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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 2, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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breaking this morning. cruise ship chaos. >> everybody's freaking out. >> a ship in the bahamas strikes something underwater. passengers sent scrambling for life jackets. >> there's currently a leak. emergency. >> describing the terrifying scene onboard. >> everybody is screaming at each other. it was just a nightmare. >> the ship in port leaning to one side. how did it happen? early winter. a record early snowfall pounding the south. some people digging out of two feet of snow. meanwhile, out west, it's high winds on the highway. strong enough to knock over tractor-trailers. rob marciano tracking the crazy weather this morning. shark attack. a surfer in hawaii fights back.
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the hungry shark leaving rows of tooth marks on her surf board. >> his head was on my board and his jaws were chomping down. >> the move her friend may that may have saved her life. look at this happy, healthy reunion. the nurse from texas who beat ebola is now back with her best friend, bentley, who was also in quarantine. now he can't stop kissing her. greetings, everybody, on this, the single greatest day of the year for weekend morning news anchors. it is fall back set your clocks back an hour. ron claiborne is going to be on fire this morning. on fire. >> don't count on it. >> we are extra chip they are morning with the extra hour of
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sleep. coming up a little bit later, british billionaire richard branson will send passengers into space even after his spaceship was involved in a deadly explosion. we will talk about that in a moment. >> a lot of people talking about that. but the cruise ship nightmare in the bahamas. listing in port with many americans on board. >> mara schiavocampo is on the developing story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a halloween-themed cruise. but passengers got a little more fright than they'd bargained for after the bahama celebration hit something, leading to some truly scary moments. >> there's currently a leak emergency. >> reporter: a nightmare at sea over the weekend. >> it's like an actual halloween horror cruise turned into real life. >> reporter: check this out, look over this man's shoulder. passengers lining up to grab life jackets. >> everybody's freaking out. >> reporter: 960 passengers on board the bahamas celebration cruise liner capturing the emergency on their phones.
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>> they need a kids size back there. >> reporter: take a look at the 600-foot ship after the hit. sitting on the dock tilting dangerously to one side. back on solid ground, passengers describing the scene as pure chaos. >> everybody was screaming at each other. it was just a nightmare. >> the panic was just too much. >> we could feel the boat tipping over. >> people were crying and scared. we were scared. >> reporter: clearly terrified, especially following the tragic disaster of the costa concordia two years ago. another luxury cruise ship running aground, killing 32 people. >> get the kids, go, go. >> reporter: forced to abandon ship, these passengers telling abc news the vessel came to a jerking halt before plunging into a blackout. >> we were in the middle of gambling. we were playing roulette. and -- >> and the lights went out. >> reporter: when the luxury
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liner hit an unidentified object off grand bahama island. celebration cruise officials say no passengers were in any danger. this morning the luxury liner, almost the size of two football fields is safely docked. now officials assessing the damage to determine the cause of the collision, and some passengers assessing their love of cruises. >> i would never do this kind of thing again. >> an absolute disaster and made us never want to go on a cruise ship again. >> reporter: that damaged celebration cruise ship will remain in the bahamas while officials continue their investigation, and the next two celebration cruises that were scheduled for today and monday, they have both been canceled. so ironic it was a halloween-themed cruise and that scary event. >> not the kind of scare you want. >> not the kind of scare you want. >> appreciate it. now to the early winter in much of america. digging out from record snow across the south while the northeast is if nor frinld cofo
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and heavy snow in some spots. and meteorologist rob marciano is tracking it all. >> and wind. wind gusts to 50 miles per hour in new york city. this dumped a bunch of snow in the south. see that person waving at the camera in nearly two feet of snow? that's in the tennessee mountains where it looks like a scene from the middle of january. but this is the beginning of november. wet, heavy snow came a little earlier than usual there and in several other spots in the u.s. the 22 inches of snow downed several trees and forced park officials to close roads in the great smokey mountain national park. just to the east, frozen tree branches snapped power lines in the carolinas, leaving 20,000 customers without electricity. if they wanted to drive anywhere, they would have to bust out the snow scrapers. >> i got a text, and they asked how much snow was there. and i said, what? so i opened up the door and i was totally surprised. >> reporter: at boreal mountain
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resort, the snow is giving the upcoming ski season a jump start. >> 10 inches of snow and really cold. turn on snow making and make a run for an opening as soon as we can. >> reporter: and in southern california, heavy rains causing a mudslide in camrio springs. and utah, 80 mile an hour winds, toppled semis, blocking traffic for several hours. we have a couple of storms across the u.s. this one across the northeast, it's becoming coastal and tapping the gulf stream. it's strengthening as it rides up the new england coastline. and wind advisories that have expanded west into the tristate area of new york. and winds gusting during the marathon on this, by the way, over 30 to 50 miles per hour. and high wind warnings for the boston area and eastern parts of new england. and snow mixing in across southeastern massachusetts. and heavy snow across maine, some spots up to a foot. out west with the second storm, looking for a winter storm warning at the higher elevations. up to a foot there as well. and another storm is lining up for the pacific northwest.
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we'll talk more about that later this half hour. back to you. >> reluctantly breaking out the winter coats this morning. and now to the ntsb launching the investigation of the deadly space aircraft explosion. killed one pilot, seriously injured another, and could be a setback for richard branson's dreams to send rich people, including many celebs, on rides into space. alex perez has the latest from our los angeles bureau. good morning. >> reporter: the wreckage is scattered across a five mile area. this morning for the first time we are learning more about the pilot who survived all this. this morning while the ntsb investigates what caused spaceshiptwo to fall apart, richard branson, the man spearheading the effort to get passengers to the edge of space says his dream is not over yet. >> we'll now comprehensively assess the results of the crash and are determined to learn from this. >> reporter: we know more about the pilot killed in the crash,
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michael alsbury, seen here in this interview with an abc affiliate in 2003 where he talked about the use of drones. >> uavs are well-suited for these extreme missions where you need to stay up for long amount of time. >> reporter: they say he was doing what he loved to do. >> he gave his life to a cause his believed in. opening up space for humanity. >> reporter: peter siebold, who escaped ejecting his parachute remains hospitalized with major injuries. but there is word he is now alert and talking. these images captured the final moments friday afternoon. spaceshiptwo released from the mothership and breaking up midair over the mojave desert. it was the first use of a new fuel on the tested on the ground. before the crash, he had sold his dream of space travel to
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hollywood's elite. pitt, jolie, dicaprio, among those who'd committed to pay the $250,000 for the seat to space. branson insists the program will go on. and believes test flights could resume in four to six week s. >> we're going to learn from what went wrong. discover how we can improve safety and performance. and then move forwards together. >> reporter: but branson admits the crash cast doubts on his space tourism project. investigators are hoping to find several cameras attached to the spacecraft. it could be up to a year until ntsb releases the final report as to what went wrong here. dan. >> a lot of questions. thank you. the feverish final hours before your voice, your vote. when americans go to the poll tuesday to elect a new congress. this has been a wild, and in some cases down right weird year on the campaign trail. lots of close races and colorful candidates. we're going to take a look now some of the best moments, mr. george stephanopoulos. start in iowa where both candidates in the really hotly
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contested senate race made waves. that's joni ernst who went viral with this ad where she discusses her history of kas straiting hogs on the family farm. and the democratic side, bruce braley, the congressman. there he is. he had a mishap when the first lady michelle obama came to town and couldn't pronounce his name. bear in mind as you watch this clip that his name is braley. >> we need to elect bruce bailey. bruce bailey. that's or even better, you can -- braley, what did i say? >> she pounded that into the ground. this is a race where you can say the candidates and the campaigns really mattered. joni ernst ran a pitch perfect campaign. bruce braley, that was the first lady's missteps. he had missteps along the campaign trail. there was a des moines register poll out last night showing her with a seven-point lead.
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this is a crucial race. if she wins, the republicans will be able to take the senate. that's what the democratic leader, harry reid, said this week. >> that's the key dynamic. can the republicans take the u.s. senate? and the number to watch is six. they need six seats to take the senate. let's talk about another senate race and a moment that may be more awkward. this is in the debate between the candidates between pat roberts, the incumbent, and his challenger, the independent greg orman. they were asked whether they could say something nice about one another. check it out. >> let's start with you, mr. orman. what can you say nice? >> i appreciate senator roberts' service to your country. every time i've had an opportunity to talk privately, he's been a gentleman with a great sense of humor. >> thank you, sir. senator roberts. >> i would say that you are a very well-dressed opponent. i admire your accumulation of wealth. >> i think they got to abolish
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this question in debates. but this is an important race, dan. greg orman, independent, came on like fire. it's a neck-and-neck race. could be a loss for the republicans. but orman has not said who he will caucus with if he wins. the democrats and the republicans, the democrats hoping he will stay with them. >> created a little bit of an air of mystery. george will have much more on a special your voice your vote edition of "this week." with the republican national committee chair reince priebus. and the democratic national committee chair, debbie wasserman schultz. and leading the team tuesday for the full action coverage online all night and the primetime special at 10:00 p.m. >> you'll be part of the coverage as well. >> i'm george's understudy. yes. a role that i've been honing for years. >> somebody's got to do it. and the other news developments overnight, ron claiborne. >> hi, good morning, everyone.
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begin with a massive and deadly fire in maine, killed five people and left another person severely burned. a halloween party in portland near the campus of the university of southern maine ended with this enormous fire early saturday that completely torched the house. one neighbor saw a man in flames fleeing the burning building. >> i saw the porch engulfed with like a plume of red flame, orange flame. and then i saw a man run out. and he was engulfed in flames and he rolled on to the ground. >> nine people did manage to get out of that house alive. the cause is under investigation. officials are trying to determine if any of the victims were college students. and the internal investigation into how alleged white house fence jumper omar gonzalez managed to get in the executive mansion, that is now complete. the report by the department of homeland security cites multiple layers of security failures. and particular aim on the canine unit on the lawn. no dogs were released in the september incident where
8:14 am
gonzalez allegedly made it to the east wing of the white house. in stark contrast to last month when the intruder that was immediately tackled by two dogs soon after he allegedly jumped the fence. and the doctor battling ebola in new york city has been upgraded. he is in stable condition. dr. craig spencer has been undergoing treatment since he was diagnosed a week ago. his case made a mandatory quarantine to those exposed to ebola in west africa. and the lava from hawaii's kilauea volcano stalled 500 feet from the main road in pahoa -- rob taught me the correct pronunciation. the inching river of fire burned a shed and toppled trees, threatening several homes. meanwhile, two hawaii residents have been arrested for trespassing to go see the lava. and an alarming new report from a united nations panel on
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climate change. scientists i say that the earth is locked now in an irreverseble course of global warming due to buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. they warned of ever-worsening extreme weather and rising sea levels for centuries to come even if they are drastically cut right now. and in florida, the manhunt for an escaped prisoner. ronald mccoy is serving a life sentence for armed robbery. he managed to get out of the decade correctal institution south of miami. he was gone during an inmate count. he has family in tampa and may be headed there. although i guess not if he's watching this show. and finally, talk about bitter football rivals. take a look at this from the maryland/penn state game on saturday. after the coin toss, the three co-captains refused to shake hands.
8:16 am
that classy move got them a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty. and tempers boiled over. maryland won 20-19. afterwards school officials apologized to penn state for the captains refusing to shake hands. big reaction on social media. one guy on social media tweeted, is this the big ten or the act like ten? really. classless move there. >> absolutely. >> at the beginning of that game. >> not a good example either. >> no. and they won the game. >> i want to shake your hand for that newscast. >> i want to shake your hand for shaking my hand. >> this could get circular. thank you, ron. >> end it right there. >> thank you for thanking me. and the heartwarming reunion many have been waiting for. the ebola-free texas nurse and her cute and cuddly pooch are back together. and judging by all those hugs and kisses they clearly missed one another. and the wagging tail. and tom llamas is here to tell us about it. >> reporter: good morning. ebola survival nina pham has met some of the best doctors in the world recently, and even the president. but none got the reaction you're about to see when she reconnected with her dog, bentley.
8:17 am
this morning bentley the dog wagging away in his new found freedom. kissing his owner, ebola-survivor nina pham. reunited after being separated for 21 days. doctors initially fearing bentley could also be infected. it's like christmas. literally. it's a joyous occasion. >> reporter: bentley immediately quarantined by the state after pham contracted ebola while caring for thomas eric duncan at texas presbyterian hospital in dallas, texas. pham sent to maryland for treatment. her dog cared for in the lonestar state, tested negative for ebola. >> i was frightened i would not know what would happen to one of my best friends. >> reporter: workers exercising extreme caution, tending to bentley for weeks in hazmat suits. using gloves to feed him and playing with the up from behind a mask. saturday the state releasing pham's precious pet after nearly a month of care.
8:18 am
the 1-year-old cavalier king charles spaniel, pampered like royalty. washed, brushed, and, yes, even fluffed just before his release. >> you're the best boy. >> he's a wonderful patient. we were able to observe him in his activities as well as doing his daily jobs. >> reporter: the duo ripped apart by a deadly virus. reunited by the help of hundreds and ready to return to life together. >> just one step closer to me feeling whole again. having my best friend back. an amazing feeling. >> reporter: and dallas animal services getting the shoutout this morning for their hard work caring for bentley. do you have any idea what he's up to these days? he's picking out his toys for his birthday which is coming up. he is turning 2 years old. back to you guys. >> happy birthday. >> i love that he does the full body tail wag. >> where only the head stays
8:19 am
still. >> awesome. >> that's what dan looks like every time sara shows up. >> when she walks up, that's what i do. anyway. staying on the adorable animal theme. there's a brand new baby at the dallas zoo this morning. he's six feet tall. >> it's a giraffe getting a lot of tlc from his mom. the big new guy -- how shall we say it? the little big guy will get his name. sara has the story. it's about the name. >> it is. as shakespeare so profoundly asked, what's in a name? possibly a lot of zeros if you're in the market to play the game all for a good cause. check out this little guy born at the dallas zoo. he doesn't have a name yet. why? the rights to pick his moniker has been bought by an unnamed source. stadiums have long sold off naming rights to willing investors. remember the boston garden? it's now td garden. and a man in england is using ebay to figure out which
8:20 am
manchester team his son should root for. never before has the zoo sold the rights to name one of its newborns. we are waiting to find out the name. the winner paid $50,000 to name it whatever he likes. as we wait patiently, what we do know is a corporation didn't buy it. so don't expect to see a giraffe with a logo on its back any time soon. and as for all that money, according to the zoo's twitter account, it's going to a good cause. the wildlife conservation. now i think whoever names him better get really creative if you paid $50,000. >> what about stretch? >> i like that. >> no, that's not great. >> predictable, dan. i expected more from you. maybe we should call george. >> wow. that was well-played. >> look at that. oh, sara, the moves this morning. >> you know what? one should just be quiet when one has been served like that. thank you, sara. over to rob for another change of the subject. safe me, rob marciano. what do you have?
8:21 am
>> good morning, again, guys. show you pictures out of the south and other places where we talked about the gloom and doom of the storm. it was nasty, power outages across south carolina. pretty shots. definitely want to show it to you. just to get you in the mood. but see the fall foliage set amongst the white snow, that's odd. that's one of the reasons trees come down this time of year. record-breaking snow, as we mentioned. now it's a coastal storm. and the wind as we crank this thing up across the new england coastline. wind gusts, over 40 miles an hour in new york. we have seen a 55 mile an hour wind gust in massachusetts. they're going to get the worst as it goes up towards maine where they could see a couple of feet of snow. and the cold blast, waking up to temperatures near the freezing mark in atlanta. below freezing in chicago, 29 degrees in lexington, kentucky. temperatures bounce after today. temps in, say, paducah from 57
8:22 am
to 62. asheville, snow yesterday, 45 toda >> reporter: good morning everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. storm tracker 6 live nice and clear this morning. we'll take you outside, we have cloud cover out there, but the big story is that. the winds are starting to pick up. we're seeing gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour. with temperatures barely getting out of the 40s it will feel like the upper 30s. 50 degrees for philadelphia, 58 >> that is what's shaking in your neighborhood. >> i love it. >> here's the new guy, he's like, i'm going to do this different. here's what's shaking in your neck of the woods. >> i was inspire ed by sara's e zone victory. >> and he has to redeem himself. >> he did dance back to the desk. won't let everyone see that. >> won't show that on television.
8:23 am
and coming up on "gma," a soldier's story changes about the death of his young wife. did he accidently shoot her or was she killed in a jealous rage? >> the story coming up. shark attack, a surfer managing to escape from the jaws of a hungry predator. the move her friend made that may have saved her life. and the bundle of fun, grumpy cat, celebrating christmas in her own special way. a movie sneak peek ahead in "pop news." news." ♪
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all right, coming up on "gma." a woman bitten by a shark in the waters off hawaii describes a terrifying attack. >> how she managed to get back to shore. keep it right here on "good morning america." she managed to get back to shore. keep it right here on "good morning america."
8:27 am
>> it is the final weekend for the pennsylvania governor's race, president barack obama will campaign in philadelphia for tom wolf and new jersey governor chris christie will be in the philadelphia suburbs and drum up support for governor corbett. election day is tuesday.
8:28 am
8:27 sunday morning, let's head outside for a check of the accuweather forcast. chilly chilly this morning. >> reporter: it's blustery out here, we have gusts 35 to 40 miles per hour. the winds will stick around all day long. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's going to be a chilly day, 50 degrees with a 40-mile an hour gust it will feel like the upper 30s. tomorrow, temperatures rebound, 58 degrees, tuesday and wednesday we're back in the 60s. that's it for us we'll send you back to "good morning america."
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voting for reproductive rights. ♪ rock the vote ♪ turn out for what >> try to contain your dance moves. this is the exciting. the new rock the vote, lena dunham, lil john, whoopi goldberg. they explain why they're voting and the issues that are most important to them this election day which is just two days away. they're saying turn down for what? >> turn down for what. lil john had me at hello. i love lil john. i'm going to definitely vote now. abc news is going to have a big, unprecedented seven hour live stream tuesday night. you should watch that and vote. and what's coming up on the show this morning. this woman's incredible survival story. face-to-face with a hungry shark. dragged her out to sea.
8:31 am
what her friend did to save her. you can see the bite marks on the board. but first this half hour, the young soldier accused of murdering his wife. >> he said it was an accident, but prosecutors say that skai lar mai skylar nemetz killed her. the family is angry at what the judge did. >> reporter: this morning skylar nemetz is out on bail. accused of shooting his 20-year-old wife danielle in their apartment. >> i was completely shocked that our system would let someone who's sitting on first-degree murder charges be able to be out on bond. and a lot of us are very upset about that. >> reporter: according to court records, he changed his story about what happened at least three times. first allegedly telling neighbors his wife accidently shot herself while cleaning the rifle. then telling investigators he thought the weapon was unloaded
8:32 am
when he pointed it at the back of danielle's head. they said the infantryman made no effort to call for help. the only 911 calls coming from the couple's neighbors. >> anything you want to say? >> reporter: his mother issuing a statement, all i can say is my son is a loving, caring, giving human being. one i am extremely proud of. his friends and family wrote more than 30 letters supporting the soldier. >> he had no prior contact with the criminal justice system. he's a military man with an outstanding background. >> reporter: he's pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. free for now. but according to a base official, he is confined to living in the barracks and must check in with superiors several times a day. a restricted life while getting ready to fight for his freedom. aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. >> thanks. and now an update on our top story of the morning. >> the cruise ship incident off the bahamas.
8:33 am
begin with the frightening cruise in the bahamas. a 600-foot cruise ship hit an unidentified object off the grand bahama island friday night. some aboard the celebration say there was panic and chaos as they scrambled to find life jackets. all of the passengers have now been returned to florida. and the ntsb investigating what cause the virgin galactic two prototype to crash in the mojave desert. and branson vowing to return to test flights in four to six weeks. and beoko haram is saying that all the schoolgirls have been converted to islam and married off. and denying reports of a cease fire with the government of nigeria. and runners from across the world are in new york city for the 44th annual new york city marathon. they are battling the wind and the chilly temperatures. a record 50,000 runners are registered for the race. which would, if they show up, make it the largest road race in the history of the world or
8:34 am
universe. jeffrey -- let's be clear about this -- >> the universe part of that? >> we'll look into that. jeffrey mutai is trying to win the third consecutive marathon. he shattered the course record in 2011. finished in just over two hours, five minutes in perfect weather conditions. these are a little less than perfect. chilly. >> provides a nice segway to dr. marciano over here. >> doctor? >> doctor? >> i'm a tv doctor. >> you just get better and better and better. >> dr. evil. >> you mentioned the wind. >> i did. most of the route is against the wind. not only cold, but against the wind. you need all the help you can get. boston live shot, 38 degrees right now. and it's blowing. massachusetts just reporting a wind gust of 55 miles per hour. it's going to be blowing and rainy. and the rains will taper off later today. it's a nasty one. 40 degrees, about the high temperature expected today. a little bit of white in the forecast potentially west of
8:35 am
boston. north of boston into maine. several inches and up to a foot of snow there. and the winds howling up into philadelphia. at times up and over 50 miles an hour. especially the closer you get to the low. that's storm number one. storm number two in the inner mountain west. heavy snow at the higher elevations and another storm in the pacific northwest. as this guy moves inland with locally over 2 inches of rain, with the next storm in the pacific northwest will bring mo >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. storm tracker 6 live nice and clear this morning. we have clouds hanging on, but we are expecting mostly sunny skies this afternoon. >> this weather report brought to you by bank of america. and with that, the doctor is out. >> well, the mathematician is not in. dan was trying to figure out how
8:36 am
swiftly they were running with my calculator. >> i was listening to rob's forecast. >> as always. >> very carefully. >> thank you, dan. >> thank you, dr. marciano. here's what's coming up on "gma." she's got the mangled surf board to prove it. how this woman escaped from a hungry shark. the key move one of her fellow surfers made. and the latest viral video from the music group, okay go. how they used a high-tech drone for an amazing effect. all up ahead. "pop news," don't to want miss it. . -mortgage. -debt. it's complicated. it's not easy. i'm not a good budgeter. unfortunately, i'm a spender. i would love to learn more about finances. so there's questions about the world that all of us have, especially about money and finance. the goal of khan academy and better money habits and the partnership we're doing with bank of america is to give people the tools they need to empower themselves.
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all right. we have a story this morning about a hero in hawaii who rescued his friend when she was attacked by a shark and dragged out to sea. that's her right there. >> yeah, he used his fists and feet to free her from the man eater. michelle franzen has the story. good morning, michelle. he felt like he was going to break his hand, punching it so hard. >> reporter: he did. miraculous they both escaped. what you're about to hear. the 34-year-old surfer owes her life to the friend who had her back. when this 12-foot shark
8:41 am
attacked, she was tethered to the board by an ankle leash. as the shark dragged her to deeper waters and a heroic friend put himself in the middle of this violent fight for her life. >> relief, gratitude, luck. yeah, all of that. >> reporter: all that after surviving a vicious shark attack off the waters of northern hawaii. mckenzie clark showing off the brutal bite marks. her hands and board. >> i don't think this minor of an injury happens this often with this situation. >> reporter: she was paddling off the warm waters on friday, just like many times before. always more fascinated than fearful. >> i love sharks and think they're beautiful. >> reporter: a bump in the water putting that appreciation to the test. thinking she hit a rock until a 12 foot shark surfaced. >> at that point his head was on my board and his jaws were chomping down. >> reporter: brian wargo heard screaming and described the scene.
8:42 am
>> i looked over and i saw her being lifted out of the water. i saw the dorsal fin of the shark and his tail kicking very hard with her in the air. >> reporter: fearing the shark would eat her, he grabbed the dorsal fin and started punching. >> about the fifth time i hit it, i felt the shark shudder and head out to sea. >> reporter: after paddling to shore and racing to the hospital mckenzie and her hero were all smiles. her wounded and wrapped hand held high, but still aware of how close they came to the jaws of death. >> right now i just feel really, really blessed and thankful that everyone's okay. >> reporter: boy, is that an understatement. mckenzie still needs time for that hand to heal. she admits the process that she's going to need time to get over that ordeal. and she hasn't ruled out surfing yet. but she's going to process and see how this whole ordeal turns out. >> hasn't ruled it out. wow. >> hasn't ruled it out. to walk away with just bandages on her hand.
8:43 am
>> and eyewitnesss say the tiger shark was up to 12 feet long. big shark. appreciate it. and coming up on "good morning america," scrooge has nothing on grumpy cat. a sneak peek at a very different kind of christmas movie. it's straight ahead in "pop news" with the lovable sara haines. but non-grumpy sara haines. et r! fancy feast broths. they're irresistabowl... completely unbelievabowl... totally delectabowl. real silky smooth or creamy broths. everything she's been waiting for. carefully crafted with real seafood, real veggies, and never any by-products or fillers. wow! being a cat just got more enjoyabowl. fancy feast broths. wow served daily. how to shed pounds this winter. there. no more drafts. finally. [ male announcer ] this troy-bilt 24 inch
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♪ oh. could it be? >> oh, my gosh. >> yes, it could. >> introduce sara. >> the incomparable sara haines with the incomparable "pop news" coming up now. don't touch that dial. >> now that halloween is behind us, it's all about christmas. and while the thought of stockings and sugar cookies make
8:48 am
a lot of us happy, some go total grinch and just get happier. especially if you're this cat. you know who i'm talking about. here's a sneak peek at grumpy cat's worst christmas ever. >> for anyone who loves christmas stories about good will -- no. >> joy. >> no. >> and peace to all. >> you are a loser. >> are you serious? >> of course i'm serious. look at my face. >> you can see it on lifetime on november 29th. but we have a star sighting of the grumpy cat. do we not have a picture somewhere? you're a grumpy. oh, there we are. >> yes. >> the caption on that is who's grumpier. >> i was trying to make a grumpy face. doesn't really work. >> it's working. it's working. and the guys who make up the group okay go are used to their videos going viral. but they just might have outdone themselves. the video for the new song, "i won't let you down" is an incredible one take wonder. ♪ i won't let you down ♪ won't let you down
8:49 am
♪ i totally want one of those scooters. this time they are riding around on motorized scooter chairs. filmed by a drone. getting the help from japanese schoolgirls who know synchronicity. it took up to 60 tries to get it right. that's not shocking. imagine what goes into the shots. >> i want one of those scooters. >> i totally want one. >> we definitely found out who in the desk is into world domination, and mild amusement. >> exactly. >> the line is right here. >> yeah. with the new york marathon taking place today, the eyes of the world are focused on the sport of running. and dreams of crossing the finish line first is what it's about in an upcoming movie, "mcfarland, usa." the walt disney pictures movie stars kevin costner. a high school coach in a poor town in l.a.
8:50 am
that's predominantly latino. he takes talented students who are predominantly latino and takes them to the championship. >> the odds are stacked against us. you guys are super human. nothing you can't do with that kind of strength and heart. show them how it's done. >> inspired by a true story from 1987, coach jim white noticed that many students had to run far distances from their jobs to school to home and they were fast. and with the perseverance and hard work they learned powerful lessons about life. "mcfarland usa" premiers next february 20th. they pump me up and make me to want run a mile. >> what about a marathon? >> nope. and now it's time to get a little serious and talk about the midnight trips to the bathroom. we have all been there. and whether you have a fear of missing the target, not my problem, or a fear of falling in thanks to a spouse who left the seat up. might be my problem. this might be your answer. it's the illumibles. it's a night light for your
8:51 am
toilet. it's a motion sensor and illuminates the bowl when you walk into the bathroom. it's being funded by kickstarter, expected to ship in jan january, the first of the $15 devices. it was created by a 23-year-old from utah who hates turning on the light at night. hashtag lazy. >> lazy is wearing a diaper at night. >> which you don't do. >> i've thought about it. >> you haven't had three children. i'm just saying. >> he's had enough. he's got one. that's where the idea came from. >> he didn't birth the child, hello. >> no, that's true. >> we are nothing without you. thank you all women out there for birthing and otherwise. >> we will be right back with a very special guest. >> well-played, well-played. very special guest. >> well-played, well-played. ♪
8:52 am
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there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family.
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and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. so we promised you a special guest. sara's mom sandy, brother joe, one word how it was growing up with sara. >> entertaining.
8:56 am
>> entertaining. >> terrifying. >> that's the one. that's the one. >> you! mom was clearly looking out for me. >> that's what it's like sitting next to her on "good morning america." >> you never know what to expect. >> exactly? >> unbelievable. >> thank you, guys. >> i'm eva pilgrim coming up next on "action news," we are in the final days before election day. the two men vying for governor of pennsylvania get star power as they stump for votes. why you may be lagging this morning despite getting that extra hour of sleep, chris. >> reporter: even the delaware valley is wind-whipped, but
8:57 am
milder cal ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you.
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8:58 am
i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
8:59 am
>> it is 9:00 a.m. on this sunday, november 2. nydia is off, alicia vitarelli joins us. in the news, a political punch in the arm, the man vying for governor of pennsylvania gets superstar power from their parties. >> a car riddled with bullets showed up at temple hospital. now a teenager is fighting for his life. the eagles face the texans this afternoon. this feels like football weather. >> reporter: it wouldn't be so bad if the winds weren't is
9:00 am
gusty. you can see the flags whipping in the wind as we look at the korean war memorial. the good news is that we got rid of the rain it's up in new england. 40 degrees in allentown. 32, the freezing mark in the poconos. the poconos the high temperature 39. alejandroalejandrothese are gus, will also at the airport, showing 40 miles per hour. yesterday's system is now up here. heavy rains transitioning over to heavy snows for boston and eastern porks of maine and have the vermont. should be interesting to see what happens in the denver new england game with this system pushing by. we'll have sunshine during the late morning hours. lunchtime, 48 degrees.