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tv   Action News  ABC  November 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> militants have taken the life of another hostage. >> and pnb letters come down taking a part of the philadelphia sky line. >> a big change in the forecast. colder than normal weekend will give way to a stormy start to the workweek. >> delaware and lehigh valleys will get hit with wet weather tomorrow in time to start the workweek. we have team coverage of our chilly sunday and what lies ahead. they're dealing with sunday. and we go to melissa for what is in store. >> changes working their way in the delaware and lehigh valleys. satellite 6 and action radar shows you it is mostly cloudy. temperatures today have been more than average with high in the city of up to 4. you look south and west you not
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light rain showers move ago cross the delaware and lehigh valleys. just a few renegade showers breaking ahead of the system. stormtracker 6 liver double scan radar 3d dealing with moisture out across southern gulf states and precipitation will work its way southwest to northeast direction for the rest of tonight and for that matter to monday. we'll talk about what is ahead and what we can expect. we're dealing with renegade showers any time now between 8:00 and bulk of that precipitation holding off to near or after midnight. it will be a wet start for commute monday morning. this storm system moving on it looks to be rain for most locations. the exception the poconos. that's where we have a winter weather advisory and this is mainly for carbon and monroe counties and winter weather advisory goes up 7:00 tonight last lasting through 9 a.m. monday this location could find snow and sleet before a quick change over to rain. atmosphere is too warm to support cold air. this looks to be rain in the
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form of liquid priping. coming up we'll look at future tracker 6. time out the moisture on the way and the bitter blast in its wake. i'll have the details in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, sarah. >> let's switch live to "action news" reporter annie mccormick trying to stay warm in franklin square. hi, annie. >> hey, sarah, i know you were here the other night. this is the holiday festival. you can see the light show that goes on every half hour. if you can hear well enough you can hear the philly pops playing some of the holiday favorite. today if you wanted to be outside one of the tricks is to go somewhere fun like here or do something to keep yourself moving. >> jingle bells ♪ >> it's bying to sound and feel a lot like question at franklin square. sunday night kids listened to the holiday carrolls and adults warmed up be side fire pits with extra something in their
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droyvrping keep them warm. >> the fire bit i've been moving along round to sit where it's blowing. >> this is spiked apple cider i got in the tent. it's delicious. it has a whisky in it. what kind was it? >> i don't know. >> it's good. >> it is working for you. >> definitely. >> i'm trying to pace myself it's warm on my hands whatever works whether kickback or on the jogging trail. >> along kelly drive sixt mone and her baby sister had on layers and snow pants for a day out. >> i was cold because it was fun bike riding but my eyes -- >> keeping it all in perspective emma bay slos in from phoenix and would not expect it here any warmer. >> honestly we came for some cold. it's been 80s and 90s where we're from. we bundled properly and are enjoying the city. >> at this point today it's
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pleasant. as long as you have several layers on like i do. this holiday light show goes on every half hour 4:30 to 8 p.m. through december 3 1. reporting live in franklin square. annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." sarah and walter. >> it's going to be cold. that's a great place to go. thank you, annie. wake up with the "action news" morning team to find out the latest of what to expect as you head out the door. david, karen, matt, tam, we'll have the latest traffic, weather, news starting at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. you can stay on top of changing weather situation any time on go to for stormtracker 6ry dar. both hourly and 7 day forecast and plus the latest video from the "action news" meteorologist and our collection of weather related photos and videos. >> other news tonight the whitehouse is confirming that peter kasig u.s. aid worker held hostage was be headed. in islamic video a mill stant
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shown standing over his body. he was captured in syria more than two years ago -- more than a year ago. he served in army as member of special operations unit after medically discharged he started a human takenian effort to save. >> we'll have more opt murder and what clues the video recording may have starting at 6:30. >> police in sdashy township said a 10-year-old boy that shot himself in the face inside a car used his father's gun. investigators say the boy's mother dropped him off at auto repair business on-callston hook road he where the fathers with working. the boy and sister were waiting in the father's truping truck when he found the gun under the seat. he is hospitalized at children's hospital and no word on whether charges will be filed.
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police in bucks county are still trying to figure out what caused the argument that ended in stabbing in the mid ile of a busy road. last night two men got into an altercation at intersection of york and street roads. witnesses say the two chased one another around until the fight turned physical. one man was stabbed. the other suffered contusions to his head. investigators say the men did not know one another. >> over the span of less than an hour one by one the iconic pbm letters came down this morning. it was a second try for this large scale maneuver. this time it worked like a charm. nora muchanic was there. >> this is what it looked like early this morning as the pnb sign was dismantled. one by one the 16 foot high letters were hoisted from the roof by a cable happening from a helicopter and thrown around the corner and set down be side city
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hall. >> i think it's amazing. it's great to bring that in it's amazing. >> we just brought our kids ice skating and almost got sucked into the wind tunnel of the helicopter. >> removing letters changes the sky line where the pnb sign has been part of the landscape since 1950s with extra prep work done by rusty let aernz framework holding them beforehand things went more smoothly than august when it took hours to remove three of the letters. >> it took them what, 40, 45 minutes get the other nine letters down. it took four hours last time to get three. pretty incredible. whatever the problem was they fixed it. >> i live on the 12th floor. it was wild seeing letters come across our balcony. >> oh, my goodness that may have been wild. >> quite a wake-up call. >> not often you see helicopters landing in front of city hall this is part of meticulously
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planned process to get the letters down and on the ground. >> we didn't wrap them tightened them up and put strap around them and everything went great. >> is your party in your throat while it's going on. >> no the whole week before that it was. >> the letters were loaded to a flatbed and prepared for travelch the new york based owners are requesting b is saved for the lobby once refurbished and wells fargo which maintained the sign will put a set of three in storage. in center city, i'm nora muchanic, "channel 6 action news." >> there was a tribute to america's heros in horng morning in west philadelphia. st. ignatius hosted a mass for military members. reserve its and military personnel and their farmlies participated. >> in quakertown lawyers watched riders welcomed home mike saf and presented him with recognition of service. his two sons are in public
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service members of west end fire company. the good people of northeast philadelphia were given a living history lesson today. 83-year-old holocaust survivor charles middleberg shared his story. middleberg was 9-year-old in paris what nazis invaded. his parents were sent to a concentration camp where the mother died. the brother and father left and pretexted to be catholic. after the war he was reunited with his father and later moved to the u.s. >> still to come on "action news," fearly 200 cruise passengers come down with highly con table us virus and what's bn being done to stop the spread of the stomach bug. >> an ebola infected dr. treated in the u.s. >> plus jeff skversky has eagles update coming up in sports when >> plus jeff skversky has eagles update coming up in sports when "action news" comes right
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ailing dr. with say he is in extremely critical can. he arrived at the biocontainment unit yesterday. selea was working as a surgeon at a methodist hospital in sierra leone when he came sick. he is sierra leone citizen that lives in maryland. the crown princess cruise ship is getting a thorough cleaning at the port of los angeles after 172 passengers and crew members on board got sick with with extremely contagious norovirus. the month-long pacific cruise was going from ta heaty to la when the illness a stomach bug broke out. centers for disease control and prevention will inspect the ship before it leaves tonight. >> several students from university of delaware are
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sporting new looks to fight pediatric can air. they donated their hair at hair for hope day. the pony tails and trips of hair will be turned into wigs for those suffering from treatment related air loss. stylists from the new trend hair salon donated skills as well to benefit the be positive foundation. >> in cherry hill they donned fancy hats for a good cause. an organization called daughter of penel pe hosted a nut cracker tea party to raise funds for prerisk ataxia a i degenerative disease of the nervous system. the funds helped this disorder. >> sports up next. >> flyers get a breather and boy do they need. it jeff skversky tells us what they need to work on during the break when "action news" comes they need to work on during the break when "action news" comes right
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jeff skversky has a check on sports than one is getting ugly. >> getting really ugly. hopefully the eagles can turn it around. they knew. it everyone knew. it the eagles were in for a tough day in green bay after playing monday night eagles short rest on the road against the packers who were on fire right now and the eagle can not keep up. down 30-6 at the half. right now we're in the third. first time ever under chip kelly they allow 30 points in the first half. the total yards allowed to the packers in the first half to touch two touchdown passes by aaron rodgers and eagles allowed a punt return. complete recap if you can stomach it with highlights and reaction and exclusive interview with chip kelly on eagles game day final after "action news" at 11. the eagles will return home next sunday to face the step ten titan who's have only two wins. but then that tough stretch, two against dallas including
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thanksgiving and seattle depending super bowl champs. giants blown out by seattle against the 49ers. fans may want to cover their eyes again. where is the g. michael crab tree. 48 yard touchdown pass. g-men trail by 6. eli manning making win giant mistake after another. down 6, final minute. he's picked off inside the five. manning picked off five times today. giants have lost five straight since losing to the eagles that sunday night game at the linc last month. 16-10 final today. >> rg iii not looking sharp in washington either against tampa. redskins quarterback robert griffin iii picked off twice in the 1st quarter and jonathan banks takes it to the bank for six. rg3 sacked six times. bucks rock the redskins 27-7 and lost 7 of last 10 games. how things look in nfc east
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right now. eagles take a full one game lead over the cowboys with a win today in green way bay. if they lose they'll fall into a tie with cowboys for first place 7-3. dallas in the bye week. dallas reds skins waive playoff chances goodbye with the record. denver, st. louis, shawn hill deep for kenly britt. 64 yard touchdown pass. 10-0 lead and they protect it. emmanuel sanders out. drilled by rodney mccoy. a rough day for denver. eli picked off five times. payton picked off twice. broncos blown out, 22-7 they drop two of last three. >> how about andy reid he's red hot in kansas city, chiefs looking shut in seattle. chiefs win 24-20. it's fifth straight w. they're 7 and 3. >> and the flyers are off np until wednesday when they visit
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the new york raivrpingzer for the first time since they knocked them out in the playoffs last year in game 7. flyers far from a playoff team so far this year. only 6 teams in nhl has fewer points. when the flyers return to practice tomorrow coach craig will emphasis defending power play. flyers have allowed six power play goals over the last two games including three tonight in the first period. against mopt reel. ray emery and defense having trouble. they lost 6-3. and nascar will crown a champion tonight down in miami. >> jeff, thank you. up next, meteorologist melissa magee has your exclusive accuweather 7 day forecast. we're waiting for at rifle of that rain when "action news" we're waiting for at rifle of that rain when "action news" comes right back.
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>> it was a food filled celebration in merion county. a jewish festival was hosted by farmers and chefs and beekeepers everyone enjoyed delicacies and some folks hit easy button for dinner too. it was organized by hazon philadelphia. >> melissa here back with the 7-day. accuweather forecast. chilly one. now rain on the way. for most of us it will stay wet. >> there could be mix ago cross the higher elevation which is why we had winter weather advisory for the poconos. not enough cold air established at the surface for this to be anything other than rain. for most locations we'll time things out for you guys. stormtracker 6 double scan radar shows you we have moisture
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spreading in for areas south and west of philadelphia. so, we'll go in a little tighter and you notice some light showers spreading east ward. not going to find a whole lot of precipitation. just a few hupd rejs of an inch. the bulk of that rainfall moves in later tonight for the rest of tonight and during the overnight hours and it will make for a wet commute as we get into your monday. and high today in philadelphia, only 44 degrees. that's where we are currently. coming in at 44. and the poconos 3. which is why, in fact, you have winter weather advisory that goes up 7:00 tonight lasting through 9 a.m. monday. trenton 42. sea isle city 46. middle 40s in dover. here's satellite 6 and action radar. lots of clouds arounds much of the mid-atlantic region. you look off south and west and we're tracking area of low pressure coming out of the southern gulf coast states. this works our way east ward. this area of low pressure is cutting up to the west. it's west of philadelphia. and it happens to the moisture supply coming in from the south and you get moisture coming in
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from the atlantic this will more than likely be a wet start to the day on monday. meaning all of the precipitation coming in the form of liquid. and in the form of rain. future tracker 6 has you covered as we get into the overnight hours you notice moisture over spreading philadelphia and i 9 a5 corridor mixing taking place north and west well up to the poconos and as i advance this into 6:00 monday lots of showers around and give yourself extra time fort commute monday morning. rain continues some heavy at times by noon. we're calling for anywhere from three-quarters of inch of rain to inch of precipitation on the way. so the talk about what we can sdpekt. again that mix and some snow even possible in the poconos even inch of snowfall before you get the changeover to rain. this is mainly rain event for all of the region. again three-quarters of inch to inch of rainfall and then in the wake of the system, the bitter cold will follow. check out wind chills as you get into tuesday morning. wind chills along the 95 corridor in the teens and single
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dijts norm and west of up to. rainy start monday followed by bitterly cold air that moves in as we get to tuesday. the call from accuweather, mostly cloudy, rain develops, dropping down to 41 in the city and 45 suburbs and winds light and variable. here's the exclusive 7 day forecast. soaking rain on the way monday. high temperature 57. as we get into the day on tuesday, however, we have wind chills in the teens. high temperature of 34 degrees. it looks like it will stick around tuesday. there's issues with my microphone. there i have crackling. the gist of the story you have the rain coming in monday followed by winds tuesday. >> i thought that was rain there. >> it was a preview. >> thank you, melissa. >> dogs ruled today in oaks, montgomery county. the philadelphia kennel club wrapped up annual show at the expo center and in addition to the competition in the ring there were lots of activities to watch outside of the ring.
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dozens of vendors had everything mathable for the four legged friends. spectators had the opportunity to check out those favorite dogs in person. >> coming up tomorrow night at 11 we all hit the facebook like button and followed likes to things we enjoy. a like could get new hot water. >> i'm nydia han. social meedzia is meant to connect you with friend share photos and play games. hidden between the like polls and comments can be costly scama. >> all the while you think you're filling out some harmless quiz. you become a more qualified target. >> biggest social media scams tomorrow night on "action news" at 11. >> "abc worls news" sunday next on channel 6. "action news" returns tonight at 11:00. >> for melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, we'll see you the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, we'll see you back here 11:00
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welcome back to "world news tonight." breaking news. the u.s. confirming that a third american has beheaded by isis. his parents' pleas unanswered tonight. and the search for clues in a brutal new video. arctic blast. the heavy snow stretching across the country. the wipe outs. the messy morning commute and the new polar plunge on the way. tale of the tape. the first images of officer wilson just moments after that shooting in ferguson and the police call in the middle of it. >> get us several more units here. there's going to be a problem. and under fire. beloved comic bill cosby and this woman's exos


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