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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 12, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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clients. investigative reporter wendy saltzman was in the courtroom when the jury handed down its verdict. >> reporter: 12 separate families testified against john succi over the time span of a week. some lost tens of thousands of dollars, others lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. now, the man they believe stole from them with no remorse faces up to 135 years behind bars. >> mr. succi do you think you're innocent of these crime. >> reporter: in one of the his last walks down this haul of justice as a free man john succi said nothing to defend himself. a jury would soon return a verdict finding him guilty of stealing $2.5 million from verdict finding him guilty of >> it's just horrifying what he's done. >> reporter: sherri landis testified against succi. she says she took out a line of credit on her ivy land home that was supposed to pay for her daughter's college education and gave $600,000 to succi to build her second home on the shore but she says he walked off the job. >> after that was all used up
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i still only had a shell. he had taken all of that money and not spent it on my house you. >> reporter: do you feel any remorse about that at all? when you think about the fact that that money was for her kid's can college. annette and jeffrey goldstein also testified they hired suture clear to put an addition on their home for annette's ailing mother. >> he kept coming to me asking me for more money. >> reporter: not only was succi convicted of failing to perform the work he promised on their home the goldsteins show his shoddy work placed annette's mother in physical danger. >> she went to use the bathroom later in the evening and she walked in and fell through right down into the basement. >> reporter: although this conviction could land 59-year-old succi behind bars for the rest of his life there's little chance his victims will ever see the money they lost. >> we're happy we could get justice. they wait add long time. >> reporter: succi didn't testify on his own behalf. and while it's clear the jury found he didn't perform the work he was supposed to, one
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mystifying question remains. >> well what happened to the money? can you tell us what happened to the money? >> that's enough. >> reporter: now, while there is some speculation we may never know what happened to that $2.5 million. he left the courthouse in handcuffs after being convicted of 27 separate felonies. sentencing is scheduled for next week. live in doylestown, wendy saltzman channel6 "action news." >> thank you wendy. a double shooting in the cityport richmond left a man dead. it happened before 11:30 in the 2000 block of bell more street. one victim was found shot in a car, the other o short distance away. no arrests have been made. also in port richmond police are asking for your help finding a man who robbed this 7-eleven on aramingo avenue. investigators say about 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning the man walked into the store trying to buy two cartons of cigarettes but look what happened. when his bank card was rejected he jumped over the
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counter hit the employee, grabbed the cigarettes and ran. if you know anything police would love to hear from you. >> it will be an emotional evening for family and friends of fallen philadelphia firefighter joyce craig. first responders from across the nation will help honor her life and her sacrifice at a viewing this evening. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in west oak lane with more. annie. >> reporter: rick you're right an emotional evening and weekend because today really begins two days of mourning for the fallen firefighter. take aliunde look a look behind me. police officers diverting track. expecting hundreds of firefighters and first responders from across the can country and you can see about an hour before the viewing already many people are lining up to come. but take a look at this video from earlier today where a police motorcade escorted family members of joyce craig to the funeral home ahead of the 6:00 p.m. viewing. two black limousines pulled up and waited as firefighters assembled so they could greet
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the family and pay their respects. craig leaves behind a large extended family and her two children, a 16-year-old boy an 16 month old girl. joyce craig spent 11 years as a firefighter in philadelphia one of 150 women she's the first female to die in the line of duty in philadelphia. she served in four fire houses engine 64 was her final home. she died fighting a tuesday morning fire in west oak lane helping one person to safety. here is a look at the viewings, the times and also for the funeral. tonight it is from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at batchelor brothers funeral services. and tomorrow 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. again at the same facility. and saturday from 10:00 a.m. to noon, that's where the funeral services will be and it will be followed by intern. at ivy hill cemetery and that location again is here at 71st and broad. you can also expect that funeral procession to go through the streets of philadelphia. members of the community are welcome to come out and pay
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their respects as the funeral procession does papas them by. reporting live in west oak lane annie mccormack channel6 "action news." >> from our delaware news room a teen girl sentenced to 16 years in prison for kidnapping an 89-year-old woman and locking her in the trunk of a car for two days. jacqueline perez pled guilty to carjacking kidnapping and conspiracy last march at a milford convenience store perez and another teen asked this lady margaret smith for a ride home. smith agreed. that touched off a horrifying ordeal that ended with her alone in cemetery two days later. smith managed to crawl barefoot through that cemetery and call for help. >> reporter: wilmington police have a new tool to fight crime. they showed off their updated forensic base today. the facility will increase efficiency in recovering evidence in investigations. there's also a lift to do comprehensive examinations on cars that may have been used in a crime. officers went through another round of training to learn what all the new technology
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can do. >> dozens of clergy members from congregations across south jersey joined forces in protest this morning in camden. they stood on the steps of the federal courthouse here holding signs and each other's hands in a show of arity. another protest was held in center city today. chopper 6 hd was overhead as demonstrators marched around city hall and then down j.f.k. boulevard about 2 o'clock this afternoon. here too was the protesters claim of police brutality against blacks. traffic in center city was grid locked for more than an hour. in cleveland ohio a medical examer ruled that the death of a 12-year-old boy shot by a police officer is a case of homicide. tamir rice was killed by a single shot to the abdomen
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fired by a rookie police officer. investigator say he was carrying a toy gun which the officer believed was real. surveillance video shows that rice was shot within two seconds of the patrol car stopping him. he died the next day. a grand jury will consider whether charges should be filed against that officer. >> developing news from portland oregon where there has been a school shooting. we know three people have been taken to the hospital. officials have not released conditions yet but they say all the victims were conscious when transported. gunfire erupted outside rose mary anderson high school. that school serves at risk students. now, police say they are looking into possible gang ties and we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. there were major problems for air travelers in europe today when a computer failure forced london's air space to completely shut down. officials at heathrow international say there was a power outage at a control center. the shut down lasted 35 minutes but the delays could
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linger through tomorrow. heathrow alone handles at least 1200 flights a day. british government officials called the situation unacceptable and demanded an investigation. >> all right it is friday night. let's get a check of our "action news" traffic report for you now. >> take it live to matt pelman in the traffic center. >> tgi friday, matt. >> we made it. not so much space between the vehicles on the vine street expressway this evening. we got a pretty major jam because of an earlier vehicle fire that happened right here eastbound between broad and eighth street. as you can see they made progress from the last half hour. now just the right lane remains closed. but you still want to stick with the local vine because the vine street expressway eastbound is still a parking lot. these vehicles stacked up one after another coming off the schuylkill on out to that earlier vehicle fire scene approaching eighth street. the schuylkill itself also suffering from those delays with speeds just in the single digits, 8 miles per hour eastbound, 6 miles per hour westbound. you want to stay local on roads like the river drives, mlk and the kelly instead this
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afternoon. another crash on 95 southbound by al barnes it's gone but speeds in the teens. because of the viewing for firefighter craig in west oak lane broad street remains closed through 11 o'clock tonight. detours on center at a bus routes because of that blockage. mount laurel crash on 295 southbound approaching route 38. right lane out of commission. some cherry hill a downed pole and wires from an earlier crash closing off split rock drive. cropwell road a possible alternate to that one. in jackson township watch out for a crash as well this one involving a bus along jackson mills road. lots of situations that we will check once again rick and monica in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. >> still ahead on "action news," the flyers have a new opponent the mumps. the national hockey league is battling an outbreak of anilines usually seen in children. what the team is doing to keep its players healthy. cecily. >> another chilly day but at least we saw a few peeks of sunshine here or there but i'm tracking more sunshine and gradually warming temperatures for your weekend in the accuweather forecast. rick. >> all right, cecily.
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later on an amazing slice of american history. experts prepare to open a time capsule buried by paul revere. what they're hoping to find inside it. >> very cool. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪ so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service, check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app.
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>> new study shows superstorm sandy took a toll on people's health as well as their homes. scientists noticed a spike in heart attacks and strokes in the new jersey counties hardest hit by the october 2012 hurricane. that's according to rutgers researchers who compared numbers in the two weeks after the storm from the same time period the five previous years. heart attacks increased 22 percent and people were 31 percent more likely to die from them. the study says road blocks may have caused delays in treatment as well and the disruptions to people's lives may have prevented them from taking the proper medications. >> health check now. the national hockey league battling an outbreak of the mumps. the flyers are taking steps to try to keep their players healthy. >> ali gorman joins us were with that story. >> reporter: hey guys. just to give some background
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the mumps causes plane full swelling. since 1967 the number of cases dropped. the vaccine is good but not 100 percent effective and there has been a spike in the number of cases this year. the flyers may have more to worry about than just winning games. the nhl is facing a mumps outbreak. three players on the anaheim ducks caught the virus. five on the minnesota wild, one player on the new york rangers and two on the new jersey devils. that's when it hit home for some of the flyers. >> not until yesterday when we played new jersey and they had two guys that had the mumps. that kind of scared me. >> not something you want to get but, you know, we get vaccinated the other day so we should be fine hopefully. >> reporter: the vaccine is typically given in two doses during childhood. we're told a booster shot was offered last night and many players and staff hose close
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to get it. the cdc says two doses of the vaccine is 88 percent effective. the contagious virus is spread through droplets of saliva or mucus which could put athletes at a higher risk because many share water bottles. >> we share. >> reporter: you share. >> we don't put our mouths on it. >> reporter: symptoms of the mumps include fever, muscle aches, tiredness, then swelling of the salivary glands. in most cases, people recover within a few weeks. but there are some serious but rare complications such as hearing loss and swelling to the brain. >> score. >> reporter: the nhl is not alone in seeing a spike in cases. the cdc reports from january to november this year, more than a thousand people caught the mumps. in 2013, that number was 438. coach berube says it is a concern but the flyers medical staff is on top of it. >> they're doing what they
5:16 pm
can. that doesn't mean that it wouldn't happen. but they're doing what they can. >> reporter: one of the players also told me that he noticed more hand sanitizer around. that's another vital way to prevent getting sick and by the way, if you're not sure if you received two doses of the mumps vaccine as a child, you can ask your doctor to do a blood test to check for immunity. monica. >> thank you ali. kids were making merry at a festive holiday party here in the overbrook section of the steam look at that. christmas car rolls were there, holiday decorations yummy treats for children who live in the neighborhood courtesy of the 17th district police department. santa there too and some special gifts. it's fun way of course to let the little ones meet real police officers. >> sounds like fun. in upstate new york it's all about the holiday beer along with the holiday cheer. this 23-foot tall christmas tree tree is every beer lovers dream made almost entirely out of beer kegs. can you tell? the tree was put up by genesee brewery.
5:17 pm
took about month to put it altogether. >> they had to be chilly, whew. [laughter] >> rochester, all right. >> still to come on "action news" a new warning involving defective air bags. we'll tell you which vehicles are now being recalled. >> also unearthing a 250 year old slice of americana. revere is about to be opened. what historians think is inside when "action news" comes right back. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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>> ♪ >> chrysler says more of its cars and trucks were made with air bags that could potentially explode. the automaker adding 179,000 more vehicles to the recall. some air bags have exploded under hot humid condition and they shoot out shrapnel. five drivers have been killed as a result. chrysler's expansion means the company will replace inflators in 12 more high humidity states and u.s. territories. >> leaders at rowan university got down to business today in glassboro to enhance the school's campus. they braved the cold to break ground on the new rohrer
5:21 pm
college of business building. the facility will allow enrollment within the program to double. unique to the site students will be able to develop entrepreneurial seannachies in will be able to develop doors expected to open in the spring of 2017. >> incredible piece of early american history has been unearthed in boston and crews removed a time capsule from beneath the cornerstone of the massachusetts statehouse yesterday historians belief it was buried there by sam adam and paul revere in 1795. it was dug up once in the 1800s but there's no record of the contents and they put it back. historians hope this time to find coins and newspapers from the era. of course they'll x-ray it this weekend before breaking into it next week and we'll let you know what they find. >> okay. in the meantime, we're going to check that accuweather forecast for the weekend when we come right back. >> looking outside right now sky 6 hd in center city, a meteorologist cecily tynan with the accuweather word
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>> time for the accuweather forecast. meteorologist cecily tynan standing by. christmas two weeks away. any signs tonight of reindeer. >> reindeer. >> every year it had to happen. >> no, there isn't honey not as we head into the weekend. this time of the year we get so affectionate. temperatures today, though, show it is getting better.
5:25 pm
yesterday the day before highs were stuck in the 30's. our morning low 34 degrees. afternoon high made it to 42 degrees still that's 4 degrees below normal but you can see temperatures are definitely on an upward slide. philadelphia currently 39 degrees. trenton 36. millville 39. wilmington 40 degrees. allentown 36 and reading 38. still a little bit breezy out there. factor in the winds, the wind chill makes it feel like 33 in philadelphia. feels like 30 in reading, 30 lancaster and 30 degrees -- 32 degrees i should say in pomona at the atlantic city airport. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that we saw a lot of clouds today but i did see a few peeks of sunshine today during my run. i posted proof on my facebook page. this low pressure is currently over northern maine and finally it will be moving out. high pressure building in over the weekend. what this will do is bring us more sunshine as we head through saturday and sunday and it also will bring us a slight warming trend. in the meantime satellite 6 along with action radar on the
5:26 pm
west coast showing they're getting inundated with rain. san francisco 4-inches of rape, that's nearly a month's worth of rain in two days and some of the higher elevations reporting as much as 14-inches of rain and unfortunately it's not over quite yet for the west. water vapor imagery shows if you look out into the pacific you see that comma shape. that is an indication of a very strong storm system. this is round two and that will be moving into the west coast on monday and that will likely come with another soaking drenching rain with the possibility of more mudslides. so, back at home our weather compared to that pretty nice. tonight partly cloudy, a december chill, 31 degrees in philadelphia, 26 in allentown and wilmington 30 degrees. day planner tomorrow we'll see mix of clouds and sunshine. it will be chilly, 31 at 7:00. by 10 o'clock 36. 1 o'clock 41 and by 4 o'clock, 40 degrees. but brighter than today. so, the five day at 5:00 shows tomorrow mix of sun and
5:27 pm
clouds, the high 42 degrees. on sunday partly sunny, little bit warmer, 45. excuse me. monday mostly sunny, 48 degrees and tuesday some showers possible, a high of 50 degrees. as we begin hanukkah on behind that system brings a few showers on wednesday, seasonably cool with a high of 46 degrees. so, yes, a few showers on the way on tuesday but no rain, dear this weekend. >> all right, thank you so much. >> all right. >> thanks, love. >> much more to come in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00 a coast to coast drug distribution ring that had its roots in south jersey now out of business. >> awheel known hollywood director that calls our area home is swindled by a member of his own staff. we'll explain what happened. >> those stories and more when "action news" comes right back
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jamie apody, rick with meteorologist adam >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. a battered and bruised west coast continues to deal with the after effects of a powerful storm that touched off flooding, mudslides and more. we're live with the latest. a former south jersey mayor found guilty of corruption gets out of federal
5:30 pm
prison and several new officers are joining the ranks of the philadelphia police department. we will share their stories. >> now the details. dramatic water rescues and mandatory evacuations under way from washington state to the mexican border. the region -- i'm sorry, monica, the region slammed by record rains mudslides hurricane force winds and several feet of snow in the mountains. >> live in san jose california with more on all of this tonight. ted. >> reporter: rick and monica this storm is moving out slowly bringing much needed respite for this weekend for the folks here in california but it is leaving in its path destruction from washington state all the way to los angeles. a wall of mud crashing down early this morning burying dozens of homes, some up to their rooftops. at one point rescue workers frantically digging through debris concerned there may have been people trapped. the mudslides in a retirement
5:31 pm
community just north of los angeles. it started moments after bill walked out onto his front porch. >> the mud was flowing around both sides of the house going into the street and i knew i was -- i was in trouble at that point. the good lord put me on that front porch. >> reporter: rescue workers helping people out of their homes. this man needed his medicine. >> probably like three brown bottles in there. that's it. >> reporter: in los angeles, dramatic rescues. a person caught in the l.a. river pulled to safety. in northern california, the relentless storm continues to drench the region in wine country rivers are nearing flood stage as people use kayaks and air mattresss to get around. high winds being blamed for two deaths in oregon from falling trees. the storm leaving significant damage across the region. dozens of trees blown onto homes and cars, the roof of a safe way grocery store collapsing under the weight of
5:32 pm
the torrential downpour. and there were actually customers inside this safe way when the roof collapsed. only one minor injury reported. as for this storm, it is moving out but there is more rain predicted starting next week. we're live in san jose, california, ted rowlands channel6 "action news." >> much more on the dangerous situation on the west coast. watch that tonight at 6:30 following "action news" at 6:00. >> a south jersey drug trafficking ring that stretched all the way to the west coast is out of business. today the atlantic county prosecutors office revealed details of a five-month investigation in mays landing. yesterday state and federal agents arrested 16 people in atlantic city, somers point cumberland county as well as lancaster county and the los angeles area. authorities also seized heroin, marijuana, crack cocaine, guns, ammunition cars and bank accounts.
5:33 pm
>> the heroin sold by this organization was being purchased directly from a mexican cartel and routed through california to new jersey. >> investigators say the street value of all the drugs seized during the operation is $2.25 million. from our delaware news room five heel people under arrest for building a meth lab in a home on kings lane in long neck. detectives took them into custody. in addition to the arrests authorities found equipment and key ingredients to making meth in the home. each person is being held on $27,000 bail. the smyrna police department says quick action by the public led to the arrest of this man, 44-year-old john histra. they believe he made unwanted sexual advances to a 25-year-old woman he offered do drive home. the victim told police he attempted to solicit sex. when she refused, he refused to let her out of the car for 45 minutes. the woman was not hurt. >> a once trusted aide to
5:34 pm
director m. night shyamalan is facing prison time for racking up thousands of dollars of clamps on a company credit card. authorities say he hired 34 year old selma codey to manage his rural chester county home. codey pled guilty to earlier this week to making 195 personal purchases on the card that he gave her for household expenses. she faces up to seven years in prison when she is sentenced in february. former hamilton township mayor is out of prison in a halfway house in philadelphia. he served more than 18 months of a 38 month sentence for accepting bribes. in exchange he promised that the broker's contract with the township school district would stay intact. he will finish his sentence in june. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter praising police commissioner charles ramsey and the rank and file for their handling of the recent protests in the wake of the michael brown and eric garner grand jury decisions. the mayor recorded a special message that was played at
5:35 pm
every district during roll call yesterday. he says he is proud of the work officers have done to keep demonstrators and the public safe. >> i ask that you continue to show the same professionalism that you've already shown in dealing with our local demonstrations as you protect and uphold the rights of activists to protest, even when their target appears to be law enforcement officers like you. >> the mayor added that the police department is setting a great example of how law enforcement and the community can work together. >> the backlash against police officers in the wake of the michael brown and eric garner decisions was on the minds of the philadelphia police academy's newest graduating class today and as "action news" reporter vernon odom tells us these officers are ready to hit the streets. >> ♪ >> reporter:. >> police cadet class number 369 a small group of 39 graduated today after eight months at the academy. this class is 20 percent
5:36 pm
black, latino and women. a diverse group ready to go during these days of anger about police behavior in ferguson and staten island and many other elsewheres. their leaders mentioned today the demonstrators most of them are not anti-cops. >> people aren't opposed to policing, just bad policing and as long as they conduct themselves properly, respect people, provide the best service they possibly can, they'll be just fine. >> there really is no reason for excessive force. there really isn't. i would have to agree with him. >> it shouldn't be to lated. >> reporter: this ceremony is the culmination of many dreams. rookie emmanuel folly doubles as a professional prize fighter four and zero with three knockouts. >> i come from an area where you see a lot of violence and drug activities so i want to be a positive for my city. >> reporter: for some it runs in the family. ricky william is following in his father's footsteps. >> very excited, very happy.
5:37 pm
i just can't wait to start my term. >> reporter: for new officer alanna this is the start of a career she is long want. >> just looking forward to serving the community. that's just been my aspiration since going up. i actually grew up in this area. >> reporter: class number 369 will get their assignments and hit the streets bright and early monday morning. they'll be disbursed over two of the town's busiest districts the 22nd and the 25th. at police headquarters, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> time to get another check on the traffic situation. matt pelman has the latest in the "action news" traffic center, hey, matt. >> hey guys. we're ending the week the way we spent much of it sitting in traffic. >> lovely. >> vine street expressway all is not fine on the vine this evening rick and monica. we had a vehicle fire eastbound approaching eighth street. they're still out there cleaning up in the right lane causing huge delays across town on the eastbound vine. still back onto the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway. this is the scene by girard. stick with the river drives instead, the eastbound side of 76 sitting at 54 minutes when
5:38 pm
it should be 14. between the blue route and the vine. meanwhile we're getting ready for the viewing for firefighter joyce craig tonight in west oak lane so broad street is closed. you could stay over on 611 old york road instead. i think that's going to be congested. ogontz avenue or took can canny creek parkway to be alternates. 95 delco locked up from namaans road though 32. accident taking out the left lane. 42 by 295 lot of construction scheduled this weekend. i would check to check the delays before you head out in this area. but have a good weekend, rick and monica. >> thanks a lot, matt. >> thank you. still ahead on "action news" tonight, you won't believe it and if you don't see it with your own eyes next we'll show you the heart stopping stunt one professional skier decided to record. it is wild. >> a local boxer who has found success in the ring is helping others in need this holiday season. we will show you and meteorologist melissa magee is in for adam tonight. >> hi rick. temperatures right now in philadelphia are in the lower
5:39 pm
40's but you see the warmer air off to our south and west. we'll try to tap into a piece of there in the seven-day forecast. details coming right up. >> plus, former phillies short stop larry bowa weighing in on rollins. >> first here's another holiday greeting from a local troop member serving overseas. >> ♪ >> has been holidays. chief master sergeant roger thornton with my wife jacqueline and my son derian we're stationed in korea sending a happy holidays to all my friends and family in philadelphia including my parents robert and christine thornton, all my siblings, the rivers and the performance and my brothers robert and ronald, their families and the rest of philadelphia christchurch. wishing you a happy holidays from here in korea. wish we could be there. we love you all. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays.
5:40 pm
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>> president obama talked football today on sports radio but the discussion took a serious turn. the president called into espn
5:43 pm
radio. the talk turned to the nfl and it's handing of the ray rice dom midwest tech abuse case. the president said the league was "behind the curve in setting policies for player behavior but hopes new rules will that send a clear message." >> i'm so glad we got more awareness about domestic violence. obviously the situation that happened in the rice family was unfortunate but it did lift up awareness that this is a real problem that we've got to root out and men have to change their attitudes and their behavior and it has to start young. >> last month ray rice was cleared to return to the nfl. >> speaking of sports former all-star philly short stop larry bowa talking about the reported trade of current rollins. >> more on that. hey jeff. >> hey guys. of course jimmy rollins headed to the los angeles dodgers. as tough as it is for phillies
5:44 pm
fans to see larry bowa tells "action news" today it's time to cut the cord and move on. bowa believes the phillies need more energy and more youth. we caught up with the phillies bench coach larry bowa today who was j. roll's first full time manager in 2001. bowa like many is sad to see j. roll go. he considers rollins the greatest short stop in team history and a possible hall of famer but bowa believes it's time to rebuild and move on from a guy who became a star under his watch. >> i got to see him mature and i remember the first game i went out there when i got appointed manager i went out to the fall league on watched him and i said wow this guy is going to be something special and obviously he did turn outer to be very special but just seeing him come from that first year to where he is now and all the records he's broken and m.v.p. world series, i mean everything that you can do on a baseball field jimmy rollins has done and i personally believe he still has a lot left.
5:45 pm
>> it will be strange to see j. roll in dodger blue. while the phillies are going this way, the eagles are hopefully going this way. that's right, mark sanchez believes the sky is the limit for the eagles but that means nothing if they don't take care of business against dallas. first place on the line sunday night at the linc the eagles do not expect to face the same cowboys team they carved up on thanksgiving. >> can't expect the same exact dallas team energy-wise and enthusiasm-wise. i think these guys know what's at stake and that last performance wasn't really indicative of the kind of at a length they have and the kind of coaching and players they have so we're expecting a great matchup. >> fresh on your mind because you just prepared for them so i think that's really good but i think more than anything, you know, with where we're at in the season and what's after stake it's a lot of excitement with that, too. >> can't wait for this game. two and nine sixers back in action tonight against the
5:46 pm
brooklyn nets and they get back tony wroten as well. wroten missed two weeks with that knee injury. andre is not with the sixers tonight. flyers looking for back to back wins for the first time in more than a month tomorrow against carolina. flyers hoping to get red hot at home after what appeared to be a terrible road trip. >> we had a huge win last night and we had a regular trip out west and there's a lot we can build on. we are very confident. >> flyers forward vinnie lecavalier day to day with a lower body injury. he could be out again tomorrow against carolina. back taigles in the studio. >> thank you jeff. a daredevil skier is lighting up the internet with a death defying drop that was caught on camera. check this out. codey towson wore a helmet cam for his trip down a vertical
5:47 pm
slope. at the narrowest point the chute spans only 6 feet. >> actually only until i dropped in and started going and realizing how fast i was going how narrow it was and how steep it was. truly it all came together like ooh, man, this is terrifying. >> wow. i can't even fathom it. the drop was taller than the empire state building, five football fields stacked on top of each other. codey made it outer unscathed in 16 seconds. how about that. >> no big deal. how about that. >> no big deal. [laughter] look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie, that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on!
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>> the action cam was there as the final touches were put on a winter attraction in wilmington and crews broke a sweat in the cold to finish the horizon services riverfront rink. the ice skating spot is just popped up. it opens to the public tomorrow and will offer family friendly cold weather fun through the month of february. and this holiday season we want to see how you have decked your halls whether your house is lighting up the block or has a more modest display take a picture or short video and send it to us on twitter instagram or vine using hashtag 6abc lights or you could post it to our facebook page at "action news." >> lot of folks will be hanging wreaths doing all kinds of decorating. how is the weather going to be. >> it will be nice, a little bit on the chilly side. conditions slowly improve. we'll talk about it. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar showing you it's
5:51 pm
dry and quiet on this friday evening so we'll show you the picture outside. action cam was outside earlier looking at fdr park there in south philadelphia and we did have a fair amount of cloud cover earlier today but as you can see from that picture, the clouds did break for some afternoon sunshine and it will turn partly cloudy and clear for the rest of tonight. the high temperature today in philadelphia 42 degrees. right now with that northwesterly wind coming in at 39, the poconos 26 degrees. lancaster 37. allentown the lehigh valley 36. sea isle city 39. in dover 40, same thing in millville. here's satellite 6 along with action radar. there's that area of low pressure. this is the same one that brought us that soaking rain earlier in the week and some snow showers north and west of town. still some lingering moisture over upstate new york and coastal sections of maine and new england but this will continue to depart to our north and east. high pressure to our south and west will work its way eastward and you can see clear skies moving across that region and that will filter in and braking break out all of this cloud cover as we get
5:52 pm
into the rest of tonight and into the weekend. speaking of the weekends there will be a lot things to watch and we'll talk about that in just a moment but as you look at the forecast and the setup tomorrow area of low pressure departs, sunshine and clouds saturday. winds out of the northwest at eight to 16 miles per hour. high temperature in the city 42 degrees. keep in mind average for this time of year is about 46 so slightly below average. on sunday partly sunny, a light breeze and at 45 degrees with those northerly winds high pressure over the ohio valley gets closer and closer to our area. so a lot of activity is going on, a lot of shopping to do before we get into the holiday season or at least complete it and a lot of things to watch up in the sky. the geminid meteors speak peak saturday night so watching out for meteors in sky. best viewing conditions would be midnight to dawn. at this time you can see 120 meteors per hour. if you don't want to look up look to the linc. eagles are at home on sunday in a prime time matchup against the cowboys. there's a lot at stake with this game. partly cloudy chilly and calm kick offaround eight:30.
5:53 pm
kickoff temperature 39 degrees. once we get into the fourth quarter temperature drops down 37. the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight partly cloudy, seasonably cool with a bit of a december chill. 31 in the city to 26 in the suburbs. you still have that northwesterly wind at six to 12 miles per hour. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. sunshine and clouds tomorrow. high temperature up to 42. on sunday partly sunny and at 45 degrees. on monday, some gradual and slow improvement. it's mostly sunny but up to 48 degrees. on tuesday, high temperature of 50 degrees and then an afternoon shower one likely with hanukkah beginning at sundown. i don't think you'll find a lost precipitation but late tuesday into wednesday our temperature knocks back down to 46 midweek. on thursday lots of sunshine and at 44 it is dry put chilly on friday. all in all weekend looking really nice guys. >> thanks melissa. stay on top of this changing winter weather with
5:54 pm n-weather. we're updating the hourly and seven-day forecast. storm tracker 6 will follow the path of any severe weather. you'll see videos from our meteorologists find it all right there right now at >> a philadelphia boxing champ hasn't forgotten his hometown during the holidays. christmas came early at the modell's store. danny garcia treated five families to a shopping spree. kids got to pick out cool sneakers sporting agree and boxing gloves. the champ wanted to take away some of the burden for cash strapped families this time of year. >> to give back. at the end of the day when you successful it's about giving back to where you're from, your community. it's the holidays. i know people need it and it's just a blessing. >> certainly is. officers from the police athletic league helped garcia connect with some of these very appreciative families.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> the philly phanatic led a
5:57 pm
convoy of toyota tundras on an important mission in south philadelphia. they're taking part in the tundra food drive hauling away hunger. it was a lot of heavy lifting but volunteers didn't mind one bit and the phanatic even got swoop from the eagles to join in on the fun. i guess he's in there somewhere. >> yeah, i didn't see him. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with this. formal farewell begins for fallen firefighter joyce craig. we're live as people gather to pay their last respects. >> a woman is found dead in the woods in burlington county. what police believe happened to the 59-year-old victim. >> we have an update tonight on philadelphia rapper beanie sigel after he was shot near the jersey shore. i'm monica malpass. have good night and a great >> good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> freeh night a contractor convicted of stealing millions from families in bucks county and a large fight inside chichester high school could lead to criminal charges. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the formal goodbye process for philadelphia firefighter joyce craig. grieving friends, colleagues and family are gathering at the batchelor brothers funeral services in west oak lane for the first of two viewings for the fallen firefighter. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is lie.
6:00 pm
annie, no doubt there will be a palpable sense of sorrow there tonight. >> reporter: and, jim, there already is and family friends and colleagues are describing two sides of joyce craig, one is a tough firefighter who was never afraid of danger, the other the devoted mother of two. well, tonight begins two days of remembering her. she was the first female firefighter from the city of philadelphia to die in the line of duty. a police escort brought the family members of fallen firefighter joyce craig to the batchelor brothers funeral home in west oak lane. they filed inside as craig's firefighter brothers and sisters greeted them on either side. the devoted mother leaves behind a 16-year-old son and 16 month old girl. the decorated firefighter put in 11 years with the philadelphia fire department beginning her career with the 178th cadet class. she worked her way up the ranks to her fourth and final station, engine 64.


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