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tv   Action News  ABC  November 12, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon in the news a woman is killed while crossing a busy highway in buck county. the new details about the 51-year-old victim. and a begger with a luxury car. and a drastic change in the forecast is the big story. we started the day with dense fog that made for a slow morning is commute and now we are looking ahead to a long stretch of plunging temperatures, a cold front is moving in in fact all across the country. lets head to the big board and david murphy. >> it's cooling but not quite yet, you have a few hours to enjoy above average temperatures. breaks to the clouds from the north and west. and in philadelphia we managed to squeeze in sunshine, here is what stormtracker 6 live double scan looked like when we were tracking the fog earlier this morning. this is a snapshot from 9:00,
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and even in through philadelphia and suburbs north of philadelphia, buck county and montgomery county and down through south jersey, large areas with a half mile visibility and a quarter mile, we had reporting stations with 0's on the map. that is no visibility. things have improved across the region and the only place we have problems is along the coastline and a.c. has gone up to 5 miles visibility. as we look at temperatures, they are zooming on up because of the sun is in play. and 67 degrees in the city, 68 in wilmington and 68 in dover, and then low 60s by the shore and upper 50s in places like lancaster and reading. we'll probably stop where we are adding a degree to some of these temperatures before a front starts to push through and holds us steady for a few hours and drives the numbers down. 68 today and that is 10 degrees
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above average and tonight's low 38 degrees an indication of the cold air to our west and is in the process of pushing into the region over the next several hours with a cold front ready to push through. we are looking at a long-term commitment to this cold air, i'll have the numbers in the accuweather seven day and the next chance of precipitation. stay on top of the changing weather situation with, visit for storm tracker 6 radar and both the hourly and seven-day forecast and the latest video from our "action news" meteorologist. >> breaking news from atlantic county. two people were killed in a fire in egg harbor, investigators labeled the fire suspicious. it started at air home on the 200 block of washington avenue. firefighters found two people dead inside and their names have not yet been released. the prosecutors office has
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launched an investigation and chad pradelli is in the neighborhood and we'll bring us a live report at 12:30. kidnapping suspect, delvin barnes, will be in court for charges of abducting 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither, one week after her rescue. david henry joins us live outside of the courthouse. >> it's a brief appearance here for delvin barnes, he'll be in front of a magistrate here where he will be formerly arraigned on a kidnapping charge and perhaps additional charges. 37-year-old delvin barnes arrived yesterday in this white van followed by an escort vehicle, he was picked up by fbi agents from a prison outside of richmond, virginia, barnes was held there since last thursday, he had allegedly taken carlesha
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freeland-gaither after kidnapping her off a street in german town, court documents say he admitted to abducting her. cameras caught the moments when she was taken into a car. and police got an idea where she was when her debit card was used in aberdeen, maryland. and they used a gps tracker by the dealership that sold the car to barnes. they arrested barnes and rescued carlesha. he was sent to virginia to be arraigned on rape and attempted murder charges there. police say that barnes kidnapped a 16-year-old girl in october there. and she was allegedly able to escape while he was digging her grave. he will be tried for that crime after facing the kidnapping
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charges in philadelphia. the arraignment will happen this afternoon and it's a formal reading of the charges against barnes and he will answer a few questions, whether or not he understands what is going on and no testimony in the case today and barnes will be appointed a court appointed attorney and then go to jail. >> thank you david. an nba basketball player from philadelphia is mourning the death of his father as police continue to search for the killer. wayne ellington sr. was shot to death on tuesday night. he is a player for the los angeles lakers. he is on leave to grieve with his family. a woman was killed trying to cross a busy highway in bensalem, the victim is maria fayer. she was hit by a chevy pickup
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truck crossing route 1, she was not using a designated crosswalk and may have been using her cell phone, the driver did stop and is cooperating with the investigation. the state police barracks in blooming grove, pennsylvania is reopening today two months after a sniper attack. one state trooper was killed and another wounded allegedly at the hands of eric frein. today a chester woman is the first person sentenced under the new brad fox law. the law was named for brad fox shot to death in the line of duty, by someone that obtained a gun in an illegal straw purchase. prosecutors say she brought two guns for her boyfriend a convicted felon. the president reached a deal
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with china, they agreed to lower gas emissions in a news conference today. they are trying to reach goals not to pump as much carbon monoxide in the air and china agreed to set a cap on its own emissions. for the first time ever, a spacecraft landed on a speeding comet, it set down on comet 67 p a little over an hour ago, the historic mission could crack some of earth's biggest mysteries. marcy gonzales is following the mission and joins us live from new york. >> reporter: hi sara, yes the first of its kind attempt to tap into a 4.5 billion-year-old time capsule and could answer some of the big of the questions about the origins of life on earth. >> what may sound like science fiction is now science reality, a spacecraft landing on a comet
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for the first time ever. >> we definitely that the landing is on the surface. >> we are sitting on the surface and talking to us. we are on the comet. >> since blasting into space in 2004, the european space agency's rosetta spacecraft is sling shooting around the solar system to catch up with comet 67 p, it's as old as the solar system and it may hold answers to some of our planet's biggest mysteries. life emerged on earth or brought to earth by such a comet many billion years in the past. >> this morning rosetta launched a lander, roughly the size of a washing machine and lands on the comet 2.5 miles wide and speeding at 83,000 miles per
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hour. >> we have a go from the flight control team, already picking up this unexplained noise from the comet. and sending back what is being described as comet selfies. >> and filla is bringing back pictures from the surface which they call it a big step for human civilization. >> live in new york, marcy gonzalez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you marcy. still to come on "action news" at noon, a man is trapped in a department store for three days, the bizarre place he got stuck and the way he was rescued coming up. a panhandler is being -- for the way she drives. and david murphy has your accuweather forecast. ♪
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a large explosion destroyed part of a long standing family bakery near chicago. the garage at the toronto bakery company blew up yesterday after workers were changing out a propane tank. they thought it was empty and it leaked into the air and it
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triggered the blast. they turned off power to 2,000 homes as a precaution. abc news obtained an autopsy that showed that robin williams may have suffered from an early form of alzheimer's williams had been having a hard time sleeping and was restless and the actor was diagnosed with parkinson's disease last year into a husband and wife are facing charges for robbing female shoppers in new york city. they stole from women with strollers at 14 different retailers in queens. a crime called stroller trolling. one would distract the woman and the other would steal from the strollers, in one instance they
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took an iphone out of a baby's hans. a panhandler stirred up anger after she rode away in a mercedes benz. many people fell for it until the woman got behind the wheel of her mercedes and then drove to another street and started the same scam. police have been unable to track the woman down. a man in colorado spent three days trapped between the outer wall of a department store. firefighters used a sledge hammer and saw to free him from a marshal's store. he got there after falling through an opening on the roof, employees heard him yelling but couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. the man is how hospitalized. now they are trying to figure out why he was on the roof.
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and the royal bank of scotland. the landmark settlement comes as the banks failed to protect their customers. the ruling from a new jersey judge, it's a story you'll see on "action news." here is wendy saltzman with a preview. >> these parents tried to lay down the rules for their daughter and after she moved out they got a surprising letter in the mail. >> did i expect my daughter to sue me? of course not. it's heart breaking. >> their now 21-year-old daughter filed a lawsuit to force her parents to pay up. and then when we spoke to her another surprising twist. >> kaitlyn was thrown out. and now she is suing for a new car. >> and now the parents are forced to pay for her schooling.
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can this happen to you? don't miss our report tonight at 11:00. >> health check this noon, a number of popular diet plans from the american heart association. the viewers looked at weight watchers, the atkins diets and south beach and zone diets. they helped people lose 4 to 10 pounds in the short-term but in two years most gained that weight back and did not help blood pressure, and cholesterol and blood sugar levels. now alicia vitarelli is here with a preview at 4:00. >> we are buzzing about the hit tv show "nashville" we tweet live but so do the cast members. i recently met the cast in tennessee and they are so into social media.
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>> whenever they without of work we get together and do live tweeting it's fun to get the immediate response from fans. it's been cool. >> sometime you are actually together as a group, as friends? >> yes, that is right we have twitter parties and go on buses. >> i like to call them twitter hoe downs. we'll have more on the buzz at 4:00 and melissa magee on one of her outdoor adventures taking her to an apple orchard. that starts tonight at 4:00.
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we have some breaking news at the maybe line, where
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officers are on the scene at the academy in bryn mawr following reports of a suspicious package of some sort. look to the right of your screen, a number of police cruisers are at the scene and the call came in just from noon time here at the academy. this is at the jack barack hebrew academy and students are evacuated to allow authorities to investigate the suspicious package. no injuries or anything of that nature but police are on the scene at this school in bryn mawr. we'll follow the story and keep an eye on the situation and bring you more as soon as it becomes available to us. david is here with accuweather, a foggy start to the day and a quick recovery. >> it was by 10:00 or 11:00, the fog was completely gone, as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, it's dry conditions
12:25 pm
and nice out there. the action cam is in center city and can you see how the fog is beginning to lift over the last couple of hours, now a fair amount of sunshine breaking through the clouds, and it's on the mild side, as we look at the highlights this noon, the first one is that it's still mild for the next several hours, later today and tonight and overnight, the plunge is coming, if you want to get outside and enjoy yourself do it over the next few hours. 67 right now and blustery and the winds start to turn out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour. if we add more numbers to this temperature probably only one more degree up before we turn around a little bit. 68 in wilmington and cooler in the lehigh valley, and just 59 in lancaster and 61 in wildwood. the cloud cover has started to break up and we are getting the sunshine in, the rain that we saw on radar during the morning broadcast, as i told you would
12:26 pm
happen, it did fall apart. we are looking at sun mixing with sun in the afternoon, the front is on the way and so is the cooler air, up in allentown only up to 63 over the next hour or so and then we start to turn around. 66 at the shore, clouds and sun and it will take longer for that cool air to reach you, there is room to raise the numbers a few more degrees. and in philadelphia, only 68 for a high and a mix of clouds and sun and nice for the next several hours, even when the temperatures stops rising you'll hover in the mid to upper 60s. and winds out of the northwest at 8 to 16 miles per hour, a little bid breezy out there. tonight the winds die down and the clouds go away and we clear out. the cold air marchs in from the northwest and by the time you get up at dawn, if philadelphia we are at 38 degrees and some suburbs in the low to mid-30s when you first step outside.
12:27 pm
for the evening commute things don't look too bad, by 4:00 we are down to 60 already and 54 by 5:30 and the low 50s by 7:00, we are on our way into the 30s tonight and the numbers drop through the evening hours and the cool air mass parked out by st. louis, has as expected moved just to our west and tomorrow it will be here and it's not looking like there is any real big feature on the way to dislodge it for a while. clouds and sun and 68 for the high. and brisk and chilly tomorrow, we start out in the 30s and wind up with a high of 51 and at night a sprinkle or flurries and brisk and colder on friday, we start out at freezing and get up to 45 and then saturday morning we start at freeze and sunday morning we start at freezing. mid-40s on friday and saturday and sunday 49 degrees and clouds
12:28 pm
increase, in the evening hours we are looking at showers from the next system in our neighborhood and maybe even some wet snow north and west of the philadelphia. the model is flip-flopping, some have a lot of rain and others dry, we'll see about that. >> i'm going to miss the 60s. >> i'm going to miss fall, summer and spring. they were all nice.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again, we continue to follow breaking news out of south jersey, a suspicious house fire that has killed two people, firefighters were called to the 200 block of washington avenue in egg harbor, atlantic county, at 8:00 this morning. "action news" reporter, chad pradelli joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: we are trying to get details in this case but the atlantic county prosecutors office has called this fire suspicious, that is the home right is there that caught fire, right now investigators and detectives continue to go through the home and comb it for clues the at 8:00 this morning, authorities got the call that this house was on fire when they arrived here they saw the bulk of the fire in the house and they got the fire quickly under control and they found two people dead inside.
12:31 pm
and they have determined that this is suspicious, a mother and her young son live in this home. authorities have not been able to confirm that any of them are the victims. neighbors say this is a quiet street and middle class neighborhood and they are shocked by the deadly fire. to have this happen is very devastating. >> again, this investigation is early on in the process. as detectives continue to comb for clues out here. the names of those victims have not yet been released. i'm live in egg harbor city, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> well, colder weather is on the way, unfort fatally, we started the morning with dense fog and can you see it wasn't easy to dry through route 179 and west hunterdon county this morning.
12:32 pm
>> i'm inside and it's nice out there but only for the next couple of houred. this is the fog tracker, a lot of areas with a half mile and quarter mile visibility. some areas had zero visibility for a time. now as we look at the close-up satellite view, concentrating on the local areas you can see the dark or moderate green showing up it's not all the bright gray anymore and these are areas where the clouds are thin enough where the sunshine is managing to break through, visually it looks like the afternoon is in good shape winds are picking up from the west and these will turn and start coming down from the north over the next couple of hours, that will pull the cool air that is sitting up in canada right down through the region. of course it's breezy out there
12:33 pm
as we start to draw the cooler air in, a 20 miles per hour wind in wilmington and 13 miles per hour in philadelphia. the rest of the way today, as i mentioned, by 2:00 we are sitting at 67 degrees, look how fast the temperatures drop though, by 4:00 we are down to 60 and 6:00, down to 53. again, the affect of the cooler air to the north and west sweeping through, by 8:00, 49 and down to the 30s overnight. nice numbers at the coast. raleigh 71 and richmond 79, they are farther away from the cool air and speaking of that cool air as you go to the central portion of the country, there is a big mass of it and no weather features to dislodge this as it heads to the east. 1 degree in denver and billings, montana, we won't be that cold but get ready for high
12:34 pm
temperatures in the 40s and morning lows in the 30s. the bottom line is, if you want to and joy mild weather the next few hours is the time to do it. two vehicles crashed head-on right in front of a northeast philadelphia school and one prn was killed and the car ended up on the lawn of that skill. katherine scott has more. >> reporter: one of the drivers died this morning from her injuries and the second driver was in the hospital in critical but stable condition, this stretch of cotman avenue was closed for five hours for the police investigation and cleanup, they opened the road to traffic before 9:00 a.m., two cars crashed head-on and the driver of this vehicle did not survive, the accident happened at the intersection of cotman and algone. children walked by the wreckage on their way to class. >> that is crazy. >> at 4:00 a.m., the 2014 nissan
12:35 pm
altima was heading east on cotman and a 21-year-old girl was behind the wheel of is this toyota corolla, and sthey hit head-on and she careened through the school fence, they believe one driver may have run a red light. >> the bus usually comes here at cotman, but they dropped us at the toyota section and i just saw it. >> the streets department was making sure the roads were safe for travel when they opened it up five hours after the accident. >> investigator dz not believe the fog was a factor in this morning's crash. >> in north philadelphia, this morning a driver slammed a vehicle into a guard shack of a parking lot, it happened at 2:30 a.m. on the 1800 block of girard avenue, the driver lost control
12:36 pm
and crashed into the shack and nobody was hurt. some delaware county residents are out of their homes after a fast moving fire at an apartment building, flames broke out at 4:00 on the 2200 block of westchester pike and marple township. it was contained to one apartment on the third floor and another sustained smoke damage. no reports so far of injuries. >> the barracks, the scene of eric frein's alleged shooting spree. two stroopers were shot dooring a shift change, dickson died and douglas remains in the hospital. >> we have done a thorough analysis of the security at this station and there are a number of improvements and others in process now in the coming weeks
12:37 pm
they will become evident to people here. >> meantime, frein is waiting for his next day in court for the shooting. which of course sparked the 48-day manhunt. >> a teenager is recovering after her boyfriend shot her overnight. it happened at 12:30 this morning inside of a boarding house on the 3200 block of west oxford street of philadelphia. a 19-year-old woman was shot in the stomach following an argument, and they were able to take the boyfriend into custody and the woman is in stable condition. new at 12:30, police released surveillance video of a holdup at a south philly pizza shop. it happened at omega pizza on south street. he ran into a table and fell and some of the cash fell on to the floor and the suspect manages to pick up some of it and get away. if you have a tip philadelphia
12:38 pm
police are asking that you give them a call. delvin barnes is due in federal court next hour for a formal arraignment on kidnapping charges, he is accused of snatching carlesha freeland-gaither from a street in german town. "action news" is at the courthouse awaiting the hearing. carlesha freeland-gaither was with him when he was captured in virginia and he has admitted to abducting her. he is also facing charges in virginia where a 16-year-old broke free while he allegedly was digging her grave. abc news's karen travers is joining us now with details. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, president obama called this announcement with china a
12:39 pm
major mile stone, the u.s. has outlined goals to reduce carbon emissions by 2020 and this plan will go five years beyond that. president obama says it's ambitious but achievable. president obama and the chinese president raised a glass and toasted their two nation's agreement being called an environmental break through. >> it shows what is possible when we work together on a global challenge. >> china is the world's worst polluter, and the u.s. comes in second, they count for one-third of all carbon emissions worldwide but the two nations announced a step forward for combatting greenhouse gas emissions. >> the united states has set a new goal by reducing it 26 to 28% by the year 2025. >> administration officials say that the u.s. is on track to
12:40 pm
meet an earlier goal to lower emissions by 2020. this new plan puts them on pace to cut pollution twice as fast in the following five yours, the president of china says that they will reach their peak by 2030 or earlier. the first time china has ever agreed to any carbon reduction goal. >> i commend president chi for the moves they are making to curb china's carbon emissions. >> republican senate leader, mitch mcconnell calls the plan unrealistic, that is president obama dumping it on his successor and this will insure higher energy costs and fewer jobs. >> thank you karen for that report. here incoming governor says he will ban gifts to state
12:41 pm
employees as soon as he takes office. it's a code that all of tom wolf's transition team is required to sign. it bans gifts from anyone in the administration. wolf promises to end the practice during his campaign. >> there is much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, flow from the volcano in hawaii is still causing problems today. black friday shoppers are lining up find out how long they have been there and what they are hoping to buy. david murphy has the full accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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comes over the bank as it made its way through the city. this does not appear to be the correct video, but it's inching to the town since late june. the residents are long gone. congress began their lame duck session, and will try to wrap up legislation before the republicans take over the senate next year. one is a bill to fund the government and arm syrian rememberles and expand the keystone pipeline. a controversy is brewing in the d.c. school district, they are removed all references to religious holidays on the school calendar, it makes it religion neutral. because muslims were asking for
12:45 pm
holidays to be recognizes like jewish holidays are. shoppers in california, are already camping outside of a best buy in the hopes of getting a good friday bargain. the store here in beaumont, california, says the number of campers is increasing each year. still ahead here on "action news," the accuweather forecast and details on the upcoming colder temperatures. and the raising healthy kids series, doctors have tips to prepare your kids for hospital stays and pets.
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no parent wants their child to go for an extended hospital
12:48 pm
stay but when it happens, there are ways to make the experience less difficult. erin o'hearn has more in this edition of raising healthy kids. >> what do they do? >> clean the bacteria from skin. >> janelle is a real hospital veteran but she gained her knowledge before she went not hospital talking to her parents and specialists likea mcgwi mcgwi mcgwinnis. they say it's because the body is sick and not because they did anything wrong. shielding them from information could backfire. >> they could have a hard time coping being in the hospital and they use their imagination and create a worse and scarier situation. tell youngsters one day ahead for each day of their life. if a child is 5 tell them five
12:49 pm
years before the appointment. don't use make believe words or sugar coat it. when they hear the real terms in the hospital they may think something worse is wrong. and you can use the kids healthy galaxy website and they use play dolls to explain procedures and parents can be with their child 24/7 in the hospital and their home could be a home away from home. >> bring their comfort items or their favorite toy or blanky, whatever makes them feel as comfortable as possible. kids are well prepared and cope better in the hospital. and they heal faster. and they are prepared for medical visits. >> david murphy is here now with that accuweather forecast. >> nice for now, and chillier tonight and tomorrow a big
12:50 pm
change. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry and the action cam is out in center city. the cloud cover is starting to dissipate over the last couple of hours, we have a fair amount of sunshine breaking through the clouds, temperature is mild, 67 degrees, feeling comfortable despite the 13 miles per hour wind, in some spots winds are higher than that. and on the breezy side and the rain overnight is melting away as it tries to come at us. the fog is gone and we see breaks in the clouds and a decent looking day with sunshine mixing with a few clouds and high temperatures on the i-95 corridor, 68 is not bad in wilmington and philadelphia, 63 in allentown and reading and these numbers won't move more than what you see now maybe a degree or two. those temperatures are hovering about where you see them now. as we go through the afternoon, the winds coming out of the west are going to turn out of the north than is going to be behind
12:51 pm
a passing fronts that helps to usualer in cooler air and those winds will come in straight down from the north tonight. that is what cecily tynan shows you when she takes to the airwaves on "action news" at 11:00 this evening. as we look at temperatures, we'll see them drop thanks to the windy just showed you are. 64 at 3:00 and 56 by 5:00. it's impressive the way the numbers fall into the nighttime hours. 48 by 9:00 and the morning low is 38 in philadelphia. tomorrow we look at the chilly start, 38 in philadelphia and 1:30 in the afternoon you get back up to about 51 degrees, but that is about all we'll see and then another plunge as we go into tomorrow evening, the cool air comes down at 10:00 tonight and melissa magee is on the air on channel 17 and we'll get
12:52 pm
cooler into friday morning probably down to the freezing mark for morning lows. clouds and sun today 68 is your high, a nice day although the numbers start to fall pretty quickly as we head into the afternoon. then brisk and chilly tomorrow starting out in the 30s winding up with a high of 51 degrees, there is a slight chance of a pop-up flurry or sprinkle, it doesn't amount to much but if you are out walking, it's note worthy if you haven't seen one before. that could happen in a couple of spots thursday night. we drop to 33 for a low and that is what you are facing at sunrise on friday. a high of just 45 and 31 is the startup temperature on saturday and a high of only 46 and 33 on sunday morning and then we get back up to 49 and then sunday late in the day and evening, the clouds get quicker and that should produce rain across the
12:53 pm
region on sunday night and maybe a little wet snow in parts of the area as this evolves through, monday unsure about monday, some models have precipitation expends through the day and one has something monday night into tuesday. we are keeping it dry for now. >> stay on top of the changing weather situation at, there you'll fine our storm tracker 6 radar and the hourly and seven-day forecast, you can watch the latest videos from our "action news" meteorologist and view our collection of weather related images. and breaking news can happen at any time, and if you are there when it does be part of the breaking news team email your tips, pictures and videos to and contact us at news.
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well, if are you looking for a distraction check out these stories at like this one. a daredevil riding a bicycle sets a world record, look at the wild ride. and whether or not you play golf, this cool trick shot is up to par and a woman pulls off a wedding surprise he will never forget. it's an emotional story, and it's right now at david with a final check of accuweather, lets say it's all downhill from here. >> it's coming. it's going to get cooler in the afternoon. we are going for a high of only 63 in allentown and pretty much the same thing, and you are on
12:57 pm
or about that right now. reading 62 and 64 in places like pottstown and downingtown. 68 in philadelphia and wilmington and 67's in south jersey and 66 in a.c. and sea isle city. 64 degrees in cape may. and again temperatures plunging into the 30s overnight and that is where we'll be when we start out tomorrow morning. >> the harlem globetrotters are going back to school to show off their basketball skills. they stopped by william pen charter. they urge students to speak up about bullying and to be compassionate. the globe trotters come to philadelphia and trenton from march 6th to the 8th. >> hope they don't play the sixers. that is it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for rick williams and david
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