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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 29, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am EDT

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silverado. visit elkins on route 73 in marlton or on line at elkins >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- will arnett. lisa kudrow. the second annual canine costume parade. and music from lady antebellum. with cleto and the cletones. and now, with all due respect, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. thank you for watching.
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hey, here's -- here's an interesting story to start the show tonight. at least i think it's interesting. the inventor of the game operation, you know that game with the guy in the thing, right? the inventor is a 77-year-old gentleman named john spinello. he is apparently in need of oral surgery, but he doesn't have $25,000 to pay for it. the inventor of operation cannot afford an operation. [ laughter ] you think he'd be rich, right? but he sold the rights to the game for $500. he was around 25 years old at the time. back then, that seemed like a lot of money. the game went on to become a monster hit. made tens of millions of dollars and he wound up with none of that. it reminds me of the time of the guy that invented hungry, hungry hippos was eaten by hippos. his friends got together and are raising money. so far, people have donated around $19,000, which is great, but it's still $6,000 short of what he needs.
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maybe inventor of monopoly would kick in -- [ laughter ] but he's probably bankrupt. that game played a big part in a lot of people's child hoods. jim jong unmodkim jong-un models hair cut after the guy in that game. [ applause ] i wish him well. you know, for operation, a lot of us would never have learned to use tweezers. go to crowd rise and make a donation. in other medical news, google is working on a pill that, they're hoping this pill will be able to detect cancer and other diseases in the human body. it contains tiny magnetic particles that would travel through your blood stream to search for and location malignant cells. you swallow the pill and if any illness is detected, your nose lights up. is that operation? still thinking of operation. isn't that something, though? we spent years searching google,
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now, they are going to search us. [ laughter ] the results would be reported to a wearable sensor, like one of those fitbit bracelets and they go to the bracelet and they're uploaded directly into your colon? i don't know, something. of course, a pill like this would give google access to very sensitive personal information, but google says they have no intention of using that information for commercial purposes. and that promise is good enough for me. [ laughter ] there's still in the, i guess, experimental stages. and it won't be available for ten year, but if all goes well, by around 2024, you could have a popup ad on your speleen. however does google have time to work on this and come up with a cool new logo every day? i don't -- [ laughter ] meanwhile, there's another organization that is working hard to keep you alive right now. and that is the u.s. forest service. the forest service is warning people visiting lake tahoe to stop taking selfies with bears.
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[ laughter ] this is a real thing. people are taking selfies with bears and then using them as their profile pictures on dating apps like tinder. look at this. this is -- guy with two bears in the background. well within mauling distance. this -- she has the right idea now. she, if you hold up the peace sign, they will leave you alone. [ laughter ] here's a young lady making duck face which is something bears hate as much as we do. and this kid doesn't look like he would last long in the city or the woods. [ laughter ] the forest service would like people to stop doing this. i don't know, i say, if people want to take selfies with bears, let them do it. it's called natural selection. [ cheers and applause ] and it's a win-win, because either you get to post a picture showing everyone how brave you are, or the bear gets to post a picture showing what it had for
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lunch. by the way, the forest service really needs to make up its mind. you remember this old poster? that certainly looks like a selfie to me. anyway, the message is, don't take selfies with bears, okay? or at all, it's annoying, the whole thing is annoying. and don't eat a bear's porridge or sit on their championships. [ applause ] they hate that. speaking of scary things, halloween is drawing near. halloween is one of those times when i feel like it must be nice to be a remember of the palin family at halloween. if you don't have a costume, you just pull something down off the wall. hey, i'm a moose! tomorrow's your last day to find a costume. if you're going to a party, maybe with coworkers or friends, i've come up with a list of questions for you to ask yourself before officially deciding what you're going to wear. i feel like people need this. people make big mistakes at parties. here we go. first question. will my wife kill me if i cut holes in this sheet?
11:41 pm
[ laughter ] is this costume going to get me fired? do i have meetings in the next few days at which it would be inappropriate to have a sharpie mustache? on monday, will i have to apologize to anyone based on gender, religion or race? [ laughter ] do i really want to spend two hours getting out of this corset to go to the bathroom? will it take more than five seconds to explain what i am? [ laughter ] do i really want gloo on my head all night? am i okay with my mom seeing me in this costume when she checks my facebook page. if this weren't halloween, would i be mistaken for a prostitute? [ cheers and applause ] and -- maybe the most important question of all of them, am i too fat to be a superhero? the answer to one or more of those questions is yes -- change your costume. wear something else, okay? you're welcome. we have a cherished halloween tradition here at this program. for each of the last three
11:42 pm
years, i've challenged parents to pretend they ate their kids halloween candy and post a video of their kids reacting to that. now -- we've received many hilarious reactions over the years. reactions like this one. >> we ate all your halloween candy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he collapsed. only way to revive him, they had to pour skittles down his throat. a lot of people have been asking me if we're going to do it again this year, and the answer is, of course we're going to do it again this year. [ cheers and applause ] what are we, maniacs? so, tonight, i would like to officially invite parents to take part in our fourth annual halloween candy youtube challenge. if you want to be apart of it, sometime after you take the kids trick or treating, tell them you ate their candy. all of their halloween candy. record it and then, this is the most important part. upload your video with the title, hey, jimmy kimmel, i told
11:43 pm
my kids i ate all their halloween candy. we will show our favorites on the show next week, okay? again, title the video hey jimmy kimmel, i told my kids i ate all their halloween candy, so we can find it. check your youtube account for a message from us after you post that. some parents will actually -- will actually eat the candy and then don't tell them that they did it. this is the reverse. that's mean. all right? so, oh, it's time for another halloween tradition. this is a relatively new one for us. it's time for our second annual canine costume parade. [ cheers and applause ] very exciting. hello, how are you? very good to see you. >> good to see you. >> jimmy: we did this last year. this is cat. she's a creative dog groomer. welcome back, cat. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> jimmy: it's unusual that your name is cat and that you would work with dogs, but the docks don't mind that, right? they sodon't seat you as an ene?
11:44 pm
>> no, they love it. >> jimmy: explain what you do. >> creative dog groomers, we take the dogs hair and we clip and color it into different designs to make them look like other animals. >> jimmy: people come in with an idea and then you can accommodate pretty much any idea. >> correct. >> jimmy: are there ideas you say no to? >> yes. >> jimmy: there are? >> yes. >> jimmy: what do you base that on? >> on the dog, whether they can handle the length of time it might take to trim the dog or if it's a real shy dog, you don't want to do it to them. >> jimmy: dogs that like to be touched, dogs that like to dress up. >> yes. >> jimmy: all right, let's bring out the first dog. now, these docks are your dogs? some are mine. >> jimmy: okay. these are rescue dogs you have here? >> this one is a rescue. she's my dog. her name is twinkle. and her favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch. and eat. >> jimmy: this is a dog dressed
11:45 pm
as a panda or a panda dressed as a dog? >> this is a panda. she was a zombie last year. >> jimmy: she was. do you think panda is better? >> panda is cuter. >> jimmy: it is very cute. all the dogs get a treat afterwards, right? that's the rule? does the dog play fetch with bamboo? how seriously does she take this panda thing? >> she's blind, so, she doesn't play fetch, but -- >> jimmy: oh, all right. >> she does enjoy sleeping all day like pandas. >> jimmy: very good. all right. speakingle of pan ining of pand our little panda over here. guillermo? bring out the next dog. that's a good one. oh, what have we here? what kind of dog is this? >> this is ginger. she's a chinese crested powder puff. and she's dressed as my little pony. >> jimmy: my little pony. wait a minute. my little ponies have horns on
11:46 pm
their heads? >> she's a unicorn. >> jimmy: there's a unicorn my little pony? i had no idea. is this her natural color? >> no, this is air brushed color. so, it will wash off in one bath. it's very temporary. >> jimmy: i see. vrm good. my little pony. there we have my little pony. guillermo, come get this little pony and let's see who else we have back there. oh, come on out. wow, this is -- [ applause ] very colorful. what do you use to color these docks? >> this is a pet-safe hair dye and this is wonder winnie. >> jimmy: okay, yeah. >> her name is winnie, she's a little rescue, maltese mix. she belongs to one of my clients. >> jimmy: shouldn't you have a golden lasso of truth for the -- look at the boots. >> she has her boots. her knee high boots.
11:47 pm
she's a daddy's girl. she loves her daddy. >> jimmy: all right, well, daddy, come get your dog. there you go. >> come to papa. >> jimmy: all right. who else have we back there? what's going on here? there's a lot happening on this dog. stickers and everything. >> this is spirit. >> jimmy: attacked by 4-year-old girls. >> she's a little hello kitty dog. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. look at that. hello, kitty. >> on the other side, sorry, your leash is in your eye. we have hello kitty. >> jimmy: oh. now, is this -- i mean, is she confused right now? is this like dog cross dressing, dressing like a cat?
11:48 pm
>> she has no identity completicomplecomplex? >> jimmy: you hear that guillermo? >> i hear that, yeah. >> she has no teeth. >> jimmy: you'll be perfectly safe. all right, very good. all right. there's hello kitty. that's good. who else do we have back there? oh, this is a big one. this is -- look at that. how about that? oh. this dog got maybe -- oh, you got the worst costume of all. wow. [ applause ] can i tell you something? this is the reason i got into television, to one day have my name spray painted on a dog. >> she's a cancer survivor. chef has her little -- >> jimmy: really? >> yes. >> jimmy: wow. congratulations. >> breast cancer awareness month. >> jimmy: i see. all right, very good. all right. and we have, i believe, one more.
11:49 pm
be careful with her, guillermo. >> i will. >> jimmy: that's our special dog. oh, wow. you got to love a dog in a hat. this is -- what is going on here? >> this is indiana jones. >> jimmy: oh, indiana jones. >> the cobra. >> jimmy: oh -- >> another cobra over here. >> jimmy: oh there's a snake. look at that. yeah, indiana did not like snakes. and these are skulls. >> and spiders. he didn't like spiders. >> jimmy: well, who does, really? >> on the other side, we have an elephant, he rode an elephant into the temple. >> jimmy: where's the -- there's the elephant. oh, yeah. and look at that, how the -- >> snake. >> jimmy: part of the tail. that's great. that is unbelievable. thank you very much, cat. that's -- cat is a -- she deck kates dogs, all right? thanks to the animals, too.
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tonight on the show, we have music from lady antebellum. lisa kudrow is here. and we'll be right back with will arnett, so stick around. when delta bath...g") ...shower... ...toilet... ...and faucet innovations... ...make getting clean... ...just as beautiful as getting dirty, that's... happimess. see what delta can do.
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>> jimmy: well, hi there. tonight, she is the star of the show "the comeback," which starts its comeback a week from sunday on hbo. the lovely and lively lisa kudrow is here with us tonight. and then, later, from nashville, tennessee, guillermo and i were in nashville, tennessee, over the weekend. it's a great town, right? >> yeah, great food. >> jimmy: you kept calling it kno knox knoxbille. it nashville. anyway, this is their new album. it's called "747." lady antebellum from the at&t outdoor stage. and the reason, by the way, that we were in nashville is because next wednesday, november 5th, after the country music awards here on abc, our show is going to be simulcast in both
11:56 pm
hollywood and nashville via h d hologram. if you're in nashville, you can go to the cma theater to see a hologram of me and see florida georgia line play live. and in hollywood, we will see a hologram of florida georgia line. it's very confusing, but trust me, it looks great. i'm told nobody's ever done this before. it's a live hologram cross-country simulcast. so, if you're in nashville, you want to see us in hologram form, go to they are free and the show will have special appearances from tim mcgraw, faith hill, brad paisley, florida georgia line and a cma winner to be named later. all via hologram, so -- [ cheers and applause ] your move, tupac. and on friday night, we have an all-new halloween show with andy samberg, rosie perez, music from the flaming lips and grace potter. plus, our ninth annual half and half halloween costume pageant. so, please join us for that. our first guest tonight is a
11:57 pm
five-time emmy-nominated actor with a voice that is reminiscent of a crisp autumn maple leaf crackling under a lumberjack's boot heel. his show is called "the millers." watch it monday nights on cbs. please welcome will arnett. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what -- why are you dressed like this? >> first of all, let me tell you, your costume sucks. >> jimmy: that's because -- >> okay? >> jimmy: yeah, it's -- >> that is, like, the lamest -- >> jimmy: is this your halloween costume? >> yeah, man, it's halloween. >> jimmy: no, no, halloween is -- >> this is what you do. you wear a halloween costume.
11:58 pm
you don't lame out wearing a suit. >> jimmy: maybe you're celebrating canadian halloween, which is two days earlier than regular halloween? is that possible? >> what? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's not halloween yet. it's on friday, is halloween. >> what day's today? >> jimmy: wednesday. oh, no, come on. don't be like that. >> are you kidding? >> jimmy: no. you know i'd never kid about halloween. come on now, will. >> i look like a moron. >> jimmy: no -- >> in a lot of ways. it's fine. >> jimmy: you look like a member of the canadian space program. >> it's so stupid. >> jimmy: is this astronaut summer wear you're wearing here? >> it's for -- hoping to go to the sun. it's really hot. [ laughter ] it was a stupid idea. i'm like, who -- we're not going to land on the sun. >> jimmy: oh, how far is this going to go?
11:59 pm
hey, hey. >> sexy astronaut. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're damn right. >> good, right? by the way, you know what i call this thing? >> jimmy: what? >> the reply kay or the. check it out. turn the lights on. look what i did! >> jimmy: wow. unbelievable! do it to guillermo! >> no, no, they're saying no. they're saying don't do it. >> jimmy: too expensive. well, it's very good to see you. >> you, too. >> jimmy: you've been traveling all over the galaxy. >> i've been all around. sorry, i'm just a little -- i took a little bit of space mushrooms before. >> jimmy: you did? [ laughter ] okay. >> i'm a little banged up. >> jimmy: yeah, right, sure. i'll trial to be jetle with you then. where have you been? >> i was in berlin -- i was in australia, i was in germany.
12:00 am
>> jimmy: why were you in germany? >> i was in germany because i was promoting the teenage mutant ninja turtles film. come on, nothing? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i don't mean to -- i don't think they know if you are ever telling the truth anymore. >> i've told the truth like three times, guys. in my life. and -- and, yeah, so, i was in -- i was in berlin, i did the craziest talk show when i was there. >> jimmy: you did? >> yeah, which was -- the show is called -- >> jimmy: what does that mean? >> i think it means what the [ bleep ] is happening. [ laughter ] and, because -- that's all i was thinking. because it was the craziest. it goes live for 35 million people, so, it's everybody, all over germany and switzerland and austria, and so they move it around, six times a year. i don't even know if i can
12:01 am
explain it. it's six times a year and it takes place in this -- we were -- it moves and we were shooting it in this huge warehouse. the stage was -- i'm not exaggerating, 100 yards wide. and then it had this huge couch that was as big as this whole stage and then megan fox and i came out, first of all, it's in german. and you're guessing i don't speak german, right? >> jimmy: i would guess that, yeah. not at all. >> not at all. you're thinking at that moment, this idiot doesn't speak german. they give you an ear piece. they have a guy translating. i get on this huge couch, which, immediately starts moving and rotating. and then the guy starts meeting us, like, megan fox -- and then i've got to stare like this. and waiting for the guy to translate. so, there's a delay. and then it's like -- oh, yeah, it was a lot of fun.
12:02 am
and then when you do that, then you hear yourself be translated back into german for the audience. so, you're getting cut off by the guy translating you so, it's a constant stop start. then, the guy was like, listen, we're going to go over here, through a series of translations. he just went, come, come. and we went to one part of the stage. they had two people blindfolded and wearing headphones. they brought out 100 dogs, 50 dogs, these people are the trainers of. they made us bet whether or not they could guess -- while these people were looking away. i, like, motioned to one of the dogs and they go, i'm like, yeah. and that bring that dog out. they throw a frisbee. the dog bites it, three times, catching it, bites it. they take the frisbee with the bite marks over to the people. they take off their stuff and try to guess from the bite marks which one of their dogs -- and i've got a bet as to whether or not they're going to -- it's so convoluted.
12:03 am
[ laughter ] i'm on the show for 40 minutes. >> jimmy: you were not. >> i'm not exaggerating. and at one point the guy goes -- they drove a jeep across the stage at one point. >> jimmy: why? >> i don't know, man. >> jimmy: are you sure this is not some prank they're playing on canadians and americans when we come over there? >> they were trying to give me a nervous breakdown. it worked. meanwhile, then the guy at one point is like, at the next break, so and so is going to leave. would you like to leave the stage? i was like, yes i would like to leave the stage! i'm desperate. and then, backstage, the other guest that night, obviously, were bryan adams -- [ laughter ] lenny kravitz. me, gig mmegan fox. this 90-year-old former german soccer player. backstage, i watch past diane keaton and she looked at me, she went, like -- i don't know. >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah. >> jimmy: wow.
12:04 am
[ applause ] sounds great. >> it was crazy. i'm fascinated by german mentality. jokes don't work at all. >> jimmy: really? >> i can be unfunny but i must have been particularly unfunny when i was in germany. and i'm scared of them. they're scary people. they are capable of lots of terrible things. in lots of different ways. i don't want -- >> jimmy: i have a bad feeling you're not going to be invited back. >> no, no. no. it should be noted -- >> jimmy: i just want to note, kimmel, german name. >> is it? >> jimmy: yes. look out. will arnett is here. we'll be right back.
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>> jimmy: we're back. still to come, lady antebellum and lisa kudrow. it's a great look. like evel knievel when he was young, you know? >> i guess. >> jimmy: you look fantastic. can i get you a tang or anything? >> i just pissed into a hose backstage. technically a vacuum. >> jimmy: so, this is your second season of your show "the millers." >> that's right. >> jimmy: congratulations on that. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, no, don't do that. if anything, go lower. >> little something for all the dudes out there. i meant ladies. >> jimmy: so, you play a grown man, obviously, whose parents are -- >> i play a grown man. yes. >> jimmy: is that a stretch for you? >> i feel like you watch the
12:10 am
show. >> jimmy: did you do ride alongs with grown men to see what they do? >> you know me, i'm super mature, right? oh, my god, i'm responsible for two kids. >> jimmy: this is an interesting moment, i think, where your tv mom met your actual mom. >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it was great. it was a great moment to see two people disappointed in me for different reasons. >> jimmy: do your parents come a lot? >> they do. my parents come a lot. you met my parents. my dad was on the show here before, they love to -- they love to get involved in showbiz. they would love to be on the show. they think it's about them. >> jimmy: i see. >> it's not. >> jimmy: it's not about them. >> no, it's about me. >> jimmy: there are other people. >> yeah. we have a lot of fun and we have a great season now. we have sean hayes on the show. >> jimmy: he's very, very funny. >> very funny. we're on monday nights at 8:30, which is great over on cbs.
12:11 am
i shouldn't mention that. >> jimmy: is everything all right? are you okay? >> well, it's funny you should mention that because awhile back, jim -- [ laughter ] you tweeted something that really kind of got under my skin a little bit. >> jimmy: i did? >> yeah. there was a tweet -- i don't know if it was you. but it came out of your twitter account. and it was something to the affect of, everybody's got a weird friend named will. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, i did tweet that. >> you did. >> jimmy: yeah. and -- and -- [ laughter ] and i -- i will admit i did think of you when i tweeted that. [ laughter ] >> dude. do i look sane to you? >> jimmy: don't point that at your head. we don't want four of you out here. yeah, no, i do stand by that. i think you have a weird friend named will? >> i do. he lives in my mirror. [ laughter ]
12:12 am
>> jimmy: i apologize. i did not mean to upset you. i just think normal guys would go with william or billy. the weird ones go with will. >> is that true? >> jimmy: 100%. there have no exceptions. >> me. forte. forte's super weird. >> jimmy: he's weird. >> and the most normal -- farrell is super weird. who else? will clarke, very weird guy. >> jimmy: we're guessing. >> i think there's some evidence of that. >> jimmy: all weird. sorry. >> ah, you know -- i feel like we're also beefing because i feel like my -- our friend justin and i gave you a hard time about being on the baby picture chain. >> jimmy: my photo string, yes. that is true. >> i kind of made a comment. i sent an e-mail to jimmy about being on the baby photo stream
12:13 am
and our friend justin and i laughed and you called us jerks. you remember that. >> jimmy: something like that, yeah. >> and so, anyway, so, you put me on the photo stream and i e-mailed you out of the blue two weeks ago, i said, not for nothing, right, i said, your baby, she's so super cute. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and you said, feel free to take yourself off the stream at any time. >> jimmy: i thought maybe that was a subtle message, like, hey, i'd like to stop getting that little reminder on my phone all the time. >> no. once you're on the baby photo stream, you're never getting off. >> jimmy: i can't apologize to you enough. you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> jimmy: everything is going great. don't worry about me at all. the show is called "the millers." it airs monday nights at 8:30 on cbs. will arnett, everybody. he's a little weird. we'll be right back. thoughtfully crafted and intelligently designed. with available forward collision warning
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless. >> jimmy: hello, there. we're back. still to come, music from lady antebellum. nearly a decade after it went away, our next guest's show is living up to its title. after nine years in hibernation, the second season of "the comeback" premieres november 9th
12:24 am
on hbo. please welcome lisa kudrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> good. >> jimmy: you look fantastic. >> thanks. >> jimmy: very good to see you. i saw you -- [ cheers and applause ] i saw you a few months ago, you were apart of our mini friends reunion here on the show. >> that was so fun. >> jimmy: we built the kitchen, we had the whole thing. was that strange for you? >> a little, yeah. that was a little weird. it was really good. >> jimmy: it was fun. it was great. great to have you be apart of it. am i wrong in saying that, well, like, 20 years ago when "friends" premiered that it was considered to be a very racy, kind of dirty show. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it was. >> yes, yes. when we were shooting the pilot, the network got really nervous that monica, because in the
12:25 am
episode, she sleeps with -- on the first date with the guy, he was -- he didn't have a name. he was like the salesman guy, i don't remember. yeah. and they were really nore us have that the audience won't like her because she's sleeping with him on the first date. >> jimmy: really snshgs w? wow. >> so, they made up a survey to give to the audience to ask them questions, like, so, monica sleeps with this guy, bob the sales guy, on the first date d and -- how does that make you feel? a, i'm fine with it, b -- something like that, it was a survey and most of them were like, it's fine. like, they seemed a little irritated, like, oh, knock it off. >> jimmy: cut it out. that's something else. this is a studio audience, i guess. >> yeah. >> jimmy: they didn't poll america afterwards. >> it was in the days -- it was still broadcast. >> jimmy: is your son old enough to watch "friends" yet?
12:26 am
>> well, he's 16. >> jimmy: oh, he is old enough. >> he's old enough and he's old enough to know that he's not that interested. >> jimmy: kids are never that interested in their parents on tv, i think. don't take it personally. >> is that right? >> jimmy: maybe just me and you. >> he loves everybody else. [ laughter ] i know that. >> jimmy: isn't that the way, huh? is he driving now? he's 16 years old? >> he's -- well, he has his permit. he didn't have a license. we still have to drive with him. but he needs more hours. >> jimmy: did you teach him to drive? >> no, no. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> no. no. no. we got a -- we got a driver instructor. >> jimmy: i see, yeah. >> to teach him. >> jimmy: my dad taught me, he just yelled at me the whole time. >> yeah, i don't yell. and i'm not freaked out. >> jimmy: you're not? >> i think he's a good driver. but i don't want to press our luck, so, i don't -- i've been really bad about -- yeah, why don't you drive.
12:27 am
i don't. well, you drove last week, i'll do it. because it's really stupid because i do feel like, well -- the more times he drives, we're increasing the chances of having an accident. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, worried about an accident when you're in the car. when he's alone -- >> i know. >> jimmy: you're not that -- you're driving gets better -- it's really -- >> as you practice, which i won't let him do. i know. so stupid. >> jimmy: is that how you were when you were a kid? is that how your parents were? >> they never drove with me once, i don't think. i had an instructor. this was dumb, too. so, this instructor takes me to -- i'm 16, you know, not even 16 and she takes me to old topanga canyon road. i don't note -- i heard gasps. it's so dangerous. >> jimmy: it's a terrible wi winding canyon road, yeah. >> yeah. really narrow.
12:28 am
precipice off the -- i mean, that's why it's called of topanga canyon road. they had to make a new one, that same people use. >> jimmy: do you think it was maybe good she took you to maybe the most dangerous road in all of los angeles? >> i don't. >> jimmy: you don't? >> i don't. we almost died. i almost -- because i was following the rule, you know. at 10:00 and 2:00 and going around a curve -- >> jimmy: oh. >> i'm going, what? what's happening? it's just not turning well. and she said, move your hands! you're not supposed to take your hands off the steering wheel. >> jimmy: you do have your license now and everything is okay? >> i move my hands. >> jimmy: very good. >> i even use one hand. >> jimmy: i want to ask you about "the comeback." i don't note if this has happened before a show has come back for its second suspect, nine years later. i remembered the first run very, very well. i think i was at the premiere of
12:29 am
the hbo show. >> oh, yeah? >> jimmy: yeah. how did they say, hey, you know what, that show was ahead of its time, what -- whose idea was this? >> yeah, i mean, i'm not exactly sure, but someone thought, well, this could be an event, been on a couple of lists of, you know, top something show. >> jimmy: shows that were cancelled too early. >> stuff like that. and then i noticed -- here's the big switch for me. i noticed that, like, college-age people were saying, yeah, yeah, "friends" is good. can we talk about "the comeback?" sure. because -- and so, that's -- i think it just built many whole other audience. >> jimmy: and the title, it ends itself so beautifully to that. >> i know. ridiculous. >> jimmy: it seems like the idea of that show was maybe a little bit -- came out a little bit too early. i don't think we had many reality shows like that and maybe people didn't know you were doing a parody, even. >> yeah. to us it was really obvious, because we knew nothing but writers who were being replaced
12:30 am
by reality shows. >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> so, we thought, wow, this is taking over and it's kind of a dangerous thing, because of of this other stuff, you know, that i go off into -- >> jimmy: you wonder if people thought it was actually a reality show, misunderstood. >> well -- oh, some people did. >> jimmy: they did? >> my sister went to a party once and ran into these people from texas who said -- well, they were from texas. i'm not say iing -- >> jimmy: so, the people from texas, i'm sorry. >> we like your sisters show. we didn't know she had red hair. and her husband looks real nice. that guy, mark. and my sister said, no, no, that -- no, no, that's not a reality show. well, we've seen it, and yes it is. maybe you haven't seen it. but we've seen it and -- no, her
12:31 am
husband's french, he's michele. >> no, no, the guy's name is mark. they wouldn't -- >> jimmy: you know what, people are dumb is really what the thing is. well, they are going to be very, very confused when the second season comes on. it's called "the comeback." if you didn't see the first one, it doesn't matter. it's coming back. it returns sunday, november 9th at 109:00 on hbo. lisa kudrow, everybody. thank you, lisa. we'll be right back with lady antebell antebellum.
12:32 am
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♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank will arnett and lisa kudrow and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next. but first, their new album is called "747." here with the song "freestyle," lady antebellum. ♪
12:34 am
♪ river road chevy van cherry classic coke can rolling on the floorboard ♪ ♪ fleetwood, macklemore coming out the speakers spilling on our t-shirts getting loud ♪ ♪ like we're standing in the bleachers creek bank tire swing ♪ ♪ peeling off our blue jeans skinny dip show the fish a couple new things ♪ ♪ hey there ain't nothing wrong just making it up as we go along ♪ ♪ find a little rock and roll hallelujah throw your hands up high if the spirit moves ya ♪ ♪ babe singing hey hey hey ♪ ♪ we can do it old school a-b-c style maybe we could go a little wild and freestyle ♪
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this is "nightline." tonight, code of silence? these air force cadets are some of the top athletes in the nation. but now, some stand accused of sexual assault. largely based on the undercover work of one of their own. tonight, what that informant says he endured for assisting in the investigation. plus, killer caimans attack. these predators are running wild and they have locals fearing for their lives. >> bite your leg off, your head off. >> tonight, an epic battle of man versus beast. and, cronuts at home. fans wait in line for days to taste his creations. but now, the mad genius behind the franken-pastry of the year


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