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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  November 11, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> reporter: just seconds ago authorities righted the bus and now 206 remains closed. look at this grounding crash on this main artery in princeton. crews are cleaning up the scene and getting debris out of the roadway, and the mini bus involved was heavily damaged after it was hit by a bmw and flipped on its side on an embankment. >> we have a bmw headed north of 206 and the bus coming south, and what we have is that the bmw overcompensated the curve and struck the bus who tried to get out of way and caused the bus to flip and the bmw spun. >> reporter: now three people were on that school bus, one juvenile, a 16-year-old boy and
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the bus driver of trenton and a 71-year-old bus aide. those three and the driver of the bmw, justin thomas, were take and to local hospitals. there was no entrapment, everybody was able to get out with the help of police. the bus company involved is the rick bus company and they say that the vehicle was coming from a school in skillman to a private home in ewing, but we don't know exactly what school yet, authority aren't telling us. the mercer county prosecutors office has crash investigators on the scene and statements will be taken, it's and tirely possible that if the gentlemen curved over the side of the road, he could be facing some kind of motor vehicle charges. but no life-threatening
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injuries, but the scene is here and they are moving the bus and the bmw was just moved out of here and 206 remains closed. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news.." >> all right thank you nora. lets go live to dann cuellar -- we'll go to dan in a moment, lets go to sara bloomquist now. after a three month investigation, they caught the person that vandalized graves at two separate cemeteries. sara bloomquist is live with that story tonight. >> reporter: well rick on this veterans day, a young feasterville man is accused of vandalizing graves some of them belonging to veterans, some call the timing of this arrest particularly gratifying, they credit dna evidence to help them nab the suspect. >> this afternoon anthony carter
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denied he damaged gravesites. >> did you damage the cemeteries? >> no. >> do you feel bad about it? >> i didn't do it. >> the 29-year-old responded he did not feel bad. >> they said they have solid proof that the feasterville man set fire to graves and flags, two times in late august and early september. the damage was done here at the roosevelt memorial park on old lincoln highway and rosedale memorial park. these are photos of burned flags and a gravestone. >> he was taking american flags out of the ground, that people would leave and setting them on fire and leaving them in the cemetery, and burning and doing destruction to certain gravesites. >> police were able to gets dna off one of the wooden handles left behind and an officer
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stopped carter as he was walking through a cemetery at night and he agreed to give a dna sample and this week the results came back and the da says that carter's dna matched that on the flag, and he was taken into custody appropriately today on veterans day. >> i'm glad justice was done for those families and let it be on veterans day. >> police don't think there is any real motive for this vandalism, this is just a young man up to mischief and carter will be charged with arson and institutional vandalism, in connection with five separate incidents in two cemeteries in the ben salem area, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. lets go to our top stories, lets switch to dann cuellar live with the latest at is it the princeton health system where
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some of the victims were taken. >> three of the victims were brought here and they are being evaluated by medical personnel and none of the injuries are life-threatening. one was taken to trenton and all four were injured in the collision between the school bus and the bmw on the 600 block of lawrenceville road and route 206 at 3:00 this afternoon. the collision caused the bus to flip on its side. a 16-year-old, the before us driver and a bus aide and the driver of the car were hurt. none of them seriously. the cause of the investigation is still under investigation and that area is really congested and blocked off because of the accident as the investigation continues and ultimately they clean up the mess. three being treated here one at the fold division here in
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trenton all of them said to be not serious injuries. live at the medical center in princeton, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have more breaking news now, chopper 6 hd is live over bristol buck county where there is a gas leak on the 400 block of george paterson boulevard. this is the rodeo plant, no reports of injuries but police and investigators as well as hazmat teams are there, finding out why there was a gas leak at the factory, we'll keep an eye on it and give you the information. a kidnapper that sparked a three-day manhunt is back in philadelphia facing federal charges, "action news" was there as a vehicle carrying delvin barnes arrived at the detention center, in connection with the kidnapping of carlesha
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freeland-gaither we'll have more coming up tonight at 5:30. the trooper who survived the deadly state police ambush is back in the hospital. trooper allen douglas is back in the center that specializes in orthopedics, police will not say what type of procedure he will need. frein is acuted of killing douglas and wounding dickson. in delaware, police are searching for an armed robber that wounded a convenience store clerk at a holdup at this 711 at 3:00 a.m. the cash ear got shot when he was slow to meet the gunman's demands and the clerk is in stable condition and the armed robber got away with cash. at the "action news" big board, for weeks drivers are enjoying lower prices at the pump. drivers in philadelphia were paying 3.06, and now it's down
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3.01. new jersey $2.72. as we gear up for the holidays people are wondering if they will continue to save on fuel as they go to visit their loved one. vernon odom is live with more. >> reporter: as you drive down the high ways these days you cannot help but be elated when you see the price of gasoline and how it dipped. what sparked this was simple supply and demand. >> i'm glad and i hope it stays down. >> the mood is happiness and contentment, as consumers hail the lowest pump prices in years, that the middle east turmoil has not turned things upside down and with winter time coming the
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demand is at its lowest. >> we all of a sudden have a sudden wave of supply in the market and this sends a shutter through the market. quitd frankly we are at a time of year where demand is at its lowest and supply is at its highest. >> it's a pleasure to fill up the tank for under $50. >> this drop is leaving consumers with disposable income. >> they help people in their pocketbook that is for sure. >> the holidays are coming as well. >> as i understand it will affect heating and things like that. hopefully, it's good for families that could use the break. >> for me it's great because with transportation business your profit is limited. and gas can be anywhere from 15% to 25% of your revenue.
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>> even naive motorists though that this cheap gas will be long gone by spring time. by the time memorial day comes around there will be a thirst for oil. >> as always oil is a commodity and about supply and demand. >> thank you vernon. meantime, the national average is $2.93, so even if are you planning to drive out of the tri-state area, you are lukely to enjoy prices below $3 a gallon. >> sounds good. time now to check the "action news" traffic report, matt pellman is in the traffic center, he usually wear a vest -- >> it's better than normal today because people have off, including the school bus drivers, the school buses sitting still but those that are
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running are encountering problems ark broken down bus on the eastbound side of the schuylkill but its not causing an issue. our other school bus accident, a serious one in princeton, closing down 206, we have been telling you about this, use 604 or mercer road, or stay over on 1. in camden county, a crash on 295, at the black horse pike, single speeds at 51, and stick with the northbound new jersey turnpike and the delays are spilling back here at the 495 freeway. >> thank you matt. >> on this veterans day, 2014, ceremonies were held in our area, one in drexel university
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this afternoon. it honored vets that attended drexel and those that live in the community and those that are in our hospitals. as part of its ongoing efforts to provide compassion for those that fought for our country. >> in center city they honored african-americ african-americans, the all wars memorial, soldiers and sailors was relocates to logan square and that is where various dignitaries spoke like mayor nutter and vincent hughs and former governor ed rendell. and bill cosby. a former navy veteran. the last person being treated for ebola is out of the hospital now, talking about his
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recovery. >> the unseasonably warm air holds on and then i'm tracking a taste of winter on the way, i'll have the details in the accuweather forecast. >> and eagles quarterback mark sanchez takes a victory lap at two iconic cheesesteak stands. we'll hear from him and coach, chip kelly coming up. we put all the apps you love...
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health check tonight, the last person being treated for ebola was released from the hop today. less than three weeks after being admitted. >> dr. spencer is ebola free and new york city is ebola free. that was the message from new york city's mayor as dr. craig spencer left the hospital. he developed symptoms six days after returning from guinea. in thanking the team that helped him, he said he is living proof that isolation can stop ebola
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and to put the spotd light on west africa. the center of the outbreak, where families are being torn apart and communities are destroyed. >> although the mayor called spencer the hero the doctor says it's the people fighting ebola since day one despite short supplies and the loss of loved ones. if you want weight loss -- what could be more important than our parents -- nydia han right now. >> what could be more important than honoring our parents's wishes. laying them to rest in a place of their choice. that is what they were trying to documents find out why they had to get the "action news" troubleshooters involved. and why this could be a problem for you too. >> i was surprised within i find
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out. >> i hope it doesn't happen to other families. >> find out what you should do now if you plan to bury your parents in a veterans cemetery.
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target announced that its black friday deals start well before thanksgiving day. the retailer says they are holding a presale on black friday deals on store and online the day before thanksgiving. and on thanksgiving morning, online shoppers will be able to access bargains before stores open at 6:00 that evening, the 6:00 opening is two hours earlier than last year. shoppers that frequent the terminal market can get products delivered to their front door, they are partnering with inis it a cart, and can you get a large variety of meats delivered to your home, just create an account with inis it a insta cart. meteorologist, cecily tynan has the forecast for right of
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the week when we come back many
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tult fob agency of offer tult of of time for accuweather and cecily tynan. >> our high on this veterans day in philadelphia it soared to 70 degrees, 12 degrees above
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normal. only 4 degrees shy of the record high set in 2006, put this in perspective. this is 25 degrees warmer than what we'll be dealing with on friday. don't get used to it. but we have one more mild day. sky 6 is looking at reading, can you see the fly in the ointment over the next 24 hours, we have fog and drizzle developing in reading and this will become more widespread in the overnight hours. temperatures in philadelphia, it's mild and you don't need a jack the now and wilmington 61 and reading cooler and dealing with the fog, 57 in allentown and 58 at the shore and temperatures at the 50s. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a few things going on, the weak low pressure off the eastern seaboard. the cold front is a dividing line from the warm air and the cold air to the west,
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temperatures ahead of it, in the 60s and 70s. and behind it, the temperatures plunge, we are talking about temperatures in the 40s and 30s and teens and billings, montana, that is not the windchill but the temperature, it's only 9 degrees, some of that cold air will move our way by the end of the week. fortunately it's moderating and not getting that cold. by midnight tonight, areas of clouds and drizzle. some fog will last into the morning hours and allow contact time for your morning commute. by the afternoon the sunshine is back and we are looking at temperatures again in the upper 60s, the call for accuweather for tonight, lots of clouds and fog and drizzle and a mild night. 52 in allentown and 53 in millville and 56 in wilmington. tomorrow morning clouds and drizzle and fog and afternoon sunshine and 68 degrees and thursday the high is dropping
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down to 49 degrees and we could get a few snow flurries friday night. and the high only 44 on saturday and sunday cold and 47 degrees and a coastal storm will bring us evening rain and snow. speaking of snow tune in on "action news" thursday at 11:00 for my winter weather outlook and we'll talk about how cold the winter will be and how much snow to expect and rick wants a lot of snow. the more we get the more time we spend together. you want a lot of snow? >> that is what i want. a winter like last year. >> no way to how. >> yeah right.
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is back here to face federal charges. and two gifts for military families that have fall and on hard times and the eagles still basking in the glow of last night impressive win against carolina and jeff skversky will break it down including the performance of mark sanchez. accused kidnapper, delvin barnes is back in a jail cell in philadelphia. he was found with victim carlesha freeland-gaither, police believe he is the man shown here on the german town sidewalk. david henry is here with the details. >> reporter: delvin barnes made the trip from virginia and the next stop is here in federal court where he will be arraigned on kidnapping charges tomorrow. this white van


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