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tv   Action News  ABC  October 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, october 30, here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking widespread fog which leads us to a sunny, but cooler day. >> police released disturbing surveillance video that leaves residents in one philadelphia neighborhood on edge. >> septa and the union members take on a greater sense of urgency as the end of the week
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approaches. >> let's check in with david and karen we've had a lot of fog in spots. >> reporter: it's cool and dank and some cases foggy. even if spots where the fog is not that thick on the terrace. we have drizzle drop with low-lying cloud cover. once we get rid of the morning fog we transition to partly sunny skies. philadelphia down to wilmington are in a patch of the clear, we have a lot of low visibilities through allentown, trenton and millville. in between these numbers you could have worse visibility, if you run into thick fog slow it down. it's hard to see deer which come close to the roads and there are kids heading out. 43 in wilmington, 47 in philadelphia. 52 in sea isle city. if you're heading out the door
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to catch the school bus bring a jacket. something that's light colored that people can see. temperatures will be in the low to mid 40s during the school bus traveling period. smart phone says 43 by 8:00. 56 by noon, 59 at 2, high of 60 before we dip back to the upper 50s by dinnertime. >> reporter: the big issue is the forking, and some areas misting, too. this is 202 at 422 that's southbound traffic heading toward malvern. no big problems, overnight construction has cleared. slow it down and use low beams with the fog. we had a vehicle that ran off the road it cleared at ridge pike and niefer -- pfeiffer road.
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instruction on the northeast extension all clear. we have an accident in bucks county lower york road at s up gan -- sugan road. a few issues out there this morning, not to mention the fog like we see in new jersey on 42. >> we have a developing story out of the north philadelphia. ment action cam was on the 3300 block of old york road where a fire hydrant was knocked over by a driver who was shot. someone with an assault rifle shot a 53-year-old man in the height thigh. the man passed out and crashed into the fire hydrant. when police pulled him from the suv he was bleeding heavily. officers drove him to temple university hospital where's in critical condition.
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contract gosheses will continue between septa and union members. the talks are more urgent now that the union have indeed authorized a strike. katherine scott is live with the latest details and an update. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, the decision on whether or not there could be a strike could come as early as tomorrow. commuters said they feel better if a contract is reached. today union representatives and septa negotiators will be back at the bargaining table. the union voted to authorize a strike, but they promised not to strike this week and give 24 hours notice to commuters. a strike would shut down subways, trolleys and buses. the workers have been working without a contract for the past 7 months.
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local 234 said the final sticking point is pension reform. if there's a strike, some have alternates means of transportation, but others say they will be stuck. >> i'm the unlucky one i can't go to work if they go on strike, you know. >> reporter: and as it's getting later we're seeing more and more commuters come here at the transportation center they are loading their buses and other ways to get to work, the union went on strike in 2009 and many hope history doesn't repeat itself. still preparations are underway, workers left a crowded union meeting carrying "on strike" signs just in case. katherine scott which i will chlg. >> new this morning here, a woman was rescued from a smashed suv involved in a violent crash on the boulevard overnight. the force of the crash left one suv on its side wrapped around a
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pole. the first one collided into another suv near oxford avenue in the oxford circle sexuality 1:00 had -- oxford circle sexuay 1:45 a.m. the woman is in stable condition. police are looking for a man. a woman with a baseball bat and an olderman approachedment 36-year-old man. police say the gunman yelled you know what you did. investigator say the victim had drugs in his system and no longer cooperating with police. some residents think the victim knows his attackers. this does not look like a vigilance anurag vij
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>> your increasing habits to shop online for the hospital days could help out the u.s. postal service, maribel aber has more from time square. >> the post office is ready for the holiday rush. delivers could be up 14%. the post master general told u.s.a. today carriers will deliver 4 billion packages, 8% increase over last year as more consumers do their holiday shopping online. some crash test dummies are putting on the pounds. it's being modeled on a person weighing 270 pounds. to make sure air bags and seat betls protect obese drivers and
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passengers. the feds wrapped up their financial stimulus program and futures are pointing to higher open. final advice with instagram users, don't post selfies were your paychecks. a group searches for photos with the hash tag my first paycheck. from there they stole banking routing information. there's things you should not post. >> how about going on facebook i'm going on vacation i'm not going to be home for the next week. what happens? right? >> we're dry and there's drizzle falling from fog and low-lying cloud cover from around the area. speaking of the fog you can see it. the oranges and reds are visibility well below a mile and half mile in some cases. we're seeing that in trenton and
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parts of ocean and burlington counties. a little bit forming in central delaware. as we look outside we're not seeing much fog in philadelphia. there hadn't been a problem near the delaware river locally. temperatures across the region are cooler than yesterday. 47 degrees currently in philadelphia. wilmington at 43. allen be town, 38 degrees, down the shore, 53. even that it's a little on the chilly side. i'll bring that always on day planner. would he have fog in spots for now, that let's on out of here 8 or 9:00. we'll transition to partly sunny skies. you can see breaks in the clouds to the wests west. in allentown, 58, partly sunny, chilly. down the shore cooler than where we wound up yesterday. yesterday we got the highs around midday in philadelphia. it stayed mild down the shore
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until the late afternoon hours, about in any event, today, 62, sun and clouds there. in philadelphia, partly sunny skies overall. high of 60. winds will pick up a little bit later, but not too bad today. 43 is the 8:00 temperature, 54 by 11:00. we'll spend most of the afternoon in the upper 50s with the high of 60 around 3:30 or 4:00. tomorrow sun in the morning will give way to increase in clouds we've got a coastal system and another low to the west. but it will stay dry during the day, 59 degrees, it's going to be dry for trick or treaters in the night. cool, 57 degrees, 50 at 9:00. mostly cloudy skies, but dry, maybe some long johns under those costumes. 60 today, more sun than yesterday, cooler. tomorrow, 59 sun and clouds, dry for trick or treating at night. saturday that's when things kind
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of go downhill. 56 is the high. that's in the morning. i could see temperatures falling in the afternoon closer to 40. its going to be winds and damp and not a comfortable day. sunday we're dry, but with a brisk, chilly wind that 51-degree high is misleading feeling like the 30s in the morning and the 40s in the afternoon. looking ahead to next week. election day is dry. >> we're following developing story overseas, the on going fight over a holy site leads to problems in the middle east. >> reporter: you can see morrisville bucks county route 12. be careful always you head out. you talked to police in burlington county, we have details on the problem there. i'll have the
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look there, 6:14, 48 degrees, as we look over the platt bridge. some parts of our area, folks are waking up to dense fog this morning. >> you want a foggy picture, wait no more here's karen rogers. knowledges this the southbound traffic as it heads toward the schuylkill expressway. 476. thiswe had a disabled truck that
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cleared. fog not looking too bad, a touch of on it on the vine street expressway, approaching i-95. no problems and no delays looking good here. the ramp from the vine eastbound to i-95 southbound reopened it was closed for construction. we have an accident in solbury township lower york road to watch for. i talked to police in burlington county, an earlier accident that cause the down traffic signals. crews are trying to deal with it, 130 at riverton road. we have storm tracker 6 live double scan in fog mode. earlier we were showing you a big area of red. this area of red the spots we're seeing to the northwest that's a quarter mile visibility. honeybrook you're getting it. coatsville that's the worst of
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it. route 100 near pottstown, the area of orange is a half mile we're getting that near trenton and wrightstown and browns mill. you're seeing reduced fog throughout the region. 467 degrees in philadelphia. 15 degrees colder than yesterday. 20 degrees colder in millville. 22 in wildwood. so a big difference in 24 hours, tam. >> what a change, thank you, karen. >> developing now, israeli police have shot and killed a palestinian gunman who shot and killed an american israeli activist. glick is currently in serious condition. >> experts weigh in on a future risk for a sweeping cyber
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attack. here's recent -- reena ninan. >> reporter: sperlts believe a major cyber attack will happen in the next decade. microsoft made it officials it is selling a fitness band to measure sensors that measure heart and stress levels. just unveiled, hp stranding new desktop has a giant touch pad and focuses on touch and penn input. those are your tech bytes. >> fired berks county teachers aid is in a a lot of trouble after passing out while driving to school one morning. >> reporter: there's fog around, slow it down. we're dressing the kids in
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sweatshirts this morning. it is cooler. this morning jackets work as it stays on the cool sailed. temple
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investigation you'll see on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. >> they need to fix this problem before somebody's mother is crying, before somebody's child is left without a mother. >> reporter: tonight we'll show buses striking pedestrians. bus drivers have been talking it about it for years. do you deny your own internal studies found a two second blind spot up to 17 feet created by the mirror. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: we have the details on "action news" plus how they plan to make the buses safer tonight at 11:00. >> reporter: this is what's going on in northeast philadelphia. woodhaven road at route 13. that's the eastbound traffic. you can see the flashing lights as you head toward i-95. the accident is blocking the right lane and blocking the
6:22 am
shoulder and eastbound traffic on woodhaven jamming from philadelphia mills to approaching i-95. watch for that does he want just in. let's switch the camera view and check out the ben. we're seeing fog in spots, but not here. no problems between the tolls and center city. no construction no issues dave. >> reporter: breaking up south of philadelphia. we have a patch by dover, delaware, and cumberland county. the thicker stuff is in the northern and western suburbs and to a degree on the other side of trenton. it's the areas of orange and red where the visibility is the lowest. 48 degrees otherwise by 9:00. right now we're in the mid 40 os in a lot of spots. we're up to 56 by noon. the high is 60. we'll hit that around 4:00 we'll be in the 50s throughout much. afternoon. mid 50s by 6:00. partly sunny skies, light to moderate winds.
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look at the clear skies we have in many of our travel destinations hopefully it's a good flight for you this morning. >> the san francisco giants world series win has been marred by violence. two people in the late-night celebration was shot another person was stabbed. they are expected to recover. now the game, the giants beat the royals the hard way during a game 7 in kansas. 3-2 the final. the perceives 9 game sevens were won by the home team. there's ex-philly, hunter pence batted 444 and scored 7 runs and drove in 5 more. next and new at 6:00 a.m. a former teachers aid gets a lesson in the law. >> katherine scott has on going septa negotiations, katherine. >> reporter: matt with the possibility of a strike looming. septa and the union will be back at the car -- bargaining table
6:25 am
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there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> 6:26 you're taking a live look at a foggy scene at a busy spot in our region, 309 where it meets pennsylvania turnpike in fort washington in montgomery county. we'll be tracking fog coming up in our traffic report in just a few moments. >> a man behind bars in texas will face murder charges in the lehigh valley.
6:27 am
police in lower macungie township tracked down alexander brown after a 3 week investigation. the houston man according police confessed to shooting 49-year-old gary rag on october 4. brown was living in his car outside an apartment complex where rag lived. a former teachers aid in berks county faces charges for driving drunk to work. patricia castilido jumped a curb and hit construction equipment before she passed out in the car. she is no longer employed by the school. >> meteorologist david murphy is tracking a cool, foggy start. >> a distracted driving crash this does not involve a smart phone, philadelphia police are phone, philadelphia police are
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>> happening now on "action news," the fog which is in some places, some not. on "action the chill start which is a taste of cooler conditions to come. accuweather is tracking a shot of unseasonable cold. >> time could run out for the septa. this local sign stealer is a politician's husband. >> good morning, 6:30 let's find out about the fog which may be coming for halloween. david murphy has weather and karen rogers has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: there's no fog ong ong -- on the terrace. we have areas that are foggy.
6:31 am
in northern suburbs we have visibility below a mile and half mile same thing in millville and toward dover and parts of burlington county. if you encounter that slow down it's hard to see deer along the roadways this is the time of year they start to come down closer to the roads. we have school kids getting to the school bus this morning. 47 in philadelphia. 43 in wilmington. 44 in trenton. 52 down the shore and 38 in allentown. if we're heading into school. 8:00, 43 degrees, noon, 56 and 3:00 p.m., 59 degrees, a high of 60 around 4:00. again in the 40s in most spots right now. when i step inside we stay cool for the halloween holiday, but do we stay dry for trick or treating? i'll center that coming up, karen -- i'll have that coming up, karen. >> reporter: this is 422 past oaks we can see the fog in the
6:32 am
shot and traffic is heavy to 23 on 422. i talked to police in delaware county washington township creek road at glen crest road watch for this tree partially blocking the roadway there. an accident in solbury township, lower york road. this is northeast philadelphia woodhaven road at route 13 blocking the right lane and the shoulder. eastbound traffic at woodhaven jammed from philadelphia mills to i-95. if you're heading to i-95 it's a jamup there. i-95 approaching cottman southbound traffic heading toward center center city. 29 me ride from i-95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. 130 southbound past riverton
6:33 am
road. a downed traffic signal blocking two lanes currently matt. >> thanks, karen. we begin with a developing story two pets may have played a role in an overnight wreck in northeast philadelphia. a pair of dogs in a car might have distracted a driver who collided with an oncoming vehicle and slammed into two parked cars. the dogs are okay, the owner is in the hospital in stable condition. septa's largest union said it won't strike this week, but would not make any guarantees about next week. katherine scott has word on how close a deal could be live at the frankford transportation center. katherine. >> reporter: matt, a source close to negotiators told "action news" that progress is being made in the talks. people we've been speaking to at the frankford transportation center hope that's the case, because they rely on public transportation everyday to get
6:34 am
where they need to go. you can see them loading on the buses right now. today talks continue between union representatives and septa negotiators. sunday the union unanimously voted to strike, but not to strike this week, and give 24 hour notice to commuters. septa workers left the meeting carrying signs saying "on strike." 4700 workers in septa's largest union have been working without a contract for the past 7 months. local 234 said the final sticking point is pension reform. we spoke to people who say they would be stranded without public transportation. so they hope there's an agreement. >> my husband won't be able to take me to work because we work the same hours. septa, that's my car. that's my transportation everywhere i go, to work from
6:35 am
work. to doctors appointments from doctors appointments. >> reporter: and back here live at the transportation center, it's bustling people are on the way to work and school. septa has an annual ride ridership of 337 million people. 60,000 students use septa everyday. the union said they will reassess progress tomorrow before calling a strike. if there's a strike it won't be earlier than next week. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that, stay with snacks and tack for breaking updates on the septa talks as they unfold. know what the negotiations mean for your morning commute as you head out the door. >> the husband of delaware state senator bethany hall long will surrender to police today,
6:36 am
republican activists say they caught him on camera of stealing their signs. they shared their recorded campaign confrontation. >> there's no name on the signs. >> yes, there is. right here, republicans. we've got you brother. >> reporter: the democrat released a statement that reads in part -- >> officials in maine are trying to get a judge to forcibly quarantine a nurse who recently returned from the ebola hot zone. casi hicox met with reporters.
6:37 am
she spent a nice in isolation in newark, new jersey, after returning from sierra leone. she is planning a federal lawsuit today if maine does not lift the 21 day quarantine. >> what's up with the fog, david. >> reporter: it's a little less intense in some neighborhoods. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're rain free. although where there's low clouds and fog you may see a little drizzle. as we look outside we have the shore that never developed fog, in fact you can see the ferris wheel on the pier. we have areas north and west of philadelphia, not all that far into bucks and montgomery counties, in fact where the fog is thick. that goes up into berks county and allentown. these are areas where you have to take it slow to the other side of the trenton. another area of decent fog organs and reds are below
6:38 am
visibility. we're not seeing much along the delaware river for the most part at least from trenton down south to wilmington and the shore is looking good. 47 degrees, the dewpoint is high close to the temperature an indication that the air is sample rated. the winds south/southwest at 5 miles per hour. if we could pick up winds it would move the fog out, but not strong right now. i'll bring in the always on day planner for those watching in hd tv. satellite is showing us breaks in the clouds. we're looking at a transition from foggy start to partly sunny i say scoos. temperatures lr cooler. 43 degrees at 8:00. 54 by 11:00. we'll spend the afternoon in the 50s with a brief top at 60.
6:39 am
high temperature, 58, 59 in reading. a lot of 60s in through philadelphia. 62 in atlantic city. not a big range, some of you are cooler up north an milder down south. we'll be sandwiched in between an area to the west and this low pressure system. this guy is not going to be a factor for us tomorrow. but we'll see clouds during the day. 59 degrees is the high, but it looks like the system is rolling slow enough in our direction we'll stay dry during the day and trick or treating. at night 57 by 5:00. 50 by 9:00. dry conditions mostly cloudy, some suburbs may be cooler than that, long johns beneath the costumes. on saturday we'll see an area of low pressure that will form and come up the coast. that will drive strong, gusty winds through the region and clouds and showers, saturday does not look like a comfortable day. sunday is on the cool side. here's the exclusive accuweather
6:40 am
seven-day forecast, accuweather says 06 today, more sun than yesterday, but cooler. sun to clouds halloween, dry at night. saturday, windy and damp, 56 degrees the high, the temperature will drop during the afternoon it will feel a lot worse than that with the strong blustery winds. sunday we're dry, high of 51. windchills in the 30s in the morning and probably no better than the mid 40s in the afternoon. a bluster cold weekend. dry for the early partly of next week that includes election day. >> it's now 6:40 up next more stories you did not see last night, including the deflating development in the search for suspected cop killer in the poconos. >> governor christie is at it again going after a hackler during a -- heckler during a political appearance. if you haven't seen it you're in luck. >> reporter: we have flashing lights showing an accident blocking all lanes past fox street. we'll talk about the jamup and
6:41 am
how to get around it. >> paparazzi lands hollywood headliners in are you busy?
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>> 6:43 we're following this fog out there and we've got problems on the roadways, you're looking at it live right now. >> let's go to karen with the latest and help to get around that. >> reporter: this is at accidents on the boulevard southbound past fox street. now we have more emergency workers that have come to the scene. all lanes are blocked. you're getting a jam up
6:44 am
obviously because you're standings still. this is the boulevard past fox street jammed 9th to past fox with crews on the scene blocking all lanes. stick to hunting park or lincoln drive, boulevard southbound jammed up with the accident currently blocking all lanes fire crews or ambulance backing up and dealing with the situation. hopefully as some of the crews leave the scene, we'll allow some traffic through. in the meantime stick to hunting park or lincoln drive. in lehigh county a tree is blocking creek road at glen crest road watch for this. we had an accident in solbury township it cleared at lower york road. things looking better there. let's go back out live northeast philadelphia as we had an accident blocking the right lane and shoulder, wood haven road moving better. we had a jam-up eastbound heading toward i-95. we had a delay it's easing now
6:45 am
that the lanes are back up. let's get a look at the big picture, 15 miles per hour, i-95 southbound near gird. schuylkill expressway westbound 10 miles per hour. fog, philadelphia international, ten miles. .3 in trenton, millville, dover. half a mile in allentown. in some spots the fog is a big deal. new at 6:30 governor christie's trip to the jersey shore to mark the two year anniversary of super-storm sandy. kicked up a coastal stormle of - storm of a different al qaeda. a former democratic councilman from asbury park accused christy for not doing enough. he defended the work he has done and then he said this. >> if you want to have the conversation later, i'm happy to
6:46 am
have it buddy, but until that time sit down and shut up. >> he later accused christy of being a bully. the incident comes as christy is preparing to decide whether to run for president. >> energy will headline the philadelphia council session. council will recognize a temple nurse with killer test. the temple nurse won free -- frito lay million dollars prize for developing new chip. the balloon used to look for suspected cop killer eric frein turned out to be a bust. the terrain proved to tough for the aircraft. frein was charged with killing one state trooper and injuring
6:47 am
another one back on september 12. >> police in the lehigh valley arrested a local college student saying he broke into a friend's home dressed as a tell tubby. he was dressed up like this. the character la la. the break in happened on bethlehem. student dumped over leftover chinese food into a man purse and then fled. >> okay. >> the student faces several charges including disorderly conduct. >> okay. >> la la. >> la la. 6:47 drivers are navigating through thick fog. meteorologist david murphy is tracking that fog right now. >> reporter: fog not a problem in philadelphia and in the northern and western suburbs it's thick. it's cool, sweatshirts are a good idea and jackets this
6:48 am
afternoon. we'll be back with the day-park forecast and talk about where the fog is lingering. temple is our featured college this morning.
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> time for a preview of "good morning america." >> amy robach is joining us, i'm guessing viewers in the west coast may join you a little late, especially in the bay
6:51 am
area. >> i guess there's been celebrating there, i watched them win last night. so i'm a little bleary eyed this morning. we'll talk about all the dramatic events in san francisco. giants beat the royals in the game that came down to the last pitch. we're live outside the stadium this morning with the latest. then a scary halloween forecast, lots of cold air hitting the east and the midwest is preparing for storms. ginger is tracking it all for the trick or treaters out there. taylor swift might be here today. we have a guy -- ginormous crowd outside. they are showing their love for taylor. >> her epic concert.
6:52 am
>> she may be the only person to sell a million records this year and done it in a week. >> taylor swift is huge. >> reporter: i'm a huge fan, too. what a mess morning. we have and accident past fox street as you head toward the schuylkill expressway you're jammed from the 9th to the past fox. stick to hunting park avenue or lincoln drive instead. another accident 309 at the five points intersection. blocking lanes at cow path road. as you look under the lights you can see the fog in the area as you're heading out. a downed traffic signal blocking the right and center lane in cinnamon on 10 southbound. >> reporter: we have a lot of orange and red in montgomery and berks and lehigh valley. and bucks characterized is
6:53 am
covered by and areas east of trenton parts of burlington county and a little bit of cumberland county and areas of kent county near dover. this is where the vis abbott is the worst. 48 degrees by 9:00. 56 by noon. it is going to be a cool day, we'll transition to partly sunny skies throughout the day, once we dump the morning fog, 59 by 3:00. the high is 06 at 4:00. tam? >> former rap mogul shug knight is back in the news. he and another stole a photographer's camera in beverly hill also. if convicted knight and williams could get serious jail time because they have cri
6:54 am
6:56 am
>> reporter: a traffic mess so many accidents coming in this is live on the boulevard, southbound at fox street. we thought they would let a lane get by, not happening. emergency crews jamming things up rising sun to past fox street. another new accident in tall minute son township, hillside avenue.
6:57 am
>> reporter: fog is creating low visibility in parts of the area. wherever you see gray you have a chance of dense fog. >> taylor swift on "g.m.a." for dave, tam, karen, i'm matt. see you.
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newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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. good morning, america. new overnight -- >> a world series win for the san francisco giants. >> world series thriller. san francisco, giants of the baseball beating the royals in a game that came down to the last pitch. one of the greatest performances in world series history. fans going wild in the streets. the celebrations turning violent. developing now, the coldest halloween in 18 years as cold and snow moves in, and a major coastal storm targets the northeast. ginger is tracking it all. >> sit down and shut you have. chris christie, take on this protester on his home turf. his blunt style