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tv   Action News  ABC  December 14, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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we're still seeing clouds. fortunately we're expecting sun later this afternoon. drier air is starting to work its way into this system. and that shew give us a little bit of sun and milder temperatures by 2, 3:00 in the. >>, 41, milder start in philadelphia, down to low 30s this time. reading 44. lancaster 42. allentown 42. trenton 3. even poconos above freezing at 33. here's satellite and radar you can see the holes starting to take place here starting to develop within the cloud deck and that dry air continues to work the way south and east over the next five, six hours or so. we'll start out with a lot of clouds cover. gradually seeing increase in sunshine as the day wears on. temperatures above average for a change. 41, 43 by lunchtime and 45, 3:00, that is the high. back to 42 by 6, sun sets 4:37 big warm-ups in store for the delaware valley tuesday and wednesday. 50s and 60s showing up on front
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range. all this slides east. i'll have the details on this warm-up and i'll talk about developing coastal storm late in the week with the 7-day when i come back in a little bit. nydia. >> chris, thank you. the philadelphia fire marshall's office is investigating. >> whether there will be a suspicious blaze. it happened germ man town after 1bg. foyer fighters rescued four adults and 4-month-old baby girl from roof of back porch. infant and 52-year-old female were taken to einstein. both are in stable condition. investigators are looking into the homeowner's claim the fire was deliberately set. he told "action news" he was woke unby a big bang in the second floor bedroom and ran downstairs to see the entrance of the home in flames and he believes the blaze was ignited by fire only bombing. >> this is over two women and they fire bombed their house a week ago and this year mine. >> the philadelphia fire
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marshall says there has recently been ten fire related incidents next door two involved in close areas and red cross is looking for temporary shelter for the residence. >> two people are homeless after a fire in their home 300 block west godfrey avenue 1:00 this morning and they were able to put out the flames quickly and no one injured. >> a delaware family trying to come to terms with devastating loss this weekend. a loved one was killed when flames took over their home. heroic actions of two others may have kept it from being worse. now the community is rallying around this familiar limit "action news" reporter ken has the details. and the cause is under investigation it appears the fire is started in the back of the home and that's also where the children and grandmother were sleeping. smart phone video captured the intensity of this raging fire in lower chichester township. not the chaos as a father worked to save his five children and
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their grandmother. 62-year-old doris morgan. >> i'll race to the scene my brother called me and sister called him and said mommy is stuck in the house and they cannot get her out. >> mouring an living with multiple sclerosis was trapped in the roma round 7:30 a.m. saturday. her daughter sharaha ran for help and her husband and neighbor rescued children from the basement bedroom. >> it's one of the things you can't get out to look at the kids faces and her runging around and firing shootout of the back. it's one of the worst things i've ever seen. >> children ages 8, 6, 5, 3 and 1 suffered some injuries. their father, severe burns. but everyone made it to safety except morgan. >> he risked his own life to save his kids life and tried best to save my mother's life. i love him and respect that man
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so much. >> but there's more to this story. a few posted social media about neighbors resulted in this. donation force fire victims being gathered at lower chichester volunteer fire department. clothes and toys also filled up this woman's living room. >> it blows my heart seriously so many people come together at a time like this. >> morgan's daughter and son are thankful for the support and lives of their grandchildren. >> she would be happy, happy they were saved. she would rather herself go then let the kids go. >> family members say there was a space heater in this house and again the cause is under investigation. that father amad martin is in critical and stable condition at corzer-chester medical septemberer three out of five children are also still recovering and in that hospital this morning. to find out how to donate to the family head to our web site >> reporting in lower chichester township, kenneth moton, "channel 6 action news."
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>> in delaware police are looking for the driver of a free trimming truck following an accident that seriously damaged the house. it happened unit block of cotter lane could havenary development of newcastlele the tree trimming truck hit a parked chevy avalanche this morning. the force of the collision threw the truck into a home. they are looking at the damage to determine if the home is safe to live in. there's been no reports of any injuries. a car was smashed when struck by a septa train late last night it was left abandoned on the tracks and the train hit is in conshohocken. the train pushed the car two blocks from coming to a rest. everyone on board the train was okay and were shuttled to center city. >> a contractor allegedly charged with ripping off two homeowners in delaware. victor dell piano turned himself into authorities today. he took a total of 28,000 from two customers without completing
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work. he has been charged with two counts of home improvement fraud. if you think you're a victim of offshore gc contact newcastle county police. >> take a good look at man in this video. police are being ing for him. seen here in surveillance video robbing a cam citizen rite aid. this weekend it happened yesterday on the 1400 block of mount ephraim avenue. police say the suspect handed cashier threatening note and took off with cash from the register. if you recognize this man in the video you're urged to call camden police. >> the first hispanic woman to serve in new jersey legislature is headed back to trenton. nelson cruz perez worked in the seat vacated by donald norway cross. democratic candidate committee members from camden and gloucester county agreed open perez yesterday. >> the cost of filling up your car in new jersey could be going up. some new jersey lawmakers are disksing raising gas taxt.
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many residents don't leak the idea of paying more at the pump. recent quinnipiac university poll showed 58% of residents opposed raising the gas tax. 39% support the idea. the transportation committee has been holding hearings to raise awareness of the need for revenue for infrastructure projects. >> gas prices in our area continue to fall. right now the afternoon in the philadelphia area is $2.79. drivers in south jersey are paying $2.47. in delaware gas is average of $ 2.65. national average at 2 3# 55. >> big match-up tonight at lincoln financial field eagles face dallas cowboys on home turf and first place is at stake in the game. cowboys arrived in center city last night. owner jerry jones signed autografts as he stepped off the bus. a thanksgiving day show down in dallas. rivalry heats up again tonight. a win for eagles put them firmly
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in first place in the nfc east. kickoff is at 8:30. >> we'll help you get started with eagles game day kickoff ducis rogers hosts starting 11:30. >> philadelphia youth football team overturned today hoisting championship trophy. philadelphia raiders has dream come true at disneyworld. they won first ever pop warner super bowl. raiders beat a new pretty an connecticut tem 26-6. norm west celebrates their big win today at noon, 1100 east shellton avenue. >> good job. >> more to come on this sunday morning edition of "action news" a birthday to remember. twins born this weekend unique birthdays. >> and also ahead incredible long journey one manmade to get injuredel at that point the help it needed. >> and a live look for sky6hd at cape may. little cloudy out there today. meteorologist chris sowers has your exclusive accuweather 7-day
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forecast. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. when will the sun come out ? >> parts of new jersey were
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shaking from a small earth quake this weekend. u.s. gee logical survey says 1.9 magnitude quake hit in the area 17 miles southeast of trenton yesterday morning and some people in monmouth and ocean county reported feeling it there have been no reports of injuries or damage.
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earthquakes in new jersey are rare and usually very small when they do occur. >> still crazy. >> stereo system rattles louder than one point nine. >> you enjoy that. >> and lets go live on sky6. very long time ago. here's the view in atlantic city and quite a bit of cloud cover out there once again this morning. what we're seeing again today is winds are starting to shift. more westerly direction and therefore yes we'll pick up a lot of clouds during morning hours and hopefully during the afternoon we'll get sunshine in here. temperatures moderate. dew point winds are calm. , speaking of moderating reading is sitting at 44. this is lord warming than where you were all of yesterday, allentown 4 2. millville 37, trenton 39, poconos you're above freezing at 33. drier air right here.
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you can see the holes in the clouds right there. just east of toronto. dry air will continue to shift south and east. so as this coastal storm here which is just sat here all week long as this finally begins to pull away it will take that dry air south along with it. all this will shift east. you can clearly see the drier air across the great lakes. we have improving conditions over the next 24 to 36 hours and yes i know we said i would see a lot of sunshine yesterday and i guess the storm got a little stubborn here and sitting again. but it's been sitting all week long. this was actually tuesday's nor'easter came barreling up the eastern sea board and then it did loop like that and it's starting to pull away. really it's a block right here and it's forced low to kind of me ander about. there's no steering mechanism for this. each and every day clouds, tuesday soaking rains, wednesday showers, thursday snow showers, friday and saturday lots of clouds. it's all thanks to this block up here. block is finally breaking down. this is finally pulling away and
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again conditions will improve as we get to monday, tuesday and wednesday. you can clearly see foe follow the direction of the clouds here clearly see what is going on. all of this, this is mild air. right in through here. actually chicago at this hour is lord close to 50. so all of this will pull east. chicago sitting at 46. we're at 41. it's rare they're actually milder than we are here. front range 50s 60s. mild air pushing east that pattern change as we get to next five to seven days then watch coastal storm possibly for sunday of the upcoming weekend. there's pacific high not canadian high pacific high this time around fairly chilly out there now and overall this brings milder air to the pattern and get into monday and this storm system pulls east this pulls into the region tuesday than is rag eddie looking storm system. there's not much to it. all we're talking about is clouds out there and scattered
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showers late until the day through the evening hours. then we get into wednesday and thursday and everything clears out again looking good. so for today, morning clouds. i want to stress the word some. i have confidence we'll see the sun later on. we'll put the word some in there to be safe. 45 degrees. forecasted high today and overnight tonight partly cloudy and cold, 28, outlying suburbs cold center city. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast partly sunny monday, 47. latest information has monday and tuesday in the 50s now. for now accuweather has 47 and 48, i'm are way it will be milder out there. rain developing late on tuesday. wednesday looks good. 52. thursday sunshine cooler 42. friday, 40 and saturday, saturday night into sunday that's next coastal storm and right now there's -- it's borderline like last one was with the cold air. if you were to take the latest forecast information as is rights now it would show rain for with big cities and snow for western suburbs and of course
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we'll watch it closely it week, eva. >> thanks, chris. >> don't forget you can take the new with you wherever you go the new smart design changes lay yot of any device including tablets and smart phone no matter how small or large your screen. check it out visiting any time, any where. >> a man in thailand walked 400 thois miles. with anel at that point. he arrived yesterday. theel faptd suffered serious injuries to right foot after it stepped on land mine near the border. once the pair arrived at the conservation area veterinarian treated elephant's foot and gave it antibiotics the man stayed with the elephant while it was with the elephant while it was being treated. pass
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>> welcome back sunday 9:18, 40 degrees. live look at penn's landing
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irish american memorial day. >> "healthcheck" this morning a new stroke treatment getting thumbs up from researchers. in recent years doctors began using catheters to get to the side of a blood brain clot to remove the clot. somewhere concerned this method could cause bleeds oing the brain. this new study says it's safe within severe cases even within six hours of stroke. >> getting the right amount of sleep protects physical and mental health. quality of sleep and brain health m people with sleep apnea have lower levels of ox gej in their blood and decreases development of brain tissue lesions abnormality linked to development of dementia and found spending less time in deep sleep increased likelihood of leaving brain cells associated with dementia. results of the study can be found in journal of neurology. >> it may be known as happenest time of the year for many it's
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most stressful time. that's because there's a mad rush to buy gifts. make dinners, attend party and other activities. for many it can be overwhelming. heightened stress can lead to unhealthy behaviors, over eating, over drinking and not getting enough sleep. >> first expectations you put on yourself we always cause ourselves more stress than anybody else does and secondly, it's the cultural pressure to get just the right gift for everyone. >> psychologist dr. mckee says give yourself a break the holidays don't have to be perfect and make a plan, create a schedule and list for shopping to help you feel more in control. exercise can also help. and try to focus on the parts of the season that you do like. >> it will be really easy to remember birthday of set of twins born this weekend in kick chick that's because an abell and evelyn dickinson were born
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yesterday december 13, 2014, 12/13/14 for all babies born on the 13th congratulations parents deposit try to work the numbers in their favor they were born naturally. it will be another 20 years before we have another it will be another 20 years before we have another sequential date january 2, 203 skippy!!
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on the west coast. they continue to get hammered day after day. the latest storm is in gulf of alaska. this will barrel through during the late afternoon hours. we're not seeing tropical connection here but we're dealing with heavy rains. these storms are riding pacific jet. they're actually coming offer couldn't nent of asia coming across pacific and slamming west coast and get a load of rainfall totals over the past week northern california san francisco 7.5 and nap aairport 7.07 and sacramento and eureka over 5. that's more rain in one week than during the entire year. and wind gusts category three hurricane strength. white mountain 113 and slide mountain 112 miles per hour. >> wow. >> if you have been putting off holiday shopping kohls will be there for you. it will open doors for 100 straight hours beginning this friday. doors will open 6 a.m. on 19th
9:25 am
and remain open through 6 p.m. christmas eve. shoppers will likely see a blizzard of sales leading up to christmas which can account up to 40% of retailers annual sales. mean while all major shimming companies are taking extra steps to ensure packages make it on time this year. ups has hired 95,000 hospital day workers to help deliver estimated 585 million packages. fedex added 50,000 more workers for holiday rush including 15 full time meterologists who kill keep an ion weather. u.s. post office expects to handle 15 million cards, let'sers and parcels and 470 million packages and to help with rush usps added expanded sunday service. if you want your cards to riff on time get them out by this saturday. >> the holiday spirit is alive and well and in wichita, kansas.
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when she went off to payoff her lay away items her balance was paid for. she was one of several families on receiving end of kindness from a total stranger. clark is grateful sure granddaughter will have a nice christmas after going through a rough patch. >> i cried there's so much that went on you know and it's been a rough year. and to know somebody would step in not even know us and do that, it's pretty special. >> the acts of kindness shown to you today -- >> secret santa left a note asking beneficiaries to pay it forward and perform one act of kindness a week for the entire year. >> for music stars to actors to billionaires they make up barbara walters ten most fascinating people and barbara is callingier's special best yet. she emerged from retirement for this special. it features prominent people including scarlett johansson and
9:27 am
michael strahan. it's filled with more than celebrities. she began doing the ten most fascinating people special in 1993. as always you have to watch to find out who came in number one. it's all coming up tonight at 9:00 right here on 6abc. >> interested to see how they all stack up. >> yeah. >> there's more to come sunday morning edition of "action news" and first for first state new designation for state of delaware as soon as president obama puts his signatures on a new bill. >> and singing for a record? these carrollers are trying to spread holiday cheer and get special recognition. those stories and more plus meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when "action have the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when "action news" continues
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the nest learning thermostat. welcome to a more thoughtful home. >> the linc is the stapling for a show down between the eagles and the cowboys. >> meteorologist chris sowers joins us outside with a look at accuweather, hey, chris. >> hey, no problems on the weather fronts at least not that morning. we're seeing cloudy skies. temperatures are on the milder
9:30 am
side. take a look at numbers right now. we're close to 40 lord in slatington and quakertown and fleetwood, 39, coatsville 40, pottstown 41, chester and center city both showing 40, kennett square 37. it certainly could be colder out here. we're seeing milder air for a change. glassboro sitting at 40 and hammonton roughly 36. satellite and radar we need a little sunshine. we have not seen sunny day since monday and actually monday we go all the way back to monday. that clouded up quickly. it's been about a week. if you look at the top of your screen we're seeinging clearing over buffalo and binghamton and that's drier air working its way south into the tri-state hopefully it arrives sometime around lunchtime and we can clear the cloud deck out and get some sunny raise out here. clouds and sun. that's the call from accuweather for today. accuweather feels as though we see sunshine later on and temperature-wise it will be seasonable high of 45 degrees.
9:31 am
normal high is 4. no weather issues today. if heading to lincoln financial field, 8:30 start time eagles taking on cowboys, no weather issues for this as well shew be a calm evening, chilly, calm, no harsh wind chills to deal with. kickoff temperature 39 and by 4th quarter numbers drop down top mid 30s. again no weather issues out here today. tomorrow looks good. we moderate as we head into tuesday and wednesday. i'll talk more about that with the 7-day forecast when i come back in a few minutes, eva. >> thanks, chris. >> two philadelphia police officers are recovering this morning after they were involved in a nasty crash overnight. and "action news" is on the scene here on the 4500 block of frankford avenue in city frankford section. police say a car slammed into the police van which was responding to a call. the collision caused suzanne to spin around and smash into abutment to l train. both were rushed to temple university hospital and are now in stable condition.
9:32 am
>> us push us early morning house fire in germantown forced five residents and baby to flee to second floor porch roof. the baby grandmother got the child to ambulance for treatment and they were both taken to hospital for evaluation and firefighter rescued everyone from the house on east koulter street. the homeowner told "action news" someone threw a fire bomb into the fronts door of the house and he believes it's connect todd ongoing conflict between estranged boyfriend and couple of women. the philadelphia fire marshall says there's been fire related incidents next door. >> tens of thousands of people flooded streets across the country this weekend in protests of police violence aimed at african americans. the march was intended to call attention to high profile deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police in missouri and new york. organizeers are calling on congress to take action. abc's baja kanani has more on the protests. >> tens of thousands taking to
9:33 am
the streets for a day of protesting police brutality and racial discrimination. >> this is a catalyst and this is people keep march and talking. >> from berkley to new york and to boston where please arrested 23 people trying to block traffic. main march headed right to u.s. capitol. >> this is easily largest of these protests we've seen in recent weeks and protesters out here today a say this is the most important one good if they don't see this and make a change i don't know what we have to do. >> the mother of michael brown joining other grieving families calling for new laws and special prosecutors for cases like theirs. >> we have to come here and please they fix this broken justice system. >> protesters vowing to keep this movement moving forward. "abc news," washington. >> the st. louis prosecutor released hundreds of pages of documents in connection with
9:34 am
police shooting of michael brown and transcripts of interview with a friend boun brown was with that day. prosecutor michael said the documents were somehow overlooked and the transcript shows johnson was consistent in what he told police after the shooting and what he later told the grand jury. johnson said brown never reached for officer wilson's gun and brown's hands were up when wilson shot himself more times on the street. >> today marks second anniversary uv mass shooting at sanityy hook elementary school in newton, connecticut. 20 children and sex educators were killed when adam lanta opened fire on the school. he shot and killed his own mother before carrying out his rampage and later killed himself. there will be no public rememberance in town. the town is looking for a permanent merge ourial for victims. construction is underway on a new school the original building that housed sandy hook was pulled down shortly after the
9:35 am
slootings. >> an update this morning on shooting outside port land, oregon high school a man is behind bars arelationed in connection with that shooting from friday. 22-year-old murphy was charged with parole violation and could face more charges. police say he's a person of interest in the shooting. meantime a 16-year-old girl wounded in that attack has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. two others remain hospitalized in fair condition. >> tragedy struck a power house college in alabama. auburn university freshman decall mitchell was shot at an apartment complex near the cap pus. circumstances are still unknown. he was red shirt freshman for auburn tigers ranked 17 best tight end in country in high school. the shooting happened at the same apartment complex where two former auburn players were killed the summer of 2012. >> authorities say two dangerous criminals are on the run after escaping from alabama prison. de marcus witnessard, jamaal
9:36 am
coburd and another kaipd. they pretended think were sick to prick the trizon guard. they recap toured gordon behind bars for robbery. the other two are facing murder charges and remain on the run. >> new at 9:00, russia is denying one of its military jets came dangerously close to passenger jet in the skies over sweden. swedish officials say the russian aircraft turned off restoppeders to avoid you commercial rare day and came close to colliding with a jet that just had taken off. russia insists the military jet was plying at a safe distance from civilian flights. >> a one trillion spending bill is on its way to president obama desk after it passed senate during a rare saturday night session. they voted 56-40 for long term funding bill and it was main item last on congress year end agenda it provides money for
9:37 am
entire government through september 30th. >> jeff bush is macking a move that seems to have him closing to making a move to president. he will release 250,000 e-mails from years as governor he hopes material dating from 1999 to 2007 will make him and his stand transparent. he said he is also working on electricic book. he'll soon make a decision about running for president. >> president obama announced he'll joint base mcgir new jersey base to welcome home troops from afghanistan tomorrow. >> that's because this month our combat mission in afghanistan will be over. it's coming to responsible end. >> the president added that the end of the combat mission does not mean end to helping afghanistan maintain national security or prevent terrorist from building bases in that
9:38 am
country. >> a big welcome home for a local hero this weekend. "action news" was there as procession led the ray forearmy special libl kevin holmes after he returned from nine month deployment in afghanistan. his family and friends came to welcome him. he was also presented with military service medal by the camden county freeholders. >> a big surprise for bucks county police officer and his family who were burned out of their home. police motorcade joint santa clause in lower pottsgrove to deliver a check and gifts to detective ernie morris his home was destroyed last week in a blaze allegedly started by his neighborhood. his family lost nearly everything just before the holidays. >> and my family is together and we'll get through this. we lost property that's it. but, this is just what makes me feel good about what i do and my fellow brothers and sisters i work with. >> donations were also made during the winter dance at pottsgrove middle school wednesday night and all the
9:39 am
money will be donate todd de tickettive morris and his family. >> delaware getting first national park thanks to a bill headed to obama's death. the senate passed legislation that will create the first state national historical park. continues included sites are from last year's delaware first state national monument and the sites included woodlawn trustees property near wilmington and old newcastle courthouse and dover green. delaware was only state without a national park. >> very good. there's more to come on sunday morning edition of "action news" gearing up for a show down at the linc. eagles okay on the cowboys. >> homes are buried up the windows and moupd of rock and debris following a monster storm out west. looking through sky6. meteorologist chris sowers has your exclusive accuweather 7-day meteorologist chris sowers has your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when we come back. 3 easy steps.
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>> more bodies pulled from the mudd and debris from a mudd slide in central indonesia. officials say 32 people were killed in the disaster and another 76 are still missing. the landslide on side of mountain buried more than 100 homes and 2,000 workers and volunteers are frantically digging for remaining victims. heavy rains triggered the flood. >> california monster rainstorm is blamed for this rock slide in camrio springs 50 miles west of loss ankle less. you can see rock and debris slammed into 13 homes in the area. the houses are deemed unsafe to live in now. some roads in the state including structure of pacific coast highway remain blocked by mudd and rock. >> boy. >> pretty you much stuff out there. >> on positive they put a serious dents in the drought that was years on end. fort fatsly there's good news to come out of this. live open sky6 we'll get you started with view of blue cross skating rink ice rink in penn's landing and this mayp be
9:43 am
something to do today. eagles game 8:340 start time. temperatures mild. maybe you want to take part in ice skating later on. i might actually really considering doing this later this afternoon. nice afternoon out there. temperatures in the 40s. 41 in philadelphia. dew point 0. air starting to dry out. which is good news. this number continues to drop and you'll see some sunshine later on. winds are calm. pressure reading 29.7" andty a look at this week. what a terrible week it's been. lot of clouds, rain tuesday, showers wednesday, snow thursday, more clouds friday, temperatures never even got close to normal. normal by monday was 49. it dropped down to 47 for friday. we had a couple days stuck in the 30s for highs and yesterday really was not all that better either, 42 in philadelphia, mided town 42. glassboro 42. poconos 30. if you are someone who enjoyed milder weather this has not been a good week for you.
9:44 am
today milder. lord seeing temperatures in the 40s. if we can get that sun we'll bust through that 45 or 346 degree range. it could be a good afternoon to get the sunshine in there. allentown 43. trenton 49, 44. poconos 33. out west our far western suburbs 8 to 10 warmer than he we were this time time yesterday. that's rest of the air. their seasonal averages here chicago normal high this time of year is 35. lord at 46. detroit normal high this time of year is 37 and they're lord at 47. again this air mass is roughly 8 to 12 above average and that's eric mass that is pushing east. our normal high is right around 45. if it holds we'll see temperatures in the 50s here. monday, tuesday, wednesday, and looking at the satellite and radar image you can clearly see everything moving north. there's no reason for me to believe that this won't have
9:45 am
difficult time pushing east. so it looks like moderating trend is on the way. future tracker 6 got to get rid of cloud cover here being stubborn, modeling is showing stubborn through midday. hopefully 1, 2:00 this afternoon skies open up a bit and see sunshine before the sun sets at 4:37 this arch. partly cloudy overnight tonight and monday complete opposite starting out with sunshine and then clouds build later in the day as another storm system approaches. looking at water sa vapor if we get the sunshine it will depend on this storm here. last few aimths clearly pushing east and if it continues to pull east we'll get into that dry slot and see sunshine later on. we get into tuesday, start with clouds tuesday afternoon. next system arrives and it's all green here no cold air actually going all the way out west aos cot western great lakes with this storm system to pick up wintery precipitation for that. tuesday system will be rain. for today, morning clouds, maybe afternoon sunshine.
9:46 am
we'll call it seasonable. 43 reading and 45 philadelphia and millville 45 cape may 46 atlantic city topping out 47 and dover 46. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 47 tomorrow. 48 turs. 52 wednesday latest forecast information actually has all three days now in 50s. we'll see how that pans out. feeling better out there the last few days cooler for thursday, 4 2. increasing clouds you friday, 40. cloudy and cold we'll post for now on saturday. forecast models show another pretty good coastal storm and again you take model information as is right now it shows rain for big cities and snow for western suburbs. >> thank you, chris. >> don't forget you can take the new with you wherever you go and smart design changes lay yot to fit any device including tablets and smart phone. check it out by visiting any time anywhere. >> people have been flocking to one central wisconsin post office to get a very specific stamp on holiday cars and
9:47 am
packages and that's because the post off is located in the town of rudolf wisconsin and estimated 10,000 people will send holiday items through town with famous stamp. post office is placeing a stamp on each and every passage with a picture of rudolf. >> they get mail all over this time of year so it will receive time of year so it will receive that special true sdol of stamp skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun!
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>> a cloudy day looking live sky6hd on atlantic city now with wind out there. 41 right now. and eagles are getting ready to tackle cowboys in a shou show down for first place. flyers are on a winning streak of sorts and sixers hope to have more over time jeff skversky has
9:50 am
sports. >> 'tis the season to beat up open the boys. eagles won nine of last ten games against cowboys in month of december including nfc east title last year it's again on the line tonight at the linc. here's cowboy owner jerry jones signing autografts hopefully not for eagle fans last night. he comes to town with best record perfect 6-0. chip kelly expects a better fights from tony romo and de marky murray tonight after shutting them down. >> it's not about the individual player it's about the team if we put sole focus on murry and romo and not worry about bryant and witten and the others they'll beat you because they're talented at other positions. >> flyers fans started eagles chance at the end of it. maybe it's time to get excited for the hockey team, too, they would two straight for the first time in over a month.
9:51 am
ply flyers fans finally happy as they beat up on klooip. he has the most points in all of hockey. and first ever nhl goal there you government what a reaction. flyers won 5-1. eight points in the last five games. >> sixers looking for first win at home last night. that's will smith in the house. they good jiggy with it in memphis. sixers up 18. largest lead of the year. they blow it. griz liz come all the way back. conley has "the buzzer". wow are you kidding me. going owe over time. ot sixers without a basket until final seconds. conley not having that problem. scores 22 of 6 points 4th quarter on sixers lost 120-1 15 only team in fba without a w at home. >> that's a gut wrenching loss. that's a fact.
9:52 am
and i feel for those guys. >> perhaps sixers will get that first w at home tomorrow against the boston celtics. that's sports. i'm jeff skversky. have a good day. >> one of connecticut town is really in the holiday spirit. >> residents of the small town of walcot gathered in terms of trying to set a new record to spread holiday cheer. they're hoping to get a spot in guinness book of world records for most christmas carrollers in the same place at the same time and the record is 1822 carrollers no word if the nokz there broke that record. >> looks like a big crowd. meteorologist chris sowers takes a look at the exclusive accuweather forecast in a moment. accuweather forecast in a moment. we'll be right
9:53 am
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>> inside story is next on 6abc tamala edwards is next with 'preview. >> we dig in senate intelligence committee report on cia and torture tactics was it right thing to do. report seems to suggest tactics were brutal, dishonest and most of all not effective. the cia has come out guns blazing saying what they did saved lives. our panel different point of view on this issue and we take a look at developments in the mayor's race in philadelphia. dwight evans saying he's not getting in and somebody else saying they're not getting in but getting into a race and what is darrell clarke doing all that and more coming up on inside story. >> one more check of accuweather. sunshine later today. highs pop out in mid 40s. 45 later this afternoon and
9:56 am
normal is 46. right around average. eagles game doesn't look like issues for this 8:30 start time temperatures upper 30s. winds calm. 47 tomorrow. partly sunny. 48 tuesday, clouding up, could be rain late in the day. milder wednesday, 52 and maybe coastal storm which obviously meteorologist david murphy will walk you through that during the course of the week. that could arrive next weekend. >> all right. >> this week with george stephanopoulos is coming up later on 6abc. >> filling in for george and close call between the russian military jet and passenger plane near sweden here's martha with a preview. >> good morning, eva, needia. russia sending a spy plane dangerously close toe passenger jet and how will west respond and torture report released this week. we'll ask tough questions with former cia director michael haden about the gruesome details and the 26 men would were wrongly detained.
9:57 am
then a government shutdown avoided jeff bush gives hipts on 20 16 and is family feud brewing for democrats. our power house round table takes on that and all the week's politics many all coming up this week, eva, nydia, back to you. >> thank you, martha. >> "action news" continues at noon. here are the stories we're working on for i a philadelphia man says home was fire bombed this morning sending five people including baby kneeing from the home. we'll have the latest on the investigation. >> and area school is taking a fresh lola approach to school lunches. hear what the restaurant have to say about the healthy food. >> for chris sowers, eva pilgrim, i'm nydia han have a pilgrim, i'm nydia han have a great morning we'll see you at how do they do it?
9:58 am
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an's lone ascene >> a new report says cia was brutal, dishonest and ineffective in torture tactics cia says we saved lives. let's gets the inside story. god round. you can good morning and welcomo inside story. i'm tamala edwards. let's introduce you to the panel first up jim eisenhower ur. >> good morning. >> marketing dom giordano talk show host. >> good morning. >> in addition to the panel pedro ramos many flow src and local attorney. >> good morning happy to be here. >> good to have you and executive brian attorneyy good morning. >> good morning. >> let's jump into cia report. it kaimd out they looked at millions of documents contemporaneously coming out of a.


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