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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 14, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking now, the response. spying on americans? the justice department explaining why. and the rescues playing out, and the new freeze warnings as we head into the weekend. and police officers doing this, and your tax dollars paying for it afterward. it's your money. and sarah jessica parker, the american treasure she's fighting for tonight.
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good evenings on this friday night. more on the frozen nation, and the new storm coming in right behind it. but first, planes tracking cell phone data and locations. authorities saying it's for catching criminals, but are they tracking you, too? pierre thomas leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, new questions about whether the government is scooping up the personal cell phone data from thousands of innocent americans. an investigation by the "wall street journal" uncovering a secret program designed to track down fugitives, suspected killers, rapists, and other criminals. that allows u.s. marshals to pinpoint the location of your phone from the sky, without you knowing it's happening. here's how it works. the marshals launch a small plane carrying a device called a dirtbox, which acts like a mini cell tower.
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over a populated area, it picks up identifying pings from thousands of phones below, until it finds its suspect. pinpointing that person's location within a three-yard radius, even in a specific room. >> when they put it on an airplane, they get information on tens or hundreds of people. >> reporter: but a source with knowledge of how the program works tells abc tonight, as soon as the plane lands, all the information from other phones is deleted. sources tell us the government planes take off from five unidentified metropolitan area airports around the country. and say it's only used on a case by case basibasis. >> and they say they wipe out the data as soon as they catch
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criminals? >> yes, it's deleted. >> >> next, a tough ride home in indiana, this driver was rescued. even the deep south feeling the chill. and a polar freeze all the way down to the south, and in place for the weekend. and rob marciano has the story in atlanta. >> reporter: from north, to south, to east, to west. nearly the entire country is freezing tonight. lake effect snow pounding four states. >> it's nothing but ice right now. if your light shines on it, and it shines back, it's ice. >> reporter: nowhere got more snow than guile, wisconsin. >> reporter: in elkhart, that driver, in the hospital tonight.
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from snowy charlotte, to atlanta, where the morning temps were colder here than in alaska. hundreds of people at warming shelters across the south. experts warning motorists to make sure their car batteries are charged, and to check their tire pressure. >> the molecules in your air, everything contracts when it gets cold. so it's going to contract. tire pressure is going to go down. that's how you'll lose pressure in your air. >> reporter: many here will never forget last winter's ice storms that paralyzed the city, trapping motorists in their cars, turning 20-minute commutes into 20-hour odysseys. >> we all remember what happened last year in atlanta. and we can see the traffic inching along behind you. what is in store for us withis weekend? >> well, some spots below freezing. 30 degrees in mobile. and nearly the entire country
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will have windchills below the freezing mark in the morning. >> and we have some snow worries as well? >> well, we're watching a storm in the mountains that will put out to the plains. and as you mentioned, with the the atlanta traffic behind me, this was one of the main arteries snarled last year. they're worried about a repeat performance in the coming months. >> thank you. tonight, the pentagon sounding the alarm on stunning revelations on nuclear missiles. martha raddatz has traveled to many of these sites, and reports on many of the stunning
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findings. >> reporter: the problems have been vast, from cheating, gambling, to charges of a drunken general fraternizing with suspicious foreign women in russia. and today's revelations about mismanagement in our nuclear defenses are just as unbelievable. the report found aging blast doors over missile silos that would not seal shut, and discovered only one -- yes, one -- specialty tool kit available to attach warheads to missiles. that one kit had to be shared among 450 missiles at three distant sites. the officers had complained again and again, but finally just worked around the problem, fedexing the tool kit from site to site. >> they were creative and innovative, and they made it work. but that's not the way to do it. >> martha is with us now from washington. one tool kit being shared? >> reporter: defense officials
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say the tool kit wasn't used that often, but the problem has now been fixed. there will now be two at each site. but the secretary is hoping that the infusion of billions more dollars will fix those problems that remain, and improve discipline and morale in the service. david? >> two tool kits now. martha, thank you. now to the brewing battle over immigration. president obama saying he's ready to issue executive orders if the congress doesn't go along with him. >> something needs to be done. it's way overdue. we've been talking about it for ten years now. it needs to be solved. >> jonathan karl, what has been said? >> reporter: i'm told it could
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come as early as next week. the white house is aware this will provoke a strong backlash from republicans. but i'm told that the president's legal team is ready to go to court to defend the president's authority to take this action. and the white house also watching ferguson, missouri. will they charge the white police officer that shot michael brown? and churches are staying open and urging people to turn to prayer and not violence. and a story about police
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payouts. jim avila reporting, and it's your money. >> reporter: this chicago police officer was caught brutally beating a female bartender, the city paid her $850,000. another shot this man in the back, he was on the ground at the time, and later found to be unarmed. that payout, $4 million. in philadelphia, more than $40 million paid out in the last five years. new york city, $420 million. and chicago, $450 million over the past decade. >> he took the gun, put it to my throat. >> reporter: now this police commander, glenn evans, faces criminal charges for allegedly sticking a gun down the throat of this man. there have been more than 40 misconduct complaints against this aggressive, highly decorated officer.
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none of the previous claims were proven. today he's on desk duty awaiting trial, but so far he has cost taxpayers $300,000 in settlements. many, like evans, still on the job. we went to chicago to ask the police superintendent why. can we ask you a couple of questions? >> no. >> reporter: really, we can't ask you any questions about the police? >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: no, i'm not kidding you. but he walked away, unwilling to give any insight into why he not only kept lieutenant evans on the job, but even after complaints, promoted him to commander. jim avila, abc news, chicago. >>. >> now to florida, where parents are outraged after police entered a school with what looked like grounds drawn. but it was a drill. here's david wright. >> reporter: lockdown drills in
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schools are now almost as common as fire drills. >> this is a drill, we need to lock down. >> reporter: kids ordered to huddle in the corner, preparing for that nightmare scenario. it's kid of scary, huh? >> it's a little scary. >> reporter: it's usually made clear to the kids it's only a drill. but not yesterday in this florida middle school, when police with ar-15 rifles like this one burst into classrooms. children and teachers believed they were really under attack. >> we actually thought someone was going to come in here and kill us. >> reporter: seventh-grader lauren marinneaux frantically texted her mom. >> i'm panicking, thinking that a legitimate shooter is coming. >> reporter: cherrise tate's son was terrified too. his dad started racing to the school. >> it makes me upset. my husband almost got a ticket coming over here yesterday. he was doing 130. >> reporter: but there was no school shooting. this was all just a drill. today, the school apologized to parents. >> any drills from this point forward will be without firearms
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being displayed. >> reporter: but school officials insist the element of surprise is important. noting, "unfortunately, no one gets an advance notice of real-life emergencies." >> it's very scary. you know, you hear all this horrible stuff on the news, and then you think it might be happening in your child's school. >> reporter: the question is, how best to prepare kids without scaring the life out of them? david wright, abc news, denver. david, thank you. there are new numbers tonight. millions of americans are about to start their holiday shopping in force. rebecca jarvis and the real money team have tips. >> reporter: joel steinhaus has a long holiday shopping list, for his two girls, and his wife and five-week-old baby at home. >> we want it to be festive, we are concerned about finances, obviously, because you know, there's a new mouth to feed. >> reporter: to help them maximize their giving, without maxing out their credit cards, we brought in personal finance expert vera gibbons.
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started. p prokrast nay tors spend $200 more. and the oil giant receiving more than $1 billion. tonight, she's saying it's not in enough. and the new concern on the comet. they waited ten years to make the landing, and now the batteries are dying. >> >> and later, sarah jessica parker, the american treasure she's fighting for. and her other big reveal, coming up. when change is in the air you see things in a whole new way. it's in this spirit that ing u.s. is becoming a new kind of company.
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ex-wife, getting more than $1 billion, and she says it's not enough. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: when their marriage fell apart, a judge ordered her to pay more than $1 billion. >> you had no pre-nup? >> no. >> reporter: but tonight, she's going back to court, saying she deserves more money. under the current deal, she gets $995 million. not bad, but her ex will still be much richer. his net worth? $12.9 billion. she says she deserves more.
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the whole time, his net worth ballooning. >> you have to enter into a post-nup agreement. >> reporter: and she's now entitled to more than $7 million a month. when we come back, the breaking news on the big comet landing. word that the batteries are dying and what they're trying to pull off. and watch the baby when the musical card is opened. but when we come back, this isn't the end. she's still the one for you.
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it's the smart choice for me. try sunsweet amazin prune juice. also available in light. and finally tonight, our person of the week. across america, as we inch closer to thanksgiving, a holiday tradition begins. dancers bringing "the nutcrac r nutcracker" to life. and a famous face helping to keep it alive. across the country, from texas to new york, young dancers with a dream. bringing so many nutcrackers to
6:56 pm
life. and sarah jessica parker remembers when it was her dream. here we are in a dance studio. >> i was a little girl in cincinnati, ohio. i was 8 years old, walked down a corridor, and stood transfixed. >> a little girl that couldn't believe the skill before her. you talked about not having money for the extras. she got a scholarship to learn how to dance, and got acting jobs, sharing the money with her family. we should have worked together. >> if only we had known. >> she was on her way. do you still remember the moment you walked on to that stage as
6:57 pm
annie? bob hope introducing her. but now, she's fighting to preserve the new york city ballet. if you could just get them from times square, 20 blocks north. >> i would personally take them if i had the time. if i could get them there, if words were needed, i would say, trust me. take two hours out of your day. >> millions watched her every week on "sex and the city." and dance worked its way into the script. did you imagine that one of the bigge biggest scenes would be in mcdonald's? >> no. >> do you think there's more
6:58 pm
stories? >> i think there is. >> for now, fighting for the dancers, and still stopping traffic and construction in the street. nobody stops construction for me. but she turned it around for me. >> this is from abc news. >> and turning the spotlight over to the young performers. so, we choose sarah jessica parker and all the young dancers in america with a dream. we'll see right back here on monday. good night.
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