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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 17, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. making news in america this morning -- theaters pulling the interview amid 9/11-like terror threats. what the fbi is saying about the fictional film creating worldwide drama. school attack. new details about the massacre in pakistan as we see the school and where it happened. the auditorium and what's left of the principal's office. severe flooding in california. roads turned into rivers with children in a boat out for a row. and marathon shootout breaking records. the hockey game that went on and own and on well into the night. good wednesday morning to you all. start with the costly sony pictures hack.
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theater chains will not be showing the interview. >> hackers calling themselves guardian of police are threatening violence against theaters that show the comedy about kim jong-un. >> the new york premiere cancel. >> reporter: there's a new message. with a violation reminiscent of the 9/11 terror attacks. it's the christmas gift from the guardians of piece, turni iningn eye's corporate crisis into a matter of national security. we recommend you to keep yourself distant. if your house is nearby, leave. >> we take those threats seriously. >> reporter: the department of homeland security is looking into it. there is no credible intelligence yet. >> want to kill kim jong-un?
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>> totally. >> reporter: sony told theaters they didn't have to show the interview. and the movie's stars, james franco and seth rogan shut down a press tour in the wake of the warning. >> this attack is significant sfwlr the hackers released thousands of e-mails, an embarrassment for sony and the biggest stars. and now the lawsuits saying that sony failed to protect confidential information. >> they should be private. >> reporter: they should expect increased security even if the threat of violence is low. turn nothing now to pakistan, a country in morning after a horrific school massacre wiped out more than 130 innocent lives. >> we look at the blood-stained building. >> eerie silence in a
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military-run school. getting the first chilling image from inside the school. a hundred kids were in this room when taliban militants stormed in wearing explosive vests. and the principal's office, torn to pieces by one of the suicide bombers. bullets flying in one classroom after another. >> and after that they started spreading into other wings of the school where they were contained. >> reporter: horrific story this is morning of a teacher set on fire. and some children surviving by playing dead. terrified parents rushing to the school before troops ended the siege eight hours later. australian prime minister tony abbott acknowledged that his country failed to track the gunman behind the siege in sydney. the first hostage to escape said
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he had stopped in for a coffee. 83 years john o'brien described what it was like inside and what it's like to be out. >> terribly stressed. had an awful headache. we had no food all day long. i never felt so much relief as when i turned that corner and saw the armed police waiting for me. i'm grateful to be home with my lovely wife, maureen. >> flowers are piling up near the cafe as they are visiting to pay respects and sign memory books for the victims. and a philadelphia suburb, the suspected killer died of a self-inflicted sword wound. the other victims, including his ex-wife and her family members died of gunshot wounds, cutting injuries or both. they had been in a custody battle other their girls who were unharmed.
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and jeb bush hoping to become the third president bush. he is actively looking into the run for the white house. he made the decision over thanksgiving after consulting with the family. and president obama has signed the trillion dollar spending bill to keep the government running for the next nine months. but major challenges are ahead. it funds homeland security through the end of february. setting up a debate over immigration. gop will have full control of congress. and they will not pursue charges against bill cosby based on the claims of a woman who said she was molested in 1974. she met with them earlier this month. she claimed he forced her to perform a sex act on her when
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she was 15. evin cosby, reminding america of the dad they saw on the cosby show. saying, quote, he is the father you thought you knew. she calls on men and women to stand up and say something in defense of her father. a second major storm is battering california. more than 2 inches of rain damaged homes and businesses. cars were stranded and people trapped inside buildings. but the flash flood provided entertainment for kids. they were rowing their boat gently down the street. water spouts have been appearing off the orange county coast. and they are common in winter storms. as long as they stay off land, they rarely cause damage. that will stretch to washington and as far east as new mexico. snow in the higher elevations. in the midwest, rain showers down into texas.
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and snow showers along the eastern border with canada late in the day. 60st in the los angeles, phoenix and new orleans. miami, ding, ding, ding, the winner today with a high around 80. hanukkah began last night at sun down. and vice president joe biden was at the menorah lighting. still ahead, the french fry shortage at mcdonald's. plus real castaway waving his arms on a tiny island. how this man was found after being stranded for days. and busted. a valet doing what every car owner fears a valet may be doing in the parking garage. wñ
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well, apple has won a decade-old dispute over digital music. a federal jury decided itunes updates were not stopping a competitor. it was facing a challenge from real networks. if apple had lost, it might have had to pay a billion dollars in fines and penalties. now it doesn't have to pay ipod users a cent. apple isn't selling online in russia. it is reviewing the pricing after the extreme fluks chewuations in the ruble. it doesn't have online stores, and the online is most of the business there. the trouble with russia's currently is one reason for wall street's current problems.
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the dow was up 250 points, but those gains wiped out, and all three major averages posted significant losses. trading today could be influenced by any sign that the fed is ready to raise interest rates. with gas prices the lowest in years, the number of holiday travelers hitting the road could be a record. aaa says nearly 99 million americans will take road trips between now and next month. that's up 4%. air travel is up just 1%. reflecting the high cost of fares. the mcdonald's in japan are in crisis mode. there is a shortage of french fries because of labor disputes in the u.s. in the west. mcdonald's is only serving small orders the fries starting today. they are air lifting a thousand tons of frozen fries to japan. i would say that is a crisis indeed. >> maybe averted. when we come back,
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. amazing video of a fog in tampa, florida, taken by a drone. visibility obtain ground was less than a quarter of a mile, but the drone lifts above it all. the fog burned off, but could return this morning. >> road conditions, wet in the west, southwest and the midwest. slippery in the great lakes and northern new england. airport delays possible in san francisco, los angeles, phoenix and las vegas. well, a boater is recovering after getting stuck on a desert island in the bahamas for six
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days. the coast guard saw larry sutterfield waving his arms as they were patrolling near key west. >> his boat stopped working, and he was checked out and other than a sunburn in good health. and an emergency landing in japan. it was so bad several passengers and crew members had to be hospitalized. although none of the injuries were life threatening. when the turbulence hit, there was panic and prayers aboard. >> a little bump. and then a really big one. all of my drinks went up and hit the ceiling. >> reporter: a frequent flier says this is the worst he has seen. they were put up in hotels. turbulence injures 37 people a year. an attorney is returning to work after blacking out in court.
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julian morris was questioning a witn drove her three children into the ocean. and this video shot by a data recorder on board. a dc 7 sting ray, a valet is behind the wheel. when the guy turns on to a long straight way, he puts the hammer down. getting the car up to 50 miles per hour before braking and then pulls into a space. no one saw what i just did. but we did. a massive who had ebola is heading back to west africa. he plans to spend four weeks at a clinic in liberia. he is effectively immune from ebola. and a outbreak of the flu in the midwest.
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in chicago, all of one district's schools were given a top to bottom cleaning. on monday, 600 students and teachers stayed home because of illness. and around toledo, ohio, shuttered by flu. the hope is the long holiday break will get everyone healthy again. and conjoined twins recovering from their first surgery. they were joined at the face. but it's believed the only major organ they share is the liver. initially, they were only given a 25% chance of survival, but getting stronger and better every day. the u.s. olympic committee is going all out to bring the olympics back to america. san francisco, los angeles, boston and washington, d.c., a final announcement will be announced early next year. atlanta hosted the most recent summer games in the u.s. in 1996. summer games, talking about
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basketball. ice hockey is not. >> there was history made last night. we get the highlights from espn. >> good morning. welcome to the "sportscenter" set, he's neil everett, i'm stan verrett. and get to the warriors and the 16-game win streak. >> i've had 17 cups of coffee. roll the highlights. this is unbelievable. the longest shootout in nhl history. the old record, 15. we're at 20. playing in sunrise, florida, against the panthers. and there he is. and now the panthers can win with a goal. let's go. take another look. let it breathe. longest shootout in nhl history. stan. nba history. first game in nba history between two teams, 19 wins this
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early in the season. warriors, 16-game win streak. grizzlies up seven. curry, not a good shooting night. 1 for 10 from three. warriors down three. made a run in the fourth quarter. climbed back into it. but mike conley, 17 points for him. grizzlies, fifth win in a row and end the warrior's 16-game win streak. >> that's a lot of information you gave the morning folk. >> value added. >> there you go. >> get your day started. that's all we have. back to you. and the pulse is next. get out of bed, but not just yet. there's a new information on sleep, when to start your day. and one little girl's hilarious letter to the toothfairy. it's going viral.
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this is time now to check "the pulse." stories you'll be talking about all day. such as a study that suggests the answer to sleep deprivation may be starting the workday about 10:00 a.m. >> the later the start time, the
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more sleep they got. but we assume they stay later. another study finds that one-third of u.s. workers sleep six hours or less per night. >> and sleep deprivation costs american employees an estimated $63 million a year on lost productivity. an old letter shining light on the toothfairy. she's been slacking off. >> a little girl jennifer overlooked by the toothfairy. she makes it clear that from now on she's going to keep her own teeth. >> she's all grown up by now. but posted the letter online. she doesn't remember being that angry. she would love to see the letter to santa. hope he was nicer to her. >> hope he brought her something. >> if not, incurred the wrath. and nothing like being scolded by your mom on national television. woodhouse brothers were on
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c-span to talk about their differences. >> things got heated until they brought in mom to calm things down. >> i'm from down south. >> oh, god, it's mom. >> i hope you'll have some of this out of your system when you come for christmas. i would really like a peaceful christmas. and i love you both. >> oh, nothing like mom embarrassing you on national television. i love it. >> his reaction was great. the brothers were on the show to talk about their documentary about political differences within families. so she's not having it. >> she's mama. she can lay down the law. even on national television. >> you know how tv can be, and the political back and forth. >> she shut it down. don't mess with mama. gentlemen, i would not suggest upsetting mama for christmas. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, we're back
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>> ♪ >> hello, i'm matt o'donnell. 4:27. it is wednesday, december 17th. we're following a breaking story here. police swarm a local target store to go after two bandits who were inside helping themselves to electronics. we're learning the duo may be behind other heists and may still be in there. we're live. neighbors come together to cope after a killing spree rocks several montgomery county communities. developing right now, hackers are threatening theaters and moviegoers to stay away from the interview. they have everything you need to know plus weather and traffic updates plus a price hike for a breakfast staple all next. memorable christmas present one youngster in nashville has ever received. he thought his father, a member of the air force, wouldn't be home for christmas.
4:28 am
>> but as julie edwards in nashville reports, he made it home. >> i finished up my eight month mark out of a year tour in south korea. >> reporter: it took nearly 24 hours to make the trek home from asia to tennessee. >> just got in last night. and haven't slept much. so definitely -- definitely ready to see him. i have been planning this for several months now. he actually does not think i'm coming home for christmas at all. he's going to be pretty surprised. >> reporter: nicolas and his wife, kimberly, told 6-year-old son aaron his dad wouldn't be home for the holidays. >> he started crying when i told him that. he was really upset. i felt like a horrible mother for lying to him. it's been killing me. i've had knots in my stomach for a week. >> reporter: but on tuesday morning, santa showed up during story time in the library.
4:29 am
the savvy elf librarian said this was not the real santa, telling aaron to find out who the imposter was. >> daddy! >> it just means the world to me to have him home for christmas. >> just really looking forward to spending time with family. i couldn't ask for anything more than to be home for christmas. >> reporter: and for aaron, too, christmas has come early. julie edwards. >> look at his face. >> great string of great stories here in the morning. but we see these every christmas and they never get old. >> so many of the families of our troops hoping to get that surprise in the next few woks. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america" and have a great wednesday.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪rds, karen rogers and >> we havebacking news on this wednesday december 17th. police take to the roof to surround burglars who were loading up on goods inside a northeast philadelphia target and police say it was not the first time the burglars targeted target stores. a live report is next. >> also a marine accused of a killing spree against a family, his own family in montgomery county takes his life. now the community is rallying behind the survivors. >> the sony hackers are threatening violence against american moviegoers and one theater in our area is not taking any chances. >> good morning out t


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