. david ryis live now on bank avenue, you spoke with the man that made the chilling discovery. >> reporter: eric todd was down in the hole shaping the pool side within a section of earth
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and rock gave way. >> i seen a bone. >> he knew it was human right away, part a skull and jawbone with teeth. >> the jawbone was intact with the teeth and then you could see the shoulder blade and the spinal cord, you could see how he was laying. eric called his boss and they called police, this is a snapshot of police removing the skull from the hole. we may never know who it was or how they died. the remains were about five feet down to the river rock level, not the kind of shallow grave a killer would dig but the body appeared to have been dumped in the hole. eric says the bones had clearly been there a long time. they started disintegrating almost as soon as they were exposed. the house was built in 1900 but the skeleton could have been there long before that.
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eric was not spooked. >> no, it doesn't bother me. perfect for halloween. >> he is sorry it wasn't a river pirate buried with his treasure. >> eric and his co-workers are approaching the job a bit differently now. >> that was david henry reporting. in wilmington, delaware, a man was shot near the basketball courts at speakman park this afternoon. this is east 26th street just before 2:30, the victim was shot in the lower body area and rushed to the hospital for treatment, he is listed in stable condition and police have not released information on a suspect or a motive in the shooting. >> philadelphia police are looking for a thief whose thirst for cash led him to a beer store. this is the 500 block of aramingo avenue. the man broke into the opening
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in a rear wall at 3:30 a.m., he did put on gloves, half of a mask and went to work. the suspect used a crowbar to open the cash register and took two ipads as well as cash. an observant neighbor led to the arrest of three burglary suspects in montgomery county, detectives say that the three targeted a home at the 700 block of winding road in abington township, last friday. they pried open a grown floor window and grabbed two tvs, a laptop and jewelry box and stacked them outside of the house, the men used a green buick to cart the items away and that caught the eye of a neighbor that then called police. the nurse freed from quarantine in new jersey only to end up in isolation in maine, is threatening to sue.
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casey hickox treated ebola patients in sierra leone, she is now home in maine where officials want her to stay home. >> i think we are only adding to a stigma that is not based on science or evidence and if these restrictions are not removed for me from the state of maine by tomorrow morning, thursday morning, i will go to court to obtain my freedom. >> while the cdc is not recommending quarantine for health care workers that treated ebola workers, the pentagon is taking a different approach. they announced that all troops that serve in west africa will be monitored for 21 days when they return home. we have more information at, there we have a list of myth versus facts about the disease to help you stay clear of any misinformation, you can see the signs and symptoms
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of ebola and a look at how ebola spreads. >> meantime, the department of homeland security is beefing up security at federal buildings one week after a lone gunman shot a soldier after exchanging gun fire with police at the parliament. they call it a precautionary step and are increasingly concerned with terror groups like isis using the internet to insight people to attack. now in hawaii lava is closing in on their homes. a 2,000 degree river of molten rock is destroying roadways and now appears to be inching into yards. some 50 to 60 structures are immediately threatened as well as a major road, for an escape rutd. officials say there is no plans
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to try and divert it. david muir on world news will have more on the lava, and the latest on ebola. you can watch that after "action news" at 6:00. hard to believe it's two years to the day that hurricane sandy roared to the shore and devastated the coastline. senator menendez visited ocean county, the town suffered wind and storm surge from sandy. people met with the senator to ask how to navigate the red tape to rebuild. >> they have gone through the nightmare of being tossed back and forth never able to get an accurate answer, sometimes never being able to get an answer and still not being able to get the resources they need to reconstruct their homes and get back in their homes.
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>> senator menendez, says a lot more has to be done still. and now matt pellman is in the traffic center. lets see if it's still raining and mucking things up. >> as you try to head home on this hump day, you can see on the schuylkill expressway, we are not moving quickly, eastbound side more stop and go from 202 to king of prussia into the conshohocken curve, breaking up a bit from montgomery to center city, heading towards the fleetwood mac concert. a crash along bell monby the lord and tailer and one at northern liberties at second and spring garden, and a broken down truck eastbound to 95 southbound, hopefully they get that cleared out because overnight they are closing the ramp from the vine eastbound to 95 southbound, market street would be a good alternate at that point.
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still watching a crash at butler avenue near cedar hill road and in vineland, closing delsy drive by the days inn. stick with west avenue to get around that one. >> thank you. >> still to come on "action news" tonight, a group of little leaguers had quite a season and are honored. >> and cecily tynan has an outdoor adventure at the philadelphia zoo. >> am here with maya, the great horned owl, sometimes called a cat owl because of the tuft of feathers near the top of their heads, they are not for hearing though they indicate their mood, when they are up they are interested and when they are flattened that means they are irritated. she is a little irritated. speaking of getting hungry, charlotte the sloth i will be feeding her and talk about a
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cold weekend in the accuweather forecast. when zoo weather continues. sharrie? >> thanks its a perfect night for spooky fun, surprises and of course drama, i'll have a preview of tonight's all new prime time lineup when "action news" comes right back.
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a local team of little leaguers were honored today the
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ridley cal ripkin 8 and under team were mid atlantic champs, they gave each player and their coaches a resolution recognizes their success. >> how about that, congratulations. today is a big day for the sixers they open against the passion pacers in indiana. yap jaime apody is here with more. >> it's a big day for the sixers, they open the season but not everybody is looking forward to the sixer's season, because it's another rebuilding season and nerlins noel has nerves? >> yes, nerves, it starts on defense, can go out and do what we can do, we'll start out hard and compete and everything will
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take care of itself. >> it's kind of a buzz kill, when they were on the verge of their offensive line being healthy again, the man, todd herremans will attempt to play the year on an injured biceps. coach kelly says he is a man that could play through the pain. >> a lot of it we'll sit down and visit it at the end of the week and make a determination of what he can and can not do, a veteran like him knows what he can do. >> if anybody can do it it's todd herrimans, he is smart enough to adjust his technique, to what he needs to do. and wear a brace that will help him a little bit.
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it's not easy for him. >> now mathis cannot officially come off until monday night against the panthers. and even more reps with the first team, he still feels some discomfort but hopes to push through. >> we'll see, not much has changed from last week and see how it feels and it will probably be a game time decision come sunday i presume. where were you six years ago today. that was the night that the phillies got to pop the champagne, they won the world series, tonight either the giants or the royals will celebrate. because this is game 7 tonight, they annihilated the giants in game six, now it's winner take all. here is what hunter pence has to
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say. >> game six is over and will never come back. >> you want to sleep in your uniform tonight. you amped up? >> i'm going to close my eyes and go to sleep and get ready for the opportunity, i love playing this game, i enjoy it. >> one of the flyers left their sweater on after a huge overtime win over the defending stanley cup champs. after being reviewed in the league office, it was determined that that is a goal. the celebration was on as the flyers knock their third straight win, four of their last five it was made sweeter because it was made sweeter against former flyers, jeff richards and mike carter. >> thank you jaime. what better way to celebrate with some spooky laughs and drama. a member of the dancing with the stars will add fuel to the fire on nashville ton.ancing with the
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sharrie williams has a preview at the big board. >> we'll tell you who is dancing into nashville in just a moment. button is packed with episodes including spooky things, the d middle at 8:00 and then the goldbergs they have out down themselves on halloween. >> it's cuter this way. rated "people" magazine. >> are you not even going to try on your doctor costume. but we are going to win, doesn't that make you happy? >> do i look happy. >> halloween is claire's holiday but this year phil is stepping in to make it less frightening and gloria's costume, well that gives him for confidence, you'll see it all tonight at 9:00.
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>> i don't want to keep arguing about the past. >> no one wonder you didn't bother -- >> do you recognize that face, "dancing with the stars" own derek hough brings drama to nashville. plus, the country music awards nominations and everyone is getting in on that piece of action, that comes up on an all new nashville tonight at 9:00. it starts with the middle and then modand family and blackish and then nashville followed by "action news" at 11:00. remember to tweet along with us and the stars of nashville during tonight's show, use the #~ nashville and #- 6 abc. >> thank you sharrie.
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meteorologist, cecily tynan is at the philadelphia zoo with our outdoor adventure. >> this is one of the most
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interesting animals at the philadelphia zoo, this is charlotte, a sloth, kristin is here with me, these animals are about taking it slow. >> they live their life in slow motion, this is the slowest mammal on earth, everything they do is slow, they hang upside down all the time. their body temperature is slow, around 75 to 94 degrees to conserve energy. >> we are looking at her hanging upside down, this is an unusual way to get her food. >> they do everything upside down, sleep and eat, the only time they come down to the ground is to go to the bathroom. >> and that is not all that often? >> no just once a week. >> and they can't walk? >> they can't stan upright, they have to crawl, kind of flat, and with the nails it's awkward
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movement. >> but they are good swimmers? >> yes, it's weird. >> show her nails there, it looks like she needs a manicure, this is made for living in the trees sfl they curl around so she did grab on to the trees and easily grip, they are about 3 inches long and she is so interesting and gentle and they don't smell at all. usually when are you in the small animal house, you come in and expect a stench, but she doesn't smell. >> she get a bath once a week and she eats fruits and vegetables. >> this is our last outdoor adventure at the zoo, but you can come all year round? >> winter time is a great time to come out and see the polar
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bears and tigers and everybody playing in the snow. and if the weather is not great you can come in here. >> thank you kristin, can you keep feeding charlotte, i have to talk about the weather. i love the sloth. the temperatures are tracking on stormtracker 6 live double scan a front moving through, a few light showers near the coast of new jersey moving out but what a difference a few hours make, 1:00 we were 70 in philadelphia, dropped to 54 degrees by 5:00, that is a 16 degree drop in the matter of four hours, and now temperatures are cooling off. in allentown 53 degrees and wilmington 54, and millville 60 and sea isle city, and as the colder air filters in behind the front. look at the western half of
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pennsylvania, you see clearing and that happens tomorrow. tomorrow high pressure builds in, partly sunny skies with a high of 60 degrees and then on friday things begin to change, one upper level low dives down and another one developing off the coast of cape hatteras, we'll be in between systems, a michbl tour of clouds and sunshine and that brings rain and a cool down for your weekend. the call from accuweather is early showers are clearing and then chilly, 38 in the suburbs and 48 for center city and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow a nice day, partly sunny skies and a high of 60, we drop to 58 for friday, halloween, about 50 degrees for the trick or treaters, and it's weekend windy and showers on saturday, 52 on saturday and cooler on sunday, but temperatures rebound nicely back into the 60s right in time for election day on tuesday.
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the theme today was creepy and scary animals for halloween but i think charlotte is pretty cool. >> she just hangs out. quick break and more news.
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right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00, a camden county police officer is among 40 rounded up in a drug sting. and governor chris christie meets with people that are still struggling from hurricane sandy. that and much more coming up
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next. for cecily tynan,
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. wednesday night and septa and the union continue contract negotiations and jefferson and abington hospitals move one step closer to a merger but the big story on "action news" tonight is $1 million worth of cocaine and crack. police have busted a drug ring that distributed that much per
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year in camden and the surrounding area. and a camden county police officer is one of 40 arrests announced this morning. live outside of the office of the camden county prosecutors is "action news" reporter, vernon odom. >> reporter: tonight one camden county police detective are furious about this development, how the young officer got through the screening process despite her marriage to an accused drug dealer. >> ashley bailey is accused of being a key dealer in a huge crack cocaine and heroin drug ring. >> accessing police reports to try to glean intelligence from her relatives and coconfederates in the conspiracy and running tags and things o