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tv   Action News  ABC  November 18, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday november 18th and we're following a lot of breaking news this morning. >> including a terror attack. two palestinians armed with axes barge into a synagogue in jerusalem attacking worshipers leaving at least four people dead. >> bill cosby's once rock solid image is taking another blow as allegations of sexual abuse continue to surface. >> some of russ below freezing this morning. we have team coverage of this
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arctic blast that is gripping us and much of the nation. >> let's go over to dave murphy and karen rogers has your chilly commute. good morning. >> the best thing we can say about this morning is that, hey, we expected it and we should be prepared for it but it is definitely cold out there. we're looking at that rain from yesterday and it's related cloud cover in the process of clearing the coast. lots of sunshine will be building out to the west and sweeping in through the region during the morning. looks like we remain fairly bright today. but the temperatures right now are already dipping. we've gone from 34 to 31 just in the last 45 minutes or so in philadelphia. down into the 20's in allentown and reading, 29 in wilmington, 30 in trenton. these numbers will continue to drop over the next hour, hour and a half before we start to inch back up. the wind chill in philadelphia has also now dipped into the teens as expected. 15 is your current wind chill in wilmington, 18 in philadelphia, 18 in trenton. a wind chill of just 13 in reading. if you're in lancaster single digit wind chill right now a little better the farther south you go through the region into south jersey. as we head out the door to
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start up the car or catch that school bus it's going to be pretty bitter. a temperature of about 30 at 6:00 a.m. down to 28 by 8:00 a.m. windy and cold out there. and today not much relief. a lost sunshine with a few clouds mixing in at times. 29 by 9 o'clock, 32 the freezing mark by noon and it looks like that high of 33 probably comes in around 2 o'clock and then we don't really see much change in the numbers as we head toward the dinner hour back into the upper 20's. karen those wind chills in the teens most of the day today. things gradually start to get better over the next 48 hours. i'll have details coming up. >> all right dave. warm up that car and expect a couple problems even at this early hour. looking live you see flashing lights. this is the platt bridge eastbound as you approach 26th street trying to head towards south philadelphia. we have police on the scene with an accident blocking the left lane and you can see that car over there off to the right shoulder as well so you've got the left lane and the right shoulder blocked eastbound here on the platt bridge. traffic is getting by at times but pretty slowly as you can can see. also learning more about this problem on the northeast
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extension. a disabled tractor-trailer out here but it's also leaking fuel. crews will have to clean this up. it's blocking the right lane. this is on the northeast extension as you head southbound between lansdale and mid county so watch for that. new this morning at a too, we're hearing reports of a local power outage in jenkintown. the traffic lights may be dark west avenue near cedar street. something i wanted to warn you about. on the big picture speeds are pretty good. we have been talking about this vacant building fire on ridge avenue near 30th street. tamala edwards. >> thank you karen. it is cold outside a cold snap is taking hold of the delaware and lehigh valleys as david has been showing you and that's not going to make your commute that much fun this morning. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in upper darby with the details. you can see the wind blowing her hair and how bundled up she is. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. yeah, it's the wind, you're actually standing it's not feeling too bad and then the wind blows and you just go it
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really blows right through you. you do want to bundle up. yesterday it was the rain, today it's the cold. mother nature keeping us on our toes this week and keeping us digging in our closets for more gear. you can see people here at 69th street station are huddled up waiting for the bus. we've seen other people hustle inside to catch the train. again it's a cold commute. the wind is part of the issue. it's making it feel like it's in the teens. these are the types of temperatures we normally see in january so a frigid morning commute. people have been pulling out their layers, layers to try to stay as warm as they can but some say the extra clothing doesn't seem to be helping. >> it's cold. my hands were freezing. it was like just super cold for november. seriously. i'm scared for december. >> reporter: well, don't be scared, dave murphy will be here to walk you through it. but back here live, 69th street station, some tell me the wait for the bus is feeling a little bit longer this morning in the cold so you want to be prepared when you walk out the door this morning with extra winter gear
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just in case you get stuck outside. we are live at 69th street station, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you for that. and we have more details on breaking news coming to us out of jerusalem this morning. israeli officials say terrorists have unleashed an attack on a synagogue killing four people and wounding six others. police say the two attackers were palestinians from east jerusalem. they entered the synagogue armed with knives axes and guns. they were killed in a shootout with police. tensions have been high in the city for weeks and during that time palestinian attacks have killed at least six israelis. we'll get a live update on this breaking story coming up in our next half hour. >> three people are recovering from a fight at one of philadelphia's largest prisons. all three of them were jail employees trying to break up violence at the philadelphia industrial correctional center in the northeast. a single inmate is accused of stabbing the two corrections officers and a sergeant. the injured staffers were taken to aria torresdale hospital for treatment. the prison is still on
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lockdown. philadelphia's most famous comedian who became america's favorite tv dad is facing a barrage of sexual abuse allegations from decades ago. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the big board with the details. erin. >> good morning, matt. here he is as america's favorite tv father but as you said, bill cosby has some trouble. he's facing those sexual abuse allegations from decades ago. these women are coming forward with shocking claims. now, you may remember former actress barbara baumann. she wrote an op-ed alleging cosby drugged and raped her in 1985. now there is this woman, joan tarshis who says cosby assaulted her two times back in 1969. she says friends introduced her to the comic when she went to his house as a 19-year-old. at his request for the two to write jokes together but after having a drink she says the next thing she remembers is waking up naked next to cosby. now t-64 years old she says she never told anyone about the alleged assault which
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according to her as as we said happened twice. >> i didn't think anybody would believe me. it's me saying something about bill cosby who is like a god to everybody in the world. he's mr. wonderful. he's mr. jello. >> in 2006 cosby settled a civil case with a woman who claimed he drugged and assaulted her but that settlement did not include an admission of wrongdoing. cosby refused to answer any questions about the allegations in a recent interview. his attorney says cosby does not intend to dignify these allegations with any comments. matt and tam back to you. >> we have to see if that somehow changes. thanks erin. david. >> we're off to a very cold start. some ponding and puddling that maybe didn't manage to dry overnight might be icy out there. i don't think that's a big widespread problem but if something looks like it's wet it's probably ice this morning, so keep that in mind as you're driving or walking around. storm tracker 6 live double scan, though, shows you that
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the precipitation is long gone and as we take a look outside, we have sky 6 and we're looking at the ben franklin bridge and this is just one of many areas around the region experiencing some pretty bitter conditions this morning. let's go ahead and get you to those numbers. we're at 31 degrees right now in philadelphia, just 25 in allentown. 24 in reading. 23 in lancaster. 30 in trenton. 29 degrees right now in wilmington and 32 in millville. a little better right down the shore but these numbers are in the process of dropping and of course with the winds now kicking in in the 20's we do have wind chills that have slipped into the teens in philadelphia and trenton, 15-degree wind chill right now in wilmington. worse up north, a little better down south where the winds haven't quite picked up quite as much. as we take a look at satellite, you can see the rain is gone on radar but the cloud cover also beginning to disperse and we're looking at plenty of sunshine today, maybe a few clouds digging in as the afternoon goes on but the sunshine won't help any. up in allentown a high of just 30 this afternoon, lots of sun but windy and cold conditions and in allentown.
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at the shore we're looking at a high of 37 degrees, a little better there but still windy and cold despite the sunshine it will also feel chilly at the shore. and in philadelphia, we're going for a high of just 33, windy and cold. winds gusting at times to 30 to 35 miles per hour and that's going to keep those wind chills in the teens most of the day today. we might see them pop up into the low 20's for a brief time this afternoon but generally speaking, expect it to feel like it's january out there and very windy and bitter. 28 degrees by 8 o'clock. 31 by 11:00, 33 is your high today at 2 o'clock but it really doesn't matter much. numbers aren't going very far today and it's going to be a similar feel from start to finish. and then tomorrow, well, we've got temperatures that are getting down close to record territory. i don't know that we actually set any records tomorrow but by 6 o'clock in the morning you can see that the temperatures are -- i knew that was coming -- you can see that the temperatures are going to be below freezing and even by 12 o'clock, we're only recovering into the low 30's.
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but the winds tomorrow which will still be somewhat of a factor at day break are going to sag a little bit so the idea here is that you've got two very cold days on top but today is the day where the winds are going to be the biggest problem. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, windy and bitter today, a high of 33 feeling like it's in the teens most of the time. tomorrow 33 degrees, probably still have wind chills in the 20's tomorrow and then thursday not as harsh. in the afternoon we get up to 47. that will be a little bit of a break for us. then breezy and chilly on friday, 40 and moderation over the weekend. still pretty chilly with a lot of sunshine on saturday, a high of 44. but on sunday, we will finally turn milder. we'll get up to about 58 degrees. center city might even hit 60. we'll have clouds increasing. looks like it's dry for the eagles game and then monday precipitation but as i mentioned yesterday that is rain with a high of 64. >> yeah. double what we have now. thanks, david. 5:10 now. we have new details on a subway death in new york city. police have released surveillance footage of a man suspected of shoving a
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stranger off a subway platform to his death. >> it appears there bats have decided to make a north jersey window frame their new bat cave. the amazing video is coming up. we'll explain. karen. >> we've got construction in the process of clearing out here. this is i-95 northbound approaching bridge street. otherwise looking pretty good. we'll check thon accident on the platt bridge when we come back. >> and slugger jose canseco wants to actually sell one of his fingers. he doesn't need it any more because he shot it off with a gun last month. details later in the morning buzz. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature,
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>> ♪ philadelphia international airport, you're like, yeah, that looks like the airport any other day. but you have to feel -- you have to actually experience what's going on out there. it is cold on this tuesday. >> yes, it is. that turtleneck is feeling pretty good as you take a look at the traffic, karen. >> static i'm not sure why. so i'll stand very still. >> don't move. >> maybe that's it. i don't know. we're looking live here on the platt bridge. this is eastbound approaching 26th street and we've got right now that accident that we have been talking about blocking the left lane, blocking the right shoulder. they're in the process of trying to clear that out there right now. so watch for that. but you can see how traffic is really jammed in this area. this is as you head towards south philadelphia so one of the things that you're watching this morning, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. new york police say they are closer to finding the man seen on camera pushing someone onto the subway tracks. this is new surveillance of the man who appears to push a stranger to his death. the 61-year-old victim was
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standing with his wife on sunday when a man shoved him in front of an oncoming train. the suspect then walked calmly out of the station afterwards and went to a convenience store. police say the attack was unprovoked. and new here on "action news" a house in new jersey has some special visitors. take a look. you could say they've been hanging around for quite some time. a colony of bats is now living between the screen and the storm window inside a bedroom where two little boys sleep every night. rather than trying to get rid of them the williams family of hunterdon county is embracing the wingeded mammals. >> the eagles return to practice today and they begin trying to figure out if they truly are an elite football team or a team that can't do anything right like the one that lost to the packers on sunday. the birds fell flat in every phase of that game in green bay.
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the 53 to 20 loss was the worst ever in chip kelly's shorten you're as eagles coach. he expects the team to bounce back. the eagles will try to hold onto first place in the nfc east when they host the titans at lincoln financial field on sunday afternoon. the marlins are no longer pinching pennies and stanton won't be either. the 25 year old outfielder has accepted the most lucrative contract for an american athlete in history. he agreed to a 13 year, $325 million contract to stay with miami. he led the national league in shrugging and home runs last season. stanton wasn't eligible for free agency until after the 2016 season. free agency's done. he's got his money. >> wow. it is 5:16. all new on "action news" details of a new lineup kettle cooked potato chips inspires thanksgiving. >> we'll see. dale low dose aspirin therapy may not have significant heart health benefits. next. >> ♪
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>> a rahman is taking his love for disney's california adventure to the next level. john hail rode the radiator springs racers for the 2,000th time yesterday. this milestone also marks a personal transformation. he weighed more than 380 pounds before under going bypass surgery. he lost 150 pounds and got hooked on the ride. hail wants to reach his 200,400th ride by the end of the year. >> wow. >> i want to try that. >> i know. he's got his hands up and the whole 9 yards. let's give you an update with the traffic right now. i have an update with mass transit. paoli thorndale service is restored. it went doyne yesterday evening but delays and disruptions are still possible. they're continuing their amtrak wiring problems right now so you could see delays but at least service is restored on the paoli
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thorndale line. police on hands directorring thorndale line. fairfield road at volpe road. in the meantime you've got to stick to belvoir road as your alternate right now. also construction eastbound on the turnpike still blocking two lanes westbound construction blocking the right lane. in merchantville camden county maple avenue, that accident has cleared. >> on the big board dressing the kids in the obvious way. we've got coats, scarves, the gloves and hats on because it is very cold out there. wind chills right now are in the teens in philadelphia. a little bit better farther south in new jersey but still pretty bad. then 29 degrees by 9 o'clock. right now your temperature technically is 28 degrees. up to 32 the freezing mark by this afternoon really you look at these numbers and they just don't go very far today. we'll probably get up to 33 technically around 2 o'clock but it's not like it's going to make a lot of difference for you. as we take a look at the airport, hoping for green aircraft on the big board. that's way it looks. we are looking at snow out in
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chicago o'hare though so if you're heading out to the windy city you might want to check with your airline to make sure there's not an issue. tam. >> thank you david. people with heart disease have long believed there's a benefit to taking a daily aspirin but that may not be so. a japanese clinical trial of more than 14,000 patients with heart disease found taking a dale aspirin provide any other protection against heart attacks and stroke. still despite the findings you're advised to talk to your doctor before you make any changes to your regimen. coming up on "action news" at 4:00 chinese takeout is convenient quick and so tasty but a lot of those dishes and their sauces can be a diet detour. here's health reporter ali gorman with a preview. >> reporter: can chinese takeout is a popular and tasty lunch or dinner but beware. even dish that is seem to be light can actually be loaded in fat, calories and sodium. chinese takeout could be healthy and it can be very, very unhealthy. >> reporter: we compare meals and show you how to order to avoid a diet detour.
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on the on "action news" today starting at 4:00. >> people who invested money with bernie madoff are still picking up the pieces. abc's reena ninan and t.j. holmes have america's money. >> ♪ >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money more life savings are being returned to victims ripped off by bernie madoff's ponzi scheme. >> funds total over $10 billion of the $17.5 billion taken. >> the biggest business deal of 2014 will create one of the biggest drug companies in the world. >> ford's new high performance mustang called the selby g2350 said to have the most powerful engine ford ever made without super turbo charging. it goes on sale sometime next year. >> finally boulder canyon foods has something like you. how about thanksgiving flavored potato chips.
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they got stuffing pumpkin pie, turkey gravy and even cranberry flavored. is that going to pass for a thanksgiving meal. >> tastes like a churro. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. >> it's 5:23. up next, a former major leaguer slugger sets the internet on fire with a very strange thing he wants to auction off on ebay. >> new reaction to a breaking story. hear what secretary of state john kerry has to say about a deadly ambush inside a jerusalem synagogue in a live >> ♪
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>> new on "action news" looking to update its student search policy but some parents say it's a bit too invasive. the york suburban school district is considering allowing students to be strip searched. pennsylvania state law allows school staff to search students if they're believed to have something illegal or dangerous. that would include looking into lockers cars electronics purses back packs and clothing. some parents say they're not okay with this. the school board will vote on a new policy later this week. >> all right, in the morning buzz, trying to tell the story and not offer too many details. quite frankly it's somewhat disgusting.
5:27 am
you remember how jose canseco accidentally shot off his finger while cleaning his gun a few weeks ago. he went on twitter and announced that he is actually going sell the finger on ebay. and in clearly tongue in cheek fashion he says the ad will read slightly used middle finger with 462 home runs, could be used as stirring straw for drinks. [laughter] >> he wants to also offer the handgun up. i don't know if you could sell handguns on ebay. >> i don't know that you could sell flesh on ebay. >> we'll see. they actually -- this is where maybe we're getting too far into details. they reattached the finger after the accident and he was playing poker and he says it fell off and so he doesn't need it anymore so he's going to sell it. >> oh, jose. way to go jose i guess you can say. it's 5:27. we continue to cover that
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synagogue attack in jerusalem. new details about the ax wielding men who police say killed four worshipers. >> a washington man whose home was burglarized was ready just in case the criminal returned and he did. coming up on "action news." >> ♪ ♪i want it all! ♪and i want it now! your toys want more. they need more. so get more guaranteed from verizon fios. including your favorite movie channels, blazing fast internet and $400 back. all for this amazing price online, guaranteed for 2 years with a 2-year agreement.
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>> ♪ >> layers are a must when you head out this morning. these bitter cold temperatures will be the deepest chill we have felt all season. >> developing this morning, armed men carry out a deadly attack on a synagogue overseas. >> philadelphia residents could learn today where the city's second casino will be built, if at all. >> 5:30 now. let's go over to dave murphy and karen rogers to take a look at this chilly, chilly morning and what it means for your commute. good morning. >> well, that is the story of the commute and really the story of the day. we have very cold air in place just as we talked about yesterday. you can see the rain is off the coast, cloud cover starting to dissipate. we'll wind up with a fir amount of sunshine today. but, man, is it uncomfortable out there. the temperature right now in philadelphia is 31. 29 in wilmington. 25 in allentown. a little bit


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