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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 4, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. developing now, millions of americans heading to the polls. the senate hanging in the balance. the most expensive midterm election in history. our abc news election team this morning on the key battles today raging across the country and what it all means for the president. the terrifying kidnapping caught on camera. a young woman snatched off the streets wrestled into a car. her glasses and cell phone found at the scene. the police asking the public for help. the desperate search right now. >> i just happened to look up at the sky and just seen this bright light shoot across the sky. >> fireball streaking across the sky. hundreds of reports in 13 states much dash cam capturing this bright green light and this sighting over chicago. were they meteors or something else? ♪ and taylor swift is not
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going to shake it off. why the biggest pop tar in the world says she's taking a stand and pulling all her songs this morning from spotify. what this could mean for how all of us buy our music. ♪ and good morning, america. lots to get to this election morning and, robin, you are back from a big night for our friend, michael. there's the towel. a gift you brought back for me. check this out, guys. >> hall of fame ring he got last night. >> i could fit it around my whole hand. right here. look at that thing. >> michael, great to see you last night running out between all those former teammates of yours. >> thank you, thank you. >> your parents were there. i mean, that was a great moment there at halftime. >> you know what, first of all, thank you, you guys, for coming. really awesome to have you there
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and be a part of it. just to see all my teammates and the fans, then you play for, play with, it was the highlight of my life and, you know, everybody gets this. every other weekend we'll rotate the ring. >> all right. >> your speech was spot-on. we'll share a bit of that later. >> thank you. >> can't wait for that. we are going to begin with this big national election. your voice, your vote. a live look at the white house right now. president obama is going to stay home today as millions head to the polls. he is not on the ballot but this election with so much at stake is very much about him and his policies. abc's jon karl is here. it could shake up the president's final two years in office. >> george, this will go a long way towards defining president obama's last two years in office and while he hasn't been on the ballot this election has seemed one all about the president. this morning, president obama is playing a starring role in elections across the country. >> obama's senator, not yours.
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>> pryor, o-b-a-m-h. >> reporter: they have painted this election as a referendum on obama prompting even some democrats to run their own ads criticizing the president. >> i'm not barack obama. >> the administration's policies are simply wrong. >> reporter: michelle nunn in georgia aired this ad to show a photo of her with president obama is not what it seems. >> but what he doesn't tell you is that it was taken at an event honoring president bush. >> reporter: the president recently played right into the republican game plan. >> i'm not on the ballot this fall but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot. every single one of them. >> reporter: in race after race republican candidates have made sure everybody saw that. >> these policies are on the ballot. >> reporter: the president is n unpopular nationally, but even more unpopular in states with competitive senate races. >> you don't agree that the president's been considered politically toxic to many of those democrats running? >> it won't surprise you to hear
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that i do not agree with that assessment. >> reporter: i think you'd expect him to say that. i don't know what else he could say of the you're over at the map. what are the key races you'll be looking at tonight when we think about this control of the senate which hangs in the balance. >> reporter: you have 16 states where you could see party control change. 13 are held by democrats but if you want to see if republicans get control, here are three states to watch most closely, first of all, colorado. this is a state that went twice for barack obama. it's where he accepted the democratic nomination in 2008 but as you can see the republican cory gardner has a slight edge and a slight edge in the early vote and could win there. iowa, this is the state that really gave birth to the obama candidacy in 2008 when he beat hillary clinton. it's neck and neck. if anything you've seen some momentum on the republican side with joni ernst. if republicans win both of those states they will win control of the senate. but there is a wild card here. kansas. this is a state that is about as republican as they get. they haven't defeated a republican senator here since
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1932 but look at this. an independent, orman, greg orman who could win this race and then there's an all-out bidding war because he hasn't said whether or not he would caucus with democrats or republicans. he could hold the balance of power on election night. >> and on top of that could be runoffs in louisiana and georgia in december and january, which means we may not know who will control the senate for awhile. >> reporter: i think there is a very good chance we will have no idea at the end of the night would will control the senate. >> let me bring in matt dowd. you saw how disillusioned americans are with president obama and how much a factor this was. this is a broader rejection election. >> i think it's an election about how sour the country is and about both parties. neither party in the aftermath of this election is going to be embraced by the country. the president for the second midterm in a row for him can win a presidential election usually going away for the second midterm. this is a rejection of him and his leadership because he is the democratic party and the democratic party is likely to lose seats.
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>> that's what it's looking like. ahead to 2016. a new poll out this morning which shows hillary clinton far more popular than her potential republican opponents right now and in many ways, today's midterm is the starting time for 2016. >> it will begin before the polls close tonight. all these candidates will be in their rooms, potential candidates and i think the biggest question mark in this whole thing is hillary clinton. democrats will pivot off her and republicans will. she is the candidate most popular and i think at that point is that decision she has to make is everything else falls from there. the dominos fall based on hillary clinton. >> okay, matt dowd. thanks very much. you'll be here and jon karl will be here. we'll have our special election hour. seven hours of breaking news across all our platforms. pri primetime special at 10:00 p.m. we're covering it more deeply than ever before. >> and you'll be back with the latest. a scandal rocking the air force. two commanders in charge of our nuclear missiles have been
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fired. the military calling it a loss of confidence in their leadership. this is the latest setback for this group of elite officers and abc's martha raddatz is here, has the latest. good morning, martha. >> i think people forget that there are 450 nuclear tipped missiles across america's plains. i was there last year visiting one of those nuclear facilities. they had real leadership problems then. they have real leadership problems now. apparently these two commanders relieved of duty one for saying to a pregnant air force worker that her career would be negatively affected by pregnancy and also some verbal abuse and have had real problems with gambling, drugs, alcohol and cheating. they're trying to clean that up right now. >> people want to know, are the missiles secure when you have this behavior? >> one of the things they told me is absolutely this will not affect the security and we're thankful for that. >> yeah, that's a small thing to be thankful for -- a big thing
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to be thankful for. you'll be part of our election coverage. you know it's election day when we're all here. >> all excited about the evening. >> we might take a little nap this afternoon. >> maybe a little one. we'll turn now to that desperate search for a young woman violently abducted off a philadelphia street. you see her forced into a car. the whole scene caught on camera. abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: kidnapping on camera. police say you're watching the chilling moment an unidentified man snatches 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither, off a quiet street in germantown, pennsylvania, just before 10:00 sunday night and then drags her kicking and screaming to his car. keep watching as the struggle ensues. carlesha nearly breaks free but then just off camera, her kidnapper manages to shove her into the vehicle. you can see the trunk shaking as police say carlesha struggles even busting out one of the car's windows but it's not enough. the video ends as the car takes
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off. both carlesha and her kidnapper gone without a trace. >> you can see she's putting up a fight and putting up a heck of a struggle. but he's able to get her into the vehicle. >> reporter: this morning both police and the fbi are pouring over the video and say the abductant appears to be video. >> you'll see him parking, exiting then walking back up the block and waiting on this young lady as she approaches the intersection there and crosses over, the male, he then follows her and then he grabbed her. >> reporter: at the scene carlesha's glasses and cell phone. we're learned she moved into the neighborhood just two months ago and was walking home from a party for her godson. the street quiet, but not deserted. you can see one driver pulls up just as carlesha and her kidnapper disappears off frame. a person on foot shows up too. and police say witnesses have come forward saying they heard carlesha screaming for help. >> this is a joint effort doing everything that we possibly can to find her. >> reporter: carlesha's devastated father also hanging
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up flyers and he has a message for that mysterious man. >> i just want her to come back home safe. i don't care what anybody have to do, just come home. that's all i'm asking. >> reporter: philadelphia police are now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest or conviction. police say they are looking for a ford taurus silver or gray with two busted out windows on the driver and passenger side, george. >> thanks very much. to amy with today's other top stories. good morning, everyone. we begin with some unusual sightings lighting up the night sky. police dash cam in west virginia caught this bright light, look at that. more than 200 sightings reported across 13 states. nasa says it was likely a meteor. a similar fireball was seen streaking across the sky over japan monday night setting social media ablaze with witness accounts. in chicago, however, this light moved slowly across the sky. that is says that may have just been a piece of space junk.
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all right. lots of different explanations there. you be the judge. just as millions of americans plan their travel for the holiday, the government is suing southwest airlines this morning claiming the airline failed to properly make important safety repairs. southwest is fighting back. abc's david kerley joins us now with the details. good morning. >> reporter: amy, as you mentioned it involves 737s which the faa says are improperly repaired. it warns southwest about this but the airline put the planes back in service anyway. this morning, the government is suing southwest for $12 million, that's the second biggest fine ever against an airline. it was announced this summer but southwest disputes the faa findings and has refused to pay. now, started back in 2006 a contractor in evert, washington, was replacing the aluminum skin on 44 jets but the faa says when the workers put in a sealant and adhesive in the joint they didn't put these rivets in fast enough to ensure a good seal so that moisture wouldn't get in there. southwest says it is looking forward to defending its record
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in court against the government. amy. >> all right, david kerley, thanks so much. and from planes to cars, the government is investigating whether honda failed to report deaths and injuries resulting from defective air bags made by the japanese company takata. 5 million hondas have been recalled. north carolina, a group of good samaritans jumped into action after a pickup truck dashed into a gas station. surveillance video capturing the moment the truck sped into the station slammed into a pump and burst into flames. bystanders rushed in saving the father and son inside. the father had suffered a seizure behind the wheel but is now recovering, thanks to the help of those good samaritans. president obama has declared a disaster on hawaii's big island where lava flowing from the kilauea volcano is threatening a small town. the lava is now taking over a swamp boiling the water. the disaster declaration frees up federal money to protect the town. and finally, a violent felon who escaped from a florida prison has been recaptured. ronald mccoy was serving life
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for armed robbery but lucky for authorities mccoy proved worthy of our ever-growing dumb criminal file. after three days on the lam police easily spotted him at a gas station, why, you ask, because he was still wearing his prison uniform. >> oh. >> three days later after escaping. forgot that small detail. he low. i just escaped it prison, everyone. >> okay is the new black. >> really? >> wasn't it like halloween around that time. maybe they thought it was a costume. >> we had some smart police officers thank god, capturing that dumb criminal. >> love the file. >> all right. let's move on now to a big battle brewing in the music twist. taylor swift abruptly pulling health care workers all of her bups from the streaming service spotify days after the release of her hot new album "1989." well, now spotify is working hard to try to win her back and rebecca jarvis has our story. ♪ never ever
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>> reporter: it looks like taylor swift is never ever getting back together with spotify. the number one streaming service in the world. after swift and her music label abruptly pulled her entire catalog from the service which has 40 million subscribers. swift has never seemed a big fan of streaming services writing in "the wall street journal" last year piracy, file sharing and streaming have shrunk the numbers of paid album sales drastically and every artist has handled this differently" it sets up a showdown with apple where swift's music is still available on itunes. for her new album "1989" the singer had an exclusive agreement for a track by track release on itunes. and on beats, a streaming service which apple acquired last january, "1989" has had an incredible opening week run with 1.3 million copies sold. but swift didn't release "1989" on the service.
7:15 am
insiders speculate swift has always been weary of spotify, initially refusing to release her 2012 album "red" to the service. spotify says they hope swift will change her mind and join us in building a new music economy that works for everyone. and from what i'm hearing this morning taylor swift isn't the only artist planning to go this exclusive route. rumor has it beyonce's new album will drop november 14th, also exclusively on itunes and the thing is this changes how we listen to music and also can change how we pay for music. what we pay for music most importantly. >> stay tuned. that's for sure, rebecca, thanks very much. to that special night for our guy, michael strahan. number 92 in your program, number 1 in your heart, that man right there. he is a hall of famer, got the ring last night to prove it, it was a beautiful ceremony. [ cheers and applause ] >> our very own superhero, michael strahan.
7:16 am
>> it was a powerful homecoming fit for a giant. pro football's newest hall of famer receiving a hero's welcome during halftime at monday night's giants/colts game. a gaunt let of pro football icons and former teammates leading the way, michael humbly bowing to his loyal fans all leading up to this moment. >> it is my great privilege to present you with this ring of excellence as was the great players in the history of the game, michael strahan. >> michael receiving that coveted hall of fame ring. [ cheers and applause ] >> with these guys who are up here with me to lead the way to inspire me to be the absolute best i could be and the reason we did it is because we did it for the most important people who come in the stadium every sunday and that is you, the fans! so, i know you have your rally towels. i know you want to wave it for me and my number but that means
7:17 am
nothing, wave those towels for every player who's ever put on this uniform for every fan who's ever rooted for this team, because we are the new york giants! >> there for michael, his proud parents and his 19-year-old son, michael jr. >> steps up under pressure and he'sing haved by michael strahan. >> through 15 bone-crushing seasons, michael didn't just play the game, he dominated it. >> intercepted by michael strahan. >> now our guy takes his spot in history. >> you come out here and play for them and i couldn't ask for anything better so it was awesome. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was quite a scene. it was. [ applause ] >> let me say this, you have made a seamless transition to this next phase of your life but it was so great to be on your turf last night. ginger and i felt to be on your turf literally last night and
7:18 am
see your family and it was just -- i hope that you were able to embrace that moment too. >> yeah, i was able to enjoy it. i'm glad you both came. i really am. only thing i wish i could have done thought about too late, put on my uniform and ran out there, yeah. but then i probably would have been tempted to play and i wouldn't be here this morning because i wouldn't be able to move. >> they would have wanted you to play after that game last night. >> possibly would have made me play. >> thursday if you want. >> no, george. halloween is over, no reason to wear the uniform. i don't want to be that dumb criminal. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> i appreciate it. thank you very much. ginger, you're paying special attention to texas. >> yes, going close to your hometown of houston. a little more michael but certainly the flash flood watches what we are watching in the plains through the midwest, we have this line of heavy rain and storms coming flew and the flash flood watch includes san antonio and austin. some could top 7 inches, a lot of that moisture coming from hurricane vance that will make landfall in mexico early
7:19 am
tomorrow morning. >> hi, dave murphy with an update from accuweather. we're high and dry on storm tracker 6 live double scan. as we head outside plenty of sunshine over the horizon. may see clouds mixing sometime today. mild with temperatures over 50 by a couple ticks in a lot of areas. philadelphia recently slipped to 49. these aren't bad numbers for this time of year. this afternoon relatively mild
7:20 am
with a high of 67. tomorrow still nice 68. then rain on >> and something you didn't get to see, not only did they introduce michael as a superhero but they had a comic strip up. that was so cool. you became a real superhero. >> she was so cute at the game. she kept going, am i here? >> it was my first giants game. >> it was great. >> yes. >> coming up here on "gma," the grandmother charged with a hit man to kill her daughter's ex. why prosecutors say she wanted him gone. more on that wild nascar brawl. jeff gordon right in the middle of it.
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maxx life at t.j.maxx. maxx what matters most to you. >> ♪ >> "action news" is brought to you by patient first. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 7:26 on this tuesday morning, i'm tamala edwards. we have breaking news from lawrence township, new jersey. chopper 6 hd is live over i-95. you can see that school bus on its side. it has flipped over. we're told there were no children on the bus and there were no reports of injuries. but this is an issue for
7:27 am
traffic so let's go over to karen rogers. >> that's right, we can see they have the heavy duty tow truck on the scene getting ready to try to upright the school bus. fortunately no kids on this bus but you see the backup on i-95 northbound. this is i-95 in lawrence township right near federal city road. and it is blocking the ramp from federal city road to i-95 northbound so that ramp is blocked. here's the traffic that's backed up in this area. so, we can see it pretty heavy here northbound traffic is jammed on i-95. you see it stretching for miles at this point. your alternate is route 1 northbound instead of i-95 northbound here in mercer county, some problems with this school bus right here informed buena vista 54 near jackson road an accident. let's go outside live on 422 in a bad spot. eastbound at 29 you see the flashing lights. we've got an accident here with only the right shoulder getting by, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. now let's go on over to dave murphy looks like it's going to be a lovely day out there today. >> great day to get to the polls that's for sure tam. take a look at temperatures. we're at 49 degrees in
7:28 am
philadelphia. that's about as low as we're going to go. 47 in in wilmington, 44 in allentown and 53 in sea isle city. this afternoon we're getting a nice high of 67 degrees. clouds mixing with sun and great with light winds for that stroll to the election polling station. still nice tomorrow, 68. then clouds on thursday with rain arriving during the morning and getting steady at times as we head later into the day and tomorrow night -- i should say thursday night, tam. >> thank you david. that's it for us right now. we'll send you the "gma" and see you back here in 30.
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america runs on dunkin'. ♪ come, come, come chameleon ♪ you come and go >> the control room is trying to get us to sing again. that is the culture club with "karma chameleon." okay. you took the bait. you took the bait, lara. it's on a brand-new list of catchiest songs of all time. we'll tell you the number one tune. what's your guess, the number one tune? >> oh, no. what do you think? >> i just love the culture club. i remember the album. i have it on vinyl still. >> i felix prince george -- >> sadly those were my real dance moves. >> well, everybody can put in their guesses right now. >> focus, people.
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also ahead, trying to hire a hit man. was she really trying to have her daughter's ex killed? plus, more fallout from that wild brawl at the racetrack involving jeff gordon and other drivers, nascar is now getting ready to crack down on brawls like this. >> the new study revealing the benefits of exercise and why it's good for more than just your body. what just 20 minutes a day can do for you. >> we will tell you. but we'll begin this half hour with the new york grandmother accused of trying to hit a hit man to kill her daughter's ex-boyfriend, the father of her grandchild. police say she put down a partial payment on the job. abc's mara schiavocampo has that story for us. >> reporter: new york psychotherapist melissa shown shield may seem like your average grandmother but this morning police say she is also a criminal. the 57-year-old was arrested for, quote, paying another person to commit murder.
7:32 am
allegedly trying to hire an undercover officer posing as a hit man to kill her daughter's ex-boyfriend, ernesto negrio, the father of her grandchild. >> i believe this was a serious attempt to find somebody to murder an individual. >> shonefield who pleaded not guilty invited our crew into her home but wouldn't comment on the case but her daughter alexis tells abc news exclusively that her mom is concerned about keeping her safe from negrio who alex says says mistreated her. >> she kept telling me it wasn't her fault and loves me. >> reporter: in court documents the undercover officer she allegedly tried to hire says she drove her mini cooper to a walmart parking lot friday morning because she wanted to have negrillo killed. we came to an agreement that the job would be done for $11,000. the officer also claims she made
7:33 am
a $5500 down payment in cash. >> there was exchange of money. final plans were made. >> reporter: shonefield is married to a prominent den cyst. now alexis says they are picture perfect family is being torn apart by these allegations. >> my mom is the glue in our family, you know. she's -- she's the one who makes sure everything is okay. it's hard watching my mom fall apart. she was made to be a monster. >> reporter: these out on bail and alexis' father denies he knew anything about the alleged plot. we reached out to negrillo for comment but did not hear back. >> we'll turn now to a headline making case out of nashville where four former football players from vanderbilt are accused of sexually assaulting a female student when she was drunk and unconscious. a jury trial begins in two of the men.
7:34 am
>> reporter: this morning a jury is expected to be seated for this high-profile trial. two of four former vanderbilt football players accused in the alleged sexual assault of a young woman in a school dorm. >> when did you first learn that your athletic scholarship was potentially at risk? >> when i spoke with coach franklin. >> reporter: brandon vanden berg and cory beatty, the first to stand trial and facing multiple counts of aggravated rape and sexual battery, both pleading not guilty. >> i don't see a major problem here. >> reporter: police say the vic was vandage berg's former girfriend and the most explosive evidence the jury is expected to see, some of what happened was caught on the dorm surveillance videos and police say vanden berg took pictures of the sexual assault on his cell phone and sent around to friends. >> i found images of the victim being brutally raped off of your defendant's cell phone. >> reporter: in june of 201 police say vanden berg just 20 years old and his then girlfriend were coming back to gillette hall after a night of
7:35 am
heavy drinking. police say the surveillance video shows the young man carrying her limp body to vapiden berg's second floor room where three of the men are accused of raping her but vapiden berg's defense attorney says that video doesn't tell the full story. >> we're missing some angles that we've been told we were missing so we want to see where those cameras are and see what people viewed. >> reporter: defense lawyers for the player say the young men were too drunk to remember what happened that night. if convicted they could spend decades in jail. for "good morning america," steve osunsami. >> dan abrams joins us now. we saw there the two men on trial. can't remember what happened that night. apparently the alleged victim can't remember what happened either so how does that impact the case. >> you'll have different kinds of defenses for these two defendants. but let's start with the fact that the alleged victim here says she doesn't remember anything. ordinarily that would be a huge hurdle to overcome in a case like this. except it seeps that in this case they have photographs, they have video.
7:36 am
they have testimony of someone who may allege that he helped cover up after the fact and that's going to be the key is going to be their text messages, et cetera, after the fact that are going to be crucial pieces of evidence in this case so you may not even need her testimony. >> but you say two different defenses? that's right, because there are two people of four on trial right now. one of them is not even accused of a forcible sexual act. he's the one who actually had some relationship with this woman and it seeps he's more accused of helping organizing, et cetera, in this but still charged with exactly the same crime. his defense, it seems is going to be i didn't have the intent, i was too drunk, i didn't know what was happening, et cetera. one of the other defendants who is charged with a forcible sexual act, we don't know exactly what the defense is going to be. i would expect it's going to be some version of consent. expect that all the defense attorneys are going to be putting the police and prosecutors on trial. you already heard it in that
7:37 am
sound bite there where they're questioning why they didn't get certain evidence, where other evidence is or isn't. but they're going to have to do more here than just challenge the police and prosecutors. >> vanderbilt's role could be an issue, as well. >> the defense is actually saying that when these students were questioned by the vanderbilt authorities that they were coerced into saying things that they wouldn't have ordinarily said so it's the reverse here. the defendants saying the university was too tough on us. >> a lot at play here. dan abrams, thanks very much. to ginger with the weather. >> let's talk freeze, yes, freeze in the southeast. how about we look at places like south carolina and georgia. south georgia even in that frost advisory this morning but things, they are about to cook and warm up. you know, last weekend columbia, south carolina, had their first and earliest ever trace of snow. today into the 70s. louisville, 67. all ahead of the front this mild air pushes up into the northeast and even parts of new england. but behind it, it is far from mild. look at the numbers. these are windchills and thought
7:38 am
we'd put them on, 24, denver, feels like 28 in billings. salt lake city, 23. test test. >> hello, ginger, dave murphy on the terrace right now with an update from accuweather. lots of sun up over the horizon, a few clouds here and there. temperatures aren't bad around 50 right now and 67 is your high for election day, clouds mixing with sun. still >> all that weather brought to you by target and i am headed to nashville right after the show because we're doing a big cma show tomorrow morning and looks like we're just going to beat the rain. >> big concert in the morning. >> yes, we do. enjoy. coming up, important information for parents, i don't know how to say this. how your children can make you sick. the common childhood illness that is could lead to scary symptoms. nascar is getting ready to crack down after that wild bruehl with jeff gordon right there in the center of it all and why tensions are so high at the racetrack. we're going to find out.
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we're back now at 7:42 with the latest on that massive brawl including nascar's biggest stars following a collision on the track. the drivers facing possible punishment this morning and abc's ryan smith is here with the details. good morning, ryan. >> good morning, lara. that massive all-out nascar brawl and recent rise in fights has so many wondering what's going on. nascar is responding loud and clear. the penalties may be coming. this morning, nascar could
7:43 am
decide as early as today if they will issue any penalties on the drivers involved in sunday's bloody brawl seen around the world. crew members and drivers were numerous teams involved in the free-for-all pushing, punching and shoving. according to "the charlotte observer" this nascar official saying the scuffle was over the line. vowing to take further action. >> important thing is to, you know, make the right decision at the end of the day. >> reporter: this crash at the texas 500 making race day look more like fight night. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: with 43-year-old superstar jeff gordon chasing down rival brad keselowski after keselowski's car crashed into him on the race's last lap ending his chance for victory lane. check out keselowski's reaction >> that's just racing. >> like something out of wwe other drivers getting into the mix. that's nascar star kevin harvick. >> after the race, it all broke loose. i told brad you need to get in there and fight his own fight.
7:44 am
>> seemingly on the rise, this is the third major fight since april. some saying the new playoff style format for the sprint cup championship with three rounds of elimination ending in a final four-type showdown between drivers is changing the culture of the sport making racers drive harder. >> the drivers in my opinion have never been under more pressure. i think the format is responsible for that. >> reporter: but more drama on the track could mean an improvement to nascar's sagging ratings. as of july according to sports media watch, 15 of 16 sprint cup telecasts saw declining ratings over last year. and for nascar fights like these perhaps adding the drama and also the violence. none of the drivers involved in the fight were speaking on monday about the fight but keselowski's team owner roger penske is firmly in his corner saying while it was unfortunate brad has my 100% support, lara. >> all right, ryan, thanks so
7:45 am
much. coming up, everybody, what angelini jolie is revealing about life with brad and possibly a career change. we'll explain. and bang-bang is one of the hottest songs right now, but does it make the list of catchiest ever? the new research about tunes we can't get out of our head. >> it's science, michael. it's science. we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around, and there it is again. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table, underneath my work desk, we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer sweeper. the swiffer dusters. it's some sort of magic cloth that sucks in all the dog hair. it's quick and easy. pretty amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on another dog. [ kevin ] really? ♪
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life ♪ >> everybody, you hear that song, the huge hit "mambo no. 5" very catchy. that's very catchy. >> i got you two over there just grooving. >> is this the catchiest song of all time? there's a new survey revealing the tunes we can't get out of our heads and no matter how hard we try, we just can't let them go. abc's t.j. holmes is in the social square square with that. t.j., take it away. >> you might not think it's the right choice for me but britney spears, if you see me walking down the hallway singing "hit me baby one more time" it might seem strange but there is scientific research that explains why i can't get this song out of my head. ♪ because you know all i'm all about that bass no treble ♪ >> reporter: they are the songs you just can't get out of your head. ♪ just dance ♪ shake it off >> reporter: those pesky earworms that repeat in your mind over and over even when you aren't listening.
7:50 am
♪ under my embrael la ella ella ♪ >> reporter: now a pop song earning the distinction of being the catchiest of all time. ♪ if you want to be my lover you got to get with my friends ♪ >> reporter: the spice girls' "wanna be". ♪ friendship never ends." >> reporter: they collected data from 12,000 who listened to hit songs over the past 70 years, the top 20 by how quickly recognize them. people recognize "wanna be" in 2.29 seconds. ♪ mama bow 5 >> reporter: number two. ma' mambo number 5 ♪ >> reporter: third, "eye of the tiger." 2.26 seconds. ♪ the eye of the tiger >> reporter: others included in the top ten. ♪ pretty woman walking down the street ♪
7:51 am
♪ beat it >> reporter: and rounding out the list at number 20 -- ♪ like a candle in the wind >> reporter: now there is something to this study. they want to try to understand music memory, what makes a song so catchy to help them better understand and treat dementia. >> i tell you what, "eye of the tiger," i know that right now. everybody stay right there. all the drama from "dancing with the stars" is coming up and also matthew mcconaughey will be here live. when change is in the air you see things in a whole new way. it's in this spirit that ing u.s. is becoming a new kind of company. one that helps you think differently about what's ahead, and what's possible when you get things organized. ing u.s. is now voya. changing the way you think of retirement.
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>> ♪ >> good morning. the philadelphia fraternal order of police has added $5,000 in reward money in the search for 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither and her kidnapper. the surveillance camera caught her kidnapping on sunday night in germantown. the city of philadelphia has also offered a $10,000 reward. 7:56 on this tuesday november 4th. i'm tamala edwards. let's head over to karen rogers. she's got the latest on an overturned school bus. >> hard to look at a scene like this and see the school bus on its side. but there were no children on the bus. it is creating a backup. this is lawrence township mercer county chopper 6 was overhead, i-95 northbound near
7:57 am
federal city road. we've got an accident there and we're seeing northbound a good 15 to 20 minutes delays. you can see how those cars just stretch on for miles here off of the ramp from federal city to i-95 northbound blocked. stick to route 1 northbound instead. this is an accident here causing problems, 309 northbound you see it right here between easton road and paper mill road. this accident an lot of police and emergency crews blocking the left lane. you could see how traffic has slowed through this area, just jamming on 309 northbound so two messy accidents right there, tam. >> good to know. thank you karen. let's head over to meteorologist, david murphy. he's standing in the sunshine. good morning. >> yeah, early sunshine across most of the region right now, tam. take a look at temperatures. we're at 49 degrees in philadelphia. up to 54 in allentown and 50 in wilmington so the numbers are improving a bit and this afternoon looks like a great day to vote or do anything else you need to do outdoors. a mix of clouds and sun through the day. 67 is your relatively mild high. and with light winds and no rain, again, decent weather today for all of your outdoor activities.
7:58 am
wednesday still nice, up to 68. thursday is when things change. we get a front bringing clouds and rain through the morning. the rain could be steady at times in the afternoon and evening perhaps steady enough to provide us with street flooding later on thursday, tam. >> thank you david. polls are opened over the delaware and lehigh valleys. stay ♪ we have more than 160 majors 20 campuses hands on learning internships across the country... and around the world i went to india you can join a team 1,2,3... go team! or join a club. you can make a difference we have thon in the world so come visit us penn state philadelphia
7:59 am
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blinds to go. blinds for life. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. could your own kids be making you sick? what parents need to know to stay healthy this morning ♪ i'm all about that bass new overnight all about angelina. what she's revealing about life with brad and why it feels different being married. and an exclusive first look at the brand-new fitbit. could this really be what finally revolutionizes your workout and your sleep for good. ♪ and matthew mcconaughey is here live, why he's out of this world this morning only on "gma" right here as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
>> oh, there's michael and emma. boy, they went out on a high note on "dancing with the stars." flew all night and they're here with us -- i love the spin in the social square. great to have michael in here with us. >> a little more dancing. also i got a chance to sit down with george r.,martin, the man behind "game of thrones" and talked about the twists and opened up about that and gave some -- revealed something about how the whole thing is going to end. >> ooh. >> oh, i don't want to know, i don't think. does it have anything to do with john snow? >> dragon babies too. >> and how does 20 minutes of exercise could make you better at everything and i mean everything. the important new studies linking heart health to so many exciting benefits. >> general ashton here to weigh in on that. >> we begin with your voice, you
8:02 am
vote. a critical election day that could shift the balance of power on capitol hill. millions of americans heading to the polls right now after the most expensive midterm campaign in history and it could pay off for republicans trying to pick up the six seats they feed to win control of the senate. competitive senate battles are under way in 16 states. but all eyes are watching the especially tight races in iowa, colorado and kansas with sagging approval ratings president obama has steered clear of the campaign trail. the gop calling the election a referendum on his policies. abc's news election coverage begins online at 7:00 p.m. eastern. our primetime special gets under way at 10:00. well, the air force has fired two nuclear missile commanders citing a loss of confidence in their leadership. an investigation found one of the top officers engaged in abusive behavior, the other is accused of harassment and discrimination. the dismissals follow a string of negative incidents involving missile commanders including a
8:03 am
major cheating scandal. well, pro football star adrian peteson heading to court amid reports he may be ready to strike a plea deal set 8ing child abuse charges. he faces two years in prison for allegedly beating his son with a tree branch. he's been suspended from his team. it's unclear if he would be allowed back on the field if a plea deal is reached. firefighters in louisville say this massive inferno at a tire recycling facility could burn for days with smoke rising hundreds of feet into the air. residents in a one-mile radius told to stay inside. there is only one fire hydrant at that site. and new indications overnight that gas prices are about to drop even lower. one station in texas now selling gas for, get this, $2.25 a gallon. and overnight the cost of oil plummeting after saudi arabia lowered its prices to stay competitive in the u.s. market. and finally, a young man from toronto was planning the trip of a lifetime.
8:04 am
jordan bought round the world airline ticks for himself and his girlfriend but you know what they say about best laid plan, the couple sadly split up. the airline will not refund the ticket so jordan has turned to the internet hoping to find a woman with the exact same name. so listen up, lady, elizabeth gallagher, you have to have a canadian passport. he wrote "i am not look for anything in return. the only thing i ask for is that you enjoy this trip and that it brings you happiness." he leaves december 21st so i know this is "good morning america," but wake up, canada. wake up, ladies. if your name is elizabeth gallagher, december 21st. there's a deadline. >> we have a lot of canadians who watch us every morning. they come into the studio every day. what was the name again? >> elizabeth gallagher. you have to have a canadian passport. >> all right there, amy. thank you. but we'll switch to health news and we all know that exercise is good for you but new
8:05 am
studies are showing not only builds muscle power but brain power and our senior medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton is here with more. what's the new revelation here. >> well, we've known for a long time that exercise is good for our entire body and our heart and our waistline but we're learning more and more about how it benefits the brain on all levels. the obvious way is that it increases blood flow. whenever you're doing exercise, your heart is working, it's getting more blood to the brain. the muscles also produce a substance that combat depression so helps your mood. it makes that signaling that goes on different parts of the brain more efficient and there are substances produced that help prevent cellular damage and delay the effects -- >> what do you have to do to get the benefits. >> you don't have to lose way pound much that's the best news about this and actually have to do much less than we think as little as 20 minutes of moving around. even walking can help but we used to think it was really cardio. stretching, flexibility, weight
8:06 am
training, all of that helps the brain balance tasks. >> pilates. >> all of that. >> good, good. >> anything for 20 minute, sounds like it's a great idea for adults. what about kids. >> a lot of data show kids who do 20 minutes of exercise perform better on tests good for teens for us at work. actually i'd like you to stand up and jog in place and good for older people and delays aging. get up and move around. >> great news. all right, jen. "pop news" and weather so you can now run in place because you're going over to the social square. >> you are very persuasive. here i go. here i go. i'm getting my first of 20 minutes. all right, the rest later. this is important. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." angelina jolie is being quite revealing in "vanity fair" and marriage and a possible career change. how your kids could be making you sick much the common illnesses they bring home that can lead to scary sips in adults. and then a big night on "dancing with the stars," we do have the latest booted couple from the ballroom, michael and
8:07 am
emma are here live. thank you for being with us. >> yeah, thank you. >> and matthew mcconaughey coming up on "good morning america" here in times square. hi, everybody. see you. am hi would you like to have a free makeover? yeah, why not? who doesn't love a free makeover? there you go. it's a shower. it's a shower. but it's a shower with new dove body wash, with its new breakthrough formula all it takes is just one shower for softer smoother skin. want to feel? feels really good. really silky smooth. it's awesome. i love it. new dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower.
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♪ i'm on the edge welcome back. this is new zealand's kelly mcgarry doing a backflip over a 72-foot canyon. you might remember this incredible video from 2013, the red bull rampage. just one of the many amazing moments captured by gopro cameras, it's now been watched more than 22 million times on youtube. make sure you tune in this friday for "gma's" gopro show. best videos just like this one from around the world. we'd love to hear what you say is the top one. >> yeah. >> i know. >> of loy it. >> feel like i was will. >> every time. all right, "pop news," everybody. happy tuesday to you and we begin with angelina jolie. she is awesome. so says the new cover of "vanity fair," the actress now directing a movie she wrote and is starring her husband is very open in the new issue about being the boss and how surprised she was that, yeah, marriage
8:12 am
does feel different. those two have been together for a very long time but she says it just feels so good to be married. the actress also keeps open the door to a future in politics saying that her work as a humanitarian makes her conscious that politics has to be considered and this isn't the first time that we have heard this. our george got angelina to open up about the same topic back in may when she said that she thought she would run, but only if she could be effective. >> but i was surprised she even opened the door. seems like she's reinforcing it. >> keeping that door open. everything she does, she does well so nothing would surprise me. the new issue hits newsstands on november 11th. a really good article. then if you're worried about how you'll pay for college for your kids, a writer in kansas city found some information that isn't just for the brightest and the best athletes. we're talking about stuff that you don't really even need to practice like being tall. he found a scholarship from the tall club international foundation. some don't need to apply.
8:13 am
it offers a thousand dollar description to tall students, girls must be 5'10", guy, 6'2" and the american fire sprinkler organization to pay $2,000 to each of the ten best essay, george, you could totally nail that. cling-on, star fleet academy is offering one up to $12,000 for showing your loyalty to spock and captain kirk. steve rosen found many more unusual scholarships. point out to my kids for sleeping in, so get up! >> practicing. >> a new foundation. start a new foundation. >> there's many scholarships and the thing that was interesting, the reason i wanted to share it, it is that time of year where kids are starting to apply and a lot of these foundations are begging kids to simply apply. they're out there waiting. >> yeah. >> you don't need to be a pro football player. you just need to be really into fire safety. >> exactly. or you got to be tall.
8:14 am
>> yes. >> fire safety. that's where you go. >> and as you're eating breakfast this morning, be thankful you don't are to share your bowl with this baby. >> oh. >> this is a brave baby. >> oh, no. >> this video is massively viral on youtube. you can see why. >> undeterred by the fact this is a giant german shepherd. >> kibbles. just thought i'd make you smile and what's "pop news" on this tuesday morning? a very polite dog. >> with food. >> a very brave baby. >> the baby doesn't eat any of the food, right? >> no. >> that's what i was waiting for. i was waiting for a hand full of kibbles and bits. >> just tempting fate. >> thanks, lara. "heat index" coming up next. to ginger. >> you got to be careful with that kibble. a very big best wishes. just got married when? >> september 26th. >> on your honeymoon now. >> yeah.
8:15 am
>> that's a long honeymoon but you skipped a time. >> yeah, unfortunately. >> we have this young lady from texas and that's where we start this morning. is dallas, texas, because heavy rain moving through, something to note. i know everybody is concerned about the voter turnout. one of the places especially in south texas where that moisture from vance is pooling up along that low pressure system converging with that thing in austin down to san antonio, actually in a flash flood watch, little rock seeing a bull's-eye in that 3 to 4-inch range, a flood watch in place, seattle's in it. right around the cascades there, some of the red could see 2 to 3 inches but even locally more than 3. that's a look >> thanks a lot ginger, dave murphy on the terrace. off to a bright start four election day. looks like the weather will be pretty good today overall. right now temperatures around 50 degrees. your exclusive seven day shows a mix of sun and clouds with a-67 degrees and light winds. tomorrow still nice getting up to 68.
8:16 am
then thursday cloudy skies, rain arriving during the morning and getting steady later in the day and at night. 64 is the high. street flooding possible thursday. and a morning leftover shower on friday. >> so did you see this earlier? we saw michael strahan receive his hall of fame ring. it was such a special night, robin and i very lucky to be there in person for it and that ring is fit for a hall of famer. our sponsor kay jewelers made the hall of fame rings and gave us an exclusive look, 14 karat gold. 65-point diamond surrounded by eight smaller diamonds, meticulous process and each ring is custom-made. wow is right. i saw it in person. it looks very heavy. congrats again, michael. let's head inside. >> start with gold the size of a baseball. >> great to see how everybody was taking a picture with michael and the ring in the studio. it was a moment. it truly is -- it's an honor to be his team345i9s now. >> you could see him feel it too. time for our "heat index" and start with something they're
8:17 am
calling morning morality. research and psychological science breaking down how we're more likely to get that as the day wears on. that would suggest -- >> we laugh knowingly. >> a laugh of recognition. >> it is, indeed. >> amy and robin can tell you that our ability to decide between good and bad is worn down by repeated tasks over the course of the day. everything from deciding between what to wear and what to eat and it's called cognitive tiredness that affects decision-making, moral judgment meaning you're more likely to cheat or lie later -- >> i wouldn't go that far. >> i eat a cupcake. >> really but it's -- >> how many times -- i find myself and i'm irritable, don't make any decisions when you're tired. don't make any major -- >> by the way, your kids know when you're like that and ask you for the moon on those days. the kids, they can spot you a mile away. >> interesting. >> but amy and i concur with all you just said. next up in the "heat index,"
8:18 am
one of the top stories on yahoo! right now, miranda lambert, it's all about the bass, the bass. uh-huh, the country music megastar will perform that song with megan treanor at the country music awards which is tomorrow night on abc. we're already listening to the hit single about a thousand times raving about the song's message saying, it's, quote, about positive body image and kind of rocking what you got. that sounds like miranda. she loves that kind of stuff. >> they really are. >> i cannot wait to see this. lambert leads the cma award nominees, with, oh, gosh, nine nomination, epic night for her. they kick off tomorrow night right here on abc and actually starts tomorrow morning, ginger is going to, she said -- yeah, she's going to be there with keith urban in concert. >> already tapping my shoes last night. thank you for aawesome special. >> thank you. lara, we're about to thank you, because finally in our
8:19 am
"heat index," a world exclusive first look at a new animated short that's part of disney's "plane, fires and rescue" called "blade ranger" and lara makes a cameo as a news reporter. >> we're here at piston peak national park where a huge wildfire has been raging for days and expecting an update any minute from the battalion chief, oh, there he is right will. >> the fire is 80% contained. >> what car are you? i can't tell. >> i don't know. >> cute sporty red thing. >> a little sporty number. >> ooh. >> that sounds about right. >> minivan and i was like, no. no. >> i want a red sports car. find the movie and this short at disney manufactures anywhere. the app launches on google play today and enjoy it on android and ios devices, lara spencer reporting. >> i'm getting my speech ready, academy. >> now you're huge with kate. kate is like, oh, my gosh, finally.
8:20 am
really cute. next up on the "heat index," "dancing with the stars" dynamic duo taking center stage. each of the seven remaining cups took on the role of an iconic twosome like romeo and juliet, tarzan and jane but one of then, well, they had to say good-bye. take a look. >> on this eighth week of competition, the couple leaving right now is -- michael and emma. ♪ >> such a gentleman, such a gentleman, michael helping emma with her chair right there. >> yes. >> oh, it was an emotional -- thanks for coming to this morning. flying all night long and being in the social square. you were over there at the twitter mirror and just really engaging with our audience and we appreciate that so much. >> but it was so emotional last night. >> it was weird. i started a dancing show and i thought dancing was just you shake your butt a little bit and wander around the floor and it turned into this emotional
8:21 am
journey where we would show up in practice every day and i wanted to make emma proud of what she was teaching me and i wanted to feel the song and hear the song and have this connection with her and it's -- you get really invested. we said we were done last night, it kind of broke my heart. >> emma you said too that being with michael really had an impact on you. >> you don't really plan for that and you spend so much time in each other's pocket you affect each other and i was so happy i got to spend it with someone who wears his heart on his sleeve and really affected me and it was just -- it meant more to me than any other dancing or any number that we did. it was fab. >> such a beautiful dance last night. even moved len. >> yeah. >> that 's difficult. >> i wanted to move him back to england. showed up with a little bit of an attitude the prior week we did the most beautiful tango in the history of the internet only one thing that -- of me being graceful on it and it was a dance to weeks ago. it was like, lenny, did you not
8:22 am
see that? tavis it was a beautiful dance. >> funny you mention the internet. everybody knows you from nascar. are more and more people going, dancing? >> my favorite thing and walk through the airport and this sweet little lady went -- and i'm like -- she said, you're the dancer. yes, i am, honey and i really appreciate that. >> and, emma, michael was still racing, driving while he was dancing. what was it like to juggle the two. >> that schedule was hectic every single week we had at least two or three places to go to. but i'm a new nascar fan now because of it. i just got thrown in the deep end and learned all the terminology, well, i tried to. it was great. i love being a part of the nascar world. >> she said does the sprint cup guys fight every week like that? it's been a lot of fun watching the sprint cup chase come down and looking forward to the next few races. >> i bet you are. >> that lingo, getting squirrely in the corner, trading paint. >> i know. rough and rocket and i really liked it.
8:23 am
>> michael, well done. thank you. i'm really proud of my girl. >> we're proud of you. >> we are. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> it was a wonderful experience and i'm so thankful that i got to be a part of it. >> we're going to miss you. your humor, dance, everything like that. emma, thank you so much. >> thank you. find out who was eliminated next on "dancing with the stars," you'll find out monday. they're hugging each other right now at 8:00, 7:00 right here on abc. >> thank you, guys. we'll move on to the morning stir and all us parents know when they get sick we can catch it too. some germs can make dulls a whole lot sicker. this story first was in "parents" magazine in december. brandi hitt has the details. >> reporter: children are cute, but for much of the year, sick. sniffling sneezing and spreading germs all around the house. >> we often call children petri dishes because they have a slew of illnesses and if they're not already sick, then they may be harboring something. >> reporter: while many so-called kid illnesses are
8:24 am
oftentimes no biggie for kids they can sometimes be brutal for adults. >> many of these diseases parents may be already immune to. but if you haven't had these before and you've been exposed to some of these illnesses, it could really throw the body for a loop. >> there are four they recommend moms and dads watch out for, the first coxsackievirus, a common virus that causes fevers and blisters in the mouth and parents magazine editor got it from her 6-month-old son. >> he was sick for three days. for me it lasted two to three weeks. i was dizzy and nauseous. >> reporter: next hep-a, spreads when food or water contaminated by another infected person. >> fifth disease, facial race, congestion and fever and muscle soreness and can show up like all-star-like pain in the hands with so flu-like symptoms and
8:25 am
the good old chicken pox, both kids and dulls get blisters but adults can become much more ill. with the vaccine there are fewer cases than ever before. >> one of the best ways to help protect infection is to get vaccinated. >> reporter: for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> and dr. rich besser joins us now. scary stuff there. thank goodness actually getting these diseases is kind of rare for adults. >> it is rare and, you know, you don't need to wear a hazmat suit to protect yourself when taking care of your kids. there are simple things you can do to cut down on that risk. >> like what are they? >> for hepatitis-a and chicken pox try and reduce the chances your kids get the infection so get them vaccinated fully and on time. if you've never had chicken pox you can get the vaccine. if you travel make sure you get the hepatitis-a vaccine. for testifies disease and coxsacki -- teach them about good hand washing and cover their coughs with the elbow and keeping them home if sick. that way if your friends do that
8:26 am
too it'll cut down on everyone getting sick. >> all the commonsense stuff to protect yourself and kid, washing of the hands and covering of the mouth. everything we know helps them and us. >> the good news chances are you had it as a kid. you're not going to get sick. >> rich besser, thanks very much. matthew mcconaughey coming up.
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> "action news" is brought to you by kennedy health alliance. >> ♪ >> good morning. a student at radnor high school is under arrest because of what she wrote in her school note books. she wrote about mass shootings. she wrote about mass psychiatric evaluation. it is now 8:27 on this tuesday, november 4th and i'm tamala edwards. let's go to karen rogers starting in mercer county. good morning. >> that's right. we can see the school bus is on its side. chopper 6 was overhead on i-95 northbound in mercer county. there were no kids on the school bus with this accident but creating big backups. here's the update. we're hearing right now they cleared that accident but you still have a 15 to 20 minute backup on i-95 northbound leading up to federal city road and within that backlog now there was another new accident on i-95 northbound off to the side and that's
8:28 am
right at 31. you can see how that traffic really backed up so in this area if we go to the maps you want to stick to route 1 northbound instead. now looking at 422, this is route 1 northbound a good option instead of that accident. this is 422. we have an accident here, it's off to the shoulder up ahead. so lanes back opened eastbound at 29, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. today a lot of people will making their way to the polls. what to expect. let's go to dave murphy. good morning. >> in a way you couldn't ask for a better election day forecast, tam. right now as you take a look at numbers, 53 degrees, cool enough for a jacket but with light winds and plenty of sunshine building early it is a nice start. and the finish doesn't look bad. accuweather says later today we'll get a high of 67, a mix of high clouds and plenty of sunshine. winds stay on the light side today. tomorrow still nice, getting up to 68 with partly sunny skies. perhaps a few more clouds as day goes on and then thursday cloudy and rainy with rain steady at times especially later in the day. at night a high of 64, tam.
8:29 am
coming up on "gma" matthew mcconaughey talks about his big new movie i ♪ me and you, a holiday rendezvous ♪ ghirardelli squares peppermint bark. rich chocolate layers and festive peppermint. a ghirardelli original. ♪ a little reward for all the things you do ♪ get them before they disappear. start maximizing at the place where you always get more than you pay for. t.j.maxx. brands you love,
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prices that work for you. you deserve it. maxx life at t.j.maxx. ♪ oh here we go [ cheers and applause ] >> i was hanging with ma than right there. matthew mcconaughey, my momma didn't raise no fool. he is great. he was at the game. a big year for our friend and about to get bigger, we saw the movie. it is incredible. >> it's an experience. >> it is, i'm telling you, and lara has a good fortune of talking with matthew mcconaughey about that, but it is a brilliant movie. >> always a pleasure having him here. >> a lot of people want them to bring matthew out here. >> it's up to matthew. i'll do my best. i'll do my best. >> oh, now it's a "q" and "a"
8:31 am
session. hey, also coming -- >> asking if we can bring matthew out here. i'll work on it, honey. >> matthew, they promise they won't touch. the ladies of "hot in cleveland" are here, valerie, jane all in the house. brand-new season about to kick off and love having them here. >> so funny. >> i'm sure it's something from my web series, "burgers and books." some of those celebrated authors and sat down recently with george r.r. martin. you might know him as the author of "game of thrones." he told me about the hardest scene he ever had to write and this is a spoiler alert. if you haven't seen or read about the red wedding, cover your ears. >> so many people, did it shock you? >> well, it didn't shock me, i knew it was coming. it was very hard to write. i mean it occurs in the third book in the series, "the storm of swords" and it was the hardest thing i ever wrote. >> no kidding. >> when that book is quite long, red wedding occurs about
8:32 am
two-thirds. the way through the book but i couldn't write it when i got to it. i skipped over it. i finished the entire rest of the book and with a hole in it then i went back and made myself write that scene because it was so hard to -- ? you knew what you had to confront or hadn't figured it out? >> it was just painful to kill these characters that i had created and that i lived with for so long and i had great -- such affection for. >> very painful for amy too. >> my gosh, i can tell you that. >> you can see the whole interview on yahoo! in the social square with this morning's speed feed. what's trending, what's hot. what everyone will be talking about today. tony. >> i'm in the mood for burgers right now. maybe talk about dragons, speed feed. here we go. trending on facebook right now, not sure we've ever seen anything trend like this before. the new trailer for "fast and furious 7" has 100 million views in the last 48 hours. 100 million. >> somebody just walk me -- >> still going strong too.
8:33 am
you can tell it lived up to the name. it's also the franchise's farewell to the late paul walker. next up on instagram thanks to lauryn hill we told you this yesterday. amazing story of the young woman's courageous battle with an inpartial brain tumor and inspired so many including lebron james. his instagram message to her you're simply and truly amazing, thank you for inspiring me. i'll try to do my best to match you. be looking out for a package from i to you. you're awesome. more than 229,000 likes for lebron's post. i want to find out what king james sends lauren. to the big screen and climbing on youtube. you're going to be watching it all day. jimle kimmel at it again daring the parents to tell their kids they ate all their halloween candy. >> last night i ate all your candy. >> why? >> because it was good. >> you ruined my life! >> we ate it all while you were
8:34 am
sleeping. >> no! >> all of it? >> all of it. >> every single bite? >> yeah. >> you must have a bellyache. >> all the feels. later today on on yahoo! you can check out michael waltrip and emma slater giving tips on how to stay in shape. that's the speed feed. back to you, george. >> now our exclusive sneak peek at the fitbit that tracks everything from the calories you burn and the steps you take to the quality of your sleep. abc's becky worley tried it out. >> reporter: if you're a die-hard of fitbits you know the tech gadgets track your step, distance and calories so when brookstone leaked a picture of new fitbits that hadn't been announced by accident the internet went crazy. everyone wanting the scoop. the company that makes fitbits
8:35 am
decided to give "gma" an all-access first look at what's really coming. first a new band that does the basics but adds heartrate data in realtime. >> but with actual heartrate monitoring you can get calorie burn for cycling and weight lifting you couldn't get calorie burn before. >> reporter: it cops out in early 2015 along with the surge. where things get interesting it does all of the tracking and adds in the heart rate monitoring and then it connects with your phone so that means music controls and text and phone alerts. >> ah, i love you. so cute. >> reporter: why is this a big deal? looming in the near future a battle for your wrist. there's apple's extension of your phone with a little fitness tracking sprinkled in, the intel powered basis peak which adds a fashionable strap and some really powerful tracking functions for sleep. everyone is trying to distinguish themselves and then there's this. it's called the pavlock.
8:36 am
a real product in development. >> the premise? >> experience the electric shock that keeps you on track. >> reporter: you set a goal in its app. if you don't reach that goal let's say 10,000 steps for the day by 4:30 p.m., this is what happens. >> ah. yeah, it shocks you. 255 volts of motivation. so as you contemplate the next gadget you'll strap to your wrist, i got to get running to avoid another jolt. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> wow. that is motivation. it shocks you. incredible. let's go to ginger with the final check of the weather. >> how about we start with a big happy birthday. your name. >> vonda. >> here visiting in new york. a marathoner. marathoner over here and right here, congratulations. and it is mild and delicious weather here in new york city ahead of all of that, well, what was cooler and windier. the forecast in the next couple of day, staying mild, not only here in new york but look at some of the numbers for
8:37 am
washington, d.c. stays in the 70s, philadelphia, mid to upper 60s but things change. big rain coming through wednesday into thursday. i want to leave you the look across the nation because it is a flash flood watch for, again, austin, texas and san antonio this morning. parts of oklahoma and arkansas getting more than an inch >> good morning, ginger, dave murphy on the terrace with sunshine mixing with some high clouds, temperatures around 50. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a nice election day with clouds mixing with plenty of sunshine. 67 is your high. 68 tomorrow. >> all that weather brought to you by car max. these are the pictures, what's so funny. i grabbed your phone that we get. a little beauty of amy, george. >> thank you, ginger. coming up, matthew mcconaughey is here. the oscar winner talks about "interstellar." >> hey, good morning.
8:38 am
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ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
8:40 am
so great to be sitting next to the one and only matthew mcconaughey. hot on the heels of his oscar and golden globe wins for the "dallas buyers club." the man is everywhere. cover of magazines starring in "interstellar" which i want to say has gotten terrific reviews, exhilarating being one of the descriptive words. matthew plays former astronaut turned farmer charged with
8:41 am
saving the world. but first he needs to get to the bottom of what teachers are telling his daughter about space exploration. >> use of machine. >> if we don't want a repeat of the excess and wastefulness of the 20th century we need to teach our kids about this planet, not tales of leaving it. >> you're one of those useless machines they make is called an mri and if we didn't have any of those left they would have found the cyst in my wife's brain before she died instead of after and then she would have been listen to this because she was always the calmer one. >> this takes place in the near future and it's a space adventure that you call one hell of a ride. >> yeah. i mean, we go further into space in this film than i've ever read and surely further than i've ever seen on film. >> yeah. >> you know, i mean from worm
8:42 am
holes to black holes to surfing 1600-foot waves in a spaceship. >> and all jessica chastain without a green screen. >> yeah, no green steen, the director builds all the sets so you don't have to play pretend as much but react to what's happening and that's much more fun and easier as an actor. >> the movie is epic. >> yeah. >> and yet very intimate and emotional. that's a lot to try to get in there and christopher nolan, that's what he does. >> yeah, i think he did it to the best he's done it yet in this film. this was more personal to him. i mean, at its heart it's a father/daughter relationship. it's a parent/child relationship and how do you say good-bye without a guaranteed return ticket for where you're going which is what happens to my man cooper. and that part everybody will understand. if you're a parent or we've all been children before we've all
8:43 am
had those good-byes and this is to the extremextreme. >> watching it i couldn't help but -- you seemed so connected not only to coop but your feisty daughter murph. you had to be influenced about thinking about your kids. >> i suppose so. i've been asked that. i didn't every day think how do i feel about my daughter vita but for a father for four years i'm sure it had a lot of import on my performance and understanding of it. >> so many questions about this film. let me just say it's phenomenal, people much it is great and opens this week. we have a lot to talk about because our viewers have written in. do you mind? >> please. >> they love you, madly. social media has given us these questions, we are calling this our all right, all right, all rightning round. trish tweeted what's your favorite movie you ever worked on? >> oh, well, right now i would say "interstellar" and you'll see why this friday. >> no, you will. buckle up.
8:44 am
instagram, stacy, austin, texas, says what's your most treasured family tradition and favorite camping spot? >> good question. family tradition, i got to say, we usually get together for christmas for two weeks and go to one of our family's house -- we pick it out around october and that usually lasts two good weeks. favorite camping spot? probably down on the frio river in south texas. >> stacy will meet you there. has having a family changed the role you accept? >> probably. i'm still not making -- before "interstellar" i wasn't really making many that my kids could go see for awhile. "interstellar," they can. but it probably has in ways i don't even know. >> yep. and to be continued. hey, it's matthew's birthday. so we got you some treats. >> great. >> can you come on out? happy birthday, matthew mcconaughey. thank you for the gift of "interstellar." it is a ride and a half. >> enjoy it. >> and i have to tell everybody
8:45 am
that it opens nationwide on this friday. didn't we also get him a journal? isn't there a journal for this man? >> tacos and cake. >> baby tacos and cake and we do have a journal that goes with that very cool thing you wrote in "gq" magazine. >> every man should have a journal. >> thanks to peter callahan for the food. tell us when it opens. >> this friday, the 7th of november, 2014. >> happy birthday, matthew, boom. all right, all right, all righty. happy birthday, baby. cheers. ♪
8:46 am
tom wolf, he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a business man he gives between 20 and 30% of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue... he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity. he refused to take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that.
8:47 am
tom wolf, he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania. ♪ oh here we go feeling in my soul ♪ >> "hot in cleveland." it's hotter than ever. last season ended with a serious cliffhanger and so happy to well cam valerie bertinelli, jane leeves and wendie malick to tell us what we can look forward to in season 6 and already season 6? >> season 6.
8:48 am
>> when last we left you, your character had multiple -- >> yes, not a bad situation to find oneself in. a lot of proposals. three proposals and so we get to find out who she actually picked this season but i mean if it was up to me i'd have all of them. >> yes. >> tim daly -- >> it's really special. >> davey foley. >> dave foley makes me laugh. >> i want everybody to see a clip. in the season premiere you go back to l.a. >> yes. >> i can only imagine. >> here it is, "hot in cleveland." >> i hate to admit it but i may be falling in love with l.a. again. remember those louboutins i was trying to find in cleveland but said they didn't exist, well, they do exist and now they're on my feet. and they are killing me. >> wait till you hear about this new l.a.x. ercise fad.
8:49 am
you hang upside down like bat. >> that makes sense. have you ever seen a fat bat? >> as a matter of fact, wendie, you have not. last season you got to celebrate 100th episode. that just had to be quite a moment for everybody. >> it was -- it was so surreal to think that we at this stage in our lives are on another show that has legs like that. we always talk about having legs on our show. you have legs on your show. but it is the exception to the rule and we realize we just got very, very lucky, very lucky. >> i mean between us we must have about a thousand years of television. >> 175 years of experience among the four of us. >> the fourth being betty? that other girl. >> and when you were here last, valerie, you were talking about -- this is -- i'm a huge fan. i watch the show all the time. and the blooper shows, the bloopers. >> i know, right. we probably have the longest blooper reel of any -- >> it keeps getting longer.
8:50 am
>> do you have a blooper? >> in honor of betty not being here, here we go. >> action. valerie. >> i'm coughing. i know what action means. >> so do i but it's been so long! >> she does that all the time. like just off the top of her head she'll just come up with something and all of us are like, did she just say that. >> with her it's always double entendres. nothing too gross. >> what is the best piece of advice she's given each of you. >> i think it's to show up every day and live your life and find joy and be kind. >> gratitude. >> and keep your sense of humor. don't sweat the small stuff. life is just too short. >> have a positive attitude to life. she has the most positive attitude of everyone i've ever met. >> it's sickening. >> really annoying. >> since you are the hottest cast in television, we have a little show we're going to play
8:51 am
it's hottest in cleveland. so i was told you all have little buzzers. do they have little buzzers. >> walking in. >> walking in. >> walking in, the buzzer. >> and put the one -- reach in. >> this looks like -- >> that one is easy. >> oh, very good. who was the hottest dresser? >> betty. >> yes, she wears animals all over her. >> who has the hottest dance moves? >> this one over here. she had her leg all the way up lash >> ooh. >> a little bit of twerking. >> you don't have an ass to twerk with. >> who has the hottest shoe game? >> oh, valerie. >> well, in person i do but i -- >> valerie has a closet full of insane shoes. >> but i couldn't wear for eight months because i broke my foot. very upsetting. the first time i put on louboutins in that episode. >> oh, you're just so -- i know
8:52 am
you were just -- >> they hurt too. >> don't try this at home. >> final one, who is the hottest mess? >> all of us. except betty, yeah, we really -- we have our moments. >> we take it in turns. >> yes. >> but we're very low maintenance in real life. this is all an illusion. >> really? >> yeah. >> we're all a hot mess. >> except you. >> and lovable, lovable hot mess and as i said it's on tvland and it is a hoot. it's just good, good television. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i hope everyone keeps watching it because we love our jobs. >> when i grow up i want to have hair like yours. >> thank you. i can give it to you right now. thank you. and the guest stars that you have all, hint, hint. the guest stars -- >> hey, any time. yes. >> "hot in cleveland" airs tomorrow night on tvland. my momma is from akron. >> it makes sense. >> we'll be right back. >> shameless that i want t
8:53 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by microsoft surface. the tablet that can replace your laptop. >> george, of course, preparing
8:56 am
for election coverage, you can see it all day and night here on the abc network. >> back with us tomorrow. and we are live in nashville for the cmas, miranda lambert. keith usual been. >> getting on a plane. >> watch out, nashville. >> nashville, here we come. >> ♪ >> good morning. voters in our area and across the country are going to the polls today. the top local race pits
8:57 am
pennsylvania republican governor tom corbett against democrat tom wolf. stick with "action news" and for your complete election coverage and for the latest results after those polls close tonight. 8:56 now on this tuesday, november 4th. i'm tamala edwards. let's get your last look at traffic with karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning. we had yet another accident involving a school bus in cobbs creek. this is cobbs creek parkway, 63rd street and walnut street where we're hearing that the bus hit a pole but there were no children on the bus with that accident. you might want to stick to 62nd and 61st or 60th as your alternates but looks like that accident in the process of clearing out there. it wasn't our only accident involving a school bus. we had one where a bus was on its side today, also no children on board, lawrence township mercer county i-95 northbound one accident with a school bus, another in the backlog. they have since cleared near federal street. we have a new accident, 70 eastbound, this is a big one closed at skeet road. stick to new freedom as your alternate. this accident causing a problem in burn too long...
8:58 am
burlington county. >> let's go to dave murphy end he jig the assignment to be outside. >> it is nice to be outside. it's election day and there's no weather related tron keep you home from the polls. we're at 53 degrees. numbers continue to inch um. very light wind today. that always is an added comfort factor. this afternoon accuweather says we'll see a high of 7 degrees with some high clouds mix with plenty of sunshine, light winds all the way. still nice tomorrow, 68. thursday is the issue day, 64 is the high. cloudy in the morning with rain arriving and the rain could be steady later in the day and at night. tam. >> okay, thank you david. coming up today at noon the search for the woman who was abducted in germantown. we're following new developments in this crime including an increased reward for information leading to an are rest. "live with kelly and michael" next up here on 6abc. i'm tamala edwards.
8:59 am
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