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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  November 10, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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or came out of it. the searchers tell us that the witnesses that saw the car going into the river did see someone get out the vehicle first before it entered the river. the police are still searching the car in case there may have been anyone else in the vehicle besides the one that got out. it happened at 3:50 in tacony. a red corvette drove into the water. they are doing a search right now checking out tracks leading to the water. the authorities in montgomery county say that a dangerous thief is behind bars. this man stole several guns from two firearm shops. they are glad to make this arrest. there is concern over the whereabouts of weapons. andrew rocco stole guns and sold them to other criminals.
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david has more. >>reporter:yes andrew rocco was arraigned in district court this afternoon. he left them scambling. they have recovered two of them what dirt dirty harry may descrs one of the most powerful guns in the world. >> the devastation this kind of firearm is immeasurable. >>reporter:this rugger was stoleon from hat holiday. and another nine guns in lansdale. 33-year-old andrew rocco of lansdale submitted to burglarizing the gunshots and then selling the weapons. the stolen gun was used by 31 franklin butler earlier this month when w when he got into an
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arguments with his girlfriend in norristown. >> he fired shot thousands the home while ex-girlfriend and children were inside. >>reporter:a philadelphia man that bought three glocks were arrested in the october. they shared the rugger .44 magnum. they showed up at the store to buy .44 caliber ammunition. the confidential informanted helped tinformantshelped them lo rocco. ten are still out there for those that are not able to buy
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guns legally. >> it's a dangerous business. it highlights the need to get the guns off the street into law enforcement custody. >>reporter:the police are urging anyone that may know anything to help to get the guns off the streets. rocco was arraigned on theft and burglary and weapons violation. he is held on a million dollars bail. live in montgomeryville david renry. thank you. delvin barnes is on suicide watch today. he will be in pennsylvania sooner than expected barnes is behind the snatching of the carlesha freeland-gaither. he will go before a judge to answer for this case. barnes is facing federal kidnapping charges in carlesha's incident. the judge ordered him to be placed in federal custody and transferred to philadelphia for
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a hearing on those charges this week. he abducted carlesha on sunday. three days later the federal agents tracked his car to a parking lot in maryland. he is facing abduction and rape and attempted murder charges on a 16-year-old girl there. that incident happened almost one month before carlesha was abducted. barnes is facing a long list of charges. some are state crimes. others are federal. we expect to have more details which set of alleged crimes he will be tried for first. the prosecutors are moving swiftly. all right sharrie, thank you. a group of football players will not be tried as adults. the sayreville students will
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stay in family court. they face sex abuse charges against the crimes of younger teammates. a convicted felon tried to overturn a law. the new law violates his right to free speech. the measure passed following his commencement address in vermont. it allows the victims to take action to stop convicts participating in the events that impacts their crime. >> there were three masked men that forced their way into kensington this morning. it happened at the 2300 block. the trio robbed the place and fled. fortunately no one was hurt. turning to the forecast. the work week got off to a picture-perfect start.
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there is a mid-week change-up. meteorologist, cecily tynan is outside with that word. hi, rick and monica. it's fall weather today. big changes are on the way. philadelphia 61 degrees. it's very mild. st. louis it's 72. but bismarck, north dakota, it's 19 degrees. it's colder in other areas. rapid city 15 degrees. look at wichita, 500 miles away. it's 60 degrees warmer. it's 75. an arctic air mass is plunging from canada. we will get a piece of that the double scan shows that they are getting snow in the upper midwest. that area that is circled, they will see 1 to 2 feet of snow.
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old man winter is making an appearance. and winds out of the southwest brings us one more day of mild weather. perfect timing for the mild weather. if are heading to the linc, monday night football. it's beautiful. clear skies. cool but not cold. calm winds kickoff temperature 51. the temperatures drop down to the 40s by the fourth-quarter. you want a jacket. the afternoon highs won't make it up to 48 by the end of the week. rick. thank you, cec. thank you. and monday night a lot going on including the eagles' game. they are busy in south philadelphia. and on this monday evening, rick and monica f you are coming out of the south jersey towards south philadelphia it's a long slow crawl on the northbound side of 42.
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up to 295, no helping us out is a crash at the 42 freeway taking out two of the lanes. 6 miles-an-hour as you head north towards the accident scene. you want to use the new jersey turnpike or stay local. they are slowing back on the northbound 42 if you are trying to get up to the game this evening. briggs road by the resident inn or mount laurel road alternates for that. a slow go past wood haven onto city center. it should be 14. if you headed for that game, three times what the daily should be. as you come to the king of prussia in downtown, 40 minute there is should be 14. the crash at henderson road has cleared. speaking of football the
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weather should be right between the matchup of the eagles and the panthers. it marks the first time that sanchez is the quarterback. and jamie apody is live in philadelphia. a pre-view of the game. hey, guys. how are you doing. are you ready for some football? we are. eagles and panthers. chip kelly was the first nguyen thguy onthe field. with mark sanchez he andersoearnedthe game san-chise. he and his family are thrilled for this opportunity.
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>> you know, it's very exciting. it exciting for my family, for my nephew, he is, a couple of years ago he was getting to the age he can understand what is going on my uncle is playing professional football. now he knows. when we lost in san francisco he is crying. he gets it. that is fun for me. my brothers, dad, my mom they are all thrilled. >> we will be teaming one phl17, the countdown the kickoff at 8:00. then the kickoff eagles and panthers at 8:30 on phl17. can you wait. we want to see if the eagles can get 7--2 ducis. live at the linc, back to you at the studio. thank you. they are a common item in
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millions of households the laundry pods send hundreds of children to the hospital. the push for tighter safety standards coming up. fighting against ebola around the world. how the you tech company is raising money to combat the crisis. and the update on the accuweather forecast when "action news at 5:00" continues in a moment. [♪]
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coming up the polar plunge all the way to the south. the hostage standoff unfolding in the heartland and the break in the joan rivers case what we never knew inside of that clinic all coming up. they are demanding justice south of the border. demonstrators held white crosses at 5th and randstad, they are murdered for protesting education reform there. there were calls for the mexican president to resign. they were dragging their feet on the case, corrupt politicians with ties to organized crime. the last treated from ebola is released. dr. craig spencer an aid worker in guinea was admitted two weeks ago.
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mcdonald's is giving 10 million to be split among non-profits. google's c.e.o. larry paige is donating money from his family donation. there is a new push for tight shall satisfactoryer safer that's laundry pods. ali has the latest. one the problems with the detergent packets is that they look like candy. they may not think about these. the packets were introduced in 2012. they became very popular but controversial. >>reporter:during a two-year period 17,000 kids were exposed to the packets. that is about one child every
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hour. 800 have been hospitalized. and at seven-month-old in florida died after eating one. three-quarters are under the age of 3. >> this a good age group with good mobile. they don't recognize danger. in a blink of an why they can put the pods in their mouth. >>reporter:they got the detergent packets because they were not kept out of the sight or locked away. the packets look too much like candy to kids. in fact, in around experiment the children reached for assimilated pods as they did candy. >> if they could distinguish the difference. they were not able to do that. >>reporter:some detergent makers you opaque containers or have additional locks on the lids. the safety experts say it's not enough.
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>> we need a voluntary safety standard in this country. >>reporter:about the new study, the companies are committed to reducing the accidents. there were major changes to the labeling and packaging with more changes on the way. they are making sure that the products are handled and stored safely in the home. coming up at 11:00, we know that germs are everywhere. we set out to swab surfaces. i'll show you some of the dirtiest things that we touch every day what you need to know to prevent or your family from getting sick. somewhat we found was surprising. again at 11:00, guys. thank you, ali. the u.s. postal services is targeted by hacker. we'll explain when "action news at 5:00" comes right back.
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with the card accepted by 90% of doctors and specialists in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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the u.s. postal service says that it was targeted in a cyberattack. they sold sold this information, social security numbers and
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names, and addresses. this was from the federal federl employees. the people that use the website were not affected. according to the fbi at this time there is no need for the customers to take any action. meantime, the holidays are around the corner. it's time to buy presents and gifts. are you having a hard time it figure out what to buy your loved one or friends? it's nudge day. you can go to and ask friends and family to create a holiday wish list. that way you don't have to guess. here at 6abc we don't want to leave of hanging on how it all works come friday for nudge day. how about rick. he has gone online top of the list for rick. running shoes. thank you, red bull is second on
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his list. and wacky socks. we see those in the building. yoyou don't have to guess. >> i don't remember the running shoes. >> that will not get used anyway. >> i think that was for the wife. i appreciate that. pizza hut is trying to combat the sales from the look the company, and rolling out new boxes and a logia and uniforms for the employees. they have stoc options. satesaltedpretzels an honey sau. we are right back.
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time for accuweather at the big board and cecily tynan is here for the start of week. it's beautiful fall weather. i want to show you what is going on in the midwest. this is the commute in minnesota this morning. heavy snow is falling. a part of this system is heading our way with the cold air. we are looking at potential for 1 to 2 feet across the parts of
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upper midwest. this is an indication that cold air is moving in. behind the system we are looking at temperatures in the single digits across canada. it will be moderating but moving our way for the second half the work week. enjoy today and tomorrow while you can. philadelphia is 61 currently. high 63. that is 5 degrees above normal. allentown 58. trenton is 56 degrees currently. and satellite 6 along with action radar, showing the current setup high pressure across the eastern seaboard. it brings you winds out of the southwest. we had mild weather today. it will stay mild for the next two days. tomorrow afternoon, warmer than today. 66 in philadelphia. at 7:00, allentown, 63. wilmington 66.
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and trenton is 66. its a weather roller coaster. 7 above average. then the cold front moves through. it plunges the temperatures. normal high is 58. by thursday the high is 8 below normal. and friday is 12 below normal. we are looking at 20-degree temperature shift from tuesday to friday. things will be changing. patchy fog forming late tonight. it could slow down the morning commute. 44 in philadelphia. the overnight low is 40. wilmington is 41 degrees. the five-day at 5:00 for veteran's day looking nice. afternoon sunshine. mild 65. on thursday the polar plunge the high 49 degrees. thursday night a system could
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brings snowflakes. the first flakes of the season. saturday is 44 degrees. the cold air sticks around as well as the potential coastal storm. we will talk about that in the accuweather forecast. it's all over after that. thank you, cec. taking a quick break am more news after this. stay with us. >> here is what is coming up starting at 8:00. tonight's lineup is brought to you by chev why are equinox. it has as 3
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hello, again, this is what is happening on "action news" tonight. becoming more focused on veteransveterans's needs. scientists get to the bottom of the skeletal remains found while a construction crew was digging in a south jersey backyard. veterans receiving help is about to change today. robert mcdonald announced a major re-organization of the troubled department. the goal is to st


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