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tv   Action News  ABC  October 31, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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custody! this is the way it looked tonight as eric frein sat in the backseat of a police cruiser transported to the state police barracks at bloominggrove. it was here he allegedly shot and killed a trooper 48 days ago and it is here where he will be charged with capitol murder. the big story on "action news" is capture of suspected cop-killer eric frein and we're waiting for police officials to begin news conference at the pike county training center. we expect to hear from commissioner frank nuxt nan and lieutenant colonel george bevens. they made at rest in tannervesville, pennsylvania, in monroe county. 49 miles southwest of blooming grove. can we go to that video please, here we go. apprehension was made in tanersville in monroe county. where frein allegedly ambushed
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two troopers on september 12. he was captured near an airplane hangar. lawmen converged on the site. frein gave up without a fight. he arrived at blooming grove tonight wearing handcuffs that belonged to free's alleged victim corporal brian dickson. "action news" reporters annie mccormick and sharee williams are covering different angles of the story to. let's go to any live in northeastern pennsylvania where frein is in custody, annie. >> that's right, jim, it was u.s. marshals special operation group. they were brought in to find him after a 49 day manhunt. he is one of pennsylvania's most wanted and fbi most wanted and tonight this community can timely feel safe again. >> surrounded by state troopers
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eric frein arrived to blooming grove state police barracks wearing handcuffs of slain corporal brian dixon. these are pictures of the fugitive taken shortly after his arrest today. sources say the u.s. marshals discovered the 31-year-old at the former birchwood resorts airport in the pocono moun taps and spotted him near an abandoned hangar. they say he was armed and surrendered without incident. he's charged with opening fire outside the bloominggrove barracks september 12 killing corporal dickson and wounding trooper alex douglass. pennsylvania state police describe the killing as ambush. frein became one of fbi most wanted and gribd the community in fare with sights and military style police presence during the 49 day manhunt. residents are finally breathing a sigh of relief. >> back to normal. no more phone calls from the zoo that they're in lockdown.
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i'm grateful. it's nerve racking at work. >> i'm glad they got him. absolutely. glad no others officers were hurt in the interim. >> life will finally get back to normal that includes halloween activities scheduled for foam that originally cancelled. we're told many are back open. we're awaiting a press conference with state police and governor tom core fwoyt hear reaction of the arrest. frein will face a list of charges including murder. for now, reporting live in pike county, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." jim. >> thanks any. let's go live to the news conference where tom corbett is introducing capture of eric frein talkinging to reporters about it and followed by two state police officials let's listen to the govern nor. >> working very very hard out there looking every day to see this day come when this day did
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come as talked about about from day after the shooting he was placed under arrest and handcuffed with the handcuffs of corporal dickson which i think is via appropriate. what's also should be noted that while everybody was out there nobody else got shot after that day. trooper douglass is doing much better and our prayers are with him and our prayers are with mrs. dickson and her two sons. and with trooper douglass's family. i cannot tell you how much on behalf of grateful state we want to thank all the partners that were involved in this mission to capture this individual. and how much you have given your heart and snoul the name of justice and commend the great work of commissioner state police frank nunan who has been in contact with me sometimes hourly as to progress of this
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manhunt. and corn ol george bivens as you know has been up here leading kvrpings from the podiums but together with entire team, they have been working extremely hard, many, many, long hours and days and weeks. >> governor come corbett talking of arrest of eric frein. we'll return to the news conference in a moment or two. but let's go live few to "action news" reporter sharee williams at the big board. sharee it has been a long and torture us ordeal for lawmen that devoted almost their every waking hour to tracking down eric sgleen lets go to the top and see how we got to today. friday, september 12. someone opened fire outside of the bloominggrove barracks. of course this firing killed corporal brian dickson and seriously wound trooper douglass. it was three days later we got a
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very big break. man walking his dog spotted suv submethed in a swamp just two miles away from shooting team and this was big break. inside that s. v they found frein's driver's license and evident tying him to the ambush including shell casings. now with the name and address of possible shooter they were able to then expand the search and then they got more men involved. 200 law enforcement officials expanding search to hometown that frein was from where his parents lived and that being canadensis and that sent the surrounding community on edge. pocono mountain school district decided to shut done the school. frein used his cellphone to contact the parents and he assured police he will still not nearby. september 24 we got word of camp sight. sightings of that with soiled diapers and cigarettes. another camp site found october
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3 this time found food smridz and backpack. by end of opt the amount of officers involved in this search had risen to 1,000. and friday, october 17 a woman reported sighting of her south of original area and price in barrettp townships and then that following monday pocono mountain squool disstringt decided to cancel school yet again. ongt 28, another sighting. in barrett township near route 390 and today october 30 eric matthew frein was captured and we can tell you as far as how this wept the manhunt it swhaevl it ramped up was costing more than $1 million a week, jim. thank you, sharee. let's return to the pike county training center. this is state police commissioner frank nunaan. >> from surrounding states, new
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york, new jersey, cop con, ohio, connecticut, all sent help and been part of this. it has truly been a team effort and pleasure to work with so many great, dedicated people. and the one thing i just like to point out because there were so many. several thousand and people that took part in this manhunt the reason this was so important eric frein was dedicated to killing lawen forment members -- enforcement members. he had one sniper rivrle we knew of. we knew he had a handgun. we knew at the beginning he had explosive charges with him. i cannot think of a more dangerous occupation than going into the woods after this individual. and yet, my biggest problem was telling people i don't need any more help. that's truly significant. >> let me tell you how this arrest took place.
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about 6 p.m. this evening at the birchwood pocono airport in monroe county we have been broken down into many teams most swat teams and assigned areas in the woods at various yution locations to sweep and search. we've been doing it over 40 days. it's a hot, tiring dangerous job. today the united states marshall service had one of their teams out tea ban donned airport. when they approached it they saw an individual that they thought was eric frein and they ordered him to surrender and get down on knees and raise hands which is what he did. once they approached him he admitted his identity and was taken into custody. he was turned over to pennsylvania state police. as governor said corporal dixon handcuffs were put on him and he was placed in corporal dicksons
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cars r car he was transported back and placed in custody. there's other search warrants we're trying to serve right now. >> we've been listening to frank nunan police commissioner describing specifics of eric frein's capture and arrest today. he is in custody. frein was not only the most wanted muj any pennsylvania but fbis ten most wanted list and tonight the web site says captured. corporal brian dickson was lady to rest september 18 he was 38 years old. dickson is survived by wife tiffany and two sochbilityz july of 20 13 dickson was promoted. >> as for trooper alex dug li lass he was wounded critically which shot in the pelvis. he was released to a rehab pass facility two weeks ago today.
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>> when you wake up we'll have live reports from the scene beginning at 4:30. and, of course being you can always get updates open still to come on "action news" tonight latest on the deadly airport plane crash that killed four people. also a heart-warming story of a homecoming king in chester county who won't let his challenges hold him back. plus an action news investigation into a potential danger on every septa bus. wendy saltzman reports on how change it is coming cecily. >> i'm tracking coldest air of the season arriveding right in time for weekend along with first rain and high winds. i'll have the details in the accuweather forecast. >> jeff skversky with the flyers facing lightning and more when >> jeff skversky with the flyers facing lightning and more when "action news" continues tonight
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>> a recently retired veteran was at the controls of a plane that crashed today. four people including that pilot were killed. five were injured. the plane crashed into a flight training pass it ill six the crash sparked a fire that could be seen for miles. philadelphia city council approved a bill that toughens penalties for hate crimes involving sexual orientation and sgepd erie quality. it was sparked by last month's attack in enter city and assailants allegedly i hurled gay slurs as beat the men and it close as i gap by the state law which does not cover lgbt protections. >> could a mirror on every step bus be to plame for dozens of serious knock down accidents. that's what septa bus drivers are warping tonight in the wake of a deadly crash that took the life of 29-year-old philadelphia woman crossing the street with
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her child. tonight those drivers and victims' family are speaking out only to "action news" reporter wendy saltzman as part of our exclusive investigation. >> it was one turn on south philadelphia corner one month ago that took life of 29-year-old sheena white. >> i had the right away. out of nowhere the bus turned around the corner so fast. >> neighbor desmond henery were with white when she and her 8-year-old son were struck. >> she was hit head on and drug under the tires. >> her son was hits and seriously injured. >> i wish coye say this is a nightmare. but i know it's not a might mayor. >> they need to fix this problem before somebody else aers mother is crying and somebody else's child is left without a mother. >> issue is these left side mirrors take a look from bus driver's position they measure 15 by 8 wide and complete a blind point is turnal memos say
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it cause a bus driver to lose sight of a pedestrian by five feet a deadly test for some. >> there could be a thousand and close calls a day. two years ago he warned septa another pedestrian could be killed and union warned septa about their concerns as far as back at 2004. >> how many deaths does it take before somebody says step do something about the safety issue. >> videos obtained show force of some knock downs. an operator can lose sights of pedestrian for approximately 2 seconds. in the same report septa called that acceptable risk. a stutdy this year reported up to 17 feet of cross crosswalk with not be seen by the rate operator when executing a rights hand turn. >> we have to remove all risks. one incident is one too many which is why we're refitting the
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mirror. >> first announcing in january they will be replacing ol old 15-8 with 12 by 8 not because they say the mirrors are to blame. >> i won't say old mirrors are unsafe they're not. overwhelming factor is human error. >> they were originally installed at the request of bus drivers and says there's always going to be a blind spot. >> we've always been forthcoming the mirror is large and creates obstruction. >> as a result septa teaches driver rock and roll safety technique. >> move forward i see him and back and right to left to give myself the best vantage point of every pedestrian in the crosswalk. >> some bus operators disagree. >> you stand up out of the seat and look around and literally were climbing out of the seat. which is not safe way to operate a vehicle at all. >> while the cause of white's accident is still under
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investigation step has picked up the cost of white's few ral and family says they're trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. >> this needs to be the milestone for them to rectify mind spots. >> septa paid out 3.3 million pedestrian accidents since january of 2011. more than half those have been as a result of left hand turns. arbitration it was determined to be fault of bus drivers and not mirrors. i'm wendy saltzman channel 6abc nusz. >> coatsville area high school senior is not letting his disability hod him back from dreams. scale starchevsky has avm which prevents him from taking part in sports and he's still avid fan of cool's teams and when homecoming came arounds this year he quietly considered his name for consideration. he was overwhelmingly elected. >> i guess i showed myself and
1:57 am
others you can do whatever you want to if you can do it and you should try it. >> no surprise us to after talking with kyle. his teachers say she is a humble young man. he'll go far. >> good story. >> let's get that accuweather forecasts from meteorologist cecily tynan. >> jim it's going to be a chilly halloween. stormtracker 6 double scan showing we have dry conditions tonight temperatures dropping quickly from the high of 60. two below normal cold compared to yesterday 73 degree high and allentown 38 reading and trenton 41 reign wilmington currently 45. satellite 6 and action radar showing right now skies are clearing here. if you look over chicago though you can see the band of clouds and showers. that's upper level low that will play a big part in weekend forecast.
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tomorrow, though we start the day with sunshine. and cloud up a little as we go through the day. 54, 1:00, 58 degrees through the day. 54, 1:00, 58 degrees temperatures cool tomorrow.
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>> don't forget to turn those clocks back one hour on saturday night when you go to bed when daylight saving time ends. sunday wind whipped high 51 cooler wind gusts 40 miles an hour. morning wind chills in 30s and afternoon wind chills in 40s and sunseting at 4:58 eastern standard time. monday, less winds. milder, 57. tuesday, temperatures up above average for elect day, 65. wednesday stays miles high of 66. perhaps evening shower wednesday and thursday and chance of more showers high of 62. wet start to the weekend and windy on sunday. >> thank you, cecily. >> following day-to-day in
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hamilton township new jersey the community held 60th annual halloween par laid it were giant gouls and dancing witches and heroes recreational vehicle the night were the boy scouts. they collected canned food to benefit the food shelters. >> "jimmy kimmel live" after "action news" with a preview of tonight's show. septic system breakdowns
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skversky. >> fly verz been one of the hottest in hockey figuring a trip to florida will cool them off ice cold down there. they have not one in three years.
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and making fourth straight start. flyers down 2 flyers fight. flyers alive. michael roberts scores. they get within one. final seconds, flyers firing, claude giroux, nothing, lightning does not strike twice in final minute. flyers-3. they lost seven straight in tampa. they sign veteran defenseman carl -- >> eagles saferty nate allen misses practice again today because of a hamstring injury so. is it serious. chip kelly claims he does not know because he says he's not dr. maigi he can't rub his hands together and hangzhou zhongce rubber co. them together isn't it mr. by the way. this will need more than karate kid. he has most sacks in nfl over
2:05 am
last two years and center jason kelce doesn't seem to hurt. >> we don't care where we're playing he can. >> anybody who has seen an eeing eagles game they move quick. and really need to make sure communication is on point. and
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>> well allen getting into the baseball hall of fame after all among ten candidates. we'll find out early december if he's headed to the hall. phillies reliever mike adams is headed for the unemployment line. phils decline the option on adams not tying tore next season so he's a free agent. phillies and other teams start negotiating free agency tuesday. >> thank you, jeff. recapping our big story on the the capture of eric frein 7 weeks after he allegedly killed one pennsylvania state trooper and wounded another. u.s. marshals took nreen custody tonight out of abandoned air hangar tanersville monroe county and he offered know resistance. he was wearing hands quuvs
2:09 am
belonging to alleged victim corporal brian dickson. tonight prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty for frein should he be convicted and first evidence of life getting back to normal the officials in the search area said kids will be loued to go trick or treater come tomorrow night. the "action news" morning team will continue coverage of eric frein's capture when you wake up live reports from the scene beginning at 4:30 and you can always get updates on and the 6abc news app. jimmy kim i live next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". phil mcgraw, scott poly andal ep blast. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night
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