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tv   Action News  ABC  October 31, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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long. >> david and karen have weather and traffic. >> reporter: you can see we have clearing locally, but there's a massive cloud cover to the west and we have a coastal low pressure center from the south. we'll get attacked from two directions in terms of clouds. we're starting out chilly, 42 degrees as you head outside in philadelphia. 41 in wilmington, a lot of northern suburbs allentown, trenton and reading are in the mid 0s. 35 in millville. mid 40s down the shore. as we head out the door to catch the school bus over the next few hours, it's going to be chilly with temperatures around 40 between 6 and 8:00. 42 degrees on the smart phone as you head out the door. noon, 51. on the way home from school if you're doing a full day today,
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57 degrees is the 3:00 p.m. temperature and our high today will be 58 degrees we'll probably hold off until 4:00 to see that. it does get cooler, however as we head out for trick or treating, i'll have all the details on that including drizzle in parts of the region tonight, karen that's coming up in the seven day. >> reporter: looking outside live i-95 at cottman. no problems, no extra overnight construction. southbound traffic heading toward center city no delay. light volume to start you off, speeds on the picture reflecting that. we had an accident city avenue at monument road that quickly cleared, so no problems there. katherine scott has been reporting on the fire location in west philadelphia, traffic is get by with no restrictions at 62nd street. elkins park montgomery county old york road 6711 rat ash born road watch for restrictions with
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the new accident coming in to us. route 1 was shot down, it's a multi-vehicle accident. new falls road a good alternate >> we're following breaking story, you're looking at brand new video of an overnight fire in west philadelphia. this fire injured one firefighter as well as one person inside. >> katherine scott will bring us updates in a just a few moments. >> first we begin with the dramatic capture of eric frein. >> pgh u.s. marshal shackled him in the handcuffs of bryon dickson. let's go over to chad perdelli live in monroe county where the
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manhunt ended. good morning, chad. >> reporter: hey, tam we're just down the road from the abandoned airport hangar where eric frein was capturedded around 6:30. they are looking for more evidence. poconos township police have put up a road block and blocking this entrance. state police say he was in a field outside the hangar, he was caught off guard, unarmed and had weapons nearby. state police say he was tired and weary from an unrelenting manhunt. a blood idea eric frein was put in bryon dickson cruiser, he was handcuffed in the murder trooper's cuffs. he killed brine brown and injured alex douglas at the blooming grove barracks. >> when this day did come, we talked about from the day of the
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shooting, to the day after the shooting he was placed under arrest with the handcuffs of bryon dickson which is appropriate. which should be noted while everybody was out there, nobody else got shot after that day. the reason this was so important is because eric frein was dedicated to killing law enforcement members. he had at least one sniper rifle that we knew of. we knew he had a handgun. we knew at the beginning that he had explosive charges with him. yank of a more dangerous occupation than going into the woods after this individual. >> reporter: state police said they didn't know whether frein who was unarmed when captured had been using the abandoned hangar as shelter during his 48 days on the run. state police say the families of troopers expressed preleaf -- relief of his capture.
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based on the evidence we have mr. frein has been charged with murder in the first degree. homicide of a law enforcement officer. attempted murder in the first degree, possession of weapons of mass destruction, discharging a firearm into an occupied structure, and reckless endangerment. >> reporter: and frein will be arraigned on those charges at 9:00 a.m. in pike county. the district attorney said he will seek the death penalty. i'm live in poconos township, chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> thanks so much. the airport hanger car where frein had been hanging out is 30 miles from the state police barracks in pike county where this all began, monroe county up to pike county there. frein is accused of killing corporal bryon dickson there and wounding trooper alex douglass. the gravity of the ambush kept the search teams going through
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this unrelenting 48 day mission. hundreds of law enforcement attended bryon dickson's funeral 6 days after his murder. he achieved corporal rank 201. he left behind a wife and two sons. trooper douglass was hospitalized for more than a month with a gunshot wounds and released to a rehab facility two weeks ago. residents congregated state police upon frein's arrival. at the height of the search it cost taxpayers $1 million per week, tam. >> thank you, matt. let's go over to our other breaking story, fire has forced dozens out of the west philadelphia apartment buildings two people were hurt including a firefighter. let's go over to katherine scott at south 62nd street. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, one firefighter and one resident was hurt they
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were both taken to the hospital and are in stable condition. 69 people have checked into the red cross shelter. they have been displaced from the building in west philadelphia, chestnut park apartments. you can see firefighter have wrapped up after a long night here. several police vehicles remain on the scene in the 100 block of south 62nd street. the fire marshal is investigating the cause. the fire broke out around -- no audio. >> we noticed that the fire alarm kept going off. we didn't pay it no mind until it kept going off and going off. we heard people excavating the buildings. we went to the front door and we had to go out to the out door fire escape. >> as well as another big story for us today. we're expecting to hear from septa and it's transit workers about whether or not they are indeed going to strike.
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union bowls willie brown said he'll make a decision at the end of the day. meanwhile, the contract talks are expected to continue. the union pledged to provide 24 hours notice before they go on strike. >> 5:38, the mega millions drawing will offer quite the halloween treat tonight. it has jumped to $284 million. you can watch the drawing tonight during "action news" at 11:00. >> of course a lot of people getting the halloween costume also ready for the kitty. you might want to add a layer underneath tonight. >> reporter: it's going to be chilly out there, but mainly dry for most of the us. that's one of the big things on halloween. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry this morning. as we look outside we are looking at sun coming up over the horizon. airport looking good, tranquil conditions there as the winds are not that strong. you want to bundle up early,
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42 degrees in philadelphia. the winds only out of the north at 5 miles per hour. at least we're not dealing with a lot of the wind this morning. there's the clearing you see locally, so we are expecting some early sun, but there are clouds, i should say welling up out of the south ahead of a low pressure center. there's clouds heading toward the east ahead of a front. so we're getting zapped in two directions. 48 degrees, at 11:00 a.m. by 2:00. 55. 58 is the high around 4:00. at 5:00 we're starting to get the kids ready, little ones they go out early. 56 degrees by 5:00. 5 degrees is the high in allentown. there's not much of a range today. cape may, 58, millville 59.
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for tonight, mainly dry conditions, mostly cloudy skies, 56 degrees by 6:00. 9:00 p.m., 350 degrees, down the shore there could drizzle still not as bad as it could be if there was a driving rain. things change saturday. we have a pair of low pressure centers that will pass us by. at times we'll see showers welling in off the ocean. look for saturday to be damp and cloudy. it's going to be winds with these lows close by, we could have wind gusts going as high as 30 miles per hour on sunday. sunday, the low coal -- coalesces and becomes one big fat rain, it's going to come up to new england and canada. we'll be dry on sunday. look for a windy, chilly weekend all the way. saturday looks wet.
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saturday morning doesn't look comfortable, but i will be taking part in the purple stride pancreatic cancer walk at memorial hall. i hope many will come down there and join us in the walks. or at the very least make a donation. we have clouds increasing today, looks like it's mainly dry for trick or treating tonight. tomorrow, windy, damp, 53 degrees, not a great day, saturday night we gain an hour of cheap sleep. brisk winds and chilly conditions sunday, the difference is we're dry. this may be the last weekend where you can see the leaves changing. they will get blown down by the wind sunday night. election day back up to 65 for voters. getting milder next week. just in time for the polls to open. >> head out there and vote. 5:41. a delaware county woman said her
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sister is seen as a hero in west africa. the doctor ended the spread of ebola, but ended up paying with her life. >> a city council said parking app is not only illegal, blue it's dangerous.
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>> if you're just joining us, here's an update on our breaking story. you're just joining us, fierce flames in west philadelphia have injured one firefighter and one other person inside this apartment building on south 62nd street. the red cross has opened a shelter for 60 tenants who are displaced. "action news" has learned the arrangement for frein will be at 9:00 a.m. this morning. we'll have live reports at 6:00 a.m. >> let's go to karen rogers following traffic for us. >> reporter: time to check the suburbs and see what's going on. we've got two issues, we're just getting reports of an accident that sounds serious, franklin township, gloucester county, route 55, a medical helicopter being sent to the scene, a serious accident, something we're watch ago route 55 near
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route 40. stick to route 40, northbound to 55 if you're heading into the city up and over the ben franklin bridge toward 42 you'll have a problem, medical helicopter being called to the scene right now. let's go outside live and check some of the other issues, this is the schuylkill expressway at the blue route with with traffic moving very nicely, but the ramp to the schuylkill expressway westbound to 23 for west conshohocken will close from 7:00 p.m. tonight. it will last until noon tomorrow. you have to use the ramp to the blue route northbound or gulph mills. we have a lot of issues that will later on for the schuylkill expressway. we're looking at the waze app for the commuter traffic report. we can check all the areas in haverford scanning around toward springfield, up toward villanova. the nobody is reporting any issues even in whitemarsh township. we have no issues. temperature-wise it's colder than yesterday morning. 32 in quakertown. 33 in pilots, we dropped to 32
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in saint davids. 37 in center city. a little better there. in the suburbs in new jersey, 34 in hammonton, 38 in dover. chilly this morning. tam. >> a recently retired veteran air traffic controller was at the controls of a plane that slammed into a building in wichita, kansas. four people including the pilot were killed. five were injured. the plane lost power shortly after takeoff. it crashed into a flight training facility. >> the governor said the negotiations between a nurse who refuses to be quarantine have broken down and threatens to use the full extent of his authority. the nurse kasi hickcox went for a bike right yesterday. she said she had no symptoms. the state of maine vowed to go to court to have her confined against her will. she threatened to file a
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lawsuit. a delaware county doctor who traveled to africa to help with the ebola outbreak died from the disease herself. "action news" spoke to her sister traveled to nigeria and treated liberian diplomat. he was misdiagnosed with malaria. the doctor put him in isolation against his wishes. >> the bt patient and the lie bare -- liberian government put him under pressure to release him. a week later he died. they did not have protective gear they died from ebola infection as well. a trust fund has been set up to honor her and support healthcare in nigeria. >> the national guard moves in
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as lava continues it's march into a hawaiian town. a new app allows drivers to sell their pub
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new. >> the national guard has
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deployed troops to had a by to block a highway that is -- to had a by -- hawaii to block a highway that is being threatened by molten lava. >> reporter: let's check out the traffic looking good on the ben. no problems between the tolls and center city. sunday 7:45 to 9 30:00 a.m. run the bridge event. >> reporter: some suburbs are in the mid 30s we're dressing the kids in the sweatshirts and maybe a layer under 'neath them. st. joe's university is the
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college. morning. jackets are a good idea. if you're running errands. sunny early, 44 degrees, we'll get cloudier as the day goes on, folks with optional errands that you can push off until the afternoon you might wanted to that because it will be mild. 58 degrees, not much wind today. >> the man charged with abducting and murdering university virginia student hannah gram has a court hearing scheduled today. jess matthew will be arraigned for a sexual assault from 2005. they have linked dna to graham's death and to the 2010 murder of morgan harrington. a terminally i will cancer patient who vowed to end her life on her own tomorrow a may be having seconds thoughts. >> the capture of accused cop
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killer .
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here out across the river to camden. a terminally i will -- ill woman was supposed to take her
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life tomorrow, but she has seconds thoughts. she was going to die under the death by dignity law. she said she still has joy and enjoys quality time with family and friends despite growing more ill everyday. monkey parking allows drivers who are about to leave their spot. they can bid $5 to get the space. on street parking is a public asset and not private property. what happens if you notice a driver leaving already reserved spot and put on your blinker. councilman bill green is proposing to outline monkey parking. >> we need to stop this before it gets more legs. san francisco has already move to ban them.
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but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. >> good morning, everyone, it is 6 am on this friday, october 31 we're following several breaking stories. >> smoke and flames pour from an apartment building in west philadelphia. >> a man accused of killing and wound a state