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tv   Action News  ABC  November 17, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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>> it is the newscast licks and philadelphia officials have been waiting and hoping for.
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the vatican announced early morning that pope francis will come to philadelphia for the next career world meeting of family. the pontiff will celebrate mass on the benjamin franklin parkway. good afternoon, everyone, rick williams will be along later, matt o'donnell joins us this noon. the big story on "action news" is the pope coming to philadelphia. >> the catholic faithful from all over were planning on attending the world meeting of families in september of next year. the announcement that pope francis will be there, could attracted 1 million people to the city. >> we have live team coverage of the up coming papal visit to philadelphia. let's go to david henry at the philadelphia museum of art where city officials held a news conference. >> reporter: yeah, sarah they are walking on air with the announcement. they held the press conference at the museum because this will be the backdrop for the event.
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here's what mayor nutter had to say. >> what an historic day and unparalleled day for the is citf philadelphia. this will be the largest event in the city's modern history. >> this moment is a historic and skill -- exil rating one one for all of us to share. >> reporter: that was the president of the world meeting of families reading a letter from archbishop chaput who happens to be in rome he was there with the pope when the pope made the announcement that he be coming to philadelphia. this will unfold between september 22 and september 28. it will be a five day meeting, the pope will be here for the last two events. that's going to be the festival of the families on the parkway held in front of the art museum.
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he'll celebrate mass on this sunday right there as they transfer the stage into the alter in front of the art museum. they are expecting crowds well over a million people for the swier event over -- entire event over the five days, we could see a million plus spread across the parkway from all over the country and all over the world. the last one was in milan, italy, this one will be in philadelphia and the pope will be present a red letter day for the city of philadelphia, as it will take the world stage for five days in september. they have ten months to prepare for it. they have a budget of $45 million, but the mayor said it will be covered and the security will not be an issue, they will have security forces from not only all around the area, from italy, as well, including the vatican police. a lot of excitement as the pope
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announces he'll be here in september. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> many people in the delaware and lehigh valleys were not born the last time the leader of the catholic church set foot in our area, we'll have that in a moment, but first katherine scott has reaction to the news. >> reporter: matt, we've been speaking to people all morning long. >> it's complenlt -- excellent that's coming. >> reporter: it's official are for many it's a significant trip whether or not you're capture. >> speaker for a billion people, what he says is a big deal either way. >> i worship say jesuit church i am a good fan of jesuits, he is at that hero of mine. >> reporter: at this morning mass at the chapel of the cathedral basilica, st. peter and paul, the news was welcome.
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his attendance at the world meeting of families is a blessing. >> what the pope is giving us is a gift. >> reporter: the puts philadelphia into the global spotlight some see opportunities for jobs and tourism. >> people will have anied of philadelphia and they will be pleasantly surprised when he they get here and see the things that are going on in the city. >> reporter: it's a great idea for him to come. it will l it will bring more people to philadelphia. >> reporter: students from several local catholic schools were invited to the official announcement at the art museum, thrilled that someone's model they try to emulate will be here in their hometown. >> what a great honor for him to come. >> honestly, when i saw that, we were overly excited at hallahan, he is such an inspiration to all of us. >> reporter: pope francis will
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be here for several days, that malice on the benjamin franklin parkway seems to be a particular point of excitement, 2 million people could be there for it. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> a pope visited philadelphia for the first time 35 years ago. like pope francis is expected to do, pope john paul ii celebrated mass outdoors on the benjamin franklin parkway before an estimated 1 million people on october 3, 1979. unlike pope francis, pope john paul had been to the united states before his visit as pontiff. pope paul visited chicago and washington, d.c. during the last visit to the u.s., one that philadelphia played a huge part. we'll have more on pope francis' upcoming visit at go there to see pope john paul's
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visit in 1979. and pictures of the canonization of paul john ii as a saint at >> turning to accuweather it's a soggy start to a new week. this is a live look at penns landing, foggy and gray, it's been raining throughout the morning. you want to keep that umbrella and raincoat handy as you go about your day today. rain could become heavy at times. let's go outside to meteorologist david murphy on details on how long we can expect the rain to keep falling. david. >> reporter: sarah, first of all the rain that's coming down now is coming down steadier than during the morning commute. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan we have an even sheet of green across the entire area. some areas are seeing yellow and orange, they are putting down extra water an roads and that could be a problem for drivers
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this afternoon. farther south and west there's more rain on the way and a line of heavier cells coming up through washington. it will be the rest of the afternoon and evening before philadelphia is done with this. the the shore may have to wait longer than philadelphia. temperatures are chilly, 45 degrees in the city. thing in wilmington, low 40s in trenton and allentown and reading, low 50s in sea isle and the boardwalk in atlantic city. this afternoon we're going for a high of 56. we'll wait until afternoon to hit that. 56 is the average high, the rain continues to fall throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours. 29 is the i low, what does that tell you that tells you there's colder air out to the west of us that's on the way here. some of that cold air will come in overnight. tomorrow it will be bitterly cold around the delaware and lehigh valleys. when i step inside i'll give you the numbers and the rest of the
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accuweather seven day and let you know when the next cold slap -- snap lasts. >> it will feel like a slap. [laughter] stay on tap of for the hourly and seven day forecast and the latest video from our "action news" meteorologists and collection of videos and photos. >> other news continues for what sparked a deadly blaze at a boarding house in the germantown section. four police officers were injured trying to put it out. the four officers reached the fire ahead of firefighters and were hurt trying to douse the flames with a fire extinguisher. they are being treated for minor injuries. a man was found dead in the second floor bedroom. the action cam was on the scene of a car fire that snarled rush hour traffic. it happened on an overpass at
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6:00 a.m. two cars collided sending one into the guardrail where it caught fire. authorities closed the ramp for two hours while crews worked to clear the scene. >> the eagles suffered their worse loss in the chip kelly era in green bay, the final score, 53-20. it was the most points gifng up by -- given up by an eagles team since 1972. the defense could not stop packers quarterback aaron rodgers. the packers played in throw-back uniforms. mark sanchez turned the ball over four times with two interceptions and two fumbles. >> i'm glad people were not out there pointing fingers, we are a family and things aren't perfect in a family. >> i told them to stick together, we stick together
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whether rain or sunshine. we'll go back to work on tuesday. >> the eagles have 6 games left in the regular season starting with the titans at home at lincoln financial field this coming sunday. >> coming up on "action news" at noon, they couldn't save him. a doctor brought to the u.s. with a serious case of ebola has succumbed to the disease. federal drug enforcement agents show up unannounced to check on three nfl medical staff. david murphy has more on when the rainy weather ends. our "action news" volunteers are standing by to help you with any consumer issues might have.
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the surgeon who traveled from calf can africa to the united ss to be treated for an ebola infection has died. dr. martin salia was suffering ebola symptoms when he arrived on saturday. he contracted the virus while working at hospitals in his native sierra leone. salia was pronounced dead after 4:00 a.m. this morning. peter kassig's family is expected to talk publicly about his beheading at the hands of
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isis rebels over the weekend. authorities said peter kassig who traveled to syria to help in the relief effort was murdered by the masked militant. he seems to be the same manhattan in previous isis videos holding a knife. peter kassig was abducted last october. >> he risked his life everyday to save the lives of people that he didn't have any relation to and we'll be forever grateful for that. >> authorities have identified one of the several isis fighters featured in the photo before they beheaded dozens of syrian soldiers. one of those men is believed to be a french citizen. a french tourist has been arrested for chiming up the brooklyn bridge. he scaled a 4-foot fence and guided himself along 20 feet of cable. an officer told him to get down and he did. the tourist was trying to take
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xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of dvt and pe, with no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. >> general motors has extended the deadline for death and injury claims linked to crashes caused by faulty ignition switches an attorney hired by the automaker is giving people another month to file claims. the deadline was extended until january 31.
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32 families have been approved for compensation. hitting the facebook like button is a common practice, sometimes that simple click could land you in hot water. here's a preview of our special report on "action news" at 11:00. >> reporter: i'm consumer report, nydia han, social media is meant to connect you with friend and share photos and play games, but hidden behind the likes can be costly scams. >> >> all the w450eu8 you think you're -- all the while you think you're filling out a harmless quiz, but you could be a target. >> the biggest social media scams on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. >> patients who received stents for blocked arteries may need to take blood thinners for a longer duration that's the result of studies at the american heart association in chicago. patient who underwent heart sten
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fire again for sexual abuse allegations. hear how a team rescued a bobby who stopped breathing in the middle of a missouri wal-mart. >> david murphy has the soggy accuweather forecast. as we look live scoint is in there -- center city skyline is in there someone, we have low cloud cover this noon, david has all the details when the rain will end that's coming up on accuweather.
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the arrival of chilly temperatures was welcomed at local ski resorts, blue mountain in the poconos started making snow over the weekend. they have 6 new pumps which will let them open the slopes earlier
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than ever. they are hoping that will happen by black friday. >> melissa was explaining to us last night it's too warm for that snow to happen. its not going to work right now. >> reporter: you have to get the ground a little bit colder, that's why we don't have frozen stuff out there right now. >> that's okay. >> reporter: yeah, not cold enough yet for it. storm tracker 6 live double scan. we're being blanketed by rain, philadelphia has been in and out of the heavier cells highlighted with yellow. we're in steady rain. if we go out wider some of this is piling up toward allentown, not heavy stuff up there right now, but you're in and out of steadier rain. look at this heavier stuff come up from baltimore, we'll be in and out of heavier cells and
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doesn't wind down until the early evening hours. wherever he look outside, live look on sky 6 at the airport. there's been delays on some of the flights early, check with your airline if you're planning to fly. 45 degrees in philadelphia. the dewpoint, 43, close to the temperature, an indication how saturated the air is. winds are calm right now and temperatures across the region, 41 in reading and allentown, and 42 in trenton. we're up to 45 in philadelphia and wilmington, and 54 in wildwood, new jersey. that's the high temperature mark right now across the region. future tracker 6 shows you as we go through the next several hours up until 3:00 p.m., some heavy bands are possible close to philadelphia and starting to shift over toward the shore. but even this stuff out in the northern and western suburbs is significant. you can see why i told you to arm the kids with rain gear. as we get past the dinner hour, the latest model runs showing this will push past us and the
12:26 pm
shore gets better. in the evening hours sprinkles down the shore. generally speaking after this afternoon and into early evening we should see this stuff wind down. 48 degrees is the high in allentown, cloudy skies with periods of rain tapering off later this afternoon, down the shore you'll be stuck with the rain longer. perhaps after dinnertime. 58 degrees there, periods of rain, cloudy skies, in philadelphia, we're going for a high of 56. cloudy skies with periods of rain as you just saw on future tracker. the winds picking up 7 to 14 miles per hour, not all that strong. the next big story in our weather comes tonight. we go down to 29 for an overnight low, clearing, cold, the winds start to pick up out of the north and west, we go into the overnight hours, watch what happens with the temperatures, this is at 11:30, when cesily tynan is on the air, when we are on the air tomorrow morning with "action news" we'll be in the 20s with most of the
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region him we don't improve much by noon, still 30. the windchills will make it feel like the teens. we're looking at a raw day tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, periods of rain today, 56 drying out later this evening. careful of icy spots overnight as the temperatures drop. tomorrow, 34 feeling like the teens. 33 again on wednesday, i have to get my days straight and thursday we're back up in the 40s and that carries straight through until sunday when it gets milder. >> more stories ahead in the next half-hour of "action news" at noon we're live at the art museum to recapture the exiting announcement pope francis will make his first trip to the u.s. and it it will be to philadelphia. >> mo'ne davis will make a pitch this time off the diamond. and tires not making the grade. nydia han has that.
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>> hello, again, here's some of the stories worry following on "action news" at 12:30. >> we are deeply honored that pope francis, the holy father who is now in fact one of the world's most transformative leaders is coming to the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection, the city of families.
12:30 pm
>> local officials and the vatican confirm pope francis is coming to philadelphia next year we have a live report ahead. accuweather is tracking showers and dip in temperatures. drug enforcement agency pace a visit to three nfl teams. the big story on "action news" at 12:30 is the pope coming to philadelphia. a short time ago officials talked about the papal visit. >> area leaders were planning for the possibility that the pope would attend the world meeting of families for quite sometime. now we know he'll lead a mass on the benjamin franklin parkway. let's get more on that announcement from local officials and the vatican, david henry is live at the philadelphia art museum with more on the announcement that happened are a short time ago. david? >> reporter: hi, sarah they held
12:31 pm
the announcement at the art museum, this will be the backdrop for the eyes of the world on the pope as he celebrates the first event on saturday september 26 and mass on sunday, september 27. among those bursting with pride, mayor nutter relishing the idea of the eyes of the world being on philadelphia. >> philadelphia is world class city and looking forward to showcase our culture and community ascertain for people around the world welcome them to the most welcoming city in united states of america, philadelphia. >> reporter: the world meeting of families will be a five day event, but pope francis will be here for the last two days, there will be a festival of families and concerts and that kind of thing of on saturday, and sunday the stage will be transformed into a alter where the people will celebrate mass
12:32 pm
in front of well off e over a million people. this presents security issues for the city, the mayor said we can handle that, what about all the visitors, thousands and thousands coming from around the world to be part of the event. obviously the hotel rooms in philadelphia will be over taxed, but the executive director of the event says there's a solution. this is what she had to say. >> there's a way for families within our region to sign up to be host families, because wawt that, we cannot -- without that we cannot accommodate all the visitors coming from all over the world. >> and there will be a lot of visitors here a lot of security, the mayor says there will be mullable agencies, state -- multiple agencies, state, federal, italian agencies will be partly of this. he said we do big things in philadelphia, big event we do them well, this will be no exception, live at the art museum david henry. >> we want to hear your
12:33 pm
thoughts on the pope's visit, tweet them out using the hash tag 6abc pope visit stay with "action news" and for the big announcement always the region perhaps for its first papal visit in 35 years. >> turning to the accuweather forecast we're getting drenched by a steady soaking and heavy showers are moving in. sky6 live hd taking a live look at the penns landing. you can barely make out the ben franklin bridge in the distance. just a gray, cool wet day out there. meteorologist david murphy is at the "action news" big board tracking the rain and big plunge in temperatures heading our way. david. >> reporter: no kidding, sarah. we have an indication of that in a couple of seconds. for now we're plotting the next area of precipitation coming up the i-95 corridor. it will be over wilmington. even this green, is fairly steady rain is giving you problems. when you start to add that to
12:34 pm
the picture you're looking at extra ponding an puddling on the roads, with leaves blocking the gutters it could be a problem for you. we're not out of the it credit. later today -- we're not out of it yet. we have an area ever low pressure down to the south, because it's tracking controversy land it's taking mild air over the ocean and pushing it well to the west that's why the snow is in buffalo and erie pennsylvania, too warm east of the area because the low is tracking close to home. what happens often times later in the winter you get the lows off the coast, that warm air can't push back that far and you get snow closer to philadelphia. we're looking good in terms of precipitation being rain here. i know it's a lot of rain, but it's better than it could be if the low was positioned different
12:35 pm
li. we were at 40 degrees in the upper suburbs. it was up in the poconos we were worried about frozen precipitation. places like slatington and martins creek are in the upper 30s. we're in the 50s along the shore at avalon and atlantic city. here's how it will go the rest of the day, 56 by 2:00. 4:00, 53. you can see how the numbers plunge later tonight. 10:00, we'll be at 43. we're looking at the colder air moving east and it will be very cold tomorrow, and i'll have a look at the where the temperatures are going in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> bracing for that. a snowy blast created problems for people across the country.
12:36 pm
the first snowfall led to slick roads and dozens of accidents in lubbock, texas. icy roads made it difficult to make this turn in oklahoma city. this time lapse video shows how quickly the freeze settled in. this lake in washington state went from liquid to ice in just a few hours. stay on top of the changing weather situation at there you will find our storm tracker 6 live 6 ray dr, plus 89 hourly and seven-day forecast. you can watch the latest videos from our "action news" meteorologists and view our checks of weather-related image also. >> a tractor-trailer accident cause headaches for drivers trying to get on i-95 in philadelphia. an 18 wheeler overturned on the southbound on-ramp from market street at 4:30 a.m. the crash blocked the ramp all the way into the morning rush. the driver was not injured.
12:37 pm
police want you to take a close look at this guy here accused of stealing tools from that van in philadelphia's holmesburg section. the surveillance video is from the 4200 block of lancing street taken in the early morning hours of october 23. ful after breaking into the van, the thief took off in the we have learned about the new sixers facilities. they want a helicopter landing pat and large sign. the economic development authority approved $82 million in tax breaks for the project. the new facility is not expected to open for another two years. tomorrow, the pennsylvania gaming control board is expected to announce the winner of the license for a second philadelphia casino. four groups have applied for the license.
12:38 pm
sources close to the process say the proposal for a casino on packer avenue in south philadelphia has been the inside track at this point. however, last week more than 1,000 residents of that neighborhood came out to oppose the idea. >> still more to come on "action news," little league phenom mo'ne davis is about to add another accomplishment to her resume. chinese tires are a lot less expensive, but we have a warning we want you to hear before buying. that's in consumer reports. >> david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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12:40 pm
authorities are hoping clues from the boo heading of american peter kassig will lead to other potential hostages. ment 26-year-old peter kassig was a practicing muslim, the
12:41 pm
mass excuser was seen in the -- executioner was seen in the previous beheadings. peter kassig was abducted last october said in the past how much his humanitarian work in syria meant to him. >> i was able to share hope and comfort with people, they were able to teach me something about themselves that i wouldn't have known organize and we each were given an opportunity to work in a different way. >> in a letter smuggled out to his family, he said if he died he knew his family would seek refuge if the fact he died saturday of trying to help others in need. >> drug enforcement agents visited a handful of nfl treatments unannounced. they are investigating claims of improper drug use, ryan smith has more. >> reporter: agent with the dea performing secret raise on
12:42 pm
several nfl teams to investigate whether the medical and training staff were illegally handling and distributing prescription drugs to players. they randomly selected teams and spot checks sunday. it included 49ers, buccaneers and sea hawks. an unprecedented move which is dea said is an on going investigation into the potential violation of controlled substance act. agents went through 49ers staff and players bags, the team adamant they are clean. >> reporter: according to our sister network, the inspection were motivated by the allegations raised in the scowld pain killer lawsuit filed by former nfl players earlier this year. >> the pendulum was shifted
12:43 pm
from performance enhancing drugs to pain killers. >> reporter: they said the pain killers were handed out like halloween causing addiction and organ damage. >> we didn't know what we were taking at tiles. >> that was ryan -- at times. >> that was ryan smith reporting. no nfl player has been arrested and connected with illegal pain killers. the investigation continues. a consumer report investigation, tires are not making the grade. nydia han has the information you need to know.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
tires from china can cost far less than better known brands. consumer reports included three in recent tests and found they are no bargain. they did not earn high scores for performance and one could
12:46 pm
have been a counterfeit. here's consumer reporter, nydia han with the details. >> reporter: tires are expensive, most suv truck tires consumer reports recommends cost more than $150 each. so this 95-dollar from china, seemed like a bargain, but when consumer reports put a set of those tires through its standard test they came in at the bottom of the rating. >> these tires did not grip well in snow they were short terms of tread life and made for a rough and noisy ride. >> reporter: even worse, the tires could be fake. api, the u.s. based company stopped using the chinese factor that made the tires three years ago. a letter from the chief operating officer said quote many of our molds went missing, we have no idea who may have made these tires or what they put in them. consumer report bought the tires from tire
12:47 pm
the president said it came from an importer. >> we contacted the importer and several government agencies and nobody is owning responsibility. that leaves the consumer little recourse should something go wrong. consumer report tested two other tires from china. they didn't perform well in the snow and ice test and scored much lower overall than the top-rated michelin also -- michelins that cost $168. >> the tires are a key component safety issue for your car. >> reporter: the least expensive all season truck tire is the conti cross contact, eco plus, $135. michelin, ltx $19.
12:48 pm
pirelli scorian for $160. the national highway traffic situation has not don any complaints about the pegasus tires, if you bought them and worried, we have a link to the consumer report website at no one no one channel 6 "action news." >> we hope you'll connect share and give. 6abc is teeming up with philabundance to fight hunger in the delaware valley. we'll host a live telethon between 4 and 6:30. volunteers and surprise guests will answer phones to take donations, donate right now bide going to clicking on the link to the philabundance donation page. >> david back with the accuweather forecast. not a nice one. >> reporter: and tomorrow is not nice for another reason. storm tracker 6 live double scan for now shows you the reason is the rain and yeah we have a bit
12:49 pm
of across the region. check out all the yellow out of baltimore getting ready to creep into dover. that's the kind that can slow you down on the roads and create backups around poor draining storm drains. we're dealing with a good amount of rain up until 4:00, 5:00 in philadelphia, maybe later than that down the shore. let's get you outside, sky6 live hd, that's looking across the river to camden, new jersey, the this is above the ground, that's obviously a lot of cloud cover an soupy conditions out there. a couple of highlights, and really they are low lights. rain today in the afternoon and early evening in spots. tomorrow are we're dry, but it's going to be frigid. right now, 45 degrees, not exactly comfortable. winds out of the east the 7 miles per hour. we'll add a few degrees to that
12:50 pm
temperature over the next several hours. future tracker 6 will show you how we'll add more rain, we have heavy rain across the i-95 corridor. significant rain out to the north and west, as well. by the time we get past 4, 5:00, a lot of areas will start to dry and down the shore later evening hours. backed up storm drains could give you problems, you get to an intersection that's clogged by leaves and you're hydroplaning. high temperatures in the 40s allentown and reading, mid 50s in the afternoon in philadelphia. and 56 is the high in cape may. there's a chance we're back in the low 50s by 5:00. after 5:00 the area should start to dry out. 7:00, 49 degrees and 9:00, 46 with stars, 29 is the overnight
12:51 pm
low with the cold air coming in. future tracker 6 is handling the temperatures, 1:00, 36. allentown close to the freezing mark, and reading 31. i will i would being careful in the areas overnight. if anything is welt and hasn't been blown dry by the building wind overnight you might get icy patches here and there before it gets a chance to dry out. most of the area is dry before we see the freeze. 4:30, temperatures are in the 20s just about everywhere. and even at noon we're at 31 degrees, tomorrow will be cold. when you factor in the wind gusts which will be in the 30-mile an hour in the morning and afternoon. the windchills will make it feel like the teens, even at noon, a windchill of 19. if we get lucky we'll have a windchill in the low 20s tomorrow afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast periods of rain the rest of the day, tapering off later today and this evening. 56 is the high, tomorrow, just 34 for the high, but it feels like the teens most of the day. brisk and cold, wednesday, high of 33 and finally on thursday,
12:52 pm
friday and saturday we're back up into the low 40s and sunday back into 50s with a few clouds digging in. looks like the next chance of precipitation is probably next monday and it looks like rain and not snow. >> let's keep it that way as long as we can. tonight on 6abc it's another new episode of "dancing with the stars" we're down to the last five couples in season 19. the signature carlton daniels catapulted him into the finals. the actor bounced back from pulling a groin muscle. we'll see if he dances tonight. "dancing with the stars" airs at 8:00 p.m. on 6abc. it's been a tough week for bono, the u2 front man fell off his bike and hurt his arm over the weekend. the fall comes days after the door on his private airplane opened in midair sending luggage
12:53 pm
flying out. nobody was hurt in that incident. mo'ne davis will have something else to pitch boyds baseball. she is working on a memoir. she hopes the book encourageses people to take a chance to play the sports they want to play. they dreams of playing in the w nba she is an honorable student, something else to strive for.
12:54 pm
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>> if you're looking for a distraction this afternoon check out these stories at, a baby elephant gets a chance to make a splash in a kiddie pool. a college student has come up with an alternative to are a
12:56 pm
breakfast classic. hours before she passed away a 77-year-old woman was able to fulfill her final wish to see her beloved horse one last time. we have the touching photos at heading out the door this afternoon, don't put that umbrella away yet. >> reporter: rain gear important. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you how the rain is just about everywhere across the region. it will manage to taper down over the next several hours, after 4:00, 5:00, look for areas to the west to improve. temperatures in the meantime will stay cool. we'll stay in the low 40s and upper 40s north and west. cloudy and rainy on and off with winds 7 to 14 miles per hour in the i-95 corridor. high temperatures in the mid 50s as well as over the next several hours. down the shore we're seeing slightly more moderate numbers you're closer to the onshore flow and the temperatures are
12:57 pm
higher. cloudy, periods of rain, some people prefer today to tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and windchills in the teens most of the day. >> thank you, a look now at stories coming up later on "action news" at 4:00. tips to spot deals hidden in plain sight. alicia vitarelli helps you crack the price tag code before black friday. >> the man known as philly jesus is arrested for attempting to skate on water. police put handcuffs on the costume also character who portrays the son of god. for david murphy, rick williams and matt o'donnell and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist have a great monday!
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