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tv   Action News  ABC  November 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> sunday sunday night an
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unlocked window end in a barringry in a franklin home. a eagles pull out a much needed win at the linc. the week of weather whiplash. if you thought today was pleasant tomorrow will feel like a touch of spring. it will be warm but first it's going to gets wet. don't get used to the mild temperatures. winter like weather could return with a convenient jens just in time for the holiday. meteorologist melissa magee is over at the "action news" big board with the details on the changing forecast. melissa. >> weather will be all over the place as we press into the week ahead. remember, we are in the month of november. this is the time of year you start to see weather swings. we're starting near term and today it was much better feeling outside. high today in philadelphia 54 degrees. that's actually one degree above average. nice to be above average for a change. because most of the weekend temperatures have been well below where they normally should be. temperatures outside this evening upper 40s, lower 50s. 51 in philadelphia, 48
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allentown, 43 poconos and 51 ina aisle city and dover coming in at 46. changes however are coming as early as tonight. satellite 6 and action radar showing you mostly cloudy for philadelphia and moisture we're tracking coming in from the southern states. so moisture will over spread the delaware and lehigh valleys from a southwest to northeast direction. we'll talk about what we can expect as we get into the rest of tonight and first half of monday as well. rain arriving in philadelphia between 8 and 10:00 tonight heaviest of which is during the overnight hours. showers likely early tomorrow morning. after that we're tracking record warmth as we get into monday afternoon with sweet 70s on the way here in the city. so we talked about the rain that is on the way as we get into tonight. as we fast forward and look at stormtracker 6 live double scan radar 3d we're having midweek energy we're tracking over the british columbia region. this is more than likely going to phase with energy to the south and become a coastal
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concern wednesday. that is important. because wednesday is a very busy travel day the day before thanksgiving. we'll look atet details in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, sarah. >> melissa, thank you. as that forecast continues to develop stay with 6abc for the latest on changes conditions. our "action news" morning team will track the rain and temperatures and they'll let you know how all this will affect your cue commute and holiday travel plans. >> and developing news in south philadelphia tonight a woman was found dead near south columbus boulevard and homicide detectives reason on the case. skep live at the police headquarters with that story. kenneth. >> and sarah, tough details are coming in on this one. we just confirmed the woman was found dead. naked, stabbed, and with a trash bag wrapped around her head. right now, family members and witnesses are being questioned here at police headquarters, this woman's body was found
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before 2:00 this afternoon in a busy area of south philadelphia on south dilworth street between columbus boulevard and snyder avenue. and we've also learned the woman has stab wound to rib cage and thigh. police are calling this murder and they're not sure ft. woman was killed at the location. there's a number of bizarre and coincidental circumstances that led to the disoffy and possible oychx of the woman. a passerby spotted 35 to 40-year-old white female on said of abandoned warehouse. police sources say they found a homeless man near the woman's body and it appears he had no clue she was dead. he was brought to police headquarters for questioning. in another strange twist family members of a south philadelphia missing several days just happened to be a nearby shopping center. they walked over when they saw the scene. showed investigators a picture of missing loved one and tattoos. apparently sources say there was
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a match. a positive identification has not been made. again as we come back here live the family members and witness are questioned here at police headquarters. as soon as we get an updating we'll pass it on. outside philadelphia headquarters this morning, ken, "channel 6 action news." sarah. >> kenneth moton, thank you. >> the new jersey woman that shot her children before turning the gun on herself died. janine lapage used a pillow to muffle sounds of the shots inside the family's home in tabernacle last week. two of the children died at the scene and third an 11-year-old boy in critical condition at cooper university hospital. >> an elderly couple was shaken up overnight when two burglars walked into their home. tied them up and stole everything they could get their hands on. one of the spus suspect's was caught. david henery has that story. >> thieves were caught red handed coming out of the backdoor of this house. they apparently were up and down
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this entire block trying other houses. and breaking into at least one car. and neighbors say she heard them trying to get into her house. >> around 10:00 i hear like knock at the door. >> the neighbor who doesn't want to be identified says she then heard the doorknob rattling she saw two men breaking into her neighbor's house and call 911 by then the burglars pried off the window from the house and wented in. they tied up theel elderly couple and ransack the house. they took jewelry, cash and television. they didn't get far. police responding to neighbor's 911 call were out front investigating and neighbor walked around back and saw the burglars leaving. >> they said how are you doing. >> i said okay. >> and how are you. >> i said okay. >> they gladly went past me and i flew around the corner the cops were out front i said will you guys hurry up they're out back they came down the steps
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with the flat screen. >> they caught the man with the television in the alley and his partner ran off. police were back in the neighborhood when they learned burglars tried to break into two other houses. it started at the far end of the block where the thieves broke into this car belonging to jason yates it's the second time his family was robed here. >> when you have to deal with that and you have children it makes you feel unsay. you have to protect yourself and be wise you know and just be kind. anything it cap happen. >> a neighborhood on edge as the police serve for the suspect. they dusted finger prind and collected other evidence. in frankford, david henery, "channel 6 action news." >> the police in delaware county became the victims of frightening hoax earlier this morning. around 4:30 state police in media received a call from a man
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saying he killed his mother was az was going to shoot police when they arrived. they rushed to governor's drive and wallingford when they rushed to the area and prepared for the worse. the home owner was fine. this was a case of swatting when somebody calls a in a report to give a swat response. >> eagles pulled out a much-needed win at the linc helping to save face after the messy loss last week at green bay. jeff with the details and complete recap. this this had to feel good, right. >> they could not wait to get back on the field at the linc after everything that happened in green bay 7 days ago. everyone is dying to see how the eagles respond after one of the worse losses in team history. eagles two gimz over the next four days including dallas on thanksgiving. they cannot overlook tennessee today. if you are worried they would not be focused on titans did you see this opening kickoff rookie
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josh huff scores first touchdown of career. 107 yard kickoff. 17 seconds in the game. longest in eagles the history. fly, eagles fly, 17-0 lead in the 1st quarter today and it's all eagles all day long. lesean mccoy 130 yards rushing and touchdown and the eagles are smiling and celebrating tonight. that's how you win. back-to-back after losing last week eagles bouncing back how about the birds today? >> these guys have done a great job of staying in the moment and playing the game and we talked about when you make a mistake, admit it, and move on. they understand what we have to do. it's a huge season. >> it's a huge win at home. awesome job special emz teams awesome job defense and running game got going. there's a lot of good to take away from this thing and we got to turn it around fooingt fast. >> the eagle can start those
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cowboys chance right now. >> i they they were today. >> in the 3rd quarter mark sanchez referenced. it we'll have moyrn including a live report from ducis rogers in sports. >> we'll check back in a bit. thank you. impressive victory on the streets of philadelphia. tens of thousands of victories to be exact. 2014 gore text philadelphia marathon and half marathon the cities ran through the neighborhood as runners were cheered on by enthusiastic spectators and governor elect tom wolf. dal valasso and lenora parina of new york with a big win today. >> a 12-year-old boy holding a sgup shot and killed by police in cleveland. tonight the investigation is underway into why it happened. but, first, some seniors celebrated an early thanksgiving today in center city. and why this event was important for their well-being. ducis rodgers will join us live
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at the linc with a recap of the ducis rodgers will join us live at the linc with a recap of the win when we come right
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>> washington d.c. barry made a man for himselfs with a community activist and will be remembered most for his arrest after being caught on camera lighting and smoking a crack pike. he was 78 years old. >> and a 12-year-old brandishing what turned out to be a fake gun was shot to death by a cleveland, ohio police officer. >> he is sitting open the swing right now. >> the officer was responding to a call about a person waveing a gun a park. the boys bb gun looked likely
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semi-automatic biss toll and the green safety marker was removed. >> officers ordered him to stop and show his hand and he fwheent his waist band and pulled a weapon. one of the officers fired two shots striking the young man. >> both that officer and partner then put on administrative leave while cleveland police and fbi investigated the incident. >> the grand jury in missouri apparently needs more time deliberate the furgeson shooting case despite preparations for desthition past week. two more people were arrested during overnight protests. the grand jury met friday. it's expecteded they'll convene until tomorrow. there's no confirmation of that yet. more than 3 1/2 months passed since officer darren wilson killed michael brown during a confrontation. >> step jefferson station nurnd holiday party sent tlal afternoon.
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>> about 300 seniors were dancing and sing ago long with entertainer anthony riley at an early thanksgiving dinner hosted by the transit agency in the philadelphia coar ration for aging. they may have spent the holiday alone but they made lots of new friends to spend time with.
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>> jeff back with more on the eagles. today is a good day. especially with the cowboys. >> everyone feeling better about the birds on this day. let's be honest eagles fans you were questioning how good this team is after the worst loss of the chip kelly era last sunday. today all is forgotten as eagles
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put up 43 points nonthe titans.d zone to end zone 107 yard kickoff return long nest eagles history. so much for green bay hangover. eagles score 17 in the first. end of the first, looking for more. mark sanchez. picked off. sanchez has more turnovers than touchdowns. turnover turns out to be this. 2nd quarter, zac meten burger in the happened of jus tis tin. >> eagles trying toe get the offense running, lesean mccoy watch him go. season long 53 yard gain. coming into the first half. it leads to a field goal. next drive mccoy finishes this drive off. eagles off 27-17 at the half. dance party at the linc. eagles puts it away into the hands of james casey.
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eagles win 43-24, first place 8-3 best start as soon as the super bowl 10 years oing go. everyone smiling at the linc. >> life ducis rothers in south philadelphia where the eagles lit it up today. ducis. >> the team came out focused and came out very focused and they were dominating all three maze phases of the game. 60 yards total offense. defense, five sacks, special teams showed another special teams touchdown. great, right? there's not much time to enjoy. it dallas week starts now. dallas on thanksgiving day to take on cowboys. first place will be on the line. in if you comer sanchez did not know how big this would be he does now courtsey of the fans. >> i know it's big-time rivalry we're in the 3rd quarter and people are screaming about the dallas game and this game is
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still going on. >> we have a good understand what they are now and we'll have the last game n they're playing late. we've got to understand what to do. >> thanksgiving is coming up and it's a division game at that. you add all the things up together it's -- type of game. >> you know i look forward to that. we always have these battles with ballas. they have a good team. so do we. so it's a game we must win. >> well, lesean mccoy calling it must-win situation. mike and i talk about today's game and look ahead to the cowboys on "eagles game day final" 11:35 on 6abc. cowboys on the road tonight taking on the new york giants. i'm sure chip kelly will watch that one. with the birds in philadelphia, i'm ducis rogers. >> dallas up next. thursday on thanksgiving ducis said in four days. first place at stake.
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mark sanchez will start watching game tape on cowboys tonight. 8:30. eagles will be glued to that tv. >> aaron rodgers still throwing touchdowns. in the second runs one way and throws another. packers win 24-21 won 7-8. first place in nfc forth north. it's a batsle for positioning in the nfc conference. >> up next on "action news" meteorologist melissa magee has your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. when we come back.
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>> hel us ahere now with accuweather. >> there's a lot going on even tonight. we're tracking rain that moves in tonight. wake up tomorrow morning and by the afternoon you may need to trade umbrellas for shorts and flip flops. it will be that kind of day. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing dry, no precipitation yet. as we gheet later tonight, during the overnight hours and first thing tomorrow morning we're tracking that moisture over spreading from the south west to northeast and after that we're tracking record warmth on the way. a lot to talk about. we'll start with some of the highlights. weather whiplash. we're tracking the coast as we get into the weather half of this week. november sea saw you see this the month of november. record low in philadelphia, 20. fast forward to monday as we
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call for potential record warmth of 74. 54 degree temperature swing from record lows to possibly record highs as early as tomorrow. we're tracking coast. one ingredient we need off north and west we're tracking storm system coming out of british columbia moving into pacific northwest. this center jury we need to steer the coastal storm that will develop off the eastern sea board middle half of the workweek. we'll talk about that. outside this evening 51 philadelphia, 49 allentown, 41 reading, 46 in dover. and here's satellite 6 and action radar lots of clouds across the region. you notice moisture south and west coming out of the ohio valley and southern states. from southwest to northeast direction we will track the moisture. future tracker 6 has you covered. a lot of precipitation begins between 8:00 and 10:00 tonight in philadelphia and it will continue as we get to the overnight hours with heaviest of that precipitation that rain falling at that time.
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we could find anywhere from half inch to three quoorters of inch of rainfall. storm system con items tomorrow morning. slow downs early tomorrow morning. once the showers break as we get into the afternoon hours we're tracking record warmth with sunshine returning by monday afternoon. so records to watch for you. philadelphia, 71. old record setback in 1979. allentown upper 60s. have to watch the record for trenton, wilmington and atlantic city yours said in 1999. fast forward wednesday. i show you the energy over the pacific northwest. coastal concern it's forming to the south. where will it track. >> track number one a 65% chance of this being rain south and east and snow north and west. if track number two holds true a lot of this precipitation with area of low pressure staying offshore. that will bring us mainly rain at the coast and there's 35%
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chance of this developing. so some things to keep in mind beer in the month of november. it's hard to get cold air established at the surface. you have to watch the exact track and watching dextd as the days wr wear on. as we get to monday get out and watch for the record warmth high temperature 74. cooler tuesday at 58. wednesday will be tracking coast very closely. and at 40 degrees thanksgiving looks to be dry for now. at 4 and chilly as we get into the rest of the week. update tonight and david murphy has the latest tomorrow morning on 6abc. >> watching it all, thank you, melissa "abc worls news" sunday is next on channel 6. "action news" returns tonight at 11. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, we'll sigh entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, we'll sigh right back here at 11:00
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tonight." extreme weather. from severe storms and a tornado watch in effect tonight to flood the race to save the homes and what you need to know before hitting the road this holiday. on edge. all eyes on ferguson as the city braces for a grand jury verdict. no matter what they decide, tonight some promising protests around the country. crisis. the bombshell allegations that forced an "a" list university to shut down the fraternities. and got it maid. the hardworking housekeeper showing up for work and really cleaning house. and she got the surprise of her life. >>


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