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tv   Action News  WPVI  October 31, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> we are live with a a couple of breaking news stories on this friday october 31. one of them a firefighter hurt while battling a massive fire overnight that forced dozens into the cold night air. >> eric frein will face a judge for the first time after being on the run for nearly 7 weeks. "action news" is updating the halloween forecast, plus, a colder blast for the weekend.
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>> this is halloween this is halloween. they love that in my house. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: working on a single there. we have clouds coming in from a couple of directions. we'll have sunshine, but we'll have clouds out to the west and we'll have clouds well up off the coast. generally speaking we're going for sun early and clouds increasing. it's chilly to start out. 42 degrees in philadelphia. we dropped not freezing mark in allen be town. 36 in trenton. 39 in wilmington. 36 in millville. mid 40s down by the shore. the winds will be dropping out of the north this morning, very light, turning out of the northeast later today that could effect the shore later tonight for trick or treating, maybe a little drizzle. generally speaking it will be dry tonight. mainly clear and chilly 40 at
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6:00 a.m., and 8:00 a.m., still on the cool side as you catch the bulls. as we check the numbers on your smart phone, 6:00 a.m., 40 degrees, noon, 51 degrees. 57 by 3:00 p.m. and a high of 58 degrees at 4:00 p.m. before we are down to 55 at 6:00 p.m. the halloween trick or treating forecast and the chilly day coming up. >> we've got maintenance crews blocking the left lane on the schuylkill expressway past belmont eastbound heading toward center city. no delays just yet and looking really good at this point. in dpawls township in bucks county here we've got route 13 closed between kyburn and penn valley road. use new falls road. sumneytown pike and dekalb pike
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watch for possible restrictions there with the accident this morning. we have construction on the turnpike near willow grove 343. we have construction blocking the right lane new new jersey both ways on 130 near route 70. those crews are out there this morning. >> we have breaking news this morning. a self trained survival i also is at the pikes county correctional facility he is accused of shooting two state troopers leaving one dead. >> u.s. marshals captured inside a hangar in monroe county. we'll have more in a live reports in moments. >> more breaking news, two people including a firefighter were hurt in a massive fire overnight. >> the two-alarm fire forced
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dozens out into the cold and caused major damage to the buildings in west philadelphia. katherine scott joins us live from the scene there, with the details, katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt and tam, two people were injured, one resident and one firefighter. both are in stable condition at the hospital. firefighters remain on the scene in west philadelphia, at the chestnut park apartments after this overnight fire. 66 people are at the red cross shelter. the fire marshal is investigating the calls. the fire broke out at 11:45 in the four-story building. 75 firefighters responded with 22 piece of apparatus. you can see from the video smoke was billowing out of the building. 50 units were evacuated. it took an hour and 20 minutes to place the fire under control. one man said the fire alarm goes off so frequently at first they
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didn't realize it was a real fire. >> we noticed that the fire alarm was going off, it kept going off and we went to the front door and smoke was everywhere, we had to go out the back window out to a fire escape. >> reporter: and back here live on the scene at the chestnut park apartments firefighters remain on the scene. they've been here throughout the night, although they are wrapping up. peco shut down power, but ten additional properties have been affected. 66 people are at the shelter. anyone affected by the fire should check into the high school for more information if they haven't already. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> back to the capture of eric frein people across the poconos are breathing a huge sigh of relief as the manhunt comes to an end. the 30-year-old was one of the most wanted men in america.
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frein is in police custody and scheduled to be aarraigned on mutter charges. >> reporter: we're down from the had an car where frein was captured. as you can see behind me there is a road block set up. according to investigators, u.s. marshals were on a routine sweep of the area last night when they spotted frein in a field outside the hangar. they took him down and surrendered without incident and was unarmed and now one of the most wanted in custody. a blood idea eric frein was taken into custody anticipate placed in bryon dickson's cruiser, he was handcuffed with
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the slain cop's handcuffs. >> when this day did come always was talked about from the day of the shooting, the day after the shooting, he was placed under arrest and handcuffed with the hustles ever corporal dixon check is appropriate. what she would be noted, while everybody was out there, nobody else got shot after that day. the reason this was so important is because eric frein was dedicated to killing law enforcement members. he had at least one sniper rifle that we knew of, we knew he had a handgun, we knew at the beginning he had explosive charges with him. yank of a more dangerous occupation than going into the woods after this individual. >> reporter: state police said they didn't know whether frein
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who was unarmed when captured had been using the abandoned hangar during his 48 days on the run. families of the troopers compressed relief of his capture. >> based on on the fact and evidence we already have, mr. frein has been charged with murder in the first degree, homicide of a law enforcement officer, attempted murder in the first degree, possession of weapons of mass destruction, discharging a fire into an occupied structure and reckless endangerment. >> reporter: and frein will be arraigned on that long list of charges at 9:00 a.m. in pike county. the district attorney will seek the death penalty. live in poconos township, chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> we know you'll be there, thank you, chad. >> we're here at the big board, the airport hangar where frein was found is 30 miles from the
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state police bar ricks in -- barracks in pike county. it was the memory of the officers that stayed with the search teams over the last 48 days. hundreds of officers attended bryon dickson funeral 6 days after his death. he made corporal in july 201. he left behind a wife and two sons. trooper alex douglass spent a month in the hospital. information he was just released to a rehab facility two weeks ago. take a look at this, you saw them bringing frein back to the barracks in pike county. this is what the officers saw as they came back, residents holding up signs congratulating state police. at the height of the search it was costing more than a million dollars a week. >> other news, now, happening today, state senator leah
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washington will give up her position after a plea deal. she was sentenced to 3 months of house arrest and had to pay $200,000 back to the state senate. the plea deal will allow washington to keep her state pension. it is no trick an estimated 284 million-dollar treat is up for grabs in the mega millions drawing. the jackpot rolled over for the 19th straight drawing back on tuesday. the 10th biggest cash prize ever for the game. they will pick their next numbers tonight. you can see the drawing on "action news" at 11:00. >> 4:40 another developing story on "action news." tense moments as police search a facility in washington state. we'll tell you what they were looking for. >> a new starbucks dress code for baristas is not sitting
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well. >> reporter: sweatshirts this morning for the kids, st. joe was a college is the college of the morning. and in the afternoon, jackets. i'll have the forecast for the halloween coming are you busy?
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>> i'm going as obe wand canobe
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tonight. >> you're my only hope. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan we have no precipitation out there which is nice. we have stars in many neighborhoods that includes areas of the airport and then we'll get sun and the clouds will increase as the day goes on. 42 degrees in philadelphia. the winds are light out of the north/northwest at 5 miles per hour turning out of the northeast today. we have cloud cover welling up out to the west of us. and shower activity, as well. you'll catch cloud cover coming up from the south, along with a coastal low pressure center, the two about will conspire on us today. 41 degrees by 8:00. 48 by 11:00 with the clouds gathering. 55 by 2:00 with a high of 58 around 4:00. that's all we'll see today.
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high temperatures up and down the pike, everybody on or about 58, 59, 57. even numbers with the clouds increasing, blocking out more and more sun as the day goes on. for tonight, we're cloudy and dry across the region. if you're right at the shore, a northeast flow coming off the ocean does have us concerned about a little bit of drizzle, still not bad in terms of what you can get. 55 degrees at 6:00 p.m. tonight, 9:00 p.m., 50 degrees. we have an area of low pressure passing by on saturday. at times this will force showers in off the ocean. i expect saturday to be damp with showers. it will be cloudy. with the lows close to the coast, look at the winds wrapping around we'll see windy
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gusts up to 30 on saturday. it will be at times wet. and then we get into sunday the two lows merge, it will be an issue for new england and canada. it will be whipping around here saturday morning and sunday. join me for the purple stride pancreatic cancer and research and hopefully a cure. you'll need an umbrella or rain gear. it's great cause see you there. 58 is the high, we have clouds on the increase, it will be dry, tomorrow, windy and damp, showers high of 53. it will feel cooler than that with the wind driving through. same story sunday, brisk and chilly, high of 58. it will feel like the 0s in the morning and 40s in the afternoon because of the strong blustery winds. if you're going to see the last of the fall leaves, sunday is the better of two days.
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65 on election day, looks like it's dry voters. >> developing overnights. reports of gunman roaming a property in everet washington. no gunman was found, workers are back on the job. it was a recently retired veteran air traffic control at the control of a plane that slammed into a building in wichita, kansas. four people were killed and five others were injured. one witness described a giant fireball as the small plane hit a building tow airport. the faa said the plane lost engine power shortly after it took off. >> time for a first look the business on this friday, which is halloween. and believe it or not, shopping begins. amazon is cutting the halloween
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revelry short by cutting off a bunch of big deals. walmart is rolling back prices on thousands of giferlts other -- gifts other stores don't plan to discount until black friday. baristas at starbucks are not allowed to wear precious gems including engagement rings. stocks jumped 21 points, futures are up big time. free food on this hallow's eve. christie cream and chipotele, and ihop. the fire that forced dozens of people out of a west
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belmont heading toward center city. no delays just yet, because it's early and traffic is getting by, the left lane blocked currently with crews on the schuylkill expressway. here we've got a problem an accident investigation after a multi-vehicle accident that happened after midnight. falls township, bucks county. route 1 is closed near penn valley road. stick to new falls road. we had an earlier accident that cleared, one on upper state road and sumneytown pike. construction on the ramp quakertown to the northeast southbound is closed. we expect the crews to be wrapping up shortly. in the meantime, northeast extension, quakertown we have construction early this morning on a friday blocking the right lane. >> accused trooper killer eric frein is behind bars right now. the 31-year-old was on the run in heavily wooded area in the
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poconos for 48 state days. u.s. marshals found him at an abandoned airport. he was placed under arrest and taken into custody without incident. >> massive flames erupted from an apartment building in west philadelphia. the two-alarm fire broke out at midnight on south 62nd street. two people including a firefighter were hurt. nearly 60 people have been displaced. we'll have live reports on both of these stories in the next half-hour. >> 4:53 all new in the next half-hour on "action news" a blaze at a fireworks factor left four people hurt and one is missing. >> labron started out where it began and put in a
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>> a terminally i will woman who was going to take her life tomorrow is postponing her death. she was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. she released a video and said she still has joy as she spends quality time with family and friends, even though as she becomes more sick every week. >> labron james hit the hardwood in cleveland last
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night. >> number 43, labron james. >> reporter: the 20,000 fans gave him a standing ovation with no boos. he incited cavs fans back in 2010 by leaving for miami heat. they lost to the in this knic k, 90. michael jordon said he is not impressed with the president's golf skills during an interview with back nine network. jordon said, i quote, the president is a hack. he did give a nod to the president's skills in washington, calling him him a great politician. >> happy halloween it's time for trick or treating. interesting costumes, confess what will the "g.m.a." team
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dress up this year. "g.m.a." gets going at 7:00 a.m. >> fun every year. >> breaking this morning, a fast-moving fire forces evacuations at a philadelphia apartment building. >> a new study breaks down which candy is
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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. on this friday, october 31 we're following several breaking stories. >> smoke and flames tore through an apartment building in west philadelphia. >> the man were noted for killing a pennsylvania state -- a man wanted for killing a pennsylvania state trooper is now in custody after 48 days on the run. we're live in the poconos. >> trick or treat. accuweather breaks down your halloween forecast hour by hour. >> let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers good morning to you both. >> reporter: good morning, we'll check out sun this morning, as