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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  October 30, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> i'm sharrie williams and shirleen is off. the big story is the deadly accident in wichita, today the search for people had to stop because of safety concerns, karen travers following these developments from washington. >> reporter: good afternoon people that were inside that flight safety building and familiar with planes felt the whole building shake and knew immediately that something was wrong. >> the plane crashed at 10:00 a.m. right into the building at the airport. there was smoke on the horizon as you approached the airport for miles. >> the crash caused a two alarm fire. at least four people were killed inside of the building, they say that at least one person was
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inside the plane and that was the pilot. this is the audio from air traffic control you hear the pilot say -- >> this is an emergency -- we just lost the aircraft. officials say there was 100 people inside of the building visitors and employees. >> the building shook and rumbled and when we saw the smoke plume cast a shadow on the left side of the building we knew something was wrong. >> the flight simulator part of the building had a significant collapse and it's unsafe. >> we have crews in there evacuated the rest of the building but we have an imminent collapse. >> they will have a team on site tonight, reporting live from washington, car and travers, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have the very latest on the
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plane crash at, can you get the updates on the investigation and see videos and pictures from the scene. the manhunt for accused cop killer, eric frein, continues in the poconos, police are doing everything they can to catch their man, we saw a smaller police presence there today. chad pradelli is live now you are more on what could be behind that. >> reporter: we are here on route 91 and this area is the focus of the search, behind me there is a couple of law enforcement vehicles, a half hour to 45 minutes ago, a half dozen atf agents emerged with k-9 united and started to search the wooded area to the right. they were slow and methodical. we saw a number of k-9 units some from our area.
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temple university have offered some. this search here tonight appears route on, we didn't see the urgency we saw a couple of days ago when there was a reported sighting of eric frein, wanted for killing a trooper and wounding north. we saw troopers flying overhead in helicopters but not today. over the past couple of months there are a half dozen sightings of eric frein. residents are frustrated. halloween is canceled and there was an event and it went well in neighboring paradise township. parents say use their discretion to go trick or treating, but law enforcement continues to press on in searching for eric frein. >> the search continues chad,
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thank you. philadelphia city council changed the hate crime laws with stiffer penalties. but they rejerkted the sale of pgw to a gas company. mayor nutter wrote a piece ripping them for not hearing the proposal on the deal, it would have created jobs and paid for repairs on aging gas mains. talks have resumed with septa and the transit union as both sides work to avoid a strike. the two sides met at the windham hotel and sources tell 6 abc it's not going well. willy brown, the union boss said he was willing to give it one more week before his 4700 members hit the picket lines. both sides say they are going to keep working and they want to
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avoid a strike. commuters tell us they certainly hope it's the case. >> it's going to be a bad thing for me, as you can see i have to be to work early in the morning and i won't be able to get to work. >> won't be able to get to work. i need to get to work. >> the worker have been without a contract for 7 months now. brown will make a decision by the end of the day tomorrow and will give commuters 24 hours notice before calling a strike should they do so. david ryhenry has more on the strike coming up at 5:00. a crash of a gas tanker caused major problems on roosevelt boulevard in the southbound lanes on fox street in east falls, the sunoco truck was blocking the road only
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letting one lane get by. it took hours to clear the wreckage. nobody was seriously hurt. it's cooler than usual but by in large a nice day out there. lets go outside to meteorologist, adam joseph. >> brian and sharrie, it goes to show you how warm it's been because today say typical october day. a step down in temperatures, 76 on tuesday, 70 yesterday and today 60 degrees which is close to the average of 62 and the overnights are going to be back to average as well and it will feel mighty chilly tomorrow morning. as you look at satellite and radar, clouds move in north and west. a cold front is slipping through the northern planes and this is the barrier of some really cold air to the north and some really strong winds, that will move in over the upcoming weekend but not in time for our trick or treating tomorrow.
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yes, it will be a cool halloween but generally dry for most of us and then a damp start to the weekend on saturday and we dry it up on sunday but that is when the whipping winds move into town. and a more specific forecast for the halloween evening tomorrow in the full accuweather forecast. >> okay adam thank you. with temperatures getting colder, the time for snowplows and shovels is closer than you might think, and even though you may not want to think about it, the stores are selling the salt and and brine you need to keep the sidewalks clear. >> reporter: it's hard to think about snow when the sun is shining like it is today. but it's just a matter of time before old man winters arrives. it's beginning to look a lot
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like christmas. >> many of us shiver at the thought of last year's winter, penndot is getting ready for the winter. >> we began planning for this winter at the close of last winter, we do preparation through spring, summer and fall. they checked the fleet to make sure everything is working correctly. >> you don't want to waste it off to the shoulder or into someone's front yard and the supplies are replenished and salt is at full capacity in november. >> we take shipments of salt through summer and fall and we load up the salt stockpile so when november comes around we are ready should precipitation fall. the salt is ready and the sun is still shining. >> i'm not preparing yet, i'll
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wait until it happens and then i'll react. unfortunately. >> i like the snow as lock as i done have to go to work. >> now, once the salt barns are full we'll have 110 thousand tons of salt. then penndot will replenish the salt barns, last year we used approximately 172,000 tons of salt. that is a lot of snow and a lot of salt. we are live along the schuylkill expressway, eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news". still ahead, black friday shoppers may have to get a later start this year. the retailers that are staying closed on thanksgiving day. plus, the nurse isolated again her will because of ebola fears, she keeps the promise she
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thomas manino the longest serving mayor in boston has now died. he passed away this morning surrounded by family and friends, he was first selected in 1993 and only decided not to run for re-election last year because of his failing health. he is survived by his loving wife and two children and their six grandchildren. the nurse who said she would not stay in quarantine today after treating ebola patients made good on her promise, tracy hickox left her house in maine to go for a bike ride with her boyfriend. state officials wanted her to stay in isolation for 21 days.
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hickox also spent time in isolation in new jersey when she first came back from africa. to business on a thursday afternoon, all treat and no trick, for investors, the dow soaring 221 points and the s&p also up 12.5 points. two more retailers are joining the list of businesses that will not open early for black friday, nordstrom and game stop will be closed on thanksgiving day. this after costco announced they wanted their employees to stay home with their families. kmart opened their doors at 6:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day, the early start has quite a bit of push back for consumers. and a push to develop the land around amtrak station is moving forward. penndot announced a $2.35 million reward for the 30th
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street station. temple university is partnering with septa to develop opportunities around the station. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is in the traffic center on a thursday afternoon. things look smooth behind you dare i say. >> we have seen worse but transporting slowly on this thursday afternoon brian and sharrie, as we head westbound here on the schuylkill expressway passing city avenue tapping the brakes on out to belmont, you may find slow traffic on belmont itself coming away from the schuylkill, a lot of paving work going on there. use city avenue instead. but on city avenue traveling southbound past st. joes, there is a crash approaching 63rd street ain wreck at chinatown at 9th and arch. and a vehicle into a house in bristol township, buck county,
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near bath road and broad street. and cellarsvilles a wreck at south street. and over in voorhees, camden county, a crash at cooper road. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday, almost friday. we are getting there people. someone using the waze app is talking about an accident come ago way from 42 and heading down toward vineland. look for delays associated with that crash. >> all right matt thank you. have you ever had a close call with a septa bus? tonight on "action news" at 11:00, some bus drivers sounded the alarm that there is big problems with these buses and that they are placing pedestrians in danger every single day. >> how many deaths does it take
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before someone says septa do something about your safety issue. we'll show you shocking video of these buses striking pedestrians that came into their path, and how septa is taking action to keep you safer. don't miss this exclusive investigation only on "action news" at 11:00. a montgomery county community is taking steps again criminals that use the website craigslist. rick williams is live in the newsroom with details he is gathering on this story as we speak. >> hi brian, thank you, there are several high-profile cases that stem from crimes on craigslist, various people in our area that are robbed after agreeing to buy or sell items on the site. how police in conshohocken are creating a real life safe zone to protect craigslist users. and important information for college students and their parents, the fda approved a
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vaccine that protects against meningitis c. and those are just some of the stories we are working for on "action news" at 5:00. until then, brian and sharrie back to you in the newsroom. >> thank you. up next on "action news" at 4:00, adam is back with an early look with the weekend call from accuweather. >> plus, it's a shouting match that got national attention, we catch up with the man that had a heated exchange with governor, chris christie, at the jersey shore. can you take with you anywhere you go. the size changes whatever device are you using. check it out by visiting
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on park boulevard today. where 350 students will bow able to use this piece of land. there was no place to play outside of this scalbut it changed today. we are wondering if this nice weather will continue tonight and into halloween. lets get to adam joseph with the trick or treat forecast. >> it's a trick up our sleeves for this weekend. as we look at sky 6 hd over the ben franklin bridge, the cumulous clouds look like pancakes, and they are not towering and there is little moisture in the atmosphere. as we look around the region now, temperature-wise we are close to normal. maybe a few degrees below in spots. 58 in philadelphia, and definitely has the fall chill to the air of late october and early november. at the shore similar temperatures of 59 and 60
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degrees for beach haven, we have this wedge of sunshine and clouds working in from the north and west. there is a low developing off the carolinas and that pulls to the northern and east and throws winds off the water in our direction for the latter part of halloween, and then there is a piece of energy, a potent piece of energy working into the great lakes and the northern plains that links with the low and creates a powerful ocean storm that will only see winds because of that in the upcoming weekend. early tomorrow morning, full sunshine for everyone but in the afternoon, clouds are building and by 6:00 in the evening, there could be some drizzle developing on the shore, so for the trick or treat area, most of the area is dry, and cool. 60 at 5:00 and 9:0050 degrees, at the shore there could be drizzle developing because of the wind coming in off the ocean, fall foliage, we are at
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peak across the delaware valley and the lehigh valley, past peak in the poconos, so it will peak this weekend and it ends because of winds, it will pretty much rip the leaves off the trees, the rancocas state park, anywhere in southern new jersey and cape may county is a beautiful place to be over the next 24 hours, patchy clouds and seasonable. 35 in reading and 43 for philadelphia and millville 36 degrees, your four day at 4:00 forecast, sun giving way to clouds and 58 degrees for your alcohol one, and cool and damp, 54 with a raw feeling kicking up in the afternoon, we are wind whipped on sunday and the sunshine is back at 51 and less wind coming and milder at 57 degrees, overall it's a winning forecast. >> tomorrow is what matters for
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the kids. >> good day to be out. >> thanks. >> a gateway into camden is getting a $200 million makeover, it will be used to rehab a stretch of haddon avenue, the project began today, the area will have new traffic signals and sidewalks that are more pedestrian friendly. if you needed help on a movie set, you have to step in for the rescue and baby news is movie set, you have to step in for the rescue and baby news is coming up in the bus. newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy.
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tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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time now for the buzz. when an extra collapsed on the set of sandra bullock's movie, she ran to help. he fell to heat stroke they are shooting in new orleans. bullock offered them water until
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an ambulance arrived. this is the baby news, radar online is reporting that jessica biel and justin timberlake are expecting their first child and they are do sometime in april. they celebrate their two year anniversary while vacationing in new zealand. >> and it's tgit. the all new how to get away with murder, and the question is will analise's husband become a suspect and grays is taking a week off to make way for the great pumpkin charlie brown. because tomorrow is alcohol one, while you are watching these shows tweet us with the hashtag tgit 6 abc. that is spooky. on cue. >> thank you alicia. >> thanks. still ahead, the governor versus
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the storm survivor. hear why chris christie lashed out at a protester yesterday. >> and these might look like standard white boards, what is behind a district decision to buy some bullet proof accessories. and they are expected to be the hottest holiday gifts this
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"action news" continues. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with details on the class designed to capitalized what college students do best. waste time on the internet. a course is encouraging undergrads to journey down the rabbit hole. and we'll show you the new app using wizard of oz technology to get you out of a bad date to an uncomfortable meeting just with the click of your heels. and two days before she was scheduled to die by her own hand, why britney maynard is choosing life at least for now. it's why some people love new jersey governor, chris christie and while others don't. >> until that time sit down and shut up.
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>> the tough talking republican exploded at an event meant to herald the rebuilding of the jersey shore two careers after sandy. >> nora muchanic talked to the man on the receiving end of that blistering outburst today. she is live in the new jersey newsroom with his story. >> reporter: when jim keaty spoke out it was not to get attention for himself but for the plight of sandy victims where two years after the storm that he says is tied up in red tape in trenton. >> listen, you want to have the conversation i'm happy to have it buddy, until that time sit down and shut up. >> that was chris christie yelling at jim keaty yesterday. >> finishing the job means
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getting the 6,000 plus homers that are rejected or walked away from the rem program because they are frustrated with it, get them the money they deserve to get them back in their homes. >> he is a district attorney in asbury park, he advocated for people like christa herber, who is still waiting for money from the rem program. >> we are homeless for two years, it's not sit down and shut up, i need someone to speak up. >> someone like you knows nothing about what they are talking about i am here when the cameras aren't here buddy and have done the work. >> he says he took off a month from his job to help residents clean up. the former pro soccer player is going to bring attention to the
4:32 pm
plight. >> i'm 6'4", a former d 1 and professional athlete, his tactics are not going to bully me. >> some people love the governor's tough talk, a political analysts say he sounds like one of the sopranos, but while he mulls the presidency, they wonder if this jersey guy persona will play in middle america. >> don't think we have seen the last of that clip thank you. the husband of a delaware state senator is out on bond. dana long surrendered to police on theft charges this morning. she is married to bethany hall long is accused of stealing campaign signs from his wife's republican rifrales. he was caught on camera during this stake out and he returned the signs several hours later. >> the father of a then
4:33 pm
4-year-old ocean county boy that shot his neighbor to death pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges. he rejected a plea bargain that would have had a seven year prison term. he was charged with keeping a .22 caliber rifrle unsecured in his bedroom and his son found the rifle and ended up shooting his friend one time in the head. he faces three years in prison. we are learning more about a bizarre shooting in north philadelphia this morning. police tell "action news" that the victim was sitting in his truck on tioga street at 3:00 a.m., when a man wearing a skeleton mask came up and pointed a gun at him, after robbing the victim the suspect ran into the nearby home and he chased the gunman into the home and the suspect came out shooting, the victim was hit twice in the leg and tried to
4:34 pm
drive more than two miles and crashed into a fire hydrant and passed out. the gunman is still on the loose. >> a delaware school district is now the first in the region to buy what it calls an unconventional kind of classroom protection. well, that there is called a bullet proof white board that is made by a company called hard wire, and is designed to operate as a dry erase board but also doubles as a last line of protection in a shooter situation. people in newcastle county announced the purchase of 121 of these inspired by the shooting at sandy hook elementary. >> the problem of active shooters is real. and it's horrific but if there is even a single thing we can do to save just one child's life then surely we have an
4:35 pm
obligation to try. >> the bullet proof boards were purchased by delmarva and monroe energy. a 35-year-old temple hospital nurse is taking home at least $1 million for her creative pallet. she came up with the winning flavor in frito lay's potato chips. they are on the store shelves around the country, she was inspired by her japanese mother, she will get $1 million or 1% of her chip's net sales through july whichever is higher. >> pretty nice payday. next semester the students at the university of pennsylvania will check out videos of cats orle download top ten lists during class they can also get credit for it. there is a class wasting time on
4:36 pm
the internet. students that tyne sign up for the class will explore how the mind works by endlessly clicking through lists. and slackers beware, there is homework here and they are to use their browser history to write compelling and emotional papers. why was this not a class when i went to school. >> we are a little old i guess. behind the times so to speak. >> speak for yourself. >> i like her. you know what we are getting towards halloween and the weather is not all that frightful, as we take a look live at the city avenue garden, the pumpkins are there and everything is blooming from the mums to the coral bells and the dew point 35 and the winds are out of the north northwest at 9 miles per hour and wilmington is in the black, and 59 is your temperature, and we look at your
4:37 pm
trick or treat forecast, nothing dark or scary about this, there could be drizzle at the shore and as the trick or treaters head out tomorrow, and most of us it's dry and the temperature at 9:00 tomorrow is 50. it's on the coolish side to maybe a couple of layers under the costumes. we'll talk about changes in the seven-day forecast. we have breaking news out of north philadelphia, chopper 6 over what remains of an active scene. police were called to 11th and p poplar. a man was shot in that situation and he is being transported to the hospital and officers remain on the scene and it's taped off right now, one ambulance remains and we know of one person shot and their condition is unknown as is the situation that led up to all of this, we continue to follow the breaking news at 11th
4:38 pm
and poplar in north philadelphia today. meantime the saints were marching in landsdale today, modand day catholic school celebrated the saints with a prayer service and parade. it's an annual tradition this year they featured the blessed mother and st. joseph just no name a few. here at the big board now and for anyone with a little girl of dreaming of being a princess, you don't have to go to the boutique in disney world, inspired by her own little girl, a south philadelphia salon owner created a space to throw parties that are royally unique. downstairs the studio, and for many little girls it's like a fairytale come to life. >> always wanted to create a space where little girls could come and feel like it's a salon all their own.
4:39 pm
she wanted to create something more personalized than the traditional birthday party. >> we do their hair and makeup and dress them up in tiara and wings and everything. >> jazzy and sassy. >> yes. >> if being a princess is not your kurp of tea, she can be a rock star diva. it can be rock star makeup. >> they are usually like i love it! >> the parents love it because we pretty much do everything. there is fun crafting stations too where the girls make their on lip gloss and sundaes. it's like an ice-cream bar. >> like a take away for a party favor. >> glitz parties are in such high demand, she is looking to expand to a bigger space. >> can you be cinderella for a day and leave here all glamed
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up. >> glitz studio is located right below salon depotro. moms and dads can book upstairs as well. >> bip on down to the bipty bopty boutique. >> still ahead from costco to amazon, saving with 6 abc helps you navigate the world of shopping for electronics. and britney maynard, the term any ill newlywed who decided to end her own life this weekend, now she says she may live beyond saturday. and adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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clothing that was suppose to
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motivate a texas high school football team is now banned from campus because some people think it promotes rape. the t-shirts have the phrases we take what we want and just let it happen. the football club president says it's for players to take the ball and go for the win. one senior girl wrote an editorial voicing her concerns and the district has banned the shirts at the school. here at the big board. we are just 24 hours away from november october 31st the day that britney maynard said she would end her own life. now she is revealing her new plans. >> if november 2nd coming along and i have passed, i hope that my family is still proud of me
4:44 pm
and i passed and they are still proud of me. and if i am still alive we will move forward out of love for each owner and that decision will come later. >> if not saturday then when she feels right. the decision is still up in the air. the 29-year-old says she gained 25 pounds because of the steroids she takes and she addresses her critics in this video and shares her hopes and dreams for her husband and mother and father in the video. finally, there is no place like home especially when you are stuck in a bad scene like a bad date. and you can channel dorothy with poof, a click of your heels, it's an oz like marathon that you slip into your shoe, tap
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your heels three times, it sinks with your smart phone and it generates a fake phone call and can text up to three friends and share a map of your location with your friends if you are in danger, soon they hope that it will be able to call a car service for you, but in the meantime, you are trying to get make a phone call to get out of this. i like the video of the guy grabbing the girl's hair. walk away. >> thankfully we are not doing it. lets get a check of the roads now. matt pellman is in the traffic center with an update. >> there are jams in both directions on 95, brian and shar. we have a crash on the northbound side that cleared out in the last five minutes and northbound is extra heavy as you come away from penn's landing and the jam continues generally from the infamous work zone at
4:46 pm
cotman after few. so delays on both sides of the fence. and 11th and poplar an intersection to avoid and a quek at city avenue south of st. joes is out of the way. and bristol township, buck county, a vehicle in the house on broad street. and a crash in lower providence along crawford avenue with normal slowing on 422, heading to collegeville and pottsville this afternoon. look for a crash that brought down wires at 476, by the national pen bank, in the wilmington area, a wreck along kennett pike and our disible -- cape may courthouse because of a gas main break, stay on the garden state parkway instead.
4:47 pm
>> see you then. coming up meteorologist, adam joseph has a look at your accuweather forecast including
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just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's.
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now to meteorologist, adam joseph we have almost made it to friday. tomorrow is a big day for little ones running around and getting all the canny. you know as well. let the pounds be put on in the next month or two. we look at double scan live radar, all is looking good and clouds to the none and west, and a decent amount of sunshine, temperatures are slipping a little bit below average and this is typical of late october. 55 allentown and 58 in dover and mighty chilly in the poconos, just 42 degrees, as we look at
4:50 pm
satellite and radar, clouds and energy off the coast there and it's pulling away and lows develop tomorrow just to the east and you see clouds spilling in from the north and west and there are things going on in the atmosphere, over the next 48 hours, tomorrow is quiet as we are in between two systems, the primary low developing and in between the two, the sun giving way to clouds and 58 degrees, for the trick or treaters, it's cool and genally dry and showers at the shore and drizzle during the latter part of the evening tomorrow. we have to watch the upper level energy, and this is 20,000 feet up, this is the bull's-eye of where the atmosphere is eating its wheaties, that dives to the south saturday at 7:30 p.m. of the carolinas, as it digs to the south we watch it in the winter
4:51 pm
with the nor'easters developing. saturday at 7:00, the lows are still separate just to the east and we see showers on saturday and it's a dreary start to the weekend and as that energy links with the low it's too late for us to get any precipitation out of it on sunday. that will be saved for northern new england and nova scotia, but as it develops into a powerful storm we get winds whipping from the north in the western side of the low on sunday and sunday it's dry despite the winds, tonight patchy clouds and 34 in the suburbs, and 43 for center city, and the exclusive accuweather forecast, clouds building tomorrow and 58 degrees for halloween, it's cool damp and raw here on saturday and 54 degrees. the sunshine is back though as we turn the clocks back though late saturday night, the wind gusts around sunday, many
4:52 pm
locations ripping what is left of the trees pretty much off of them. the winds calm down and it's milder at 57, and we are back above normal next week and looking good for election day, it's dry with a few showers on thursday. the weekend starts out damp.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
time so save with 6 abc, from tableted to computers, electronics will likely be the hottest gifts this holiday season. >> consumer reports recently surveys its prescribers about recent electronics purchases.
4:55 pm
the results may surprise you. they let their fingers do the shopping for four out of ten electronics products. >> people are more happy with shopping online than those that shopped at stores. >> crutchfield, amazon is also standouts for online shopping, most people do still shop with their feet. even younger shoppers those under 40 are more likely to do their shopping at the store. they gave them top marks for quality and customer services, costco people like the price but not the selection. the bottom line for savings whether you shop online or in stores it's great to bargain, people that ask for a lower price get one more than half of the time. nearly 70% of those that asked for a better deal on a tv got one and the savings averaged
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close to $100. >> for active naval members and their families, the naval exchange topped the list of online retailers. for more go to the saving with 6 abc page at finally, at 4:00 this is not what you want to see on your front lawn, a northern new jersey man pulled out his cell phone and started recording as two black bears started duking it out on the side of his home. it's quickly going viral and no wonder why. the epic battle went on for five minutes and neither bear willing to back down, they are likely males fighting over a female in the area or playing to impress one. >> of course it involved a lady bear. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams and shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph i'm brian taff.
4:57 pm
join me for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here is rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> thank you, coming up n, negotiations between septa and the transit workers union continue. we'll have the latest on the threat a strike next in a live report. also, could there soon be an ebola vaccine for humans. ali gorman explains the testing th
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. septa commuters are still d waiting and wondering if transit workers will go on strike, negotiations got underway but it's unclear if they are closer to reaching a deal. the big story today is the looming strike for septa workers, they vowed to give 24 hours notice if they walk off the job but they are still nervous about the possibility.
5:00 pm
david henry is live now in old city where negotiations continue. >> reporter: we have word that talks have broken off and they were meeting here at the windham hotel on and off throughout the afternoon, we are told that the talks have ended and things still do not look good and they are still willing to groeshation anything and commuters are stuck in the middle. >> i won't be able to get to work. i need to get to work. every day, if they go on strike that will take my money. >> the transit workers are threatening to take the town to a stand still. willy brown, the head of the union says they have until tomorrow to come up with a fair contract. a strike is looking more and more likely, over 200 volunteers