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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 15, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. breaking news. standoff. a hostage crisis many sydney. an armed gunman holding thostags in a busy cafe. captives forced to raise an islamic flag in the window. five people manage to run to freedom. tourist sites evacuated. flights diverted. a big new threat from the hackers who have exposed some of sony's secrets. what is the christmas surprise they have planned? and abc news exclusive. >> i'm trusting you, brother. can i trust you? >> yeah, you can trust me. >> the secret audio tapes in the
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adrian peterson scandal. what league officials told him as the nfl star files a lawsuit today against the nfl. only on "gma." bill cosby breaking his silence. >> they don't like me talking to the media. >> speaking out for the first time. what he things about how he's been treated in the press. and what he think of his wife. the tape only on "gma." and good morning, america. what a tense situation in australia right now. the nation's biggest city under siege. look at the police road block. the gunman just 100 yards away as midnight approaches in that city right now. they've been tense all day long. >> more than 12 hours into the standoff. five of the hostages managing to escape. you can see the fear on her
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face. >> the crisis began in the morning rush hour. at the heart of the holiday shopping season. brian ross is here with the latest. this is sydney's times square. >> reporter: you're right, george. this is 12 hours after the hostages were taken. the scene in australia remains highly tense at this hour. in a dramatic scene in the last now hours, at least five hostages managed to get free. apparently released by the gunman as part of negotiations with the police. >> we have the very best negotiators in the world on the job. >> reporter: the gunman struck at 9:30 on a monday morning in the heart of sydney. australia's equivalent of times square. >> a woman just shouted out he has a gun. everyone starting running away. >> reporter: hostages caught inside the lindt coffee house were forced to the window, told to put their hands up.
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some forced to display a black flag with arabic writing. a man was seen throughout the day using a female hostage as a shield. police said the man was known to them but did not elaborate. >> i saw the gunman. quite tall. probably late 40s. long white-sleeved shirt on. a black vest. very calm. >> reporter: at least two female hostages were allowed to make contact with an australian television reporter. >> the first one, as i spoke to her, the gunman was relaying his demands through her. there were a long list. number one was that he wanted to speak to someone in authority. namely the prime minister. quite a few other demands. >> reporter: as police brought in food to the cafe and tried to wait out the gunman, the surrounding area was on lock down. the nearby famed sydney opera house canceled performances.
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qantas sacanceled flights over e city. americans in australian warned to maintain a high level of vigilance. the prime minister asked people to remain calm and go about their business. >> we have to appreciate that there are people who would wish to do us harm. >> reporter: so far, police say, none of the estimated 15 hostages have been harmed. it is now nighttime in australia. reporters on the scene say the lights in the cafe have been shut off. it's not clear why. many of the hostages are using cell phones to send maumgs that police have asked not be made public. the messages are being described as disturbing and distressing the. >> we'll talk to a reporter on the seen. simon boda, for 9 news australia. please set the scene for us, simon. >> reporter: well, what you can see me hyped me is basically a
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deserted street. it's eerily calm. the cafe is is 150 yards down the road. the police negotiators have established contact with the gunman inside that cafe. they say they have been in contact with him for some hours. they're talking to him now. the key to this is a peaceful resolution to get the hostages out safe and sound. as we saw, five hostages managed to escape under their own steam earlier today. it was dramatic. the negotiators at that stage. communications have re-established with the gunman. what we know at this point is that those continuing negotiations will go on through the night. >> we're hopeful for peaceful resolution. can you describe the area for us where this is happening? >> reporter: well, it's in a place call martin place. it's a pedestrian mall.
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it would have been crowded with business people, shoppers. and the reserve bank of australia is here. at the top of martin place is the state government head quarters. the reserve bank is here. this is a, i guess a hub of the city. where a lot of the business is done. half of the cbd has been closed for the past 13 hours and will remain closed until this is resolved. >> simon boda with 9 news australia. thank you. let's bring in martha raddatz and matthew olson. martha, let me begin with you. the nerve center of sydney. this is a threat that has every capital in the world on edge the. >> that's true, george. this is the new terror. one man, one gun, one flag can shut down a city, get presidents called, get worldwide attention.
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isis may have nothing to do with this. this is the kind of take that would like to see any radicals carry out. go to a place that gets attention with a tv network across from them, but one that everyone can identify with. can look at the images and say, that could be me. that is the definition of terrorism. >> isis may have nothing to do with this. but they have posed a threat to australia. >> this has been a concern for some time in australia. back in september, an isis leader and spokesperson called for australian muslims to carry out attacks like this. we know that for example 70 australians have actually travelled to syria to join yis isis according to security officials. >> how about here in the u.s.? have u.s. officials identified
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individuals here that might be willing and able to carry out isis-inspired attacks? >> at any time, we're tracking several dozen people that may have indicated an interest in carrying out an take. but the problem is individuals could be off the radar. they might not set off any of the trip wires to give the fbi advanced warning. a huge response from hoeshl media this morning. the hashtag i'll ride with you. a show of solidarity. people in religious attire could be harassed. so many people are tweeting and offering to ride with them. >> we're going to get to the latest on the sony scandal. the company's ceo holding a town hall with its employees today over the leaked e-mails. the hackers releasing more
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information over the weekend. threatening the worst is yet to come. cecilia vega has more. >> reporter: another day, another embarrassment for cyber information. this morning, sony under fire once again. the hackers calling themselves guardians of peace striking over the weekend, reportedly threatening to deliver an ominous christmas gift, a release of more stolen files promising to put sony into its worse state yet. >> hard to believe they could be bracing for much worse. but i bet they are. >> reporter: this as more embarrassing hollywood secrets are released. >> bond. james bond. >> reporter: an early version of the newest 007 movie, "spectrers" stolen, just as
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filming is set to begin. >> it could cost upwards of $100 million to clean up the mess. >> reporter: the flood of stolen data covering everything from social security numbers to salaries. some e-mails show two execs mocking will smith's children. one e-mail bashing leonardo dicaprio for pulling out of a movie. and a sensitive george clooney upset about bad reviews of the monuments men. sony sending a letter to news organizations including abc news asking them to delete and avoid publishing stolen information. they're trying to keep the studio from releasing "the interview." >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea? >> reporter: that comedy still set for release on christmas day. the fbi now reportedly advising
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employees on how the manage the leak of their personal information. the town hall is led by the ceo today. all eyes watching to see what he has to say. >> thank you. now to suspended nfl star adrian peterson. the players' union expected to file a lawsuit on his behalf this morning. abc news has a recording of peterson and a top league official. ryan smith is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, robin. nfl star adrian peterson claimed the league promised him a two-game suspension from the nfl not the indefinite ban he's serving now after losing his appeal on friday. a league whose words betray their actions. >> i'm trusting you, brother. can i trust you? >> yeah, you can trust me. >> reporter: this morning, did the nfl make a promise to vikings star adrian peterson
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that it didn't keep? >> i get the two games? >> yeah. >> reporter: peterson's lawyers claim this november 12th phone call shows nfl executive troy vincent promising spiterson a two-game suspension instead of the indefinite ban handed down just six days later. >> it will be two additional game, not time served. >> no, no, no, no. it won't -- the one this weekend. so really, it's just next week and you -- you -- you -- you -- you're rolling. you're back. >> okay. >> reporter: the six-time all-pro who pleaded no contest with no jail time for beating his 4-year-old son with a switch lost his suspension appeal friday. at that hearing, his lawyers claim the league retaliated against the former nfl mvp for failing to meet with the league day before he was suspended. a meeting his lawyers say was not required under league rules.
7:13 am
on that phone call, vincent seems to say that meeting is key. >> two games? >> yeah, that is -- but you cannot -- you got to -- you've got to act -- just go through the process. >> reporter: later on the call, he seems to make a plea to the suspended superstar. >> i gave you my word the other day. i think we looked at each other and -- in my heart, i'm praying that we can just get your family restored and get you back on the field so that you can continue to be the ball player, the citizen, the father, the husband that god has called you to be. you've done a lot paid, paid the price. and i think everybody is -- everybody understands that. >> reporter: at peterson's appeal, vincent denied making promises. saying i didn't promise adrian anything. the appeals officer appointed by
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roger goodell agreed, saying vincent wasn't speaking for the nfl but trying to help mr. peterson put this issue behind him and get back to his life, his family, and football. we reached out to the nfl for comment. it sent us to the appeal's officer's decision in which he said he did not have enough evidence to conclude it was retaliation against peterson. >> and ryan, from a legal standpoint, what is your take on all this? >> reporter: i think the federal lawsuit will have a tough time. they have to prove serious misconduct on behalf of the appeals officer. gnat that's a little bit far afield. this is the last chance to get him back this year. >> thank you, ryan. now amy has the other top stories. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news. overnight, the last of three dangerous inmates who escaped from an alabama jail has been capture papd call on a tip line helped u.s. marshals track
7:15 am
demarcus woodard to an apartment building 100 miles from where they escaped from prison. a second inmate was cop chured outside a movie neerpt the third at miss grandmother's house. police making an arrest in the case of a murdered auburn football player. mitchell's girlfriend says he was arguing at a party with man before a third man opened fire. new science that jeb bush is preparing to run for if white house. he's speaking today in south carolina. he's also planning to release 250,000 e-mails from his time as goch governor of florida. dramatic rescue. a rescue swimmer dropped from a helicopter to a disabled boast
7:16 am
before helping the sailor out of the water and to safety. he had been stranded for ten hours. and explosive scene near detroit all for a good cause. it took a few seconds for a 17-story office building to come down. the local college that owned it au auctioned off the chance to press the button. a recent grad paid $12,000 for that thrill. finally, his royal cutens, melting hearts around the world. will and kate releasing three adorable photos of prince george, showing off his irresistibly ro irresistibly irresistibly rosy cheeks. apparently, the royal couple released the photos to thank the media for not including on baby george. i like that. >> that was their way of saying
7:17 am
thank you. they've been very respectful. i love that it wasn't a professional photographer. it was somebody from their staff. just very natural. >> and not an ugly christmas sweater. >> and it's already sold out, too. already sold. just like mama. whatever he wears, sold out. thank you, amy. severe weather all the way around. >> we were. now a tornado in kansas. that's where we'll start. harper county, kansas. that's kansas. but this time of year, they don't get a whole lot of this. the plains were erupted with severe weather joer night. all sunday. you can see some of the oklahoma city hail. very large. almost golf ball or greater size. now we're tracking the storm as it pushes to the north and east. more severe weather on the way? well, along that comma, that part akoes yssociated with it, may be. louisiana, mississippi, alabama,
7:18 am
western tennessee, illinois, you might be on the warm side of it. but there is a cold side, on the back of the low. there will be freezing rain. the bull's eye, four to six inches. there's a look from coast to coast. again, the rain and snow here. as mild as it's been, things are about to change. big-time. a big pattern shift coming. first let's get to the local weather forecast. select cities are brought to you by walmart
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>> reporter: good morning, i'm meteorologist karen rogers with your accuweather update. we are dry, but lots of cloud cover as we go outside. the current temperature, 43 degrees. let's look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. mostly cloudy skies, a high of 46. we'll see sunshine this afternoon. tuesday, rain arrives in the afternoon and evening as we begin hanukkah, high of 50 degrees, wednesday, breezy and milder, 52, partly sunny skies, 42 thursday, brisk and chilly. ngeles county. look at this. i want to show you the video. this is from friday. and california gets an average of two tornados in tes. where places like oklahoma and kansas are closer to zero. it's more rare in december in oklahoma and kansas than california. >> but just so much going on there. >> fortunately, no one was hurt. coming up on "gma," bill
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cosby breaks his silence in an abc news exclusive. also ahead major break in the mysterious disappearance of a texas woman four months ago. "gma" investigates important information for anyone checking into a hotel. and, shopping under cover. tory johnson revealing the ways you can get even bigger savings for the holidays. you don't want to miss this. ♪because i love you ♪[music continues] ♪
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here's an updays on a breaking news story in montgomery county. a woman was found shot to death along main street in lower salford township. police were called to a second shooting scene in nearby lansdale. chopper 6 is over that scene. they found a second shooting
7:27 am
victim along west 5th street. the second shooting victim is alive the first is not. police are looking for children who may have been with one of the victims. matt pellman is updating the crime scene. >> reporter: this is pierce street at 5th street. you want to stick with 7th and walnut to get around the shooting scene. as we go to the maps, matt mentioned the shooting scene along main street at godshall road. on the big picture, broken down vehicle on i-95 northbound past bridge, that's gone, slow speeds north of allegheny. there's a crash in bensalem on the southbound side of 1 approaching the turnpike off to the side, heavy delays coming down from 213. >> david is off, karen rogers is outside looking for sunshine. karen? >> reporter: yeah, i'm not seeing any just yet.
7:28 am
you may see a peek of sunshine this morning, but it's more so this afternoon, where we'll get to see that. 43 degrees, comfortable, heading up to 46. temperatures are not going very far. cloudy skies, sunshine mixing in. tomorrow, rain arrives as hanukkah begins, 50 degrees for the high. in the overnights hours staying at 40, matt. no slick conditions overnights, either. >> what went wrong one of the many confess they will try to answer on geelings -- eagles game day final after "action news" at 11:00 p.m.
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this is a life shot from sydney, australia, right now. the heart of the city, in lockdown, armed gunman holding hostages in a catch fay. the tense standoff more than 12 hours old. much more ahead for you this morning. it's a fluid story. at home, bill cosby is breaking his silence. speaking out about the media and his wife in an abc news exclusive. plus angelina jolie reveal that she has chicken pox and won't maic a movie premier tonight. and citizensidney crosby, a soup star with the mumps. bill cosby saying his wife
7:31 am
is supporting him throughout the scandal. linzie davis has more. >> reporter: for several weeks, a reporter thought he would have a sitdown with bill cosby. when the lawyers seemed to change their mind he decided to call business bill cosby. >> just let me say this to you, then i have to hang up. >> reporter: this morning, bill cosby breaking his silence as more than a dozen women accuse him of taking advantage of them. is there they don't like me talking to media. i only expect our black media to uphold the standards of excellent journ liz m. >> right. >> and when you do that, you go in with a neutral mind. >> reporter: he spoke to freelance journalist stacy brown who wrote about their conversation for "the new york post." and "the washington informer" an
7:32 am
african-american newspaper. >> he sounded upbeat. >> reporter: boun says cosby declined to directly address the allegations. cosby became sent mental about his wife. >> how is your wife holding up through all of this? >> love and the strength of womanhood. and you could put it, reverse it. the strength of womanhood and love. >> he spoke with such reverence and appreciation that i have to believe that she is standing by him. >> reporter: fashion icon, beverly johnson, the latest woman to come forward accusing cosby of drugging her, decided not to speak out about it years ago after embracing camille. >> she embraced me with this hug that was so endearing. that moment, i decided i wasn't going to push the issue any
7:33 am
further, because of her. >> reporter: cosby's attorneys have not responded to abc news' questions for comments. overnight, spelman college, the historically plaque college that the cosby family donated $20 million to back in the '80s announced it has suspended a scholarship program. cosby wasn't speaking out at the advice of his attorney. >> amazing he got it on tape. >> but yes, mr. cosby keeps going back to saying his lawyers say he can hot speak at this time. now to an arrest in the mysterious disappearance of a texas woman, christina morris van niched more than three months ago. police arresting a suspect over the weekend. still no trace of her. ryan owens has that story. >> reporter: she was last seen with him on this surveillance video.
7:34 am
walking in the parking garage at an upscale mall north of dallas, very late one august night. this morning, almost four months later, the man side by side with christina morris is behind bars. police say he kidnapped his former high school friend. something he's denied. including this interview last month with our dallas station. >> they feel like they were waisting their time on me when they could be look at somebody else that is actually the suspect or the person who did it. >> reporter: police spend the weekend searching aroche's house over the weekend. they took his car. they found dna ed in his car. >> a lot of deception on his part that we believe was intentional and created problems with our investigation. >> reporter: they also believe he knows what happened to christina morris. despite months of searching, even with this drone, there's
7:35 am
though sign of her. >> do the right thing and lead us to christina. in my heart, i feel like we're going celebrate christmas with her. >> reporter: the man she believes knows the whereabouts of her daughter heads to court today. >> my goodness. time again for the weather. ginger, a lovely scene. >> that is. san diego, california, a shot between the storms. they had such a now we're getting into more rain. it's raining in the bay area this morning. you can see why, the low coming in that is one of a a couple of storms that will blast through wednesday. look at the rain totals. it will help the drought, it is not as bad as last week, so that's good news, 2 to 4 inches all in red. that includes the bay area. los angeles is closer to 1. looking for rain on the west coast.
7:36 am
here on the east, mild, washington, d.c.'s high temperature, 52. pittsburgh, 47. charlotte 60. jacksonville close to 70. that's the big picture, get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, i'm meteorologist karen rogers with your accuweather update. 43 degrees, lots of cloud cover. we'll see sunshine mixing with the clouds later this afternoon. 46 is the high today. tomorrow, rain arrives especially in the afternoon and evening. long as we look out, 10 to 15 days it starts to look a lot colder. i can't help. i'm look at our lovie viewer. karen, it's okay. it's going to be okay. karen mccarthy is about to step inside the "gma" time machine. she wanted a makeover. she feels insecure about her appearance after undergoing
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it's 7:41. we're back with "gma" investigates. hotel scams. targeting guests and tricking them into reveals private data. paula faris has what you need to know. >> reporter: before you check in this holiday season, there are four serious hotel scams you need to check out. first, the pizza flyer scam. authorities say thieves create fake flyers and slide them under your hotel room door. you call, order a pizza, give your credit card number. they take your dough and you never get any. >> absolutely. don't pay in advance. >> reporter: and make sure the restaurant is legit before calling.
7:42 am
the second scam, the front desk phone call. you get a call from the front desk saying we lost your credit card information. not legitimate. >> no, it's a scammer calling pretending they're the front desk. suddenly, you're providing your credit card information. >> reporter: stephanie says she received one of those pep to calls while traveling for work. >> it was man on the line saying he was a hotel employee and due to the electrical storm, they lost all my information because their system went down. >> reporter: she started to give out her personal information and then stopped. i hung up the phone and i heard the phone ring in the next room. s so i figured something fishy was going on. >> reporter: one ease city way to avoid it? say, i'll come right down. >> absolutely. >> reporter: for the next two schemes, dave shows us how hackers look the attack. first, fake hotel wi-fi.
7:43 am
this is all you need to set this up? >> yep. >> reporter: he set up a hot spot called hotel guest wi-fi. appearing to be the free wi-fi. when i connect to that network, it look like you're logging into your bank account. >> you could drain my bank account within matter of minutes? >> yes. >> reporter: he can see every site i visit. >> abc news. >> reporter: and ponl more? >> pass words, social security numbers. >> reporter: travelers should ask the front desk what wi-fi hot spot belongs to the hotel. and warning about this. >> the wireless key logger. it looks innocuous. >> reporter: it can be plugged into a computer to record every number you push. the american hotel and lodging association says the hospitality industry is vigilant in attempt to identify and predrent
7:44 am
dishonest activities. and also err on the side of caution. warnings are issued. >> they' >> it's getting enough attention. you should be paying attention, too. >> reporter: for "gma," paula faris. abc news. >> thank you, paula. all week long, the best vid yost of the year. will your favorite make the list? and jennifer aniston opening up about marriage and motherhood like never before. and the most difficult thing she's had to vbattle in the press. come on back. that's why, whenever the need arises... walgreens is always right around the corner, so you can get in and out in no time. most walgreens are even open 'til midnight, to help keep the magic in your holidays.
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it's the end of the year, which means countdown time. and we're kicking off our epic viral video countdown. the top five videos of the year. the suspense building until the moment rereveal the number one video on friday. we start with number five. t.j. holmes is in the social square. >> don't build it up too much. i don't want to disappoint. it's a couple of days. we're starting with number five here. number five, you might like to see number five at number one. because the guy in this virile video, he did something really that is incredible. improbable. and even impossible. he gave fans of the 5-9 new york giants something to cheer about. >> oh, my goodness! >> it was the catch that had jaws dropping.
7:49 am
>> that was absolutely impossible what he just did. >> and launched countless memes. the fingertip grab by odell beckham jr. in december. the jersey he wore, already behind the glass in the pro football hall of fame. and the gloves? nike gave him this pair. he was even a map attraction court side at last week's cavs-nets game. not easy to do with will and kate and jay z and beyonce in the house. on the field, leading the league in yards at one point. becoming eli manning's favorite target. >> touchdown! >> he's become one of the league's biggest receivers. on sunday, carrying the team. breaking the team's rookie receiving record. >> beckham, he's got it,
7:50 am
touchdown! >> reporter: despite his soaring success, he's not sass fied. >> you have to find something to improve your game every day. >> reporter: next up, maybe offensive rookie of the year. we have a lot of people now familiar with his name because of that catch. he led the league in receiving yesterday. he led the league in sooefg for a seven-week span. >> plus three touchdowns. >> yes, three touchdowns yesterday as well. the kid knows what he's doing. we'll hear a lot more. we have the countdown this week. some of your favorites might make the cut. in collar yoparticular yours, g. let me just say, chick chick. tory johnson is going undercover to save you some money. >> let's reset. a hot chocolate?
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tim is ahead on "gma" trk baby diet. how one woman said she lost weight only eating the food her kids ate. and undercover secrets to saving money this holiday
7:56 am
season. >> 7:56, in montgomery county a woman was found shot to death on main street in lower salford township. police were called to a second shooting scene in lansdale and found a second shooting victim along west 5th street. the second shooting victim is alive. police are looking for children who may have been with one of the victims. matt pellman has been following this in traffic. >> reporter: sure, have, matt, lowerral ford appears to be -- lower salford, at an apartment
7:57 am
complex, in lansdale, pierce street near 5th use walnut and 7th. i-95 busy from cottman into girard. heavy in here the betsy ross bridge. in pitsgrove a bus accident no injuries, buck road is closed. stick with dutch road to get around that blockage. karen rogers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: hey, matt, it's not bad out here, 43 degrees, heading to 46. temperatures are not budging much under mostly cloudy skies. some sunny breaks will make it in this afternoon. tomorrow, hanukkah begins, we expect rain. showers will start in the afternoon and in the overnight hours, 40 degrees, not bad at all, we're not worried about slick conditions. wednesday, breezy and milder,
7:58 am
52. thursday, brisk and chilly, 42. >> see the babies born at 10:11 a.m. on 12/13/14 on saturday at during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the latest on angelina jolie's chicken pox, as the star oppose up about why she's missing her red carpet event. ♪ it's not about the money and holiday shopping secrets revealed. >> savings success. >> we go undercover to show you how the save bik bucks. ♪ bang bang into the room plus, baby food basics. could eating like your little one be the secret to shedding weight? ♪ there is beauty in the world and our glam squad giving one deserving mom the ultimate makeover. the tips and tricks you need to look younger in 60 minutes. as we say --
8:01 am
>> good morning, america. look that great crowd that's joining us here on a monday morning in times square. and we are in holiday glam mode this morning. our beauty dream team. look at 'em! they're kicking off our 60 minutes to party ready makeover series. tips everyone can put to work. >> and the time machine firing on all cylinders. 41-year-old mother of five, cancer survivor, mother karen mccarthy. >> not nervous. >> not at all. a little over 35 minutes on the clock. cannot wait to see what she looks like. >> is anybody concerned about the smoke over there? is that a good thing? all set, karen. also coming up, jennifer aniston opening up about love and motherhood.
8:02 am
wait until you hear what she's saying about her fiance and that wedding. first, let's get news from amy. the breaking news from sydney australia. a terrifying hostage standoff keeping sthat city on edge. the police are negotiating with the gunman. he stormed a cafe at their businesses shopping district, equivalent to our times square. overnight, five visibly shaken hostages manage to escape, running from the building. it's unclear how many over hostages remain inside. earlier, police said no more than 30 people were inside that cafe. as a precaution, the nearby u.s. consulate has been evacuated. the opera house has canceled performances. and nights over the city have been canceled. the gunman is known to police. authorities are asking the media
8:03 am
not to report his name. parents who lost children in the sandy hook, connecticut, school shooting have filed a lawsuit against the maker of the gun used in the shooting. it was two years ago adam lanza shot at the school with a bush master rifle. 10 of the 26 victims families are shooting a distributor and the store where the rifle were sold. hackers targeting sony pictures are warning that a quote christmas gift is coming. stolen documents released this week end include a script for the next james bond movie. personal e-mails about george clooney, will smith, and leonardo dicaprio. today, sony's ceo is holding a town hall meeting to discuss with employees. 47,000 workers have had social security numbers hacked. zblmplg today, a record number of people will be saying the package is in the mail.
8:04 am
the postal service is expecting today to be their busiest day of the year. handling 640 million packages. and finally, something we women have known forever. but now there is scientific proof that men really do have selective hearing. i prefer to call it selective listening. a new study finds that when talking to women, the typical guy pays attention for about six minutes. compared to talking to his male buds, he pays attention to them for an average of 15 minutes. i would like to add, when watching a sporting event, their attention span is limitless. limitless. >> were you two paying attention? >> they were not listening. >> exactly what just happened. i was listening to everything you said. >> i missed it. >> case in point. >> i was joking.
8:05 am
>> thank you, amy. now to that surprising health news from angelina jolie. explaining why she has to miss the l.a. premier of her new film. unbroken. >> i found out last night that i have chicken pox. so, i will be home. itching and missing everyone. and i can't believe it because this film means so much to me. >> hmm. you saw rich besser is here. we think of chicken pox as a kids' disease. >> when adults get the chicken pox, they get more bumps than you do as a child. you're at greater risks of complication. unless you have the vaccine and you have break-through chicken pox. >> what do we watch out for as adults? >> the early signs could be just about anything. fever and malaise. then the bumps start.
8:06 am
the chest, face, back. red bumps, then blisters. then scab over. it takes about a week. until they're all scabbed over, you're contagious. >> a lot of people confuse shingles and chicken pox. it's the same virus? >> shingles is a reactivation of the virus. children get two doses of the chicken pox vaccines. all adults born after 1980 have to have two doses as well. unless you have been shown to be immu immune. proof of immunity is a doctor diagnosed you, you have a document with two doses. >> ask your doctor? >> and if you're a woman who is thinking about getting pregnant. get the vaccine. >> and an outbreak of mumps in the nhl. >> it's a disease we rarely see
8:07 am
it. causes swelling of your face, your glands. they've seen cases on more than five teams, more than ten players. mumps tepids to be spread through talking, coughing, sneezing. you can understand how it would spread on a team because of the close contact. how is it spreading across teams. the brutal checking on the ice? the clinching? the incubation period could be week long. this could go on for quite awhile. lar aa going to the social square. "pop news" hollywood's baby boom. the big named celebs welcoming little ones into their lives. and jennifer san staniston g up about love and her fiance. and our "gma" glam squad getting karen party ready in 60 minutes. the time machine is smoking. justin has an orange suit on for
8:08 am
unknown reasons. she'll look beautiful. i guarantee it. all that coming up on "good morning america" live in times square. rney. give a new perspective. give a little joy. a book is a gift like no other. and barnes & noble is like no other book store in the world. with so many books to discover and the new nook by samsung now a full featured tablet. a book is the gift they'll remember long after the holidays are over. is a really big deal.u with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. attack the flu virus at its source
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with prescription tamiflu. and call your doctor right away. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. ask your doctor about tamiflu and attack the flu virus at its source. abe!
8:10 am
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tory johnson is here to tell us how to save big money at the holidays at stores. >> coming up. love you. >> peace out. >> very skut. e. if you have high blood sugar, ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss or blood-pressure drug, farxiga may help you lose weight and may even lower blood pressure when used with certain diabetes medicines. do not take if allergic to farxiga or its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include rash, swelling or difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you have any of these symptoms, stop taking farxiga and seek medical help right away.
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wish you were here. ♪ [ doorbell ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good! my dad brought me out here when... anyway. ♪ ♪ i get a strange magic dad! did you see that?! ♪ got a strange magic hey dad! wait up! welcome back to "good morning america." i'll tell you what's popping. not one, not two, but three celebrity couples welcoming little bundles of joy. nashville star hayden panettiere welcoming a baby girl named kaya
8:14 am
with her fiance, vladimir klitschko. and a double dose of love for zoe saldana and her husband. and baby number three is here for kourtney kardashian and her long-time boyfriend, scott disick. her baby born over the weekend and she was born on the same day as their older son, mason. >> how did i miss she was pregnant? >> that's one i would have thought you would not have missed. >> really? >> congratulations to all of those happy couples. some high school math classes teach about stocks by encouraging kids to create fantasy portfolios. according to a magazine in new york city, one kid got really good at it. he's made over $70 million in
8:15 am
real money. mohamed, or mo, as his friends call him. he started trading penny stocks at 9 years old. enkournlgd by dad. his idol. since then, not a pro athlete. his was hedge fund paul jones. mo bought himself a bmw, though he cannot dive it yet. he and his wall street wolf cub buddies plan to launch their hedge fund next year and become billionaires while attending college. i made a copy of the issue. i'm going nonchalantly put it on my son's desk. >> poor duff. >> no pressure. ariana grande tweeted about a vocal group she fell in love with. you better believe we listened.
8:16 am
♪ the first noel ♪ the angels did say ♪ did say ♪ noel noel noel ♪ noel noel noel >> i just got chills. >> i've had them the whole time. >> a group called re-sound. you saw them here first. actually, you didn't. they've been viewed over 1 million times. ariana. wait, go back. jessica fox, joseph clark, and mariah hargrove met singing background for a local artist. that performance now over 1 million views online. >> bravo. >> a record deal. i want to hear more of that. >> we would like you to come to "good morning america." just saying.
8:17 am
heat index everybody out here in time square especially folks that connect early on. lance is facebook massaging me, what due want to go with? >> happy birthday to my mother in arkansas. >> reporter: we'll get to the forecast we're talking about pockets of fog that will mean wisconsin feels like day after day, broken record up there. dense fog advisory look for that to burn off through the day. i promised you a look at how cold it will be. christmas morning, early morning in the tens in the purple. it will be something. nice out here this morning. west to east, seattle a high of 50. let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, i'm meteorologist karen rogers with your accuweather update. lots of clouds, 44 degrees. high today, 46.
8:18 am
temperatures are not going very far. we'll see sunny breaks in the afternoon mixing with the clouds. tomorrow, first day of hanukkah 50 degrees with the high, rain arriving in the afternoon and evening. wednesday, 52 partly sunny skies, that's the best day of the weekend. thursday, cold, brisk and chilly, 42, 41 on friday southea. robin's alma mater. congratulations. and lion up! >> lion up! >> we're the lions, the mighty, mighty lions. time for the heat index. jennifer aniston opening up about the pressure she feels to become a mom. reena ninan has the details. >> reporter: jennifer aniston, hollywood superstar and america's sweetheart. now she's opening up like never before to allure magazine,
8:19 am
dishing on love and motherhood. when asked to maim the most difficult thing she's had to bat until the press, she says so many painful thing. the accusation that i put my career, before the want, the desire to be a mother. going on the say i don't like the pressure that people put on me, on women, that you have failed yourself as a female because you haven't procreated. i don't think it's fair. the scrutiny not getting easier with time. even saying it gets me a little tight in my throat, she says. >> i'm doing really well. >> reporter: jennifer aniston is hitting a high note in her career after receiving golden globe and s.a.g. award nominations for her role in "kate" a role that left her almost unrecognizable. >> good. >> reporter: and she says her fian fiance, actor justin thorough is right by her side every step of the way and she calls him a nurtu
8:20 am
nurturer. aniston was hush hur on the details of the nuptials. she said, we do talk about it all the time. >> we got this. good for you. >> we'll let you know when we want to. next in the "gma heat index," shopping secrets that will save you big this holiday season. when we want great deal, you know who we turn to. the one and only tory johnson, who went under cover to find the discounts for us. >> reporter: ah, the holidays are here. that means one thing. it's time to hit the stores. today i'm on a mission to save big bucks just by using my smartphone and persuasive personality. first stop, payless. i'm looking for a pair of holiday heels. almost all of the merchandise is on sale. i'm looking for an additional deal.
8:21 am
are there other coupons i can use? >> not in the store. >> reporter: he tells me to check my phone. payless promo code. a message asks for my phone number. i get a code for an extra 20% off. victory. these heels, originally 40 bucks are already 50% off. now with my extra 20% savings, they're only $15.99. next, i head to jc penney. i spot cute gloves. ten bucks a pair and 40% off. what else could i use to save on these? >> go online. use the tickets. they pop up. >> reporter: again, i get out my phone, go to jc and bi bingo, a coupon. now two pairs of gloves are $9.58. time to hit the children's
8:22 am
place. i use my phone again where i joined their e-mail list and got a 25% off coupon. it's nice. use it on whatever i buy? >> yeah. >> reporter: i find two dresses. already 50% off. the grand total after my double discount, $16.80. that's a holiday jackpot for me. last stop, yankee candle. i'm told i have to present a coupon in the store. what if i don't have it? >> that's okay. >> reporter: you'll give it to me? just by asking, the sales associate gives me a coupon i don't have. knocking $20 off a $45 purchase. it goes to show, it's always worth asking for an extra deal. holiday savings success. >> well done, tory. >> thank you. we reached out to the companies whose stores i visited. those that responded said they always put their customers' needs first.
8:23 am
they encourage savings. i found that out. just by speaking up and asking, i don't have coupons, what can you do for me? some said check your phone, your e-mail. you can sign up for different things. often times, right on the spot. the other thing i would mention is sometimes when you're a part of a membership or special group. seniors get a discount at banana republic. your aaa card can be a ticket to savings. you have to speak up. military get a savings. the last thing i would tell you is this. if you're shopping locally, don't expect to pay rock bottom prices. sometimes like the money you're saving is like you're saving your neighborhood. so -- we have to keep that in mind. biggest savings are here. >> what do you have here? >> love you. love you gloves. peace out. >> peace out, robin. >> fancy shoes. >> all these are part of it. >> best, best deals.
8:24 am
thursday, "deals & steals." can't beat it. >> i was out with the crew. i had three items from "deals & steals" on. they pointed it out. you can get more tips from tory at on yahoo. >> thank you, robin. the dayby diet. one mom's surprising secret to slimming down. she say she's eating like her toddler and it helped her shed unwanted weight. paula faris gives us the details. >> reporter: when it comes to dieting, no shortage of options. juice cleanses to going paleo. there's another face in the weight loss race. the baby diet. oathing healthy food you feed your little ones but in bigger portions. >> addie's, will's, mine. >> reporter: our travel and lifestyle editor, genevieve, tried it herself. she was spending hours preparing
8:25 am
healthy and delicious meals for her 15-month-old son but letting her own needs fall by the wayside. >> we're talk about small portions. healthful foods. chicken and fish. seemed to vegetables. great foods more mom and dad to consume. >> i'm up at 5:00 a.m. making sweet potatoes. put it it on a plate for my 15-month-old. why can't i do the same for myself? it occurred to me if i opt paid as much attention to what i'm eating as i paid to what my children are eating, i might eat better and lose weight in the process. >> reporter: brown went gaga for the technique that helped her lose more than two pounds in four days. it's not what babies eat but how. eat three meals a day, properly spaced out. use portion control. take your time. don't rush through the meal.
8:26 am
move your foote food away when you're no longer hungry. don't skip meals. snacking all day is a major no no. >> babies are the only human beings that actually eat because they're truly hungry and for no other reason. >> reporter: learning some big lessons from our little once. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> all right, paula. great tips. thank you. coming up, the big reveal in our holiday makeover. tips you can use to get party ready in just 60 minutes.
8:27 am
>> 8:27 more details are coming in on our breaking story in montgomery. police say three people are dead at two separate shooting scenes. the first one in lower sal folder township where a woman was shot and killed. police say two other people were shot and killed at a nearby location in lansdale. authorities believe the incidents are connected and tell us the suspected shooter is a veteran. let's turn to matt pellman fewer a look at traffic. >> reporter: horrible news, matt, we want drivers to avoid the scene as the investigation continues at lower salford main and godshall. in the heart of lansdale, pierce and west 5th is blocked.
8:28 am
walnut and 7th are the alternates. the blue route, we had fire activity, traffic is squeezing by. i-95 traffic is blocked 322 to 476. we have an accident blocking buck road no injuries, stay on dutch row road. >> karen rogers is in for david with the forecast. >> reporter: hey, matt, the skies are looking brighter. 4 # right now a cool breeze out of the northwest. a high today of 46 degrees. mostly cloudy skies, we'll see sunny breaks in the afternoon. tomorrow rain arrives in the afternoon and the evening for the first day of hanukkah. wednesday, breezy and milder, the best day of the week, 52. thursday, temperatures drop a good ten degrees. it gets chilly. ducis rogers will try to figure out what went wrong with the
8:29 am
eagles when he hosted eagles game day final after "action news" at 11:00.
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ bang bang into the room thanks for starting a new week with us. love the crowd. always so hearty. that's right. i saw one, george for president. >> i did. >> i wasn't talking about that one. but thank you. >> we got our big reveal moments away. >> that's right. the countdown clock is winding down. just a little over 6:00 left. the glam squad pitting the final touches on karen's new look. we'll have tip use can look at home. >> so far, so good. also coming up, star power with us. "duck dynasty's" uncle si is with us. to tell us about his new christmas book. hi, uncle si. we also have amy adams here.
8:31 am
she's talking about her new movie. already nom dainated for a gold globe. a big challenge for parents. how do you make the holidays special for kids without spoiling them? linzie janis has tips. >> reporter: the holidays. that joyous time of year capable of bringing out the bah humbug in all of us. from presents and parties to christmas trees and cookies. this time of year can get out of hand the for parents and overwhelming for kids. just ask the bailey family. >> stressed out, i would say. >> reporter: the parents of two boys, facing off against the santa clock. trying to trump christmases past while squeezing in all the season has to offer. >> i would probably prefer to do less running around. >> reporter: in order to help you and yours survive, child
8:32 am
psychologist and author of how toddlers thrive, tovah klein, is offering her advice. first tip, don't overhype christmas. >> don't they will them too far in advance. they can't wait. they live in the here and now. >> reporter: tip two? start new traditions. >> the way to make it not just about gifts is to have other wonderful traditions in your home. this is a time you might come up with a new one. >> reporter: and finally, dr. klein says, stick to a routine to minimize stress. >> what do i need to do to keep my routine some what consistent so my child is at their best? >> reporter: when season's greetings turn into stressful meetin meetings, remember these tips to keep the believers beaming. >> as longs they have fun. they're happy. that's what matters. >> it's worth the stress.
8:33 am
? >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis. abc news, new york. >> we'll do better next year. we have to get a shot of that sign. right next to tracy. she's a valpo how about we go ahead and check the forecast, though, there are pockets of fog and freezing fog in the south. and this we thought this was so pretty from killington over the weekend. augusta waking up to that. some areas near the panhandle seeing the same thing. they have rain in the bay area and south. there are reports of flooding this morning. some of the rain totals could top 4-plus inches in the next 48 hours. that's a look nationally. let's get a look closer to home. thanks, getter, i'm meteorologist karen rogers. 44, heading to 46.
8:34 am
tomorrow, rain arrives in the afternoon and evening, high of 50. barnes and noble. >> i love all the people out here. >> good morning. >> i have to chat. take it away. thank you so much, ginger. here with us, the one and only uncle si. si robertson. from the hit show "duck dynasty." he's here with his new christmas book, sunkle si the christmas elf. welcome. what was the inspiration to turning yourself into an elf for the holidays? >> well, that was miss ashley nelson. this was kind of her idea. she's watched me with the show and she's known, since korie's her sister, she got to know the robertson family very well. i wrote one book, si-cology 1.
8:35 am
they came up and said, write another one. so ashley came up with, we came up with this. all it's about is to tell the real christmas story. about how god became flesh, okay, willingly died on the cross for what si robertson does wrong and the rest of the world. was buried in a tom, okay? but the tomb couldn't hold him. three days later he rose from the dead. >> you do it in a wonderful way that includes a friend. every book comes with an uncle si the elf doll. >> for about two weeks, ashley fold me around and told me to take a nap anywhere and everywhere. i've got one laying against a stop sign asleep. >> you carried it around. a good premise.
8:36 am
there's another character like that. i want the talk about in your book, i thought this was fun. you describe yourself or -- that the elf has cat-like instincts. the strength of bear. you outrun a panther barefoot in the snow. based on your real life. >> that is. my book si-cology 1 was a unique book. my life story through what they call tall tales. but the tall tales are 95% true. okay? and it's the same thing like this right here. now, every child should have a special christmas. >> absolutely. agree, agree. we want to give you a special sendoff with a game, we like to call it where's uncle si, everybody. it's like a classic shell game. we made a graphic. audience, your participation, if you will. you have to guess. we're going to see these shells. all right.
8:37 am
you have to figure out where uncle si is. go ahead. there we go. we spent a lot of money on the graphics. try to figure out. which box is uncle si under? there's a reason i'm asking you. get into it. there's a prize. two? >> where am i at? >> where's he at? box two lift it up. middle. yes! well done. >> there he is. they've got a future. and a prize. everybody goes home with uncle si's book. it's in stores now. we want to thank you and wish you a very merly christmas. always a pleasure. who knows what you'll end up as in your next book. i can't wait. >> that's true. that's true. coming up, time is up. greta and her beauty dream team hard at work. their big reveal. tips for you in the process.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
it's that time of year when tam lis come home for the holidays. are there obstacles prevepting you and your family from feting together for the holidays? send us your story. we might just bring you all together on "gma." go to "good morning america" on
8:41 am
yahoo!. where does the time go? just one hour ago, karen mccarthy stepped into our time machine. we promised to help her look party ready in 60 minutes with the help of our dream team. first, a look at why karen warranted the makeover in the first place. >> i'm karen mccarthy. i'm 41 years old and the mother of five children. >> reporter: when we announced this, we received submissions from all over the nation. karen's stood out. the mom of five says she hasn't felt pretty in years. >> i just want to be able to pass by a mirror and, um, not -- try to look away. i want to begin to feel a little more confident. >> reporter: the source of her insecurity relates to the devastating news she received 2 1/2 years ago. shortly after her youngest son was born. >> as wiz nursing him, i discovered a lump in my breast.
8:42 am
shortly there after, i was diagnosed. >> reporter: she's cancer free. the years of treatment have taken a toll on her body and hair. >> it's curly and frizzy. difficult for me to manage. >> she's always been the one to take care of them. >> my mom is a very good person. she's really strong. >> reporter: ready to help her with her transformation, a veritable beauty dream team. greta monahan, ted gibson and carmindy. karen's ho family's holiday wish for karen to see in the here mirror what they have always seen. >> to see her happy with herself would be the best present we could have as family for this christmas. [ cheers and applause ] >> the moment we have been waiting for. we're joined by karen's sister, susan. step mother is here.
8:43 am
wonderful to have you here. and two of her five children as well. are you ready? are you ready? >> we're ready. >> all right, open the door. let do it. oh, my gosh. >> step right through my girl. >> karen is that you? oh, you're shaking. >> i love this. >> beautiful. >> you look dynamite. >> dynamite. >> look at this. >> can you see their eyes right now looking at you. okay, okay, okay. let's find out how you did this. you were beautiful before. spectacular now. >> she -- one tip all women can use. amazing. come on back over. one tip all women can use, robin, is going holiday dress
8:44 am
shopping. the devil is in the details. go for the drapey neck and the asymmetrical side. for a long, lean line, go with a cut-out shoe. >> she's debting into that. oh. we have created. ted, what about the hair. she was very concern about that. >> two different tips for you. red is the color of the season. especially for next year. that's the reason we put the hair color on her hair and put extensions. the second tip is extensions. they're not hollywood's best kept secret anymore. a great way to transform your hair in an instant. make row have more confidence. >> carmindy? >> put highlighter on the skin. it gets rid of the dull, dry, winter skin. it's like a facial. also, fill in a brow for a younger look.
8:45 am
my second biggest tip. red on the lips goes across the board for holiday. all women can do red. >> how do you really -- because it's a drastic change. what do you think? >> i'm amazed. i'm so grateful for the opportunity. it's wonderful. >> as somebody who has gone through what you have. grateful, grateful to be here. grateful to be alive. people don't talk about the rezir residual effects of what you do through because we're just supposed to be happy to be here. it was important for you to look this way and have your family look at you this way. final thoughts snmplgt she looks gorgeous. no one deserves this more than her. >> yeah. hey, guys. thank you all. thank you. you make dreams come true.
8:46 am
>> i wish we had cameras on all of them. and yaw have three more at home? >> yes. >> goodness. you can get more of our expert tips on the website, on yahoo!. coming up, amy adams. a star is
8:47 am
8:48 am
five-time academy award nominee amy adams was recently nominated for a golden globe for portraying margaret keane. a shocking secret of the keane empire. >> why are their eyes so big? >> reporter: it's real-life story about one of the biggest art frauds ever. the full-fledged phenomenon of the big eyes took the country by
8:49 am
storm in the '50s. in real life, walter keane built an impeer based on those big eyes. while he was taking the credit, it was his wife, margaret, locked behind closed doors who painted them all. >> i painted every single one of them. every big eye. me. and no one will ever know but you. >> and we are joined now by amy adams. congratulations on the golden globe nomination. >> thank you. >> the film itself has created so much buzz. initially, you hesitated taking on this role. why? >> i did. it was where i was in my life. i wanted to portray more confident characters and people that had more bravado. i read it again after having a daughter and maybe maturing a little bit and was able to see this as a really wonderful tale of a woman finding her voice and
8:50 am
i was able to find the strength in the character. >> you met margaret. what were your impressions? >> test a beautiful, generous woman. she's 87. still paints every day. she's a beautiful soul. beautiful spirit. >> it was so interesting in the movie. this all took place in the 1950s. and this was a divorced single mom who was essentially trapped in her own world and it perhaps speaks to why she was so silent when her husband decided to say, these are mine. >> absolutely. she was at home painting. was much more comfortable, and still is, at home painting the. by the time she found out about the deception, it had been doing on for a long time. he isolated her. convinced her they would take her money and child away if they ever found out. >> the courtroom drama scene was outrageous. there was paint off.
8:51 am
i understand what we see in the mo movie isn't at outrageous as it was in real life? >> walter had got on the a delusional place. >> you walked along side christoph waltz. >> she was a single mom, to have somebody who was so charming and had so much energy. she was just so in love with him. as it begins, you know. >> we have special questions for you. you have a lot of fans out there. brianna wants to know, if you were not acting, what would you be doing? >> have i asked myself that a lot. i don't know. i think that's why i keept acting. maybe teaching. teaching answer the. >> and kyla wants to know,
8:52 am
somewhat the best piece of advice given to you? >> keep your eyes on your own paper. pay attention to your own race. try not to compare yourself or judge yourself based on anybody else. >> there is other exciting news. you're planning on another bio. pic. get it while you can. you'll play janis joplin. >> yeah. >> tell me about that. >> it's been in the works for years. we have a wonderful director on it. he directed "wild." we're moving forward. my hope is you'll get to see it. >> my hope as well. we have a lightning round prepare frd you. it's called artistic amy. port traits or finger painting? >> portraits. >> crayons or markers. >> crayons. >> last picture you drew? >> a frog for my daughter. it wasn't good. >> museums or musicals. >> why make me pick? i'm going with musicals. but it's tight.
8:53 am
>> your greatest masterpiece. >> my daughter. >> i set you up. thank you for joining us, amy adams. and "big ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ ♪
8:56 am
come on, now. did you see michael's leg extension. >> is there anything he can't do? >> no. tomorrow, "gma," tim tebow with a surprise for a coach and her school. >> you won't have to wait long for michael strahan. have great day, everyone. >> breaking news, police now say five people have been found shot and killed in the lansdale area. two of the victims were found in
8:57 am
souderton borough where chopper is live right now. two others in lansdale and the 5th one in lower salford township. police tell us they have found the suspected gunman's vehicle, but not him. they say he is a military veteran. once again, five people have been killed and police say the gunman is at large. "action news" is continue to update the breaking story on air and let's go to matt pellman. >> reporter: matt, just a couple of traffic troubles to get you into work, one on i-95 southbound in delco a crash approaching ridley park off to the side. i-95 in wilmington, the ramp to the southbound lanes to 202 southbound reopen after being closed last week from construction. there's a protest in wilmington that's going to block king streets. septa regional rails new
8:58 am
schedules took effect yesterday. if the train doesn't arrive when you expect it to, that's probably why. >> karen rogers has the forecast. >> reporter: matt we have sun and clouds up above. temperatures are not too bad, 4 # degrees. high of 46. mostly cloudy skies, but sunshine mixing with the clouds in the afternoon. tomorrow, rain arrives in the after and evening the first day-park forecast of hanukkah. wednesday, best day of the week, breezy and milder, 42. >> full details about what we know about a series of shooting deaths in montgomery can be found at "action news" will continue to follow this story very closely on air online and from chopper 6 live.
8:59 am
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