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tv   Action News  ABC  October 30, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon we begin with
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noon with breaking news, a plane has crashed into a building in wichita, kansas creating a black plume of smoke that you can see for miles around the city. the plane just took off and lost power in one engine, the pilot was trying to turn around and go back to the airport. it's unclear how many people were hurt. our official big story this noon is the big chill outside, today begins a stretch of cold weather and it will feel like december before the stretch is over. for more on that lets head to the "action news" big board and david murphy. >> we have the rain come through and you can see it well off the coast because a departing cold front is off the coast, we are feeling cooler than yesterday because of the draw of the air behind that front is out of the
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cool areas of canada in the great lakes and we are knocking that number down today and that is the pattern and then a coastal low pressure that will zap us with clouds and showers and sprinkles on saturday and another round of cool air coming down out of the northwest. we are getting hit in two directions over the next several days. we are looking at satellite and decent amount of sunshine, there could be more of that cloud cover filetering in and a high of 63 degrees today, that represents a big difference from yesterday. we have been up above average for so much the last week or so. obviously it's a chilly one. we are cool today and probably cooler than the numbers would indicate. as we come back in a bit, we'll have the halloween forecast and the call for the weekend, the temperatures will start to dip and feeling even danker and more
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uncomfortable. >> thank you david, we'll check back in later. stay with for the latest weather and video. talks are resuming from septa and the transit workers union has both sides work to avoid a strike. union leaders promise to give 24 hours notice before walking off the job. david henry is monitoring the talks he is live from old city. >> reporter: hi sara, the septa negotiators are scheduled to sit down here to resume their talks and things are getting down to the wire. and union sources are it willing us it's not going well. on monday union boss, willy brown, said he was willing to give it one more week to decide if his workers would hit the
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picket lines, union sources tell us that things have not gone well this week. hopes were derailed a couple of weeks ago when septa started making new demands including a five-year contract instead of two, and septa says everything is negotiable and hopes that the strike can be avoidable. they didn't strike then because union negotiators thought they were making good process toward a deal. brown will make a decision on the strike tomorrow if they don't have a satisfactory contract by them and give commuters 24 hours notice before striking. commuters said it would be a big hardship. >> it's a bad thing for me, you can see i have to be at work early in the morning and i won't be able to get to work. >> i won't be able to get to work. >> need to get to work.
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>> well, the transit workers last went on strike giving headaches for the commuters and workers. we'll keep an eye on things here and on 6 abc and on "action news." live in old city, david henry, channel 6 "action news.." >> all right david thank you. the husband of a delaware state senator turned himself in for stealing campaign signs from rivals. david long surrendered to middletown police. she acknowledges that her husband stole political signs from rivals after he was caught in a stake out. mr. long is released on $250 bail. a man open fire with an assault rifle this morning, the
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victim was shot in the leg on tioga street. the victim drove himself two miles to york road where he crashed and passed out behind the wheel, he was taken to the hospital in critical but stable condition. a nurse who is suppose to stay in isolation match treating ebola patients, defied her voluntarily quarantine today leaving her home for a bike ride. >> police say they watched tracy hickox but couldn't stop her without a court order. marcy gonzales joins us live from new york. >> reporter: they want hickox tested for ebola again, while we wait for the decision hickox headed out showing she is not
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sick. today nurse tracy hickox defying her quarantine, leaving her house with her boyfriend and going for a bike ride. she is trying to reach a solution with officials that want her to stay in isolation for another 12 days, i'm not willing to stand here and let my civil rights be violated. hickox returned from west africa last week after treating patients for ebola. she tested negative twice for the disease. but they say they need to test her again. >> despite experts insisting that hickox does not prove a risk to the community. this trooper is staked out at her home for her safety.
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people there are sad and angry. >> people are concerned about her attitude. >> and in connecticut, her child was healthy, was told not to come to school because she recently travelled to nigeria, more than 1,000 miles from the ebola outbreak. >> dr. craig spencer is still hospitals in new york listed in critical but stable condition. >> marcy thank you. tom manino retired, he was elected mayor five consec tifr times, he dies this morning after a lengthy battle with cancer, he was 71 years old. the poconos police
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department involved in the search for eric frein increased their own security today. the barracks is getting a new protective fence at the cost of $5,000. the chief says that the search for frein makes their own security a top priority. the suspected cop killer is on the run now for 48 days. the roosevelt boulevard is back open in east falls after major delays from a gas tanker, the sedan collided with the sunoco truck this morning in heavy fog, it shut down all southbound lanes near fox causing backups all the way to la langdon street. a woman says she was driving with dogs in the car and may have been distracted when she crossed the lanes and collided head-on with a car and hit two parked cars.
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the animals were not injured she was taken to the hospital in serious condition. coming up a man shoots at cars in his neighborhood. how the police captured the gun wielding suspect. >> and some retailers are saying no to the holiday shopping rush. which companies are refusing to open on thanksgiving this year. and david murphy has the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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today crews are searching for scorched wreck am along the virginia coastline trying to figure out why the rocket exploded on tuesday. the explosion was a blow to nasa's strategy for using private companies to bring supplies to astronauts in space. the cause of the blast is unknown but some experts blame the 1960s russian built engines used in the rocket. chris christie is making a stop in colorado today on the heels of his out burst to a heckleer. >> you want to have that conversation we will, but until then sit down and shut up.
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>> he was speaking at an event on the anniversary of hurricane sandy, a man accused him of not doing enough during the storm. a man is in custody after he walked out his home and sprayed bullets throughout his neighborhood. this is from lawndale, california, he aimed with a lafrnl gun at cars and other homes and eventually the s.w.a.t. team that was called to the scene, they were able to roll the shooter out on a stretcher and he is recovering in the hospital. investigators don't know why he began shooting in the first place. a woman parked out of a gas station was ambushed by a carjacker that was apparently high on drugs, police caught the suspect after reports of a man breaking car windows in the same neighborhood. the 29-year-old man they say was under the influence and booked
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on several charges. we have an update on the breaking news out of wichita, kansas, authorities confirm that at least two people are dead after a small plane crashed into a building this morning. the twin engine plane lost power to one engine after it took off and was turning back to the airport when it crashed. it's unclear how many total were on board. at least two people dead on the ground and six remain unaccounted for and at least four injured. we'll have more information on air and online at this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.
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some major retailers are taking a stance on shopping on thanksgiving, they are refusing to open. costco and nordstrom and game stop are a bunch of stores not opening their doors. they are giving employees time to be with their families instead. people have joined a facebook group called boycott thanksgiving shopping. being active can be good for anyone's health but especially in adults. in the art of aging, lisa thomas-laury talks about a new program that helps people stay
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connected. >> it's a senior program available to all pennsylvanians over the age of 60, it's a great benefit for the clients and their companions. >> bettyson is the companion for gladys for years. >> it made her come out of herschel. >> betty takes gladys to the movie and shopping and for walks. >> my wife would be lonely without her. the companions are older age 55 and the clients they serve over the able of 60, the companions receive a small stipend and their expens are covered. >> being a motivator for someone else helps them get up in the morning. >> she does more for me than i do for her, it's the most rewarding thing i have ever done
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in my life. >> companions must be willing to travel throughout the city, you can learn by calling the pca help line. lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news." well, the "action news" team sought working on news story for tonight beginning at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom where a look ahead. >> reporter: how is this for a college course, encouraging students to waste time surfing the internet. plus, can you call it ruby slippers on demand, we'll show you the new app using wizard of oz technology, to get you out of a bad date or evening with the click of your heels. and britney maynard the young mother that decided to end her life on saturday, now says she may delay it.
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have ever had a close call with a septa bus, tonight drivers warn there are problems with their buses when they put passengers in danger every day. wendy saltzman has more on the investigation. >> reporter: after a 29-year-old woman was struck and dragged under the tires of a moving bus -- >> they need to fix this problem before a child is left without a mother. >> tonight we'll show you the shocking footage of buses
12:24 pm
striking pedestrians. plus we turn to the transportation agencies for answers. >> do you deny there was a 2 second blind spot eequivalent to 7 feet created by that mirror. >> you'll see this only on "action news" plus how septa plans to make their buses safer. now meteorologist, david murphy is back with a cooler forecast. >> and it looks to say that way for a while. stormtracker 6 live double scan scanning the delaware and lehigh valleys and we don't have any precipitation, we had a little bit of that moving off the coast at dawn this morning but that was about it. as we look outside, we are looking at sky 6 looking north along the atlantic city skyline and there is sunshine breaking through the clouds and we have a fairly bright start today. 58 in philadelphia, and still on the cool side, dew point is down there, 38 with the air drying
12:25 pm
out a bit. the winds are picking up a bit, to 10, we don't expect much higher. 53 in allentown, and cool air as well. reading 54 and 56 in trenton and 56 in wilmington and mid to upper 50s at the shore at this hour. as we look at satellite, we have cloud cover out to the west of us, for now the sunshine is doing a pretty good job of keeping things fairly bright, every now and then the clouds are mixing, we may see more of this cloud cover coming in in the afternoon, can't do anything about the numbers though, 58 for the high in allentown, the air is flowing in off the northwest behind the departing front and 62 is the high in atlantic city and a mix of sun and clouds and cooler than yesterday when we got up closer to 70 and 60 is the in philadelphia, a light breeze and winds running 7 to 14 miles per hour. mainly clear and chilly and 43
12:26 pm
is the low, right around the average low temperature for this time of year. but a little cooler than a lot of our recent overnights. when you step outside you'll feel a bit chillier tomorrow morning. sun giving way to clouds and a low pressure center not doing a great impact to us. and a front to the west is spilling clouds as the day goes on. all eyes are on tomorrow night. will it rain? doesn't look like it, we'll go for a mostly cloudy forecast for halloween and the clouds get thicker and get us wet on saturday, but for friday night it looks fine. 50 in philadelphia by 9:00 and 40s in some suburbs, so obviously it's a halloween where you got the underarmor on the kids before you put on the costume. if you are going searching for the leaves, you don't have to search far. the winds are expected to pick
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up over the weekend and the leaves get knocked off the branches and this could be it for leaf viewing this year. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, more sun today but cooler, sun giving way to clouds and 59 is your high and chilly at height night, and i don't think it will be all that windy and saturday the wins really kick in, windy and damp and 56 degrees and temperatures potentially falling during the afternoon, wet with occasional showers, a raw, windy and chilly day. and sunday if we hit the high of 51 it will feel like the 30s and 40s in the afternoon. even cooler over the weekend, it does look like we bounce back a bit for election day though. >> thanks david. still more to come on our n half hour of "action news" at noon. a motorcyclist shows his go provo of how he rescued a woman
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on the highway. and tips to keep your tri
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i knew my life as i knew itr, would never be the same. everything stopped. and i just said, "i'm going to beat this." and that's when i found living beyond breast cancer. purchase a specially marked bottle of pink lemonade 5-hour energy and a portion of the proceeds will help survivors like me with a much needed community of support. living beyond breast cancer is a lifeline for so many people. i just love being able to say that i am living beyond breast cancer. "action news" continues. >> hello again, here is some of the stories we are following for you on "action news" this noon. israel closes one of the holiest sites in islam as
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tensions rise. a full report is next. a nurse in maine is refusing to follow her quarantine orders after working with ebola patients in west africa. and it's not a sight people like to see but snow will eventually arrive and penndot says it's ready. and more on the plane that crashed at wichita's airport. two people killed and four others hurt when the plane crashed into a flight safety building and five people are still missing, the beach craft model plane crashed just before 10:00 a.m., it's believed that only the pilot was on board. it quickly turned around and there are several people on the ground still unaccounted for right now. we'll continue to follow this story out of kansas and bring you more information on air and
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online at overseas, israeli-palestinian relations are hitting rock bottom, at a time when u.s. ties are weaker than ever. >> reporter: israel has closed one of the holiest sites in islam. the mosque in jerusalem, israel says the unusual step is meant to calm tensions but had the opposite affect. israeli security forces fatally shot a palestinian man that they say was responsible for a drive by assassination attempt on wednesday. in a statement palestinian president did not condemn the attempt but lashed out at israel for closing the mosque saying it was a declaration of war against the palestinians and the entire muslim war.
12:32 pm
tensions were already raw for israel's plans to build 1,000 housing units in east jerusalem. they recognized the palestinian state as becoming the third country to do so. >> a territory and the people and the government. >> meanwhile israeli officials say the already strained relations between their country and the united states have deteriorated to an all-time low. this time quoting a senior obama administration member using a derogatory term to describe netanyahu. >> to bolster its point, susan rice is meeting with her counter part in washington today. officials in maine are hoping for a court order to keep nurse, casey hickox, quarantined
12:33 pm
for the rest of the incubation period for ebola. but right now they cannot keep her inside as she biked with her boyfriend. hickox contended there is no need for quarantine, because she is showing no signs of ebola after treating patients in west africa. and now there say 24 hour monitoring in place, pennsylvania's health department is checking in daily with more than 100 people and none have tested positive and delaware is testing 11 people that are considered low risk. turning to the forecast now and we have the sunshine today to keep things bright but it's colder outside for this thursday. meteorologist, david murphy, is outside on the terrace, you won't need an overcoat but you will in the next few days. right now we are off to a seasonably cool start, we have a fair amount of sunshine with
12:34 pm
clouds digging in and take a look at satellite and there is thicker cloud cover to the west trying to filter in later on but it will be thin enough and with enough holes, for the rest of the afternoon we are liable to see more sunshine and you should plan on using the shades if you are out walking or driving, 58 in philadelphia, the cooler air from the northwest that we talked about in the first half hour of the broadcast is definitely having an impact. in pittsburgh and buffalo the air is cooler, but i only expect us to go a couple degrees higher from our temperature. this represents a change, temperatures are 11 degrees cooler than this time yesterday and we headed for a high of 70 yesterday afternoon. definitely a change with the cooler air in. here is how it goes the rest of the way, 59 degrees by 2:00 and 4:00, 60 is your high this afternoon and 6:00, 56 and by
12:35 pm
10:00 all the way down to 49 degrees. this is from john yesterday, longwood, pennsylvania, showing beautiful turning leaves and we are coming to the end of that season, it will probably end this weekend with the wind ripping the leaves off the trees, if you want to do leaf peeking, wharton state forest is a good option. when i step inside a good look at the halloween call, we'll be dry but we'll want to bundle up a little bit. >> thank you david. winter is still more than a month away but there is work being done to fight the cold, ice and snow, eva pilgram is live in norristown at the salt yard to tell us how penndot is preparing this year. this is all ready eva? >> reporter: i know we are all
12:36 pm
cringing but the sun is out. this is nice weather for penndot as they prepare for the upcoming winter, don't panic it's not suppose to snow here any time soon but we know eventually it will come. penndot is getting ready since last winter ended. the salt barns are at capacity and the crews have been busy fixing the damage last winter caused on the roads. >> that provided us with money to repave the roads that were so badly damaged by the winter last year. city road and street road and i-95 down by the airport. i could go on. >> reporter: now, another important thing that has to happen is a little maintenance, that is what they are doing right now, mechanics are making sure that the salt is ready to go all before the white stuff
12:37 pm
begins to fall. now, me and you have to remember how to drive in it. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news.." >> better safe than sorry. meantime talks continue between septa and the union and both sides are making progress towards a deal. union representatives are returning to the bargaining table with a third day of talks. the union unanimously voted to authorize a strike on saturday. the union said they would give 24 hours notice to commuters. we'll this on 6 abc and factory members have a new four-year contract with temple university. it covers 400 full-time librarians professors and academic professionals. chopper 6 hd was over the
12:38 pm
city block of north third street. firefighters were called to the scene at 5:45 and discovered heavy smoke there. everybody got out of the home okay. this home in croyden, buck county sustained heavy damage on the 1,000 block, firefighters arrived to find flames coming from the home and the fire was so intense it burned a neighbor's house. no word yet on the cause. a delaware woman was attacked and robbed outside of her apartment. and newcastle county police say a man approached the woman from behind while leaving her home last friday in wilmington. investigators say that the man pointed a gun at the woman and demanded money, the suspect hit the woman several times with the gun and if you have any information you are asked to call the number on your screen.
12:39 pm
a former teacher's aide in berks county faces charges of driving drunk to work, they say that she jumped a couple of curbs and hit a parked vehicle before passing out in her car. it happened near perry elementary. she is no longer employed by the school. the colonial school district has new protection, bullet proof white boards, they displayed them at the middle school this morning, the first in the delaware valley to place bullet proof white boards in the classroom. they were inspired to get them after speaking to parents in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> when they found her child, the teacher had wrapped her body around her child to protect the
12:40 pm
child and neither one survived. the bullet proof boards were purchased by delmarva power and monroe energy. there is much more to come on "action news" at noon, a motorcycle video goes viral one year after he freed a woman who was trapped underneath her car on the highway. >> and alcohol one is full of spooky fun and there is dangers involved how to keep yourself and your children safe when the trick or treating begins and david murphy returns with your exclusive accuweather forecast.
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reshape the community yard by yard. video from san diego a year ago is just going viral on the web, it was shot from the perspective of a helmet cam, he helped rescue a woman who was trapped in her overturned vehicle, she grabbed a knife and pulled her from the car just in time. several websites recently picked up the youtube video and has close to a million hits. a pilot was killed in a crash that pulverized a military plane in southern california, it nearly disintegrated as it went down in a field. it's unclear if the plane was taking off or landing, the cause of the crash remains under investigation. the national highway traffic safety administration is reminding everybody of the dangers on halloween night, they reported the holiday ranked in the top three days of the year for pedestrian accidents in the
12:44 pm
united states. if you are driving be smart, avoid neighborhood cut throughs and drive slowly. put tape or a glow stick on your child's costume or have your child carry a flashlight. make sure your makeup doesn't harm your skin, skin reactions to face paints and makeup are common. >> some people can be allergic to the ingredients in makeup, they could put it on and get an itchy rash or blistery rash. doctors recommend dabbing some on your skin first to see if it will react. use products manufactured specifically for the face and avoid nail glue, glitter and markers. they may be more difficult to remove. and wash off the makeup.
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well, you may think of halloween as an american tradition but it was brought here by celtic immigrants. karen rogers has more on an irish pub that goes all out for the holiday. >> halloween is an old festival started in ireland about 1,000 years ago.
12:48 pm
halloween was at first celebration of the fall harvest. it's guinness beer and meat and carrots. >> they are so popular. >> home style and sitting by a fire what else do you want? if you want your fall bounty sitting in a glass, there is cold cider with rum. and there is a pumpkin spiced pumpkin martinmartini. and there is the hot apple pie made with hot apple cider, and float the cream on the top of the glass. >> they will keep you warm. >> definitely will. >> suddenly we are all very thirsty. >> that is why karen rogers is always in a good mood. >> all of that stuff for free
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too. double scan live shows us we are dry into the afternoon, that is nice, sky 6 hd is showing plenty of sunshine and some clouds starting to mix in, we are going for the partly sunny afternoon. highs now and into tomorrow, dry but chilly conditions and saturday wet, windy and kind of raw. you know you put a jacket on today and you are okay. satellite showing you a fair amount of sunshine mixing with the clouds, cloud cover to the west, i think it's a pretty good looking day for the most part, high temperatures on or about 60 everywhere, up in allentown 58, up to 62 in atlantic city, cooler than yesterday certainly, 5:00, 58 and the sun goes down and so do the numbers, getting
12:50 pm
close to the 40s by 9:00, i think by 10:00 we are in the 40s. friday, well we have a couple of features, one off the coast and one to the west. this is the guy i'm watching tomorrow for you. it looks like it will put more clouds into the region, 59 is your cool high tomorrow but the rain you see associated with this system will hold off until the late night hours or the wee hours of saturday morning. it looks like we'll be able to get the trick or treating in dry. 50 by 9:00 and mostly cloudy and dry and not a lot of wind but it would be a good idea for layers beneath the costumes. we have a feature shooting past us on the coast and some rain but not super heavy rain but with a driving wind from the north, chilly air still in place, this looks look a damp, dreary and i would add the words
12:51 pm
windy and raw. it's going to be one of those days that feels comfort outside. by sunday the features pushes away enough and it looks like we'll dry out but a strong wind gusting to 30 miles per hour coming from the northwest and it's still chilly, and yes, there is spotty snowfall in some of the upper elevations into new england, i would not get excited about that, it's not a lot. i hope you get up early and join me for the purple stride, festivities beginning at 7:30, put on layers and come down to help a good cause. i'll see you down there. cooler and accuweather says we are stuck with chilly conditions and sun and clouds and dry at night but on the cool side. saturday the winds ramp up and damp with occasional rain and showers and drizzle. a high of 56 is misleading, the
12:52 pm
numbers will drop and it will feel uncomfortable. we'll get an extra hour of sleep and chilly conditions and 51 and feeling like the 30s and in the afternoon it will feel like the 40s, a chilly weekend from start to finish, if you have plans to do anything sunday is the better of the two days and dry and mild for election day, tuesday. >> get out and vote. >> stay on top of the changing weather situation at,/weather, you'll find our storm tracker radar and hourly forecast, you'll fine the videos from our meteorologists as well and view our collection of weather related images. topping the people scene, suge knight is in the headlines, he was arrested for robbery along with cat williams.
12:53 pm
they say that the pair stole a photographer's camera in the beverly hills area. they could get serious jail time because of their criminal histories. >> ricki lake filed for divorce from her second husband, they celebrated earlier this month. she filed for divorce a week later. under the terms of their prenup, lake pays him $125,000 once the divorce is finalized.
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if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. into thank goodness it's thursday, get ready for an all new night of drama here on 6
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abc, it starts at 8:00 with "grey's anatomy," and "scandal" at 9:00 and "how to get away with murder" at 10:00 and watch "action news" at 11:00. if are you looking for distraction this afternoon, check out these stories at this photo of a gentlemen in a diner seated next to a photo of his deceased wife has gone viral. >> and the college student that hit four shots and won $10,000 towards his tuition. and it's on, two new jersey black bears were captured on video exchanging blows. must see video now on >> everybody has a cell phone these days. >> partly sunny skies over the
12:57 pm
region and temperatures in the upper 50s in the northern and western suburbs down the i-95 corridor, we have spots hitting 60 and winds not too bad, 7 to 14 miles per hour. finally along the southeastern portion of the region, a couple of low 60s, 61 in sea isle city, and 59's closer to millville and on up the pike towards north jersey, cooler today than yesterday, but this is where you expect to be this time of year, it's a nice, seasonable afternoon. >> as long as it's dry. finally this noon, it's one day before halloween and we are celebrating the popular treat candy corn. today is candy corn day. almost 9 billion pieces will be made this year. i can't decide if i really like
12:58 pm
that. >> it's good for
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>> announcer: today on "the chew" -- fright night is upon us, but how's that honey do list going? don't lose your head, because we're working our magic to throw together halloween in a hurry. and because the last thing you had time for is an elaborate dinner, michael is keeping it frighteningly simple with a mouthwatering five-minute pasta. then, how will carla turn ordinary appetizers into spooky party treats? and still haven't picked out your costume yet? clinton has some last minute tricks up his sleeve. and it all starts right now, on "the chew." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon and welcome to "the chew." thanks guys. are you freaking out because tomorrow is halloween and you're no