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tv   Action News  ABC  December 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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quite a mess. >> and protesters clash with eagles fans at the linc during a die in demonstration next on eagles fans at the linc during a die in demonstration next on "action news." >> cold out there tonight.
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a head it will be chilly, wet and windy. down right miserable this week. and a nor'easter will bring messy conditions to the delaware and lehigh valleys. but for most of us the snow will stay away. sunday night the big story on "action news" is the threat of severe weather this week. >> the good news is we'll escape the snow expected north of us and bad news is it will rain a lot. meteorologist melissa magee is tracking the forecast and joins us now from the big board with more. melissa. >> walter and sarah as we get to rest of tonight you have cold air. as we fast forward to the week ahead we track the coastal storm tuesday and with that comes three of floweding and soaking rain for most locations. outside tonight temperatures are in the 30s. when you factor in the winds coming in north, northeast feels like in philadelphia, current wind chill of 23. feels like 31 reading and along the coast and the boardwalk coming in with wind chill temperature of 25. satellite 6 along with actionry dar shows clear to partly cloudy
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sky across much of the region and with the cloudy sky overhead you get winds out of the northeast that helps to lockdown the cold air and works its way into much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. the call from accuweather the receipt of tonight partly cloudy, brisk, cold, 27 in the city and 28 in dover. let's fast forward into the day on monday. as you look the at future tracker 6 you can see sun sthin get the day started and sunshine to increasing clouds monday afternoon and watch what happens throughout the day on tuesday. we'll track a coastal storm moving across the region w that comes threat of very heavy rain. we'll talk about what is ahead as we press forward here. for monday, looks to be mostly cloudy. but it will stay mostly dry. then we track that coastal storm on tuesday. and with that comes a threat of rain. wind, and coastal tloding and coming up we take a closer look at the storm system on the way and timeout precipitation with future tracker 6 and let you know how long the precipitation will linger why the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa "action
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news" morning team is staying on top of the forecast. tune in tomorrow morning, david, tam, matt, karen, will bring you the latest starting 4:30. >> it was chaotic scene outside lincoln financial field tonight after the eagles gain ended. hundreds of protesters skaijed what's become known as die-in. demonstrating against the grand jury decisions in furgeson and new york. andre williams is live now in south philadelphia with more on what happened there tonight. any. >> and sarah, this points, philadelphia police reporting no arrests. they had a heavy presence here ahead of protests. there were a number of cheers coming from annoyed eagles fans trying to come home over tall was peaceful night. >> 2 to 300 members of power and members of local clergy laid intersection of broad and patterson in a special diet. the intention was to disrupt traffic leaving eagles seahawks
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game. >> we're continuing to keep awareness live through what is happening. >> and this is not just a blackish uthis is issue for all americans. >> simulating how michael brown's body was lying after shot and killed by furgeson police officer dar on wilson and decision not to indiet a police officer for choke hold death of eric gaerper was part of message. philadelphia police were out in full force respecting the first aend manyment. >> we were prepared in large part because they helped us out to be fair. they let us know what was coming and so, kudos to them for that. >> eagles fans yelled their thoughts as police shut down the intersection nearly a half hour and estimated there were more than 60,000 eagles fans leaving the game. >> they had a right to protest and cause disturbance when people tried to come home with families and kids i think it's you know you can protest on the street why block the highway.
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>> and you can do what you want. it's their legal right. i want to get home. >> and the actual die in lasted 4 minute 30 seconds and amount of time for disruption lasted two hours until things got back to normal and at broad an pattison. andre williams, channel 6 "action news"sarah and walter. >> thank you, annie. searching more missing college student montgomery volunteers wentz out in search parties and handed out flyers and tailgateers at the link and be on the lookout for the 20-year-old. they may have recall something they saw or heard to help them figure out what happened to montgomery early thanksgiving morning after leaving a bar in manyunkch the bigger the proud the better their chances. >> we'll take a long shot. long shot tips sometimes. we figured we have 1000,000
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people down here somebody needs to know something. >> there's a 50,000 reward for information about shane montgomery's disappearance. >> these are searching for clues in the murder. a fellow employee found the man's body bound, gagged avenue left if a van. skep live at philadelphia police headquarters with more on the story. kenneth. >> sarah sours say the victim was possibly beaten to death right before he was found. and last time anyone talked to him was around 11:30 this morning. now we know police are checking every surveillance from that business to try to gets a look at his killer. >> he was a big man with a lot of fight and philadelphia police say a 67-year-old security guard locker room storage incorporated didn't survive a brutal attack. >> he was a big guy. had to be more than one person
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to take him down like that. >> a manager found the man dead 3 p.m. in a conversion van on property of storage facility 2300 block of south 62nd street in southwest philadelphia. he was tied up and had massive head strawm a manager and friends told us theic victim world here environmental years and would explain about people getting over the bashed wire fence and in fact sources take it appear the killer or killers used another van that belonged to the guard to make and escape. >> i can't believe he is dead. i guess like i said there was something else going on down here for that the happen. he khevrned them. they broke into the case and they challenged him that is what will happen. >> crime scene investigators skourd over the party and. >> right now, we look for witnesses who are canvassing for a vedo. we don't have anything definitive yet. hopefully somebody will give us a call with information. >> those who knew the security
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guards say the south west philadelphia map was a father. military vet and part of motorcycle club. >> he was a good guy. road motorcycles and stuff and we used to hang out. still harrisburg out because he worked here and i have miss here. it's crazy. >> investigators work to find a motive and this killer and police are trying to get touch with relatives to they're not ready to release the vick aim's name yet. ken, "channel 6 action news." walter. >> thank you, kenneth. a firefighter from wilmington remains in critical condition tonight after struck by a car on i-95. it happened as that firefighter daniel callaway stopped to help a motorist in need towards say the driver of suv crashed into the disabled car, pushing the vehicle into callaway. chief says willness to she
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always been a hallmark of his personality. >> they is not a great -- >> when i received the call i was in the a bit surprised that he would would have stopped to help anybody in need. >> he was a long term volunteer and schedule to be promoted second assistant chief next weekend. we're told the department will hole that position for him until released from the hospital. >> we now know the name of person called on i-95 in delaware last night. investigators say 37-year-old laura grant from oxford, pennsylvania, was killed as she was walking along the southbound lanes near route 1. grant was struck by two vehicles and pronounced dead at the scene. both drivers stopped. >> americans paused today to remember the 73rd anniversary of the attack open pearl harbor ♪ oh, say can you see ♪
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>> about 100 pearl harbor and world war 2 survivors attended sir moanyes uss arizona memorial in hawaii. many are quite frail and in 90 uz now and they said it would be important to be there and remember 9400 americans that died. for some survivors in 3450edia pearl harbor was the beginning of their war time ordeal. >> lost one ship offer of alaska. seconds ship and i guess the guy upstairs didn't want me yet. >> one recureing theme at today's ceremony was to keeple story of perlt harbor alive for future generations. >> opened doors tots public today. >> guided through it gave community at large an opportunity check out the seminary art collection and get
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a dmrims into student life there. this will be where the pope will stay when he visits philadelphia for world meeting of families next november. >> the roylder here the royld are here and will and kate arrive in big apple for first visit to new york city. >> and later the little girl who got the best christmas gift ever. her daddy home for holidays. >> and ducis rogers has reaction from the link when "action news" >> and ducis rogers has reaction from the link when "action news" continues
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>> american embassies around the world are braeing is for the expected release of explosive report of cia alleged use of torture in interrogations. in the dark days after the 9/11 attacks the agency routinely went beyond the law in hopes of getting information from detainees and cia contained practices even though they did not always work. former cia lead irz deny the charges but many say that won't matt to the screamists they just have to believe it's true. and they'll take advantage of that. we know that isil propaganda this is mother load for them. >> some, including secretary of
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state john kery want the report to be delayed. >> sours say it was twist of faith that filled attempted rescue of american hostage in yemen. sours say u.s. commandoes were approaching al qaeda eye hideout where luke somers and south african teacher were held with a guard unexpectedly went outdoors and spotted commandoes who opened fires and captives were subsubsequently killed before the commandoes could reap them. >> outgoing defense secretary chuck haikle made a surprise visit today to troops in afghan stap. haagle announced u.s. will keep 1,000 more troops in afghanistan than planned. troops are needed to train and advice afghan computerty porsz. it's scheduled to begin june of last year. >> royal mania hit new york city [ cheers ]. >> fans of the royal family and a lot of them, let out sleeks and squeals as prince william
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and duchess indicate arrived. among their stops are visit toy 9-11 memorial and nets most egg chief land in brook lind. >> he hopes the light of christmas stays in everyone's heart. he used computer touch sdrooep turn on lights of giant christmas tree on mountain over looping the town of gubio. went off with this tree lighting ceremony is a 33-year-old tradition. >> still to come on christmas magic in an stant. the little girl that asked her for one thing. >> meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecastwhen "action news" has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecastwhen "action news" comes right back.
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cheers ]. >> students at lasalle university showed tonight when it comes to christmas trees size does not matter. they gathered tonight to sing carroll around an ever green open the equaled all lit up tonight. enough to make charlie brown smile. >> cold night for a christmas tree lighting but it will get the watt ter needs this week. >> that's for sure, guys, wet waerling on the way the coastal storm nor'easter we're tracking getting into tuesday. and lingers for a good chunk of
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the workweek. dry right now and this will change as you get into monday night after midnight and into tuesday when you track that nor'easter coming subject to north direction w that threat of rain. whipped, and coastal flooding and we take a look at highlights throughout the week. title flooding is a concern and northwest precipitation is moving on through northwest suburbs. skooingtal flood advisory is in effect monday for south jersey through delaware we have a coastal flood wash tuesday from sea side thiingts cape may. and exacerbating flooding concerns. there's a winter storm watch issued for carbon and monroe counties and through poconos goes up tuesday through
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wednesday as heavy wet snow is likely as the storm system pulls away and wraps up north and east. high temperature today in philadelphia, 48. pretty close to where we should be this time of year. 48 the average record 73 setback in 1998. temperatures outside tonight, 34 city. 2 4 poconos. when you factor winds north, northeast current wind chills 5 corridor in lower 20s and 32 millville and 31 reading. here's satellite 6 and action radar clear to partly cloudy. tracking one piece of energy across the northern plains and another develops off the coastal low of carolinas. we need energy to help the coastal low work its way up the eastern sea board. timing things out for you:30 in the portion. surprise to get the day rt is it aed giving way to increasing clouds as the day goes on. after midnight tuesday early in the morning we have moisture
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approaching and slow going for the commute on tuesday morning because some of that rain looks to be heavy at times which is why we have coastal flood watch in effect down across new jersey and delaware. as the storm systems pulls a way on the backside of it you get wrap around snow showers from the poconos and alreadysh you'd tuesday into wednesday for poconos. >> so we'll break things down four and biggest concern will be heavy and soaking rain, 1 to 3 on the way. winds sustained 15 to 25 gust as high as 45. cootal the xlusive accuweather 7-day for klaingt cloudy tomorrow, 39, soaking rain on tuesday, 46, spotting showers on pennsylvania high temperature 45. it does look like moisture could liping were rain or wet snow shower around on thursday high of 42.
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meteorologist david murphy will have the latest tomorrow morning on 6abc guys with more information. >> okay melissa thank you. >> a little girl in tall california had only one wish for christmas have her father home for holidays and santa delivered delivered on the spot. madison sherman happened on to santa's lap and bring her daddy home from afghanistan. ron cher man is in the navy and serving there the past six months. no sooner did madison ask and her father appeared right before her with lots of kisses and the little girl greeted her dad and pretty soon the entire family was crying tears of joy. her mother says it's a christmas miracle. >> i've seen shots like that a million times it still gets me every single time. >> up next on "action news" monday morning quarterbacking on surprised nights. >> eagles suffer loss from the seahawks. what khoch to say about their seahawks. what khoch to say about their performance
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>> okay jeff skversky has a check on sports and the question now s. are the seahawks that good or eagles played that poorly. >> seahawks are just that good. eagle he's a bad day. worst day on offense. points, first doupz, you name it. leemon of boom silencing eagles explosive offense tonight. seattle number one defense from football noldz only 139 total yards it's fewest ever by a chip kelly coached team. it was just that bad. frustrating day against super bowl champs. seattle offense running just fine. started second russel wilson 26 yard touch done run seattle 188 on the ground. total. birds down three at the half. lesean mccoy team's new all time rushing leader. ut, oh, fumbles football m earl thomas in seattle recover. mccoy can't believe. it second straight game with fumble.
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two plays later wilson to marshawn lynch. where is everyone. eagles down ten. eagles showing life. mark sanchez. to stark ertz more yards than he had all game. wilson for doug barwin. birds back down 10 richard sherman taking on angry eagles fans 1st quarter down ten feels like 40. sanchez picked off. eagles have most turnovers in football. 24-14. ducis rogers has more from the first loss at the link since the last october. >> all weeks birds were telling us they were looking forwards to the challenge against depending super bowl champions what they learned today russel wilson is as good as advertised. >> those couple times you thought he was sacked he kept a lot of drives alive.
11:29 pm
>> we had miss add assignments you don't that against good quarterback. >> he made good plays tonight you have to be better. >> we had the game going the way we wanted to go. stops, turnover, missed assignments all it adds up. >> they have to deal with us like we have to deal with them. that's what happened today you have passes and it's quick three an out. >> if anything it's hum being and we'll get back. >> 14 point are fewest since they lost to the giants last season. at the linc ducis rogers "channel 6 action news." >> all right. ducis. you can likely say good-bye to first round buy eagles lose toy break he breaker.
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and four teams now nfc 9-4 including dallas. no times to let this linger. no with division open the line. cowboys come to town next sunday night and now they're not happy with eagles after they embarrass them on thanksgiving the boys now want reconvenient sglj we're excited about the challenge and hopefully we'll be better. >> we're good, we're very good. >> hope the football team we have things aggressive and fast it makes it hartder to nerve at free level. saying that we deposit think about the loss. >> more with the eagles coming up in the next ten minute on "eagles game day final" here after "action news" at 11. penn state is full bound that after "action news" at 11. penn state is full bound that after this
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>> penn state head odd yankee stadium nittany lions play first bowl ghaim three years at the home of new york yankees saturday 27th against boston college. temple qualified for first bowl game under matt rhule by beating tulane last night. alls will not play in postseason. temple lost out not one of any
11:34 pm
35 bowls picked owls after finishing 6-6. >> she absolutely deserved to go to a ball game to play the schedule we played there's a lot of bowl games. our kids know they competed and one six games in the conversation. >> next year they had a young football team. >> "eagles game day final" next on channel 6abc "action news" continues tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. >> for melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team have a good night and great weekend. have a good night and great weekend. i'm
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