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tv   Action News  ABC  November 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this monday, november 17. we're following breaking news. >> good news, invitation accepted. we received official confirmation overnight pope francis will visit philadelphia next year. >> fire claims the life of one person and leaves several police officers hurt. >> accuweather is tracking soaking rain it's moving in for the start of the workweek. >> let's find out about that and go over to meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers, good morning.
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>> reporter: well, it has been raining for most of the overnight hours, now we're do you know to a very fine rain on the terrace. let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan. it's a broken pattern of precipitation coming up the i-95 corridor and heading toward new york. starting to get into a lull. the streets are wet, and we have a lot of leaves out there. looking southen southwest there's another batch of rain on the way, the majority of the afternoon and early evening will remain wet. we have a winter weather advisory in the poconos until 9:00. at times overnight we have had snow ensleet mixing in with the rain, after 9:00 it will be mild up there. a word to the wise if you're traveling to the, poconos peculiars. 37 in allentown, 38 in reading, all these numbers too mild outside the poconos for anything other than rain this morning. if you're catching the school
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bus over the next couple of hours, it will be raining, even though we have the lull underway. we'll be in the 50s this afternoon, 3:00 p.m., 54, high of 56 probably around 2:00. 6:00 p.m., 51. the rain on and off heavy at times through the day probably wrapping up early this evening. i'll have the future tracker 6 view on that, plunge in temperatures, and i mean a big plunge overnight tonight and tomorrow. >> reporter: let's get the latest with the breaking news, we're live in delaware county with the vehicle fire, you can see the smoke out here, we have fire crews on the scene, the ramp i-95 northbound to the blue route northbound, what we're seeing is allowing the stuck traffic to get through. traffic getting by on the ramp that had blocked from i-95 northbound to the blue route northbound. we've been watching them put out the flames for quite a while. now it's quieter and they are allowing the traffic to get through. we have a nasty accident with an
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overturned truck. it flipped over on the ramp. this is the ramp from front and market to i-95 southbound, you can see why it's blocked. half of that tractor-trailer is flipped over the debris on the roadway. looks like they may need to check the ramp to make sure it's okay, this is the ramp from the vine street expressway eastbound to i-95 southbound instead of front to i-95 southbound. south hanover street an accident at. the we had an accident northbound approaching exit 2, that clear, now they are doing emergency construction because of the damage that accident caused. >> more breaking news here, it's great news for our region. it's official, pope francis said he is coming to the world meeting of families in philadelphia next september. we received this confirmation several hours ago. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live inside archdiocesan headquarters in center city where show has been
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talking to the leaders there. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, matt, of course it will be months until all the details are finalized, but we did receive word that pope francis will be coming to philadelphia for the world meeting of families. among the things that will be taking part a papal mass on the benjamin franklin parkway. it will be open to the public, a lot of people are talking about that and the energy that will be surrounding that event. a lot of work went into this. you may remember back in march when a delegation from philadelphia went to rome. it included the governor and the mayor and the afternoon -- archbishop. pope francis said he would come to philadelphia, god willing. the worlding meeting of family is going to be hold from the 22nd to the 27th. the world meeting of families were present for the
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announcement. we heard from bishop john mcintyre what the news means for him and philadelphia. >> to have the pastor of the universal church to comhere and confirm his hole in the church anticipate men and women of goodwill what the holy father is teaching and encouraging them to do, there's a great attraction for them, also. >> reporter: the archbishop had chaput said a hallmark of his -- >> there will be a formal press conference later on this morning. we're live at the archdiocese headquarters katherine scott channel 6 "action news."
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>> stay with us, we'll have more on the world meeting of families featuring pope francis. firefighters had to rescue two people who scrambled on to the roof of a burning home this morning. the action cam was on the scene the 3000 block of north 17th street. when firefighters got there after 2:30, the flames were spitting out of the second floor window and two people were were on the roof. medic also evaluated two women at the scene for what are being described as minor injuries. the red cross is finding temporary housing for a third person. developing this morning a boarding house fire in the germantown section of philadelphia, has killed a man and injured four officers. the four sphwrs got to the scene -- officers got to the scene ahead of firefighters they jumped into action and they were injured while trying to put out the flames with the fire extinguisher. they are being treated at the
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hospital for minor injuries. the man who died at the fire was found in the second floor bedroom. the buildings has a store on the first floor. we are told smoke detecters were working and there's no word on the cause of the fire. >> the eagles suffered their worse loss in the chip kelly era. 53 to 20. it was the most points given up by the eagles team since 1972 and their third loss on the road to a playoff caliber team. the birds offense couldn't keep the team in the game. mar sanchez turned the ball over four times, that includes two interceptions and two fumbles. >> nobody was quitting, nobody was pointing fingers at each other. we are a family and things are aren't ever perfect in a family. it wasn't our night that's the way it goes. >> stick together, we stick together as a group and come back to work on tuesday. >> well the eagles are tied for first in the nfc east with the
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cowboys, they have 6 games left starting with the titans at home on sunday. >> gm is making an important change how it's handling claims handling the faulty ignition switch, stacy dellacot is live at the nasdaq. >> reporter: gm is addressing the deadline for faulty switches. families have until january to file a claim. the goal is to each every eligible person, according to the new york times there has been two thousand claims submitted. facebook is going after the work crowd. it will be called facebook at work it will allow user to chat
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with colleagues and connect with professional contacts and collaborate over doubts all this according to a report in the financial times. turning to the markets, the stock closed mixed, the s&p 500 managed a small gain, the dow slipped from a lower high. average hourly pay for workers earning $20,000 was 5.4% last quarter, work,s with $50,000 a year saw an increase of 4.3%. this according to payrole company adp. >> all right, stacy, always good to see people making money. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan we're on the welt side. things got less intense, however, as we get a closer view. light precipitation on the
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terrace, we were down to a fine mist. it's tapering off. we have broken precipitation down toward baltimore. later this morning we'll get steadier stuff in, i'll show you that in a moment on future tracker 6. as we look outside, even though the rain is dieing down a bit. we're looking at wet conditions. even if places where it's no longer raining we're looking at damp, slippery roads and the leaves are making it worse. the low lights today it's raining we'll be in and out of rain drops all day. and tomorrow, a bitter change with cold air coming out of the canada. in philadelphia, 37 degrees, 38 in trenton, mid 40s down the shore, as we look at future
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tracker 6, we're looking at the lull right now, as you push forward to 9:00. it's possible that the next batch of rain starts to move into the northern and western suburbs, some of it could be steady. we'll get up to midday. by 12:00, looks like another batch of rain pushes through the region, some of this could be heavy to steady. by 3:00. you can see why i'm recommending rain gear for the kids. 6:00. most of this is starting to push over toward the shore. after that we start to see just cloudy skies by 7:00 or 70:00. so the rain doesn't -- or 7:30. so the rain doesn't last all that long tonight. the high 48 degrees in the lehigh valley. down the shore, 48 in atlantic city, cloudy skies and periods of rain as you just saw. in philadelphia we're going for a high of 56 degrees, cloudy skies with periods of rain there and as we go through the day, looks like we're in the 40s up
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until 11:00 or so, and the 50s in the afternoon. the high strikes at 2:00 p.m. overnight tonight, look out, temperatures plunge, by 4:30 we'll be in the 20s in a lot of neighborhoods and 30 by lunchtime and we're looking at strong blustery winds gusting to 30 or so, that will give you windchills tomorrow in the teens for a good portion of the day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, periods of rain today, 56, tomorrow, windy and bitter cold high of 34. and wednesday, cold and brisk, 33. thursday, friday and saturday, low 40s, lots of sun, still chilly and by sunday we're back up into the 50s with increasing clouds. >> okay, thank you very much, david. 6:12 still ahead new comments from bill cosby's camp. what a lawyer for the philadelphia icon is saying about persistent accusations against the comedian. >> a serial burglar is on the
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live look into atlantic city, rainy morning across the delaware valley. you can see the low cloud cover there, we've seen slick roads, 6:15, 41 degrees, what's going on with the car fire, karen. >> reporter: it's been out here to a while. it's completely blocked and flames are shooting up. traffic is stopped once again with this. smoke on the scene. this is the ramp in delaware county. i-95 northbound still jamming because of this, from the commodor barry bridge to this point at the blue route. you've got to use the ramp at 320 or ridley park instead. crews are blocking all traffic on this ramp. we have an overturned truck, the action cam was here, looks like it banged into the median. this is on the ramp front-market to i-95 southbound. obviously this ramp is blocked and they have a messy to clean up. you have to use the ramp to
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eastbound to i-95 southbound, can't take the ramps too quickly, in some cases that happens with the wet roads. i talked to police in montgomery county there's an accident sanatoga station road and porter and pleasant view road. it was a one-vehicle accident a car went off and hit a pole. slippery roads, wet conditions, stick to high street. one at south hanover street at river road. multi-vehicle accident at 663 near milford square pike. police are heading to the scene. it's not stopping traffic at the moment. we'll have to see what happens when the police get there. the rain is starting to cover the sphwier region is starting -- entire region is starting to break up in sports, but as david said this is round up one. >> bill cosby's laurie leased -- laurie lawyer,
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released a statement about the rape allegations. cosby refused to respond on saturday. several women have accusessed could say -- cosby of sex abuse, but he was never charged. police in berks county investigated a series of burglaries they think the same people could be response nl hible for all of them. there are three break-ins. they all happened during the day and hours of each other and in each case the burglars went through closets and took jewelry and other items. >> a local business is planning to cash in on the frigid forecast. >> ship out of shape. passengers on the crews ship get crippled by a bug for the second
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time this year. >> reporter: we're dressing kids with the umbrella on the way to school and the way home, it's chilly out there. we'll have the day-park forecast next. esurwhich means fewer costs, which saves money. their customer experience is virtually paperless, which saves paper, which saves money. they have smart online tools, so you only pay for what's right for you, which saves money. they settle claims quickly, which saves time, which saves money. they drive an all-hybrid claims fleet, which saves gas, which saves money. they were born online, and built to save money,
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hitting the facebook like button is a common practice, sometimes that simple click could land you in hot water. here's a preview of our consumer report at 11. >> reporter: social media supposed to link you up with friends and play games. >> all the way you fill out a harmless quiz, you become a target for them. >> reporter: what is all this costing you, the biggest social media scam tonight on channel 6 "action news" at 11:00. >> nydia is on to you you're in trouble. this is the vehicle fire that's blocking the ramp from i-95
6:22 am
northbound to the blue route northbound, we've seen it for a while. crews on the scene blocking this area. use the ramps at 320 or ridley park instead. this is a creating a backup on northbound i-95 delaware county. an accident gypsy drive at lincoln lane and one in king of prussia at willis boulevard. >> reporter: the rain as wound down to spotty lighter precipitation. it's popping through the heavily traveled areas across the region so the roads are wet. we'll have heavier rain through the mid morning and midday hours. 46 degrees by 9:00. 52 by noon. most of us are in the low 40s, some of you in the western suburbs in the upper 30s. the high today 56 degrees we'll hit that at 2:00. 54 by 3:00, 51 by 6:00 p.m. by 6:00 p.m., the rain is
6:23 am
tapering off. at the airport, we have no major delays reported. we have rain here in boston and new york and fog in atlanta. it's a good morning to check online to make sure your flight is okay. >> thank you, david. new research suggests cooking more meals at home may lead to healthier eating. researchers used national survey data from 9,000 adults. people who ate home cooked meals twice a week consumed fewer caches and fats and excursion -- sugars. how local business are cap cap -- capitalizing on chilly temperatures. >> we're live with all the details on the pope coming to philadelphia at 6:30
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this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> 6:26 and we're taking a live look from i-95 from our center city camera. we have rain out there, hit or miss, it's going to be raining throughout the day on and off. getting up to a high of 56 degrees, again, cloudy and rainy down to a low temperature of 31. the chilly temperatures are welcome news for the ski resorts
6:27 am
resorts started making snow this weekend. the ski patrol director is hoping they will be open by black friday. >> the crews ship the crown princess is getting a deep cleaning after the outbreak of inure you norovirus. in april, 129 people got the virus during a seven day crews. stafferrers will check on the cleaning process hoping this time it's a bit more theory. theory -- thorough. the sixers new practice facility, here what they want at their new home. we have a lot more news you didn't see last night. "action news" is back in two
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breaking right now, the pope makes it official, the holy father is planning a trip to philadelphia. >> a woman and her son are hit by a car the driver keeps going, now they are telling us their story. >> why federal agents were inside the locker rooms of several pro teams before they took the field. >> good morning, 6:30, monday november 17. we're dealing with wet roads out there. >> hey, david and karen, let's go. >> reporter: all right, guys, we're starting out with rain on the terrace. we have light rain on storm tracker 6 live double scan, this was steadier and filling in more in the overnight hours. it's kind of a broken pattern now, there's wet leaves that could be a problem. we have another batch of widespread rain on the way. later this morning after rush hour through the midday we'll
6:31 am
see that arrive. we're looking at a winter weather advisory in the poconos until 9:00 where some snow arena sleet may mix in early before it gets too warm for that. speaking of which it's too warm for anything but rain, you about it's chilly. 41 in philadelphia, 41 in with him. 37 in allentown. welcome back to school kids, 8:00, 44 degrees, noon, 52 degrees, later this afternoon we're looking at periods of steady rain. karen, i'll have future tracker 6 tracking the arrival. next batch of rain and it's departure coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: let's get this breaking news live in delaware county, this is the i-95 northbound to the blue route
6:32 am
northbound, films are shooting up, the fire is out, the ramp is blocked, "action news" learn there were two people injured taken to the area hospital, two vehicles causing this fire, now we're backed up highland avenue to the blue route. you've got to use the ramp to 320 or ridley park instead. it's not only a messy accident on the ramp. overturned tractor-trailer flipped over on the media, this is front street market street to i-95 southbound. there's debris on the road. this ramble is blocked, use the ramp from the vine street expressway to i-95 southbound instead. we have a problem in fairmont park we have a report of an accident on gypsy lane. there's an accident johns fry
6:33 am
highway blocking traffic. >> it's official the pope is coming to philadelphia. after a number of false reports the vatican confirmed the pope will be here for the world meetingful families next -- of families next september. katherine scott is live with more on this announcement. >> reporter: pope francis made the announcement from vatican city. there were rumors hinting he would come, but the confirmation came down, it is official. after all the hard work getting the hope here next september for the world meeting of families. the delegation from philadelphia went to rome to try to purr -- persuade the pope.
6:34 am
the world meeting of family is set to be held from september 22 through the 27th next year. the pope will be the 25th through the 27th for the closing event. pope francis said he would come to philadelphia, god willing. we spoke to one of the members of the board of directors. i'll go to philadelphia for the world meeting of families, thank you for your prayers with which you accompany my service to the church, bless you from my heart. >> i think it's a significant event and great announcement as one person said this is the most important rsvp we're getting to the world meeting of families. we're excited beyond belief and so happy to the hope confirmed this morning. >> reporter: so, again, the pope will be here for the closing efnltses which will include --
6:35 am
events which will include a paple mass on the black. all the details will be finalized in the coming months, people talking about the confirmation we got this morning, the pope coming to philadelphia next september. live at the archdiocese, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. and stay with "action news" and as we continue to follow the pope's big announcement we'll have more reaction from local leaders throughout the day. >> 6:35 developing right now a fire at a boarding house in the city's germantown section left a man dead. the action cam was along east cheltenham avenue at 11:00 p.m. the fire commissioner said crews found the man dead inside the middle room on the second floor. three others got out safely. police officers rushed to the scene first and tried to put out the flames themselves. four officers were hurt doing that and had to go to the
6:36 am
hospital. they are expected to be okay. police arrested a person they say beat a woman to death in the west philadelphia. we told you about the murder of sandra barley as breaking news, police found her body on 53rd near market. now police say they arrested her roommate for murder. they have not told us that person's name. a motorcycle ryder is dead after a crash in delaware county. the action cam was on providence road where the biker collided with the suv at 6:30. the motorcycle rider died at the scene. investigators have not told us the names of anyone involved. a woman and her 5-year-old son are recovering from getting run down by a car on a south jersey street. they are telling their story exclusively to "action news," we're not showing the whole video that will apparently when we see it.
6:37 am
irene king and her 5-year-old son michael goreman was hit on thursday when they crossed the street in woodlynne, camden county. king said her first thought was to protect her child. >> the truck came and i pushed my son out of the way and i got the impact. >> reporter: are what went through your mind? >> i was going to die. >> reporter: police say the suv was a dark or black newer model dodge durango like that in the picture with pennsylvania plates. it should have front end damage. >> happening today there's a hearing on in camden on the sixers plans for the new facility. they want giant signs and helicopter landing pad at the new location. camden's planning board will consider the request today. new jersey leaders unanimously approved $82 million in tax breaks for the project.
6:38 am
the facility is checked to open in two years. tomorrow the pennsylvania gaming control board is expected to announce the city's second casino license. sources close to the process said say the site on packer avenue in south philadelphia has the inside track. more than 1,000 people who live near the site packed the meeting to oppose the plan. on wednesday we're asking for your help it's the season of giving and 6abc is teeming up with philabundance to fight hunger in the delaware valley. we're hosting a live telethon two days from now from 4:00 to 60:00. some surprise guests will man the phone to take donations, you can go to for a link to the philabundance donation page. >> you tracked the rain, it's mild with the temperature, but you can't subtract the rain. >> reporter: no you can't. but we tried. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we have
6:39 am
rain in lighter pattern highlighted in lighter shades of green means it's light precipitation. after the commute another band of heavier rain is expected to arrive. as we look outside we have sky6 live hd. things getting brighter down the shore and very gray and overcast that's the way it's going to stay. as we look at numbers, we're at 41 degrees in philadelphia. calm winds right now, so that's good, some of the northern and western suburbs in the 30s. future tracker 6 showing you after the morning lullaby 9:00 we'll see another -- morning lull, by 9:00 a.m. we'll see another band of rain. the model wants to keep cape may on the milder side. you can see we have steadier rain cells coming through.
6:40 am
a little more of that by 3:00 p.m. good idea for the kids to grab an umbrella on the way out. the heavier stuff is pushing toward the shore until it is finally over. when it comes down steady there's the possibility of the leaves blocking storm drains be careful driving around in the heaviest rain as you could have backed up rain around the imurts imurts -- gutters and storm drains. 44 degrees by 8:00. upper 40s by 11:00. 56 is the high before we dip back down to 52 degrees by 5:00 p.m. rain up until dinnertime and beyond. upper 40s in allentown and reading everybody else in the upper 50s from the i-95 corridor to the shore. overnight tonight, and tomorrow
6:41 am
morning when we get the broadcast on the air at 4 coal coal -- 4:30, we'll be in the 20s and windchills in the upper teens. it will be a raw one tomorrow across the region. a big cold change coming. today, 56. periods of rain on and off, the rain winds down in the evening hours. tomorrow, windy and bitterly cold, high of 34. windchills in the teens, low 20s at the best of times. brisk on wednesday, high of 33. it will be brisk and chilly on thursday, temperatures in the low 40s, friday and saturday, same story, lots of sun, more clouds on sunday, back up to 53. next chance of rain's to be tuesday and it looks like rain not snow. >> okay. very different thing. thank you, david. 6:41, federal agents in the nfl locker rooms they paid a visit
6:42 am
to three football teams find out why next. >> officials announce new stems to fight ebola the policy that starts today. >> reporter: we have a disabled vehicle block be the right lane, i-95 southbound past girard we are jammed approaching cottman to bridge and girard. the latest on the vehicle fire creating a backup when "action news" comes right back
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hallmark keepsakes ornaments. a remote that lives more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast. bringing media and technology together for you. >> welcome back you're taking a look here, sky6 live hd at philadelphia international airport, you can see the rain
6:45 am
it's an issue across the delaware and lehigh valleys right now. >> karen rogers has another issue on the big board. >> reporter: watching this vehicle fire delaware county looking live on the ramp i-95 northbound to the blue route northbound, this is causing a problem here. the ramp is blocked, i've been watching they have a tow truck on the scene. "action news" learned two people went to the hospital, a nasty accident and vehicle fire, we saw the flames shooting out. here you can see the tow truck trying to pull this vehicle out live. they are towing the vehicle out of there, hopefully able to open up the ramp. you can kind of make it outer hoo, a heavy backup on i-95 northbound jammed from 452 to the blue route. you got to use the ramp also at 320 in the meantime. we have a disabled vehicle on i-95 as well as right there, you see it southbound to girard.
6:46 am
we're jammed southbound bridge to girard. tractor-trailer in old city that's causing a problem on the ramp front and mark to i-95 southbound. giving all these accidents and problems, the rain storm tracker 6 live double scan not steady through the whole area it's kind of breaking apart, it's round one, a rainy day and mess on the roads, matt. >> federal drug agents showed up unannounced to check on the medical staffs of 3 nfl teams they wanted to know about the 49ers and the buccaneers, claims by retired players said several teams using pain medication to get them back on the field. there was no indication that the they found any evidence of wrong doing. >> health officials will screen passengers coming to the u.s. from mali.
6:47 am
that's over occurrence of ebola in that county. the medical staff in nebraska is trying to save dr. martin salia he came back after catching ebola while working in sierra leone. >> u.s. officials have confirmed that terrorists with isis executed another aid worker in syria. peter kassig's family is expected to speak later today. isis militants released video of peter kassig over the weekend. he was a former army ranger who returned to syria to deliver relief supplies. he is the third american beheaded by isis and the 5th western hostage overall. pope francis confirmed overnight that he visit
6:48 am
philadelphia next year. we'll get a live update in less than ten minutes. david. >> reporter: all right, guys, we're dressing the kids with rain gear on the way to and from school. the rain this afternoon could be steady, i'll have the day-park forecast. we put all the apps you love...
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inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo.
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innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. >> time to check in with "g.m.a." >> let's head on over to amy robach live in the nyc studios for a preview of what's coming up. >> reporter: good morning, matt
6:51 am
and tam, coming up on good morning we're talking about the record-breaking polar plunge that put the country in the deep freeze, possible tornados, ginger is tracking it all for us. new problems for the nfl, federal drug agents launching drug investigation on sunday targeting medical staff to to see if players are being given illegal pain killers. a mother's panic call for help when the mother stops breathing. we'll hear from the 17-year-old high school student who stepped in and saved the little one's life. alfonzio injured on "dancing with the stars" we'll tell you whether he can perform tonight. and brook shields is live. >> we have problems on the roads and why not the rail.
6:52 am
patco, web trains 20 delays because of cancellations. mercer county, an accident blocking the left lane on 129 southbound. >> reporter: light rain on the big board on storm tracker 6 live double scan. there's heavier batches of rain heading our way this afternoon. 46 degrees by 9:00. 52 by noon. the high is 56 at 2:00 p.m. 54 by 3. ment rain is on and off all day long.
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>> our breaking news today, the pope is coming to philadelphia. >> "action news" reporter, katherine scott has been talking to religious leaders with the philadelphia archdiocese. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt and tam, it is official, the pope francis is coming to philadelphia for the world bheeght -- meeting of family. the agenda will include a papal mass on the benjamin franklin parkway. you may remember last march when a delegation went to rome to convince the pope to come here. the announcement came from vatican city was during a
6:56 am
speech. the world meeting will be held september 22 through the 27th. the pope will be here from the 25th through the 27th. there will be a formal before he is conference later on this morning. live from the archdiocese, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> reporter: thanks, katherine, let's check out the scene. this is what it look looked likn hour ago, i-95 northbound ramp jammed to blue route. we're getting word of an accident on lincoln drive expect major delays coming south toward rittenhouse. >> reporter: most of the roads are wet, it's falling right now, wet leaves on the roads, take it slow. as we roll through the days, 50s this afternoon, today's high 56 the 2:00. the rain is heavy at times this afternoon and tapers off this
6:57 am
evening. >> we are receive word that there are delays at philadelphia international airport. if you have a flight check ahead. for tamala edwards, david murphy, karen rogers i'm matt o'donnell. "g.m.a." is next. i hope you'll watch. hey! it's mister monopoly. and the new monopoly millionaires' club lottery game. where you have 3 ways to become a millionaire. first, win the top prize of up to 25 million dollars when you match all the draw numbers. or win 1 million dollars when you match all the club numbers. or you could win up to one million dollars as a contestant on the exciting new tv game show in las vegas. play the monopoly millionaires' club game today. there could be more million dollar prizes than any lottery game in us history. the pennsylvania lottery. benefits older pennsylvanians every day.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, wild weather. reports coming in of at least seven tornadoes from louisiana to florida this weekend, as freezing temperatures send trucks and cars out of control. nfl drug raid. the dea blitzing teams, showing up at games on sunday to search for illegal pain killers. after allegations from former players that drugs are handed out like candy in the locker room. the big league crackdown this morning. cosby under fire. he takes the stage last night, the man once known as america's dad faces a barrage of sexual abuse allegations. what he's saying this morning about the new backlash of claims that he's a dangero


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